A Charmed Life

by Geron Kees

"Charm" is Just Another Word for Sexy

©2016 by Geron Kees

This story is a work of fiction and depicts sexual activities between minors. All characters and situations are imaginary. No real people were harmed in the creation of this presentation. Please observe the laws of your jurisdiction with reference to reading this material.

If you're not 18, you shouldn't be reading this at all. Go find a boyfriend and talk stuff over with him.

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On the fifth day of summer vacation, Jesse awoke with the sun. It was early, and the house was quiet - the kind of quiet that only comes to a place when everyone is sleeping. Only the house's heart could be heard - the faint and far-off wick-wook-wick-wook of grandma's old clock, that his mom had insisted on placing on the mantel in the family room - right where it was the most annoying when they watched TV. Moms could be like that, though - sometimes placing sentimentality before practicality - and neither Jesse nor his dad had had the heart to try to change her mind on the subject.

Jesse stretched in his bed, still weary from staying up too late the night before thinking about his new friend, Marty Anderson. The guy had simply fallen into Jesse's life like a branch dropped from a tall tree, landing almost at his feet with a small crash that had changed Jesse's world. Marty had managed to get both under Jesse's skin and into his heart in a single afternoon, leaving him stunned at the speed with which his own feelings could change.

His feelings and his sensibilities. Marty had also managed to level some of Jesse's thinking on what was acceptably sexy and what was not - hell, Marty had just taken his Adidas-clad foot and basically booted all of Jesse's I'd never do that! stuff into a broadening pile of things he'd like to try, and now would dare. Dare with Marty, that is.

Marty had a way of relaxing Jesse, and making him comfortable with stuff that used to give him nervous fits. It helped a lot that Marty was just so damn cute that Jesse could hardly stand it, and that Marty's fondness for sex was like a virus that Jesse had caught and then nurtured into a full-blown case of love-sickness. Being with Marty was both an adventure of the mind and of the heart - and, well, he was just so much fun to lay down with and play games with that Jesse had lost all impartial sense of what he was doing.

Jesse could close his eyes, even now, and see Marty's sweet, smiling face. Marty had imprinted on him so deeply that he had, sadly, replaced Nate Peak in Jesse's mind as sexiest boy alive. For just a second Jesse felt bad about that - he wondered where Nate was right now, and what he was doing.

That's right - their time is an hour earlier there. He's probably still sleeping.

The idea of Nate sleeping brought a smile to Jesse's face. On several occasions, when they had spent warm summer nights camping out together in the fort, Jesse had been the first to awaken in the morning, and had lain there with the first light of dawn spilling onto the old army cot they slept on and bringing Nate's sleeping face into focus. Jesse had simply looked, entranced by his friend's beauty - a beauty somehow made even more special by the sleep that relaxed Nate's face and canceled all expression. He'd learned then that you could only really see what someone looked like when they were asleep, when their mind went away and their face was just just a face with no emotion behind it.

Nate had been beautiful.

But so was Marty. Marty had sparkly blue eyes, and wild, sandy hair, and a kind of pouty look to his mouth that made his smiles look like there was something fun waiting just behind them. And he just radiated this warm sort of feel about him that let you know how much he liked you. Marty had done an awful lot of things that Jesse had only dreamed about - and Marty had announced his complete willingness to show Jesse every single one of them.

Jesse took a deep breath, let it out, feeling a little thrill run throughout his body. He had started sleeping naked since he and Nate had begun exploring each other's bodies, just the feel of being in bed without his clothing giving him an odd sense of liberation he didn't feel at any other time. Being naked was special.

His parents had noticed when he had started locking his door at night, and he'd had to kind of tell his dad a lie about it, saying that for some reason he had started taking his shorts off while asleep, and with the warmth of the summer nights he also sometimes threw the single sheet he bedded down under each night to the floor. Jesse knew his mom looked in on him sometimes - should Jesse leave his door unlocked and offer up the sight of him lying naked in bed to her?

Jesse's dad had rolled his eyes, smiled, and said, no, better to keep it locked - he would deal with mom. Jesse had sneaked down the hall and listened in to part of the conversation his dad and mom had had in their bedroom about it, hearing snippets of conversation like he's at that age, and, honey, he needs his privacy, before heading back to his room figuring that dad had things well in-hand.

And, Jesse had in fact pushed his sheet down during the night, leaving himself uncovered from the knees up. Another few warm nights like the last one and his parents would be turning the air conditioning on, and then he'd be bundled up under that sheet to keep the chill off of his nakedness.

He ran his hands down over his chest, then down to the tops of his thighs. He had a small case of morning wood - he needed to take a piss. He squirmed out of bed and padded across the carpet to the bathroom, stood at the toilet and thought about mowing the grass and cleaning his room until his pecker softened enough for him to pee.

After he flushed, he went back and crawled into bed. He lay on his back, spread his legs a bit, wiggled his butt against the sheet underneath of him, then his shoulders, reveling in the feel of friction against his bare skin. It was wonderful to be naked!

His thoughts went back to Marty. That damn boy was just too pretty for words. Jesse thought back to some of the things they had done together the day before, felt his cheeks get hot and his dick start to stiffen. I can't believe I put my tongue up Marty's butt! Just the sheer daring of the idea made him breathless all over again. And he had sucked his first dick, and it had been even better than all of his dreams. In a space of two hours he had met someone, become interested in him, had stinky rabbit sex with him, and then halfway fallen in love.

Jesse grinned. He remembered finding the porn video online sometime back, and watching pop-eyed as the two guys had done things that Jesse had not considered in his wildest of dreams. And at one point the guy on the bottom had looked up at the guy on top, and, in a fit of passion, had said quite breathlessly, 'make stinky rabbit sex with me, baby!'

Jesse had laughed himself silly over that, howling and pounding his fists on the desktop, just going nuts. He'd laughed so hard and so loudly that his mom had come and knocked on the door to see what was going on. Jesse had quickly clicked on another tab in his browser and opened up a silly video of some guys doing Jackass stuff on YouTube, and when he told his mom to come in he had showed it to her and asked, wasn't it just stupid? His mom had looked puzzled, not seeing much humor in the video, and then smiled at him and politely left, closing the door behind her. She might have thought he was acting simple; at least he felt it meant he could watch the porn another couple of times and laugh again, and she wouldn't be back.

But the stupid exchange between the two lovers in the porn video had become a catchphrase for Jesse, one he used mentally when thinking about totally crazy sex with another boy. But that he actually had some stinky rabbit sex with Marty had just totally wiped him out. Marty was a little ball of sex energy that expended itself on Jesse, revving both of them up to the point where they would do just about anything. Jesse had even decided that he would let Marty put his dick in his butt. He could only imagine what that would be like at the moment, but...

Well, that did it. Jesse's pecker had risen to it's full, officially-measured length of four and a quarter inches, and was sending signals to his brain requesting a rubdown. Jesse closed his eyes, took his thumb and forefinger and gently rubbed the head of his dick between them. This produced a pleasant tingle that quickly telegraphed itself down to his balls, which had been kind of sleepy, but which now woke with a start and began looking around for fun stuff to do. Jesse felt the pleasant rush that signaled they were on the job, and sighed happily.

In his mind, he relived the moment when he had plunged his tongue into Marty's pucker, and dug deep. It had been a breathless moment, one where he'd simply stepped over the old line drawn inside his head regarding things he wouldn't do, and found Marty's body so intoxicating that he couldn't stop himself.

And he'd loved it!

Sucking Marty's dick had been the best, though. Having the other boy's pecker in his mouth had been a dream-fulfiller, a moment he had fantasized over for some time with Nate, and yet seen ultimately brought to life with someone else who was only a step or two above being a stranger. But no more. Since that moment, Marty had ceased to be someone that Jesse didn't know. Jesse had been to the most private, personal areas of Marty's body - he could never again say he didn't know Marty. He knew him - at least physically - very well.

And...Jesse had some feelings simmering regarding Marty. That he could fall in love with the boy was something he knew was likely. Jesse just could not be so intimate with another person who he also thought of as beautiful and sexy, and not develop some feelings. He just wasn't built that way.

He wrapped his dick in his hand and gently stroked, remembering the look on Marty's face as he had squirt his load into Jesse's mouth. That was an expression of joy he knew he would only see on a handful of faces in his entire life. Despite the label of stinky rabbit sex he had put on what they had done together, his heart knew that they had loved each other in a very special way - one that couldn't be so easily defined.

His thoughts wandered away from the sex they had had to the kissing. As amazing as sex was, there was something about kissing that was just so special for Jesse that it was always the first thing that popped into his mind when he saw a really cute boy. Not what he would be like to suck off, but what he would be like to kiss. That had even been his first thought about Marty.

Jesse's hand sped up, squeezing and pulling in a fashion that had by now become second nature. He pushed his head back into the pillow as he felt that by now familiar feeling in his middle, where the tops of his legs began to feel weird and the tip of his dick lit up like it was on fire. He was unable to resist the impulse to let his hips crawl forward, and at the very last second he slid his hand up to the front of his dick, keeping his fingers tight on the shaft below, and covered the end with his palm just as he came with the new violence that was the hallmark of his graduation to beat-off fantasies based on a real sex life.

He got most of the spunk, with just a little of it bouncing away onto his abdomen and chest. His dick seemed to pump more and more these days, and to produce a greater amount of the mystery juice that he was coming to love. As the orgasm ran its course he milked out the final few drops, brought his hand up, and, still picturing Marty's sweet face in his mind, licked his palm and fingers clean. Then he found the few errant drops on his lower body, and had them for dessert.

After, he closed his eyes a moment and let his heart slow, and his breathing return to a more normal state. He had to smile a little, at the power Marty was having over even his moments of self-love. Thinking about the boy while jerking his dick was about as sure a prod for a great climax as there was in this world.

Too bad they hadn't been able to get back together the previous evening. Jesse had hoped for it, but Marty had called after dinner and told him that his mom wanted him to get his room straight before he went off with his new friend. She seemed to think that if Marty didn't get things orderly immediately that he never would, and his room would simply be a shambles for the next few years to come. "I don't know what she means by that," Marty had said, but Jesse could detect him grinning, even over the phone.

So Jesse had had to be patient to see his new friend again. It wasn't easy. That it would be today he could only hope, and he shivered, hardly able to wait.

But...he was sleepy again. The room was warm, the light from the window still diffuse, and his body was relaxed after beating his dick, and...he thought he would just lay there a little bit and drowse...

He went in and out of consciousness, vaguely aware of the sounds of his parents getting up and his dad getting ready for work. Eventually he heard the faint rumble of the garage door, then the sound of his dad's SUV leaving the driveway, and then mostly silence after his mom went downstairs.

Marty's face came and went in his head - and Nate's, too. Both boys had light finger-touches on his heart, and their presence inside his head made his languor a gloriously comfortable one. But...slowly, his awareness broadened in scope; the day was here, Jesse hoped to see Marty again, and eventually the sleepy state wandered away and left him fully awake.

Finally, he got back up, went to the bathroom and cranked up the shower, tuning the water to just-warm so that he wouldn't sweat too much afterwards in the already heating summer morning air filling his room through the open back window. The first thing he did, a bit self-consciously, was clean out his butthole. The last thing he wanted was for it to smell or be dirty in case he and Marty got together that day. He cleaned it carefully, keeping his thoughts away from why he was doing it, and afterwards managed to let his mind stay safely blank as he washed the rest of himself. He did that quickly, and then rinsed and turned off the flow. He wrung out the washcloth, ran it quickly over himself to remove the bulk of the water, and then stepped out and grabbed a towel.

Back in his room, his cell bleeped.

Jesse wrapped the towel around himself and went to see who was sending him a text at this time of the day. It could only be Nate or Marty, and with a sense of guilt - as if betraying his longtime friend - he hoped it was from Marty.

It was. When he pulled the text up on the screen, he recognized the new number right off. The message was simple:

U in ur skin.

Jesse grinned. Just out of bed, probably, and Marty was already thinking with his dick.

Not that I don't do that, too, Jesse reminded himself.

Still too wet to get into a lengthy text exchange, Jesse simply picked up his phone and pressed the icon for Marty's number. He could hear Marty's phone ring a couple of times, then a sudden noise.

"What - you don't like to text?" Marty suddenly said, by way of a hello.

"No, I don't mind that. But I just got out of the shower and I'm drying myself off."

"You're naked?" Marty said, a new interest in his voice.

Jesse grinned. "Uh huh."

"You got a big mirror in your room? Or somewhere handy?"

There was a full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. "Yeah, I have one."

Marty laughed. "Send me a selfie."

Jesse laughed back. "You're kidding."

"Hell no. Send me one. Make it sexy, too."

Jesse felt an uncommon thrill run throughout his body. Take a picture of himself naked? Ooh.

But...wait just a minute. "What do I get in return?"

"I'm working on that right now. Trust me. Send me a picture of you."

"Um - okay. Let me call you back."

"Okay, Bye."

Jesse turned off his cell, went back to the bathroom. His dick, already aware that it was about to become a film star, had jacked itself up and was preening for the camera.

Jesse closed the door, hung the towel back on the rack, and looked at himself in the mirror.

He still had droplets of water on his shoulders and chest, and the hair on his head was wet and wild, and clung to his forehead and the edges of his cheeks in clumpy strands. His summer tan ended at his waist, and started again just above his knees. He'd seen photos of European guys wearing bathing suits that weren't big enough to blow their noses on, and their tans often had just the smallest break in them at their crotch.

Jesse had seen guys on the swim team at school wearing those little Speedo things, that were about as close to the Euro bathing suits as you could get. They were also about as close to naked as you could get. They looked incredibly sexy in them, and Jesse had had to swear off going to see the team compete because he always wound up sitting in the stands with this huge boner he was just sure that everyone could see.

He and Nate had done most of their swimming in the creek near their houses, damming it up down in the woods by the Devlin's cow field and swimming - even skinny-dipping a bunch of times - in the resulting pool. But for the most part Jesse's tan lines were governed by the shorts he wore all summer, as a matter of course.

He shrugged. Nothing to be done about that.

So - what kind of pose would Marty think was sexy? Jesse tried putting his hands behind his head - then realized he'd need to hold the phone to get the shot. Then he tried a casual lounge to the side, with his weight all on one foot, and cupped his balls with his other hand. That just looked stupid somehow, like a cheap porn shot.

In the end, he simply stood casually, with his free hand laid upon his belly, turning just slightly to one side so that more of the length of his dick showed, and smiled, held up the phone, and took three pictures of himself, moving just slightly for each one.

When he reviewed them, number two was obviously the one. He'd evidently been feeling the mischief he was up to in that one, and it showed in his grin. He liked the shot immediately. The water droplets showed clearly on his upper body, his crazy wet hair was kind of sexy, and the smile looked like he knew he was up to no good.

Grinning, he e-mailed the picture off to Marty's phone, then called him back.

"It's on its way," he said, when Marty answered.

"So's yours," Marty returned.

"You gonna be able to come over today?" Jesse asked, already a-tingle at the answer he hoped he'd get.

"Sure. Let me eat something, and I'll be over."

Jesse squeezed his eyes shut a moment, then grinned. Yes!

"I kinda can't wait."

Marty laughed. "Shit. Me either. Can't wait to see that pretty body of yours again."

That felt good to hear. "Yeah," was all he could say, feeling a little stupid at how goofy he felt.

Vaguely, he could hear Marty's cell chime over the connection.

"Your shot is here, Jesse. Hold on a second."

A few noises came over the phone, and then he heard Marty take a big breath.

"Holy fuck, Jesse. Is that ever a great picture of you!"

Jesse felt his cheeks get warm. "You like it?"

"Do squirrels suck nuts? Man, I'm gonna print this and hang it up in my bedroom."

Jesse felt a brief second of pleasure - then another of horror. "What - you can't do that! Someone might see it!"

He heard Marty laugh. "I won't put it where anyone can see it, dummy. Just me. I had Keith's picture up a whole year without any problem. My folks are scared to come in here. They think they'll get bitten by something, or crushed by falling debris."

For just a second Jesse had to wonder what Marty's room looked like, that he would describe it in such unflattering terms. But then he just didn't care.

"You're sure no one will see it?"

"Just as sure as you and me doing dirty duty later."

Jesse broke out laughing. "Doing what?"

He heard Marty sigh. "Use your imagination, Jesse."

Oh. Oh.

Another thrill raced through his body. "Are we?" he asked, a little breathlessly.

"You still want to, don'cha?"

Jesse nodded, then realized Marty couldn't see that. "Yeah."

"Alright then. And be sure to dress for it, man. We had way too much crap on yesterday to make it easy to get naked and back again. I know you feel safe doing stuff in the fort, but it's new to me, and I'm just a little psyched out by doing stuff in a big crate in somebody's backyard.

Jesse grinned, thinking. "Shorts, tee-shirt, flip-flops?"

"That sounds good. Bet you look pretty hot dressed that way, too."

Jesse knew that Marty would look sexy that way. 'Course, Marty looked sexy every way. "What time will you be over?"

"Oh - give me time to get my face on. How about an hour?"

"Sounds good to me. Meet you at the fort in an hour, okay?"

Marty laughed. "What - you don't want to show me off to your mom?"

"Not yet," Jesse said, firmly. "You're gonna get here with your motor running, and my mom can see stuff like that. Maybe after we have some fun and I wear you down we can come up here and I'll show you off." Jesse grinned, feeling clever. "Once you've been polished up a little."

"Ooh. Hurt me, Jesse. Hurt me good."

Jesse laughed. "What a knucklehead."

But inside he felt just wonderful. Marty was coming over, and Jesse would get to hold him again, and kiss him again - and do some other stuff with him. New stuff. He closed his eyes a second, feeling it.

"Didn't my picture get there yet?"

Huh? Jesse had already forgotten he was waiting for it. He looked down, saw the icon on the screen of his phone that indicated he had new mail. "Aw, man. I must have accidentally turned the bleep thing down again. Yeah, it's here. Hold on while I look at it."

He brought up Marty's mail, opened the attachment.

And felt his breath go out.

Marty was laying on his bed, on his side, naked, facing the camera. His bottom leg was drawn up so that his knee pointed at the camera, and the top leg was pushed out straight. His hard dick laid out along his thigh, with the shy faces of his nuts peering out from behind it. Marty was propped up on his elbow, and that hand was curled up and giving the camera the finger. His sandy hair stood out in every direction from sleep, his blue eyes just sparkled, and his face displayed a devilish mixture of glee and mischief. The picture was just so absolutely gorgeous that Jesse had to take a couple of deep breaths because he felt like he was drowning.

"Oh...damn, Marty. Oh, man."

"Like it?" Marty asked quietly.

"I love it," Jesse said.

Maybe it was the way he said it. Marty was silent a moment. Then: "Jesse?"

Jesse was still wrapped up in the picture. "Huh?"

"I can't wait to see you."

It took a second, but the feeling that came across with Marty's words worked into Jesse and brought his attention back to the phone. "I can't wait to see you, either, Marty."

"You gonna kiss me?" Marty asked.

"Not more than a thousand times - I promise," Jesse said, smiling. Then, unable to not look at the picture again, he shook his head. "How the hell did you take this?"

"Camera on my laptop."

Jesse felt stupid then, his eyes going to his own laptop where it sat on his desk. "I didn't even think of that."

Marty laughed. "Well, be thinking about it in the future, okay?"

"Yeah." Then, realizing that, except for his hair, he had pretty much dried just standing there, he felt the need to get going. "I'm gonna get dressed and eat some cereal, okay? I'll see you at the fort at nine."

"Be there in my underwear," Marty quipped.

"Yeah - I wish." Jesse said, laughing. "Don't get arrested on the way over."

"Not me. See you then."

"Okay. Bye."

The connection ended. Jesse looked at the phone a moment, feeling again that strange sense of loss, like Marty had vanished from his life. He could feel the other boy's absence.

Is this what it's going to be like every time Marty leaves? Or every time I hang up the phone? What the heck am I feeling? He thought he knew, but he decided not to look at it that too closely just then. He didn't think he was ready yet for what he might see.

Going to his dresser, he got out a pair of boxers - and then thought better of it. Underneath his pile of clean boxers were some old tighty-whiteys - underwear he wouldn't wear anymore because that's what little kids wore. But holding one up now he was suddenly reminded of the sexy Speedos the swim team at school wore - and the even sexier bathing suits that guys wore in other parts of the world. Briefly, he imagined Marty wearing a pair of these - only a pair of these - and it made his pulse pick up a notch or two. Well, if Marty would look that sexy to Jesse in them, then wouldn't Jesse look as good in them to Marty? The logic seemed impeccable. And one thing Jesse suddenly realized he wanted more than anything was to look desirable to Marty.

He put them on. They were old, and just a hair too small - but that would only make it better, wouldn't it? Fishing around in another drawer, he located a pair of blue shorts, and a gray tee-shirt, and put them on as well. Then he found his flip-flops under the bed, stuck his feet into them, put his cell in the pocket of his shorts, and headed downstairs.

His dad was at work by now, but Jesse's mom was parked on the sofa in the family room, reading. She was an artist and did graphic design, and she sometimes went days at a time between jobs. So she read and exercised in her off-time, and Jesse couldn't help noticing that she looked happy and healthy.

"Hi, mom."

She looked up, noted his casual attire, smiled. "Hi, honey. I was going to tell you it's supposed to be hot later, but it looks like you already know. What are you doing today? Going to see your new friend?"

"Yeah. I just talked to him on the phone. We're gonna hang out."

She smiled again, but gave him the eye. "Well, if you go away from our houses, you call me and let me know where you're going."

"No, we'll be around. I might show him the creek where Nate and me used to swim - but only if it gets real hot."

She nodded. "That sounds like fun. Have something to eat before you go out, okay?"

He nodded, heading for the kitchen.

Somehow, he hated the sneaking around part of doing stuff most of all - both with Nate in the past and with Marty now. He knew his parents would not be happy to learn he was having sex, although he was certain they'd be relieved to know that there was no possibility of Jesse becoming a father at barely thirteen years of age. But how would they feel if they knew he was gay? In his heart he knew that they would still love him - but...would they be disappointed?

Jesse had been wrestling with that idea for sometime, and had yet to reach a conclusion that he could live with. So he just continued to let it nag him, an unresolved issue in the back of his mind that he knew he would have to deal with some day or another.

But - this was going to be a good day. Marty was coming, and that was all Jesse needed to feel happy. He had a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice, and then noticed there were bananas in the bowl on the counter. Taking one, he peeled it, went to put the end in his mouth - and then stopped, suddenly looking at what was coming at him. He almost started laughing. Turning and peering over his shoulder at his mom, and finding her not looking, he carefully stuck the end of the banana into his mouth, fondled it with his tongue, slid it back and forth a few times, and then sucked the end of it right off.

It was everything he could do not to choke, his body was trying so hard to laugh. He manged to chew and then swallow, and then took a breath and told himself to stop it. Still smiling, he headed back upstairs, finishing the banana as he got to his bathroom and tossing the peel into the trashcan by the sink.

Practice, he told himself, and then grinned at his image in the mirror.

Shaking his head at his own dumb, he brushed his teeth and rinsed his mouth with mouthwash. Now, hopefully, he was Marty-approved and ready to go.

And suddenly, it was time to go. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand, saw he had ten minutes still until nine o'clock. It wouldn't hurt to be early, and he was suddenly nervous and knew he he just couldn't sit on his bed and wait. His stomach felt fluttery, and there was an antsy feeling in the back of his brain that taunted him, but wouldn't explain its presence. It was kind of like he had felt in school just before a big test - one with the word grade attached to it.

Come on, he told himself. Relax. I'll be fine. I'll just do my best.

He went downstairs, said bye to his mom, and headed out across the back lawn to the path into the woods that lead to the fort. The ground had magically dried, even four days of rain no match for summer sun and heat. The covering of rotted leaves on the path normally kept it from being muddy, anyway; but Jesse was still relieved not to be squishing through goo in just his flip-flops.

The fort came into sight. With a start of pleasure, he noted that the big vent flap in the side that allowed air and light to enter the wooden cube was open.

Marty was already there.

He found himself hurrying, he was so excited, shuffling along so as not to lose a flip-flop in the leaves. He rounded the side of the fort and saw that the door was unlatched, hanging open just enough that he could see through the crack between the edge of the door and the wall. He stopped outside, closed his eyes a second, took a deep breath, and let it out. His pulse was already too fast, and there was a lack of air under his diaphragm that made him feel like panting.

He bent low, squeezed through the door, and stood up.

Marty was seated on the old army cot, his back to the wall, one leg drawn up with his bare foot on the edge of the cot, and the other leg folded underneath. A small music player lay on the cot beside him, and tiny headphones snuggled against his skull. He looked up as Jesse came inside, and as their eyes touched Marty smiled and leaned forward on his upraised knee.

He pulled the headphones off and laid them beside him. "Hi."

"Hi," Jesse returned, feeling breathless. "I'm here."

Marty laughed. "I see. You gonna just stand there?" He grabbed up the music player and headphones, laid them on the floor underneath the cot, and patted the mattress beside him.

Jesse shook his head, went over and plopped down next to the other boy. They simply looked at each other a moment, and Jesse saw the sparkles in Marty's blue eyes that he loved so much, and the little curves on either side of his mouth as he smiled, and was just so happy to be close to him again.

Marty was wearing gray shorts and a gray tank top, and with a start of surprise Jesse saw it was a net top, and that Marty's sun-brown skin peaked out of a myriad of tiny open places between the web of the net. Like Jesse, he had been wearing flip-flops, but they had been kicked off to one side and rested, one right-side-up, the other upside-down, against the base of the crate-table that sat next to the cot.

Marty reached out, took one of Jesse's hands in both of his, playfully kneaded his fingers while Jesse's heart did little flutters.

"Um...what were you listening to?" Jesse asked, just saying the first thing that came into his head.

"5 Seconds of Summer. You know them?"

"Sure," Jesse said, nodding. "I like them. What else you got on there?" He was actually interested now.

Marty shrugged. "Little bit of this and that. I go all over the place. Avicci, Lady Gaga, Walk the Moon, some Rihanna; Taylor Swift, Zedd, One Direction. I got tons of stuff. You probably never heard of a lot of it."

Jesse loved a lot of different things. "Try me."

Marty smiled. "Scorpions. Ever heard of them?"

Jesse simply looked at him. "Wind of Change is one of my favorite songs."

Marty gave a surprised laugh. "Goo Goo Dolls?"

"I love When the World Breaks Your Heart. Iris, too. Heck, they got a lot of good stuff."

Marty simply gaped at him. "And I thought you were a country boy. How about Snow Patrol? Or The Fray? Neon Trees? The Police?"

Jesse was familiar with all of those bands, and said so. "We got good music in the sticks, too, city boy."

Marty nodded, his eyes alight with pleasure. "I see. So...what do you want to do? Look at comics?" Now he was looking innocent.

Jesse grinned. Oh, so they were going to play, were they?

"Nah. I've read all of these."

Marty made a face. "Oh. Well, we can work on the fort, maybe fix a few things."

Jesse shook his head. "I didn't bring any tools."

Marty grinned, leaned forward. "None?"

Jesse grinned back, getting it. "Well - just one."

Marty let go of Jesse's hand, dropped one of his own onto Jesse's bare knee, and rubbed it slowly and affectionately. "Yeah? Can I see it?"


Marty leaned a little closer. "Can I touch it?"

Jesse nodded. "Yes."

Marty leaned in the last inch, until the tips of their noses were touching. "Can I taste it?"

"Yes," Jesse said, kissing him.

Marty leaned into him, and Jesse gathered him close, putting his arms around the other boy and turning himself so that Marty's head rested on Jesse's upper arm as they kissed. Jesse felt his heart come up into his mouth, and it was all he could do to keep it from stealing away into Marty's body. Emotions twirled just behind his eyes, and he couldn't think straight as the kiss went on and on.

Their faces parted, and Marty looked at him, a little dazedly. "More."

Jesse laughed, and fastened his mouth back on Marty's and offered his tongue to dance. Marty accepted, but knew he was in the shadow of a superior force. The kiss progressed as their tongues laughed and loved together, until finally Marty wrenched his face away, turned his head, and pushed his lips into Jesse's cheek.

"I think I busted a nut," Marty mumbled, laughing. "Fucking awesome kisser, Jesse."

Jesse closed his eyes, feeling Marty's face against his, and gently nuzzled the other boy, feeling his warmth, and the pleasant softness of him. He could smell the sweet-musky scent of Marty's skin, which he found absolutely sexy, and for a small moment he just sat there, enjoying it all.

Marty's hand slid from Jesse's knee and traveled slowly up the inside of his thigh, sliding into the leg of his shorts and not stopping for directions. Jesse's dick was straining uncomfortably inside the tighty-whiteys now, and he wiggled his hips a little to reposition it. Marty thought he was playing, and pushed his hand up even farther - until he suddenly touched the material of the underwear.

He pulled his head back, giving Jesse a funny stare. "What the heck you got on under your shorts?"

Jesse grinned, pulled away from Marty and stood up in front of him. "Look for yourself."

Marty's face took on an expression of delight, and he reached out and tucked his thumbs inside the waistband of Jesse's shorts and slowly pulled them down. When the underwear came into view, Marty's eyes got bigger, and he looked up at Jesse with a grin. "Shit. You got jump-me, rape-me's on."

Jesse laughed, nodding. "I thought you might like them."

Marty pulled Jesse's shorts down over the tent in his underwear, at which point he simply let go of them. They slid slowly down on their own and landed on Jesse's feet. He stepped out of them, snagged them with the toes of one foot, and moved them out of the way.

Jesse looked down. The head of his dick was plainly visible where it strained against the thin white fabric of the underwear. What he couldn't see, but what Marty could, was that the shaft was also visible, outlined just as plainly, as were Jesse's balls.

Marty looked for a long moment, the tip of his tongue slightly protruding from his mouth, and then looked up at Jesse. "Best fuckin' present I ever got."

Jesse pulled his tee-shirt up and yanked it over his head, and tossed it over on his shorts. He turned a little displaying his butt, which also seemed to be outlined quite well in the slightly-too-tight briefs. "Back look okay?" He asked Marty, feigning innocence.

Marty stared, then rolled his eyes. "I thought you liked me, Jesse. How could you be so mean like that?

Jesse grinned. "Mean like what?"

Marty pouted. "Show me a cute toy like that and tell me I can't play with it."

Jesse shook his head. "I never said that."

Marty's eyes lit up. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. I brought it here just for you."

Marty reached out and got his arms around Jesse's hips, and pulled him closer. Jesse obliged by stepping up so that the insides of his knees touched the outside of Marty's, but was surprised when Marty kept pulling. Marty drew his legs together tightly, and Jesse suddenly understood what the other boy wanted. He lifted and bent first one leg, laid his knee on the cot, slid forward, and then lifted and bent the other, and sat down on Marty's lap with his legs apart and his knees down on the cot on either side of him.

The first thing he did was pull Marty's fishnet shirt off over his head and toss it on the floor. He followed that by putting his hands on Marty's bare shoulders, pushing him back against the wall, and leaning down and kissing him again. Marty put his arms around Jesse's back and pulled him down even further, until their chests touched, and then slid his hands down to Jesse's butt.

Marty squeezed.

Jesse could feel the energy between them, as their skin talked together and their nervous systems, so close, fired volleys of electricity at each other. The hard knob of Marty's dick was pressing into the material of Jesse's tighty-whiteys, just at his buttcrack. Marty's hips began to rock slowly as he rubbed his dick on Jesse's underside.

"You want me to go first?" Marty whispered.

"Yeah," Jesse said, "So I can see what to do. And then I want to fuck you. Okay?"

Marty nodded. "Okay. Get up."

Jesse got to his knees, backed off, stood up. Marty grinned, leaned forward, took the waistband of Jesse's briefs, and slowly slid the underwear down until it snagged against the outthrust rod of Jesse's hard pecker.

"Oh, my. It seems to be caught on something," Marty said sweetly.

Jesse laughed, rolled his eyes, and reached a hand down into his briefs and pulled his dick sideways. "Better?"

Marty continued pulling the briefs downward. As soon as they cleared his crotch, Jesse let go of his dick, and it sprang out and stood erect, wobbling a moment. Marty bent forward, continuing to guide the briefs down Jesse's legs, until he suddenly looked straight ahead and found himself confronted with Jesse's pecker, only inches away.

"Shit. A one-eyed serpent. I'd better bite it's head off and kill it."

Jesse immediately dropped a protective hand over the end of his dick. "You bite me there, I'll bash you."

Marty laughed, his eyes crinkling sweetly. "I'm just playing."

He let go of Jesse's briefs, and they slid down over Jesse's calves and stopped at his ankles. Jesse pulled one foot out, used the other to toss them away.

Marty stood, leaned against Jesse, he eyes sleepy-looking, but interested. "It's not fair that you get to be naked and I don't."

Jesse smiled, and stuck his fingers inside the waistband of Marty's shorts, making certain that he got inside of Marty's boxers, too. He stooped, peeling Marty out of his clothing, going to his knees as Marty's hard dick popped out. Jesse licked the end of it, then kissed it, then pulled Marty's clothing to the floor, lifted first one foot, then the other, and tossed the stuff away. He stood up and faced his new friend.

Marty looked him over, put his hands on Jesse's waist and rubbed him gently. His eyebrows knit together, and he smiled. "Jesse, the last thing I want to do is hurt you," he said softly. "You feel too much pain, you tell me, and I'll stop."

Jesse licked his lips. "I thought your dick wasn't big enough to hurt me. That's what you said."

Marty nodded. "Yeah, but this is your first time. You don't know how to relax and let me in. I may have to push a little, and that might hurt." He suddenly looked around at the floor. "Oh. I need my shorts."

Marty took a step over to them and bent over. Jesse smiled as Marty's pucker came into sight for a second, thinking how much he wanted to get at that little brown circle.

Marty came up holding a small bottle. "This is K-Y. It's sex lube. It'll make it easier for your first time, because it's pretty slick."

Jesse squinted at it. "Where'd you get that?"

Marty grinned. "Snagged it off my mom's dresser. She's got like five bottles. She won't miss one."

Jesse nodded, feeling the first stirrings of nervousness creep up on him. "What do I do?"

Marty bent, placed the lubricant on the frame of the cot in one corner, then crawled onto the thin mattress and laid down on his side. "Come lay beside me first."

Jesse grinned, laid down facing Marty, and snuggled himself up to the other boy. Marty smiled at him, reached out a finger and gently smoothed Jesse's eyebrows with the tip. "I don't want to just fuck you, Jesse. I want this to be special for you. And for me."

Jesse nodded. "It is special for me. I'm with you."

Marty bit his lip, and just for a second he looked wide-open and defenseless. "That's sweet, Jesse," he said softly.

Jesse felt a little emotion himself. Just looking at Marty's face was enough to make his heart pound. "You're so beautiful," he whispered.

Marty swallowed. "So are you, Jesse. I just love to look at you. Especially when you smile."

Jesse pushed his face against Marty's and closed his eyes, and Marty pulled him closer and they lay quietly together for several minutes. Jesse breathed in more of the warm, musky-sweet scent of Marty's skin - an aroma he was coming to just love. Nate had also smelled good, but in a different way. There was something about the way that Marty smelled that made Jesse's pulse quicken, and inspired his imagination to view the other boy as someone to be touched - and touched affectionately.

Jesse pushed his head back and smiled into Marty's eyes. "You smell great, you know that?"

Marty nodded, and laughed. "Man, I was just thinking that same thing about you. I get a face full of what you smell like and my horny-mones start rubbing together."

Jesse laughed, and kissed the other boy.

When they pulled apart again, Marty sighed dreamily. "Brother, you kiss like you got some damn fire under your tongue,"he said softly.

"I love to kiss," Jesse acknowledged. "Especially when it's you."

Marty took a big breath, sighed it back out. "Well, you sure know how to light me up." He smiled, looking thoughtful. "Man, I wish we had some water." He grinned. "Keith's mom and dad had a hot tub. Me 'n Keith fucked in that thing a bunch of times."

Jesse nodded. "Me and Nate had a swimming spot." He smiled. "A swimming hole. We dammed up the creek in the woods a little ways from here and made it." He grinned. "We went skinny-dipping there a lot."

Marty suddenly looked interested. "Yeah? Is it big?"

Jesse shrugged. "Well, it's not a swimming pool, or anything. Maybe ten or twelve feet across at the widest spot. And it's not that deep, either. In the middle you can stand and the water barely comes up to your neck. But it's really nice when it gets hot around here."

The other boy frowned. "Is it cold?"

"Not this time of year. It's just right."

Marty looked away a second, like he was thinking, then grinned. "Wanna go? Show me?"

A wave of disappointment washed over Jesse. "I thought we were gonna do stuff," he said quietly.

"We are," Marty said, putting his fingertips against Jesse's cheek. "Doesn't mean we gotta do it here."

Jesse took a deep breath. Shit!

"You wanna fuck in the creek?" he asked, the idea sinking in slowly - but then suddenly becoming a little tantalizing. Ooh.

Marty pushed his face close to Jesse's. "Doing it wet is fun as shit, Jesse. I think you'd like it, and it would be really cool for your first time."

Jesse licked his lips. The more he thought about it, the friendlier the idea became. He could remember - when he and Nate had skinny dipped together in the creek - cornering the other boy at the narrow end of their little pool and holding him close while they kissed and felt each other up in the cool water. That had been awesome. Marty did seem to know what he was doing...

Jesse nodded. "You're the expert."

Marty laughed. "I'm not always sure about that." His eyes said how much he was enjoying just being there with Jesse, and Jesse drank that look in and put it under glass in his memory where he could see it forever.

He nodded slowly. "Okay, let's go see."

They got up and hunted up their clothing. Jesse pulled on his tighty-whities, and was just putting on his shorts when he noticed Marty just standing there, watching him.

"What?" he asked, stopping with just one foot in his shorts "I do something?"

Marty was looking down, grinning. "You got cute feet."

Jesse blinked, looking down at them. "Huh?"

Marty eyed him. "You don't know about feet?"

Jesse shook his head. "I walk around on them. They hurt when I do it too much. What else is there to know?"

Marty laughed. "Well, they're pretty sensitive, and it feels good to have stuff done to them." He made his eyebrows pump up and down a few times suggestively. "And with them."

Jesse squinted at him. "Well, I guess you'll show me sometime, huh?"

"I was thinking about it. I give a hell of a good foot massage." Marty looked at Jesse, and a puzzled note crept into his expression. "You didn't know about feet?"

Jesse shrugged. "I guess I never thought about it."

Marty leaned closer, grinning. "Well, think about this: when you look at a guy you think is hot, would you rather see him with shoes on, or barefoot?"

It only took a second. Jesse smiled. "Barefoot."

Marty nodded. "See. You did know that feet are sexy." He pointed down at Jesse's. "Yours are really cute. You got short toes, and they're all in a perfect curve, from your big toe to your pinky toe. And they just look really sexy. " Marty's eyes came up and fastened on Jesse's. "In case you didn't know, Jesse, you're really a cute guy. I haven't seen any part of you yet that I don't want to play with."

Jesse laughed, feeling his face get warm. "Well, I feel the same about you. I stuck my tongue in your butt, remember?"

"Yup. I do remember." Marty reached out and squeezed Jesse's arm. "I also remember it was about the best I ever had."

Jesse grinned, and then had to step forward and get close to the other boy, and kiss him, by now thinking he knew what the feeling he had about Marty actually was - the one that was growing into a recognizable picture in the back of his mind.

He pressed his lips together, not sure he should ask; but his heart gave him a sudden push onto the stage, and all he could to was stand there in the light and squint at his audience. "Marty?"


Jesse worked up his nerve. "Would you be mad at me if I said I loved you?"

Marty's brow knit together in surprise, and his expression softened. "Why do you think I'd get mad?" he asked quietly.

"We just met yesterday. It's awful soon."

Marty looked away for a second. His lips compressed and his eyes squinted hard as he obviously struggled with something; finally he cleared his throat and breathed hard once before looking back at Jesse. "Would you be mad at me if I said I loved you?"

"No." Jesse didn't have to think. It just came out.

Marty tried to smile, but it looked like he was having trouble with it. "Well, there ya are. I guess we're the same on that."

Jesse felt frozen for a moment. He wasn't sure, but he thought they had just told each other that they were in love.

Well - they hadn't actually said it.

But...maybe that was best for now. Maybe that was all they needed for now. It made Jesse feel awfully good to know that Marty was at least open to the idea, and that he was feeling at least some of the things about Jesse that Jesse was feeling about Marty.

It was enough - for now. He grinned at Marty, was thrilled with the grin that Marty gave him back. It wasn't just a smile - it looked like a promise.

They finished getting dressed. Jesse debated on whether he should call his mom and let her know where he was going; but he decided against it. The creek wasn't far, technically just a few hundred feet from the other side of Jesse's dad's property, and he had already said to his mom that he might go there. If she needed him, she'd call.

Jesse stuck his feet into his flip flops and waited a second for Marty to get his.

When they went outside, Jesse could immediately feel the heat. The fort had been marginally cooler; what was out here promised to become a scorcher later in the afternoon. The swimming hole was looking like a better idea with each passing minute.

Jesse led the way around to the back of the fort, where another path wound away into the woods. They turned into it, able to walk abreast on the soft carpet of last autumn's leaves.

Marty gazed upwards into the canopy of green overhead, and laughed. "I never thought I'd be living in the sticks."

Jesse laughed. "Oh, man, it's great living here. I couldn't live someplace that didn't have woods. I couldn't even live in a house that didn't have trees in the yard."

Marty looked at him. "My old house had like six trees in the whole yard."

Jesse grimaced. "What'd you do for shade in the summer?"

"There wasn't any. The trees we had were all little. I mean, you could sit under them, but it was hardly enough to keep the sun off."

"Shew. I couldn't do it. I need my trees."

Marty nodded, looking around. "They do kinda grow on you."

The trail meandered gently downhill, until they passed another stake with a small orange flag attached to it.

"We're on old man Devlin's property now, "Jesse explained. "He's like two hundred or something. But he's cool. He knows Nate and me made the dam, and he said it was okay. It just made a big pool - the water still goes over the dam and the creek keeps running."

"What'd you make the dam out of?"

Jesse squinted at the path ahead. "It's a big piece of plywood. Me 'n Nate painted it with sealer. Then we found a spot we could wedge it between both sides of the creek, and we put some big rocks behind it." He grinned. "It works."

They soon could hear water running ahead. "Sounds big, doesn't it?" Jesse asked. "Before we put the dam up, you could walk right up to the creek and just barely hear it. Now the water goes over the dam and falls like four feet. That's the splashy sound you're hearing."

They came around a bend in the path, walked between two big oak trees, and then they were looking at the pool. It lapped patiently at the bank before them, little bits of tree-filtered sunshine dancing on its surface.

Jesse looked at Marty. The other boy's eyes had gone wide.

"Whoa. Jesse, this is cool as shit!"

The pool filled a natural hollow - a spot where the creek had gone wide and deep. At some time in the past there had been a little elbow in the creek here, a casual turn to a new direction. Years of summer deluges had eventually carved the center of the elbow away and made a straight out of the turn - but the old outer bank of the elbow had remained.

Now the spot was filled side to side with remarkably clear water. The surface had a slight ripple, a motion, more pronounced where the water hit the dam and went over. Here and there, in the quieter areas, water skeeters glided over the surface, like ice skaters on a winter pond.

Jesse pulled Marty to the edge and pointed into the depths. The water was so clear they could stand at the side and see the bottom out in the middle - a swept channel with a rock-strewn floor nearly five feet down. The stones peered up at them from the depths, a parade of speckled faces of intermingled light and dark colors, with the occasional submerged old branch looking like a water snake hiding among them, taking refuge from the noonday sun.

Jesse grinned. "This side is okay, but if you swim over to the other side, watch where you put your feet. There's crayfish in the shallow part, where the big rocks are, and they hurt if the get hold of you."

Marty shook his head. "What's a crayfish?"

Jesse tsked. "Like lobsters, but tiny. They got two little pincers, but they can squeeze the shit out of your toes, believe me."

Marty laughed. "This is like a damn safari or something."

Jesse sighed. "City boys. If you weren't so damn cute there'd be nothing to you at all."

They laughed together.

Marty shrugged his shoulders. "So what do we do now?"

Jesse looked at him. "We get naked and get in."

Marty's eyes widened, and he looked suspiciously at the woods around them. "What if somebody comes along?"

Jesse laughed. "Like who? Nobody lives around here but you and me. Old man Devlin owns this spot, but he's got like sixty acres, and his house is clear over on the other side of the property."

"He never comes here?" Marty asked, still not sure it was safe.

Jesse nodded. "Yeah, he does - like once a year or something. But when he does he rides down across a big field that's through those trees on the other side, and he has this old tractor that sounds like a dump truck. If he's coming, we'll know a long time before he gets here." He put out a hand and grabbed one of Marty's and squeezed it. "Trust me. It's cool."

Marty looked down to where Jesse was holding his hand. Then he looked up, grinning. "You talked me into it."

There was a large stump nearby, with the dessicated corpse of the tree that had once stood upon it laying alongside. Jesse and Nate had nailed a piece of plywood to the top of the mostly even stump, making a little bench they could sit on. Now Jesse and Marty used it to place their clothing on as they got undressed.

Jesse felt a sense of deja vu. How many times had he and Nate gotten naked on this very spot?

He pushed the thought away, concentrating on Marty, watching as more and more of him was exposed as each piece of clothing came off, until the sexy beauty of his birthday suit was all he had on. Jesse sighed, already knowing he was in love with the sight of Marty, if nothing else.

Marty grinned at him. "You're checking me out again."

Jesse nodded. "Yup."

Marty looked around. "Well, we're naked, and nobody jumped out of the bushes with their phone pointed at us. I guess that means we can get wet." He looked at the inviting waters. "How do we get in?"

Jesse grinned. "Like this." He whooped, and fired himself off the bank, landing in a cannonball that sent spray flying in every direction and caused every squirrel within a half mile to stop what it was doing and wonder what was going on.

Marty whooped and followed, landing next to Jesse as he was popping up from under the water. Jesse just managed to close his eyes and mouth as the surge from Marty's landing washed over him. He grinned as Marty erupted from beneath, spluttering and cursing, his arms crossing in front of himself.

"Damn it, Jesse! This water is cold as shit!"

Jesse laughed at the expression on the other boy's face. "It's not really. It just feels that way because it's a lot cooler than the air where we were just standing. Me and Nate put a thermometer in it once and it was seventy-two degrees. You'll get used to it soon.

Marty continued to grab at alternate shoulders and give Jesse the evil eye.

Jesse sighed. "What a pussy. Come here."

When Marty didn't move Jesse did, stepping up to the other boy and reaching out for him. Marty did move his arms and allow their bodies to come together, and Jesse wrapped his arms around him and squeezed him close. Their faces were a scant inch apart, and Jesse looked into Marty's pretty eyes and felt his heart just melt. "Is my itty bitty city boy cold?"

Marty nodded, pouting. "Yes."

Jesse kissed him, putting some feeling into it, letting his tongue curl around the edge of Marty's and snuggle close. He nuzzled his face against Marty's while he kissed him, closing his eyes against the stiffness of Marty's body.

For several minutes they simply kissed and rubbed their faces together. Slowly, Marty began to relax, until Jesse felt the tension leave him altogether. He pulled back, smiling at the other boy.

"There," he said in a baby voice. "Did that make it all better?"

Marty shook his head. "Man, you are right on the edge."

Jesse grinned. "Well, if you'd stop acting like a girl, I wouldn't have to treat you like one."

Marty wiggled his hips and poked Jesse with his pecker. "Feel like a girl to you?"

"Yup. Just one with a nice as shit dick."

Marty laughed." Yeah? Well, this girl's dick's got a date with your boy pussy, how about that?"

Jesse's grin got bigger. "You keep saying, but I don't see any doing."

Marty poked him again. "I can make you squeal like a piglet, girl."

Jesse's grin faded to a pout. "Is that what you want to do to me?"

Marty instantly sobered. His eyes softened. "No. I was just kidding." He leaned forward a little and kissed Jesse. "I want to put my spunk in you, Jesse. I want you to remember it as a wonderful first time."

Jesse nodded. "I'm pretty sure I will. 'Cause I love you, Marty."

There. Now it was said.

Marty nodded, blinked his eyes, then nodded again. He bit his lip and his cheek twitched, and then he nodded a third time. His eyes looked soft. "Yeah. I love you, too, Jesse."

Jesse squeezed his eyes shut and laid his face against Marty's. Marty gently hugged him in return.

Jesse hadn't even known he was going to say that. It just came out. But he was glad he had, because now they both could say it again, anytime they wanted to. And Jesse wanted to be able to say it. He sighed, feeling happy.

Marty leaned slightly forward, tightened his arms around Jesse, and lifted him off his feet. Jesse instinctively circled his legs around the other boy, and put his arms around Marty's neck. He laid his lips against Marty's forehead, and kissed him there.

They began moving, back towards the bank. It was slow going in the water, but Jesse didn't mind.

When they reached the bank Marty turned and walked along it, feeling the bottom carefully with his feet as he took each step. The water level around them began to drop as the bottom shallowed out, until the bank was just about crotch-high. Marty seemed to be looking for exactly that, and with a gentle grunt he sat Jesse on the bank. Jesse let his arms and legs fall loose as Marty leaned into him, putting a hand behind his head, and kissed him several short, puckery kisses.

"Wait here, Jesse."

Marty scrambled up the bank, returned in a moment with the little bottle of K-Y. He laid it on the ground nearby, smiled, and put his face right up to Jesse's. "Ready?"

Jesse nodded.

So did Marty. "It hurts, you say something, okay?"

Jesse nodded again.

Marty gently pushed against his chest, and Jesse lay back into the soft ground cover of old leaves. He felt Marty reach down and take him by his ankles, and then he was lifting Jesse's legs. As they came up Marty's hands slid underneath of them, until he was gently pushing against that back of Jesse's thighs. Jesse's feet came up out of the water, and he felt the pleasant tingle of air against his wet skin, and the soft tracing of droplets of cool creek water that ran down the back of his thighs. Marty continued lifting, folding Jesse's legs back onto his chest.

"Can you hold these for me?"

Jesse grabbed his legs just behind the knees, and held onto them.

For a moment, Marty looked down at him, his eyes full of an expression that Jesse had not seen him wear before. His eyes seemed to be searching Jesse's face, as though looking for something he knew to be there, but couldn't quite see. Something hidden. Jesse smiled up at his friend encouragingly; Marty's eyes softened, and he smiled back.

"I love that smile, Jesse."

Marty backed up a step, leaned down and kissed the backside of Jesse's left thigh, his face wonderfully warm against the water-cooled surface of Jesse's skin. Jesse felt tongue then, which gently traced down the back of his thigh and then curved inward at the last moment, to touch his nuts. Marty kissed both of them, and then the underside of his dick.

Jesse took a big breath, relaxed.

Marty bent down, and Jesse gasped as he felt a soft breath of air blown against his wet pucker. His pucker muscle started, then squeezed in reaction, and his dick stood straighter and harder in response. Jesse felt his pulse accelerating, and he felt like he had to breathe faster to take in enough air.

There was another soft breath of air against his pucker, and then the tip of Marty's tongue touched down, tasting the very middle. Jesse's pucker squeezed again, and his taint sent a warm message to Jesse's nut sack. Marty's tongue began to flick in and out, gently touching the wet ring that guarded Jesse's back door, pausing every now and then to probe and swirl against the center of his pucker, moving with a deftness that spoke of practice. Jesse's butt and thighs twitched, and his nuts felt like they were ready to burst.

He felt Marty straighten up, and opened his eyes. Marty picked up the little bottle of K-Y stuff, popped the lid, squeezed some onto his fingers. He reached over, and Jesse took a sharp breath as Marty wiped the stuff into his pucker. Marty's finger tips gently massaged while Jesse did his best not to squirm under the touch. Then Jesse felt the tip of one of Marty's fingers against his pucker. He relaxed, imagining he was laying in his bed, sleepy and happy. Marty's finger pushed gently, and slid up inside.

Jesse blew out a little breath, again feeling the odd sensation inside him like he had to go. Marty moved his finger around slowly in a circle, and then carefully pulled it out. He picked up the bottle of K-Y again, squirted more onto his hand, and then his hand went down out of Jesse's sight, and he knew the other boy was rubbing the stuff on his dick. A moment later Marty brought up the bottle, closed the cap, and laid it back on the ground.

Marty leaned over him. "I'll go slow, Jesse."

Jesse felt something against his pucker, knew instantly what it was. It pressed in gently, but it was bigger than Marty's finger, and his pucker didn't want to let it in. Marty pressed a little harder, and Jesse grimaced at the beginnings of pain. He took another breath, tried to relax, and suddenly realized how tight his butthole muscle was. It was resisting.

He felt it with his mind, as it tried to force out what was coming in. He willed it to relax. He wanted Marty to get inside, he told it. Let him in.

Slowly, there was some give. He felt a fullness in his butt, then a sort of burning that both hurt and felt good. He was aware of a sort of sliding feeling, and realized that Marty was going in. Jesse's pucker muscle tried to get tight again, but he forced it to relax. He could feel it now, knew where it was with his mind, and when he told it to lay down, it did.

Marty grunted in surprise, and Jesse gasped as Marty slid forward; and then he felt the softness of Marty's pubes against his taint.

"Are you okay, Jesse?"

Was he? His butt felt really weird, like he had to poop, and it still had that burn/feel-good thing going on. But it didn't actually hurt.

"I'm okay," he said breathlessly, and then repeated himself, just because he had to. "I'm okay."

Marty's dick's inside of me, he thought wondrously.

Marty wrapped his arms around Jesse's thighs, pulled them from his grasp. Jesse's feet came up and he laid them on Marty's shoulders and rubbed the sides of Marty's jaw with the insides of his ankles. He felt Marty take a breath, and then an odd pulling feeling as Marty's dick drew back.

But then it came forward again, and at the last second there was a pulse he felt all the way up in his dick - one that felt incredible. He honestly couldn't say if it was wonderful or terrible - a mix of both. His dick seemed to like it, though, giving every impression that it was ready to spit some spunk. But nothing happened.

Marty began a slow motion, in and out, that at first hurt, then began to feel weird - then began to feel good. With each inward thrust Jesse felt that little ping inside his dick and the certainty that he was going to spunk - but he didn't.

His butthole seemed to warm to the motion, to relax, and somehow get slicker. Marty's dick moved in and out easily now, while Jesse gasped in delight with each inward push. It was a crazy and totally new feeling to his body, and maybe one of the best he had ever felt. His dick felt like it was made of stone, and twitched every time Marty pushed in. With a start, Jesse remembered an earlier conversation he'd had with Marty, and suddenly he knew what he was feeling: Marty was banging his button.

He grinned, looking up at the other boy, who looked just delighted that Jesse seemed to be enjoying things. Marty had a pretty delirious look on his own face - one Jesse just loved, because it looked like Marty was in seventh heaven. He wanted Marty to enjoy this.

He certainly knew he was.

Jesse was breathing through his mouth - little pants that he couldn't slow. His lower body throbbed. Muscles he had been friendly with his whole life were now rebelling and refusing his control. They twitched, and they pulled, and they cried out their confusion at the varied impulses assailing them. It was all wonderful and awful in turns - but mostly wonderful. Awesome, in fact.

And he had just a terrible urge to jerk off. His dick swung back and forth as Marty pumped, and with each inward thrust it felt like Jesse was going to spunk. It was almost terribly good, almost like a torture that he could hardly stand, but which he wanted to go on and on. He put his hands on his belly to keep them busy, to keep them from grabbing himself. He rubbed his belly, held one hand down with the other - did everything to keep them away from his dick. Marty had said he wouldn't need to touch it to come.

So when Marty took one of his hands off of Jesse's thigh and reached around and stroked Jesse's dick, he thought he might just die right then. His whole body squeezed into a knot of pleasure, as nerves simply scrambled to get out of the way of the torrent of impulses aiming right at them. Jesse breathed in little gasps now, trying to maintain some kind of concentration - but he couldn't. Finally, he just couldn't resist taking a hand and touching it to Marty's while the other boy gently jerked him off.

Marty suddenly let go of Jesse's dick, and bent forward over Jesse. The hand that had been on his dick was under his butt now, gently lifting, and Jesse responded by curling the base of his spine upward. Marty leaned inside his legs, which Jesse folded back again, and Marty's face came closer, even as his pumping sped up just a bit. Finally, Marty's face was less than a foot away.

"Come here, Jesse," he whispered urgently. "Kiss me."

Jesse lifted his head, brought his his arms up, circled them around Marty's neck, pulled himself upwards. Their faces moved closer, and then he was kissing Marty. Marty's tongue crashed into Jesse's mouth, looking for his, and found it. Jesse thrust back, still gasping.

Jesse missed having Marty jerk him off. His dick cried for attention. Jesse pulled a hand off of Marty, reached down, put his hand down flat on his belly and slid it under his dick so that it pushed up against Marty's moving groin. But the added friction as Marty pumped even faster was immediately too much for it.

Jesse felt a last, powerful surge inside his dick, and then he was spunking all over, his dick pulsing like mad, the feeling simply beyond anything he had ever felt before. Crazily, as he came, the spunk that squirted against their skin acted as a lube between his hand and Marty's body, and his dick suddenly slipped so readily between them that he was hardly done with his first orgasm when a second one hit him. There was either no spunk with this one or only a tiny amount, but his dick acted like it was busting off the load of a lifetime.

Jesse cried out it was so good, and Marty pressed his face against Jesse's, one hand under his neck now, and as Jesse's eyes bounced open for a second all he could see were Marty's eyes, blue and sparkly, and full of something warm.

"I love you, Jesse," Marty breathed. "Oh, fucking god..."

Marty's eyes slammed shut, and his head went back and his face scrunched up, and by the way his hips bounced against Jesse's body he knew that Marty was pumping his spunk into him. But Jesse was so numb with delight in his middle that he could scarcely feel the pulses of Marty's dick in his pucker, and couldn't tell at all if anything was going inside of him.

Jesse was done. The suddenness of the end of his orgasm had left him unable to breathe. His chest heaved, pushing against Marty's, which heaved right back at him as the other boy gasped through the end of his climax. Jesse's heart felt like it was booming inside his chest, and he lay still, just worn out, while his body slowly tamed itself to a soft growl.

Marty went lax on top of him. He put his elbows down to support his weight, sighed hugely, and then, gently - very gently - pulled out of Jesse. The feel going out was far less noticeable than it had been going in. Suddenly, his butt just felt empty again - light. Jesse's pucker was numb, his nuts were numb, and his dick was numb. The only way he was sure that Marty was out of him was when the other boy laid down on him and pressed his face into the side of Jesse's neck, and his dick laid down against Jesse's.

Jesse wrapped his arms and legs around Marty and just held onto him. He felt like crying and laughing at the same time, what he and Marty had just done had been so wonderful.

"If you squash me, you won't be able to fuck me," Marty breathed into his ear.

Jesse grinned, unwrapped his legs from Marty, dropped his feet into the water. He could barely speak, and had to concentrate to make it happen. Still, his voice was light, fluttery, full of air. "That was...it was..."

Marty picked up his head and looked down at him, grinning. "Awesome?"

Jesse nodded. "Yeah, and some other stuff... I don't know what to call it." He raised his head and kissed Marty. "You put your spunk in me."

It was a statement, not a question.

Marty grinned. "About four gallons, by the feel of it."

"I just got fucked," Jesse said, wondrously.

Marty laughed, sharing his wonder. "Did you like it?"

"Oh, yeah." Jesse nodded, and kissed Marty again. "You were really easy on me. Thanks."

Marty smiled down at him. "It was awesome for me, too, Jesse. Being with you is just...fucking awesome."

Jesse nodded, closed his eyes for a second. Marty lowered his face and rubbed it against Jesse's while they both caught their breaths.

Jesse felt a contentment he'd never known before. The touch of Marty's skin against his seemed alive, almost as if the other boy's skin had millions of tiny fingers that rubbed and caressed Jesse's skin. Every time Marty moved even slightly Jesse's skin reacted with complete joy, sending gleeful messengers to his brain to announce that something special indeed was happening to his body. Jesse's fingertips just tingled as they roved slowly over the warmth of Marty's back. Such sensory intensity was new to him, an awareness of the closeness of another body that he had never quite attained with Nate. He felt an incredible urge to pull Marty into him, inside of him, to merge the other boy's warm body with his own and become one.

"I love your touch," he breathed, pushing his face evenly against Marty's.

Marty pushed back, caressing Jesse's face, rubbing his own gently against the eager skin of Jesse's cheeks and mouth. There was something in the motion that told Jesse that Marty was somehow feeling much the same thing as he was, that gave him a sense of satisfaction that was so good it made him sigh.

Marty lifted his head, and Jesse opened his eyes and looked up at him.

"Will your folks let you sleep out in the fort sometime?" Marty asked.

"Sure. Me and Nate did it all the time."

"I wanna sleep with you, Jesse," Marty said, softly. "I wanna just put my arms around you and hold you all night long."

Jesse smiled. "Oh...okay. We'll do that."

Marty grinned at him. "Shit, Jesse."

Jesse grinned. "Shit what?"

"You're a little heart thief, you know that? You stole mine right away."

Jesse nuzzled him, pleased and amazed that Marty could feel the things for Jesse that he was feeling for the other boy.

"It was a trade. You got mine, too." He grinned. "And you got something else of mine."

Marty laughed. "I got your ass." He suddenly slid back off of Jesse and stood up in the water. "Come here, Jesse." He put out his arms and waved his fingers.

Jesse sat up slowly, slid into the water. He felt it - just a twinge - from his butt. The tiniest bit of soreness. But he grinned as he stepped into Marty's arms, too excited and happy to worry about something so trivial.

Marty's eyes were warm and affectionate as he circled his arms around Jesse and pulled him close. "You're not a virgin anymore, you know. I got your cherry, buddy."

Jesse laughed, but then immediately sobered. "Yeah. But I can't get yours. Keith got it already, huh?"

Marty nodded. "Yeah, but so what. I love that it was me that was your first, Jesse. I'll never forget it, not ever. But when you do me that's gonna be your first time poking that cute dick into someone, and I get to be the one that's your first for that." He sighed. "I never thought I'd have somebody like you when I moved here. I thought I'd be bored, and so horny I'd be chasing chickens around the chicken house."

Jesse grinned. "You guys don't have a chicken house. Or chickens, either."

Marty nodded. "You know what I mean. I thought I'd be alone." He closed his eyes and kissed the very tip of Jesse's nose. When he opened his eyes, they were smiling. "I never felt so not-alone in my life."

Jesse looked at him a moment, then leaned in and put his chin on Marty's shoulder and hugged him.

What an unbelievable day. Just...Jesse couldn't name it. It was just...amazing was the only word he could think of to call it.

A new thought suddenly occurred to him - a wonderful thought - and he lifted his head to look at Marty. "You're my boyfriend now, right?"

Marty smiled, and touched his nose to Jesse's. "I sure am. And you're my boyfriend."

They grinned at each other.

"I feel kinda stupid," Jesse admitted. "All foo-fooey, like a girl. I can't help it, though."

Marty nodded slowly. "Yeah. It's okay, 'cause I feel that way, too." He raised a hand and rubbed the back of his fingers against Jesse's cheek. " I guess that's what it's like when you love somebody. I don't care, Jesse. I don't care about feeling foo-fooey at all."

Jesse nodded. "Yeah." He grinned. "Not bad for a country boy, huh?"

"Nope." Marty laughed. "You did really good. And you get to put some of that country in me next."

Jesse rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You know, I play along with that country boy thing, 'cause it's fun. I was born here, but my parents both moved here from the city, and we're not really locals, any more than you are."

Marty laughed, and squeezed his arm. "I know that, Jesse. I play it for the same reason. It's fun. I love playing those games with you."

"Okay. Just checking." He sighed. "Know what? I guess I better call my mom and tell her where I am. She worries."

Marty nodded. "Mom's do that."

They climbed out and went and sat on the tree stump together. Jesse noted as he put his weight on his butt that his pucker felt a little sensitive - even his taint was a little sore. But it was livable, and he just grinned.

It's 'cause my cherry just got popped.

They got their phones out and checked in, and Jesse told his mom that they had gone swimming. She said that was fine, just to be careful, and to call her if they decided to go elsewhere. Marty's conversation with his mom was pretty much a mirror of Jesse's own.

When they were done, Jesse found Marty's hand and picked it up, lacing their fingers together. He had a lot to think about now, and he only knew one place to get the answers quickly. He looked at the other boy, curious about something. "There's a lot of ways to do what we just did, isn't there?" he asked. "I mean, when I see guys fucking online, a lot of times they do it from behind. You ever do that?"

"Sure. I've tried almost every way I could think of." Marty laughed. "The main thing is getting your dick in. There's tons of ways to do that."

Jesse nodded. "Did you do it the way we did for any particular reason?"

"Yeah. I wanted to see your face, Jesse. And I wanted to be able to kiss you."

Jesse was touched. "That's cool, Marty."

The other boy shrugged. "When you do me you can do it how you want to. But...I'd really like to see your face...you know?"

"Uh huh. I feel like that, too. And I want to be able to kiss you, too." He thought about it a second. "Fucking is cool as shit. I mean, it feels incredible, and all that..." He looked at Marty. "But it's who you're with that really makes it."

Marty smiled, but didn't say anything. He leaned over and laid his head on Jesse's shoulder.

They sat quietly for awhile. Jesse felt a pleasant sense of rest, just being there with Marty. In the trees around them, birds fluttered and chirped, and squirrels eyed them from high branches. It had warmed considerably; but here, by the shaded, cooler waters of the creek, it was more than comfortable. Jesse felt air moving against him, which cooled his wet skin even more. There must have been a light breeze, but it was mostly high, because only the tops of the trees waved gently in the afternoon sun. Jesse loved the sound that all those leaves made when they moved - a billion voices sighing with delight at being touched by the moving air. The woods were an awesome place to be, no doubt about that. He loved them, and never wanted to live anyplace else.

"Oh, yeah," Marty said, lifting his head, "that K-Y stuff washes off if you're actually in the water. That's why we did it on the bank. There's another kind of that stuff that me and Keith used to use in their hot tub that doesn't wash right off, but my folks didn't have any of that. That stuff is actually better for fucking then the stuff we have here. But it was this or nothing. Water by itself isn't enough - it's not slippery like spit - so you'll have to use some of this stuff when you do me. I like being wet and fucking, but I also don't want you to burn up my asshole, either."

Jesse grinned, a little evilly. "I know what you're saying - but it sounds like it would be fun as shit to burn up your asshole."

Marty gave him a little push. "You know what I mean."

Jesse just grinned some more, and Marty sighed, shaking his head.

Jesse leaned over and kissed Marty's shoulder. "I'm sorry. I'll be real gentle with you, too."

Marty smiled at him, reached over and fingered Jesse's dick. It had been about half stunned since they'd made love, had gotten all sloppy drunk and laid over - made goofy by all the new experiences. It was still a little bit stiff because he was naked, and because he was with Marty, and Marty was naked, too. Dicks recognize stuff like that. They like to be ready.

But at Marty's touch it awoke fully, stretched, and slowly straightened.

"You got a pretty pony, Jesse," Marty said. "A real nice dick. I've seen some pretty ugly ones online - purple ones; fat and stumpy ones; big, knobby motherfuckers; or ones with a hoodie on the end that's so long it curls up like a macaroni noodle. But this one you got is pretty as shit."

Jesse grinned. He'd seen some fugly rods online himself. And he'd been shocked one day a few years back to suddenly understand that his own dick wasn't natural, that it was cut. But he was used to the way that a dick looked when it was like that - it seemed normal to him - and when he'd seen his first uncircumcised cock he'd been a little shocked at how different it was.

But - a dick was a dick, mostly. The hooded ones were nice, too; in fact, when they stood at attention they were just as cute as any dick out there. He'd gotten used to them, eventually. But he still liked a cut dick better - he understood it better - and he was glad that Marty's was the same way as his. Marty had a pretty pecker, too. It was straight, and it was the same diameter for all its length, and the head just said suck me, please. Looking at it made Jesse want to put it in his mouth and make love to it, plain and simple.

"We're both hard again," Marty observed. "For me, that usually means I can spunk again. What about you?"

"Yeah. Usually, anyway. My dick feels a little weird right now, though."

Marty laughed. "That's 'cause I stretched your butthole. All your junk down there is connected inside. You flash the old lady on the first floor, the one upstairs screams."

Jesse dropped his head back and laughed. "Where do you get all this crazy shit you say?"

Marty shrugged, grinning. "A lot of it just comes to me. My mom says I have a genius for nonsense." He laughed. "My dad says I'm just full of shit. I don't know, really."

Jesse grinned at him. They looked into each other's eyes, and Jesse felt just so happy. "I wanna put my spunk in you."

Marty nodded. "I want that, too." He prodded Jesse's thigh. "Stand up for a minute."

Jesse stood, and then turned to see what Marty was looking at. The surface of the plywood where he'd been sitting was damp, but Jesse couldn't see anything unusual about it. "What?"

Marty looked at him. "I knew you had a nice, tight butt. After I spunked in Keith, he'd leak it back out if he sat down."

Jesse made a face. "Ick."

Marty shrugged. "Happens. It's gonna come outta you at some point, too. Try not to fart in your pants after you get dressed."

Jesse bent over and slapped his knees, then put his hands on them and leaned close to Marty's face. "Are you fuckin' with me?"

"Nope. What, you think my jizz is just going to stay in there forever? It's going to come out again, Jesse."

Jesse looked at him. "Actually, I feel like I could fart now."

Marty jumped up, grinning. "Well, squat down and do it."

Jesse rolled his eyes, but sank down onto his haunches. Marty did the same, peering expectantly beneath Jesse's balls.

"I can't do it with you watching like that," Jesse complained.

Marty looked skyward a second. "It's just a fart, Jesse. Think taco supreme, and squeeze."

Jesse laughed, but squinted his eyes down and tightened his abdomen.

He felt it moving through his plumbing, and then rumble down the chute, and when it erupted forth it had the bubbly sound and feel of a hershey-squirt. He popped off twice, and then was done. He straightened immediately and stepped aside, looking down.

Not much had come out. It was kind of a strand, with some white gooey foam around it - it looked a little like soap suds - but maybe thicker.

Marty grinned at the little bit of goo and waved a hand. "Hello, boys. Nice to see you again."

Jesse leaned over and put a hand on Marty's shoulder, laughing silently, unable to not. Marty looked up at him, and joined in.

They grinned at each other, laughing without making a bit of sound, until Jesse finally breathed hard a couple of times and got himself under control. He sighed, still laughing a bit. "You got some busted brain cells, boy. Something wrong with you."

Marty smiled up at him. "Call 'em like I see 'em."

Jesse looked at the tiny stream of goo, which was disappearing into the ground and the warm air. "Didn't really look like spunk so much anymore, did it?"

"That's 'cause it got processed in that cute little butt of yours. Maybe it's the fart gas that blows it up like whipped cream."

Jesse laughed again. "You're stupid, you know that?"

Marty shrugged. "I'm horny again. I was hoping somebody might walk by that wants to put some spunk in my butt."

Jesse raised a hand. "I volunteer, sir."

Marty looked serious. "It may be a difficult mission, son. You'll have to plunge deep into enemy territory, find the enemy's hidey hole, and stab him with your bayonet."

Jesse laughed again. "God, you are stupid."

Marty stood up, grinning, came over and put his arms around Jesse. His eyes smiled. "I surrender," he said softly. "Take me prisoner."

Jesse's heart filled. He kissed Marty, then shook his head at him. "I don't know what I'm gonna do with you."

"Let me whisper it in your ear, so you'll know," Marty said, acting like he was going to do just that. Jesse grabbed him, wrapped his arms around him tightly, and dragged him back to the bank of the creek. Marty didn't resist, just laughing as he let himself be pulled.

Jesse got to the edge and just fell into the pool, taking Marty with him. He let go of the other boy as they hit the water, got his feet under himself, bounced back up. Marty came up at the same time, still laughing. Jesse grabbed him again, put his arms around him, pulled him close. He laid his forehead against Marty's and smiled into his eyes. "I'm gonna fuck you, city boy."

Marty grinned. "That's all you hillbillies ever say."

Jesse grinned back. This boy was plain nuts.

He walked at Marty, pushing. Marty put his hands on Jesse's shoulders, grinning, but let himself be backed up until his butt hit the side of the bank. Jesse threw his arms around him then, and kissed him, feeling Marty's arms come up and drape over his shoulders as he kissed him back.

After a few moments, Jesse pulled away, his eyes searching the creek bank until he spotted the little bottle of K-Y. He grinned at Marty, disentangled himself from him, and walked a few feet further down into the shallows and turned and hopped up to sit on the bank. He picked up the lube and held it up for Marty to see, then patted the bank next to him. "Come here."

Marty let his tongue hang out and walked over. "Yes? May I help you?"

Jesse shook his head, but couldn't help to smile. "Nut." He patted one thigh, growing more serious. "Can you sit on my lap and do it? You know - facing me?"

Marty looked delighted. "Hell, yeah. That's one of my favorites. What made you think of that?"

Jesse shrugged. "I've seen guys do it like that online. I always thought it looked like it would be fun - plus I can kiss you and see your face, too."

Marty smiled, leaned in and gave him a quick kiss, then hopped up on the bank and sat beside him. He wiggled his hips, rubbing his arm against Jesse's. "You know, I already knew a few things by the time I met Keith. But he was just a total lame about sex. He didn't know jack-shit; I had to show him everything." He smiled again. "But you learn so fast, and you're so good at it - you're just so much fun to be with, Jesse."

Jesse nodded. It felt good to hear that. Still -

"Will you help me get it in? I'm not sure how if you're going to be sitting on me."

Marty laughed, but leaned back and pulled his feet out of the water. He turned over and came up doggie, squatting on his hands and knees. "I supposed you know where to put some of that stuff, right?"

Jesse looked at the bottle of K-Y in his hand and grinned. Oh, yeah. He got to his knees and looked down at Marty, and just couldn't resist bending down and kissing him in the small of his back. Then he leaned to one side and looked between Marty's slightly spread buns.

Even in broad daylight his pucker still had a cute look. Never before meeting Marty would Jesse have imagined that he could just love somebody's butthole. It was just a thought so out of the flow of his thinking before then that he could not even have imagined it just the other day. Yet here he was, looking at the place where Marty crapped and finding it just as cute as could be. He kind of had to shake his head on that one. What could be next?

Just on impulse, he leaned in and gave the waiting pucker a gentle kiss. Marty laughed, and wiggled his butt side-to-side. Jesse grinned.

He uncapped the lube, squirt a little of the goo onto his fingers, and carefully rubbed it into Marty's pucker. Marty wiggled his butt again, and Jesse had to shake his head. The boy sure was anxious. Next he squeezed a drop onto the tip of his forefinger, put his fingertip to the center of Marty's pucker, and just as carefully pushed it up inside. It went in easily, and he turned it, thinking he was spreading the lube around the inside.

When he was done, Marty came up onto his knees. "Put some on your dick, and then sit back on the bank like you were."

Jesse complied, reseating himself on the bank of the creek first, and then squirting some of the K-Y right onto the head of his dick. He spread it around the shaft, carefully covering the entire surface of his pecker. He felt nervous and excited at what he was about to do, and when he capped the bottle and set it down, his middle felt weak with anticipation.

He looked at Marty. "I guess I'm ready."

Marty smiled at him, and Jesse could see he was trying to be encouraging. I must look nervous, he decided.

Marty walked over on his knees, and put a hand on Jesse's shoulder as he straddled him. Jesse's dick was beyond hard, feeling like a piece of iron standing stiffly between his legs. Marty lowered himself a bit, and kissed Jesse on top of his head. "You'll do fine, Jesse. I've really been waiting for this."

Jesse nodded, taking hold of the base of his dick with one hand as Marty touched down experimentally. They were off a tad. Marty reached around with his free hand and pulled Jesse's dick slightly back, and then the warmth of his body settled lower again. Jesse felt the head of his dick touch Marty's taint, and used his hand to move his dick back a bit more. Marty settled again, and Jesse felt the tip of his dick touch Marty's pucker.

He was going to fuck Marty. He really was. Jesse could hardly believe it was happening.

Marty's weight pushed a little against his dick. Marty wiggled his hips very gently side-to-side and reached back and got the head of Jesse's dick in his fingers, trying to start his butt down onto it. Jesse reached underneath, grasped his pecker, and pushed it upwards a bit, trying to help. There was resistance, and Jesse wondered if this was going to work.

Marty reached back again, took hold of the shaft of Jesse's dick, and worked his butt down some more. Then he settled lower.

Jesse tensed as something grabbed the head of his dick and encircled it, a warm, pleasant pressure that made him gasp. The evenness and firmness of the pressure was wonderful, and he felt the head of his dick respond with a pleasant spasm that traveled down the shaft and expanded into his nuts.

He froze then, feeling his dick start to go in. Marty wiggled himself gently, and he winced once or twice. Jesse was still, watching the other boy's face. Marty's eyes were closed as he gently moved his hips in a small circle, and Jesse couldn't resist putting his hands on Marty's thighs, and then pushing them gently up to his hips to go along for the ride.

With a suddenness that surprised him, Jesse's dick slid into Marty, and then the other boy was down on his lap. Jesse blinked.

He was in.

Marty took a breath, opened his eyes. "Oh, that's good," he breathed. "Do me, Jesse. Push."

Marty began to rock gently forward and back, and Jesse waited until Marty went back, and thrust gently upwards. Marty gasped, put his hands on Jesse's shoulders, leaned forward and kissed him. Jesse took that as confirmation that he had it right, and continued to thrust as Marty rocked.

It was excellent beyond his wildest imaginings. His dick was firmly and exhilaratingly squeezed with each cycle of their motion, and slid inward and outward with ever-increasing ease. He began to gasp with the sheer joy of it. It made jerking off seem old and uninteresting by comparison. Even getting his dick sucked was not as good as this. Marty was tight, and Jesse's dick was in love with it.

He pulled Marty closer, rested his head on Marty's shoulder. Marty gasped again and turned his head, and Jesse felt the other boy's ear against his lips. He kissed it, and then on sheer impulse, he grabbed the bottom of Marty's earlobe between his lips and began sucking on it.

Marty made a funny little squeak, and then pressed the side of his face against Jesse's mouth. Jesse sucked harder on the earlobe. He'd had his hands on the back of Marty's hips, assisting with each thrusting movement; he took one hand now and probed gently between Marty's legs, fondling his dick. The angle was wrong for him to get a normal grip; he improvised, wrapping his fingers around the boy's dick with his thumb on the top, and began gently pulling on him.

"Oh, shit," Marty breathed. "Oh, Jesse."

Jesse was panting around Marty's earlobe now; but he sensed that Marty was enjoying what he was doing, and decided not to stop. Down below, Marty's dick was oozing pre-come onto the inside of Jesse's thumb and down into his palm, which caused it to slip ever faster between Jesse's fingers. Marty sped up his rocking motion, and Jesse re-timed his thrusts to match. They moved as one, felt as one.

Jesse's crotch grew tighter, like a spring was winding up slowly in his insides. His mind was mostly blank, feeling more than thinking. It was like he existed in a warm moment between heartbeats, where his body felt nothing except the beautiful touch of Marty's skin, the tight, sliding grip on his dick down low, and the rhythmic cycle of the pulse between his legs. The sexy scent of Marty's skin filled his nose, tempered by the softer aromas of sweat and sex.

Jesse felt his body tense, knew he was getting close to a climax. At the same time he sensed that Marty was close, too. Marty was making little gaspy noises in time with his motion. His cheek was warm against Jesse's face, and his ear tasted like the sweet smell of his skin. It was so much to sense at one time that Jesse was having trouble concentrating.

Marty let out a tiny, whispered oh!, and warm fluid began to cover Jesse's hand. His fingers slipped off of Marty's dick, and the next pulse doused the back of his hand. Jesse regrouped, turned his hand over, and caught the last of Marty's spunk in his palm.

He was almost ready to spunk himself. Fighting to concentrate, he let go of Marty's earlobe and brought up his come-painted hand, laid the palm of it gently against Marty's lips, turned his head to face Jesse. Then he pressed his own lips to the back side and licked away Marty's come.

He felt the tip of Marty's tongue come out and taste his palm, and he opened his eyes. Marty's sparkly baby-blues were right there in front of him, full of light and energy and passion; and for a second they just stared at each other between Jesse's splayed fingers. Jesse could see deeply, into rooms of Marty's mind that held intense and beautiful things, things the other boy wanted to share with him, and which Jesse just knew he eventually would.

The moment was crystalline, ephemeral, bound to shatter; finally it did, as a spasm shook Jesse's hips, and he felt himself jetting spunk into the dark warmth of Marty's insides.

They were still moving, and the orgasm was just beyond belief. His dick pumped and throbbed, his hips bounced with uncontrollable fury, and his entire body jacked up as his butt muscles clenched with enough force to bounce Marty up and down. And it went on and on, like it would never be done.

Jesse made a noise down in his throat - a noise that could not be named - a sound that air made as it was expelled from his thrusting body. It passed, and he gulped more air inside; and then his body suddenly ceased it's struggle and was still. His butt muscles collapsed to jelly, and it was all that Jesse could do not to just lay back into the leaves, taking Marty with him.

Marty was still trying to catch his breath. Jesse felt, for the first time, the warm wet of sweat between their bodies, and under his hands where they lay on Marty's skin, and down his back - everywhere.

Jesse was tired. Their exertions had gone beyond even what they had done earlier. Marty was simply limp in Jesse's grasp, leaning against Jesse like he was all that prevented the other boy from being face-down in the leaves. Jesse squeezed him gently, loving his touch, and massaged Marty's back, the cool moisture of the other boy's sweat gliding beneath his fingertips.

Marty turned his head and let his face push against Jesse's. Jesse kissed him, squeezed him between the insides of his arms.

"That was bad as shit," Marty whispered, nuzzling Jesse with his face. Jesse kissed him again, just nodding.

Marty's breathing was sounding more normal now, and Jesse's own had relaxed to something that felt comfortable again. Still, he was so enjoying the feel of holding Marty close that he made no move to change position. He nuzzled the side of Marty's face, kissing his jaw and his neck. Marty had one hand around Jesse's back, and the other laid upon his shoulder. He made no attempt to move, either.

Jesse's dick was shrinking. That he was done being able to come for awhile was a certainty. When his dick retired like this after a good spunk it was telling him to go find something else to do while it recharged. It soon shrank to parade rest, and he gently pulled his hips down, and with the tiniest sense of being squeezed, his dick popped out of Marty's butt and lay still.

Marty laughed. "I felt that." He drew his head back and smiled at Jesse. "How was it?"

In answer, Jesse pushed his face against Marty's and kissed him.

Marty laughed. "That felt like a good review."

Jesse looked at him. "It was the best I ever had."

"Yeah. It was pretty outrageous for me, too." Marty smiled. "We're pretty awesome together, Jesse."

"Yup." Jesse smiled. "Stinky rabbit sex, if I ever saw it."

Marty cocked his head at him. "What does that mean?

Jesse patiently explained about the sex video he'd seen online.

"No, shit," Marty said, laughing. "Stinky rabbit sex, huh?" He nodded. "I like it."

Jesse tightened his grip on Marty and allowed himself to slide off the bank into the water. Marty circled his legs around Jesse's hips and held on.They were sweaty, and dirty, and there were suspicious bodily fluids on their skin. Still holding Marty tightly, Jesse wandered out into deeper water, until they were submerged almost up to their necks.

Marty smiled at him. "Something special about you," he said softly.

Jesse nodded. "You, too. I never thought I could feel another guy's body like I just did yours." He moved them around in a slow circle, letting the water caress their skin and cool them down.

"Where are we going?" Marty finally asked, grinning.

"No place. Every place. Just around," Jesse told him, grinning back.

"This is the first cruise I've ever been on," Marty said, straight-faced. "Isn't there supposed to be entertainment?"

Jesse laughed. "That wasn't enough entertainment for you a few minutes ago?"

Marty gave a thoughtful nod. "Yeah - it was pretty damn good." He grinned at Jesse, and gave him a quick kiss. "You can have me anytime, Jesse. I love having stinky rabbit sex with you."

Jesse was touched. He squeezed Marty, saw the pretty sparkles in his blue eyes light even more. "I love you, even when you're being stupid."

"You must love me all the time, then."

Jesse nodded. "Pretty much."

"Enough to take me to your house and introduce me to your mom? I'd like to see your room, too." He winked. "Where you sleep...and stuff."

Jesse grinned. "Yeah. Just don't act like a horndog around my mom. I'm telling you - she'll see it."

"She should be old enough to deal with it."

Jesse laughed, let go of Marty all of a sudden, and dunked him under the water. Marty resurfaced, flailed his arms. "Help! I can't swim!"

"Put your feet down, dummy," Jesse said. He shook his head and headed back to the bank. Marty continued to flounder a moment, then stuck his feet down and followed.

Jesse climbed out of the pool and went and sat down on the stump. Marty came along behind him and sat beside him, immediately draping an arm around Jesse's shoulder.

"I don't feel a fart anywhere inside me, Jesse. I'll just have to be careful."

Jesse laughed. "You don't leak like Keith?"

"Nuh uh."

Jesse nodded. "'Cause that pucker of yours is tight."

Marty grinned. "I guess that means you liked it?"

For a second Jesse felt no humor at all. He looked into Marty's eyes, saw the mischievous clown that stood in front of a gentle and sweet soul, guarding it from the horrors of the world. It was an insight he would remember for the rest of his life.

"I loved it," Jesse said softly. "I loved doing that with you."

For just a second, the clown stepped aside, and Marty's eyes were wide open. He swallowed, opened his mouth like he was going to say something, then just leaned forward, closed his eyes, and put his cheek to Jesse's. "I love you, Jesse."

Jesse nodded, raising an arm to put around the other boy. His eyes dampened, and he struggled a second to keep the nascent tears at bay.

"I love you, too, Marty."

It was one of the longest feeling moments of Jesse's life. It was quiet there, among the trees. A drying breeze had whisked away most of the moisture from their bodies already, and Marty's skin was gently sun-warmed against his own. A marvelous sense of life emanated from the body that touched Jesse's, and he was suddenly aware of the idea that he was sharing things with Marty that would change his thinking forever. They weren't just new friends, not just two guys just-met and having fun. They weren't even simply boyfriends. Their sharing was more than just fun and sex and companionship.

They were sharing life. How many times in his life he would feel this sense of closeness with another person, he couldn't know. That he was feeling it now just amazed and astonished him. It was the first time, and it was overwhelming, and it even frightened him. Just a little. Not enough he'd ever want to give it away, though.

Not ever. It was too much to consider right now, too new to fully understand. He could see that this would require some thinking - probably in his bed at night, before he went to sleep. In the near dark of his room, in the quiet.

When he was alone.

He had to sniff, did it as quietly as possible. Marty raised his head, smiled at him; but if he saw anything in Jesse's eyes besides his smile, he didn't let on about it.

"I gotta remember not to fart when I put my shorts on. I don't mind so much your boys putting a stain in my boxers, but that stuff has a randy smell that can't be missed, 'specially when it's been up an ass. When I meet your mom I don't want to smell like an old come-rag."

Jesse laughed. "When do I get to meet your mom?"

"Soon. I gotta sit her down and prepare her first. She gave birth to cute kids. She's never seen one like you."

Jesse laughed. Oh - cut down fight. "Yeah, I don't mind you talking so much, as long as you don't mind me not listening."

Marty grinned, seeing the challenge. "Gee, that hurt. I'd like to see things from your point of view, but I can't get my head that far up my ass."

Jesse looked around them, waved his hand airily. "Don't you love nature? I mean, despite what it did to you?"

Marty grinned. "Amateur. If I wanted to kill myself I'd climb up your ego and jump to your I.Q."

Jesse shrugged. "I wasn't born with enough middle fingers to let you know how I really feel about that."

Marty's jaw dropped. "How many times do I have to flush before you go away?"

"Dumb. Your gene pool could use a little chlorine in it to kill the piss smell."

"Yeah? You're living proof that turds can sprout legs and walk."

Marty was leaning forward, an intent look in his eyes, and suddenly Jesse didn't think it was so fun now. This was a side to Marty he hadn't seen before. He looked serious.

"Okay. You win."

Marty settled back, and looked guilty. "Sorry. I'm not used to anyone keeping up with me. Keith used to fold after the first couple of cuts. He didn't have the heart for it."

Jesse nodded. "It's okay. It just wasn't funny anymore."

They were quiet for a couple of minutes.

Marty seemed to feel the that things had gotten strained. He looked around them, nodded. "This place really is cool, Jesse. Fix it up a little, and it would be just awesome."

Jesse made a face at him. "Fix up what? It's a hole in the ground with water in it."

Marty gave him a look. "That's 'cause you don't have any imagination. Some cool things here and there, this place could be bustin'."

Jesse felt a wind of irritation blow up his spine. Marty just seemed so sure of himself sometimes. "That's what you said about the fort. That it needed fixing up. And I don't see anything wrong with it, either, except a little leak that some tar paper could fix in ten seconds."

Marty laughed. "We need to take the hick edge off this stuff, is all. It looks like it was put together by a couple of pig farmers."

Jesse pulled his arm off of Marty and sat away from him. "Nate and me made this place, and the fort, too. You didn't do anything. Why do you feel like you have a right to change it?"

Marty just seemed to have wakened to the fact that he had pushed a button somewhere. "All I was saying," he said carefully, "is that it could be better."

Jesse stood up, feeling an irrational bit of temper. Who was this guy that he thought he could just walk in and change stuff?

"So...what? You want lawn chairs, maybe a picnic table? I could drag my dad's gas grille down here and we could have a cook out."

Marty cocked his head to one side. "You don't have to be an asshole about it, Jesse."

Jesse didn't believe his ears. "What? You're the one wanting to change this stuff, and you didn't even help put it together. It was a lot of work, Marty. It took me and Nate days to get this stuff done."

Marty stood up, his face clouding. "Well, Nate isn't here anymore, and I am. Don't I get any say in it? I've got to be the one that deals with this mess."

Mess? Jesse had to hold back his temper. "Man, you can be a real prick when you want to be, you know that?"

Marty looked shocked. "Look who's fuckin' talking. All I said was the place could be a little better and you want to get crazy. If I'd known you were unstable I'd have brought you a yo-yo instead of a bottle of K-Y."

Jesse couldn't believe his ears. It sounded like Marty was saying he was sorry he had done stuff with Jesse. A sharp pain lanced through something inside of him, one that wounded him all the way down.

"Man, fuck you."

Marty looked shocked, and then he looked hurt.

He bent over and started grabbing up his clothing. "I should have known it was too good to be true. I thought I'd met the coolest dude on the planet and it turns out he's just another shithead."

Jesse felt his fists knot - and that stopped him. With a shock, he realized he was thinking of hitting Marty.

He was thinking of hurting Marty.

His heart wailed at him, a shocked scream that cut straight through the fog of his anger. What are you doing!

"Marty -" he began, holding up a hand.

Marty started away from him, dropped a flip-flop, bent and swiped it off the ground. "Don't worry, I'm going. I won't mess with any more of your shit."

Jesse's tongue flailed around, looking for something to say. "You can't just go naked!"

Marty stopped, threw his stuff on the ground, grabbed up his shirt, pulled it over his head. It looked like it was backwards, but Marty didn't see it. He grabbed his shorts, pulled them up his legs, stuffed his boxers into one pocket, grabbed his flip flops, and stomped away.

"Wait," Jesse said, pleading.

"Eat me," Marty returned.

And then he was gone.

The shock of it was unbelievable. Jesse just stared at the path where Marty had gone, and couldn't believe that what had happened had just happened.

What the fuck did I just do?

Jesse went back to the stump and sat down. Marty was gone. The sense of his absence was crushing this time, because Jesse suddenly knew he would not be coming back.

What had happened? It all seemed crazy to him now. Why was he mad? Marty was Marty - he just said whatever tickled his brain cells. Why had that made Jesse angry?

He had no idea. He looked around at the creek, the dam. A hole in the ground, a piece of plywood. What was that worth?

And the fort? Wood, some comic books, and some memories. What was any of it worth?

Not losing Marty. No fucking way.

And yet - he had just done that very thing.

I lost Marty.

Jesse felt tears in his eyes, and couldn't seem to stop that, either. What a fucking asshole, he thought to himself, knowing now that he had just done maybe the stupidest thing he had ever done.

He squeezed his eyes closed, and the tears ran down his cheeks and dropped onto his chest. He felt like letting go, but he was too old to bawl like a baby. He sniffed, coughed, got things under control, and looked again at the sun-dappled path where Marty had just walked out of his life.


He stood, wiping at his eyes, and got dressed. Nothing to do now but go home. Maybe he could call Marty and the other boy would talk to him. It was worth a try. He was ready to apologize and admit he'd acted like a real dick.

Because he had. He loved Marty, and no small thing like the creek or the fort or a cut-down should have ever got in the way of him seeing that. That it had still amazed him.

He moved slowly. The woods had lost the friendly warmth they had held for Jesse his whole life. The trees seemed to stare down at him, shaking their heads, finger-like branches pointing with the cooled sympathy of old friends turned critics.

Jesse trudged along with his head down, unable to look at them.

He came back to the fort, walked around it and started up the path to home. Out of the corner of his eye he saw that the vent flap was still up...shit. If left open, a good, windy rain could soak the interior. That equated with soggy comics books and wet sheets on the cot.

Sighing in annoyance, he turned around and went back. He circled the fort, stooped and pushed in through the unlatched door, took two steps in...and froze.

Marty was laying on his back on the cot, one arm thrown across his eyes, the black circles of earphone pads covering his ears. The music player lay on his chest, and Jesse could just hear the tiny voices of instruments wafted on the breeze.

He went closer, looked down at the other boy. Below his arm, Marty's mouth was compressed out of shape. The tracks of tears were everywhere across the visible parts of his cheeks, down his chin, on this throat.

Marty was crying.

Jesse's heart, suspended by a single last thread, dropped at his feet and shattered.

Marty's other arm lay across his chest, the hand an anxious knot against his ribs. Jesse sat on the edge of the cot and laid his hand over Marty's.

The arm Marty had over his eyes lifted, and a look of shock covered his features. His eyes settled on Jesse's, and Jesse felt terrible at the look of panic that crossed Marty's face. The other boy went to rise, but Jesse increased the pressure on Marty's hand, holding him down.

Marty whipped the headphones off with his other hand and dropped them next to him. "I was leaving. I just needed to get my shit."

Jesse shook his head. "Don't go. Please."

They looked at each other in silence.

"I'm sorry," Jesse finally said. "I was a real dick."

Marty looked at him a long time before he seemed to relax a little. "Yeah - you were. You were going to hit me. I saw it."

Jesse nodded. "I was. But when I saw I was, I stopped." He shook his head. "I don't want to hurt you, Marty. I love you too much."

Marty frowned, and his mouth compressed again. " Why'd you get so mad at me?"

Jesse shrugged. "I don't know."

Marty brought up his other hand and laid it carefully on top of Jesse's. "I'm sorry, too. I guess I was a little obnoxious about changing your shit around."

Jesse felt a small smile touch his lips. "A little. Not anymore than usual, though, and I should have just ignored it."

Marty grinned. "You calling me obnoxious?"

Jesse nodded. "Uh huh." He laid his hand on Marty's cheek, gently smoothed the tears away, moved to the other, dried it the same way.

Marty looked at him a little longer, then nodded. "I don't really know you, Jesse. I was laying here thinking about that. We met, and then we were fooling around, and then we said some things about love." He laughed. "What's your last name?"

"Cole," Jesse said, smiling too.

Marty looked approving. "Hey, I like that. Jesse Cole. Sounds like a rock guitarist or something."

Jesse laughed. "Marty Anderson. Sounds like an HBO comedian."

Marty's eyes smiled. "I'm sorry, Jesse. Sometimes, when I'm really having fun, I get a little crazy. I used to piss off Keith sometimes, too, so I know I do it. But I'm really sorry."

Jesse nodded. "Me, too. When you walked away it was the worst moment I've ever had in my life."

Marty blew a short sigh between his lips. "It wasn't good for me, either. By the time I got back here all my mad was gone. And then I was just bummed as shit. I thought we were done, and I didn't even know why."

Jesse laid down, and Marty scooted back to make room for him. Jesse propped his head up on his arm and looked at Marty's face, his eyes, his mouth. He shook his head.

"What?" Marty asked.

Jesse shrugged. "I love the way you look. I love the funny stuff you say." He grinned. "Most of the time. And I love to touch you, and I love it when you touch me." His smile slid away. "And I just don't know how I could forget all that and get mad over some dumb shit like the fort or the creek."

Marty smiled, and pulled Jesse closer. "Promise me if I get obnoxious again, you'll tell me, and not get mad."

"I promise."

Marty laughed. "God, I'm glad that's over. You scared me, Jesse."

Jesse nodded. "I won't do it again, Marty. I sure saw what was important to me when you walked away."

Marty took the music player off his chest, tucked it behind himself. He turned on his side, snuggled closer, and threw his arm over Jesse. "Can I kiss you?"

Jesse smiled. "You never asked before. You just did it."

"I'm being polite."

Jesse laughed, and offered Marty his tongue. Marty accepted.

Inside, Jesse's heart felt mended. The warmth of Marty's body and the soft touch of his kiss were healing things, and Jesse vowed that he would never again risk losing them.

Jesse let his head loll back, and grinned at Marty. "Can I suck your dick?"

Marty looked at him, and grinned knowingly. "You never asked before. You just did it."

"I'm being polite."

Marty nodded his head, and his eyes just sparkled.

They undressed each other, and by mutual agreement, turned end-for-end and sucked each other at he same time. Jesse enjoyed it immensely, because he was aware that Marty was enjoying it, too. They were so careful with each other, touching gently, rubbing, kissing and tasting, that it was almost like it was all new to them again. Jesse climaxed first, but kept at it until Marty squirt his wonderful juice into Jesse's mouth. It was warm and spicy, and it tasted just like heaven.

After, they snuggled together and kissed.

"You wanna come to my house and see my room?" Jesse offered.

"Hell, yeah," Marty said, his old confidence restored.

Jesse grinned. That didn't take long.

They got dressed. Marty took his music player and stuffed it into the pocket of his shorts and draped the headphones around his neck. Jesse climbed up on the cot and pulled the vent flap closed, and pushed the hook latch through the eyelet beneath to secure it. Then they went outside. Jesse latched the door, and then they headed up the path to Jesse's house.

Just before the fort went out of sight, Jesse turned back to look at it. There were memories there, and he saw now that there were more to be added. No way could he tear the place down. He'd have to talk to his dad about that, make him see. Of course he couldn't tell his dad every reason he wanted to keep the fort - but he thought he could make him understand that it was important for Jesse to hold onto. His dad was pretty reasonable, and Jesse was sure he would understand. More or less.

Marty put a hand on his arm. "Forget something?" He was looking at the fort.

"No," Jesse said, giving the fort a last look before turning to look at the other boy. "And I was just thinking I don't want to, either."

Marty squinted at him, not understanding.

Jesse grinned. "Keep that intelligent look on your face to show my mom."

Marty laughed, gave him a fond push, and they went on.

Jesse's mom was at the kitchen table, drinking tea and working on her laptop. An intricate design showed on the screen, a sort of montage of tiny old black and white images that overlapped and blended with each other, and which viewed from afar looked like a black and white human face. It was striking - one of the better things Jesse had seen her create of late.

His mom was incredibly focused when she was working, and she was so engrossed that they stood by her a moment before she looked up at them. Her eyes settled on Jesse, then slid over to Marty. She smiled.

"Oh, hi, guys."

"Hi, mom. This is my friend, Marty Anderson."

She smiled. "Hi, Marty. I've been hearing about you."

Marty smiled. "I'm very pleased to meet you, Ms. Cole." He extended a hand.

Jesse's mom looked surprised, but smiled and gave Marty's hand a quick shake.

"Did you do this?" Marty asked, looking back at the laptop. "It's beautiful."

Jesse's mom opened her mouth, closed it again. She smiled. "Um, thank you, Marty. That's nice of you to say so. It's going to be the background for the landing screen for The History Museum's Century of Technology exhibits on their new site. They're one of my clients."

Marty looked closer. "Is that Thomas Edison? And the Wright Brothers? Wow. That is so cool."

Again, Jesse's mom looked as if she didn't know what to say. "Well...thanks. It's nice to know that the imagery is recognizable."

"Oh, yeah, it's great. I love history. This is really special, Ms. Cole."

Jesse's mom smiled, looked at Jesse. Jesse rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything.

Marty looked up at Jesse's mom, and his eyes just glowed. "You have a lot of talent, Ms. Cole. I wish I could do stuff like that."

She nodded, smiling again. Jesse grinned, seeing that his mom was loving the attention, but not sure how to react to it

"Have you guys had something to eat?" Ms. Cole finally asked. "There's apple juice in the refrigerator, and chocolate chip cookies on the counter. Help yourselves."

"Thanks, mom. After that, I want to show Marty my room."

"Okay. See you guys." Her eyes twinkled. "Nice to meet you Marty."

Marty beamed. "Me, too, Ms. Cole. Keep up the good work."

Jesse turned and went towards the fridge, took out the bottle of apple juice. He got glasses from the cupboard, filled them, then got napkins and they each got two cookies. Then Jesse headed for the stairs, Marty in tow.

They got to Jesse's room, and Jesse closed the door.

"Suck up," he said, grinning.

Marty looked surprised. "What? You don't think your mom's work is beautiful?"

Jesse blinked, surprised. "No, it is."

"Then what's the problem? I just said what I thought." His eyes twinkled as he munched on a cookie.

Jesse nodded, not willing to press his luck again. Marty was constantly surprising him - but that was just one more reason to love him.

So instead of continuing to rib him about sucking up to his mom, as he'd intended, he just put down his apple juice, walked over, and kissed Marty on the cheek.

The other boy smiled. "What's that for?"

Jesse shook his head. "No real reason. Just because I love to do it."

Marty smiled, and his blue eyes sparkled.

He walked slowly around the room, looking at the things Jesse had on his shelves, the pictures and posters on his walls, the big flat screen TV, Jesse's computer. He nodded, making approving looks, and finally stopped by the bed. "Cool room. Clean."

Jesse grinned. "It's been worse, believe me."

Marty patted the double bed. "Nice. Room for two."

Jesse could only smile.

They kicked off their flip-flops and got comfortable. Jesse went online and pulled up the stinky-rabbit sex porn to show Marty, and they laughed themselves silly over it. Jesse loved seeing Marty laugh again. Marty showed Jesse a few things he had run across, and a few were so, um...interesting, that Jesse bookmarked them so that he could go back later.

Finally, Jesse risked locking the door, and he and Marty laid in Jesse's bed and kissed and felt each other up a little. Just having Marty in his bed was exciting beyond belief - Jesse knew he could never sleep in it again without seeing a mental picture of Marty laying in it with his shorts pulled slightly down and his hard dick hanging out.

They wouldn't risk more - not yet, anyway. But just what they did was enough. And, for Jesse, at least, the kissing and snuggling was the best part.

Finally, they heard the garage door go up, and Jesse knew his dad was home and it was getting late. Marty called his mom, and she told him to come on home in fifteen minutes or so to get ready for dinner.

They got up, fixed their clothing, and stood in front of the door together before Jesse unlocked it.

They had their arms around each other, and Jesse just wanted to kiss Marty and not let him go. "I'll talk to my folks about sleeping out in the fort. We should be able to do that soon, okay? Might as well ask your parents about it and see what they say."

Marty shrugged. "They'll be okay with it. I slept over at Keith's a lot. We were even alone when his mom and dad went skiing a bunch of weekends. He slept over with me, too, but my folks were always home. Doesn't matter. They're cool about it."

Jesse grinned. "Only because they don't know you as well as they think they do."

Marty looked innocent. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

They went downstairs, and Jesse introduced Marty to his dad. Again, Marty was just very likable, and Jesse could see his dad warming to him. Marty had a way of making himself at home with people, and Jesse simply had to marvel at the ease with which he managed it.

Damn, he's good at that.

When Marty left, Jesse walked him back to the fort. They went in and hugged and kissed a last time.

"I'm sorry again, Marty. I was an asshole."

Marty just shrugged. "It's water under the bridge, Jesse. I was kind of a prick myself, and I'm sorry, too. Let's just move on, huh?"

They looked at each other a moment in silence.

"I know a little bit about what kind of music you like," Jesse said suddenly, thinking. "What kind of movies do you like?"

Marty grinned. "Shit. I like a lot of stuff. Science fiction, monster movies, adventure movies. Probably science fiction best."

Jesse nodded. "Me, too. You read?"

"Sometimes. I got a few hundred books. You can look at them when you come over tomorrow."

Jesse's eyes widened. "I'm coming over tomorrow?"

"Well, yeah. You want to see my room, don'cha? You can help me straighten up my stuff. " He laughed. "But you don't need to bring a shovel - we have an extra one."

Jesse couldn't wait. "Okay. What time?"

"Are you kidding? We'll figure that out when I call you tomorrow morning. I'll probably need another picture of you to start my day. You can have one of me, too."

Jesse felt his pulse pick up. He let his tongue hang out, and Marty laughed.

"I'd better get back now," Jesse finally said, feeling he had probably stayed too long. He really ought to get home before his mom had to call to see where he was.

"Me, too." Marty looked at him, smiled. "I love you."

A warm and comfortable feeling stole over Jesse. "I love you, too, Marty."

They got in a last hug and kiss, and then they went out of the fort.

"Call me after dinner?" Marty asked.

"Absolutely. Be prepared."

Marty gave him an interested look. "Yeah? For what?"

Jesse grinned. "Better you don't know. Just be prepared."

Marty let the tip of his tongue hang out. "Ooh. I can't wait."

Jesse latched the door to the fort, and they parted. Jesse turned and looked back every few paces, and saw Marty looking back, until the curve of the path finally took them out of sight of each other.

Marty was crazy, but Jesse loved him. He was just so glad that the screw up he'd made that day hadn't hung around for a visit. Marty was back in his life, and Jesse knew he wanted him to stay there. People make the world, and people you love make the world special.

When Jesse walked in his mom was just putting dinner on the table. "Good timing. Wash your hands and sit."

He did that, and sat down just after his dad.

"Well, Jesse. Have a good day?" His dad looked to be in a good humor himself.

Jesse nodded. "Yup. Me and Marty went swimming in the creek."

His dad smiled. "Good day for that. I like your new friend, by the way. Seems like a nice kid." He looked over at Jesse's mom. "Didn't you think so?"

Jesse's mom smiled, and looked over at Jesse before looking back his dad. "Um...yes. I liked him. I think he's a bit of a rascal, maybe...but I liked him. He has a lot of charm."

Jesse tried hard not to grin as he dug into his vegetables.

Marty certainly did have charm. But that was such a broad term, and really didn't describe him fully. Jesse could think of other words - better words - that fit Marty's personality a little more closely.

Marty was gentle, and he was funny, and he was sweet, and a little crazy. He was smart, and clever, and amazingly creative.

He had a warm love in him that Jesse had found that Marty would share with him, and share with him without strings.

And, Marty was gorgeous, and he was very, very sexy.

Of course, Jesse couldn't say any of those things - not to his folks. Not just yet.

Those were definitions of Marty that Jesse would need to keep to himself.

For now.

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