by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 5

I woke up early on the Saturday morning having had a nightmare free sleep. Although Mrs C wanted me to go and see a psychiatrist about them I really didn't want to. Partly that was because it would cost money for consultations and I didn't want the Connellys spending any more on me unnecessarily, and partly because I was convinced that they would soon go. Yes, I'd been through a trauma that day and to a lesser extent in the weeks before, but that was all behind me. A grin spread across my face as I thought that. My Pa was never going to see my bare behind again and now he was behind – behind bars. I hoped he'd stay there a long time. I supposed that was a horrible thought, but all I could feel for him now was hate.

The house seemed quiet, so I guessed it was early and rolled over to switch on my bedside lamp. As I'd thought it was only just after six. I left the light on and rolled onto my back. I couldn't resist throwing off the comforter and then pushing down my boxer briefs to reveal my morning wood which I started to stroke. I was enjoying myself when I remembered that tonight was sleepover night and it would be a shame to waste any of what I'd been storing up for Troy since last Saturday. I managed to take my hand away and pull the briefs back up and just lay there thinking.

My life had changed so much in just a couple of weeks. For the first time I was experiencing what it was to live in a loving environment with people who really cared about me as a person – what I thought and what I did. It was so encouraging compared to what I'd known before. I so hoped that the Connellys would get permanent foster approval for me as I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else after experiencing this. The thought of a care home was frightening as I'd heard about the sort of things that supposedly went on in those places. And, as far as I was concerned, no other foster parent could possibly live up to those I'd got now. I felt a couple of tears slide down my cheeks. It was odd really, as the thought suddenly dawned on me - those beatings my Pa had given me; horrible as they'd been at the time, had actually been good for me because without those I'd have still been living with him and Ma. I'd still be going around dressed in the same dowdy old clothes and unable to express myself. I certainly wouldn't be trying to get on the school track team and I definitely wouldn't be living in the same house as my boyfriend. That thought only served to stimulate my dick again!

Perhaps after all I shouldn't hate my Pa? With that thought I decided to get out of bed and take care of the morning rituals. By the time I'd taken care of things it was after seven, so I got dressed. I thought about putting on my grey skinnies as we were going into town, but I was working at the store in the afternoon and decided it would be silly to risk getting them messed up there – cartons of eggs and bottles of milk had been known to get dropped and broken. Instead I put on the black pair I'd been wearing to school all week on top of a pair of red American Eagle boxer briefs. I also decided to wear my black converse and a mid-grey polo shirt. I'd looked out of the window earlier and it appeared to be quite windy this morning, so I thought the new grey hoodie would be worn when we went out. Getting into the skinnies was becoming a bit easier with practice, but it still took quite a bit of shuffling and pulling before they were up. I'd just got them on and was pulling up the zip when my bedroom door opened and Troy appeared.

"Oh, I'm too late. I was going to offer to help you with those" he said, grinning.

"Yeah, but perhaps I'll let you help me get them off later."

"That could be arranged, although I'm not sure you'll get a repeat of last week."

Little did Troy know that I was planning something rather different for this sleepover.

I slipped my feet into my Converse and followed him downstairs. Today he was wearing a pair of dark blue skinnies and a lighter blue polo. Following him downstairs I could admire his butt in them, although to be honest following him upstairs was more pleasurable!

Mrs C prepared another of her awesome breakfasts for us – cereals and juice followed by pancakes, hash browns and bacon with maple syrup. I reckoned she could open a restaurant and make a fortune with those pancakes of hers, they were so good. And the maple syrup was so much nicer than what my ma had served.

Once we'd finished we cleared the table, put the dirty plates and so on into the dishwasher and went back upstairs. Now I could follow Troy going upwards, definitely a much better view as his ass wiggled in those tight blue jeans that stretched over all the contours. Jeeze – I'd got a hard on by the time I got back into my bedroom

After cleaning my teeth and putting on my grey hoodie I made my way back downstairs where Troy joined me a couple of minutes later wearing one of a similar color. Mrs C then appeared and drove us to the mall and arranged to meet us at 1.30 in order to drop me off at the store in time for the start of my shift at 2pm. I'd already put my bike in the back of the pickup so I could ride home afterwards.

The first place we headed for was one of the sports stores, but before we got there Troy came up with an idea.

"You said coach found you a pair of spikes when for you to do the test run?"

"Yeah, he had several pairs there and I tried a few on until I found one that fitted me."

"So why don't you ask him next week if you can either use those or buy them if necessary. It'd make more sense until you know if you're going to stick with the running and he decides on whether or not you're good enough. If he decides you are, I think that would be the right time to buy a decent pair of your own."

"That makes sense" I replied. "If I can't have that pair I can always buy my own next Saturday. A week isn't going to make any difference."

With that decided we still went into the sports store and had a look round. I did end up buying a pair of black lycra shorts, some jocks and also, at Troy's suggestion, a reflective bib as he said that'd be useful if we decided we wanted to go running round the streets at night. I wasn't sure after last Sunday if running round the streets at night was a good idea, but I didn't want to argue with him and it was cheap.

After that we went into a couple of clothes stores and I ended up spending more money. I still felt a bit guilty about spending money on clothes; it was a hard thing to get used to, but I'd found I liked looking good and wanted to stay that way now. Thus by the end of the morning I'd added a pair of medium blue skinnies to my collection and also a pair of fairly cheap black sneakers, both of which I decided would be good for school. Plus another pair of CK boxer briefs – black this time.

Troy had wanted to buy himself a tie for the Homecoming Dance next weekend and insisted on buying one for me. They weren't an exact match, but were the same pattern, just in opposite color tones. I hadn't wanted him to do that, both from the point of him spending his money on me and also as for me, it almost made us appear twins. But he told me I was just being silly when I said that, so I gave in and agreed.

We also ran into Madison Greenberg and Hannah Parker from school. Madison was holding hands with Jerry Martin, so it was fairly evident they would be going to the dance together. Hannah had her arms linked with a boy I didn't know but was introduced as Lance Finch. We all decided to go and have a burger together as by this time it was almost midday and it was at least a couple of hours since we'd last eaten!. We had to wait a short time to get a table and when our server came back to take our order I thought I caught him sneering when he saw Troy and I were holding hands. While we were waiting for our meals I found out that Lance went to a private school which explained why I didn't know him. He seemed friendly enough though and I gathered he was Hannah's date for next Saturday as they knew each other through the church both attended. It took quite a while to get served and when our server brought our meals he more or less shoved Troy and my plates at us whereas the others he placed in the proper fashion. By the time we got round to paying the bill Troy and I had had enough of his attitude so didn't leave a tip.

As we were leaving the mall I caught sight in the distance of a boy pushing a wheelchair in which a lady was sat. I couldn't see the boy clearly, but it looked very much like Carlos Rodriguez. So far at lunch he'd said very little about himself or his home life, but I felt I should perhaps ask some discreet questions if an opportunity arose.

Mrs C got me to the store with time to spare which meant Troy and I could have a good kiss before separating. Finally we pulled apart and I got out of the pick-up, removed my bike from the back and went to clock on. The store was usually busy on a Saturday afternoon and consequently my six hours always seemed to pass quite quickly. Today though they seemed to drag a bit as I had plans for this evening; the only trouble was that as eight o'clock drew nearer I started to worry if Troy would enjoy what I had in mind. I decided though that I was going ahead with them and keep my fingers crossed about the outcome. Thus once my shift ended I selected a few items from off the shelves and went to the check out. The girl on it was quite new and I didn't really know her so at least I escaped any comments about what I'd bought. I put everything in a brown bag and went out the rear door to find my bike. As I'd hoped and also sort of expected, Troy was waiting for me on his bike. He looked quizzically at the bag I was carrying and I told him I'd bought some deodorant and after shave, which satisfied him. Mind you, there was something else in the bag that I didn't tell him about.

As we were riding home – yeah, I really thought of it as home now – I asked Troy how he'd spend the afternoon. Sounding rather pleased with himself he told me he'd finished his homework and afterwards had spent some time gaming on line. I was quite envious because we'd had a lot of homework on Friday and although we'd both done most of it, neither of us had been able to finish. That meant I'd have to do mine either Sunday afternoon or evening. I only had about an hour's worth left, so I reckoned I'd have to leave it until the evening to enable us to go out in the afternoon. If I hadn't had to work I could have done mine at the same time, but I told myself that was a stupid thought as I needed the work to earn some money.

When we got home I left Troy downstairs in the kitchen to talk to his folks while I went upstairs for a quick shower and to change. My new black boxer briefs and blue skinnies were put on, the latter proving just how hard it was to get them on for the first time. Fortunately Troy had stayed downstairs so I was able to put a few things in place in his bedroom before going down to eat.

Tonight Mrs C had made a lasagne, which was really tasty, accompanied by a nice green salad. We both settled for ice cream to follow, but this wasn't just any ice cream. It was a chocolate, cherry and pistachio ice cream that Mrs C had made from a recipe. Boy! - to me it was by far the best ice cream I'd ever tasted. Troy and I happily cleared the table after we'd finished and we all moved into the family room and just visited for a while. It was nice for me to find out a bit more about Mr & Mrs C and what they'd done prior to my arrival. I was shown a photo album with pictures of the two boys they fostered in the past. Tom was the one they'd been fostering when Troy came along. He'd been eight at the time and finishing school had moved out to go to college and after finishing there he'd moved to Chicago for a job. He still stayed in regular contact with the Connellys and was expected to come and stay for the Thanksgiving weekend along with his girlfriend.

Eventually they decided they were off to bed which left Troy and I free to start getting in the mood on the sofa before heading upstairs ourselves. Troy let me go into his bedroom first and coming after me, closed and locked the door behind him. As he turned from doing so I pulled him into a long hug and deep kiss that had our tongues dancing in delight. We finally pulled apart.

"So, is it my turn to be tortured and slowly stripped tonight?" asked Troy.

This was the moment when I had to make the final decision. Did I just let Troy experience what I had last Saturday or did I go ahead with my idea? My fear was that he wouldn't like it, but other than asking him beforehand there was only one way to find out and that was to do it. If he hated it, I'd just have to live with any consequences.

"No, not quite. I'm doing to undress you and you can undress me, item for item, but once we're both naked then I'm in charge. Agreed?"

Troy's eyes widened in surprise, "Adam, this isn't like you to be all forceful. Am I going to like what you have planned?"

"I sure hope you do, but if you don't you can always stop me."

Now he looked puzzled. "This sounds so mysterious I can't wait to find out."

I asked Troy to sit on the bed and then knelt down to take off his sneakers. We then exchanged places so he could take mine off before repeating the procedure with our socks. Back on our feet we had to have another kissing session during which our hips were grinding together. Once we'd separated I unbuttoned Troy's polo shirt and pulled it over his head. He looked disappointed when I didn't run my hands over his chest and back, although I couldn't resist tweaking his little brown nipples. My shirt came off in similar fashion and Troy reciprocated by tweaking my nipples. After that it was on to our respective skinnies, the removal of which caused some amusement. Finally we were both standing clad in matching black CK boxer briefs. This called for more kissing during which I worked my hands down to the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down sufficiently to free his now hard and leaking dick. Once it was free that was the signal for him to push mine down before I knelt and helped him step out of his and he did the same for me. Now we were both totally naked.

"So, now what happens?" asked Troy.

"I'm going to do something and you don't ask any more questions, even when I tell you to do something yourself. Okay?"

Troy pulled his index finger across his lips to indicate they were sealed which caused me to chuckle. I turned and stepped over to his bed, bent down and retrieved from underneath it some old towels that had been in one of the sacks my ma had sent. They weren't of very good quality, nowhere near as good as the ones Mrs C had given me to use. I spread those on the side of the bed Troy used.

"Now, get on the bed, lie flat on your stomach with your head on the pillow and close your eyes. You can't open them until I tell you."

Troy had a puzzled expression on his face, but he did as I asked. Then I went into the drawer of his nightstand and took out the bottle I had put there earlier along with a couple of washcloths, on one of which I stood it. I climbed onto the bed, straddled Troy, picked up the bottle, opened it and poured a little of its contents into the small of his back. Troy let out an exclamation as the cold liquid landed on his skin and as I began to work it around with my fingers, he said.

"Oh boy, is that what I think it is?"

"Depends on what you think it is."

"It's baby oil, isn't it? Adam how the fuck did you know that this has been my big fantasy for the last couple of years?"

I let out a big sigh. "That's good news. I thought you might think it was too kinky or perverted."

He shifted slightly to his side so he could look at me and I saw a big smile on his face.

"Nah, I saw this vid once – I won't say where – but there was this kid wearing a pair of lacy briefs and pouring this stuff over his chest and into his briefs. Jeeze it was friggin' hot to watch. Since then I've thought about getting some but I've been too scared to go in a shop and buy some. Suppose that was in your bag today."

"Yep, along with the things I told you about. Now, lie down, shut up and enjoy."

Troy did as I asked and I slowly started to spread the oil over his back and shoulders. I'd never given anyone a massage; come to that I'd never considered giving anyone a massage until this idea came to me during the week, so I had no idea how to do one properly. However, whatever I was doing Troy seemed to be enjoying as I could hear the occasional purring like noise coming from him as my hands slid around, gently rubbing his back and side. When I reached his waistline I stopped, causing him to look over his shoulder at me, but I was only changing my position so I could work on his legs and thighs. Finally I reached his butt. Oh boy, sliding my hands over his globes was such a pleasure and one that he was enjoying too. The little devil even spread his legs so I could run my oiled fingers into his crack which had him purring even more.

I decided it was time to turn my attention to his front. Without really thinking I slapped one of his butt cheeks, saying 'Turn over', He turned his head to look at me, grinned cheekily, and said, "What about the other one?" So that got a good slap eliciting an 'Ouch' from him, before he turned over. As I'd known while working on his back, his dick was rigid and now freed from being pressed on the bed, was standing upright like a pole, the head well clear of his foreskin and glistening with pre-cum. I sat astride him, my own dick also rigid and pointing at his face, also leaking a little. He moved his hand as if to touch it, but I swatted it away, reminding him that I was in charge, so he lay back, smiled and blew me a kiss. I proceeded to oil his chest, giving his nipples special attention and then worked my way downwards to his waistline again. While I'd been sat in that position I could feel his dick in various positions underneath me and it was a bit of a relief to move further down to attend to his legs and thighs. I loved the fine hairs he had there. Finally my hands arrived at his balls. I cupped them, feeling how hard they were. Troy groaned as I did so. Satisfied that the end was close I moved my hand to his dick. Troy groaned again – louder as I moved my oiled hand slowly down his shaft and then back up again producing an even louder moan. I repeated the process a couple more times, Troy kept groaning and I could feel his body start to tense, so I stopped for a while and we exchanged knowing smiles. When I replaced my hand on his dick I just moved it downwards trying to prolong the inevitable as long as possible. Now, Troy started pleading with me for release, but I took my hand away again before returning for a couple of vigorous strokes that sent him into an ecstatic ejaculation – boy did he cum. I knelt astride him and enjoyed the look of exhausted pleasure that was on his face.

My gamble appeared to have paid off.

It took a few minutes for Troy to recover from the intenseness of his orgasm. Slowly he opened his eyes,

"Adam, that was amazing – no better than amazing. I can't put how it felt into words. Saying 'thank you' sounds wrong, but I don't know what else to say."

I was pleased that my worries had been unfounded. While I'd been fairly confident Troy would enjoy being oiled, it was so different to anything we had done before.

"It made you happy and I'm happy when you're happy. I was just worried about how you'd react when you realized what I was going to do."

"It sure took me by surprise" Adam responded. "I just wonder how living the life you did you ever found out about such things."

"I did have the Internet, Troy and luckily for me, my folks weren't savvy enough to check what sites I visited. Had they ever discovered them, I'd probably not be here now based on what happened when they found out about you and me."

We both went quiet for a minute while the significance of that comment sunk in, before Troy said,

"So, do you wanna change places and let me massage you?"

I thought about it for a few seconds. Boy, it was tempting as I looked down at my boyfriend, his tanned skin glistening from the oil. But having both of us covered in oil was going to get messy.

"Hard to turn down such an offer, but perhaps we should save it for another sleepover? I'll settle for you just jacking me off."

"You deserve better than that. Scoot up the bed."

I grinned, knowing what Troy had in mind and edged forward on my knees until my fully rigid dick was virtually touching his lips. Troy stuck out his tongue and licked off the little pre-cum that was there causing me to almost lose it right then. But I managed to hold on as he slowly licked down the shaft creating these amazing sensations in my body. I wasn't though prepared for the finger that he had somehow oiled to work its way into my crack. That sent me over the edge as my body went rigid and I shot my load into his mouth. I must have pulsed four or five times before I collapsed on top of him. When I'd recovered we kissed and Troy gave me back some of my seed that he hadn't swallowed.

We lay there for a while both of us feeling exhausted, before I suggested that we needed a shower. We took the towels off the bed and put those and the washcloths into the laundry basket. I was sure that in the morning they'd be joined by Troy's sheets and the washing machine would be in action. Once in the shower it was interesting to find how long it took to wash the oil from Troy's body, but it gave us ample time to jack each other off. We were no longer surprised at how quickly we could cum again.

After we dried ourselves we decided it was time for bed. Although sometimes we would cuddle face to face so we could kiss, my favorite had to be when Troy spooned me. It just made me feel so loved and secure as he wrapped his right arm over my chest and hugged me to him. Feeling his dick against my butt was pretty good too, but neither of us had the energy for more love making. The last thing I remember was Troy nuzzling my right ear and whispering into it that he loved me.

We both woke surprisingly early for a Sunday at just after 8am and both in need of an urgent piss. We let our streams mingle from each side of the john before giving them a quick wash and returning to bed for our first, and only, sixty nine of the weekend. That was the signal for a little more snoozing until we decided to get up, change the bed and shower. Troy's folks were very surprised to see us downstairs at about half past ten. Mrs C rose to the challenge and prepared breakfast for us, after which I told Troy that I was going to take the opportunity to finish my homework rather than leave it for the evening. I needed to use my computer in his room to do that, but Troy was very good while I worked just lying on his bed and listening to music through his earbuds.

The homework took me longer than I'd anticipated and it was nearly one o'clock when I finished. Troy suggested we should go down the park again in the afternoon which met with my approval, so we went downstairs and asked his mom if she could rustle up a snack for two growing boys. Toasted cheese sandwiches and some soup fitted that bill.

It wasn't such a nice day as last Sunday, so although we both went in shorts, I was wearing an old sweatshirt and Troy a hoodie. Troy also suggested that today we go on our bikes, pointing out that we could move faster on those if Mike Daubney and his pals appeared again. As always seemed to be the case there was a good number of kids there and we soon got warm playing soccer and basketball. We decided it wasn't warm enough afterwards to go for an ice cream, but we saw nothing of Mike and his crew on the way home.

Despite the weather being cool Mr C had decided to barbecue some steaks for dinner and those sure went down a treat. When it started to get chilly outside we went into the house and up to Troy's bedroom where we played a couple of games on his x-box. I was getting better with practice, but he still kicked my ass every time we played. At about half past ten we decided it was time for bed. By the time we'd finished kissing each other goodnight it was close to eleven! We both so loved sleeping snuggled together even without the sex that it made the other six nights of the week hard to take, even though we understood the reason for it being this way. We also knew that it would be long before we were both sixteen at which time we hoped Troy's parents would let us spend more nights together – even just the weekend would be great.

After I'd got back to my room I undressed, washed, cleaned my teeth and put on a clean pair of boxer briefs. I slid under the comforter, laid on my back and looked back over the weekend. Once again it had been great as I'd spent such a lot of it with Troy. I smiled, happy with my new life and wondering what next week held in store. Of course there was the Homecoming game on Friday night, the Dance on Saturday night and I'd also be seeing Coach Zielinski to find out what plans he had for improving my running. It seemed life wasn't going to be dull anymore.

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