And Then I Hid It Somewhere

by Ivor Slipper


"And then I hid it somewhere he won't find it."

"What? You must be joking Jayden! Man, where did you hide it?"

"I'm not gonna tell you, Corey – just in case he starts beating on you about it."

"Jeeze Jayden, I know we've pulled some stunts in our time but this could be one of the greatest ever – if we live to tell anyone!"

I knew Corey desperately wanted to know where I'd hidden it, but I just didn't want to tell him. We might have been best friends since forever, but sometimes it is better not to share.

We were both fourteen going on for fifteen. We'd lived on the same block since Corey and his family moved in a few houses down from mine getting on for ten years ago now. I had an older brother – Trent – who was now seventeen going on for eighteen, but there weren't any other kids of my age in the street back then. So, while Trent would play with me some of the time when he was at home in the evenings or weekends, I was on my own during the day while he was at school.

Thus that morning when I saw the moving van draw up outside the old Simpson place I got all excited. That house had been unoccupied for several months, but now people were moving in and perhaps there would be a kid of my age to play with. My hopes rose as shortly afterwards a large station wagon drew up; a couple of adults got out of the front seats and then the woman opened the rear nearside door and the man opened the rear offside door. Out of each appeared two identically dressed girls! My hopes were dashed as they looked quite tall. I was to find out that they were indeed twins and were ten years old. Then there finally appeared from the back seat a little fair haired boy who I could tell was about the same height as me.

I'd been standing on the front porch watching, but as soon as I saw this boy I was off running down the street. As I drew close I yelled out

"Hi! I'm Jayden. What's your name?"

He looked at me and smiled. It was a beautiful smile in a perfect happy little face. I guess looking back it probably was love at first sight, although I knew nothing then of such things.

"I'm Corey. Are we gonna be friends?"

"I sure hope so!"

Just then I heard my name being yelled by my Ma and she was striding towards me with an angry look on her face.

"Jayden – I've told you before you aren't to run off down the street."

"But Mom, I had to meet my new friend Corey."

"That's no excuse." And so saying she popped me on the butt a couple of times. They weren't hard pops and anyway they were worth it. Once she'd done that she introduced herself to Mr. & Mrs. Finch and I found out that the twins were called Julie and Kirsty. Mom then suggested that it might be an idea if Corey came back to our house to get him out of the way while the furniture was being moved in. His Ma and Pa agreed and that was how I came to have a playmate.

And from then on we became more and more inseparable; it seemed we spent every possible moment of each day either together at my house or at his. Naturally, from very soon after Corey moved in sleepovers happened regularly; indeed it got so it was rare for us to sleep on our own, We went to school together, we had mostly the same classes, we played the same sports. We explored the neighborhood together, we fell out of trees together and we got in trouble together. That was the worst getting into trouble. Not so much at school as then we'd usually end up sitting in detention together, although we did once find ourselves getting paddled together. Trouble at home though was the worst and not because we'd get spanked. Both our parents had spanked us occasionally when we were really little, up to about six I suppose, but then they found out the punishment that really hurt – being grounded! Jeeze, we'd be so miserable if we could only see and talk to each other at school; being apart outside school it felt as if part of you was missing.

We'd always been playful, wrestling and chasing each other around in our gardens, not to mention in the pool that Corey's Pa had installed a couple of years after they'd moved in. From the beginning our sleepovers had been a case of sharing a bed. At first each of us had just had a single bed in our room but then Corey's folks got him a double about the time we started at middle school and I persuaded mine to do the same a few months later. Of course when we were really young we slept in our pjs, but then it became a case of sleeping in our briefs and a while later our boxers. But that was also about the time puberty struck. Luckily it struck both of us about the same time – not that we'd ever been shy about being naked in front of each other.

One day we had 'the talk'. Yeah, we'd had the sex-ed one at school and I don't mean the one from our folks. No, this one was in my room one evening. We'd been wrestling around on my bed and I sprang a boner as I was lying on top of Corey. He felt it poking into his middle, grinned and at the same time started to spring one himself. I rolled off him so we were facing each other and then, don't ask which of us moved first 'cos I wouldn't know, but we each had a hand on the front of the other's shorts gripping a dick. Like I said, we'd seen each other naked but never when hard.

"Do you?" I made the universal jerk off signal.

"Yeah, do you?" was his response.

"Wanna do it now?"

And that was all it took, just three very short sentences constituted our talk. We both shucked down our shorts and our boxers and looked at each other's equipment. We were both cut and were of about the same length although Corey's was thicker than mine. At that point neither of us had more than a hair or two down there. I stacked a couple of pillows against the wall and moved back so I could admire the view; Corey did the same. Our two dicks were almost pointing at each other as if they wanted to be introduced, so we shook hands – or rather dicks and a totally new phase in our relationship had started. It was sealed a few days later with our first kiss.

We came out to our parents a few months ago. We did it as a joint announcement when we were all at Corey's for a cook out. Both his and my parents were like 'What took you so long before you told us?' So we had no worries there and although we don't go round flaunting our relationship at school even as lowly sophomores we've had no problems.

Trent is totally different to us – very much the sports jock, although with a brain (of sorts!) but accepts what we are. He's a senior at the same school and tonight is their prom. He's going with Janie and they've been going steady for a few months now. What made me do it was I overheard him talking to one of his jock friends the other day, saying that tonight was going to be the night and that he was ready to make a touchdown.

So while he was taking a shower I crept into his room. Unlike my room which I keep nice and tidy, Trent's is always a mess with clothes and books and junk everywhere until Mom finally manages to get him to tidy it up a bit. I've got no idea how he manages to find anything, but I was in luck as there it was on his night stand, so I just slipped it into my pocket. As I was going back to my room I heard Corey downstairs talking to mom which was as we'd planned to ensure she didn't come upstairs while I was in Trent's room. That gave me the chance to hide it. When he came back I told him what I'd done, which gets us back to where I started.

Once Trent had come out of the shower, dried off and dressed we could hear him muttering and then the sound of drawers being opened and shut and finally things being tossed around. Corey and I decided it would be a good time to start a game on the x-box and that was what we were busy with when a few minutes later Trent came into the room.

"Jayden, have you got something of mine?" he asked.

"Don't think so Trent. What do you think I've got?"

"Something you don't need, but I do."

"If you're desperate I'll let you borrow my brain or my good looks – you could use both I reckon."

He was holding a rolled up pair of socks in his hand which he threw at me scoring a direct hit on my cheek.

"Hey, that wasn't called for!"

"If I find you've taken it it'll be my fist not a pair of socks."

"Wanna search my room?"

"Haven't got the time as I've gotta go pick up Janie, otherwise I'd enjoy making this room look a bit lived in."

He went, slamming the door behind him and a couple of minutes later we heard his car start up.

"So where did you put it?" Corey asked once we heard him drive off.

I reached down and picked up one of his trainers from off the floor, stuck my fingers inside and pulled it out.

"I reckoned he might turn my room upside down but he'd never have thought of looking in there."

Corey burst out laughing, and then suddenly stopped as a thought struck him.

"But he can always get another."

"Where? Unless he can borrow one the only place that is open at this hour is Mr. Lynch's drug store and he wouldn't have the balls to go in there."

Corey laughed again.

"So what are we going to do with it? We don't need it."

I thought about that for a short while before replying.

"Suppose I could just put it back. If I hide it under something he'll probably just think it was there all the time. But there's not much fun in that."

And that was why when he came home several hours later Trent found a water filled rubber on his pillow. What happened the next day is another story………

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