The Boy in the Striped Socks

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 2

The week dragged slowly on highlighted only by a few texts and emails. On Saturday I was up early and his washed briefs were laid on a pillow before I set out for the city centre. This time I was confident he'd be there, which he was, standing in exactly the same position as the previous week. Today there were no shorts but instead a pair of skinny grey jeans that clung to his legs. Some guys can wear skinny jeans and look a mess in my view, but these had a sculpted effect. He even had enough of an arse to fill them well so they didn't just hang loosely away from his body at the rear. This week he had a black t-shirt with something that looked like an exploding hedgehog design on the front.

I walked up to him.

"Are you Julian?" I asked.

"No, I'm not. I waiting for somebody called Lance. Do you know him?" was his immediate reply.

We both started to laugh before embracing each other and starting our first kiss for a week. We didn't care about who might see us or what they might think, but I did half hear a couple of people tutting as they passed.

Looking back now I think that was the moment I began to believe that we really could have a future together. Even if we didn't become partners or lovers or whatever word you want to use, I was sure we were going to be good friends.

It was a good couple of minutes before we disengaged. I asked him if he wanted to come back to the flat now, but he said there was a market on today where he often went as it was a chance to buy clothes cheap, so that was where we headed. He found himself a couple of striped t-shirts – stripes seemed to be his thing and I picked up a couple with designs that I could kid myself were almost Viking, plus a plain light grey hoodie.

While he was looking at items on the stalls I noticed that today his hands and fingers were different.

"No nail varnish today?" I asked.

Nah. I told you last week I wasn’t a cross dresser. I just nicked some of my sister's as the nails sorta went with the outfit. Only put it on just before I left home and made sure I’d got the remover handy to take it off when I got back. Didn't want Len going off at me."

I was glad to hear that even though it just confirmed what I already thought. Although he’d done a good job of tossing me off last Saturday watching my prick being handled by fingers the nails of which were varnished, had been a weird experience and not one I was over keen to repeat.

Although we didn't buy much we spent quite a while walking round and I was surprised it was gone midday by the time we'd finished. I asked Julian if he was hungry and when he said he was I asked him where he'd like to eat. He said he knew a vegetarian place that was pretty good, but was I happy to go there. I said it would be fine with me, but I'd probably let him choose what we ate.

He led me to this little place down a side street not far from the centre of the city. It seemed fairly popular but wasn't doing a roaring trade so we were able to sit at a table where we weren't going to be overheard. We looked at the menu and both decided to have some stuffed breaded mushrooms to start, but as I wasn't that familiar with vegetarian dishes I suggested Julian should order for both of us. The mushrooms were very tasty but quite garlicky, so it was probably a good thing we both had them. I can't remember now what the main course was called but it was a combo of lentils with cranberries, nuts, potatoes and carrots which had been baked in a gravy that tasted better than a lot of meat gravies I'd had. It was definitely something I'd want to have again and I felt sure we'd be back to this place soon.

We chatted while we were waiting for the food and between courses. I asked him if he'd brought back my briefs and he told me they were in his shoulder bag and that he'd washed them yesterday.

"So, what did you do with them before yesterday?"

He gave me a soft chuckle and a nice smile before answering.

"When I got ready for bed on Saturday night I thought about wearing them, but it dawned on me just in time that if I did that they wouldn't smell of you afterwards. So I laid them on my pillow and went to sleep thinking it was you that I was snuggled up to."

As he was telling me this he'd reached a hand under the table and rubbed my thigh – we were sitting next to each other so that was quite easy.

"And after Saturday night?"

"The same, but by Wednesday your smell had rather faded."

He leaned in close and whispered in my ear,

"So I wanked myself off onto them and then I wore them on Thursday night."

By the look on his face I was sure he was telling me the truth.

"What experiences did mine have?" he asked.

"I'm afraid yours got my cum on them on Saturday night."

"Only on Saturday?" he asked with a grin.

"Yes. I needed that one, but I've managed to restrain myself since."

"Saving plenty for today are you?"

"Yes. Us oldies can't produce as much as you youngsters!"

He really laughed at that and this time his hand went to my crotch.

"From what I saw last Saturday, Lance you sure aren't an oldie."

We then started talking about more general things as we really still didn't know that much about each other. I told him that I was surprised his name was Julian as it wasn't a common one, asking if it was his real name.

"Yep, it's really mine. Up until a year or so after I was born it seems my Mum was a staunch Catholic – she's well over that now – but for some reason she decided that I had to be christened after a Pope. Guess I was lucky she picked Julian as there are worse possibilities."

"Let's see. For a start you could have been called Pius or Benedict or even Innocent. Now that would have suited you – you're a real smoothie underneath!"

Once again he ran his hand up m inner leg and rested it on my crotch.

"I'm not such a smoothie as you – yet."

I thought I knew what he meant.

"Does that mean you've decided you want to be shaved?"

"I'm still thinking about it, but I very probably will let you do me Lance."

I was tempted to pick up on the word 'do' but decided to let it go and changed the subject instead.

"Julian, how come you've chosen to go to Catering College? I'm sure you're bright enough to have gone to uni."

He thought for a couple of minutes before he answered.

"You've seen where I live Lance – in the middle of a Council estate. I bet you didn't live on one of those."

I started to say something, but he carried on,

"No, it's not just that. I went to a comprehensive that hasn't got much of a reputation. One of the easiest ways to survive in a school like that is by not being particularly bright. Try to be intelligent and clever and you'll soon get picked on by the gangs and the bullies. Believe me, I saw it happen. Add in the fact that I wasn't particularly good at sports and my name was Julian and I could easily have become a target. It was quite easy to get away with being fairly dim. There were only a couple of teachers who seemed to care very much."

"I did have a few problems when I started to go emo, but there were a couple of other boys in my form who were the same as well as some girls, so we more or less got away with it – even when I decided to go in for catering in my final year."

"Anyway, we've talked about my name, yours isn't exactly normal either, although I think it's appropriate from what I saw last Saturday!"

"Oh, mine is due to the family curse."

He looked at me with a puzzled expression.

"I'm told that it has been a family tradition for the eldest son to be christened Lancelot, which is my father's name. I'm lucky as he bucked the trend and incurred his own father's displeasure by insisting that I was only christened Lance. I'm quite happy with that as it's unusual and even though I could have abbreviated Lancelot to Lance for daily use I'd still have been forced to write it on official papers."

"Guess we're both sort of lucky then."

"Yep, and talking of luck I reckon it's time to pay the bill and I'm wondering how we're going to spend the afternoon."

"Well, we could go down by the river, or we could go to the cinema." suggested Julian.

"Or we could go back to my flat."

"I think that sounds like a much better idea."

I got the bill and settled up refusing to let him contribute, but he insisted on leaving the tip. We walked back to the centre, got on a bus and in about fifteen minutes were in my flat. Julian headed for the bathroom and I went into the bedroom where I took off my Converse and took some small change and my wallet out of my jeans pockets. I hadn't really expected him to join me there, but the door opened and he came in. He'd dropped his little shoulder bag somewhere and had my briefs in his hand. He grinned when he saw where I had left his.

"Last week would have been really tough if I hadn't had these to keep me company. I missed you."

With that he wrapped his arms around me and stretched up on tip toes for a kiss that lasted longer than the one on the walkway earlier. I was so engrossed in this that I didn't notice immediately that his hands were lifting up my t-shirt and starting to roam around my chest and back. It was a good feeling as Julian's hands like the rest of his body were smooth. He began to push the t-shirt up towards my armpits and I grabbed hold of it and pulled it over my head. Now he pushed his fingers down inside my jeans and briefs and the feel of his hands on my bare cheeks stirred my prick into even greater life. His hands pushed me tightly to him and we ground together for a moment before he pulled back slightly, removed his hands from my rear and instead unbuckled my belt. That done he undid the top button and pulled the zip thus allowing his hand easy access to my black briefs. As his hand rubbed over and round my prick and balls I could feel myself beginning to leak. Both his hands then turned to pushing down my jeans and once they had slipped down to knee level, he dropped to his knees.

My prick was straining to be free from its confinement but Julian seemed in no hurry to liberate it. Today it appeared that he wanted to be in charge of things. I looked down at him, he looked up at me. He put the index finger of his right hand in his mouth and sucked it before wiping it on the leg of my briefs. He proceeded to kiss all over the front of them paying particular attention to where certain items lay. I could do no more than ruffle his hair, rest my hands on his shoulders and try to contain myself. He was undoubtedly being a tease as he started to lower my briefs agonisingly slowly before eventually the head of my prick appeared above the waistband. It was immediately greeted with kisses and licks. I was getting desperate when he suddenly pulled the briefs down and my prick sprang out at full extension.

"Oh, Lance – I've been thinking all week of how I was going to do this. How I could make it good for you."

As far as I was concerned his time hadn't been wasted. For me foreplay and the pleasure it gave was a highly important part of any sexual relationship. From what he'd told me last week Julian had virtually no experience of sex, but based on today so far he was going to make me very happy. It probably sounded trite but I could think of nothing to say other than,

"Your time's not been wasted."

He caressed and gently squeezed my balls while at the same time kissing and licking the length of my prick until he guided it with his hand into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on it and continued to roll my balls in his hand. It was not long before I knew that I was about to come and tried to remove my prick from his mouth, but he kept moved his hand onto it and held it in place so that I came in his mouth. I felt him struggling to deal with my load and eventually I managed to withdraw but leaving cum around his mouth and chin. I moved my hands from on top of his shoulder to underneath, pulled him to his feet and then embraced him closely in order to be able to lick off what I had deposited.

"Now it is time for you to give me some pleasure." I said.

A look of puzzlement crossed his face.

"Didn't I just do that for you?"

"I'll explain to you later," I replied.

He still looked puzzled, but I took his thoughts elsewhere as I moved my hands down to his rear and pulled him close while also trying to feel if there was anything underneath those skinny jeans. I decided to wait to find out and instead turned my attention to removing his t-shirt, which with his assistance, was soon accomplished. Now, after another session for our tongues I was able to work my way down his chest, paying special attention to his delightful little nipples. His jeans fitted so tightly that I couldn't get my hands inside the waistband to explore so I simply undid his belt and unzipped the fly. They didn't drop of their own accord so it was now my turn to drop to my knees and inch them down. Underneath he was wearing a pair of Diesel boxer briefs with a rainbow strip pattern which were showing obvious signs of his arousal. The briefs followed his jeans and that permitted me to go to work and suck him. I felt him go rigid and was prepared as he came. Once he had done so I pulled away and stood up. I'd managed not to swallow his entire load and was able to share some with him in another kissing session.

We then finished undressing and settled down on the bed. Today he wasn't wearing the knee length socks but the ones he had on were striped – Julian evidently had a thing about stripes! We lay on our backs and I cuddled him to me with my right arm round his shoulder and his head lying on my chest. After a few minutes he said,

"You were going to explain."

I wasn't sure if I knew exactly how to put into words what I meant. I was also a bit worried that he might not understand and could even get upset, but I'd raised the subject so I had little choice really. I took a deep breath before starting.

"You told me last week that your only experience was a couple of blow jobs with a friend – right?"


I remembered he'd given me the impression the friend was more experienced.

"And did he bring you off first?"


"And you enjoyed it?"

"Yes, of course. It was – well, I could hardly stop from shooting as soon as he started the first time."

"But what about when you did him?"

There was a pause while he thought back.

"I guess I didn't much like it, but I knew I had to."

"You may find this hard to believe Julian, but I enjoyed bringing you off almost as much as I did having you blow me. If you like your partner you want to make them happy and foreplay is about pleasuring."

"Partner?" he said looking up at me with a little grin.

"You know what I mean." I retorted.

We lay there is silence for a while.

Suddenly he moved my arm and rolled onto his side.

"Cuddle me partner – please."

We spooned together and I know I nodded off and suspect he did too. When I came to it was to the feel of Julian's fingers stroking around my shaved crotch before playing with my foreskin. He was kneeling on the bed sideways to me and when he saw me stir he looked up.

"I think next weekend I'm going to let you shave me. It feels good to touch instead of all that hair and it's a lot nicer for doing this…"

He lent over and started kissing my prick which naturally was delighted with the attention. I had an idea.

"Stay there – sort of, but put your legs on each side of my chest so your arse is towards me."

He moved as I'd asked and as I expected it meant that his arse was just in front of my face. Once again I was very tempted by what I could see and by the thought of what I couldn't quite glimpse, but I managed to distract myself and instead took hold of his prick and guided it into my mouth. As he felt my lips and tongue round it Julian stopped what he was doing and let out a gasp followed by an audible moan before he returned to what he'd been doing. It seemed to me as I sucked him that his prick was longer than before – still quite manageable but surely not possible. A squeeze on his balls confirmed there was still juice to come. I felt sure it wouldn't be long before that happened so restricted myself to gentle sucking while enjoying the sensations he was giving me and trying not to be too long before I came. Once I felt myself tensing I resumed giving serious attention to Julian's prick. I couldn't quite manage total coordination as I came first, but I was swallowing him for the second time that afternoon, just a few second later.

We both lay there for a while each with our own thoughts until I decided to break the mood by tickling his feet and toes. In next to no time he was thrashing about on the bed, laughing and trying to get away from me. We ended up having a wrestling bout which itself ended with another kissing session. By the end of this I was both sweaty and I suspected smelly.

"I'm going to have a shower. Sadly my shower isn't big enough for two to tango, so I'll go first and when I'm done you can follow me if you wish while I see if I can rustle up something to eat. All this activity has given me an appetite."

I looked back at him as I left the bedroom. He had his head on the pillow where I'd left his briefs. His hair was mussed up but he had a big smile on his face and his eyes were sparkling. His prick still seemed semi erect and the little devil was playing with it…..

I had my shower, came back and told him it was free and that I'd left a clean towel out for him before I went off to the kitchen. My cooking skills were very limited, even more so for vegetarian cuisine, so all I'd got was a quiche and some salads plus a garlic baguette. I figured more garlic wasn't going to go any harm and thinking back I didn't even remember tasting or smelling it earlier.

I was about to get the baguette out of the oven when I felt a pair of arms go round my waist.

"That was pleasure receiving and giving all at the same time. I sort of understand now what you meant earlier – partner."

I turned round; he was now wearing the black briefs he'd left with me last Saturday and nothing else. I'd slipped on a pair of old football shorts that I'd got into the habit of wearing in the flat when slumming around. The sight of his slim body in just those turned me on yet again and he could see my prick bulge and extend outwards underneath the shorts. He grinned,

"Sorry, but it's a bit of a struggle to get those jeans on so I thought I'd not bother just now. Maybe I should've."

"Maybe you should've indeed, but I think I can just about manage."

We sat and ate and talked some more about various things. When we'd finished I thought of asking Julian if he wanted to stay the night, but decided not to. We ended up listening to a couple of cds before Julian announced that he thought it was time he should go home while there were still plenty of buses around. We both went and got dressed and he handed me his Diesel boxer briefs in exchange for the black ones I'd had on earlier. We agreed that like last week we'd keep in touch by text and email, but he said he had something that he needed to do next Saturday morning so would it be alright if he came direct to the flat and would hope to arrive about midday. That wasn't a problem to me.

We engaged in a long kissing session before leaving the flat which got both of us pretty aroused once more. But we managed to contain ourselves and I walked hand in hand with him to the bus stop. A brief kiss as the bus arrived and then he was gone. It was only seven days until I'd see him again I told myself as I walked back to the flat. Once again it felt empty, but now there seemed to be a smell of him there – or was it just garlic? I texted him the same message as last week and received the same reply. This week though I was confident I would see him again. I also found I managed to get through the week without using his briefs as a wank aid. Indeed somehow I was able not to have one at all managing to convince myself whenever I got the inclination that Julian was more deserving than his briefs.

Saturday was another day of good weather and I was pleasantly surprised when the doorbell of the flat rang about fifteen minutes before noon.

"I like that t-shirt" I said to Julian as I saw him on the step once the door was opened. It was black but with a big heart printed at the front in the centre in which was the rainbow colours in bands. Below the t-shirt were once again his tight fitting skinny grey jeans and the black hi top Converse.

"Yeah, I only had a half day at College on Market Day and I found this on one of the stalls. It was pretty cheap so I reckon it's a second."

"Which stall was that? I wouldn't mind getting one myself."

He told me where it was located as we walked through into the living room and I made a mental note to go down there next Wednesday. I went to sit down when Julian asked if he could use the bathroom. I told him there was no need to ask and sat down to wait. It seemed to be ages before he returned and I was beginning to wonder if perhaps he was feeling ill, but then the door opened and Julian stood there dressed in just his knee high rainbow striped socks.

"Lance, will you fuck me……please?"

I was momentarily taken aback by such a direct approach, but I quickly recovered.

"No, Julian, I won't fuck you but I can't wait to come inside you and make love to you."

His face which had dropped when he heard the first word had changed to a smile by the time the sentence had finished.

"That was the word I wanted to use Lance, but I wasn't sure you felt that way."

He walked toward me, we hugged and kissed until he pulled away and finding my left hand with his right, led me to the bedroom.

When we got there I told him that I wished I'd known he was going to want to make love as had he done so I'd have made an effort to make the room look nicer. It wasn't a total mess but I could have lit some scented candles and given it a bit of ambience. In the couple of minutes since he'd made his wishes clear I'd had time to think of how I was going to do this.

"I'm going to get undressed and you are going to kneel on the edge of the bed."

"I want to keep these socks on."

I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Weren't they the clincher when you first saw me?"

I could only laugh as indeed they were, although there were also several other things about him that had stood out almost as much. I told him it would be fine as they wouldn't get in the way and walked over to my bedside table and took out a condom.

"Do you need that? Have you got anything?"

I knew I hadn't as I'd been tested after my last relationship broke up a few months back and since then I hadn't had any sort of sex with anyone other than Julian.

"No, I don't. I'm clean and I'll show you the document to prove it, but even so…."

"Well, you know I'm clean as I've never done it before now. But I don't want to feel a rubber inside me – I want to feel you."

Had he looked closely at my face after saying those words I reckon Julian would have spotted a little tear form in the corner of my eye. He was proving to be someone very special.

I thought back to my first time. It had been well over a couple of years now; I was sixteen then and still at boarding school. I thought I'd fallen in love with one of the prefects and was overjoyed when he started to take an interest in me – an interest that culminated one Sunday afternoon in being invited to his room where matters rapidly developed to the extent that I agreed to let him have sex with me. And that was exactly what it was – sex. I'm sure he enjoyed it, but for me it was a very painful experience and one from which it took me several days to recover physically and much longer mentally. He showed virtually no regard for my feelings and with minimal lubrication I hobbled away from his room afterwards. It was only about a year later that someone else managed to persuade me to let them show me that there was a very different way to make love to another person. I thought we were destined to be together forever, but he contrived to get himself killed in a motorbike accident.

At the moment Julian was just sitting on the edge of the bed. I sat down next to him.

"If you're sure, then we'll do it, but first I just want to say a few things to you. You may have read about this, but for the first time this can be a painful experience for you. I think though that I can help avoid it being so, but if at any time you start to feel pain, tell me to stop and I will. Now get on all fours with your arse almost on the edge of the bed. "

I'd taken a tube of KY Jelly from the drawer when I'd gone for the condom and I placed it beside him - that would though be used later. This was Julian's first time. Your first time always lives in your memory and I wanted to ensure it lived in his for all the right reasons.

When he'd got into position I knelt down on the floor behind him. I spread his cheeks a little and brought my face close. He smelt of a mixture of soap and that distinctive male scent and I was pleased that he had thought to have a good wash when he was in the bathroom. Having got in the right position I let fall some saliva. He jerked and made a little noise as it landed on target; he hadn't been expecting to feel anything wet. Then I brought my tongue into action to get the whole area around his hole nicely wet. I was glad Julian had virtually no hair in his crack which helped. By now he was beginning to let out little sounds which I took to be of pleasure. After a few minutes of rimming I put some more saliva onto my index finger and began to stroke it along the edge of his hole. The noises he was making became a little louder as I did so. I deemed the time was right to insert my finger and naturally his defences tightened as I tried to do so. I reverted to stroking before trying again and this time I gained access. My finger went in up to about the knuckle and I was able to move it around without causing him to indicate any distress. I moved it in and out a few times and the only sounds were definitely of pleasure, so I tried inserting a second finger. As before there was initial resistance but on the second attempt both were allowed and also allowed to explore deeper.

I felt the time had arrived to take things further.

"Julian, I think you'll enjoy this more if you now lie on your back, raise your legs and hold them at about the back of your knees. You might find the position a bit uncomfortable, but if you can do it we can look at each other. Everything okay so far – no pain?"

He told me it was fine and adopted the new posture. I applied a good covering of KY jelly to my prick and also spread some round his hole. Now came what was hopefully going to be a journey of delight for both of us. My prick was very hard and putting the KY on had caused the release of pre-cum. I was thus optimistic things would go well as I brought my prick into his crack and slid it back and forth a few times. Julian was looking intently at me and I put my hand over his upturned legs to feel his prick. As I'd hoped it was hard and also leaking.

"If you want to play with yourself or even jerk yourself off, that's fine. I could do it for you, but I want to concentrate here."

He smiled and he moved his right hand from under his leg so he could play with himself. His anus was still pretty tightly closed as I gently pressed the head of my prick against it. I pushed a little against it, then drew back and proceeded to repeat the process several times. It was logical his body would resist this intrusion, but we had plenty of time as long as he was comfortable in this position. After several gentle pushes I sensed the muscle relax and begin to accept my prick. There was a little moan as I first gained entry, so I stopped but hearing nothing else I pushed a little harder, pulled back again and then pushed a little harder still, but very slowly. I also started to tell him it would be alright and that the painful part would soon be over. It had got to the point where I couldn't tell if the noises Julian was making were of pain or pleasure. Suddenly he managed to relax his muscle and I popped right inside – the hard part was now over and the pleasure could begin. I maintained a slow but regular pattern of pushing in, staying and then pulling almost out. Once I misjudged the pull back and flopped totally out, but I easily and quickly managed to guide my prick back inside. I looked down at Julian, his eyes were closed at that moment, but there was a smile and an expression of pleasure on his face while his right hand was stroking his prick quite rapidly. I told him to slow down as I didn't want him to come too soon. He eased off and I went back to moving deeper inside him. All at once there was an exclamation and his body jerked and jerked again – I had made contact with his prostate. This time when I looked his eyes were wide open as was his mouth. Now he began to move in rhythm with my thrusts which I had made stronger. Our pace increased and I could feel my balls slapping against his arse as I pushed in. Julian was now almost yelling with pleasure and excitement and I wasn't holding back with the noise either. Finally I came to a juddering climax; Julian wasn't quite there but continued to work his prick for another twenty seconds until his cum shot from him landing in a stream across his stomach and chest.

While we had been joined he'd found he could keep his legs in place without using either of his hands, so now I was able to withdraw my prick and push his legs down onto the bed enabling me to drop gently onto his cum covered upper body. We joined in a long kiss and then rolled onto our sides facing each other, our arms round each other.

It took a while before either of us felt able to speak and Julian was the first.

"Fuckin', fuckin' hell, Lance. That was fuckin' amazing! I've never felt anything like that and didn't imagine it could be so wonderful. Feeling you come inside me was just out of this world."

A couple of tears rolled down his cheeks which I wiped away.

"Did it hurt much?"

"Nah, only a little to start. You were so gentle and I wanted you inside me so much I wouldn't have minded if it had hurt."

"Well, I think you'll probably be a bit sore later and maybe tomorrow too, but that should be all – although from what I shot I reckon you'll have my cum dripping out of you for almost as long."

"That's good." He said and laughed. "I want to keep you with me. And I'm so glad we met. I had a good feeling about you from the start."

"Me too. Let's have a cuddle."

He turned away from me and we cuddled up spoon fashion and both lay there with our thoughts. I was starting to wonder if I might just be beginning to fall in love with Julian. Surely though it was too quick for that, but I couldn't recall ever feeling quite the same about anyone else with whom I'd got involved.

We must have dozed as I came to feeling a little damp where the lower part of my stomach had been nestled into Julian's rear. He had indeed been dripping as I'd forecast! I'd probably moved and woken him as he now rolled over to face me. He looked as happy as I'd ever seen him and his eyes sparkled.

"Lance, can I stay the night?"

I'd been thinking about suggesting it but scared to do so. I was only too glad those words had come from him.

"Of course you can, but I think I'll need to change these sheets first. And what are you going to tell you Mum?"

"Yeah, perhaps I should've put my briefs back on. I will when we get up – whenever that might be."

He pulled me to him and we engaged in another kissing session. I could feel him getting hard once again as his prick rubbed against my skin and knew that my own was doing the same thing to him.

"I'll tell her I'm going to a party. It happens sometimes. Anyway she won't care much – she and Len are going down the pub tonight so I expect they'll come back smashed."

The more I heard the worse his home life sounded, but somehow it seemed not to get him down.

Eventually we got up, got dressed and I persuaded him to come to a nearby Chinese that ran a buffet. We had a decent meal washed down by a couple of lagers and returned home as it was getting dark. I'd changed the sheets before we went out, so suggested to him that we had a quick shower and then turn in. The shower was quick, the petting session when we got into bed wasn't and inevitably it led to the sheets getting stained, but only a little as he was now getting much better at swallowing.

When I woke on Sunday morning Julian was still asleep. I managed to ease out of bed without waking him and went for a shower. He was just stirring as I returned so I told him I was going to fix some breakfast, offering him eggs, mushrooms and vegetarian sausages which he deemed acceptable. I scooped up our briefs and t-shirts from yesterday telling him I was going to put those through the washing machine along with some other similar items I had taken from the laundry basket. I also told him that if he looked in my wardrobe he'd find there a selection of t-shirts and briefs and while none would fit him perfectly he was welcome to take what he wanted until the washing was dry. With that I donned briefs, t-shirt and socks and headed to the kitchen to prepare the food. I strongly suspected he could make a better job of cooking the breakfast than me, but it was my flat. I also recalled I had some hash browns in the freezer so they also went into the oven to cook. I'd heard him go into and subsequently come out of the bathroom so expected the completion of my cooking efforts would match fairly well with his arrival.

I heard a noise behind me and knowing it was him turned round with a big smile on my face only to be confronted by a very surprising sight. There stood Julian clad only in his knee high striped socks. That though was only part of the surprise – the rest was accounted for by what he was holding in his right hand.

My heart flipped when I saw it. I had completely forgotten it was on the shelf in the wardrobe when I told him to look in there to find himself a t-shirt and briefs. Was this discovery going to bring about the abrupt end of our developing relationship? I certainly thought so at first when I saw the expression on his face which seemed to me to be one of almost anger, but then it started to soften and a little smile began to play around his lips as he placed his left hand on his hip and moved into a rather suggestive stance.

"So what exactly is this and how come you have it? Are you a pervert after all?

It was hardly surprising he might think that, but somehow his tone didn't indicate he really thought it to be the case.

I stuttered and spluttered, unsure exactly what to say or how to explain.

"Look, Julian I've just cooked the breakfast. Let's not waste it or let it go cold. I'll explain everything to you when we've finished."

He slashed the strands of the martinet down onto the table before laying the handle down so that it lay between us.

"Okay. It does smell good and I do feel hungry. But I'm going to be very interested to hear your story."

We sat down and ate. When we'd finished I went to get up and clear the plates away.

"No, Lance – they can wait; I can't."

He still seemed very concerned. I hoped my explanation would satisfy him.

"Alright, I know it looks weird but the first thing to say is that it isn't mine."

"You're not going to try and convince me it was here when you moved in are you?"

"Just hear me out Julian. It's a bit of a long story but I'll try to keep it short. Last year I hooked up with a French student, Pierre, who had come over to the uni. We got on alright and I suggested he move in here. A couple of weeks after he'd moved in he produced this thing from his case. I'd never seen one before but he told me it was a martinet and it was what French fathers use to discipline their kids. He said his father had used it on him when he wasn't performing well at school and he'd brought it with him hoping he could find someone who'd use it on him if he wasn't doing well at uni. He asked if I was willing. I wasn't really, but we were getting on alright in other ways so I eventually agreed."

"So you used to whip him with this?"

"Only on a few occasions – and of course I never knew if it was because he was slacking on his course or if he just liked it."

"Did he ever use it on you?"

"I had to let him at the start so he could show me how to use it. You can whip someone with it so it hardly hurts or anything up to really cutting their skin. I didn't mind it too much at the light stage, but I soon told him to stop once he started hitting harder. Most times he got me to use it at a strength that left little marks over the skin of his arse which he said made sitting down uncomfortable for the next day or so."

While I'd been talking he'd picked the martinet up from the table and was casually running the thongs through his fingers but his mind seemed to be elsewhere.

"What happened to Pierre?"

"He found the course too difficult and quit before the end of the year. I thought he'd taken all his stuff with him when he went, but I found this in the bottom of a drawer. Put it up there in the wardrobe and forgot about it. Honestly, that's the truth."

Julian looked straight at me.

"Lance, I believe you. The way you came into me yesterday wasn't something anyone into BDSM would do. You were making sure you didn't hurt me when you could just have rammed your prick straight in and let me take the pain."

I began to relax. It seemed that my stupidity or laziness, whichever, wasn't going to cost me. I was about to say something when Julian continued,

"Seeing this took me back a good few years. Guess I was about eleven or twelve and I was watching a film on telly. It was about life in the Navy around the time of Nelson and there was this bit where the Captain announced that this little kid who was about my age, but was a Midshipboy or something like that."

"Midshipman" I corrected him.

"Yeah, Midshipman, that's right, was going to have to feel the Bosun's pussy."

I couldn't help laughing.

"Yeah, I laughed too. I guess I'd just started to learn those dirty words and wondered what sort of punishment feeling his pussy could possibly be. Anyway this little blond haired kid was made to lay over one of the ship's cannons so his bum stuck up. He was wearing tight white trousers, britches I think they called them and you could see he had nothing on underneath. Then the boatswain came into shot carrying a little bag from which he drew out this little whip thing that looked very much like this."

Once again I noticed he was drawing the thongs through his fingers.

"And then he gave the little kid about a dozen lashes, but apart from a couple of tears the kid didn't really cry."

"It was probably faked on the TV." I said.

"I guess it was, but I kept thinking about it that night when I went to bed and for the first time when I rubbed my prick some white stuff came out the end."

He was grinning now at the memory.

"I haven't thought about it for years, but now I've got the chance to find out for myself what it feels like."

I couldn't believe what he'd just said and sat there momentarily stunned.

"You are joking me Julian, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not. It's never something I'd have gone looking for, but it's here, you're here and I have to try it. I know you won't really whip me with it, but if you did it like you did to Pierre I could go home later and still feel you're with me."

I protested and argued but Julian was insistent to the extent that he almost appeared to be going into a sulk, so eventually he persuaded me. We agreed that I would use it on him just before he went home which he said would be about 3pm. That left a good few hours in which to enjoy ourselves.

Perhaps surprisingly we didn't go back to bed, but instead went down to the river and took out a rowing boat for an hour. After that we laid on the grass in the sunshine, t-shirts off, happy to be next to each other. A wrap and a coke each in a restaurant for lunch and then we headed back to my place.

Once there we still had an hour in hand before he left. Naturally we spent that on the bed enjoying our final sixty nine of the weekend. When we'd recovered from that Julian went to the bathroom emerging again wearing just those knee length striped socks.

"I'm going to have to get another pair of these as you like them so much."

That was said with a nod in the direction of my cock which despite our recent activities was starting to rise once more.

"Or is it the thought of whipping my arse that is doing it?"

To be honest I wasn't sure and decided not to answer. While Pierre and I had had a sexual relationship his martinet had not featured in it. I couldn't really believe that I was going to enjoy whipping Julian and I definitely didn't want to hurt him, but there was something about the way he was approaching this which was making it enjoyable – and after all it was only going to be this once that I'd have him at my mercy like this.

"How and where do you want me?"

"If you kneel on the edge of the bed like yesterday that should do fine."

Julian climbed on the bed and I picked up the martinet from where it was lying on the duvet and moved behind and slightly to the left of him. I laid the thongs of the martinet on his back and slowly drew them down it. He shivered at the touch. Next I drew them across his buttocks, into his cleft and down the tops of his thighs. By this time I was pretty hard. I could see his balls dangling down and made a mental note not to strike anywhere near them and it was at that point that I saw his right hand go to his own cock and start to stroke it.

The time for action had arrived and I drew back the martinet a few inches and snapped it down on his arse. He let out a little yelp – more of surprise than pain I reckoned as no sound followed the next stroke. I was not landing the blows hard and was intending to give him about twenty or so strokes which I thought would give him a little bit of discomfort for a few hours afterwards. I stopped when I reached that number and was amazed when I heard him say,

"Do it again, Lance…….please?"

I delivered a further twenty strokes and then stopped. I could see red marks now across his arse caused by the little knots in the thongs of the martinet in addition to lines where the thongs themselves had landed.

"That's enough, Julian. I'm going to stop before it gets to the point where you resent me."

I dropped the martinet back on the bed. Julian climbed off it, turned towards me and threw his arms round me – much to my surprise. As he'd turned toward me I had glanced down at his cock which had gone limp, but as we rubbed together it came rapidly back to life.

"Thanks, Lance. What with that and the briefs you've been wearing today I'm going to be reminded off you for a few days I reckon."

We separated and he started to dress, first of all taking off the long socks and replacing them with the ones he'd worn yesterday. I did notice a little grimace as he sat down on the bed to do so. He donned the same t-shirt as he'd worn yesterday and then pulled on his grey skinny jeans, without first putting on his briefs. He saw my questioning glance as he struggled to pull them up over his thighs.

"Reckon I'll feel more commando." He said with a grin.

I couldn't disagree.

Once we were both dressed the only thing left was the long goodbye kissing session, before I walked with him to the bus stop. We'd agreed he would come direct to the flat again at noon next Saturday. At least though this time there were only five days before that arrived.

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