A Charmed Life

by Geron Kees

The Charm

©2016 by Geron Kees. All rights reserved.

This story is a work of fiction and depicts sexual activities between minors. All characters and situations are imaginary. No real people were harmed in the creation of this presentation. Please observe the laws of your jurisdiction with reference to reading this material.

If you're not 18, you shouldn't be reading this at all. Go find a boyfriend and talk stuff over with him.

"I want you to do me a favor," Jesse's dad told him, on the fourth day of summer vacation.

Jesse had been about to sit down in front of his computer when his dad knocked on his bedroom door. It was raining outside - one of those steady downpours that soaked the whole world and made outdoor activity impossible. And it had been raining for the past four days. It was a hell of a way to start summer vacation. Jesse was bored, and he was unhappy, and he was still upset at the events of the past few weeks.

Jesse's best friend, Nate Peak, had moved away just before school let out, his father getting transferred to another office of the big company he worked for - an office clear across the country. It wouldn't have mattered whether it was just fifty miles instead of a thousand - he and Nate were separated, and separated for good. They had grown up together, played baseball and soccer at school, discovered a shared liking for computers and astronomy, and even recently discovered sex together. Losing Nate had been like having his reflection stolen from the mirror, and Jesse had been in a state of depression since the day the two boys had parted.

Two weeks. Nate had been gone two weeks, and it already felt like forever. And now here was Jesse, four days into summer vacation, and he hadn't done a single fun thing. And it didn't help that it just would not stop raining - the crummy weather only made Jesse even more depressed.

His dad could see his mood, and came into the room and sat down on the bed, giving him a sympathetic look. "I know you miss Nate. It's rough to lose your best friend like that. Happened to me when I was a kid, too. Vic Donohoe." He sighed, looking faraway for a second. "We were like brothers."

Jesse forced a smile, understanding that his dad was trying to console him. "It was just so sudden, you know? One minute we were planning this really cool summer, and the next we were saying goodbye." He dropped his eyes. "I miss him, dad.

His father got up and moved closer, put a hand on Jesse's arm. "I know. It hurts." He shrugged. "And it sucks. I talked to Mitch the night before they left, and he said Nate came home and cried after you guys said goodbye. He was pretty upset, too."

Jesse bit his lip, imagining Nate crying, and suddenly wanted to do the same thing himself. Jesse had also cried that evening after he and Nate said goodbye for the last time, going to his room and putting his face in his pillow so no one would hear. He really felt he was too old for such stuff, but Nate had become such a strong part of Jesse's heart by then that it was just impossible not to do it.

But he didn't want to cry now. No way could he go girlie in front of his old man. So he clamped his jaw tight and looked at the wall, trying to ignore the damp that started leaking out of the corners of his eyes.

If his dad saw, he pretended not to. He gave Jesse's shoulder a squeeze, and got up. "If you'd like, I can probably get a few days off one week soon and we can combine them with a weekend and go away someplace. I don't know where on such short notice, but I'm sure we could find something. I'll talk to your mom about it, okay?"

Jesse nodded, still trying to corral the tears.

His dad turned to go, then turned back again. "I almost forgot why I came in. I was wondering if you'd mind taking a day and tearing down that shack you and Nate built out back."

Jesse was aghast. "You want me to tear down the fort?"

His dad laughed. "You don't have to say it like that. Come on, son. You and Nate built that thing when you guys were...what? Eight or nine years old? You'll be thirteen in a couple of months. Aren't you getting too old for that kind of stuff?"

Tear down the fort? The idea horrified Jesse. Not only had he and Nate built the clubhouse together, but they had shared it and loved it for years. They had played together in it. There had been endless adventures where the place was a spaceship on it's way to another world, or the stronghold of wizards and demons waiting to be conquered, or some other critical element of their fantasy world.

Yeah - they had outgrown that aspect of it, sure. The fort had eventually become a hangout, a private place just theirs, where they had talked about everything under the sun, and grown somehow even closer, and found that they shared a liking for each other in another way, too - one where they beat their dicks together and shared their first kiss. It was a special place, full of memories - and full of the ghosts of Nate.

"I...I don't think I can, dad. It was Nate's place, too."

A look of understanding filtered into his dad's eyes. "Oh. I think I can get that." He smiled. "Well, there's always time for it later. It's not harming anything. "He grimaced. "It's just such an eyesore."

Well, there was truth to that. The fort wasn't pretty. It was, after all, a guy place, and there wasn't going to be curtains in the windows - even if the place had had windows. He and Nate had built it from scrap wood taken from the trash piles around the new houses built across the Devlin's cow field, on the other side of the woods, laboriously hauling the plywood and two-by-fours a half mile through tall grass and uncleared forest to the back end of the wooded lot where Jesse lived.

Neither of them had had any experience in building anything, and it showed. Probably, if Jesse's dad hadn't come out a few times and given them some hints, the fort wouldn't still be standing now. It probably would have just fallen apart under it's own weight.

But in the end, it had turned out sturdy enough, with tar paper over the plywood roof, and the boards pretty tightly fitted together, and had proved to be waterproof to even the nastier rains. He and Nate had weathered more than a few storms out there - the most recent ones snuggled together on the old army cot they'd found in Nate's basement. Jesse closed his eyes at the memory, feeling Nate's loss all over again.

But, yeah, the fort was not pretty.

In the dead of summer, when the woods were at their thickest and greenest, you couldn't even see the fort from the house. It blended in pretty well with the color of the trees, especially once it had sat through a couple of winters and the wood had grayed from exposure to the weather. The best thing about where it was located was that it was right smack even in distance from Jesse's house and Nate's. Their parent's lots backed up to each other, and the boys had often met there early on summer mornings and slipped inside to be alone.

Jesse could still remember the first time Nate had kissed him while they were wrestling. It had been a shock at first; but they were such close friends that he couldn't be mad about it; and over time he had come to enjoy the closeness of their cuddling and kissing. And once they had discovered the joy of jerking each other's dicks, the fort had simply become the place to be for both of them, because they had the privacy to explore each other and be close without the fear that someone would walk in on them.

Of course, Jesse's dad couldn't know that. He just assumed that Jesse didn't use the fort anymore, thinking that when he wasn't home he and Nate were off playing basketball, or just hanging out at Nate's. But his father did know that their rural neighborhood was short on boys Jesse's age - ones that lived close enough for daily contact, anyway - and he could understand the loneliness his son was feeling.

Jesse looked up, and his dad's eyes were on him. The man wore a patient smile, and Jesse could see in his eyes that his dad loved him. "Well, it doesn't matter for now, Jesse. It's not like people are driving by every few minutes and pointing at it." He came over, leaned down, and kissed the top of Jesse's head. That didn't happen much anymore, and Jesse was surprised.

His dad dropped a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. "Hey - you never know. Maybe someone else will move into the Peak's house and you'll get a new friend. It's already happened once, remember?"

Jesse did. His first best friend, the earliest one he could remember, had also lived in the house behind his own. Jason. His family had been there when Jesse's parents had bought their house, and the two couples had become friendly right off. Jesse's mom had been almost to term in her pregnancy with her son then, and Jason had been a two-month old newborn.

When Jesse had been born it had been Jason's mom who helped his with recently-learned hints about baby-care, and the two kids had been exposed to each other from the first. Jesse's earliest memory of Jason was playing with him in the big sandbox that Jason's dad had built in their backyard, and which today held a bed of azaleas. The two boys had started school together, and had ridden the bus together, and been each other's constant companions through thick and thin.

And then, when Jesse was seven, Jason had moved away. Jesse had felt like his young life was already over, and his memory of that time was dark. He thought he'd never have another friend like Jason, and he'd settled into living a life that was lonely and drab.

For three whole weeks.

And then the house behind them had sold, and a new family had moved in, and then one day there was Nate, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, with a shy, goofy smile on his face, standing halfway behind his mom as she introduced herself to Jesse's mom at their front door. The rest was history.

His dad was still looking at him. "It'll be okay. These phases come and go in all of our lives, son. New friends happen along to take the place of old ones. We don't forget the friends we miss, but we do move on. You will, too." He smiled. "Hey, you never know. Third time's the charm - right?" He winked. "Maybe a cute girl will move in back there."

Jesse knew he had to smile at that. He'd already decided he was gay, because his eye was always attracted to boys and never to girls. Girls were okay - he had several at school that he liked and considered friends...but they were for talking to, and maybe eating lunch with - casual stuff, not that important. The idea of kissing them didn't bother him, either, and he had done that more than once, at birthday parties during the games they played there. But for real closeness, he couldn't think of a single girl he had ever met that came anywhere close to the draw that other boys had for him.

The first time he had seen Nate without his clothes on he had just been stunned at how beautiful his friend actually was. Nate had a soft layer of smooth, tanned skin over muscles that peeked through and tantalized when he moved, and sleepy blue eyes that just twinkled and laughed with his affection for Jesse, and a smile that just lit up his face when he did it; those were the things that Jesse felt the term pretty was about.

And of course there was Nate's dick to consider. Like Jesse, Nate had had a thin covering of new, soft fur on his body over his dick - except that Nate's was light-colored like the hair on his head, while Jesse's was darker, because he had brown hair. Their dicks had been the same size, and they had just measured them at a hair over four inches on the day before Nate found out he was moving. Jesse had been amazed at how much he had wanted to touch Nate's dick after he had seen it, how beautiful and sexy it was, and how much he enjoyed stroking it until the other boy came.

They had started with simply rubbing them against each other while laying together on the cot. Both of them had seen plenty online and they knew there were other things they could be doing; but somehow, a kind of purposeful patience had crept into their explorations. They talked about the stuff they had seen, and they quickly moved to jerking each other off while they kissed, and Jesse had felt certain that Nate was as interested in tasting his dick as Jesse was in sampling his friend's. But somehow neither of them had had the nerve to be the first to do it, and their time together after discovering all of this had simply been too short.

These things had only happened recently, and though Jesse had lain in bed a few nights and dreamed about having Nate's dick in his mouth, they just had not had time to arrive there before Nate was at his door one day, trying not to cry, and telling him they were moving.

Jesse sighed, and tried to smile at his dad. "Yeah. Maybe. It would be nice if anybody I could hang out with moved in."

His dad smiled. "Well, I have a secret for you. Mitch told me the guy who was taking his place at work had looked at the house, and was interested in it. They were looking to settle quickly, because their old house needed to be empty in a hurry. I think Mitch said that the guy had a couple of kids, too."

Jesse perked up at that. "Yeah?"

"Yes. And when I went out to the hardware store this morning, I'm almost certain I saw a car in the driveway over there."

It only took a moment for that to sink in, and then Jesse was on his feet and at his bedroom window. He knew beforehand that he would not even be able to see Nate's old house through the woods - but it didn't stop him from trying.

"Hey - it stopped raining," he noted, straining to peer through the tangle of branches in the forest canopy. Nothing.

"Hmmm." His dad smiled. "You've been cooped up in here for the better part of a week now, Jesse. Maybe you'd like to go out for a walk."

Jesse turned and stared at his dad. "Do you know something?"

"Nope. But I am pretty sure I saw a car there when I went by this morning."

Jesse went over and hugged his dad, then tilted his head back and looked up at him. "Love you, dad."

"I love you, too, Jesse. But I still want you to tear that old shack down - maybe in a few months or something. Or a year."

Jesse laughed. "Right, dad. I'm going to take a walk, okay?"

He hustled down the steps to the first floor, and smiled at his mom as he went through the kitchen, where she was sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea and reading. She smiled back, happy to see him out of his mood. "Where are you going?"

"For a walk," he called back, pushing out the side door onto the patio.

Even though it had stopped raining it was still wet out. His Nike's squish-squished as he crossed the narrow stretch of green that was the back lawn and stepped onto the worn path at the wood's edge that led to the back of the property. The woods glistened with the aftermath of the storm, and he was careful not to tangle with the underbrush that grew along the path, knowing from experience how quickly he could get soaked.

The fort came into view, a giant wooden box nestled up against an old oak in a clearing where the ground was covered with rotted leaves. He tried not to look at the structure too closely, remembering too clearly the last time he and Nate had lain together in the cot on a warm afternoon and kissed and talked for hours.

It hurt to think of. Maybe dad was right, and he should tear the thing down. At least he wouldn't have to feel the misery of remembering Nate every time he walked out here.

He'd been planning just to pass the fort and continue on up the path to Nate's house; but as he passed the structure he heard a noise - the distinct sound of something hitting the wooden floor, followed by a muffled curse.

What the hell? Someone was inside.

Jesse paused. This had never happened before. There just wasn't anyone around here that even knew of the fort, let alone anyone who would care to look inside it. Certainly no adult was going to get down and squeeze through the too-little doorway just to see what a couple of kids might have in their clubhouse.

Jesse crept back, heard other sounds now - someone moving about inside. The door was unlatched, though it never would stand open, and he thought he saw movement through the narrow opening between the edge of the door and the wall. Remembering that he had comic books inside on the crate they used as a table, and maybe some other stuff he'd prefer not to see stolen, he hunkered down and pushed through the door quickly, and stood, ready to swing his fists if he had to do it.

The intruder had his back to Jesse, and didn't see him right off. He was Jesse's own height and didn't look too big, and Jesse felt some of his nervousness edge back over to confidence as he absorbed these facts. The intruder was a kid. Hell, he hadn't met a guy his own size yet he couldn't stand toe-to-toe with in a fair fight.

"Hey!" Jesse said, maybe a little louder than he had intended.

The other boy jumped and spun, taking a step backwards and coming up against the edge of the cot. He sat down hard on the end of it, causing the latch underneath to jump out of its slot, and the end of the bunk groaned once and then collapsed to the floor, leaving the other kid jarred and staring in shock.

But the sight of all that was funny to Jesse, and he had to take a step back and laugh at the expression on the other kid's face. The kid looked up at him, his eyes squinting just a little with annoyance.

"What the heck did you do that for? You scared the shit out of me!"

Jesse tried to sit on his grin. "What are you doing in here, man? This place is private."

"I live here," the other kid said crossly. "What are you doing here?"

Jesse shook his head, his humor evaporating. "No, you don't. This is my dad's property. I don't know who you think you're kidding with that bullshit."

The other kid got slowly to his feet. "I do too live here. My dad just bought the house up on the hill."

Jesse's mouth sagged in shock. "The Peak house?"

"I guess. Yeah, that's it. We're moving in today."

Jesse grinned, looking at the other boy a little closer. He was dressed in jeans and a blue Fila tee-shirt, and was wearing a pair of Adidas that looked like they'd cost. He had slightly wild, sandy hair, and blue eyes, and there was a little bit of a pout to his lips that was just cute as shit. In fact, this guy was just cute as shit all over.

The other boy's eyes widened, and then he grinned. "Are you checking me out, dude?"

Oops. Jesse frowned. "I was just trying to figure out who was trespassing in my fort, is all."

The kid's grin faded, and he looked angry again. "I just told you -"

Jesse cut him off with a wave of his hand. "Come here and learn something, brain."

He pushed back out through the doorway, turned to watch as the other boy squeezed through. Outside, in the better light, the other kid was even cuter than he had been in the dimness of the fort's interior, and Jesse had to take a breath to control his heart when it thumped a couple of times in his chest.

"Come here by me," Jesse said, pointing at the ground next to him.

The other boy came over, watching him suspiciously. Jesse pointed over to his right. "See that little stake in the ground with the orange flag?"

The other boy squinted, nodded. "Yeah."

Jesse turned to his left and pointed to a similar stake off in the woods there. "And that one?"

The kid made a face now like he knew where this was going.

"That's the property line," Jesse made clear. "You came down the path and came into my backyard, and you just didn't know it."

Now the other kid looked like he felt stupid. "I'm sorry, man. I was just looking the place over, you know? I saw this thing -" he indicated the fort " - down here and came to look." He smiled a little sadly. "Damn. Thought I had myself a cool little hangout left over from the last kid that lived here."

Jesse eyed him again - felt a little fluttery inside. This guy was just too damn cute. "Uh - I'm Jesse," he managed, sticking out his fist.

The other boy looked at him a second, then grinned and pushed his own fist out and bumped Jesse's.

"I'm Marty. And you're still checking me out."

Goddamn. Was he being that obvious? Jesse felt his face get warm. "What do you mean?"

The other boy gave him a look that said he knew better. "That's alright. I'm cool with it."

Jesse frowned, thinking it best to change the subject. "You guys are moving in today?"

"Yup. I got tired of hearing the movers call my mom's china cabinet dat beeg sonhofabeetch and came out to look over the landscape. You know - see what there was to see? It's all new to me. My dad just came in one day and said we were moving and we had a new house, so this is my first time seeing it." His face clouded. "Talk about brain freeze. I had to leave all my friends, my soccer team, and my, uh, best friend behind, and move out here in the boonies with the outhouse crowd. I wasn't too happy about it, if you know what I mean."

Jesse nodded, ignoring the insult. "Yeah. My best friend lived in your house."

"You mean Nate?"

Jesse felt his mouth drop open. "You know him?"

Marty shook his head. "Not really. I met him once at my dad's office. He was there with his dad. We were meeting to go to the company picnic, last year." Marty eyed him just a little weird, like he was nervous about what he wanted to say next. "Nate was a cute guy," he finished.

Jesse just stared. Somehow, this kid had immediately seen what was going on in Jesse's mind, and now it was like he was calling him out on it. It made Jesse nervous, but - damn if he was going to hide from the guy, if that's the way it was.

"Yeah," he said, nodding. "Very cute."

Marty nodded too, realizing he'd made progress, but seeing the hurt in Jesse's eyes. "You, uh, touch any of that?"

Jesse could only nod.

Marty frowned, looked sad himself. "Yeah. I had a friend like that. I had to leave him to come here. I wasn't happy about it, either."

Jesse walked over to the fort and leaned back against the outer wall. "Yeah? What was he like?"

Marty came over and leaned on the wall next to him. They both stared off into the trees. "He was like you: brown hair and blue eyes. Cute. His name was Keith. I met him playing soccer and we just kinda became best friends." He laughed. "It happened really fast, and I wasn't really ready for where it went." He looked over at Jesse. "You know?"

Jesse nodded. "I met Nate when we were seven, and he's been my best friend ever since." Jesse waved a hand around at the woods. "There's not many guys our age around here, Marty. I mean, I have friends at school and all, but Nate was my only one here." He looked over at the other boy. "We got to be pretty tight."

Marty nodded, but looked away into the woods and didn't say anything for awhile.

"It's okay for you to use the fort," Jesse offered. "I mean, it'd be cool to have someone to hang with again. I've kinda been a little dark since Nate rolled out. I could use some company now and then."

Marty turned and grinned at him. "That's cool. I was thinking how great a place this would be to come and fap when I felt like it."

Jesse snorted, trying not to laugh. He'd seen the word online, but didn't know anyone that actually used it.

"You mean beat your dick?"

Marty shrugged, grinning. "Whatever. Jerk off. Beat my meat. Choke my chicken. Spank my monkey. Oil my snake." He made eyes at Jesse. "Play with myself."

Jesse laughed, feeling a little embarrassed.

Marty's eyes got a little big.

"What?" Jesse asked, seeing it immediately.

"Nothing." To Jesse's astonishment, Marty suddenly looked shy.

"It was something," Jesse pressed, interested, and not really knowing why.

Marty bit his lip. "Um...you're cute as shit when you laugh."

Jesse took a breath and leaned back. "Yeah?"

Marty nodded, and looked away quickly. "Yeah."

Jesse was confused by what he was feeling. Marty was the easiest guy to say things to he'd ever met. Even easier, it seemed, then Nate had been. He'd known Marty about fifteen minutes, and they'd already admitted to each other they liked boys. And maybe that they liked each other, too.

Intuitively, he kind of understood what was happening. He had just lost Nate, who he had been in the process of falling hard in love with. And here was Marty, who had admitted being separated from his friend, Keith, who he might even have loved already. Both of them were lonely, and both of them were sad, and both of them were attracted to other boys.

And both of them were horny.

"I was thinking how cute you were, too," he dared, feeling a light flush in his cheeks. "You're right - I was checking you out."

Marty looked back at him and grinned. "I knew it. Keith looked at me like that all the time. That's how I knew."

They looked at each other a moment longer, and Jesse had to grin and look away. God, this guy was cute!

"You know," Marty said, squatting down and pushing open the fort's door and looking inside, "this place could be fixed up a little and be really cool."

"Huh?" Jesse couldn't help feeling a little irritation. "What's wrong with it like it is now?"

Marty squeezed inside, and Jesse followed.

"Well, for one thing, it's too dark in here. This place needs a window or something."

Jesse sighed, went over and stood on the good end of the cot. He reached up, popped a latch, and pushed. The whole length of the top of the wall swung out on hinges, letting in a breeze of cooler air, and more than enough light. Jesse hunted around outside with his hand, found a hinged rod, and pulled it up and let the flap back down on it so that the end of the rod went into a hole in the wood, propping the flap open at about a forty-five degree angle.

Jesse jumped down. "Anything else?"

Marty grinned. "Cool beans." He turned back to another corner, pointed up at the roof. "Look there. You can see where water came in."

Jesse peered, and damn if there wasn't a sizeable wet spot there, and down the adjacent wall. "Shit. I never saw that."

"Yeah. If we don't fix that, it'll get moldy or something. And look at this -" Marty went and bent over in another corner.

But Jesse wasn't paying attention, because he was busy getting breathless. All he could see was Marty's butt as he bent down, and how cute and round it was in his jeans. Marty wasn't exactly a bubble butt, but he sure had some nice buns. Jesse felt his heart get faster, and realized he was feeling the same kind of excitement he had felt when he and Nate had undressed each other. It made his knees wobbly and his legs feel weak.

Marty looked back over his shoulder. "Are you listening?"

"Yeah," Jesse said, trying to concentrate.

Marty straightened and looked at him. "Your face is red. What -" He suddenly grinned, looked back at the corner he'd bent into, then bounced his eyes back at Jesse. "No shit. Were you checking out my ass?"

Jesse went over to the bunk, bent down and pulled up the end of it, fixed the latch underneath, and sat on it, putting his face in his hands. "I don't know how you do that."

Marty looked at him a minute, then came over and sat down next to him. "Do what?"

"Always see what I'm looking at. And you always know what I'm thinking."

Marty smiled, "How old are you, Jesse?"

"I'll be thirteen in two months."

"Oh. I thought you were a little older." He smiled again. "I'm thirteen and a half."

Jesse looked at the other boy, not seeing what his age had to do with it. "And?"

Marty nodded. "Was Nate your first...boyfriend?"

Jesse felt the breathless feeling again. Boyfriend? Holy crap! Somehow he'd never thought of it that way, but that's exactly what Nate had been. Jesse's boyfriend


"Um...how far did you guys get?"

Jesse squinted at him. "You mean what stuff did we do?"

"Yeah." Marty looked a little breathless himself. "You ever suck him off?"

Jesse felt an odd thrill run throughout his body. "No. We wanted to do that, but we were nervous. Mostly we just jacked each other off and kissed a lot."

Marty's eyes opened a bit. "Hey, that's something. Most guys start fooling around, they just do dick stuff. Kissing is real special. It means you got feelings."

Jesse squeezed his eyes shut. "Yeah. I loved Nate."

There. He'd admitted what he'd known all along.

He sensed Marty nod, and opened his eyes.

"Yeah. I loved Keith, too. I guess I still do." Marty looked sad, and Jesse felt an urge to hug the other boy, to comfort him.

They looked into each other's eyes, and again Jesse felt his pulse pick up.

"Me and Keith were boyfriends for a year," Marty said. "I got used to all the ways he looked at me, and that's why I can tell what you're doing. You don't try to hide it, either. Maybe you should watch that, huh?"

Jesse looked down at Marty's mouth, at the curves of his lips, and wondered what it would be like to kiss them. He let his eyes drift up to Marty's. "Can you tell what I'm thinking now?

"Yes." Marty's eyes were on Jesse's mouth, and then they were leaning together.

And then they were kissing

Jesse had his eyes closed, felt Marty push his tongue into his mouth. He and Nate had done that, too, and he knew how to handle it. He leaned into Marty a little, getting into the way he was feeling, doing a dance with the other boy's tongue that had his heart pounding in his chest.

They separated. Marty looked a little dazed. "Fuck, dude," he breathed. "You're awesome."

Jesse felt a real thrill. He'd already decided that Marty was way ahead of him in the area of sex, and this admission that he was a good kisser went a long way towards boosting his confidence.

Jesse grinned. "You're pretty good yourself."

Marty grinned at him. " Yeah, Keith and I kissed a lot, but I always kind thought he really didn't like it that much. Now I know he didn't, 'cause I just kissed someone who really loves doing it."

Jesse laughed, feeling embarrassed. Marty leaned closer, put his forehead against Jesse's, and smiled into his eyes.

"I think I could learn to like you a lot, Jesse."

Jesse felt stupid. How the hell could this have happened so fast? He didn't even know Marty...shit, he didn't even know the guy's last name!

"What's your last name, Marty?" he asked suddenly.

Marty looked surprised. "Anderson. Why?"

Jesse grinned. "I just thought I should know the name of the guy I'm going to be kissing."

Marty laughed, and his eyes sparkled, and Jesse's heart wailed like a new baby being delivered. Damn, this guy was cute!

He sat back, away from the other boy.

"What happened" Marty said, suddenly looking anxious. "I got bad breath or something?"

Jesse laughed. "Uh uh. I just...Marty, I just met you, and I'm sitting here kissing you. It's just so fast, man. You know?"

Marty grinned. "Fast and furious, is what it is." He shrugged. "But if it means anything to you, I never got the hots for anybody this fast before, either."

Jesse blinked, then smiled. "You got the hots for me?"

Marty gave him a duh! look. "You can't tell?"

Could he? Well, if the kiss they'd just shared was any indicator - yeah, he could tell. Okay.

He made a face as he struggled with it all. Marty grinned at him, and Jesse could see some sympathy there. "I can slow down some, if you want, Jesse. I just...I like you. And I think you're cute. And sexy. Is that okay for me to say?"

"Yeah," Jesse said slowly, feeling his face burn a little. Cute and sexy, huh? "I guess if you've had a boyfriend for a whole year you're just used to it a lot more than me. Me and Nate were kind of slow doing what we did. I was really scared of doing something he didn't like, and I think he was the same way. We were friends so long, and I liked him so much, I just wasn't gonna mess that up by doing something stupid. Does that make sense?"

Marty smiled. "Yeah. It's makes a lot of sense to me. You guys musta really been close to worry about each other like that. That's really cool, I think."

Jesse nodded. "Yeah. Nate was my whole life. We did everything together. My dad used to look at me if I came in the house by myself and say, 'Where's your shadow?'" He smiled.

Marty pouted a little. "I know you miss him. But...I'm here now. Maybe I can help with that."

Jesse looked at the other boy, and the expression on his face was so hopeful it made Jesse smile. "You don't even know me, Marty."

"Hey - I'm willing to learn." Marty bent forward so that their faces were close again. "Teach me."

Jesse's eyes roved over the other boy's face, and he was just so entranced with every cute line and curve. He'd heard the term love at first sight before, but he'd never given it much thought. Was something like that really possible?

"I think you're really cute, Marty," he said softly, and then he leaned forward and they kissed again.

Jesse's heart was pounding in his chest, and he was breathing way too fast, like he'd just swum the length of a pool underwater. He was excited because he knew that Marty had done a lot more sex stuff than him, and the idea of maybe getting taught by someone who had actually done things was enough to make him horny as hell.

When their faces separated again, Marty looked at him strangely. "Man, kissing you is just awesome, Jesse. It's like nobody ever kissed me before."

Jesse smiled, feeling good about that. "I've had a lot of practice. Sometimes me and Nate would kiss for hours.

Marty's mouth dropped open "Hours?"

Jesse nodded. He bit at his lip, thinking now of something else altogether than kissing. "Marty? Um - you ever suck Keith's dick?"

Marty smiled. "Yup."

Jesse let out a little breath. "And he sucked yours?"

Marty nodded, still smiling.

Jesse leaned forward. "What's it like?"

Marty canted his head to one side a second, then leaned forward and put his forehead against Jesse's and smiled into his eyes. "I could show you."

Jesse squeezed his eyes shut. Could he do that? Could he let someone do that to him?


He opened his eyes. "Wanna lay down together?"

Marty closed his eyes and let out a little breath of his own. "I sure do."

Jesse leaned down, untied his shoes, pushed them off with his feet. Marty was right behind him, and when Jesse laid down on the cot Marty turned to face him and immediately snuggled closer.

For just a second Jesse had a horrible feeling of familiarity. This felt so much like laying here with Nate. He closed his eyes, tried to push the feelings of guilt out of his thoughts. I love you, Nate. But you're gone, and I'm alone. And I can't stand that anymore.

He pushed an arm under Marty's head and wrapped the other boy in his arms, pushed his face closer, and kissed him with all the things he was feeling right now behind it, pushing. He felt Marty gasp a little, but the other boy kept up his end, and Jesse enjoyed it immensely.

And then he felt Marty's hand on him, sliding up under his tee-shirt, rubbing the tingly skin of his back, leaving a sensation of touch everywhere. He slid his own hand up inside Marty's shirt, and could barely stand the feel of the boy's soft and warm skin. The feel of Nate echoed inside his mind - skin all talked the same language, it seemed - and it was all he could do to remember that this was someone else, someone new.

Someone different.

And as Jesse began to relax and get into what they were doing, he began to feel the difference. Nate had been wonderfully warm and soft, too, but he had had a different feel, like a big dog that climbed into bed with you, snuggled up close beside you, and then went to sleep. It was still warm and comfortable, but the touch was simple, and while it was nice to experience, it didn't change a whole lot from one moment to the next.

Marty had a feel all his own. He was more like a playful cat that jumped into your arms and purred and prodded you with its face, changing position and keeping you guessing. He had an energy that Nate didn't have, and it was an energy that Jesse somehow recognized came from practice.

Marty was experienced

Marty's hand found Jesse's crotch and expertly located his already-hard dick, and began to massage it through his jeans. Jesse's thigh muscles twitched and his dick went to solid stone in record time. Jesse took the move as permission to do the same, and was a little relieved to feel that Marty wasn't noticeably bigger than he was - maybe a little. One of the things that had scared him about being with Marty was that the other boy would have one of those horse dicks he'd seen online - some guys were just big.

The relief at finding they were close in size made his confidence jack up a couple of notches, and when Marty moved to undo Jesse's belt and jeans, he did the same to Marty, with fingers anxious to get at what they would find within.

So he was a little surprised when Marty suddenly sat up, pulling away from his anxious fingers, and started pulling at Jesse's shirt. Jesse only waited a second before sitting up himself so that Marty could pull it off of him; and then he was stripping Marty out of his. When they lay back again and their bare bellies came together Jesse's skin screamed it's happiness at him, just sending shooting flashes of eagerness down his nerve pathways in every direction.

I wasn't sure I'd ever feel this again, after Nate left.

He could hear Marty breathing fast. The boy went back to unfastening Jesse's pants, got them undone, and pushed a hand down inside his boxers.

Jesse thought he would cream right then. Marty gently felt him up, rubbing all the places that felt good to be rubbed, and gently squeezing the places meant to be squeezed. Jesse's thigh muscles twitched with each movement, making it hard for him to concentrate on getting Marty's pants undone. But finally he was there, and he slid a hand down the warmth of Marty's belly and deep inside his clothing, and got hold of his dick.

The satisfaction was just hard to take. He pulled Marty against him and rubbed him and kissed him while he felt him up down below, and it was like he'd never done it before with anyone. Marty felt new, and just soooo incredibly hot to handle. Jesse was panting hard now, and loving it.

Marty sat up again, pulled one of Jesse's legs up, yanked off his sock, and threw it on the floor. Then he did the same to the other foot. Jesse watched, breathless, as Marty got to his knees, grasped the waistband of Jesse's jeans and boxers, and simply dumped him out of them onto the cot.

Jesse was naked. He grinned, knowing that could not be allowed to be a solo experience. So as Marty lay back down he was getting up, and he simply did the same thing to the other boy, grabbing his clothing at the waist and dumping him out of it, peeling his socks off as he got the jeans down around Marty's ankles.

Now Marty was naked, too.

Jesse couldn't help taking a second to look. Marty had an awesome body - every bit as pretty as Nate's. And maybe even prettier, though Jesse's thoughts shied away from comparing him to the just-gone boy he'd loved before.

A trace of a six-pack showed through the smooth skin of his belly, and there was a slight curve to his hips that focused Jesse's eyes right to the center, where Marty's dick was standing straight. And his dick did look a tad bigger than Jesse's, maybe a half-inch longer, and a little thicker. But the difference was so small it just didn't matter. Hell the guy was older, even if it was only eight months.

Marty was gorgeous.

"Shit," Jesse finally breathed, looking down at him. "Goddamn, you're a pretty fucker."

Marty grinned at him, held up his arms in an invitation for Jesse to come back. Jesse returned the grin, needing no further prodding. He laid down on top of Marty, feeling both his own and Marty's dick lay down between them, and just had to groan with the sheer pleasure of their bodies - and their junk - coming together. Jesse already knew the absolute joy of skin-touch from being with Nate, and being with Marty was every bit as good.

Marty wiggled his hips a little, and their dicks rubbed together, making Jesse jump.

"You keep that up and I'll come on your belly," Jesse warned, grinning.

Marty made a face. "So? After you've licked it off, I'll just suck you and make you come again."

Jesse couldn't help letting his tongue fall out at the idea of licking his own come off of Marty's skin.

"Sheesh. You mean you've done stuff like that with Keith?"

"Oh, yeah," Marty said, looking like that was baby-stuff. "There was no place on Keith I didn't lick or kiss." He smiled, rubbing his nose against Jesse's chin. "And he licked and kissed me everywhere, too."

The idea of licking and kissing Marty everywhere made Jesse's horny-meter soar. He could feel his pulse in his dick, which was pressed against Marty's warm skin, right alongside the other boy's hot and - he could feel now - wet dick.

"You're leaking," he said, his voice a whisper.

Marty put his arms up around Jesse's neck and pulled his face down, gently kissing him. "I guess so. My rod feels like it's going to explode any second."

When they kissed again, Jesse put his feelings in it. He was so horny now it felt like he had hair standing up all over the skin of his body, and his heart was going fast enough to pump blood for two people. He just plain wanted Marty, and with a kind of desire he'd never felt before.

He would do just about anything with Marty now.

When their faces separated, Marty looked at him like he was going to cry. "Aw, Jesse. You're stealing my heart right away from me."

Jesse could only smile. This thing was already out of their control.

Marty rubbed his hands down Jesse's back, caressing his skin, and went up and over his butt, letting his fingers gently squeeze the little curves at the bottom. "Oh, man," he breathed.

For another few seconds nothing else happened. And then Marty drew a leg up and used it to lever his body up, and he turned carefully onto his side, so that Jesse could slide off. But their skin had bonded. The day had warmed, and a little sweat was enough to create a slight vacuum between them, and their skin parted with a tingly, ripping sound like someone was pulling off old wallpaper.

Jesse was on his side, and then his back. Marty followed, coming up onto him with just his chest, and looked down into Jesse's eyes. The tip of Marty's tongue protruded between his lips, and his eyes looked just plain hungry. He dropped his face, kissed Jesse's chin, then went on down under the curve of his jaw, and kissed Jesse's throat, and then out across one shoulder.

It felt like the start of something special, and Jesse's skin was burning under Marty's kisses. The other boy slid down, kissing all the way, nibbled at Jesse's hard and tight nipples, his teeth gently pinching just enough to make Jesse gasp, without hurting him.

Then Marty was sucking on Jesse's tit, his tongue swirling around the nipple, making the muscle underneath twitch with joy.


From there the other boy traveled south, stopping to stick his tongue in Jesse's navel - something quite pleasant, but not as immediately shocking to his body as what had come before. What was more thrilling was the knowledge that Jesse's dick was only inches away - waiting.

So he was a little shocked when Marty suddenly sat up and pulled at Jesse's hip, trying to turn him over.

"Come on," he said, laughing, "I got some stuff to do on the other side."

Disappointed, and not sure what was happening, Jesse flipped over on his stomach and carefully laid down on his dick, afraid that the thing was so stiff now that it might break off if he didn't watch it.

Marty laid against him and kissed the back of his shoulders, then down his spine, rubbing his ribs, then letting the hand slide down and feel his butt. It was nice, but no replacement for getting his dick sucked. But...Marty had a plan, of that Jesse was sure. So maybe he should just shut up his thoughts, relax, and go with what was happening to him.

Marty continued to kiss down his back side, until he arrived at Jesse's butt, and there he slowed, kissing and sometimes gently biting the curves and soft places he found there. Jesse smiled - now that was tickly and tingly.

What Marty did next surprised him.

The other boy levered himself over Jesse's leg and went to sink down between them. Jesse spread them automatically, and Marty made himself comfortable, then lowered his head and began kissing Jesse's butt, and nuzzling the soft lower curves with his face. Jesse smiled, wondering where this was going. It was nice, but it was just kissing.

But - suddenly, he felt Marty's tongue. It traced carefully down the length of Jesse's butt crack, from top to bottom, stealing Jesse's breath way and making his heart flip-flop. That itself would have been enough to make postponing having his dick sucked worthwhile; but what Marty did next simply shocked him.

He felt Marty's face press down against his cheeks, and Marty's nose went down into Jesse's butt crack. Jesse lifted his head, arching his spine backwards, just astonished at the sheer intimacy of having someone get so close to an utterly personal part of him.

"Mmm," Marty purred. "I smell pucker."

Jesse felt his face get hot. "Do I stink? I'm sorry."

He felt Marty's face lift. "No, dummy. I was sniffing your pucker. It smells sweet, just like all your skin does. Only here it's stronger." He laughed. "Better."

With a shock, Jesse realized that Marty was talking about Jesse's brown eye. His ass hole.

"What - ?" he began. But he got no farther.

Marty lowered his head again, used his hands to spread Jesse's cheeks, and then Jesse felt Marty's tongue in his butt, gently dancing around the edge of Jesse's brown eye. His pucker.

The feeling was completely unexpected. Jesse's thigh muscles twitched, and then his butt muscles, and again he couldn't help lifting his head as his spine arched backwards. I feeling of warmth crept down from his pucker to his taint, and then entered his balls, which suddenly seemed twice their normal size.

It was incredibly good!

Marty's tongue seemed to touch every part of the rim of Jesse's hole; but what came next was what nearly ended things. Marty's tongue suddenly slid away from the rim of Jesse's pucker, and plunged straight down into the center, probing inside.

Jesse gasped, feeling his dick flex and twitch, and he was just sure he was going to come. He drew his arms up, pressed his hands down against the cot, supporting the arch in his back, unable to straighten again because what his body was feeling was so good it wouldn't let him relax. Marty dug deep, tasting the intimate end of Jesse's insides, until Jesse could hardly stand it any longer.

Marty came up for air, suddenly vacated the spot between Jesse's legs and crawled up beside him. Jesse looked over at him, unable not to smile.

"Good, huh?" Marty asked.

Before Jesse could even answer, Marty was trying to turn him over again. Jesse went with it, flopping over onto his back, his pucker still reliving the tingly memory of what had just been done to it.

Marty grinned eagerly, scrambled back to the spot between Jesse's legs and wormed his way between them.

Jesse felt a moment of suspension, like his body paused. He knew what was coming, didn't believe it was going to happen to him

"Oh, cool," Marty said softly. "You're getting wet."

Jesse raised his head, looked down the length of his body at his dick. Poised in the tip of it was a large, clear drop of pre-come.

He watched in unbelieving fascination as Marty lowered his head, hung out the tip of his tongue, and gently swiped away the drop. The brush of the other boy's tongue across the naked end of his pecker made Jesse's toes curl and his dick spasm, and again he thought he might just haul off and bust a nut into the other boy's face.

But again it was like his dick had more patience than he had himself. The spasm passed, his toes uncurled, and a moment of peace descended on his middle.

Marty was looking up at him, smiling. Again he lowered his head, but this time he sank down on the other side of Jesse's dick. Jesse felt Marty's tongue on his balls, and then felt Marty take one into his mouth and rub it with his tongue. Again Jesse's thigh muscles twitched in sympathy. He closed his eyes, hoping he could hold onto his load until Marty actually got down to sucking him off.

"You're swelling," Marty said. "Pulling up." Jesse opened his eyes and looked down. Marty winked at him, took the shaft of his dick in his fingers, lowered his face again, and took the head of Jesse's dick into his mouth. His tongue began a gentle dance, slowly circling it, and Jesse's toes knotted and the small of his back came up off the cot. He grabbed at the edge of the cot's frame, just trying not to yell out, the feeling was so amazingly good

Marty continued the incredible tongue-swirl on the head of his pecker, until Jesse was just sure he was about to blow. He held onto the frame of the cot with all his might, willing himself to hold on; just when he thought he wouldn't make it, Marty just suddenly sank down the shaft of Jesse's dick, pulling his fingers out of the way and going down until his nose was in Jesse's dick-fur.

Jesse gasped, let go of the cot and clamped his hands to the side of his head and closed his eyes, and began breathing little, ooh, ooh, ooh's under his breath. It was the only way he could keep thinking, because feeling was trying to take over his body.

Marty began moving his head, slowly up and down, while his tongue within his mouth rubbed and compressed Jesse's dick, and Marty's cheeks started to fold in and out as he applied a gentle bit of vacuuming to the process.

It felt unbelievably good.

Jesse breathed in little fits, continuing to squeeze his hands against the sides of his head and rub his fingers in his hair, trying to distract himself from the spring he felt winding up inside his body.

It was coming, the feeling where the tops of his legs started to go week and his middle became antsy, and it built so quickly he was unprepared for it to consume him.

He opened his eyes and looked down, feeling frozen in time. Marty pulled a hand up and took his forefinger and slid it up into his mouth alongside Jesse's dick. The he pulled it out, glistening with spit and pre-come, and pushed his hand underneath of him.

Without warning, Jesse felt something at the door to his butt again, and then Marty's finger was sliding up inside him.

His hips suddenly thrust upwards, his hands pushed so hard against the sides of his head he thought he might crush it, and his feet twitched and his toes curled hard; and then he just grunted in surprise and began jetting into Marty's mouth. It felt like ten comes in one, and his dick pulsed at a speed he'd never felt before.

Marty took his tongue and compressed the head of Jesse's dick against the roof of his mouth while Jesse was squirting, and the sudden restriction of his plumbing cause the pressure of each pulse to double. Jesse cried out, nearly lurched up off the cot. Marty took a hand and pushed down against his abdomen, holding him in place, until, quite suddenly, it was all over.

With a last twitch, his dick went still, and Jesse felt his body sag into the thin mattress beneath him. Dimly, he was aware of Marty withdrawing his finger from his butt at the same time as he worked his mouth back off Jesse's dick, until just the very end was still inside. Marty took the shaft of Jesse's dick in his fingers, worked his thumb up the underside, gently squeezing, and milked out the last few drops of Jesse's juice.

Marty was suddenly swarming up beside him, until his face was hovering above Jesse's. Marty was smiling, and there were things in his eyes that Jesse couldn't name, but loved seeing.

Marty lowered his face, pushed his mouth against Jesse's, and tucked his tongue between Jesse's lips.

Jesse tasted himself. His mouth was tingling with the familiar sweet n' salty of his own come. He knew it's taste, because in the last days before Nate had gone Jesse would lay in his bed at night and imagine he was sucking Nate's dick, and beat off into his hand, and then lick his fingers and palm clean and pretend it was Nate's come he was tasting.

Jesse worked his tongue, tasting Marty's mouth and his own come, and was just as happy as could be. He threw his arms around the other boy and kissed him like he had loved him his whole life. Marty gave a little gasp and Jesse could feel him swallow, and then they were simply laying with their faces together and not doing anything else at all.

Jesse could hear Marty's fast little breaths, and feel the boy's chest moving against his own. Marty's hard dick pressed against his side down low, and Jesse wasn't sure, but he thought he could feel the firm and rapid beat of the other boy's heart through their touching breastbones.

Jesse brought his arms up and got them around Marty, and hugged him to himself as if the other boy was going to escape. He rubbed his hands down Marty's back, loving the feel of his skin beneath his fingertips, and just laid there and wondered how this thing could have happened between them.

He'd known Nate just short of a lifetime, and he'd been afraid to break him by touching too hard or too fast. And he'd known Marty for an hour, and was already feeling closer to him than he had ever felt with Nate.

He turned his head, found Marty's lips, and kissed him, feeling so much inside him that he couldn't contain it. All he wanted was to hold the boy, and touch his skin, and feel his warmth, and know that he was near. He brought a hand up to the back of Marty's head and tangled his fingers gently in Marty's hair as they kissed. just wishing this moment could go on and on.

Marty broke the kiss, pulling his face back long enough to move it to one side, and then descended on Jesse's cheek and kissed him there with great energy, turning his head and rubbing his face into Jesse's. Jesse could smell Marty's hair by his nose, and the musky scent of the other boy's skin, and a faint smell he knew was the smell of sex.

He turned slowly and dumped Marty off so that he turned onto his back, and came up on top of him, and kissed him one last time before starting to work his way down the boy's front, suckling his tits, gently biting the erect nipples, and then kissing down his soft but firm belly right to the boy's dick fur.

Jesse planted his face in the soft, silky hair, took his hand and pushed Marty's dick against his cheek and then turned his head and kissed the shaft of it. Marty's belly rose and fell in excited little spasms as his breathing grew faster, causing Jesse's own excitement to soar.

Jesse had to make a decision: did he want to do to Marty what Marty had done to him?

If someone had asked yesterday if he could have stuck his face in Nate's butt, he would have said no. Put my mouth where somebody shits? No fucking way.

But today was different. Marty had done something to him - changed him. The other boy's body seemed like candy now, sweet and wonderful everyplace, and Jesse just wanted to taste him in the most intimate places.

He sat up, tugged at Marty to turn him over. Marty laughed, a little wildly, Jesse thought, and turned over.

Jesse descended onto the other boy's back, kissing his shoulder blades through his sweet skin, and then went down the vertebrae of his back, kissing the inlaid line that ran down to the boy's twin mounds. What he really wanted to get at were the soft curves at the bottom of Marty's butt.

He pushed his face into the firm/soft base of one of Marty's buns, opened his mouth, and licked it. It had a pleasant skin taste that came along with a pleasant scent of boy, and Jesse rolled his face in the spot, drawing the incredible aroma of the other boy into his nose.

He couldn't wait now. Sliding over Marty's leg, he got between them, and Marty opened up to let him in. Jesse immediately put his face down near Marty's crack and took a cautious sniff.

Whatever he'd expected to smell, it wasn't there. There was simply a stronger sense of the sexy scent the other boy's skin had, and Jesse closed his eyes, stuck out his tongue, and daintily touched it to Marty's crack.

It tasted like the rest of him, warm and pleasant, not bad at all. Jesse ran his tongue up to the top, swirled it gently in a circle in the widening place where Marty's buns met his back. Then he laid closer, and kissed the spot.

I'm kissing his crack, he thought to himself in amazement. And I want to do more.

Mimicking what Marty had done to him, he drew his tongue down the crack of Marty's butt, feeling an urge to push deeper the lower down he went. At the bottom, he pushed his face against Marty's butt and let his nose go down inside.

Marty was right. Here was the same musky-sweet scent that Marty's skin exuded, but somehow concentrated. It was pleasant and it was warm, and it was just about the sexiest thing Jesse had ever smelled.

Jesse shifted his weight to one elbow, took the other hand and used his thumb to carefully separate Marty's crack. The other boy's butt hole - his pucker - came into view, a curious circle of brown and gray skin, with little lines running from the edges to vanish into the depressed center.

It was neither ugly nor offensive looking; Jesse realized with amazement that Marty's pucker was cute. Not only that, but he wanted to do what Marty had done to him: he wanted to taste it.

He lowered his face, took a breath, and just found more of the same pleasant scent of Marty. Emboldened, he stuck his tongue out and touched the tip to the very edge of Marty's pucker, and found the taste just as pleasant as the smell. Closing his eyes, he let his tongue explore the rim, circling it with a feathery touch that had Marty making little happy sounds while he made an obvious effort not to squirm.

And then it was time. Jesse opened his eyes, moved his tongue to the middle, and touched down. No different here, just more pleasure. He pushed his tongue into the center, lowered his face until it was firmly against Marty's butt cheeks, and let his tongue go as far in as it could. Marty continued to make little happy sounds and moved gently under him, as his body enjoyed the sensations Jesse was giving him.

Suddenly, Jesse couldn't get enough. He pushed his face down between Marty's cheeks and forced his tongue even deeper, until - just for s second - he encountered a warm, earthy taste, almost like he'd gotten a bit of dirt in his mouth. But it was quickly gone, melding into the more pleasant taste of Marty's skin, and Jesse licked away until he just ran out of air.

He pulled up, letting Marty's cheeks go back together, and lowered his face and kissed each one. With a sigh of regret, he crawled up and lay down on Marty, laying his dick in the boy's butt crack as he lowered himself onto him.

"That was excellent," he whispered into Marty's ear.

Marty turned his head to the side, enough for Jesse to see his grin. "Jesse, you got some talent, man. For a guy who never did any of this, you're pretty amazing."

Jesse felt a warm glow at that, and gently rolled his hips, humping Marty's crack. "Thanks."

Marty took a breath, and he looked surprised, but then he grinned. "I can't wait for more."

Jesse didn't want him to have to wait. He slid off, helped Marty turn over, and then crawled back on top of him.

He hovered his face above the other boy's, looking down into his eyes. They were startlingly blue, just beautiful. Beautiful, like Marty's face.

Marty gazed back, smiling, looking into Jesse's eyes with a kind of acceptance that made Jesse feel really good. That they were going to be the best of friends was clear to him now. The best of friends - and more.

He dropped his face, nuzzled the other boy affectionately, and kissed him again. Marty wrapped Jesse in his arms and hugged him as they kissed, and Jesse could feel a certain something extra in the other boy's embrace that simply pushed his love buttons and made him want more.

He pulled away gently, slid down and suckled himself on Marty's tits, then went straight for the glory.

He got up and moved down and wedged himself between Marty's accommodating legs, put a hand behind Marty's dick, and simply leaned in and kissed it. He started at the head and kissed down it's length, enjoying the slightly different but still pleasing scent of Marty's most personal possession, and when he got to Marty's balls, he kissed and tasted them, too.

But what he really wanted - more than anything - was to get Marty's dick into his mouth.

He looked at it a last time, just this straight, cute thing that might as well have had a sign on it that said suck me.

Marty was making wet, too. A glisten of pre-come dappled the end of his pecker around the slit. Jesse gently squeezed Marty's dick from about the middle upward, and was rewarded with a full-sized droplet that emerged from the slit and poised on the end. Jesse immediately went for it, using the tip of his tongue to lap it away before it could escape. It was as sweet as honey on his tongue - his first real taste of another boy's sex.

He was hungry for more.

He put the head of Marty's dick into his mouth and licked it, and then ran his tongue around it like Marty had done for him. The other boy's hips flexed, and Jesse could see Marty squeezing his eyes shut, a little smile on his face. That what he was doing was good for Marty only made it better for Jesse; somehow, the idea of making Marty feel good was enormously pleasurable.

He took more of Marty into his mouth, used his tongue to massage and squeeze while he sucked gently, feeling his cheeks go in and out with each motion. It was just incredibly satisfying to be doing this, as if he had been born almost thirteen years ago a blank slate, and all of his life until now had just been a preparation for doing this.

He brought a hand up, and gently rubbed the little valley where Marty's thigh met his torso, airily brushing his fingertips over the skin, knowing from his own body how good that felt. It must have been good for Marty, too, because his thigh muscle twitched, and his body squirmed a little more, and the look on his face just said he was in heaven.

He could sense that Marty was building towards an orgasm. There was a kind of rigidity creeping into him now, and his nutsack was full and ready to go. Hoping he wasn't too early, Jesse brought a finger up and wedged it into his mouth alongside of Marty's dick. Some drool escaped and ran down the side of Marty's pecker, but Jesse ignored it.

When his finger was good and wet he withdrew it and shifted himself just slightly so that he could slide his hand underneath himself, and then he was looking to find Marty's pucker up in his butt crack. He missed it at first, and felt stupid - but then there it was, still damp with his spit, and he carefully put his fingertip into the center and gently pushed. There was a second of resistance, and then in it went.

Marty's insides were smooth, with just the hint of a kind of ring of muscle - and then another one - as his finger went deeper and his knuckles touched soft flesh. Marty's gut was warm, and his pucker grasped Jesse's finger firmly, and with a thrill Jesse suddenly imagined what it would be like to put his dick there, into that tight, warm, and very, very private place.

The thought of it made his dick painfully hard again, and made his attention to Marty's dick even more passionate. He worked his finger gently in Marty's butt, feeling the boy's body jump with each inward thrust.

Marty's body was going rigid, and his hips began to crawl forward towards Jesse's face; and then with a gasp Marty unloaded into his mouth. The first jet shot clear into the back of his throat and almost made him gag; but instinctively he angled his head, even as he remembered Marty's trick of squeezing the tip of the dick against the roof of his mouth.

He did this, and Marty squirmed and made noises that sounded like grief and pleasure and pain and joy all rolled into one, while Jesse's mouth continued to accept his come. Marty made a little more than Jesse usually did, although it still was far from a mouthful. And Marty's come tasted slightly different than his: more spicy and tangy, but altogether nice; and an errant thought crept into his mind in those timeless seconds that his new friend squirmed beneath him:

He tastes like a taco!

With a last, almost sorrowful groan, Marty sagged into stillness, panting. Little droplets of summer sweat dotted his face and chest, indicating the amount of physical that had gone into his trek to orgasm. Jesse backed off, still with Marty's come in his mouth, and squeezed the last out of the boy and managed to back off him without losing any of the precious load.

For just a second, he looked up the length of the other boy's body, seeing the slowing rise and fall of his chest and belly, the aftermath of joy on his beautiful face - even more beautiful somehow with his eyes closed and the shadow of a smile on his lips - and loved him.

That he could love Marty was plain to him now. And that he probably would, and at sometime not too far way, was also plain.

Careful not to swallow, he crawled up over Marty and gently laid down on him. The other boy's eyes fluttered open, and he looked up at Jesse with such affection that it only cemented the idea in his mind that they were soon to be together in the closest of ways.

Jesse dropped his face, pushed his tongue into Marty's mouth, and shared his prize with him, closing his eyes and just feeling this amazing sense of satisfaction at what they had done together. This was living in a fashion he'd never experienced. He felt a kind of sadness at the realization that he felt somehow closer to Marty now than he had ever felt to Nate; he still loved Nate, and probably always would; but this new thing with Marty was going to be something quite beyond what he had ever done with his longtime friend.

The kiss ran out. They both swallowed, and Jesse raised his face. Immediately, he saw again the little drops of sweat on Marty's cheeks; impulsively, he stuck out his tongue and tasted a few. They were warm and vaguely salty, and tasted of Marty; and before he knew it he was licking the other boy's face, going after them all.

Marty started laughing, but there wasn't the least bit of anything humorous about it. These were laughs of enjoyment, Jesse realized. Marty pressed his face upward against Jesse's tongue, almost as if he was afraid that Jesse would miss something. He didn't, and soon Marty's face was clear.

Jesse pulled back, grinning down at the other boy. "Man, you taste good. Everywhere."

Marty laughed, raised his face and kissed Jesse. "I'm sticky," he said, grinning.

Jesse smiled. "Yeah? You tell me where, and I'll take care of it."

Marty shook his head. "Nah. I like the way it feels."

Jesse couldn't help laughing. "You're kind of kinky," he said, hoping he had used the word correctly.

Marty's eyes got big. "I'm kinky? Look whose talking, Mr. Lick the sweat off my face."

Jesse made little satisfied motions with his tongue in his mouth, but didn't say anything else. They looked at each other, smiling, and Jesse could only think of how much he liked Marty.

He frowned, hoping he wasn't putting his heart out there too soon. "I think I'm getting a little crazy about you, Marty."

Marty swallowed, and looked unsure himself. He looked a long time into Jesse's eyes, and then put his arms around him and pulled him close. "I think I'm gonna fall in love with you someday, Jesse," he said softly.

Jesse nodded, feeling his emotions come up; he laid his face against Marty's and closed his eyes. A little time passed - just minutes, maybe - while they laid together in silence. Then Jesse slid off of Marty and turned on his side, and Marty turned to face him. Again they smiled at each other, and shared a kiss.

Jesse's mind was roaming now, revisiting what they had just done, and looking in new directions. He looked at Marty, wanting to ask him something, but feeling a little bit of the same fear he had felt when approaching Nate about stuff he wasn't sure the other boy would take to. But the way that Marty looked at him invited things, as if he was just there to wait to see what Jesse had to say. Marty was receptive - that was the word he wanted. And, well, it seemed pretty plain that the other boy had already done a lot of different things. So what harm could there be?

"Uh - Marty?"

The other boy grinned. "Yes?"

Just the way he said that one word made Jesse realize that Marty was somehow again ahead of him.

He grinned. "Um - what other kind of stuff did you and Keith do?"

Marty pushed his face a little closer, and smiled into Jesse's eyes. "Let me ask you something first. You ever see what gay guys do - I mean, like online?"

Jesse nodded. "Yeah."

Marty looked at him. "Well, there you go."

Jesse didn't understand - and then he did. "Are you saying you've done all that stuff?"

Marty made a little face. "Well, I won't say we did everything that guys can do together; but if we saw it online, we tried it." He gave Jesse an interested look. "What are we talking about, Jesse?"

Jesse closed his eyes, and remembered the way his finger had felt when it was up inside Marty. And how it might feel if it had been Jesse's dick instead.

"I was wondering -" he began. He opened his eyes, saw Marty's waiting look. "-what it would feel like to have my dick in your butt instead of my finger."

"It feels great," Marty said, matter-of-factly.

Again, Jesse felt that breathless feeling come over him. "So you've done it?"

"Sure. And Keith used to fuck me, too. It's about as good as it gets, Jesse."

Jesse's heart started to make itself known inside his chest again. "Could you and me...could we...do it, sometime?"

Marty's eyes got big. "Are you friggin' kidding? Jesse, I'd love to do that with you."

Jesse paused, understanding that if Marty let him fuck his ass, that Marty would want to fuck his.

"I heard it hurts."

Marty grinned. "Yeah - if you're packing a sausage, it probably does." He laughed. "Jesse, we aren't exactly hung like bulls - you know that, don't you?"

Jesse laughed. He was proud enough of his four inches and some - but, no, he'd seen enough online to know that there were guys out there that needed wheels under their wand just to move it around. "Yeah."

Marty nodded. "You and I are pretty close. Keith was a cock hair bigger than me. But all of us have shit turds out that are bigger around then our boy-bananas. Maybe someday we'll be able to tear some ass, but not yet."

Jesse laughed at Marty's terminology. "So what does it feel like?"

Marty nodded. "Well, if you use some grease, it's pretty easy. Lotion will do, though this stuff called K-Y is best." He shrugged. "But actually, most of the time, me and Keith just used spit."

Jesse blinked. "Like with our fingers?"

"Yup. First you just rim the other dude good - or eat him out like we did -" he laughed "- and then, when you're ready, take a good handful of spit and wipe it up in the other guy's pucker, then another good handful of spit and wipe it on your cock. You and me got dicks small enough this works fine."

Marty leaned forward and pushed his nose against Jesse's. "I'd love to get my dick in that tight little butthole of yours."

Jesse laughed, feeling his face burn. He felt embarrassed, but also pleased that Marty would see him that way.

He pushed back with his nose. "When I had my finger up in you, I was wishing it was my dick."

Marty turned his head a little, and kissed him. Jesse sighed. He already knew that he loved being kissed by Marty, and he loved sucking Marty's dick - he was just certain he would also love fucking Marty's butt, too.

"So it doesn't hurt, huh?" he asked.

Marty made a face. "Well, the first time - maybe a little. That's just going in though. Once it's in you feel kind of full, like you need to take a dump; but once the other dude starts moving, it gets good." He grinned. "'Specially when he's banging your button."

Jesse shook his head, at a loss on that one. "What's that?"

"You know anatomy?"

"Yeah. We've had it in biology."

"Know what your prostate is?"

Jesse remembered. "Uh - yeah."

Marty grinned. "Well, when a guy has a dick in your butt, and he's pushing in, the tip can rub on your prostate and it feels like you're almost gonna spunk, except it's over and over."

Jesse felt a thrill go through him. "That sounds cool as shit."

Marty made eyes at him. "That's 'cause it is. You get your button banged enough, and it'll make you come without ever touching your dick."

Jesse squinted at him. "Come on."

"I'm totally serious, Jesse. You'll find out."

Jesse grinned. "I want to."

"Like now?"

Jesse was still deciding when they heard a noise. Marty blinked, then sat up. "Oh, shit. That's my cell."

He tossed his legs over the side of the bunk and bent down towards his jeans on the floor. Jesse's eyes followed the movement of Marty's body, entranced by the liquid flow of muscles beneath his skin. Marty made him horny, just looking at him.

Marty found his cell, looked at the screen. "It's my mom. Hello?"

Jesse had a sinking feeling, suddenly knowing that Marty was going to have to go.

"I'm sorry. I should have called," Marty said. "I walked down to the house behind us and ran onto the guy who lives there. He's my age, mom." He listened a moment, laughed. "You think? It sure made me happy, too." Marty turned and looked at Jesse, and his smile said it all. "Huh? Oh - Jesse. His name is Jesse." Marty's eyes just sparkled.

Jesse smiled at him. Well, if Marty had to go, he had to go. They had all summer.

"Okay, mom. Sounds good. Let me say bye to this guy, and I'll be back. Okay. Bye."

Marty turned off the phone, looked at the screen. "Damn. You know we've been doing this for two hours?"

What? Jesse sat up, looked at the time on the screen on Marty's cell. "Shit. I'd better call my folks and let them know I haven't been kidnapped."

He got hold of his own jeans and dug his cell out of the pocket. It only took a second to punch up his mother's cell.

"Hello? Jesse? Where'd you go off to?"

"Sorry, mom. I didn't know it had been so long. I walked over to Nate's old house. There's people moving in today, and, mom - they got a guy my age."

"Oh, Jesse, that's great. I know that made you happy. Do you like him?"

Jesse rolled his eyes, and grinned at Marty. "Yeah, mom. He's really cool."

"Well, it's okay if you stay a little longer, but I'll be starting dinner in awhile. Come on home in a bit, okay?"

"Okay, mom. Sorry not to call earlier."

"That's okay, sweetheart. Just so I know where you are. I'll talk to you when you get back, okay?"

"Okay, mom. Bye."

"Bye, Jesse."

Jesse laid his phone on the bunk next to him and stood up. He and Marty just looked at each other for a moment, before moving closer together.

"Guess the lesson will have to wait," Marty said, looking a little sad. "The movers are done and my parents want to go out for pizza." He grinned. "How about tomorrow?"

"How about tonight?" Jesse said, eagerly. "Can't you come back after dinner? It stays light out almost until nine."

Marty considered it. "Man, I'd love to do that - but I don't know if my parents will go for it. You know - the first day in the new house, and all that shit. But - hell, I don't see why not. How about I call you?"

"How about you do that?" Jesse said, grinning.

They exchanged numbers and entered them into their cells.

Marty bent down and gathered his clothing, and started getting dressed.

Jesse sighed, and did the same, returning his phone to his pocket.

After they had tied their shoes, they stood, and faced each other. Jesse felt a little awkward moment - he didn't know what to say. Marty saved him by stepping forward and putting his arms around Jesse, and hugging him fiercely.

"I'm so glad I met you," Marty whispered.

Jesse's heart just melted. He put his arms around Marty and hugged him back, and kissed his cheek. Marty felt wonderful in his arms, warm and soft, and somehow just very needing to be held. Jesse could smell his sweet body scent, and his skin tingled where Marty's touched his, and he just didn't want to let the other boy go.

Marty pulled back and smiled at him. "We gotta stop, Jesse," he said, shaking his head. "My dick's hard again, and I have to go home and see my parents."

Jesse grinned. "Me, too." He rubbed his crotch. "You got me spoiled, Marty."

The went out of the fort into the late afternoon, and looked around. The sky had partly cleared, and the sun was trying to peek out. The woods had lost its drenched look, and the ground beneath their feet was noticeably less squishy.

"Cool," Jesse said. "It'll make it easier if it doesn't rain again."

"Yeah." Marty turned and smiled at him. "Guess I should go." He sighed. "Sure was great to meet you, Jesse. I'm even kinda glad we moved now."

Jesse was touched. He didn't want to wish Nate away, after all they had lived and loved together. But if Nate had to go, Jesse couldn't think of anyone he'd rather have in his place then Marty.

He nodded. He looked around at the woods one time, then stepped forward and gave Marty a hasty kiss. "Call me."

Marty smiled. "Yeah - I will." His grin widened. "Um - remember what you said earlier, about being kinky?"

Jesse nodded. "Uh huh."

Marty leaned a little closer. "You ain't even started to see kinky, Jesse." He winked.

Jesse couldn't help the grin that leapt onto his face. "You'll teach me, right?"

Marty nodded, gave him a little wave, and started up the path to his house. He looked back over his shoulder a few times as he climbed the hill, and Jesse just stood and watched him go.

At the top of the hill, just before he disappeared, he turned and waved a final time. Jesse waved back, grinning.

And then Marty was gone.

A feeling of emptiness descended on Jesse, and he realized he was feeling the other boy's absence. For a second it was depressing, and it hurt - a reenactment in miniature of the day that Nate left.

But Marty was not leaving - he was just away. Jesse smiled. He already knew he would be seeing Marty after dinner, or tomorrow, and probably for all the days of the rest of summer. And even after that.

Jesse had a new friend. Mmmm. And a kinky one, if he was to be believed. Now he was looking forward to what came next.

Jesse took a last look up the hill at where Marty had faded into the trees, then turned to head home. As he did, he remembered what his dad had said just a couple of hours ago, something that now seemed almost prescient: "Hey, you never know. Third time's the charm - right?"

Yeah, dad, he thought, grinning. You sure called that one. And you called it just right.

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