So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 10

Neither Jake nor I had slept very well last night, and when we woke up, we were still kind of out of it. We got dressed, barely even talking. We splashed some water on our faces and got down out of the treehouse to look around for footprints or animal tracks from our late-night visitor. Surprisingly, even though the ground was still damp from the rain the other day, there wasn't anything to be seen. Sloan was sniffing around like crazy, which was normal for her to do. The only thing that I could see that was out of the ordinary was the gate from the backyard to the front yard next to the garage was standing wide open. We always keep that gate closed because my dad gets pissed if animals get into the trash cans and make a mess, or dig up his beloved flower beds. But the trash cans were still closed, and nothing seemed like it was disturbed or out of place.

We stood there scanning the area for a minute or two, and then I looked over at Jake and told him, "I really can't tell if it was a person or some animal that was out here last night. I don't see any tracks at all, do you?"

"No, I don't see anything either. You would think that there would be some footprints or paw prints or something. I don't even see the snapped twigs that we heard."

"Well, let's not freak out. I guess we'll never know what it was. But I think I'll bring out my BB gun for me, and my baseball bat for you, just to be on the safe side. Anyway, I don't think it's anything to worry about. C'mon, let's go get some grub."

"Roger that, Bucky."

"Huh? Who the hell is this Bucky you keep talking about?"

"I have no idea."

We wandered into the kitchen a little bit slower than usual only to find my mom and dad sitting at the table drinking coffee. Surprisingly, my mom was smoking one of Lulu's ridiculously long Newport cigarettes. My old man's face was buried deep in the sports section of the morning paper, as usual, probably reading about the Dodgers again. He was obsessed with the Dodgers. My bet was that he was still pissed off they paid Don Drysdale $100,000.00 for this year's season, and they still weren't in first place.

"Hi, LuAnn. Wiley," Jake said sleepily.

"Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad. How come you're still here, Dad? Where's everybody else?"

Lowering his paper, he said, "I have an executive board meeting that's going to run late this afternoon, so I don't have to go into the office first thing this morning. I've already prepared for it, and my secretary can handle things until I get there. Your brother is still sleeping, and I imagine that Lulu and Lisa are too. Why are you guys up so early? And no offense, but you boys look like crap. Are you guys all right?"

"I agree. You boys don't look so well. Is something wrong?" my mom asked before I could answer my dad. She gave us that piercing mom-stare-down look that only moms can do, and then walked over and put her hand on my forehead, just like when I was a little kid.

"Yeah, we're okay. We didn't sleep very good last night, that's all."

"Jake, you sure everything is fine, honey?" my mom asked, changing tactics and walking over to my friend, feeling his forehead, too.

"Yeah, LuAnn, just sleepy I guess."

"Well, if you say so. Sit down, and I'll make you boys some pancakes. Do you want orange juice or tomato juice?"

We both said yes for the O.J. and then sat down quietly, while my mom got to work on our breakfast. But my dad kept staring at us, going from me to Jake and back again. Finally, he put down the sports section and asked, "Okay boys, what gives?"

"Nothing, Dad," and then after thinking it over, I said, "Well, you didn't leave the back gate open last night by chance, did you?"

"No. You know that the gate is always kept closed. Why?"

"Last night, um, I don't know what time it was, but it was pretty late, but anyhow, Jake and I were still up, um, talking and, um, stuff, and then we heard something kinda big walking around under the treehouse making a lot of noise. When we peeked out the window, we couldn't really tell for sure what it was. Then Sloan went berserk and started barking and then whatever it was took off out the gate. I think it was a big animal, but –"

"I think it was a man because it was so big," Jake interrupted, sitting straight up in his chair. "It was like a big black blob, but he or whatever it was wobbled around strangely. Why would somebody be out there in the middle of the night like that?" Jake asked.

"I suppose it could be a man, maybe a homeless person looking for someplace safe to sleep, or a bum just looking for returnable bottles or something in the trash cans. And not to scare you guys, I was just reading in the newspaper about a mother bear and her cubs swimming around in somebody's swimming pool over in Monrovia. That's not too far away. I guess because of the fire last year there isn't much food for them and now they're coming down here to the foothills. Sorry, Jake. I know I told you the other day that we don't have any bears, but I guess I was wrong. I've never seen one around here in our neighborhood before, though."

"That's what I told him, too, Dad. But I'm not sure that it was a bear. We looked all around for footprints, but we couldn't find any. If it was an animal, wouldn't it try and get into the trash cans? All of the trash can lids were still on."

"Hmmm, that does sound strange. Any chance you boys left any food out under the tree? What about –"

"No, Dad. We always make sure everything is cleaned up and put away before we head to the treehouse. And you know I always put the lids on the trash cans tight. I would have heard them banging around if someone was opening them up. I always close the gate, too, because I know how you get when some animal is rooting around out in the yard. Besides, I don't want any surprises climbing up in the treehouse with us."

"Tell you what. I'll take a look out there before I leave for work and if anything looks fishy, we'll deal with it. But for the next few nights, I don't want you sleeping out in the treehouse. You can sleep over at Jake's, or in your bedroom or in the pool house if you want as long as you close and lock the door. Is that okay?"

No sense in disagreeing with him since his word was almost always ninety-nine percent final. "Sure Dad, no problem-o. Since we still want to do our laps after dinner, we'll stay in the pool house. But I'm going to bring my BB gun out there with us, and maybe my baseball bat."

"That sounds fine. Just no horsing around with that gun. I mean it, Ryan. You know that's not a toy. If you want, show Jake how to use it on that target behind the garage if he's never shot a gun before. And be sure the fire extinguisher is nearby. We don't want to spark a fire. Sloan stays out there with you, too. She may not be much protection, but she has good instincts and hearing and will alert you if something is amiss. And both of you promise me that you'll tell me if you see anything else that's strange, all right?"

"Yes sir," I said.

"Yeah, we'll let you know. Thanks, Wiley."

"Are you boys going to meet your swim coach today?" my mom asked as she set a giant plate of blueberry pancakes in front of us, dripping with butter, and smelling yummy.

"Yeah, Mom, I think we'll head down around noon. He told us that he's going to make a workout routine specifically for us so that we'll both be in tip-top shape when school starts," I said, glad she had changed the subject.

"That's terrific! What about you, Jake? Are you excited?" my dad asked.

"Oh, yeah. I wasn't too excited about it at first, but now I'm kinda stoked. I hope that I'll be good enough to make the team," Jake added. "I think I know the basics of diving pretty well, but I'm not a fast swimmer."

"Jake, don't be modest," my mom said, leaning into him and putting an arm around his shoulder. "From what I've seen, you are beginning to be an outstanding swimmer. I saw you out there swimming with Ryan yesterday, and I think with a little bit more practice, both of you boys will be a great asset to this year's swim team. And don't forget that I'll be there to cheer you boys on at your swim meets, and I'm sure your mom will be there too, Jake, when she can. Plus, Wiley will be there as long as he can get away early from work."

"That's right. Just let me know what time the meets are going to be held, and I'll have my secretary arrange it to be off for a couple of hours."

"Thanks, guys," I said.

"Yeah, thanks, guys. I appreciate that," Jake said.

"By the way, you guys know you'll have to wear those new skimpy Speedo-style swimsuits that the Australian swimmers wore in the Summer Olympics last year, don't you? Be sure to ask your coach how to get the right size, so they fit correctly. You wouldn't want to get out of the pool and have your dongle and his little jewels flopping out in front of your classmates, now would you?" my dad said chuckling.

"Dad! C'mon. Dongle? Really?"

"That happens?" Jake asked seriously.

"I'm just telling you guys so you can make sure that you get the correct size. I'm not trying to embarrass you. And you know, Ryan, you're lucky you've been able to swim naked your whole life and not have to worry about covering up and stuff like that. Most parents are uptight about nudity and talking about your body and its functions. I know when I was young I could never talk to Grandpa about stuff like that. I don't think I ever saw him naked, now that I think about it. When your mom and I married and started talking about having children, we decided to be completely open and honest with you guys so you wouldn't get any hang-ups. I think it's healthy to be able to talk about these things, so you'll know the truth. Sometimes it can feel embarrassing, but honestly, guys have guy parts, and girls have girl parts, and that's just the way it is. That's just how we're made. In the Navajo world, everything is either male or female. And to them, sex is not a big deal. I learned that early on growing up on the ranch."

"Well, okay. But 'my dongle and jewels' are not little any more, Dad. I'm fifteen-and-a-half already."

"Okay, you're right. Point taken, son."

"Geez, you boys. It's always about who's got the bigger one," my mom said turning around and waving her spatula at us, making us all crack up, even though Jake and I instantly turned bright red. Jake choked on his orange juice and almost spit it out, and she had my dad laughing so hard that he almost spilled his coffee on his tie. "It's like a contest to see who has the biggest thingy."

We all looked at her like she was nuts.

"Thingy?" My dad asked. "Didn't you call it a dongle?"

"Hush! Well, it's true. Don't forget that I grew up with four older brothers and I've seen and heard everything about those boy parts. Those brothers of mine used to measure and compare their penises to see how much they had grown, who had the longest one, who had the fattest one, and they weren't shy about it, either. It didn't help that grandpa egged them on. They kept a chart on the wall for heaven's sake! Who cares? They all function the same way and do the same thing. And don't smirk at me, Wiley. I know how important your penis is. Thank goodness that we didn't have any girls, or this conversation would really be interesting and completely different."

"What are you guys fighting about?" a sleepy Jordan asked as he walked in wearing his flannel jammies, plopping down on a seat at the kitchen table rubbing his eyes.

"We're not fighting honey. We're just having a discussion. How'd you sleep? Want some pancakes?"

"Yeah, please. Can I have ketchup on mine? And can I have some Funny Face Chinese Cherry to drink?"

"Ketchup! Oh, you boys are going to be the death of me yet. Oh, my goodness, maybe we should have had girls. Wiley, let's adopt a daughter."


"I'm kidding. Girls are much more complicated than boys are to raise. It's just that sometimes I feel outnumbered. I think I've been around too much testosterone."

"Honey, we're good with the kids we have now. If you want to talk about a girl we can talk about it later, okay?"

"Of course. I'm not serious. It's just that sometimes all of this manliness around here can be overwhelming to me. Thank goodness Lulu and Lisa are around now, so I have some backup. And yes, Jordy, you can have whatever you want on your pancakes, as long as you eat everything on your plate."

"What's Chinese Cherry?" Jake asked me.

"It's like Kool-Aid but a lot sweeter. They have some other weird flavors, too, and the packages are funny."

"Oh. Never heard of it."

"Dad, do you think we can set up your old weight set and bench out in the garage? I think Coach is going to want us to start working on our upper body strength. We could push the Austin-Healey out on the driveway and make that side of the garage a little gym. Besides, you haven't driven it for a couple of years now. "

"I'll have to think about that, son. I don't want anything to happen to that car, whether it runs or not. Maybe we could move the trash cans around and roll the Austin along the side behind the gate. It's small enough that we should be able to fit it through there. And don't look at me like that, LuAnn! But yeah, that sounds like a great idea to make a gym out there. I've wanted to get back into shape, too. How about when I come home we'll take a look around and see if it's feasible? Maybe we can even make a special chart!" he shouted.

"Wiley!" my mom scolded. It was way funny to see my dad get it.

"A chart to record the boy's progress, honey."

"That sounds great. My dad would never have the time to help me with anything like that. Thanks for helping us out. Like I said, I really appreciate it," Jake said.

"No problem, Jake. Now, I've got to get going boys," he said, reaching into his pocket for his wallet. "Here's some cash for both of your swim trunks. I trust you can get the correct ones? You boys have a good day, and I'll see you when I get home. Bye, sweetie. Love you," my dad said, giving my mom a noisy peck on the cheek.

"Love you too, honey. Have a good day."

"Hey, can I work out with you guys? I want to be big and tough like G.I. Joe is," Jordy asked.

"I don't know, little man. Do you want to be G.I. Joe the Navy Frogman, or G.I. Joe the Camouflage Marine?" I asked.

"I want to be the Frogman so I can swim around and go undetected by the enemy. That way I can set up bombs to go off remotely."

"Okay, we'll see."

"You know, if your G.I. Joe would wear some of Barbie's clothes he would be totally undetected by those Russian Commie Pigs," Jake said with the straightest face. Still, it made me crack up.

"G.I. Joe doesn't wear Barbie's clothes, you wiener! He doesn't even like her! All she does is go shopping and spend money and talks on the phone all day while G.I. Joe goes out to protect and save the world from enemies."

"Jordan. Watch your mouth," Mom said as she plopped his gross looking ketchup pancakes in front of him. "I don't like that talk, but you do have a good point. What does Barbie do all day and where does she get her money from? A trust fund? A rich uncle?"

"Sorry, Mommy. But he made me mad."

"Sorry, little man. I was just trying to be funny. I'm really sorry that I said that," Jake said. "And if you want to work out with us it's okay with me, and I promise I won't give you a hard time. We'll help you out."

"Jake, how do you know about Barbie's clothes, anyway?" Jordan shot back, catching him off-guard.

Fumbling for a second, Jake finally bucked up and said, "Lisa would make me play with them when I was little because there weren't many kids in our neighborhood our age to play with. She would get mad because I would always make Barbie do dumb stuff, like taping my Matchbox cars to Barbie's feet and then rolling her down the stairs, or running her over with my Tonka dump truck. One time I tied Barbie to the stake when I was playing Cowboys and Indians. Finally, she just stopped asking me to play with her."

"But that's not all that little dope did," Lisa said, walking into the kitchen with Lulu fast on her heels. "One time he glued Barbie's hair so it would stick straight out the back. Then when it dried, he got a black marker and colored her hair, so she looked like the Bride of Frankenstein. When I was sleeping, he plopped her on top of my face so when I woke up she was staring right at me!"

Everybody starting laughing, even Lisa.

"Good morning, ladies, are you two hungry?" my mom asked, still giggling.

"I'd love some of those pancakes, but not all bloody like Jordy's," Lisa said. "What in the Cosmo's is that stuff?"

"It's not blood, it's ketchup," Jordy replied smacking his lips.

"What about you, Lulu? Want a cup of coffee?"

"That sounds delightful. What does everybody have planned for today?" Lulu said pulling out a chair and sitting down, then started rummaging around in her bra for her smokes.

"Ryan and Jake are going to the High School pool for some training or something. I have a dentist appointment at noon, and I was hoping Lisa could stay with Jordan while I'm gone. Would that be okay, honey?"

"Sure, LuAnn. I don't mind. He's more fun than Jake is anyway," Lisa said winking at Jordy, who in turn stuck his tongue out at Jake.

"I have guitar lessons from eleven to four o'clock and then a Hammond Organ lesson at five down at the music academy. I can help you make dinner when I get home if that's all right, or run to the market on my way home to get something you need. Did you ask Wiley about driving up to Marin to see my brother for his birthday next weekend?"

"Yes, we talked about it, and we're both excited to go. We just have to talk with the kids and make sure they don't burn down the house while we're away. Also, Wiley has to rearrange his work schedule so he can take a few extra days off."

"We won't burn down the house. Geez, Mom, we've never done that before. How long are you guys going to be gone anyway?" I asked.

"I know you won't burn down the house on purpose, but it's the Fourth of July weekend, and you know how paranoid I get with all of those fireworks and bottle rockets going off. Maybe the four of you can go to the big fireworks show at the Rose Bowl. I heard Jan and Dean are headlining this year. Anyway, we're thinking of driving up next Thursday and then coming home late on Monday. That way we have three full days up on the farm."

"Can I go?" Jordan asked.

"No, honey not this time. My brother is having a big fortieth birthday party, and it's going to be an adult's only trip. You kids can go next time. Besides, Lisa needs you to stay here and keep her company. Isn't that right, sweetie?" Lulu said to her daughter.

"I guess. I'll need the microbus in case we go to the market or something, or if we decide to go to the Rose Bowl."

"That's fine. I'll make sure it has a full tank of gas. We're driving up in LuAnn and Wiley's station wagon, and I get the backseat all to myself. And it has air conditioning!"

"That sounds like fun for you guys. Be sure you leave us enough bread so we can order pizza and Coke's for dinner every night, okay Mom?" I said, getting up and putting my empty plate in the sink. "Do you need any help with the dishes?" I asked.

"No thanks, honey. I've got it. You know, boys, you're going to have to start eating better if you're going to be working out for the swim team. And, I really hate to say this, but you're also going to have to give up your soda habit and start drinking more water. All that sugar and caffeine isn't good for you."

"C'mon, mom. That's not fair."

"Ask your coach, then, and see what he says."

"I will. C'mon Jake, let's go get cleaned up and head downtown."

"That sounds barmy, mate!"

"Right-o, old bean."

"Mommy, why are they so weird?" Jordan asked as we were heading out the door towards the pool house.

"I don't know, honey, I just don't know."

We trudged up the slope to the pool house, and after looking around for creepy intruders, we locked the sliding glass doors behind us. I asked Jake if he wanted me to turn on the radio so we could listen to our favorite tunes on KRLA. I really was hoping that they would play Crimson and Clover, my favorite song that week.

"Yeah man, that sounds cool," he said, and then started wailing into some screeching noise along with CCR. "And I can still hear my old hound dog barkin', chasin' down a hoodoo there."

"Hey, maybe that was a 'hoodoo' that we saw last night," I said.

"I dunno. What the heck is a hoodoo?"

"You should know, you were just singing about it, if that was what you call singing. Anyway, I think it's like a ghost or something foggy that floats around at night doing magic or making evil curses or something. Go look that up in your Funk and Wagnall's! C'mon, let's get naked. We have some time before we have to go downtown. We need to make sure that little Jakey is all nice and clean."

"He's not little, you dumbass, and just so you know, I call him Mr. Winky. That's because my pee-slit winks at me when he's happy," he said stripping off his clothes and standing there with Mr. Winky at full attention. "I'm going to ask my mom for some money so I can get some bigger clothes. These hardly fit any more. That was really cool of your dad to pay for our new swimsuits. You're a lucky butt he's such a groovy guy."

"Yeah, he is," I said doing a slow strip tease for Jake, grinding my ass out to the beat of Everyday People that was drifting out of the speakers now. "Let's get in the shower before it gets any later. I want to try some scooby-dooby-doo-bee on you."

"If I remember correctly, it's your turn to lick my fart locker, scooby-dooby!"

"As you say, Roger that. Let's take a quick shower and then let's sixty-nine. If you get on top, then I can lick your butthole while you suck on me."

"Oh man, that sounds extra sexy-good! I don't know how you think that shit up, but I'm glad you do," Jake said excitedly.

We both jumped into the shower, Jake getting in first and then I settled in behind him closing the frosted glass door. His muscular butt was starting to get a tan to match the rest of his body, and I wondered if anybody at the pool would wonder why we didn't have any tan lines. Oh, well, I'm not going to worry about it. Like my friend Cooper says "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." I scooted up and wrapped my arms around his waist, and I felt him melt into me.

"You know, I feel so good when we're standing here naked with you behind me like this, and your arms are wrapped tight around me. I feel so warm and comfortable, and I guess I feel safe, too."

"Me too," I told Jake as I pulled him in tighter. Breathing in his distinctive scent and biting his earlobe.

I grabbed the strawberry scented shampoo and started to lather up Jake's wavy brown hair. I told him, "Your hair is starting to get lighter from all of the swimming and the sunshine. It's the opposite of your ass which is starting to get tan."

"Is that a good thing?"

"Oh, yeah, you be a sexy boy, my man!"

I finished shampooing his hair, having given him a nice long massage with the tips of my fingers, deep into his scalp. Next, I soaped him up all over, paying special attention to his butthole while he stood there like a wet noodle. I probably could have done anything I wanted to him, he was so relaxed. When I was done soaping him up, we switched places, and he did the same routine to me. Only with me, it takes a little longer to pull back my foreskin and wash my dick, which is tough to do when my dick is so rock-hard.

"C'mon, we're clean enough. Let's go get messy now," I said turning around to give Jake a bone-crushing bear hug, quickly followed by a loud, wet sloppy kiss, which he returned by sticking his tongue deep into my mouth.

"I like doing that," he said shyly.

"Me too, and Roger that!"

Letting go of him, I jumped out and flopped down on the shaggy bath rug telling Jake to come around and get down on his knees with my head between them. Once he did that he positioned himself over me, so his arms were on both sides of my hips. Slowly he lowered his mouth down on my hard dick just as his droopy balls flopped onto my face. I took advantage of those swinging balls by sucking first one and then the other one into my mouth, rolling them around on my tongue. They were too big for me to get both of them into my mouth at the same time, unfortunately. Then, letting go of his balls, I grabbed his hot, long cock and pulled it down into my waiting mouth, getting it all good and slobbery, slippery and slimy. It was weird sucking on his dick while looking up at his big swinging lightly-haired balls hanging directly over my nose!

It was getting steamy and humid down here on the floor next to the shower, and our wet slippery skin felt incredibly sexy as we ground our bodies against each other, stomach to stomach. The sound of our arms and legs slapping around and against each other was an entirely new experience for me, totally sexy and one that I would not soon forget. Jake was really going to town on my rock-hard leaking dick now, bobbing up and down and sucking up my foreskin with each upwards pull. A pool of his spit and my dick juice was starting to soak down onto my curly blond cock hairs. I guess practice makes perfect because it seemed that he was able to get more and more of my cock shaft deeper into his mouth. I hoped that one day soon he'd be able to swallow the whole thing, and I'd be able to shoot my load straight down his throat. That would feel so fucking far-out!

I let loose of his throbbing cock, and it flipped up and slapped hard against his stomach, dropping a splat of precum onto my stomach. I maneuvered back a little bit and was able to start taking long, slow slurps with my tongue up the backside of his ball sack and then continuing along up his perineum, stopping teasingly short of my intended target. Still licking, I moved my hand to his leg and slowly started to stroke his sloppy hard teen cock, easily since it was coated with my mouth slobber.

"Scoot your knees up further so you can lower your butt down onto my face," I said and instantly felt Jake's dick throb in my hand. He inched his knees way up and wiggled his happy little buns in my face but never let go of my cock that was planted firmly in his throat. Finally, he was in the correct position, and he slowly settled his butthole down onto my lips. I stuck my tongue out right away and started to lick and slurp and tickle him all around his boy hole, every once in a while, teasing him by running directly across the bull's eye, making it nice and slippery. For the most part, he was hairless down there, but a few stray brown hairs popped out around his pink hole.

I remembered what Jake had done to me that made me feel so good, so after a bit I stuck my tongue as far out of my mouth as it would go, then pushed it deep into his brown hole, wiggling it around and pushing it along the sides of his boy poop-chute. Man, it was warm in there, and velvety smooth, and the only thing I tasted was the slight flavor of soap. After a little bit of this tongue thrusting, I could tell Jake was getting close because his butthole was starting to clamp down tight on my tongue and his dick was getting harder and harder and starting to really throb now in my hand. I was really getting turned on too, at this point, and started lifting my hips up off the floor so that my dick would meet his mouth and go in deeper and deeper with each thrust, in some kind of rhythm. Even though my dork was shorter than his, it was fatter, and he really had to open up his mouth up wide to take it all in. All the while, down at the other end I was really plowing his butthole with subterranean thrusts of my tongue. We both were really diggin' this outrageous scene.

Finally, Jake couldn't take it any more, and I felt his ass ring squeeze real tight around my tongue and then his cock shot out blast after blast of white-hot boy juice all over me. It felt crazy-good to feel his ass clamp down around my tongue each time he would shoot out a stream of his milky semen. That sent me over the top, and I raised my hips off the floor and pushed my dick deep into his mouth, deeper than it had ever gone been before, and I filled his mouth with shot after shot of my boy love juice.

He really had a treat for me this time, because he didn't swallow my load of cum in his mouth, he just held it in his mouth for a second mixing it up with his saliva. Then he started to back up over me, and when he got to my head, he pressed his lips to mine, pried my mouth open with his tongue, and swirled my gooey mixture all around the inside of our mouths. It tasted really yummy!

After we had caught our breath, I rolled him over next to me and said, "I know we said that the last time was the best, but I think that this one was truly the best one yet!"

"Roger that, Bucky!"

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