An Overheard Conversation

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 9

"What!" I exclaimed. "What the fuck!" I heard Wayne almost shout.

"Quiet down!" Willy said loudly in response. "I don't want my mom to hear and come down here. She's already a bit puzzled that I brought you two home as she hardly knows you."

"Sorry, Willy, but that was one heck of a shock. Are you certain about this Jerry?"

He shrugged, "As sure as I can be from what I heard, but I can't prove it."

I took a deep breath. "Alright, let's assume it's true. How could Jackson get a film of it?"

"He'd have to have a movie camera there," said Willy, "but they're great big things you can't hide."

"Mmm. Not necessarily, Willy. My father's interested in photography and he was talking a little while ago about buying a video camera because they're now being made very small."

"Maybe, but even so he'd have to hide it somewhere."

"Wayne, you've been in his office more than any of us..."

"Oh yeah, me and my butt are frequent visitors," he cut in with a grin.

"So, as you are, what can you tell us about the layout? I was too nervous to notice much the other day, but I thought there were some shelves on the wall opposite his desk. I guess you two haven't been there often either?"

"No, that was my only visit and Jerry's never had his butt busted," Will said, glancing at Jerry as he did.

Jerry looked down at the ground and I thought he might be thinking we were looking down on him because of that. "You try and keep it that way, Jerry," I said. He looked up and over at me with a little smile.

Wayne had been thinking, I guess trying to picture the room in his mind. "You're right. Ethan. There are three shelves on that wall. They've got rows of books on them, a couple of photos and maybe a trophy or two and some other odd bits."

"And if you had a camera positioned there it would be ideally placed to capture a paddling."

"Yep. A real ring seat," Wayne commented.

I was thinking back and trying to recall the scene. I didn't really want to but I felt something important was bugging me. Finally it came to me.

"Was there a radio playing or am I imagining it?"

"Yep. Usually is, some sort of news program I think. He always seems to have it on... Fuck! That would hide any noise the camera might make. He ain't such a dumbass is he?"

"Seems not."

"Nope. He's a clever fucker that what he is. Come to think of it I don't recall hearing the radio when he was paddling me before school though."

"That could be because he didn't have time to set it running."

There was a pause in the conversation while we all tried to digest this shattering news.

"What are we going to do now?" Willy asked, "I didn't even tell my folks I got paddled, but they'd go mad if they knew it was on film."

"Mine do know. My Dad had a meeting with the Principal afterwards because the school rule book says when you get licks the only other person present should be a witness. But Wayne and I were paddled together and we know there wasn't a witness when Willy got his the other week."

"So, what happened," Jerry asked.

"Not a lot. The Principal more or less tried to make out neither were important, but he'd do something about ensuring the rules were followed in future. I'm sure though if he knows it was on film, my dad would go down there again and raise hell."

"I'm sure he would Ethan, but we can't prove anything," said Wayne. "Somehow we need to get either a copy of the film, or perhaps the camera."

"But how do we do either of those?"

Nobody had any suggestions and our little meeting broke up.

On the ride home Wayne and I discussed whether or not we should tell my father what Jerry had told us. In the end we decided not to at this time because Jerry could be wrong about there being a film. It might just be that he was having his leg pulled or perhaps Derrin was doing just that to the swim team captain. Also, if we told him I knew he'd go to the school the next day hunting for bear and that almost certainly would lead to any potential evidence disappearing.

We were lying cuddled in bed that night, Wayne spooned into me while I gently played with his dick and balls, when he suddenly pulled away and sat up.

"What's up?" I mumbled.

"I think I've had an idea how we might get the camera."

My sleepiness vanished in an instant and I sat up alongside him. "How?"

"Haven't got this all worked out yet, but... I know the old guy who does some of the janitoring in the school at night. He's a half breed like me and if he has the key to Jackson's office he might be prepared to take the camera for us."

"That could work, but wouldn't Jackson take it home at night?"

"Suppose he would," said Wayne, sounding deflated.

"He might not. There's only one way to find out though and that's to look. What's the old saying – 'nothing ventured, nothing gained'?"

Wayne laughed, "Where do you find them from Ethan? Never heard that before." He thought for a moment, "Hey, it's the big football game in a couple of weeks against Red River High – that's the high school from the next town in case you don't know. They're our big local rivals and everyone, but everyone, goes to the game. Maybe Jackson won't go home that night but go straight to the game."

"And leave his camera in his office," I put in.

"That's my thinking. Only one way to find out though. What was that you said about nothing?" he said with a chuckle.

I tweaked the nearest nipple I could find which ended the conversation and led to us both sliding under the comforter.

Come Monday we were hoping Jerry might have found something out from his bro about the supposed film show on Saturday night. We asked him the question when we'd all sat down for lunch, but as usual he would only talk to us outside. So that was where we went after we'd finished eating.

"I couldn't be too obvious as I wasn't even supposed to know anything about it, other than what he'd told us all, which was he was going to an exclusive party. Anyway, I asked him on Sunday if he'd had a good time and who was there. Turned out to be just him, Gene Williams the swim team captain, Mathers and his vice captain, Chuck Bryan and Mr Reynolds."

"Very exclusive," I commented.

He gave a little laugh. "Yeah, y'all better believe it. I tried to find out more about what they'd done, but all he'd say was they'd watched some films you didn't normally get to see."

"Don't prove anything one way or the other," said Wayne.

"No, but the fact only those four plus Reynolds were there would sorta indicate Jackson was trying to keep it in a close circle of people he can trust."

It was Wayne's birthday on Saturday and he told me during Friday that he'd called the store where he worked to say he wouldn't be able to come that night. I was happy about that and we had a really good night together. Mom let us stay in bed quite late on Saturday morning, so it wasn't until about eleven that the pair of us came downstairs.

On the kitchen table was a big box and a small parcel,with a couple of envelopes on top of them. We all said 'Happy Birthday' to Wayne and told him to open the cards, one of which was from me and the other from my folks. I then told him to open the small parcel which contained seven pair of boxers I'd bought for him.

He looked at me when he saw them and said, "Guess I won't need to borrow yours now."

I actually blushed while my folks stood there laughing.

Then it came time to open the big box. Wayne got more and more embarrassed as he removed the contents. He and I were pretty much the same size and my folks had bought him a whole load of new clothes – a pair of jeans, a couple of pairs of shorts, some t-shirts, two polo shirts, some socks and a pair of black sneakers.

I could see tears forming in his eyes as the pile grew. "I can't take these Mr Berenson, Mrs Berenson. It's too much and so much money."

"Wayne, you deserve some nice clothes," said my mom.

"Can I give you a hug?" asked Wayne through his tears. My mom opened her arms and he went to her and they held each other tightly.

When they drew apart my father asked, "Don't I get one?" I knew he'd asked the question to try and lighten the mood, but Wayne walked over to him and they had a man hug.

We had brunch during which mom asked how we were going to spend the rest of the day. Wayne looked at me on hearing the question and simply said, "We're going to my special place." That was what we did and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours, but always conscious of mom's statement as we left that we had to be back by five o' clock. Wayne asked me why as were were cycling there, but although I had a good idea, I told him I didn't have a clue.

On our return my suspicions proved correct as mom sat us down in the kitchen and then produced a birthday cake, complete with fifteen candles. That brought on a second bout of tears for Wayne who said he didn't remember having a birthday cake since he was about five or six.

During the time we'd been at his special place that afternoon, talking about this, that and nothing in particular, Wayne had dropped a bomb on me out of the blue, by asking if I wanted to have full sex with him. His question had knocked me back coming as it did so unexpectedly and there had been a slight delay before I could give him an answer. I'd told him I felt it was too early in our relationship for that, plus we were very young. The thought had also crossed my mind that the reason for the question coming now was perhaps he believed he had to make the offer as a sort of payment for his presents and everything else my folks had done for him. Even if I had wanted to have full sex with him now, today would not have been the right day. He'd smiled when I gave him my answer and said he was glad to hear I thought the same as him.

"Slowly, slowly catchee monkey," he'd said.

I'd no idea where he'd heard, or rather misheard, that phrase, as it wasn't the sort of thing I'd expect him to say. A little thought entered my brain and I'd decided to play along, "Yeah, for now slowly, slowly spanky monkey," is better for us." I'd replied.

That had set him laughing. "Much better and the slower the better," he'd said.

Our dicks had risen in unison at the thought and we'd proceeded to give each other a really good spanking.

And that was something we repeated and expanded on in bed that night.

On the Sunday we were due to go the prison again. Wayne's grandpaw had told Wayne that they didn't need to go again so soon, but that it was important my father and I should meet his son.

When we got dressed I was pleased to see that Wayne was wearing all new clothes, including his boxers as he made a point of showing me when he put them on. "I've never had a pair of Levis" he said as he buttoned up his 501s. I liked 501s, but there was something to be said for the ease of a zip.

Wayne and I decided to sit in the rear seat for the drive so we could hold hands. Dad was fully aware and before we set off I caught sight of him smiling in the internal mirror. We talked about various things at the start of the journey, but said nothing about the camera. After we'd been on the road for about thirty minutes Dad surprised both of us – Wayne especially.

"Have you given any thought to what you're going to do after you graduate, Wayne?" he asked.

Wayne thought for a while before saying anything. "The honest answer is no I haven't, Mr Berenson. I don't even know if I will graduate."

"You will Wayne, I'll make sure of that." I cut in.

"Maybe then, if I'm lucky."

"Won't need any luck with both Ethan and I on your case," my father said.

"I guess until the last few weeks my only thought was to enlist and get as far away as I could from this lousy town. If I didn't do that I'd end up doing some minimum wage job in a store or janitoring and I'd hate that. Now, I dunno. It'd be nice to do something outdoors," he paused. "Or maybe help people who've had a rough deal."

"We can definitely look into those, Wayne. You just need to think about it over the next year or so – same as Ethan does."

Yeah, that had been a subject he'd raised a few times in recent months. He was some sort of Financial Officer for a big Insurance company and I think he saw me following the same sort of career path. I wasn't sure of the appeal of big business. At present my thought were split between the law and teaching, but I was leaving my options open for now.

We'd set off in good time and arrived at the prison ahead of the rush, such as it was, before visiting started. After going through all the checks we were allowed to enter the building. On doing so I was immediately aware of the smell Wayne had mentioned from the previous visit. Although we weren't going to see the cells where the prisoners were kept, there was a definitely depressing feeling present.

As we'd arrived early we were among the first to be let into the visiting room, but only after undergoing a quick pat down. We took seats at a table and waited until the prisoners were let in. I immediately recognised Wayne's father as they looked very much alike. He stood over six foot tall with black hair. Even though he was in that orange jumpsuit and wearing shackles round his ankles, there was an air of pride in the way he carried himself. The system had not broken him and I could sense from where Wayne had gained his resolve. He shuffled forward with a slight smile on his face and took a seat on the opposite side of the table.

"I am pleased to have the chance to meet the man and his son who have made it possible for my son and my parents to visit me. It had been a long time."

"Far too long. I am glad we were able to help," my father replied.

"And what is this, Wayne – all new clothes today I see."

"Yes, It was my birthday yesterday and Ethan's parents bought them for me."

The significance of what he had just said occurred to Ethan.

"I'm sorry father. That was a cruel thing for me to say. I know you cannot buy things for me."

"My son, sadly I have missed too many of your birthdays. I have not been able to buy you clothes or anything else you need. I am yet more in debt to these people for doing what I cannot. Now, let us talk of other things."

We did just that and the conversation between us flowed easily. He asked questions about us, my mother, our family history and where we had come from. We found out a little more about his life before he was arrested, but didn't want to pry too much. The visiting time passed all too quickly. When the bell sounded, he stood and spoke quietly to my father and I.

"When Wayne told me on the previous visit of how he was being helped by a white man and his son, I was worried what their motives might be. I know now you both do it with good hearts. I have no more worries, but may I have a private word with Wayne?"

We agreed, thanked him for his comments and said how we were pleased to meet him even in these circumstances, before standing up and walking away. He and Wayne talked for a few more minutes until a guard came over and told Wayne in a loud voice that it was time for him to move his butt.

"Everything alright?" I asked Wayne when he joined us.

He smiled at me, "Definitely so. He has given me his blessing to fly away."

"What does he mean by that?"

"I did not really know either. Part of his Comanche name is 'kwihnai' which means eagle. He used to call me 'little kwihnai' when I was small, so I thought he might be referring to that, but he would only say I would know when the right time came."

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