by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 1

The story was inspired by this picture

The Boy in the Striped Socks
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A little detective work showed this to be taken on the day of the Nottinghamshire Pride Parade in 2015, all of which has led to this rather fine tale.

We'd met, if that was the right word, in an Emo Chat Room on the Internet a couple of months earlier. We seemed to hit it off and within a few weeks we'd exchanged email addresses so we could talk privately.

Of course one of the big problems with the Internet is that anyone can pretend to be someone they aren't. I could have been talking to a 50 year old pervert who simply wanted to chat to me while wanking himself at the thought – or even worse want to meet me so he could fuck me. However, there seemed to be something about the way Julian talked that made me believe most of what he was saying was true, although very probably not everything, as that name didn't seem quite right for this day and age. Mind you, I reckon he didn't believe me when I told him mine was Lance! I really was telling him the truth there even though sometimes I hated my parents for giving me that name. At least if anyone said it in my vicinity I knew they were talking to, or about, me; there were just too many Jakes and Joshes around these days.

As our exchanges developed we discovered, very much to our surprise, that we both lived in the same city – or perhaps I should say we both said we lived in the same city. That was when I tentatively suggested we should meet, but Julian appeared reluctant to agree. Very probably he was having the same thought as I had been about not knowing who he was really talking to or what he might be letting himself in for by agreeing to meet this Lance person, or perhaps he'd been lying when he told me he lived here.

A possible solution to that problem occurred to me when I remembered that the Gay Pride March and Parade was due to be held in the city in a couple of weeks' time. If we arranged to meet there and found that we didn't like each other at first sight or even after a few hours, we could easily part and find something else to do without wasting the day.

Our contact was still only by email, so I messaged him suggesting this and waited hoping for a positive reply. It didn't come immediately but when it did he was positive saying that he thought it was a great idea. He added that he was sure we'd get on alright, but if we didn't then we could go our separate ways with no hard feelings, which was exactly what I'd thought.

We then had to agree where we'd meet and how we'd know each other. The obvious answer would be to exchange photos but I was reluctant to suggest that and seemingly so was he. All I knew about him was his name and the fact that he was sixteen and lived at home with his mother, plus he was an emo – or to be precise those were the facts he had told me. I had told him I was nineteen which was true, that I was studying at the Uni and that I was also an emo – all of which were true although he had no way of knowing that. Actually I had gone through a Goth phase a year or so back and was now softening down to emo.

The parade was due to start at 11 and we agreed to meet at 10.30. Julian's suggestion was not to meet there but at a nearby shopping centre which I didn't quite understand but agreed to. I knew the centre well but was surprised when he suggested that we meet on the covered walkway that connected the two parts of it. This was a walkway with clear glass sides that took shoppers over one of the city's main streets at first floor level. It seemed a fairly public place to meet, but on thinking about it I saw that it made much more sense than meeting in a lot of other places.

I asked how I would know him and how he would know me. I was surprised with the answer he produced as it showed he had given the matter some thought and that he was pretty bright.

He said that he would be standing on the walkway from 10.30 until 10.45 at the latest. If I liked what I saw I was to go up to him and ask 'Are you Julian?' If he liked what he saw he would reply, 'Yes, Lance.' It was brilliantly simple as it gave both of us an easy 'out'. If I didn't like the look of him I need simply walk on by, say nothing and he would never know that I was the person he'd been chatting to. Similarly if he didn't like the look of me he could deny being Julian. Admittedly if I liked the look of him and he did deny being Julian I might feel hurt at the rejection, but somehow I didn't think that was going to happen.

It had been at least a couple of months since my last relationship, the breakup of which was why I'd joined the chat room. I was ready for another relationship as even though there was a lot of social life available at uni and sex was pretty readily available for those of both hetero and homo inclinations, I wanted something more. My only real concern was Julian's age. The online persona came over as being quite mature if he was indeed only sixteen, but also rather lonely. From what he'd said it seemed he had few friends and he hinted at not having any great experience of relationships. As I just said, I wasn't looking for a one night stand or a fuck buddy; I wanted someone with whom I could possibly develop a longer term relationship. I did though try and prepare myself for anything from minor to total disappointment that Saturday when I set off for the city centre from my flat.

I decided to set out early as I feared the bus services into the city centre could well be affected by the crowds who I knew from last year's Gay Pride Parade would be gathering ready for the start. Surprisingly the busses were still running pretty much to time and I arrived at the shopping centre not long after ten. I'm not one for wandering round shops or shopping centres at the best of times and I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this encounter. I wanted it to turn out right, but….. Anyway, I went into a MacDonald's and had a coke and a chocolate muffin although I didn't really feel like eating. My mouth though was quite dry and the coke was welcome. I felt like swallowing it down quickly, but I made myself drag it out. After all I didn't want to appear too keen and be waiting there for when he arrived. I kept looking at my watch as the time moved slowly round towards 10.30. At about two minutes past the half hour I got up and walked over toward the walkway.

Would he be there yet I wondered? Would he come at all? If he did come, was he going to be anything like I'd imagined? When I saw him would I want to go and talk to him?

When I stepped onto the walkway there was hardly anyone using it. There was though one person there towards the middle against the handrail that ran the length of it. I stopped short when I saw him. He wasn't anything like I had imagined – he was ten, twenty, thirty times better! He was unbelievably fantastic. That first sight of Julian will live forever in my memory. I didn't think it wise to get my phone out and take a picture, but I will admit wishing now that I had. Of course at this point I didn't actually know it was Julian, but I was positive it had to be. My worry now was that I simply wasn't going to appeal to him. I don't consider myself to be that bad looking but neither was I in the same class as him.

Perhaps I should try and give you an idea of the vision I saw. Do I start at the top or the bottom – and not that bottom as I couldn't see it because of how he was standing with his arse resting against the handrail and his arms and hands stretched out along it. He wasn't standing ramrod straight but I reckoned him not to be far short of six foot tall. He certainly wasn't fat, but neither was he skinny – I reckoned probably a 30 inch waist. His head was turned slightly to one side and his light brown hair was suitably long for an emo coming down across his forehead and slightly over his eyes while also covering his ears and his neck. Because of the hair and how he was standing with his head slightly away from me I couldn't see his entire face but it seemed delicate with a small nose and not over large lips. Unusually for an emo he had nothing round his neck but on his left wrist was a collection of multi coloured wristbands. The fingers of his left hand which I could see on top of the rail looked slender and delicate with polish on the nails. He was wearing a navy blue t-shirt the front of which was adorned with a horizontal selection of gay pride coloured stripes. At his left side there was a small leather bag suspended across his body from his right shoulder by a leather strap. Tied to the bottom of the strap were what appeared to be two or three single, bright coloured silk handkerchiefs.

Having tried as best I can to describe the top half, let's move on to the lower one. On his feet, which looked to be about a size 8 or 9 were a clean pair of black hi top Converse. From those rose a pair of socks horizontally banded in red, yellow, green and black that terminated at knee level with a red band. They were just right for the parade! From the tops of those my eyes were drawn up and up over an expanse of bare leg that ended perhaps two or at most 3 inches from his crotch in a pair of, as you will I hope have gathered, extremely short white shorts. Julian certainly stood out on the walkway and he was going to stand out in the parade.

I was worried that in comparison to him I hadn't really made much effort to look different to normal for the parade. I was wearing a pair of low top black Converse, black socks and black skinny jeans, round the jeans I had a fairly wide belt that was studded all round with four rows of silver studs. On top of that I had on a black t-shirt with a stylised centre motif of a Viking head and animals that I considered went well with the silver torc round my neck. That was a remnant of my Goth days, but I felt it and this t-shirt went well together. Round my right wrist I also had a selection of various coloured bands. I reckoned I was a couple of inches taller than him and a bit heavier as I was a 32 inch waist. My hair is naturally black and was in emo style coming well over my forehead and framing my face almost like a helmet, although probably not as long as his.

Once I'd taken in all of him and recovered a bit from my shock I plucked up the courage to approach him. I say 'courage' intentionally as normally I have no fears about meeting anyone, but now I feared that he was going to reject me.

"Are you Julian?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm Julian and I'm so glad you're Lance. I've been standing here getting more and more worried at some of the boys who have come across the walkway."

I let out a little laugh, almost of relief.

"And when I saw you I felt sure you'd deny being Julian when you saw me."

"Why? You look great, not what I'd imagined as I'd decided you were blond but I love that thing round your neck."

"It's a torc. They were ancient Celtic neckwear. I don't wear it all the time but I reckon it goes with this t-shirt. Anyway, I look very dull compared to you."

Now it was his turn to laugh and I like the way he smiled and his eyes sparkled as he did.

"Have I gone too far, do you think?"

"No! You'll be the star of the parade."

"No I won't. We'll be the stars of the parade."

Having said that he pushed himself off from the rail and put his left hand in my right. Together we walked on across the walkway, through the other half of the shopping centre onto the street and went to join the parade.

The next few hours seemed to fly by as we marched with everyone else on the parade and then enjoyed some of the many entertainments that had been organised. We had a few snacks along the way; Julian told me that he was trying to be vegetarian but was finding it very hard to achieve as he was at Catering College and it was really necessary to learn how to cook everything if he wanted to qualify and get a decent job as a chef. I learned that he lived with his mother and that she and his father had separated when Julian was very young. He never saw his father these days, but usually his father sent him a card and some money on his birthday and at Christmas. His birthday had been a few months ago and he'd used some of that money to buy the bag he was wearing.

I asked him if his mother knew he was gay. He said she did as he'd come out to her about a year ago when he realised that he had absolutely no interest in girls but had eyes only for boys. She'd been alright about it at the time, but a while after that she'd taken up with a man who was very strongly anti-gay. He'd told Julian he should stop dressing and looking like a queer and he feared what might happen should this man move in with his mother as seemed quite possible. He had stayed the previous night and this morning told Julian that he should not go to the Parade.

"You were taking a bit of chance then leaving home dressed like this."

"I wasn't completely dressed like this, Lance. I had a normal pair of shorts on. I didn't want to give all the old folks on the bus heart attacks. Actually these shorts are my sister Becky's and she doesn't know I've borrowed them. After what Len said I just want to say 'sod you' but I know he'd thump me if I did so this was the best I could do."

"You look great in them. I reckon nearly everyone is envious of them and your legs – and of me."

I said, as for at least the hundredth time that afternoon I rested my hand on his rear. He responded by for almost certainly the same number of times shoving one hand down the back pocket of my jeans. I had the advantage though as my fingers could reach down below the hem of those shorts and even push them up slightly before resting on his thighs. The first time I'd done that he'd given a little shiver, giggled slightly and then put his arm round my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"Just hope you don't think I'm into wearing women's clothes or cross dressing. This is definitely a one off."

I had wondered what if anything he had on underneath those shorts as my tentative explorations had felt nothing other than skin, but obviously he hadn't also borrowed his sister's panties.

"That's a shame as I'd love to see you wearing them again. Never mind though I'm sure there is going to be a picture in the local paper as I saw their photographer snapping away earlier – and you might even make local TV."

"Fuck! The last thing I want is either my Mum or Len seeing me in these. Mum'd know they're Becky's and then there'd be all sorts of shit flying. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!"

It was the first time I'd heard him swear and I now wished I hadn't just said that. I had seen the local press photographer earlier, but I reckoned the chance of them using a picture of Julian were pretty small. I didn't want to spoil what had been a great day.

Nothing was said for a few minutes as we walked on.

"Oh well, if it happens, it happens and it'll be my own fault and I'll just have to live with it. I'm not going to let that thought spoil a great day, Lance."

I had been surprised a couple of times earlier in the afternoon when from things one or other of us said we often seemed to be thinking similar thoughts. Now it had happened again and I decided to stick my neck out once again.

I'd been walking round for most of the afternoon with either a semi hard on or a full hard on. I knew I'd been leaking pre-cum into my boxer briefs on a few occasions too. I was a bit puzzled about Julian though. With the shorts he was wearing it should almost have been feasible for his prick to stick out below the hem if he got a hard on, or alternatively poke up above the waistband, but apart from a fairly permanent bulge at the front I'd seen nothing – certainly no sign of any dampness at the front. Was it possible that he was actually a non-sexual person who got his pleasure from the effect he had on others? I didn't know if such people existed, but if they did that could explain things.

Although I'd only been with him for a few hours I was rapidly growing to like Julian. There seemed to be something rather sweet and innocent about him that almost made me feel a bit protective towards him. I'd had a few relationships in the past but only the last one had been for any length of time; the rest had been I regret to say either one night stands or fuck buddies. There was no doubt I fancied Julian but at the same time I also knew deep down that I wasn't going to do anything to or with him that he wasn't entirely happy about. Maybe I'd even let him dictate what happened, although that did depend on him being willing for something to happen in the first place!

I couldn't think of any way to raise the subject other than the head on approach and just hope it didn't lead to a crash.

"I think we've seen virtually all of the entertainment and things seem to be winding down. Do you want to go somewhere for a drink and or a meal? Or……"

Julian looked up at me as I hesitated.

"Would you like to come back to my flat?" I continued.

He laughed out loud.

"Was it me saying fuck that brought this offer?"

I don't often blush; in fact I can't remember the last time I did prior to that. I hesitated, not sure what to say in reply and he saved me by continuing.

"You mean to say you've got a flat?"

"Yes, I have. When I got a place at Uni here my parents decided it made sense to buy a small flat. They reckoned it would be worth more in three or four years' time than they paid for it and there would be a saving on not paying rent."

"Wow! Wish I was that lucky. I have to work in a pub every week night tending bar and waiting table just so I can get enough to live."

I'd never really considered myself lucky, but then I guess if you are you don't think about it - or those less fortunate. My father was comparatively rich no doubt. Indeed he and my Mum were currently on a two or three month tour of Australia which was why I was going to be spending the summer in my flat rather than at home in Sussex.

"That was very bad timing I know. I just thought we could order in a pizza or something and relax a bit. I know all this walking around has tired me out."

"Lance, I'll be happy to go back to your flat. And a pizza sounds like a great idea. Let's do it."

Once again we joined hands, but this time walked off to catch a bus.

My flat was nothing special just functional - living room, kitchen, bathroom with shower and bath and one bedroom. That was equipped with a double bed primarily because I liked to sleep in comfort, but it did also have other advantages. It was modern and in a small block. Mine was on the ground floor which meant that I did occasionally have to suffer the noise of creaking bed springs and exclamations of joy from above when the young woman who lived above brought one of her seemingly never ending stream of boyfriends back for the night.

When we got inside I called to order the pizza, which for Julian's benefit was vegetarian. I told him that he could use the bathroom if he wanted to freshen up while I scoured round the fridge and found the makings of a small salad. He reappeared after a few minutes at which point I excused myself and went into the bedroom to change both my very messy boxer briefs, donning a black pair that had little robots on them and a clean t-shirt that was the mirror image of the one I'd been wearing – white with black imagery. Soon after I got back the pizza arrived and we went into the living room to eat it, as we did so chatting comfortably together about various things but mainly the sights and sounds of the afternoon.

After we'd finished the meal and our chat grew slower, Julian stood up. I fully expected he was going to say it was time he departed, instead he said,

"I've seen the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Aren't you going to show me the bedroom as well?"

There was a smile on his face as he said it, so I stood up, took his hand in mine and led him into the bedroom. When we got there he detached his hand, placed both hands around me and pulled me into an embrace before launching into a kiss. Our tongues began to dance together and our bodies began to rub together. Eventually he ended the kiss and looking me straight in the face asked,

"Are you frightened of making the first move or don't you fancy me?"

Wow! – again. He could certainly be direct when he wanted.

"Julian, I've fancied you from the moment I first saw you this morning. Come to that I was pretty sure from our conversations I was going to fancy you before I even saw you. But, and it's a big but, I'm a couple of years older than you and I'm pretty sure I'm more experienced than you. What I don't want to do is to hurt you in any way or to take advantage of you. If you're happy I'd like to lay you on that bed and very slowly undress you so I can fully appreciate every little part of you."

"Just get those jeans off before you start as I want to do some exploring too."

With that he sat on the bed and undid his Converse while I sat beside him to do the same before standing up to undo my belt and then unzip and pushdown my jeans. After which it was necessary to sit back on the bed to pull them over my feet. By the time I'd completed that he was lying on his back on the bed having stacked a couple of pillows on which his head was resting.

I knelt on the bed and told him to stop lying flat but pull his legs up while keeping his feet flat on the covers, which he did. I wanted to make what came next slow and sensual in the hope that he would enjoy my appreciation of him. Then I reached for the top of the multi coloured sock on his right leg and began to slowly roll it down toward his ankle. His legs were thin; I'd noticed earlier his upper legs were hairless and was pleased to see that even the lower ones were going to be virtually the same. I stopped at the ankles before repeating the process with the left leg.

"Bet you didn't know I've got a thing about feet and toes?"

"Oh no! Mine are going to be all smelly and stinky after being in these all day."

"We'll soon find out." I responded, slowly pulling the sock off his right foot and tossing it aside. There was no smell and once freed of the sock he wiggled his toes which were small and delicate. I took them in my hand and then separating his big toe placed it in my mouth and sucked it. I heard a little noise which I took to be of pleasure as he made no effort to remove the toe from my mouth. After half a minute or so I repeated the process with his left foot. Once I'd done that I tickled the sole of his foot and was rewarded as he started laughing and tried to remove it. I held tight and tickled some more as he wriggled around on the bed.

"You bastard! How did you know I was ticklish?"

"I didn't, but I'm going to have fun finding out where else you are."

I crawled up the bed so I was about level with his stomach and then knelt astride him. My hands went underneath the front of his t-shirt and I started to roll it up his chest while at the same time stroking him. In a short while I was able to see his nipples which I quickly brought to attention. Then working together we pulled his t-shirt over his head. When that was done he shook his hair back into place.

"Now it's my turn." He said. I bent forward so he could grasp the hem of my t-shirt and pull it over my head. I let him run his hands over my chest and give my nipples a tweak or two. It felt good to have someone touching me again. It felt really good that the person doing the touching was Julian, but tonight I wanted to set the pace.

We engaged in some more serious kissing as our tongues fenced in each other's mouths before I forced myself to break away and start to stroke and kiss my way slowly down his chest. By this time I was rock hard and knew I was leaking pre-cum, but I was trying to put that at the back of my mind. Eventually my tongue and hands arrived at the waistband of his shorts via his delicately inset belly button. But on doing so I changed my position once again and went back to knee level. Once there I started to work my way up, stroking, fingering and kissing until I arrived eventually at the hem of those shorts. My fingers went underneath properly for the first time and I discovered that they had a lining which possibly explained things. In the end my fingers found the bottom of what appeared to be a pair of short and close fitting briefs.

By now Julian was making little noises at almost every touch I made so now I found a couple of buttons on the waistband of the shorts which I undid and Julian raised his hips so I could pull them down. As I'd suspected this left him clad only in a pair of very brief black briefs which were bulging at the front and not unexpectedly, rather damp. I put my hands on the side of these, he raised his hips again, and in a second they were down towards his knees.

His prick had sprung free from its confinement and was enjoying being able to move around. It wasn't large, just over five inches even erect as it was now whereas mine was between six and seven when in a similar state. But it was nicely shaped being pretty much straight and the head was standing proud of its sheath. His testicles looked firm and full in their pouch and he had a fair quantity of pubic hair which was a light brown in colour.

I glanced up at him.

"Lance, I don't think…"

I cut him off.

"Don't think Julian – just enjoy."

"But, I don't think I can hold on much longer."

"Can't you?" I said and putting my hand behind me managed to tickle his feet. "That will take your mind off other things." I added as he started to wriggle and laugh.

He'd confirmed my suspicions that foreplay was a whole new world for him. I hoped that we'd be able to explore it further in future, but for now it seemed the time was right to offer him release. I moved my head forward until my lips met the head of his prick. I kissed it and then worked my way down its length applying more kisses. I fondled his balls with one hand and rubbed down his shaft with the other hoping the downward motion would slow down the inevitable. My mouth then turned to suck his testicles one by one before returning to the head of his prick. I knew I could accommodate it easily in my mouth but I tried to take it in slowly while continuing to run my fingers down the shaft. By now he was moaning quite loudly and I felt his body spasm before his prick jerked and delivered its first burst. There were three or four more bursts before he was done after which I continued to kiss his prick. I'd swallowed most of his ejaculate but briefly thought about offering him some back with a kiss. I decided against it as I was still sure he was venturing into a new world. I really wanted to help him on his voyage of discovery, but felt it was best to let him pick the pace.

I looked up at his face again. His eyes were closed but there was a smile on his face and when the eyes opened they really sparkled.

"Lance, that was incredible. I don't know how to describe what I felt. From the time I got on the bed it has been amazing. I'm so lucky we met."

Now the eyes stopped sparkling and tears began to form. I moved quickly to lie alongside him, put my arm across his chest and now I did kiss his cheek before he turned his head and we started kissing properly again. After a while we stopped and just lay together in silence. I must have started to drift off as I was suddenly aware that my boxer briefs were being pulled down. I glanced down and could see the top of Julian's head. He was now sat astride me and a little raise of my hips enabled him to complete the job. As my prick came into view I heard a little gasp followed by,

"Wow! You're shaved!"

I been persuaded by my last boyfriend to have it done and had to admit I liked the feel of being hairless there.

"I've thought about doing that, but haven't plucked up the nerve to set to with a razor."

"Give it some thought. If you do and don't like the look or how it feels, it will always grow back. But let me know if you decide to go ahead as having someone do it for you is both easier and can be very sensual."

He didn't say anything but I could see he was studying my prick. I could almost see his mind working. As I said mine was both longer and wider than his and I was sure he was wondering how, or even if, he could accommodate it.

"Julian, come here."

He looked up with a puzzled expression, but crawled up the bed. I indicated I wanted him to lie alongside me and I cuddled him to me.

"You're not very experienced, are you?"

I felt his body start to shake as he began to let fall a few tears.

"Have you ever been with another boy, or am I your first?"

I was gently rubbing his back as I spoke. It seemed to take ages, but at last he whispered,

"I've done a couple of blow jobs a year or so ago with a boy from school. But then he wanted to do more and I didn't. And his dick was only as big as mine – not like yours."

He started to sob. I hugged him tighter and continued gently stroking him until he had calmed down.

"I was sure that was the case. I'll go at whatever pace you want. If you want to learn I'll show you what I know, but if you don't I'm not going to force you. You're too sweet for that."

Now I got a noise from him that might have been meant as a little laugh.

"What you just did to me was out of this world. I went somewhere I'd never been before. When he and I did it we just sat on my bed, dropped our jeans and boxers and sucked each other off in turn. It was like, mechanical. What you did made me feel very special, but I'm scared I can't do anything like that for you."

"Look Julian, you told me earlier you were gay. The pleasure you got from what we just did together confirms that to me. Relationships though don't mean because I do something for you, you then have to do the same for me or vice versa. We do what gives each of us pleasure."

He kissed me again and I could see a couple of little tears trickle down his cheeks as he hugged me tightly.

"But I have to do something to give you pleasure."

"You've pleased me all day since we first met. But if you want to do something that will make me happy I'm busting for some relief, so just toss me off.

He gave out his little laugh.

"I've had plenty of practice at doing that – for myself. Been a while since I did someone else though."

He scooted down the bed then positioned himself on his knees with his arse towards me. Was he truly as innocent as he was making out or was he teasing me, I wondered. As he bent forward his cheeks naturally parted allowing me a view of his little rosebud. Maybe someday in the not too distant future I'd get to touch it or perhaps even get through to explore what it concealed.

My prick had subsided while we'd been talking but now at the thought of things to come it had started to rise again and the head was just peeking out of the foreskin. Using his finger and thumb he gently pulled the foreskin back. There was some pre-cum there but he supplied some additional saliva and then started to very gently and delicately move his finger and thumb just over and up and down the head. I'd never been brought off this way before and it was an interesting way of coming slowly as although I'd thought I'd shoot as soon as he touched me it was about three minutes before I climaxed. The stream was impressive reaching up almost to my chin.

Automatically I scooped up the globs that were nearest to me and put my fingers into my mouth. As I sucked off the cream I glanced down; Julian had his head turned towards me looking through the strands of hair that had fallen across his eyes. Then he extended the finger and thumb that had just completed their work, scooped up the largest glob he could find and transferred it to his mouth. He savoured it, licked his lips and went back for seconds – there was plenty there. Once that had been consumed he looked at me and said,

"I could get a taste for this."

Before I could stop myself my left hand swung out and slapped his bum.

"Ow!" he exclaimed before wiggling it at me as if inviting another slap. I knew it hadn't been that hard a slap because of the positions we were both in, so it hadn't hurt him even if I could see the marks of my fingers on his white skin.

"Come back up here, you little wretch."

He did and we cuddled and kissed some more. We must both have nodded off as I came to feeling slightly cold. I was alone in the bed. I started to get up and as I did so Julian returned, dressed but now wearing a pair of more normal length shorts.

"It's time I went home Lance. I think I've missed the last bus, so I'll call a taxi."

I wasn't going to press him to stay the night, but I sure hoped I'd see him again. From what he'd said earlier I knew he hadn't got much money and taxis on a Saturday night weren't cheap.

"No, I'll call a taxi and then I can come home with you. That way we'll be together a bit longer."

We argued a bit but finally he agreed. I went to get dressed and started looking for my briefs.

"Can't find these?" He was standing with the top of his little bag open and in his hand were my briefs.

"What on earth?"

"I want to sleep with you every night until next Saturday."

"All right! But only if I've got a pair of yours."

"But mine are covered in…."

"All the better for me. Hand them over."

He dipped in the bag again and out came a pair I hadn't seen before which he must have been wearing during the afternoon and changed from when we'd got back to the flat. I finished dressing, called a taxi and we went out into the living room. While we waited I got him to give me his mobile number and gave him mine. But he told me because he didn't have much money he only had a pay-as- you-go on which he texted and made calls only if desperate. We also agreed that we'd meet next Saturday, same time, same place.

When the taxi arrived we walked out to it holding hands and sat together in the back seat kissing and cuddling. My hand would go from time to time down onto his leg and up inside his shorts, but these were a normal length. Julian restricted himself to rubbing my crotch! As soon as we turned into his street he stopped the taxi.

"I only live a few doors down, but it's best I get out here."

We joined in one last kiss, our tongues savouring each other and then he opened the door and slid away from me finally detaching his right hand from my left. As he closed the door I looked around. Even in the dark I could see it was a council estate that he lived on. It didn't look that run down, but not that smart either. I suspected that you might well need balls to be an emo around here. I watched as he walked about thirty yards down the street before turning up a path to a door. The driver started off and we drove past, as he did so I looked out of the window thinking Julian might turn and wave, but he didn't.

My flat felt empty and lonely when I got back, not something I'd felt there before. I texted him saying 'Miss you already' and got a quick reply saying 'Miss you too'. I went into the bedroom, undressed and then took a quick shower. After drying myself I came back and lay on the bed. I picked up his briefs and held them to my face, inhaling his smell and getting an immediate erection as I did so. I wondered if he might be doing the same thing. It wasn't long before my cum was on his briefs.

I didn't sleep well. The next day wasn't good either. I found it very hard to think about anything other than Julian. It was also an uncomfortable day - sitting or even walking around with a hard on for most of it. I'd had a couple of relationships before but I'd never had feelings for the other boy like I now had for him and yet we'd only met the previous day and been together for about twelve hours. It didn't make much sense. I sent him a couple of texts during the day and got brief responses to both. In the evening I decided to take a chance and took a couple of pics of his briefs; one with them placed on my pillow and the other with them strategically placed on me and sent them to him as attachments to an email message. From what he'd said I knew he'd be working so didn't expect an immediate reply. I stayed on the computer all evening though playing games with a group, but I wasn't up to my usual standard as my mind kept wandering. Finally about 11.30 I got a message from him. 'Lucky briefs, wish I was where they are. Yours are going to get a lot of use this week, but I'll wash them before I bring them back. Can't wait for Saturday.'

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