So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 8

The three of us headed back to join Jordan and Sloan in the pool house to listen to some records and few 8-tracks. Lisa and Jordan were taking turns playing some of their favorite tunes. Jake and I relaxed on the couch and watched as Jordy and Lisa clowned it up. We played a couple of board games too, including my favorite, Risk. To make Lisa happy, we even played Mystery Date because she wanted to date the construction worker, and Jake and I cracked up singing "Are you ready for your Mystery Date," falling over on each other and laughing uncontrollably. Jordy looked at us funny like we had just flown in from Jupiter or something.

After we had listened to Tom Jones for the zillionth time, we played some of the older records that we hadn't heard lately, Lisa went crazy over one that she found way in the back of the pile by Archie Bell and the Drells called Tighten Up. She told us that she loved that song from the first time she had heard it over at a girlfriend's slumber party a couple of years ago. She slapped it on the turntable, cranked up the volume, and then proceeded to do the kookiest dance I had ever seen. But the funniest part was when she insisted that the three of us boys had to learn how to do the dance, too. Jake and I weren't very excited at first since we really didn't care much for dancing. But when she started showing Jordy how to do some of the moves, and he started to catch on real fast, doing some of the grinding hip action and arm screwing moves, Jake and I had to join in. He looked so funny and cute.

And it was freakin' fun, too! Lisa was dancing with Jordy, and Jake and I were dancing together shaking our knees, grinding our pelvises and doing a move that looked like we were really getting into playing the bass. It was hilarious and were having a bitchin time, but I kept thinking how much more fun this would be if Jake and I could do it naked up in the treehouse.

Once that song ended, everybody was starting to get tired and hungry. It wasn't long after that my mom called us over the intercom to tell us that dinner would be ready in a little while. The Lulu's were going to make us spaghetti and meatballs, with my favorite Clearman's Cheese Toast, and bring us up to speed on what happened with the fuzz. We took turns washing up in the bathroom and then headed out of the pool house, around the pool and down towards the kitchen. You could smell the yummy cheesy smell from the broiler all the way out here!

"Man, I must have the munchies," Jake whispered to me, pinching my nipple and sending a jolt of horniness throughout my body. "That smells really bitchin."

"No shit. That's because my mom is using the squirrel meat that she skinned and dried a couple of weeks ago, before you guys moved in," I said, trying super hard to keep a straight face.

"No fucking way," both Jake and Lisa yelled at me at the same time, stopping dead in their tracks. Their faces were priceless.

Surprised by their tone, I looked around to Jordy and, winking at him I asked, "Hey, little man, how often does Mom make her famous squirrel meatballs?"

"Oh! Well…um…well…not enough for me," he said, after what seemed like forever, and finally, finally catching on to my joke and almost blowing it. "It's really yummy! Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I've got love in my tummy!" he started singing.

"I don't believe it," Lisa said.

"I'll tell you another little secret that my mom likes to do," I said, making everybody stop once again just outside the kitchen door. "Sometimes, when we would go out for a Sunday drive somewhere, we would look for some smashed up roadkill, and once we spotted some, Mom would scoop it up with a little fold-up shovel that she keeps in the back of the car. She'd wrap it up in some tinfoil that she likes to save in her big purse just for these occasions, and then place it under the hood of the car. She'd lay it on top of the air intake lid so that by the time we got home, it'd be all nice and crispy and toasty hot. That shit is always super-delicious! We never, ever have leftovers, right Jordy?"

"No kidding. I could eat a whole one all by myself," he said, jumping around and pinching his nuts to keep from busting up. "I like their little crispy ears the best."

"Eww, that's fucking gross. I'm not eating any squirrel meat, and that's final. Jake, shit! It looks like we moved in next door to the Goddamn Clampett's." Lisa said.

We walked into the kitchen, and as everybody started to sit down, I looked over at Jordy and gave him another wink. "This smells delicious, Mom. Did you use your secret ingredient?"

"Honey, what are you talking about? This is just my regular old spaghetti sauce and meatballs. We've had this at least a hundred times before. It's your dad's favorite."

"C'mon, Mom. Don't be so shy. You can tell everybody what's in it."

"Yeah, Mom," Jordy added with a goofy smile on his face, "Tell the guys how you make it."

Everybody stopped what they were doing, dropped their forks and looked over at my mom. Lisa and Jake's eyes were bugged out, starting to really think that we were actually hillbillies. My dad was looking around the table trying to figure out what this was all about, while Lulu set down her rum and Coke and stared open-mouthed at my mom, the mile-long ashes on the end of her cigarette threatening to fall on the floor. Everything went quiet for a minute.

"LuAnn, do you really use 'special' herbs in your sauce?" Lulu asked innocently, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course I use special herbs and spices in this. My Nona taught me how to cook when I was just a little girl. She was the best cook ever, even though they lived in a dirt dugout on the Prairie before Oklahoma was even a state. She used to tell me stories about how they would have to improvise with what they had around them because they were so poor, and sometimes it was hard to make meals out there." Letting out a big sigh she continued, "It wasn't like you could jump in the car and go to the supermarket! The girls had to grow and tend to all of the vegetables in a plot next to the house, while her dad and brothers had to hunt for the meat, which back then were slim pickings out on the prairie. It was tough back then, and everybody had to pitch in. We are fortunate we have it so good today.

"Now eat up everybody!" my mom said as she walked around the table serving everybody extra-large portions of spaghetti and meatballs.

Jordan and I tucked in with added gusto, scarfing it up and smacking our lips loudly. Dad and Lulu tucked right into it, too.

"I can't. I just can't eat this," Lisa said quietly, glaring down at her plate and dropping her fork with a loud clink. "I'm sorry."

"What are you talking about, sweetie? This food is excellent. And after the day we've had you should be thankful to have such a wonderful meal from people who really care about you," Lulu said to her daughter. "Besides, you know I don't cook that well. You should enjoy it."

"But, Mom. I just can't do it. I can't eat… I just can't eat squirrel meat," Lisa finally cried out.

Suddenly, there was dead silence around the room, and all eyes were on Lisa. Then, as if on cue, Jordy and I started laughing like crazy, tears beginning to burn in our eyes. At first, Jake gave me the evil eye, but then, once he got it he started laughing too. Lisa finally figured out that I was joking, and she threw her napkin across the table at me. "You asshole," she said, starting to grin. "Squirrels! You are so gonna get it, Ryan Miller."

"What the heck are you guys talking about?" my dad asked, sounding upset.

"When we were outside we could smell the food, and Ryan told us that LuAnn was making meatballs out of squirrel meat," Lisa said.

Looking at me like she was royally pissed off, or worse, like she was getting ready to go off on me by the way she was waving the big serving spoon in her hand around in the air, my mom shouted, "You know better than that, Ryan Jacob Miller. I never cook with squirrel. How dare you? Possum tastes so much better!"

That did it. It took just a couple of seconds to sink in, then everybody around the table burst out laughing.

"Yep, we're just a bunch of hillbillies!" Dad said.

"That reminds me of a joke that my brother Gus told me once a long time ago when we were kids," said Lulu. "Let's see if I can remember it correctly. A cop sees a man in an old pickup truck with the bed full of squirrels driving down Main Street. So he pulls the guy over, walks up to the cab and says, 'You can't drive around town with a bunch of loose squirrels. Take them to the Zoo right now!' So the guy tells him, 'Okay, I will' and then drives away. The next morning the cop sees the same guy driving around town again with a truck full of squirrels, only this time the squirrels were all wearing little teeny-tiny squirrel-sized sunglasses. So, the cop pulls the guy over again and tells the man, 'I thought I told you yesterday to take these damn squirrels to the Zoo?' The guy looks over at the cop and says 'I did. Today I'm taking them to the beach!' "

All of us groaned at this tired old joke, except Jordy who almost peed his pants from laughing so hard. It felt good for all of us to finally release the tension and bad vibes from the events over at Jake and Lisa's house.

"You know, now that I think about it, I remember an old hunting joke that my buddy in the Army used to tell us when we were on midnight patrol. I think I remember how it goes," my dad said, rubbing his chin. "I remember it now. A father and his son were out hunting one day. After a while the boy was starting to get tired, so the dad told him to sit down in a clearing while he wandered across the field to continue hunting, saying that he'd be back in about half an hour. But before he left, he told the boy to be very still and not to make a sound. So, about ten minutes later the dad heard a loud, blood-curdling scream and he took off running back across the field to find his son. 'What's the matter, son? I told you to be quiet.' The son says, 'Look, I was quiet when the snake slithered over my legs. And I was quiet when a big bear came out of the woods right behind me and breathed down the back of my neck. But when two squirrels crawled up my pants leg and said 'Should we eat them here or take them with us?' I guess I just panicked!"

After that joke, all three boys in the room ate with one hand underneath their napkins, clutching their crotches.

When dinner was over, we had to listen to a little speech that our parents had prepared. Basically, they wanted to make sure we were okay with the run-in with Jake and Lisa's dad, Ace. They promised that it was a one-time event and that they hoped it would never happen again. Jordy was still a little upset because he had never seen adults fight like that, and he was afraid Ace was going to come back and hurt somebody. Everybody seemed to calm down after my dad told us that the Police had taken a report and that if Ace showed up again and caused any more trouble, then the cops would come back and arrest him. I think everybody was relieved to hear that.

Lulu thanked everybody for coming to her rescue, and she apologized for how she behaved when she got mad and tossed the liquor bottle. She apologized for the vulgar language and even made a special point to thank my mom for helping her clean up the mess. Everybody seemed satisfied with this explanation, and soon everybody was back to their usual selves.

We cleared off the dishes from the dining room table and were helping out with the dirty dishes when the Lulus announced that everybody would be spending the night at our house once again that night. That was bitchin with me since Jake and I hadn't had time to get naked and have more sexy fun, and we were both horny as hell. Lisa and Jordy headed into the family room to watch a rerun of the Monkees on the new color TV set that we got a few months ago, just like she had promised the little man. Our parents and Lulu said they were going to hang out in the living room and talk, and maybe play a game of cribbage. As my dad started to make some frosty Daiquiri 's for the grown-ups, I told him that Jake and I were going to do some training laps out in the pool and then take our showers out in the pool house like we did last night.

"Take Sloan with you, Ryan. She likes staying out there with you boys, and she'll keep you company, plus she'll bark if she hears anything strange. You know where the backdoor key is hidden if you need to come in for anything during the night, but if you do, please be quiet, so you don't wake everybody up. I don't feel comfortable leaving the door open like last night. And Jake, please don't worry. Everything is going to work out just fine, you'll see. I don't expect that your father will be bothering you any more," my dad said, squeezing Jake on the shoulder, then sensing that he needed a little bit more than that, he gave him a big embrace and wrapped his long arms around him.

"Thanks, Wiley. I honestly appreciate all of your help. I know it's gonna be okay. We'll see you guys in the morning," Jake said pulling away from my dad.

We headed out of the house and up to the pool, Sloan sniffing around in the bushes and flower beds looking for lizards or something. The sun had almost gone down by then, but there was still a beautiful reddish-orange glow in the sky, and a slight, warm breeze snaking down along the foothills and whispering through the old trees. The sound of the first few crickets filled the air with their chirp-chirp-chirp.

Once we were at the edge of the pool, we quickly stripped off our clothes, piled them up into a big pyramid on a sun-bleached lounge chair and dove headfirst into the deep end of the pool. Man, the water was sweet and refreshing. I dived down and circled around the bottom, enjoying the coolness of the water like I was a dolphin. Jake and I started swimming laps along the length of the pool, going back and forth, trying not to crash into each other and cracking our skulls open. It was good to see that he was starting to seriously get into this swimming thing, and his swimming was actually pretty good.

After a while, I showed him how to do a couple of different swim strokes, making sure to touch his ass and balls every chance that I could get, then he and I had a mock race doing the butterfly. Even though I won, he wasn't that far behind me and surprisingly, he kept up with me pretty well. I could tell that with some serious practice he was going to be damn good competition for me and any team that we might swim against. We both had to work on our turns, though, because he was sloppy and I was a little bit rusty. After he had done a couple of flips off the diving board, showing off, we took a break and pulled ourselves up and out of the water, sitting on the warm concrete edge of the pool, our legs dangling in the cool water.

"What's that?" Jake asked, pointing to a crazy ribbon of orange, red and purple lines of wispy clouds in the western sky, just over the treetops and lit from behind by the disappearing sun going down below the horizon.

"That's probably a vapor trail from a missile launched up at Vandenberg Air Force Base, about a hundred miles away from here," I said, leaning back on my elbows, spreading my legs so my dick wouldn't get squished, and letting my balls rest on the sun-warmed cement edging. "I've seen them a couple of times before. My dad says they blast off out over the Pacific Ocean, so if they go out of control and crash they won't smash into somebody's house and kill a bunch of people. I think they test thermonuclear missiles or send up spy satellites or something like that. It would be cool if they launched the Apollo missions from here instead of Florida. Do you think they're really going to land on the moon this summer?"

"I hope so. The Astronauts got pretty close with that practice run last month. I think they circled the moon a couple of times to look for just the right place to land. They took a bunch of close-up pictures of the surface, too. Maybe they can do it. You know, that would really piss off those Commie Russians Pigs if we landed on the moon first," Jake said, pushing his leg over and on top of mine, then leaning back on his elbows. "But I don't know. Some kids at my old school said that it's all fake, like if they had a Hollywood studio make the films so they could show them at night on Cronkite. Kinda like if the pictures on TV are made up or something, and all of the reporters are in on it. Maybe they are just doing it to take people's minds off that stupid Vietnam War and all of our guys that are getting killed and hurt over there. One of the guys at my school got shot and died there after he graduated, and another guy came home sort of a vegetable. That's so fucked up. And for what?"

After a long quiet moment, Jake continued, "You know, the moon looks awfully far away, though, and it's kinda hard to believe that we can get all the way up there and then come back alive and still be okay. What if they land there and then can't get home? That would really suck big time. And what if they bring back some funky moon disease that makes everybody turn into some kind of brain-eating zombies? Or what if there are moon-people there and they kill all of the Astronauts, and then they eat their heads because they heard Jim Morrison singing through their microwave radio or something and they're all mad at us?"

"I don't know dude. But you're getting kinda silly."

"And," he said, getting goofier, "Don't forget what some wise man once said: When you visit the moon, remember that you are the alien!"

"Yeah…okay…well…I sure will, you chowder head. Hey! All of this talk of sucking big time and missiles and rockets and stuff is starting to get my missile all fired up. Let's go take a shower and try out those sexy moves Coach was telling us about before you start cracking more of those stupid lame jokes, you boner brain."

"Blow in my ear, and I'll follow you anywhere," Jake said with a devilish grin, giving my dick a quick squeeze.

We both jumped up, grabbed our clothes and ran towards the pool house, Sloan hot on our heels. I sure was glad nobody could see us out here in our backyard. We jetted into the pool house tossing our wet towels on the linoleum. Since it was starting to get dark, and even though I didn't expect my folks to come outside and bother us, I still locked the sliding glass door just in case.

I found an old chewy toy for Sloan to munch on and told her to lie down on the rug, so she wouldn't follow us into the bathroom and bother us. When she was content, Jake and I headed towards the shower, butterflies rumbling around in my stomach totally excited about what we were about to do. Man, this naked sex stuff was totally bitchin, and I sure was lucky that Jake moved in next door to me. Then I had a thought. How did Mr. Bailey know that Jake and I were going be such good friends? And right off the bat, too? Plus, did his dead wife tell him exactly what we'd be doing? Naked-wise? Trippy.

"Hey! Let's both take a shower together again, okay?" Jake asked, turning around and pinching both of my stone-hard nipples, a small bead of pre-cum slowly bubbling from the head of his bobbing stiff cock. He was so excited and cute that I just wanted to eat him all up.

"Man, you're reading my freakin' mind."

I opened the glass door and reached into the shower, turning on the water first so the spray would be warm, but not so hot that we would run out of hot water any time soon. I jumped in the shower, and then after Jake got in behind me, I grabbed the bar of soap and started to lather up my hands.

"Let's change places, so you're up here in front of me," I told Jake. As we shuffled around in the ugly mint green shower stall, our rock-hard dicks kept poking each other, making us both crack up. We kept looking at each other with stupid grins on our faces, and I think we probably looked like a couple of teenage girls at a Ricky Nelson concert. Once he finally got in front of me, I directed the shower spray so that we were both under the warm water.

"This is going to be so much fun. I've been looking forward to this all day long. My dick has gotten hard so many times today that I think I might have ripped a hole in the front of my shorts," Jake said.

"I've been hard all day too. I was so horny when we were in the microbus that I wanted to slip out your dick and rub on it, but I was afraid Lisa would look back in the mirror and catch us. I'm surprised no one saw my tented shorts or the big wet spot in front of me that I was trying to hide," I said before I got serious and focused on the business at hand. "Now spread 'em, partner. Put your arms up on the side of the shower like you did before and stick your butt out towards me."

"Yes sir, Marshall Dillon!"

I reached down and started soaping up his pearly-white fleshy butt cheeks, kneading them like they were two loaves of sourdough. Unlike yesterday, this time I wasn't so worried about whether or not he'd like what I was going to do to him. I rubbed the lathered soap all over him, getting his ass all bubbly and slippery. I could hear him start to moan with sounds of pleasure.

Deciding to try something new, I got up right behind him, pointing my hard cock down between his butt cheeks, my chin leaning on his shoulder and wrapped my tan arms tightly around his flat stomach, just below his belly button. He leaned back into me and whispered huskily, "You know Ryan, this feels really super bitchin. I like having your arms around me. I feel safe." I could feel his heart thumping around through his back next to my chest. I gave him a gentle squeeze and then pulled him to me even tighter.

Still holding him from behind, his back to my chest, I rubbed my soapy hands all over his smooth stomach and chest, stopping every so often to gently squeeze and flick both of his brown, half-dollar sized nipples with my fingers. I kept moving my hips and rubbing my dick slowly up and down and around his belly like we were doing a slow dance at an all-boys nude high school prom. I rubbed around his stomach with my slippery hands, slowly going lower and lower until finally, I was rubbing his hairy boy bush, running my fingers through his silky wet pubic hair. I didn't go for the big prize right away, even though I wanted to. Instead, I rubbed my paws up and down along the inside of his thighs, just below his sagging ball sack, pulling him in even tighter to me while pushing my dick even further down into his boy crack.

"Oh God, Ryan, that feels so fucking good," he said, starting to grind his butt around and around on my horny hot rod. I answered him by squeezing my arms tighter around his stomach, then leaned in and started to lightly bite his earlobe. This made him go crazy, and he started purring like a hungry little kitty.

As much as I loved this wet sexy dance with Jake, I started to think back to what Coach Brian told us and knew that we had other things on the menu we really wanted to try. I wrapped one hand around his bulging cock, and cupped his drooping balls with my other, giving him just a few teasing strokes. He made some kind of noise, but I'm not exactly sure what it was. I knew, though, that he was getting pretty close to firing away. I wasn't ready for him to shoot off just yet. So I let go of him and, grabbing the bar of soap off the ledge, got down on my knees on the shower floor with that beautiful ass of his looking at me straight in the eyes, warm water cascading down his lightly freckled back and over his meaty buns. What a beautiful sight, and it was all mine, just waiting for me to play with.

"Spread your legs a little bit wider, bud," I said. "I wanna try something."

Soaping up my hands again, I started to run my fingers up and down his back, from the middle of his tan back to the upper part of his protruding butt cheeks, then slowly down along his crack, past his exit hole and then between his legs, just before hitting his dangling ball sack. I did this a few times and then, pulling his cheeks gently apart, I put my thumb on his virgin rosebud, ever so lightly, feeling all of the little grooves and wrinkles as I moved very slowly and cautiously. I ran my digit in a circular motion all around his pink hole, only my thumb, and his butthole touching, while the fingers of my other hand were digging into his fleshy butt cheeks and holding his ass open. It was so totally freakin' hot that I could hardly stand it, digging on a dude's butthole like this. My dick was so hard and throbbing up and down like crazy that it was starting to hurt. I kept doing this little dance for a while and then I had a brainwave.

"Let me know if this hurts. I'm gonna try sticking my finger in your bunghole just a little bit, okay?" I asked Jake. "Tell me what it feels like."

"Yeah! Do it, man, that sounds fantastic," he said, sticking his butt cheeks out further towards my face.

I soaped up my finger again and glided it back into his puckered hole, rubbing around a few more times, then slowly poking it in just a tiny bit, feeling the silky sides of his hot butthole for the first time. I pushed in a little bit deeper, and once my finger was about an inch of the way in, I pulled it back out and then slowly pushed it back in again, this time just a little bit deeper than before. It was warm and velvety smooth inside, and incredibly sexy to me. Then I sped up the rhythm, and since the only response that I got from Jake was some quiet purring noises, I pushed it in and out, in and out, each time going in just a little bit further.

"Oh, God. Man, that feels so fucking good! Try pushing it slowly all of the way in there and then keep it still. Let me see what it feels like."

I didn't need a better invitation. I pushed my finger all the way up Jake's smooth, soft butthole, feeling the hot, tight, velvety sides. He must have liked it because soon he started to grind his ass back and forth, around and around on my protruding finger. He kept this up until something weird happened.

"Oh, right there. Don't move your finger! Keep massaging me right there in that spot. Don't move your fucking finger! Oh yeah. Do you feel that part on the side? It's kinda like a hard bump. Don't move it out. Oh hell no. Yeah, man, it feels so good. Yeah, right there. That's the ticket. Right fucking there. Oh, oh please, yeah, man. Come on, Come on. I think I'm about to blow, Ryan. Oh wow. Oh, my God. Don't stop. Don't fucking stop doing that. Ugh, oh yeah, oh yeah."

Jake was going crazy now, riding my finger like he was on a bucking bronco. He kept moving around and grinding his ass up and down on my finger, both his hands still planted firmly up high on the shower wall to keep him steady. His cock was rock hard and bouncing around like crazy, a string of pre-cum swinging around out of the tip of his cock that was sticking straight up in the air. Suddenly, I felt the sides of his asshole clamp down tight around my finger as he stuck his butt out even further towards me.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh," was all he said as he shot volley after volley of hot teen boy juice out of his cumhole and up on the side of the shower, hands-free, while still bouncing around on my finger like some crazed sex dance.

Finally, when he was done, I pulled my finger slowly out of his ass and stood up. After he had caught his breath, Jake turned around and gave me a tight hug and said, "That was the most awesome, fun fucking feeling that I've ever had in my life. I've never shot my wad without using my hands before. That was just freakin' awesome. Finish taking your shower and let's get to the treehouse. Make sure you clean that stinky ass of yours! It's my turn, and I can't wait to make you feel as good as you just made me feel!"

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