by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 6

I slept well that night which was almost certainly due to being pretty worn out from all the activity over the weekend. Up to a few weeks ago my weekend activities had been limited to doing chores around the house, working at the store on a Saturday afternoon and going to church on Sunday morning. I'd also been used to going to bed at quite an early hour. Now though I was spending Saturday mornings wandering round the mall, still working at the store in the afternoon and then there was the Saturday night sleepover – not that I got that much sleep on those! And after that we were going to the park in the afternoon and playing soccer or basketball – it was little wonder I was worn out by the end of the weekend.

As it was I was awakened by Troy pulling the comforter off me before leaning over to give me a kiss that I was more than glad to accept even if we did both have early morning breath. I also had my usual morning wood which grew a bit as my eyes focused to take in Troy clad in a pair of black CK boxer briefs. He sure knew how to get me up in the morning!

A short while later I had carried out the normal morning tasks in my bathroom and could get dressed for school. The blue skinnies I'd bought at the weekend went on over my boxer briefs and I decided to wear a red polo on top of a white t-shirt. I had a bit of a problem deciding what to wear over that as I really didn't want to wear my grey hoodie to school, so I found a black sweat shirt from the clothes ma had sent. It wasn't of the same standard as the clothes I'd been buying in the last few weeks, so I made myself a note that come the weekend I'd have to spend some more money on another hoodie or new sweatshirt. With the colder weather coming I'd need more than just a polo shirt for outdoors.

By the time I came downstairs Troy was already seated at the table tucking into a large plate of scrambled eggs on toast with bacon. I had a bowl of cereal before having my own plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. Troy finished before me and got up to put his plate and utensils into the dishwasher. As he walked over there I thought again how lucky I was to have such a looker as my boyfriend. So often he looked as if he was about to go on a modelling shoot as he did today in his light grey skinnies, grey high top Converse and dark red polo shirt. I still found it hard to know what he'd ever seen in me.

We were slightly later than normal arriving to school, but as usual we walked together to Troy's locker. His was closer to the main entrance than mine so we always went to his first and mine second before we separated to go to our individual homerooms. The corridors had thinned out a bit because of the time so we were able to walk holding hands. As we arrived at Troy's locker he exclaimed "Fuckers" because spray painted on the front of it in bold red letters was the word 'FAGBOY'.

"They've got it in for us. Perhaps we should have reported that attack last weekend. If they've done this to mine, I bet yours is the same."

Troy opened his locker and took out the books he needed for the first couple of periods. We then walked on to my locker. On arriving there we found out that he was right – sort of. Mine had the word 'PANSY' added to the 'FAGBOY' as well as a crude drawing of a dick and balls.

"We report this in homeroom, Adam. These guys can't be allowed to get away with this sort of harassment."

"Agreed, but this is personal Troy. We aren't the only gay couple on the school and as far as I know there haven't been any incidents like this in the past."

"Yeah, I know it's personal and I know who's behind it. Proving it is going to be the problem."

As Troy finished saying that the warning bell rang, so we snatched a quick kiss and separated to go to our homerooms. I reported what had been done to my locker and presumed Troy did the same. Most of the kids in my homeroom seemed shocked at what had occurred, although I did notice a couple of the jocks exchanging grins when I spoke.

Naturally what had been done to our lockers was the main topic of conversation at lunch together with thoughts on who had been responsible, on which there was pretty much a consensus. Our school hasn't got a GSA and Hannah suggested that it might be an idea to try and set one up but neither Troy nor I was keen on the idea. I thought it could be considered that we were only interested because of what had happened to us so we would only be doing it for personal reasons, but if someone other than in our group decided to try to establish one then it would be different and Troy and I could join and lend our support.

The school did have an anti-bullying and non-discrimination policy. In the past I had not been subject to anything more than comments about the clothes I was wearing, nor had I seen any bullying taking place. I'd certainly never witnessed any racial discrimination and the school had a fair number of both black and Mexican kids as well as a few of Indian origin.

Because we got so involved at lunch about the locker graffiti I didn't get a chance to have a chat with Carlos to find out if it was him I'd seen at the mall on Saturday. That would though keep for another day as it wasn't urgent.

Today was one of Troy's after school swim sessions so I decided to go and see if I could find Coach Zielinski. He was in his office when I knocked and he shouted for me to come in and once I was inside, invited me to sit down and asked me why I'd come.

"Not come to tell me you've changed your mind about trying to get on the track team have you, Adam?"

I smiled. "No, coach, but I do have a few questions."

"That's fine. I'd expect you to. Ask away."

Now during my time at school most of the coaches had me scared, but there was something about Zielinski that set me at ease. I felt I could talk to him.

"Well, first of all, about spikes. I went into town on Saturday with the intention of buying myself a pair, but Troy suggested that you might be willing to sell me the pair I used last week."

"Adam, I know a little about what happened to you". I blushed as he said that. "Yes, word soon gets around in a school" he continued. "But you'd be silly to go buying your own spikes at this stage. As you saw last week there are several pairs here which previous boys have grown out of, or no longer want for some reason, and have left here. They are meant for boys such as you to use who are trying out the sport. All I ask is that when you no longer want them, whether that is because you decide track isn't for you, or, as I hope, you decide it definitely is and then want to buy a pair yourself, you give them back. Sound fair?"

"Sounds great." I responded.

"So what else is on your mind?"

"Do you have a diet sheet or list of things I should or shouldn't be eating? And, what about exercises?

Now it was Coach's turn to smile. "There is certainly a list of foods you should and shouldn't eat, with the 'shouldn't' list mainly comprising junk food. However, as I gather you are now living with the Connellys I doubt you'll be eating much in the way of junk food."

I laughed. "No, Mrs C feeds us well."

"As for exercises" he continued, "we know you've got good leg muscles, but doing some weight training and general gym work to build up your upper body won't go amiss. From what I saw last week I reckon your ideal distance could well be somewhere between 400 and 1500 metres, so you don't need too much in the way of stamina for that. But if you were thinking of doing longer distances or cross country…." He tailed off as I grimaced at the thought, before concluding "Yeah, most kids think that way about cross country, but you might change your mind one day. For now though we can draw up a plan for you."

"Sounds good to me. Thanks, coach."

"Your friend Troy has swimming after school Monday, Wednesday and Friday, right?"

I nodded and he continued, "Hmm, well I can't offer Mondays, but I do have track sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays – although not this Friday obviously. You'd spend some time in the gym and some out on the track. You could also do some running from home other evenings – nothing lengthy, maybe twenty minutes or half an hour just to get your leg muscles more attuned to being used for that purpose. Sound alright, Adam?"

It certainly sounded alright to me. I wasn't used to any teacher, let alone a coach, take an interest in me.

"Thanks, coach. I'll see you on Wednesday."

Tuesday should have been pretty much the same as Monday – just another day at school. However, our first lesson after lunch was American History with Mr Wells. Troy and I decided that we should empty our bladders from the water we'd been drinking with our lunch, so headed for the restroom before class started. It so happened that there was nobody else there, so after we'd had our piss and washed our hands we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and have a kiss. It turned into one of those kisses where our tongues were trying to find each other's tonsils while I had my hands pressed up against Troy's butt, kneading his cheeks while his were roaming over my back and at the same time our dick were pressing together. We were so engrossed that we missed the warning bell and only heard the one to signal the start of lessons. Unfortunately Mr Wells' classroom was on the opposite side of the building to where we were so even though we ran - which of course we shouldn't have done as that was forbidden - we were about three minutes late arriving. Yeah, it only took a couple of minutes to get there, but there was at least one before we'd straightened out our clothes and other things to be in a safe condition to leave.

We apologised for being late and thought that would be the end of it, apart from quite probably a dose of the sarcasm for which Mr Wells was renowned. We were stunned when he announced that he was fed up with boys arriving late for his lessons and so we could stay late that evening and do an hour's detention. I was gutted; while it wasn't common for people to arrive late for his lessons it did happen on occasions but nobody had ever been given a detention for being a couple of minutes late. I looked at Troy who just shrugged. He was right – there wasn't anything we could do about it other than serve our time, which we later did. Troy had to call his mom between lessons to ask her to collect us an hour later, telling her we'd explain when we saw her. I wondered what he was going to tell her.

I'd never had a detention before, but Troy admitted to having had a couple in previous years so he knew where we had to go. Actually, it wasn't bad. We weren't allowed to talk, but we could get on with homework which we did. So other than still being at the school for an hour longer than usual, by the time we got home we hadn't really lost anything. As for Mrs C, Troy told her that we'd been given detention for talking to each other in class, which she found very easy to believe.

After lessons ended on Wednesday I went to the locker room, changed into my PE kit and went to find coach. Perhaps luckily the football jocks were in a group down the other end from where I changed so I had no problems with them. A couple of other boys were also looking for Coach Zielinski and when we found him in the gym he started us on some exercises. The other two were more experienced than me so coach could tell them what he required and they did it whereas with me he had to demonstrate, explain, and supervise my efforts. Jeeze – when I saw the press ups and sit ups they could do compared to what I could muster, I knew I had a lot of room for improvement. And as for lifting weights – the less said the better. I was glad when the session ended and felt quite exhausted by the time we got home. However a shower – on my own – and a snack soon revived me.

On Thursday I finally got a chance to talk to Carlos as he happened to be in the lunch queue immediately in front of me. I tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned round I smiled and said,

"Hey, how ya doing?"

"Okay I guess."

"Did I see you at the mall on Saturday?"

There was a hesitation before he replied that might have been because he was deciding what of the food on offer he wanted to eat or while he decided how to answer.

"You might have done, I suppose."

There was a pause in the conversation while we both took our meals and put them on our trays.

"I thought I saw you in the distance, but the person I saw was pushing a wheelchair."

We were getting near the till now and I saw him pull a voucher from the pocket of his jeans. That told me a bit more about him and his family circumstances. I'd had vouchers myself in the past though, so I wasn't going to be judgemental.

"That was my mom. She can't walk much, so if we go there it's easiest if I push her."

"That's tough Carlos. Do you wanna talk about it? We could go and sit on our own if you'd prefer."

He handed over his voucher and stood with his tray while I paid for my meal.

"Okay, let's do that. I guess there's no reason you shouldn't know."

I saw Troy waving at us, but I shook my head at him and nodded at Carlos before leading him to a vacant table. Troy had looked puzzled and then shrugged. I'd explain to him later. I didn't like missing my 'Troy time' at lunch, but this seemed like a good opportunity to find out more about Carlos.

We found a table that nobody else was using and sat down. Over the next fifteen minutes while I ate my pizza – pepperoni and sausage and not too bad – and he ate his chili and rice, I found out quite a lot. Some of it Carlos volunteered and some I sorta prized out of him by asking questions.

What it amounted to was that his mom had been hit by a car about four years ago. The car didn't stop and the police never found the car or the driver, so there was no compensation for the injuries she sustained which was mainly damage to her legs and spine. As a result of these she couldn't stand for long periods and found it difficult to walk any distance which was why Carlos had been pushing her round the mall. His pa worked as a truck driver with a semi, driving long distances and was often away for a week or more at a time, depending on what loads he could get. Carlos also had twin sisters who were now seven years old and named Maria and Gabriella. Consequently, he had to do a lot of things around the house as most of the time he was the 'man' of it. For instance he nearly always took his sisters to and from their school, very often cooked the evening meal and generally did a lot of work in terms of keeping the house clean. They had found a neighbour who had volunteered to collect the twins on two nights a week which was when he went swimming. I asked why the twins didn't use the bus to get to and from school and he said they had done that at first, but there had been some 'problems' on which he didn't seem keen to elaborate, and thus they now walked. Fortunately their school was on the way to ours.

Once I'd got that from him, I asked if he was coming to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday and wasn't unduly surprised when he told me he wouldn't be there saying he had nobody to ask to go with him.

"You are coming to the game on Friday evening though?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Don't think so. Football doesn't interest me as I don't play. Besides that my mom doesn't like me going out after dark. It was night when she was hit by the car and she's worried the same could happen to me."

"We're all going and neither Troy nor I have any great interest in football. Troy and I just wanna see the defensive line get hit – hard!" Carlos grinned at that. "I'm sure I could get Troy's ma or pa to pick you up and take you home again after the game. Where exactly do you live?"

He told me the street and I knew where it was – not that far from where I used to live, but in a more run down part. However, it wouldn't be far out of our way and I felt sure Troy's folks would agree.

"Would you come if I can arrange that? It'd be good for you to have some fun."

He smiled. "Okay, if you can organise that I'm sure my mom will agree to let me go."

As we'd now finished our lunch we got up and walked over to where the others were sat. I asked Troy about giving Carlos a lift and he was sure it wouldn't be a problem but said we'd check this evening and let him know for sure tomorrow.

When Troy asked his folks that evening about giving Carlos a lift on Friday evening his Pa said it wouldn't be a problem as he would be plenty of room in the SUV, and added that he was also coming to the game. Troy's face showed a mix of shock and horror at the news, which was soon gone when his pa laughed and told us that he would find somewhere else to sit in the bleachers in order not to cramp out style. That was good news as it meant we'd be free to swear and curse rather than think before we opened our mouths. Not that Mr C was a prude, but there are some words which while you may use them when talking to your friends, you just don't want to say in front of your folks.

When we arrived at Carlos' house on the Friday evening I could see that it did indeed look pretty run down. He must have been looking out for us as he came out of the front door almost as soon as we pulled to a stop. He turned and waved as he came down the drive and I could see a lady standing at the front door with a walking stick and with her were two little girls who were obviously his twin sisters. He was carrying a plastic container with him that was somewhat larger than a sandwich box and when he'd got in the car he handed this to Troy.

"My mama has made a cake to give as a 'thank you'. We both hope you will enjoy it at home as a family over the weekend."

"That wasn't necessary, Carlos" Troy answered. "We were quite happy to give you a lift and no payment was needed."

"I know" said Carlos, "but it makes my mama happy. It is a Mexican speciality, so I hope you will like."

"I'm sure we will. What is it?" I asked.

"It is called a très leche cake. We don't have it very often, but I think it is good."

Mr C joined in, saying, "I've heard about those but never eaten one. We'll look forward to eating it. Please thank you mom for us."

With that we got under way and were soon in the parking area ready to find a seat for the game. We'd arranged to meet Jerry, Maddison and Hannah and having found them made our way to find somewhere to sit. Just before we reached the entrance to the ball park we came across the concession stands. On one of them some of the seniors were making and selling hot dogs. They smelled so good I decided to get one and when I suggested that everyone agreed except Carlos who said he'd only just had a meal. I sensed that wasn't the real reason so I said it was going to be my treat and everyone had to have one. On hearing that Jerry said he'd buy some drinks, so having found out what everyone wanted he went off to get those from a nearby stand.

The dogs were pretty good, which was more than could be said for the game. Our defense kept getting burned on their blitz leading to a number of long pass completions for their offense – our linebackers weren't very good it appeared. It was pretty evident we were going to lose and lose heavily. Of course you didn't like to see your school lose, but it was good to see Daubney and his pals frequently made to look like fools.

When we'd taken our seats Carlos had sat on my left at the end of our little group. I had Troy on my right and he had Jerry next to him, then Maddison and Hannah. Troy and I were holding hands most of the time but occasionally my hand would rub his thigh and he would return the favor. During one of the many pauses in the game Carlos whispered to me, "You and Troy are good friends – you are lucky."

I guessed Carlos must know something about our relationship, so I answered,

"I am very lucky. We are more than friends, we love each other."

There was a short silence before I heard him say, "I wish……."

"You wish what?"

Now there was an even longer pause before he almost whispered, "I wish I could have a friend like Troy, but my papa would not allow."

A variety of thoughts and feelings went through me as I heard those words. I shivered involuntarily and Troy tightened his grip on my hand, turned his head and asked if I was alright. I told him that I'd just felt a slight chill so he loosed my hand and pulled me into a hug. I knew just how lucky I was to have not only been found by Troy but also to have escaped my own pa.

I'd managed to switch my shift at the store on Saturday with the kid who usually did 8am to 2pm. He went to a Christian school so wasn't coming to our dance and thus didn't mind exchanging. As he said it meant be could lie in for once on a Saturday morning. Getting up early didn't bother me and it made a change to be working with different people. Mrs C was kind enough to run me down to the store in the morning and she even arranged to collect me afterwards and drive me and Troy to the mall. She had some shopping she wanted to do there and Troy had come along because there was a new x-box game he wanted to buy. Almost inevitably I ended up buying some more clothes while I was there – a couple of sweatshirts, one red and one navy blue. Mrs C had said she'd be there for an hour so we made sure we'd finished our shopping in time to get a ride back.

Troy was going to be sixteen in a couple of months. He'd been doing Driver's Ed at school and wanted to take lessons as soon as the magic day arrived. He'd told me he hoped to pass his test quickly and was fairly sure his folks would get him an old but roadworthy car once he did. I have to say the idea of us being able to go off on our own when the fancy took us, had definite appeal.

When we got back to the house my stomach was rumbling; it had been a long time since breakfast. As soon as we walked into the kitchen I could smell something delicious. Mrs C had left a lasagne cooking in the oven while she'd been out and it was almost ready when we got back. I sure enjoyed it.

Troy and I had decided that after lunch we'd spend the afternoon doing our homework in order to leave Sunday free. Mind you, we didn't have much as most of the teachers had very kindly not given any to us any because of it being the Homecoming weekend. Thus that didn't take long, so when we'd completed it Troy couldn't resist playing his new game. I was getting better with more practice at these games, but Troy could still usually whip my ass. Today though, perhaps because it was a new game, I put up more of a fight and it was quite close.

We'd just finished when Mrs C knocked on the door of Troy's room, put her head round and asked if we fancied eating some of the cake Carlos' mom had sent. It had been at least a couple of hours since the lasagne and being growing boys we definitely had room. We went down to the kitchen and Mrs C made us some coffee and then cut portions for all of us. It was the most delicious cake I'd ever tasted and sort of melted in your mouth. Everyone agreed on that and Mrs C told me that I had to ask Carlos to get the recipe from his mom so she could try making it herself. I'd make sure I did that!

Afterwards we went in the family room and watched some TV for a while until it was time for Troy and I to get ready for the dance. Having showered and washed my hair I got out my clothes for the evening. It felt weird wearing a white shirt, tie, jacket, dress pants and shoes. I'd only ever dressed like that in the past to go to church or other events connected to the church. Events that I hadn't enjoyed, but now I was dressing the same to go to an event that I should enjoy. I was though rather scared about it. I couldn't dance and I'd never even held a girl. What if I trod on her feet, or touched her boobs, or did or said something stupid? I reassured myself with the thought that I wouldn't be dancing anyway since I wasn't going with a girl and would never have the nerve to ask one to dance. It was possible one might ask me, but the chances of that seemed pretty small I reckoned as I'd never had much to do with any of the girls in my homeroom or classes.

When I'd finished I went along to Troy's room. He was still in the shower when I got there, so I sat on the edge of his bed and waited for him to emerge, getting a nice sight of his cock and balls as he strolled out totally naked still towelling his hair. "Fuck!" he exclaimed as he caught site of me. "I thought for half a second that was my Pa sitting there getting a view of my junk."

We both laughed at the thought. "Nope, you're safe. I've seen it all before anyway, although I never tire of seeing it again."

"Yeah, going to see it close up later; it's sleepover night don't forget."

He walked over to look at himself in the full length mirror on his wardrobe. I couldn't resist the sight of his butt and followed him over there, wrapping my hands round his middle and rubbing my now semi erect dick into it. As I did so I let my hands wander down his front so that one was playing with his balls while the other gently slid his foreskin back and forth a few times – sufficient to bring him to a similar state.

"Those balls feel nice and firm. You been a good boy this week?"

I nuzzled into his neck as I spoke before he half turned his head and replied,

"I don't waste it these days Adam - I save it all for you. But, if we are going to this dance you'd better let go of me so I can get dressed."

"Do we have to go?" I pouted.

"Yes, we've bought the tickets and don't forget we are picking up Jerry and Maddison."

I had sort of half-forgotten that had been arranged because Jerry lived more or less on the route from our house to the school and Mr C had volunteered for chauffer duties as the four of us could easily fit in the SUV. Hannah and her boyfriend Larry Finch would meet us at the school.

With no option I had to let go of my Troy at least safe in the knowledge that I'd be able to cuddle with him, as well as do other things, in a few hours' time. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as he got dressed, marvelling yet again at what this good looking boy could see in me.

On arriving at the school we found the seniors organising the dance had done a great job of converting the gym for the purpose. It had been decorated in the school colors of green and yellow; small tables had been spread around the outside of the room leaving a reasonably sized area in the middle for dancing. There was also a soft drinks bar and, surprisingly, we found out that at the interval hot pizzas were being delivered and on presentation of our ticket, which would then be torn in half, we'd be entitled to two slices and a salad that was also being delivered.

We found ourselves a small table, fairly well away from the dance area that seated eight. Soon after we'd sat down we were joined by two other girls who I knew were on the swim team - Kayla and Lauren. After the introductions had been made, Troy whispered in my ear that the rumor was they were lesbians. That surprised me as they didn't look like lesbians, but then I thought to myself, did I look gay? My only conception of what a lesbian looked like was two of our senior girls who both dressed as Goths and made it very obvious that they were an item.

It wasn't long before the dancing got underway. Jerry and Maddison together with Hannah and Larry went out straight away which left the four of us to watch the action. When they came back, to my horror, Maddison insisted that I dance with her and Hannah dance with Troy while Jerry and Larry insisted that Kayla and Lauren dance with them. I was so embarrassed and scared at being dragged up for a dance, but it was a slow one so I didn't have to move much and at least I avoided treading on her toes. That trial over my next one was having to dance a faster number with Hannah while Troy danced with Maddison. Dancing with those two wasn't so bad because I knew them, but a little later Kayla asked me to dance with her. When that went off without me making a total fool of myself I actually plucked up the courage to ask Lauren for a slow number.

All in all it proved to be an enjoyable evening and much less of an ordeal than I'd feared. When the last dance was announced we all went out onto the floor. I was with Lauren and Troy with Kayla. Part way through the dance we swapped partners, but before the end the girls decided to let go of us and dance holding each other. I didn't know what to do, but Troy took hold of me round the waist and proceeded to dance with me! I could soon hear some jeering which only increased when he kissed me! Troy was impetuous, but this I suspected was rather like waving a red rag in front of a herd of bulls. Admittedly the kiss was only a quick peck on my lips, but by then eyes were already on us because we'd been dancing together for a couple of minutes. I feared there could be repercussions – probably not tonight when there were lots of people around, but that wouldn't always be the case.

By the time we got home it was midnight and I'd been up for about eighteen hours. With all that had happened during the day I was feeling somewhat tired, but it was sleepover night so I had to find some reserves for that. I went into my own bedroom to take off and hang up the clothes I'd been wearing and selected a pair of white CKs for the night – or more probably just to walk to Troy's room and then either remove myself or have him remove before wearing them the next day.

When I walked into Troy's room he was standing by the bed dressed only in a pair of red American Eagle boxer briefs. I stood admiring the view of his tanned, fit body with a trace of blond hairs on his legs – a body that I had come to know almost every inch of over the last few months. His dick and balls were very evident under the briefs as I knew mine were also under mine.

I stepped over to pull him into a hug and we started to kiss, our tongues struggling for supremacy. In a few seconds we were down on the bed, locked together and with our hands roaming over each other's upper bodies. As our hands moved downwards they came to the waistbands of our briefs. With a skill we had now mastered we each moved our body to allow our partner to push them downwards to free our dicks. The sight of Troy's dick standing proud with its head free of the foreskin and a pearl of pre-cum glistening at the tip, took away any tiredness I'd felt. It drew me down until I could reach it with my lips and taste the essence of my lover. Troy whimpered as my tongue caressed it, but he pushed me away before changing his position on the bed so that he could reach my dick. The feeling as he licked across the head was intense. It had been a week since I had last come as it had for Troy. I knew I couldn't hold back for long and I could feel his body starting to show the signs. We each took the other deep and bobbed up and down a few times, swirling our tongues around the heads and indeed it wasn't long before I was pumping into Troy. My ejaculation was the signal for him to do the same and we both took down most of what we were offered.

We each lay recovering for a couple of minutes before I moved back up the bed so we were face to face again. We kissed, giving back to each other some of what we had recently gifted. That done we pulled apart and gazed into each other's eyes.

"I love you so much Troy, I can't wait until I'm sixteen and can give myself to you."

"And I love you so much, Adam. I know you want to do that and it'll be great when it happens, but it won't make any difference to how much I love you."

We were both beginning to get a little teary and I wiped a couple from his cheeks.

"I know that. I just want to be with you, to spend my life with you. Sex with you is great, better than I ever imagined possible, but that is because it is with you."

"Yeah, I know what you mean Adam. The kinky stuff like we've done the last two weekends is fun and a great turn on, but just seeing you and holding you tight is wonderful."

"No more kinky stuff then?"

Somehow he managed to free a hand and slap my butt.

"I didn't say that and I didn't mean that. It's fun and I like it – and I'm going to give you a massage next weekend. But that isn't really us, is it? We mean more to each other than just sex."

I agreed with him and we moved to wrap our arms around each other in which position we dropped off to sleep.

When I awoke next morning we were still more or less wrapped together. I gazed at Troy's face before removing my hand from his back and tracing down his cheek to his mouth and chin. He shuffled a bit and then his eyes slowly opened.

"Gee, I'd love to wake up to this sight every morning" he whispered, before pulling me to him for a kiss that I gladly joined. Inevitably we both had morning woods and our dicks were jousting for position as we kissed, so it was no surprise when our hands went to stroke and caress those tools of our passion. It wasn't long before they were blasting semen over our bodies. That was the call to get out of bed, piss and then shower. The latter two were done together and naturally we soaped and washed each other, culminating in two further ejaculations onto the shower walls. There was something especially enjoyable as far as I was concerned about being brought slowly to a climax under a stream of warm water. I was pretty sure Troy felt the same.

After the shower we went back to bed and simply snoozed for a time, with Troy spooning me, before we eventually decided it was time to get up – well it was just after midday by then! Before I left to go and get dressed we agreed that as it was a decent day we'd go down to the park in the afternoon. Mrs C provided an awesome brunch as usual and today we decided that it would be a good idea to leave our bikes at home and jog/run there and back.

We'd been at the park for about an hour when Troy's cell bleeped to indicate he had a text. He read the message and having done so looked up at me.

"Sorry, Adam but I've gotta go. Seems my Gran has turned up unexpectedly and mom considers I need to put in an appearance." He hesitated before continuing, looking unhappy as he did. "Mom says I should go back on my own. Gran doesn't know about me and you and mom thinks it would be best if our situation was explained without you being there. I don't think that right or fair to you, but I know Gran is rather old fashioned and I guess she might have trouble in accepting her grandson is gay."

"Troy, you don't have to apologise. I know full well there are people who aren't happy about gays. You go and I'll stay here for a while. Do you know how long she'll be there?"

He shook his head. "Couple of hours maybe. She usually doesn't stay long."

We agreed that I'd head back after a couple of hours and see if there was a strange car outside. If there wasn't that meant Gran had departed, but if there was I'd ring the bell and pretend to whoever answered that I was a friend of Troy's who had called round to see him. It seemed like a plan so Troy and I had a good long kiss to sustain us before he set off jogging back to the house.

I went back and re-joined the basketball game we'd just left. I didn't have my watch with me but it was, I reckoned, over half an hour later that I heard my name being called by a voice I recognised as that of Mr Connelly. When I went over to him he wanted to know where Troy was hiding.

"He's not hiding Mr C. I thought he was with you. He got a text asking him to come home and he left almost right away. Hasn't he arrived?"

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