And Then I Hid It Somewhere

by Ivor Slipper


'And then I hid it somewhere he won't find it.'

Yeah, I can just imagine my shit faced little brother Jayden whispering that to his little boyfriend Corey as they lay cuddled up together in or on his bed. I'd like to go in that room and beat the crap out of the pair of them until they tell me where it is he's hidden it, but I suspect the noise they'd make while I was doing it would bring Mom running up to protect them.

What really annoys me is that I didn't realize it was missing at first. I'd been in the shower which was when Jayden must have come into my room and taken it. I got dressed ready to go to the party and then went to pick it up from where I was sure I'd left it on my nightstand only to find it wasn't there. I thought at first I'd left it somewhere else, so I started going through drawers and looking everywhere. I know I don't keep my room tidy, it just seems such a waste of time – except when you need to find something, like now! Finally I sat down on my bed and that was when I remembered Jayden had been hanging around the other day when I was talking to my bud Marlon about the party. He must have heard me say that I was going prepared as I reckoned Janie would finally be up for it.

It all falls into place now, Corey goes downstairs to talk to Mom and make sure she doesn't come up here, and while I'm in the shower Jayden comes in and takes it. So I decide I'll go into his room and ask politely if he's got anything of mine. The pair of them is busy playing some daft game on the x-box, but I ask the question and just get a dose of sarcasm from Jayden in response, which of course Corey finds very amusing. I'd like to wipe the grin off his face and knock some respect into Jayden and then turn his room upside down as I'm sure it is here, but I haven't really got the time and I don't want to mess my clothes up. In the end all I can do is threaten them.

The worst thing is that all of the local shops are closed now – except for old man Lynch's drug store. I just can't go in there and ask for a packet. In the first place his wife would probably be serving on a Saturday night which would be so embarrassing but even if she wasn't and he served me, which wouldn't be quite so bad, I can be pretty sure word would get back to Mom as to what Trent had been buying. My only hope is that perhaps Marlon or one of my other buds might have one on them.

I did try asking Marlon, but he said he'd only got one and was hoping to use it himself, so I was sorta screwed as opposed to doing the screwing as I'd hoped. There was some beer around, but I only had one – too risky to drink more than that I reckoned. Instead I had some weed and boy was it good stuff! It made me forget my problems and in the end I didn't even try to make out with Janie.

So when I got back home I was in a pretty good mood considering everything, but I was pretty spaced out. Didn't even bother to put the light on when I went into my room and instead just flopped down on my bed. That was when I heard a weird sort of pop and then I could feel water on my back. I jumped up, switched on the light and saw what the little jerk had done – filled that condom so full of water that it burst as I laid down on it. The air turned blue while I was ripping the clothes off the bed to make sure the water didn't seep through to the mattress. I couldn't be bothered to make the bed again so just sat in my computer chair fuming while I tried to come up with a plan for revenge. It had to be something that didn't leave any physical marks which meant thinking outside the box even though knocking Jayden and Corey about a bit had so much appeal right then. Not only had they spoiled my plans for the evening now they'd spoiled my sleep.

I spent quite a while racking my brains for an idea and finally one came with the dawn. Pa and Mom go off to church on a Sunday morning which means there is nobody in the house from about nine until noon as they always stop and socialize after the service. That leaves us to get up whenever we want – which is usually just before they get back! Once I'd heard them leave I went and looked into Jayden's room. As I thought the pair of them had been sleeping naked and the covers were thrown off and lo and behold they were both sleeping on their backs which was ideal for my purpose. I went back to my room, pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and then headed downstairs, raided the fridge for the necessary item before returning having first gone into my room and picked up the handcuffs.

Yeah, handcuffs! These had been grandpa's when he he'd been in the police years ago and for reasons I'd forgotten he'd given them to me some years back. I checked them over to make sure they'd shut and open properly as I wouldn't want the pair of them to be permanently joined together, although that was quite an amusing thought. But casting it aside I went back into Jayden's room and they hadn't moved. I almost had second thoughts at that point. Corey looked real sweet and innocent, his longish fair hair falling down over his face and a half smile of his lips as if he was having a good dream. I'm sure he'd have no trouble getting himself a girl as I've seen the way some of them look at him at school.

They hardly moved when I knelt on the bed, but they did come to as the handcuffs snapped – one round Jayden's right wrist and the other round Corey's left.

It was Jayden who came to first and as he yanked his arm he pulled Corey's bringing him awake as well.

"What the fuck?" he yelled as his eyes came open and saw the cuffs round both their wrists.

"It's payback time, Jayden. You don't get away with stealing my rubber and then filling it with water before leaving it on my bed in such a position that it burst underneath me last night."

It took a few moments before that registered in his and Corey's sleep befuddled brains after which they both started to grin at the picture their minds were drawing; until that is they came back to their present position.

"So what're the cuffs for? What you going to do to us?"

" Questions, questions, little brother. I'm not going to do anything to you, well nothing much but you are going to do something to each other and for me."

They both looked perplexed which was when I got off the bed and picked up the tub of yoghurt I'd taken from the fridge. And that was when I could see that Corey had started to realize what I had in mind. Jayden though wasn't much of a morning person and his brain as yet wasn't fully firing.

"What's the yoghurt for?" he asked.

"You're going to put some of it on Corey's dick and he's going to put some on yours. Then I'm gonna watch you lick it off each other."

"You've gotta be fucking joking, Trent."

"Come on little bro. I know you're always giving each other blow jobs – this one'll just have a bit of added flavor!"

"Not to mention a fucking audience!"

"Yeah, well that's my reward for not doing anything else to you. Don't forget I've got your backs at school and I could always hand you over to the jocks. I'll give you a couple of minutes to decide while I go and have a piss."

I did that and could hear them whispering to each other. When I came back Jayden said,

"We need a piss first."

"Okay, you can do that but I'm not undoing the cuffs; you'll have to do it side by side."

They struggled off the bed and spent a few seconds working out how to walk cuffed together. Judging by the comments I heard coming from the bathroom it took a while for them to work out how to stand round the bowl before they let loose.

I wasn't sure if they were playing for time, but there was a good hour or more before the folks got back.

When they came back Jayden said,

"You do realize we can't do each other at the same time?"

"Didn't say I wanted to see a sixty-nine boys. This way the show lasts longer. Are we doing it?"

They exchanged glances, nodded and both got onto the bed. Corey dug his fingers into the yoghurt and liberally smeared a quantity onto his dick after which Jayden went down on him and started licking. It was slow and sensuous and I could see both were actually enjoying what they were doing. It must have taken a good ten minutes before Corey finally shot his wad which Jayden took down on top of the yoghurt he'd already eaten. They changed places and now seeing Corey licking and sucking Jayden's dick I started to get hard myself. Sure Janie had sucked me off a couple of times round at her place when her parents had been out, but I could now see that had been different – like she was doing a necessary chore. The way these two were doing it was something else – they were both enjoying the giving and the receiving.

Jayden was lying back with his eyes closed in a sort of blissful trance. Corey stopped his ministrations for a moment, glanced at me, looked away and then looked right back – his eyes on my boxer briefs which were not only bulging, but I knew also showing some pre-cum.

"Jayden, I reckon your brother might be gay."

Jayden sat up and his eyes went where Corey was looking.

"Well, well, you might just be right Corey. Do you fancy seconds?"

Corey chuckled. "I think your brother is gonna get a different surprise this morning to the one he had planned. I wonder if he tastes different to you?"

And that was how ten minutes later I was spread out on their bed with my hands cuffed together, Jayden having covered my dick in yoghurt and Corey starting to lick it off.

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