An Overheard Conversation

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 8

For a change school that day was uneventful. I couldn't wait for the day to pass, get home and find out if my dad had been able to meet with the Principal. Mind you, there was another reason for wanting to get home – I needed some more of that cream on my butt! It had become more and more uncomfortable as the day progressed while sitting on the hard school chairs. Wayne duly took care of my butt and also of my dick. He raised no objections when I returned both favors.

Dad made us wait until we'd finished dinner and moved into the family room before he told us what had happened. When he'd called the school the secretary had at first been reluctant to even let him talk to Mr Abbott, but had finally put him through. Mr Abbott had at first said he was far too busy to see dad until father had finally said in that case he'd come and sit outside his office until he emerged. On hearing that Mr Abbott had agreed to see him after school.

After the usual pleasantries had been exchanged, Abbott asked him what was so urgent that it couldn't wait for a more convenient time. Dad had told him that while he personally didn't agree with corporal punishment he accepted that it was allowed under the school rules. At that point he said Abbott appeared to relax somewhat. However, he continued, he did expect it to be carried out in accordance with the school rules. Abbott had immediately looked a bit concerned and asked Dad to explain. Father went on to tell him that when I'd been paddled another boy had been in the room to see what happened to me. At that point he looked at Wayne and said he'd intentionally not mentioned I'd seen him being paddled, partly because it was self evident, but also because he didn't want Abbott to think he was unduly concerned about Wayne's welfare.

Wayne nodded, "Makes sense," he commented. "He might wonder what was going on if you seemed to be bothered about me when nobody else is."

"Exactly my thinking," Dad said before continuing to relate what had taken place.

Abbott had responded saying that he thought it made sense if two boys had committed the same offence for them to be paddled together. Then they could see they were dealt with equally. Dad agreed there might be some logic to that were it not for that fact that there had been three boys involved, one of whom had been dealt with separately. Furthermore, his son told him the boy who had been paddled while he was in the room had got five licks whereas he'd received just three. At that Abbott had spluttered before saying it was something he would have to discuss with Mr Jackson. Dad had then said while he was discussing that issue he should also discuss with him why it was that most paddling appeared to take place without a witness present, although he accepted one had been during mine. Abbott had asked him how he knew that and dad had told him it was something I'd mentioned based on a previous discussion with friends at lunch-break.

"So what happens now?" I asked when he'd finished.

"He is supposed to be investigating and discussing with Mr Jackson. After that he is going to contact me. I did tell him that I expected action to be taken and if I wasn't satisfied with his response I'd demand a meeting with the school governors. Personally I doubt he'll do more than issue some sort of reprimand to Jackson and I suspect I'd achieve little more than that by taking it up with the governors. I can't think there will be any reprisals against either of you, but do try not to break any rules."

Friday was one of the nights Wayne worked, so I spent a lonely evening at home and in bed. I consoled myself with the thought that we would have the whole weekend together and that on Sunday he'd finally get to see his father.

The weather on Saturday was okay in the morning so we spent some time in the pool, but after lunch it started to rain so we went up to my room. I made sure the door was locked and then stripped off.

Wayne watched as I did, noticing my hardening dick. "Very nice Ethan. Any special reason for the display?"

I walked over and took the tube of cream from the drawer in my night-stand. "Yeah, my butts still bruised and needs some of this."

"Ah, okay. In that case I'd better get nekkid too so you can do mine afterwards."

He did get 'nekkid' as he called it and I laid face down on the bed, after first going to the bathroom, collecting a towel and putting that down on top of the comforter. The feel of his hands and that cream on my butt was definitely soothing but after a while other things began to stir. When they reached a certain point I rolled over onto my back and Wayne gave relief to my dick.

We changed places and I went to work on his butt. I wasn't in the least surprised when after some minutes he rolled over displaying the same problem as I'd had. There was a noticeable spot of pre-cum on the head of his dick. I watched fascinated as it grew larger and then something possessed me to lean forward and lick it off. As I did so Wayne moaned and another spot appeared, which I also had to lick off. Next thing I knew I had skinned back his foreskin and was licking around the head and down the shaft. Wayne was making amazing sounds of pleasure as I took more of his head into my mouth. Suddenly he used his hand to pull his dick from my mouth and aim it as his chest which was soon covered in what seemed an incredible load of his jizz.

It took a while for him to recover. Actually,it took a while for both of us to recover.

"Wow, Ethan. I didn't think anything could feel better than having you stroke me off, but that was something else. I need to take care of you."

He went to get up, but I pushed him back and lay down beside him. "I only came a few minutes ago. If you want to return the favor then I'd like my balls to be fuller."

He laughed and hugged me to him. "It's a deal. Maybe tomorrow after we get back."

Dad had calculated how long it would take us to get to the prison, but insisted we leave early. He was sure there would be procedures to go through, especially as Wayne was visiting for the first time and his grandparents hadn't been for a long while. We drove over and picked them up. Dad hadn't been there before but he knew they lived on a trailer park. When we arrived he commented on the good condition of their trailer and the plot. I was sitting in the rear with Wayne and could sense he was pleased to hear that. We all got out of the car as his grandparents came out of the trailer. Wayne introduced my father and his grandfather said how grateful he was for the chance to see their son. I moved into the shotgun seat and let Wayne sit with them in the back.

There wasn't a lot of conversation on the journey. I did hear Wayne tell his grandma once that it was rude to talk in Comanche and quickly turned round to assure him it wasn't. I had a feeling that she understood English better than she spoke it as when I said that she gave me a smile and said 'thank you.'

The prison proved to be as depressing a site as I'd anticipated. It had been built in the middle of nowhere and proved to be a series of red brick buildings surrounded by seemingly miles of very tall wire fences and a lot of barbed wire. As we drew up to the main gate we were following another car and could see the procedure. There were about four armed guards standing there who opened the gate only after talking to the driver and giving the occupants of the vehicle close scrutiny. The same thing happened to us. My father asked the one who came to his side where we should go and was told to follow the signs. We drove quite a distance along a road that was surrounded by an area of open grassland until we came close to the prison buildings. We found the visitors' car park. Luckily it contained a block that was indicated as containing toilets and we all made use of the facilities. Once we'd done the necessary I gave Wayne a hug before he and his grandparents set off for the entrance to the actual prison buildings. Dad and I walked around for a little, although the car park itself was almost totally fenced and there was a guard by the unfenced entrance who told us that we could not go outside. We thus sat on the grass and talked about various things.

"You have strong feelings for Wayne, don't you?" he asked after a while.

"Yes, I do. I just felt sorry for him at first because he seemed to be an outcast like I was at the school, but it's more than that now."

"So you're not just feeling sorry for him?"

"I did, and still do in some ways, but that isn't all. He has an inner strength as well as the outer shell he shows to most of the world. But, as well as that inner strength there is something gentle and caring inside him."

My father looked at me. "Do you love him?"

I'd rather been fearing that question. I plucked a blade of grass and started to chew it while I considered my response. I decided to play for time and perhaps also see how the wind blew. "Would that matter to you and mom?"

"No, Ethan, it wouldn't. We both love you totally and it makes no difference to us whether you are gay or straight."

I wanted to get up and hug him when he said that, but somehow this didn't seem the right place to do that.

"Thanks, Dad. That means a lot. I'm not trying to avoid answering your question, but I'm not sure. I love you and mom, but I don't feel about Wayne in exactly the same way. On the other hand I have deeper feeling about him than I have ever had for any other boy. And yes, we have had sex."

My father's head jerked up and he looked at me in surprise.

"No, Dad, not full sex, just jerk off sex. But I've never done that with anyone else."

A look of relief crossed his face. "Almost too much information, Ethan. Just make sure you keep the bedroom door locked!" he said grinning.

"Oh, we do!" I replied with my own grin. "But to go back to your original question, the honest answer is that I'm not sure. Ask me again in six months time, assuming we are still together, and I suspect then I'll give you a definite reply."

"That's fine Ethan. I appreciate your honesty. I'll just say one more thing. You need to be very careful not to show any signs of this probable love at school. This town is not the sort of place that would welcome gay people any more than it has welcomed Wayne and his people. Don't even think about holding hands in public, let alone any more noticeable sign of affection. Even that hug you gave him earlier might, in some situations, start people thinking."

I got up and walked over to where he was sat. I offered him my hand and pulled him to his feet. Then I wrapped my arms round him and hugged him. "Like this, you mean?"

"You and I can get away with it, Ethan," he said with a little chuckle.

A thought occurred to me as we separated. "Do you like Wayne?"

"Your mom and I both think he is a fine boy, especially considering the circumstances in which he's had to grow up. Most kids would have buckled and crumbled. He hasn't and with you by his side he can only become even stronger."

I wanted to cry on hearing him say those words, but settled for another hug.

We sat on the grass for a while longer before returning to the car and listening to the radio.

Eventually we saw the three of them returning and got out of the car to meet them. Wayne's grandma was crying while he was trying not to.

"How did it go?" I asked as we came together.

"Bad and good. Or perhaps good and bad. I dunno. It was good to see him, although I almost didn't recognise him at first and I'm sure he didn't recognise me. Bad to see him in that orange jump suit and in shackles. It was hard to talk at first. There was so much to say, but nothing to say. Does that make sense? It got better after a while. He was definitely pleased to see us and asked that I pass his thanks to you Mr Berenson for bringing us."

"Indeed we do," said his grandfather taking some notes from the pocket of his trousers and offering them to my father.

"No payment is necessary, Mr Parnell. I am in the fortunate position of being able to assist some good people who needed help."

"Next time we come Mr Berenson, assuming you are willing to bring us again, he wants to meet you and Ethan. You, so he can thank you personally and Ethan because he couldn't believe all the nice things I said about him," Wayne grinned at me as he finished speaking.

"I'll be glad to bring you all again. I'm sure I speak for Ethan when I say we'd both like to meet your father."

The return journey back to town was even quieter than the outward one. Wayne's grandma did seem to be sobbing quietly to herself so Dad turned the radio on to give her a bit of privacy. When we reached the trailer we all got out and Wayne's grandparents both thanked Dad again. Wayne and I got in the back seat and as soon as we'd pulled away he started to cry. I pulled him towards me and rested his head on my chest so I could run my fingers across his hair. Dad didn't go directly home but took us to a drive through place where we all got something to eat and drink. Thus by the time we did get back home Wayne had recovered his composure. As a result he was able to tell mom the details without getting upset.

We had dinner. Mom had cooked a beef casserole which went down well with mashed potatoes and some sweet rolls. We sat in the family room for a while after, just talking and watching TV before Wayne and I decided to head upstairs. As we were leaving Wayne made a point of thanking my dad again.

On the trip back from the prison I'd been thinking over the conversation I'd had with Dad. I was fairly sure I knew the answer, but might it just be some sort of teen infatuation coupled with a desire for sex? I was definitely enjoying the sexual side of our relationship, but I was quite confident Wayne meant more to me than just a jerk off partner.

When we went into the bedroom I locked the door - it was becoming almost automatic for me to do that now. We both undressed and virtually without saying anything to each other, headed for the shower. We both luxuriated under the warm water and washed each other thoroughly, but without doing anything sexual. After we'd dried off and returned to the bedroom, Wayne pulled me close and asked, "Do I smell any different, Ethan?" I told him he didn't and asked why he thought he would. "The prison had a smell. A smell of disinfectant, rotting vegetables and perhaps decaying flesh."

Wow, those were meaningful words coming from him, I thought, but there was more to come.

"I got a glimpse of what my future would have been had you not come into my life. It wasn't nice."

I hugged him. "Wayne, you can't say that. Nobody knows what the future holds."

"Maybe, but now thanks to you and your parents perhaps I have a chance. Without you sooner or later this breed would have ended up there."

He rested his head on my shoulder. I kissed him and led him to the bed. We climbed in and I spooned him to me.

I must have gone to sleep because some time later I woke feeling cold. Wayne was not in the bed. I rolled over and saw him standing by the window highlighted by the moonlight. I climbed out of bed and walked over to him.

"I hoped you would wake up, Ethan."


"It is time," he said. He turned, took my hand in his and led me back to the bed. Then he laid me on it and proceeded to make love to me. We didn't do the invasive thing, but he made love to every part of my body from my head to my toes and back again. When I thought my senses were on overload he took me in his mouth and I quickly found out what overload really was. I tried to withdraw when I felt I was about to come, but he held my dick in place and swallowed as I pumped again and again.

As yesterday, we were both spent and took some time to recover.

"I needed your essence inside me Ethan. I needed some of your special spirit. My grandma told me it was destined."

We kissed some more, cuddled again and went back to sleep.

School passed uneventfully that week until we got to Friday. At lunch that day Jerry said he had something he needed to tell us and this time said it also included Willy. But, he wasn't willing to talk about it in school, nor did he want to risk being seen if he came to my house and thus asked Willy if we could use the basement at his house, which I gathered had been converted into a sort of den. It turned out the pair of them were very much into computer games and this was what the basement was used for.

So that was where we assembled after school, complete with drinks and snacks provided by his mom.

"This is so bad I just had to tell you. Even if it is discovered that I was the one who told you."

"This doesn't sound good, Jerry. What is it?"

"I was downstairs in the family room last night when the 'phone rang. Mom took it and then called for my brother saying it was for him. He went and talked for a short while before shouting for me. When I got there he said he was going to take the call on the upstairs extension and I was to replace the phone when he'd picked up. As soon as he said the name of the caller and told him what he was going to do, I knew he was talking to the swim team captain."

As soon as he was mentioned I began to wonder where this was going. "Another plan to get Wayne and my butts busted. Jerry?"

"No, he replied, "I think it's worse than that. I chanced not putting it down when he picked up and I guess they must just have assumed I did what I'd been told to do.

Anyway, Gene Williams tells my bro that they'd been invited to Derrin Mathers on Saturday evening for a film show."

He paused, licked his lips nervously and looked at Wayne and I.

"What's so special about that it needs a secret conversation, Jerry?" I asked.

He hesitated before blurting out, "It's because the film Derrin's gonna show is of you two being paddled!"

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