So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 11

After our crazy teen-boy sexcapades were over, we hopped into the shower again to quickly clean off the sex juices on us, pulled on our shorts, t-shirts, and Keds and headed out to the garage to jump on our bikes. We wrapped a couple of tie-dyed colored pool towels around our necks, then bounded out and down the hill, making a right on Spaulding Avenue and then around the golf course, down towards the high school pool.

Once we got to the parking lot, we locked our bikes to the chain-link fence surrounding the outside basketball courts and went up to the gate to get our tickets so we could go inside. One of the Junior Lifeguards manning the desk was a hot, hunky looking dude with long curly black hair and an outrageous hard stomach and broad shoulders. The other one was a flat-chested girl with a brown afro wearing a one-piece red swimsuit. She was overtly flirting with this guy but getting absolutely nowhere. Either he was queer or thought she was a dog.

When it was our turn to pay, all I had to do to get in was flash my student ID card I got last year when I was a freshman, even though I didn't really look like that any more, and grab my ticket. Since Jake didn't have his card yet, he had to pay fifty cents, and while he fished out his change, I had a chance to check out this lifeguard guy. I made a mental note to make sure I kept up my swimming so I would have a rock-hard stomach like he did. He gave us a big smile and Jake a sly wink, then told us to go in the back. We walked around the building, up the steps, and into the boy's locker room.

Inside, I noticed that this place was super busy, probably because we got there just as the pool had opened. Little dudes were running all over the place, totally excited to get into the big pool. Actually, there were two pools; a big pool that had a shallow end and striped for laps, and then a smaller, deeper pool specifically for diving. That pool had a regular diving board and a really high diving platform that always scared the shit out of me. I had gone off the high one a few times before, usually on a dare from my friends, but I'd always chicken out at the last minute, and instead of doing a dive, I'd jump feet first into the deep water. Maybe with Jake around, he could help me figure out the right way to dive off the high board without freaking out or splitting my head open.

We looked around for Coach Brian, and not seeing him, we wandered over to the cage to check with the towel-boy to see if he knew where Coach might be. To my surprise, it was my pot-selling best friend from down the street, Cooper!

"Hey Coop. What are you doing in there, man?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to make a little bit of bread this summer. I was expecting to be sitting by the pool checking out all the babes, but since I'm the low man on the Totem pole this year I got stuck doing this shit. What are you doing here Ry? Is your pool broken? I was hoping none of my friends would see me here."

"Nah, me and my new neighbor Jake here, are gonna start working out so we can be on the swim team this year, once school starts. He moved into the Bailey house next door," I said pointing to Jake.

"Nice to meet you, man. My name's Cooper, but everybody calls me Coop. How do you like living next door to this butt wipe?"

"Well, he's okay, I suppose. He's kind of scuzzy, but since my mom bought the house, I guess I'll just have to live with it. Maybe I can talk her into putting up a big wall with barbed wire or get some guard dogs or something."

"Right on, man, you're funny. Where did you live before?"

"My mom, sister and me lived in a crummy part of San Pedro. I'm happy to get out of that shithole. It seems like it's kind of cool around here, from what I've seen already."

"Well, don't place your bets so fast. Livin' next to Ryan is gonna be tough on 'ya, having to look at that ugly mug all the time."

"Shut the fuck up, Coop. You know I'm the sharpest dude on our street."

"Right. And humble, too," Cooper said laughing. "Hey, did you say you have a sister? How old is she?"

"Down boy! She's seventeen, but she's off boys this week," I said.

"What's that mean? Is she a twat snatcher or something like that? Well, old Coop is always up for a challenge. Coop can handle any old rug muncher."

"No," Jake said, and started laughing, which got me laughing, too. "I'm pretty sure she's not into pussy."

"It's just that Lisa had a couple of bad relationships at her old high school and so she says she doesn't want to meet any guys around here right away," I told him. "She's actually taking a liking to Jordy if you can believe it."

"No shit. Your little brother? Wait. He's way too young. They're really hangin' out?"

"Yeah, they both like the same candy-ass music like Tom Jones or The Archie's."

"Hey now, don't mess with The Archie's. I like Sugar, Sugar, too. And I always munch on my cereal with them on Saturday mornings, if I'm up. Maybe I'm gonna have to meet this Lisa and impress her with my manly charms," Coop said, flexing his tan, but bony arms.

"Roger that, buddy. I'll be sure and fix you guys right up," Jake said laughing again.

"What's wrong with me? I know how to show a girl a good time."

"Yeah, by letting her date your older brother Colt!" I had to help Jake rub it in.

"Now that's just not fair. If you're gonna mess with me," Coop said looking around to make sure the coast was clear, "then the next time you want some of my special product, it's gonna cost you, Miller, a lot."

"Calm down, Coop. We're just messing with you. Jake and I will talk to her and see if she wants to meet up sometime. But don't be mad if she says no. Like I said, she's taking it kinda slow right now."

"That's cool. I can dig that. But just drop my name, okay? Listen, I gotta get to work and shuffle these towels around for the sprogs when they start tiring out. And I don't want Coach catching me mooning over your sister."

"Where is he, anyway? We were just looking for him."

"He was out at the pool, checking with everybody on their time cards. You'd think that the juniors and seniors would know how to tell time by now."

"Yeah, you would. Well, we'll catch you later, buddy."

"Nice meeting you, Coop."

"You too, Jake. Say hi to your sister for me," he said raising one eyebrow.

We were just heading out the door when Coach Brian popped inside. "Mr. Miller. Mr. uh...Jake. I thought I'd be seeing you guys soon. What's going on?"

"Not much, Coach. We still want to get on that training program that you were talking to us about the other day."

"Right on. Let's head back to my office. You guy's been swimming your laps at home?"

"Oh yeah, Coach. At least once a day, and sometimes twice. Ryan has really been a big help showing me how to do my flip turns, and I've been showing him a couple of dives. I think I'm starting to get faster," Jake said, following him into the locker room.

"Excellent," he said, patting Jake on the back. He walked us into his office and took a seat behind his desk. "Well, here's the plan. What I want to do with you guys is to try a program that I heard about from a friend of mine down in San Diego. What he is doing with his team is the same thing that the Olympic coaches have been trying out lately on their guys, and getting good results. It's basically this: In addition to swimming, you do some weight training three times a week, some diet changes that I'm sure you're not going to like, and this last one sounds weird, but after I checked it out I think it will really make you guys shine. Have you guys ever heard of Yoga?"

"Like that Maharishi Marshmallow guy that George Harrison hung out with in India recently? Didn't he OD on acid a while ago?" I asked as we tried to get comfortable in the hard plastic chairs in his office.

"Yeah, he's the one, and no, I don't think he overdosed. I believe that they just smoked grass. And I'm pretty sure that's not his correct name. Anyway, the one I'm studying is Selvarajan Yesudian. He was a Yogi who wrote a book about 'Sport and Yoga' that's very interesting. What I want to do is have you two sophomore guys and two of my junior guys from last year's team take yoga classes three times a week here in the gym. I want to compare how the four of you do in comparison to the other guys who aren't doing yoga and weight training. I'm hoping that you guys will be as good as they are or maybe even better. I know the seniors have at least two years on you, but I think this stuff might work and give you an edge. I'm going to have my girlfriend Sam teach you this stuff since she has been doing yoga for a couple of years now. She learned it in college and is really quite good at it. What I want to find out is if breathing and stretching and a little bit of meditation are just as good, or better, when added to traditional training. What do you guys think of that?"

"I'm up for it. That sounds sorta groovy. My mom will like the meditation part because she thinks she's a love child, even though she's kinda old," Jake said.

"Yeah, I agree. It does sound cool. Thanks for choosing us, Coach. We'll work hard at it and do a good job. Um, why did you pick us, if you don't mind me asking? I wasn't on the team last year, and Jake wasn't even here? Do you think we're special or something? And who are the other two guys?"

"I have an ulterior motive, but I'm not ready to disclose that to you just yet. One guy, I'm pretty sure you know, Ryan, and the other one I sort of recruited from another school. A private school down the road. I want to talk with them first and make sure that we're all on the same page, and that they are just as motivated as you are. Besides, I think you'll both be strong swimmers. Are either of you working jobs this summer or doing anything else that might interfere with your training? Like a long vacation or something?"

"No, Coach. I think my dad would probably pay us good money just to keep us out of trouble," I said joking.

"Good. So let's do this: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays let's meet here at two in the afternoon. We'll have you do yoga first with Samantha for an hour, and then take a short break and maybe have a quick, healthy snack. Then around four when most of the little kids have pooped out, and the pool is quieter, I'll have at least one lane set up in the pool so you guys can do some laps and I can see how you are progressing so I can give you some pointers. Don't work on your speed yet, just work on your form. It's okay if you want to race each other once in a while for fun, but don't overdo it. Let's do some weight training with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays at eleven, for about an hour, before I have to be in here to watch the minnows. I'll teach you how to use the equipment safely, so you don't hurt yourself. You can either swim here afterward, or if you are swimming at home, you can do that there. I just don't want you to overwork yourselves. What do you think?"

"Sounds great. You said three days of weights. I'm guessing that you don't want to come in on Saturdays. Can we work out on Saturday's at my house? My dad has some weight lifting equipment in the garage. And what do we wear for yoga?" I asked.

"Sure, you can work out at home, just don't push it. Don't start until I show you the basics of weight training and all of the safety rules that go with it. As for Yoga, you're going to have to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt in the gym, and please wear a jock strap, so you don't embarrass yourselves in front of Samantha. She doesn't really need to see your stones rolling around when you do some of those weird positions that she's going to make you do, plus, I don't need the competition!" Coach said laughing. "Do you guys have your Speedos yet?"

"Not yet, Coach. Maybe I can get my sister to take us shopping at the sporting goods store downtown tomorrow," Jake said looking at me.

"Yeah, we can do that. Do we have to get the school colors or can we get some psychedelic Speedos?"

"Well, you should both get at least one pair in red, for the school colors, and for when we meet with the team, but for the other pair, it really doesn't matter. Be sure you talk to the clerk to help you get the right size. Oh, get the new ones that just came out. Some guys wore them in last year's summer Olympics and set quite a few new world records. Remember Charles Hickcox who won a gold medal last year? The new ones are a little smaller and tighter and will make you guys have less resistance so you should swim faster.

"Also, you might want to wear them at home first to try them out so you can get used to them, or in case you're a little bit shy. They really don't leave much to the imagination, but after a while, it doesn't bother you any more. They actually give you a hot looking tan line. Oh. Some of the guys who are real hairy down there do a little bit of trimming so your bush doesn't pop out around the edges. I'm sure you two can figure out what to do if that is a problem," Coach said chuckling at us.

"Right, Coach, we get it. Can the guy at the store tell us how to put our 'stones' as you call them, in the right way?" I asked.

"I'm sure he can. But I always wear mine with my willy pointing straight down over my stones. That way my suit wouldn't look like a banana hammock. And if you get an erection it won't be so noticeable, and won't get totally hard, because it's bent down. I know how you young guys get erections at the most inopportune times, so all I can tell you is how I dealt with it. Anything else? I need to get back outside."

"No, I don't think so. When do we find out who the other two guys are going to be on our workout team?" I asked, trying again to find out who these guys were.

"I want to talk with the two guys that I have in mind first to make sure the four of you are going to be compatible. I'm pretty sure that you will, but I want to double check. I don't want big ego's getting in the way of my little experiment. I want to make sure that the four of you will help each other out and work as a team, and have each other's back. The two guys I'm thinking about are both good swimmers, but I just want to be sure."

"Okay, Coach, that sounds groovy."

"Let's meet here in my office about one on Monday, and we'll do a weigh in and take your measurements. I'll set you guys up in the visitor's locker room so you won't have to deal with the little sprogs running around and getting in your way. I think we'll meet Monday through Thursday next week and then take off Friday because it's the Fourth of July. After that, we'll meet five days a week. Does that sound okay? I really have to get going, I need to check on things outside."

"No problem. And thanks, Coach. We'll see you Monday," I said, standing up.

"Yeah, thanks a lot, Coach. I'm gonna work hard at this," Jake added.

"That's great. All right, guys. I'll see you next week."

We left Coach's office and found an empty locker that we could stuff our towels in and then stuck our heads under the shower. I never could figure out why you had to get in the shower before you went in the pool. Were there really that many dirty little kids in our neighborhood? After we had rinsed off, we headed out to the pool. Unfortunately, the pool was jam-packed with screaming little kids trying to cool off from the hot summer sun. There was hardly a square inch of water that wasn't occupied. I don't know where all the babes were that Coop was talking about, but they sure weren't hanging around the pool. They must have gone to the beach with their boyfriends because there weren't very many older kids hanging at the pool. I'm guessing that it was going to be at least a hundred degrees today, and it wasn't even July yet! It was so hot that the water from our quickie shower had evaporated already. I looked over at Jake and asked him what he wanted to do.

"Let's go call Lisa and see if she can pick us up in the microbus and take us to the sporting goods store. She should have dropped my mom off at work by now and is probably home sprawled out on the couch watching Dark Shadows or Match Game or something with your brother. I agree with you that it's too damn crowded. And it's too damn hot. We can go shopping, and when we get back, we can try out our new suits in your pool."

"Cool, there's a payphone back in the locker room. Let's give Lisa a call."

Less than fifteen minutes later Lisa pulled up in front of the high school with Jordy riding shotgun in the hippie flowered microbus. And wouldn't you know it, Sugar, Sugar was playing loudly on the radio. Jake popped the rear door open so we could put our bikes in the back and then we jumped in the bench seat as Lisa headed out of the parking lot.

"I forgot to tell you on the phone that we have to run past Wiggy's Records so I can get the little man a new record or two. We were playing cribbage, and at first, he'd win, and then I'd win, and back and forth. So finally I made him a bet that whoever won the next game could pick out a new record and the other one had to pay for it," Lisa told us.

"And guys, guess what? I won! I'm gonna have me a lot of neat songs by the end of the summer," Jordan said jumping around in his seat.

"That's great little man. What are you going to get?" I asked, bracing myself.

"I want Get Back by the Beatles. I like JoJo."

"Wow, I'm impressed," I said. "You really are going to have a fine collection. I never imagined you as a Beatles fan."

"You know, Jordy, that JoJo is really about Yoko," Jake said.


"Well, how can I put this nicely?" said Jake, looking towards my direction.

"Don't look at me, man. You're the one who just put his big foot in his big mouth," I said, looking right back at him.

"Um…well, let's see. Okay. Here's the thing. You know that John loves Yoko, but the rest of the band doesn't like her because they think she's trying to take him away from them, and this song kinda tells her to get back where you belong. In other words, the guys are telling her to get lost and leave John and the band alone."

"Oh. Well, I don't care. I still like the song."

"And I heard that the reference to California grass isn't about marijuana, but it's about heading for greener pastures. I mean, Paul has a house in Tucson so he could just as easily go down to Mexico to get his grass. It certainly is a lot closer," Lisa chimed in. "Plus, California is a lot greener than the desert of Arizona," Lisa said.

"Okay smarty pants, tell me this," I asked Lisa. "What does the part about Sweet Loretta Martin thinking she was a woman, but she was another man, mean?"

"It means… see, she's… aww, fuck! I don't know," Lisa said, laughing.

"Oh, you are so burned!" Jake told his sister.

"I think it's another reference directed to Yoko because the guys think she's just a gold-digger, like a groupie chick they might meet on the road. But she's not like that because she's more like a conniving, treacherous man out to get them," I said.

"Good point, my man," Jake said, slapping my hand.

"Thank you, thank you."

"I want a different record now, I think," Jordy said, cracking us up.

"The record store is only a block away from where Stillman's Sports Shack is. Why don't you and Jordy go shopping for your records and Jake and I will meet you here when we're done," I suggested.

"All right. How about we meet in an hour or so. If you boys get done sooner just come and get us."

"Hey, Lisa? Do you have any extra cash? Wiley was nice enough to pay for the speedos, but I need to get some sweats, too."

"Don't worry about it, Jake. My dad has an account at the store, and they'll just bill him for whatever we buy. You can have your mom pay him when he gets the bill."


Lisa pulled the bus into an empty parking space a few stores down from the record store. We all piled out, and she locked up the doors, making sure the back was secure so nobody could swipe our bikes.

"See you guys in a little while," I yelled out.

Jake and I headed down the street towards the sporting goods shop. Because of the heat, the sidewalks were mostly empty.

"I like this old store because they've been here for a long time and they seem to have everything that you could want. My dad got me my BB gun from here," I told Jake as we walked inside. The air conditioning was blasting, and it made the store nice and cool. Surprisingly, we were the only two people in the place. I guess because it was so hot nobody was out shopping. After looking around for a while, a tall, young looking man with really long, straight brown hair and wearing a shiny gold medallion on a chain around his neck came over to help us out. He looked more like a hippie or a rock star than a sporting goods salesman.

"Hey guys, what are you looking for?" he said, smiling at us.

"Our coach at the high school sent us here to get some Speedos. We're gonna be working out for the swim team."

"And I'm going to need some sweats, too," added Jake.

"Right on. I can fix you guy's right up. Glad to help. It's been so slow in here I was about to go ape. What color do you dude's want?"

"We need one pair in red to match the school colors, and then the other ones can be anything else."

"Okey-dokey, follow me. I think we can find you guys some styles and colors that you might dig."

We wandered through the store all the way to the back where they had the swimming stuff. I was starting to get nervous now because the suits on the mannequins looked really small and showed off everything, not that the mannequins had anything to show. Even though I was used to swimming naked with my friends, and I wasn't really self-conscious about my body, I had never shown off my stuff in public like this before, especially in front of a lot of people that I didn't know.

"Do you guys know what waist size you are?" he asked us as he rummaged through a rack of suits.

"I used to be a 28, but I think I've outgrown that size," Jake answered. "Everything that I own is too tight now."

"Come over here and let me measure you. Why don't you pull up your shirt so I can get your correct waist size?" he said, pulling out a tape measure deep out of his green army fatigues.

He did a quick measurement and told Jake that he was pretty close to a 30.

"I might as well measure your inseam, so we can get the right fit for those sweats, too," he said, bending down on one knee in front of Jake, and jamming a hand up into his crotch. I had to stifle a laugh, while Jake coughed.

"Are you measuring me or checking for a hernia?" Jake asked the salesman.

"Oh, sorry."

I never liked it when my mom would take us shopping, and the salespeople would measure me there like that. It was usually an old lady with scraggly whiskers, and they'd always hit you right in the nutsack, hard. One time when we were at Bullock's Department store trying on dress pants to get tailored when the old man asked me which side did I put my pants on. What the fuck did that mean? Then later on when I got home, I asked my dad what that meant, and he told me that was a polite way of saying which side of the pant legs do you shove your privates in. Oh. Well, why didn't the guy just ask me that?

"All right, that's good. Let me measure your partner in crime over here, and I think we'll be good to go. Pull up your t-shirt so I can get an accurate measurement," he said to me.

"You're a 30 as well, so that should make things easier. Take off your clothes and try these on so we can see how they fit," the salesman told us as he handed us each a pair of suits.

"Right here in the middle of the store?" I asked. Jake was already pulling off his t-shirt and starting to toe off his Keds.

"Of course not. The changing rooms are right over there," he said pointing to the corner and started to laugh. "It wouldn't bother me too much to see you guys naked, but if another customer came in here it might be a little weird, though, don't you dudes think?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Jake giggled, putting his shoes back on.

We grabbed the suits from the guy and marched over to the dressing rooms. We each took a room and closed the half-sized door behind us. The doors were so short that we could easily look over the top and see the salesman leaning against the clothes rack waiting for us to finish. We quickly stripped off all of our clothes and piled them on the floor, then unclipped the Speedos from the hanger. I was just sliding my pair up my legs and over my butt when I heard Jake swear from the little room next door.

"What's wrong?"

"I just pinched my balls. I think these damn things are too small."

"Come out here and let me take a look and see what's wrong," the salesman told Jake.

I was looking over the top of the dressing room door when I saw Jake stumble out of the dressing cubicle, while the salesman just stood looking at him with his hands on his hips and a big smirk on his face, biting his tongue.

"What?" Jake asked him after the salesman just stood there for a moment grinning at him.

"I don't think I've ever seen a guy wear a Speedo backward before. No wonder you pinched your balls. Turn around and look at yourself in the mirror, man. See how saggy they are in the back? That's the extra room in front for your dick and balls. Get those turned around before you get gangrene."

Jake started laughing and quickly stripped off his suit, right in front of the salesman! He was standing there naked in the middle of the store when I came out of the cubicle, wearing my suit the correct way.

"You guys aren't very modest are you?" the salesman laughed. "Do you live in a commune or something?"

"No, not really. Actually, we don't wear anything when we go swimming," Jake said stuffing his plumping dick into the front side pouch.

"At the high school?" the guy asked loudly.

"No, at my house. Is this right?" I asked the guy, stepping in front of the full-length mirror and taking a long look at myself in this skimpy swimsuit. I was surprised how hot it looked.

"Yeah, you got it right. But you don't have to pull it up so high. You're going to pinch your balls too, just like your friend. Man, both of you boys are going to get blue balls! These suits are supposed to ride low on your hips. And here, look. Pull out the top and push your dick down in front of your balls, like you're wearing a jock. It looks better, and it will be more comfortable when you dive in the pool."

Both Jake and I yanked out the top of our suits and rearranged our merchandise, right in front of the guy, and then stood looking at ourselves in the mirror.

"Are you sure you guys are in high school?"

"Why? You think we're morons or something?" Jake asked.

"Oh no. Not at all. I was just thinking that you guys have nice bodies and look pretty muscular for your age. And from what I can tell you both have pretty big members."

"Members?" Jake asked looking at me. "Like the Hells Angels? What's he talking about, Ry? Members?"

"Our dicks, chowder head. Haven't you heard that expression before?" I said laughing.

"No. You mean like Little Jake is a member of Big Jake? That doesn't make any sense."

"You guys are way too funny. You should change your names to Ricky and Fred! You little dudes have just made my day," the salesman said, really laughing this time.

"Excuse me, but we're not little dudes," I said.

"Yeah, we're not. What happens if I do get a boner? It's kinda tight, and I don't want to break it," Jake said.

"You won't break it, I'm quite sure of that. I've worn suits like this before, and I've never had any trouble. If you get boners a lot, point your dick up towards your belly button."

"Oh, yeah, that feels better," Jake said, sticking his hand in the front of his swimsuit again and rearranging his plumping cock. Being almost naked in a store in front of a stranger was kind of exciting, and we both were starting to get turned on.

"The only problem is if you get hard, your boner will stick out and be obvious to everyone around you."

"You mean like this?" Jake said, turning around and showing off the top of his stiffy to the salesman and me.

"Yes, exactly. That is quite an impressive member that you've got there. Which one of you has the bigger one?" the sales clerk asked us.

"His is longer but mine's fatter," I said, rearranging my cock in the swimsuit. Man, I hope I never get a boner wearing this because everybody will be able to tell.

"Do you guys play with each other's dicks? I only asked that because my brother and I used to play around with each other."

"Yeah, sometimes we do. He has a treehouse, and we go naked out there sometimes," Jake said.

"What do you guys do?" the salesman asked, rubbing his crotch.

"Just regular guy sex stuff, I guess," I said, absentmindedly rubbing my boner. These speedos felt really sexy all of a sudden.

"It's been a long time since my brother and I fooled around. I have a girlfriend, and I like snatch and everything, but would you guys mind if felt up your cocks for a second? I'll let you have a swimsuit for free."

I looked over at Jake and shrugged my shoulders, while he just sort of grinned at me. "Yeah, I guess," I said. "We both get a swimsuit for free?"

"Sure. Come over here and let me see your boners."

We both took a couple of steps towards the salesman and then we pulled the front of the speedos down and under our balls so that our almost hard cocks flipped out into the air, right in the middle of the sporting goods store.

"Wow! You boys have beautiful pricks. Yours is really long, and you have a fat one! Oh, I've never seen an uncircumcised dick before," he said, grabbing our dicks in both of his hands. He rubbed us to full super-hard erections, paying particular attention to my foreskin.

"Stay right there. Don't move. I'm going to put the fifteen-minute sign on the front door and lock it. Don't move, boys, I'll be right back."

"Hey, are you cool with this, Jake?" I whispered.

"I guess. We're both boned up and if he wants to rub one off for us, why not? Besides, we get a free pair of Speedos."

"There. Now we don't have to worry about anyone coming in here. You know, I see a lot of athletic kids in here, but you boys have really nice bodies for your age. Take off those suits and turn around and look in the mirror. I'll show you what I'm talking about. You, Jake, is it, have beautiful round buttocks and muscular legs. Your deltoid muscles and your biceps are nicely shaped. You could do some sit-up to work on your abdomen and obliques to burn off the rest of your baby fat. And your dick is nice and long and straight. Can you flex it to make it bob up and down?"

"Yeah, I can do that. See?"

"Oh, that's so bitchin!"

"Dude, be careful. You're gonna leak dick juice everywhere," I said.

"It's all right. We get the carpets cleaned all the time. Let's take a look at your body. I'm sorry, what was your name again?"


"That's right. Well, Ryan, you have a little bit leaner body than Jake, but it's still very nice and well proportioned. Turn around for a second and look over your shoulder at the mirror. Your back and shoulders are nicely muscled, as well as the muscles in your lower back. Most boys your age still have some baby fat, but it looks like you've burned most of that off. You could do some squats to bulk up your butt and legs, and that will also help when you dive off the board. Turn around for a second. See, your chest is nicely developed, and you have a really nice 'V' shape going down towards for crotch. Maybe you could help Jake with his stomach, and he can help you work on your legs and butt."

"I can work on his butt," Jake laughed but was probably serious.

"I'm sure you could, but that's not what I had in mind. Both of your dicks are beautiful. Like I said, I haven't seen an uncircumcised one before, or one that is as fat as yours is. Would you guys mind if I gave you a blowjob? You don't have to do anything to me. It's been such a long time since I've sucked on my brother's cock, and, well, you guys have got me all excited. What do you say?"

"Go for it," I said.

"Who wants to go first?"

"Suck Jake off. I want to watch. That'll make me even hornier," I said.

The salesman got down in front of Jake on his knees, throwing his long hair over his shoulder and out of the way. He grabbed Jake's throbbing member, and after giving it a couple of gentle, slow strokes, he slid it into his mouth. It may have been a while since this guy sucked on a dick, but you could tell he had had practice because he was able to gobble down all of Jake's cock easily. It was bitchin to watch Jake's cock disappear completely into the guys waiting mouth. He sucked all the way down until his nose was buried in Jake's cock hairs.

"How do you do that? How can you suck the whole thing down like that?"

"Well, this is what my girlfriend does. She sticks out her tongue so that your throat is more open. The other thing is to get the cock good and slobbery," he said quickly, going back to work on Jake's raging boner.

"Man, Jake. It's so wicked watching your dick disappear down his throat," I said, stroking my own hard shaft. I scooted over next to Jake and wrapped my arm around his waist, and he sort of leaned into me for support. His skin felt warm and prickly. While the sales clerk kept slurping and sucking on Jake, I started to rub Jake's butt cheeks and help push him forward, so his dick slipped in all the way down the sales guy's throat.

"Oh, man. I'm about to blow. Do you want to take my load, mister?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, bud, fire away."

And fire away is what he did. It looked like four or five good blasts shot out of Jake's hard cock and down the gullet of the salesman. Every time he'd launch a volley, Jake's butt cheeks would clench tight, and he'd rock forward on his toes. The salesman didn't miss a shot, though, and he took every drop that Jake unloaded.

"That was good, man. Now suck off my friend before he shoots all over the store," Jake said laughing and tweaking my tit.

The salesman moved over and inhaled my hard boner. His mouth was hot and gooey from Jake's fresh deposit of burning boy butter. This guy was good, I'll give him that. We were definitely going to learn some new techniques from this guy, and it was evident that he and his brother had a lot of cock sucking action when they were younger. He pulled off me for a second so he could inspect my foreskin, pulling it back and forth and nibbling on the chewy end.

"I wish I was uncircumcised. This extra meat is groovy," he said.

"I know. My dad tells my brother and me that we'll thank him for that later on. Take my dick all the way down like what you just did to Jake. That looked hot."

He hucked up a big loogie on my tool and then worked it around with his hand, getting it nice and juicy. Next, he sorta stuck out his tongue and in one big gulp, downed the whole length of my fat cock deep into his throat. Oh my gosh! It was so warm and inviting in there that I felt like I could stay there forever. I just wished it was Jake sucking on me instead of this guy.

He was really going to town, and I knew that I wasn't going to last. Jake came around and slid up behind me, moving his softening dick into my butt cheeks as he wrapped his arms tightly around me. It was so hot; my friend hugging me and some stranger sucking on my cock in the middle of the sporting goods store.

"Give the nice man your load, Ry," Jake whispered into my ear, egging me on. "Go on. You know he wants it."

I was bucking back and forth, basically fucking this guy's mouth. Jake was right behind me feeling me up. He'd run his paws from my nipples on down to my hairy bush. Once he hit that spot right above my boner, there was no turning back.

"Oh, man. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna shoot my hot load down your throat, mister. Oh, yeah, that feels bitchin. Get ready, um, um, um, here it comes!"

Jake grabbed me tight, pushing me deeper into the salesman, while the salesman sucked down on my dick as I shot my steaming shipment of sperm into his waiting throat. Man, that felt so far out.

"Wow! Thanks, man. That felt really good."

"No problem, guys. It's been a long time, and that tasted great. I guess I need to talk with my brother and give that another try."

After that, we got dressed while the salesman opened the front door. He helped us pick out another pair of Speedos for each of us. I got a purple one, and Jake got a blue and white striped one that would look really good on him. Jake got two pairs of sweats and a couple of new jock straps, too. Since I had some at home that still fit I didn't need to get any.

As the salesman was ringing up our sale, he asked, winking at me, "Do you think you can help out your friend here if he can't figure out how to put on his new jock?"

"I know how to wear it. Geez. You put the straps over the front of your 'member' to hold it down and to keep it from flopping all around, and the pouch goes in the back, so it catches your farts," Jake said, trying to be serious.

That did it. The three of us busted out laughing, me so hard I almost peed my shorts.

After we had stopped laughing, I asked the sales dude, "Hey, can I ask you something? Where did you get that cool medallion?"

"Oh, this? My girlfriend got it for me at that head shop down the street. You know where Mike's Burgers is? It's over by there. It's called The Cosmic Touch."

"Groovy," I said, signing the slip so the guy could charge my dad's account. "Thanks for the tip. We'll have to go check it out."

Just as we were leaving, an older lady came in with her young grandson. "You boys have a good day. Thanks for coming," he told us, handing us our bags and rushing over to help her out.

As we were walking down the street to the microbus to meet Lisa and Jordan, Jake leaned over to me and whispered, "Hey Ryan, every place we go lately, we always end up talking about or playing with our dicks. Why is that, you think?"

"I don't know, bud. I really don't know."

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