So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 7

We rode our bikes out the back gates of the high school, past the empty tennis courts and into the shady glen of Victory Park. The old oak and sycamore trees, with their big leafy branches, made the vast park calm, dark and refreshing, especially on a hot and smoggy day like it was today. There were only a handful people out, mostly kids messing around on some older play equipment in the sandy playground on the south side of the park. But by now it was just too hot for even them to be running around. It was surprisingly quiet, save for a dog barking in the distance.

Once we hit the grass, I got off my bike and told Jake, "Hey man, hang on a sec. I want to talk with you. Let's head over there under those oak trees, where it's shady and cooler, and no one's around. We can cut across the grass over there by the old rose garden, and then go down that other street to Wiggy's," I said pointing to the other side of the park. "Man, that talk with Coach Brian was crazy. Who would have thought a coach would be all sexy like that?"

"No shit, Batman. I couldn't believe he just told us that he had sex with another guy. And the part where he said he licked another guy's butthole! Oh man, I couldn't believe it. My dick got so freakin' hard, he must have noticed because I was squirming around in my chair like I was sitting on ants. Couldn't he get into a lot of trouble for talking with us about all of that sex stuff? I mean, he seems like a nice guy and everything, but I wouldn't want to see him get fired for doing something like that just because we asked some sex questions to help us out."

"I guess he could, although I think that even though we were at school, technically school wasn't in session. And besides, who are we gonna tell? 'Hey mom, guess what? Coach just told us about licking each other's buttholes!' Yeah, right," I joked, and we both cracked up.

"That's funny," Jake said.

"I'm just glad that he took a risk and told us some of those things that we needed to be aware of. And the sex stuff! Man, I got so horned up sitting in his office that I thought I was going to blow my load all over the inside of my shorts," I said laughing. "My dick was leaking so badly that he could probably smell it."

"Shit. Me too. My dick was rock hard. When he told us about the porno theater, I thought my dick was going to rip a hole right through my shorts. I knew they made porno movies, because we had some of those theaters down the street from our old apartment, and me and my friends used to walk by and look at the posters. They always showed girls with lots of lipstick, and they all had big tits, but they never showed any of the naked guys. I wonder why not? Anyway, I always wanted to check out the guy's equipment to see how big their dicks were. I never knew that they made movies of just guys having sex with each other. That sounds so hot. And they get paid for it, too! Holy crap. How bitchin is that? What do you think the guys do in those movies? The same groovy stuff that we've been doing, or do you think that they do some other stuff, too?" Jake asked.

"I don't really know. I guess they do some other stuff, but I'm not sure what it is. But I bet their cocks and balls are probably really big and hairy, and they shoot huge loads of cum! You know what? What we have been doing has been really hot, and I really like it. We've gotta keep doing it and figure out what that other stuff those guys do, too."

"I agree," he said with a smile.

"And you know what else, now that I think about it? The older guys at my school used to pick on some of the wimpy kids and call them buttfuckers. Do you think that it's possible to actually stick your dick up somebody's asshole and buttfuck them?" I asked him.

"I suppose you could." We had stopped walking, our minds spinning around like a science project, trying to think about how the mechanics of that might work, and if it would feel good or not. After a minute, he murmured, "This is super freaky weird, so don't laugh, Ry, okay? Sometimes my turds are as big as my dick, so I guess that what goes out can also go in. But I don't know. That seems kind of strange. What do you think? Do you think it's possible?"

"I guess it's possible. Between you and me, one time when I shit out a big fatty, it felt sorta good and I boned up. You think that's normal?" I asked.

"Yeah, that happened to me a couple times too. I don't think that's a big deal. I mean, taking a dump isn't all sexy, but I can see how all that plumbing in there is kinda connected because it's all so close together. One time I heard some guys at school talking in the locker room about something they called a 'pro state'. I thought they were talking about a baseball tournament, but then they said that it helps your balls make juice and that this pro state thing is up in your butthole someplace, maybe kinda like a girl's clit, but different. Maybe that's what made you bone up when you pooped."

"I guess," I said, starting to walk again with my bike. "Do you think having a hard cock up your ass would hurt, or do you think it would feel good like fucking a girl?"

"Yeah, it just might feel good, not that I know what porking a girl is like. Maybe if it was pushed in gently and it went in real slow, and you slapped some shampoo or butter or something all over your hole to make it slippery, it just might slide right in and not hurt so much. Maybe we should ask my sister, I'm sure she knows. She's probably done it a hundred times. Anyway, as weird as this conversation is, I've got a boner again. Look!" Jake pushed his bike back and stuck out his crotch towards me, his hard dick poking out the bottom of his dark blue shorts again, just like the day that we met.

"Man. You gotta watch out. What if someone sees you? We're lucky it's so hot no one's around. I think that's what Coach was trying to tell us about, to be careful and not get caught," I said, looking around. "Let's go hang out inside that baseball dugout. I don't see anybody around here, and I don't think anybody could see us inside there because it's so shady and dark. And we can see out if anybody is coming."

We plopped our bikes in the dirt by first base and walked inside and over to the covered part of the dugout, all the way into the back. I double checked one more time that no one was around, and when I determined all was good, I grabbed Jake by the shoulders and turned him around facing me. Man, he was on fire! His body was so hot to the touch, and some of his light brown curls were sticking to his tan forehead. I moved in and unbuttoned his cutoffs, reached in and grabbed his throbbing cock. I pulled it up so that it was sticking straight up, stroking it a half dozen times or so because it was so much fun to play with.

Giving it a few more strokes, I stopped and said, "See, this is what you should do when you get a boner. Pull it straight up towards your belly button and then it won't be so noticeable to everybody when you get hard. And if it starts leaking dick juice it will just puddle up and run into your pubes."

"Okay. All right, Dad!" he said grumpily. Then, changing his tune, he asked me, "You think we can suck each other off here if we do it quickly?"

"Yeah maybe, but we have to do it super quick, and whoever is getting sucked has to be on the lookout, okay? Besides, we need to be quick, so we can meet your sister and my brother downtown in a few minutes."

"Bitchin. Sit down on the bench and let me stick my cock in your mouth. I can't wait any longer. I'll let you know if I see or hear anybody coming around. I'm so horny it'll only take me a second to blow anyway. And I love it when you suck my hot cum out of my dick hole!" he said smiling at me.

"Okay, but you better be watching out – I mean it. What happens if someone sees us, especially if it's someone that I know? As much as I love eating your dick, I really don't want someone to see me with a mouthful of your dripping boner."

"Yeah, you're right. Roger that. But hurry it up. I don't think that I can hold my sperm inside my balls for much longer."

"One more condition. Dude, you have got to get some bigger shorts! Pretty soon your balls are going to be hanging out the bottom all the freaking time. And then you'll be tripping all over them, and you'll have to tape them to your leg!"

"I know, I know. These shorts are so tight they're starting to hurt, too. Maybe I can get Lulu to squeeze out some bread and get Lisa to take me to Sears or Monkey Wards if they have one around here so I can get some new threads."

"I can come with you if you want some help," I said.

"Sure, that would be great. I wish I had enough money to buy one of those leather vests with that dangly fringy stuff that looks so cool."

"Yeah, I've seen those. That would be sweet. Maybe I can get some dough out of my dad, and we both can get some new threads. We're gonna need them for when school starts anyway. I also want to get one of those peace sign medallions. And I can stop you from buying a pair of those cute pink paisley hip-huggers that you've been dreaming about."

"Fucker! Just shut your trap and suck me off."

Taking a final quick look around, just to be on the safe side, I sat down on the bench and pulled Jake's hips towards me, opening my mouth up real wide. His throbbing, hard cock was already dripping and slipped right between my lips, nice and snug. We must have been at a pretty good angle because I was able to get almost all of his fleshy cock straight into my mouth without gagging this time. I tightened my lips and started to slobber and suck on his shaft, moving my head back and forth. I loved the way that it tasted.

We got a good rhythm going, and between my watering mouth and his leaking dick juices, slobber was starting to run down my chin. I could tell by his breathing and grunts he was getting close, real fast. I peered up to see that he had his head tilted back, eyes closed and a big toothy smile of ecstasy pasted on his face. Apparently, his horniness had won out over keeping watch for somebody who might be going by and catch us.

I tried relaxing my throat on each suck that went down, and he matched me by pushing his dick in a little bit further each time into my mouth. It was incredibly tasty, salty and sweet – a crazy combination of flavors – just the way I had started to like it. I was getting all worked up because we were doing this out in the open in the baseball dugout at my high school. Holy shit! I wondered if any of the guys on the baseball team had ever done anything like this in here before with each other after the games were over and everybody else was long gone. I would take the bet that some kids did.

I couldn't take it any more and had to unsnap my shorts and pulled out my hard-rockin' johnson. Taking my mouth off of Jake's boner for a just a second, I hocked up a big loogie and carefully dropped it on the end of my dick, pulling back the foreskin and juicing up the head, then running the slippery foreskin up and down all over the throbbing purple head. I jumped back on Jake's rocket again and started sucking for real this time, really sucking and licking and swirling my tongue around his tasty shaft.

"Dude, here it comes. Get ready for some hot Jake juice!" No sooner had he said that he arched his back, shoved his dick into my mouth as far I'd let him and blasted a good couple of hot shots of creamy sperm down my throat. I didn't even get a chance to taste it. All the while, I was still whacking away on my hard cock, and once I swallowed his load, I didn't give him a chance to catch his breath.

Standing up, I ordered him to "Sit the hell down and open your mouth. Stick your tongue out right now!" He complied, even though his dick was still leaking out a few more little globs of boy goo on his shorts.

I spit on my cock one more time, and this time in some kind of sex-crazed frenzy the likes that I'd never been in before, I palmed my hand around my cock until I blasted a big glob of jizz all over his tongue, lips and even one shot hit the side of his face.

Licking his lips and swallowing most of my huge load, Jake cracked a big, wicked smile and said, "Damn! That's so fucking awesome, man. You should have seen your face. You looked like a madman. You were freakin crazy. That was so hot, so sexy! I can't even believe it, Ryan."

"Oh, God, dude. You got me so horny. Wow," I said, breathing hard. We got dressed and cleaned up as best as we could, then jumped back on our bikes and headed out of the park across the grass, stopping at the drinking fountain to get some cold water to rinse off our sweaty faces and a couple of wayward jizz shots that had landed on our clothes. I splashed some water on the back of my neck to cool off because it was so darn hot outside. Thank goodness no one was around to see us in the dugout because that was really a stupid thing for us to do out here, now that I thought about it. We didn't say much as we went down the street toward the record store, making a left on crowded Colorado Boulevard.

We got to the record store a few minutes before three and locked up our bikes to another one of those old-time light poles. This one had all kinds of gray leafy decorations on it, and two separate lights sticking out like big wings. We dashed inside to find Lisa and Jordan, who were at the bins flipping through the stacks of records, one by one. Jake wandered over to say hi, and to see what they were looking at, while I went to the back of the store to take a look at the rack of posters hanging on the wall. I wanted to see if there was anything new that I needed to get.

Unfortunately, I had seen most of these posters before, and some of them were already hanging up in either my bedroom, or, my all-time favorites were in the treehouse. They sold the usual black-light and keep-on-truckin' style posters, but a new one with a naked John Lennon and Yoko Ono caught my eye. It was a black and white photo of John and Yoko standing naked in front of the camera, their front sides on the left and their backsides on the right. Surprisingly, he had an uncircumcised dick just like me, and she had relatively big tits for a Japanese lady, but not nearly as big as Lisa's.

The sticker on the bottom of the poster said it was called 'Two Virgins' and I thought to myself, yeah right. If they're virgins, then I'm a freakin' girl. Yoko didn't do anything for me at all, and he really didn't look all that great either, with his big hairy bush covering up his small ball sack, but still, I hadn't ever seen a picture of a naked guy before. They both had saggy butts which were a total turn off. I thought it was odd to see two famous people standing there totally nude for the whole world to see. It felt kind of strange looking at them out here in the open where anyone could see me, and it made me feel sort of like when the Coaches would stare at me and the other naked guys through their office windows while we were taking showers in the locker room. Seemed like sex was everywhere all of a sudden. Bored, I left the racks and headed over to Lisa and Jordan to see what they were up to.

"Hey, guys. Are you almost ready to go?" I asked.

"Hi, Ry. Look at the great records Lisa is gonna buy me!" Jordy said, jumping around and waving a pile of LP's and 45's.

"Wow. You're gonna get all of these?" He showed off albums by CSN (Cool), Tom Jones (Yuck), the Hair Soundtrack (Maybe), and a new Who album called 'Tommy' (Right on!). He had a couple of 45's, too, but not his favorite song of the week, Sugar, Sugar, because the clerk said it wasn't released just yet, but that the word was it would be any day now.

"Yeah, some are hers. She's going to give her mom the hairy one because it's her favorite and she likes it." Sometimes Jordy was so funny.

"Lisa, are you ready to go? Ryan says he needs to get home."

"No, I don't. You're the one who needs to get home, ya wiener."

"Oh my gosh. You boys are so weird," Lisa said, looking at me for a second and then spun around and addressed her brother, "Can't you keep it in your pants for just a minute? I guess not, judging by what's on your face, you dummy."

Man, did we both turn red.

"Actually, no, we can't," Jake said, challenging his sister and pawing at his cheek.

"Keep what in their pants?" asked Jordan.

"Our keys. Can I have the car keys to the microbus, please?" Jake said, starting to get pissed. Pissed like I'd never seen him. It was kind of hot. "We're going to put the bikes in the back while you guys go pay for your records. We'll be waiting outside."

"All right. Here you are. You don't have to get snippy." Turning to Jordan, she said, "Little man, you ready to go?"

"You bet your sweet bippy I am."

"You boys! I should become a Goddamn fucking nun," she said.

"Can you see my sister as a sister?" Jake laughed as we headed out the door of the store and towards our bikes and the microbus. "If she were like Sister Bertrille, her big boobs would make her crash every time she'd try to fly."

"No kidding. She'd look like one of those new Boeing 747's with those gigantic engines that I saw in one of my dad's science magazines last month."

We both started laughing at the thought of Lisa flying around like a jet plane. After unlocking our bikes, we opened up the back door to the bus and put our bikes in the back. Then we climbed in and sat in the back seat, waiting for Rowan and Martin. We didn't have to wait very long as Lisa and Jordan came out of the record store soon after that.

"Shotgun!" Jordan yelled.

"Jordy, don't be a moron. We're already in the back. You don't have to yell that out if you're going to be riding in the front," I said. "Hey, Lisa. Are you a good driver?"

"Of course I am," she said having calmed down. "Jordy and I got here in one piece, didn't we? This thing is no Plymouth Barracuda , so I can't go very fast. And it barely makes it up the hill to our new house. But don't worry, you won't get hurt. Much."

The four of us laughed all the way home, telling jokes and goofing around. One time we were all laughing so hard that I really did think that Lisa was going to crash into the curb. All of us, including Jake, even sang the Sugar, Sugar song for the little man. He was in heaven and was super happy that Jake sang along with him too, even though Jake made up his own lyrics since he didn't know all the words to the song.

A few minutes later, as we rounded the bend up to the top of the hill leading to our houses, I spotted a strange black car with a sloping roof that I had never seen before. It was parked in front of Jake and Lisa's house. Before I could ask whose car that was, both Jake and Lisa said at the same time, "Fuck!"

"What's my dad doing here?" asked Jake.

"If he's in there fighting with Mom, I'm going to release the fucking brake on that stupid fucking car he loves so fucking much and let it fucking roll down and crash into that fucking hill. I can't believe that he fucking found us so fast," Lisa said, pulling the VW into the driveway and slamming on the brakes.

"This sucks. I really don't want to see that asshole. Ryan, can we go over and hang out at your house?" Jake said.

"Sure, no sweat. Let's go," I said.

I caught a glimpse of Jordan who was looking scared and had no idea of what was going on. He was probably wondering why everyone was so upset all of a sudden. Not to mention all of those bad words being spewed out right and left.

We climbed out of the bus to hear frantic yelling, then some screaming and then the sound of breaking glass. It seemed to be coming out of Jake's living room. Forgetting all about our bikes in the back, and Lisa and Jordan's new records, Jake and Lisa took off running towards the front door, followed closely behind by Jordan and me.

"Jordan, go home and get Dad, right now!" I told him when we reached the steps. He took off running across the front lawn, a look of panic on his face as he headed straight for our house. I wasn't really scared, but I wanted my dad to be here just in case Jake or Lisa caused a scene or got into trouble, or worse, if someone was seriously hurt. My dad had a way of calming people down since he used to be an MP in the Army and was usually pretty cool-headed.

We burst through the front door, slamming it open against the wall, in time to see Lulu launch a full bottle of booze across the living room at who I guessed had to be Jake and Lisa's dad, Ace. Luckily for him, he ducked at the last second, right before the bottle would have smashed him squarely in the head. Instead, it crashed point blank into the wall right behind him. The smell of alcohol instantly permeated the room.

"Get the hell out of my house! This is not your house. You are not welcome here. Get out. Get out right now!" Lulu yelled at the top of her lungs. "How the fuck did you get in here anyway, you mother fucking, cock-sucking bastard?"

"Mom. Dad. Stop it. Stop it right now! What are you doing here?" Lisa screamed, walking in and getting between her parents, eyeing Ace. Jake and I got over in front of Lulu to not only protect her, but to keep her from firing another round of alcohol missiles at this creepy intruder.

"I only wanted to come by and see where you moved. And to see my kids to make sure that you're both okay," Ace said with a creepy-yellow, toothy smile. He didn't look at all like I expected. He had pasty skin and bloodshot eyes with dark bags under them. He was wearing a not-so-clean, dark gray pin-striped suit, with a wide burgundy and white paisley tie. He had his graying dark hair slicked back with a lot of Brylcreem . Apparently, contrary to the commercial, a little dab didn't do him. He looked like a combination of a lawyer and loan shark, definitely kind of sleazy. Surprisingly, neither Jake nor Lisa looked like him.

"How the hell did you get in here?" Lulu asked, this time her voice a little bit calmer.

"The door was open."

"Bullshit! No, it wasn't, Goddammit," Lulu shouted. "I locked the door after the kids took off to go shopping. So, Ace, I'll ask you again. How did you get in here?"

"I knocked, but nobody answered. When I did, it just opened."

"Horse shit! I would have heard it. One more time and don't fuck with me. How did you get in?"

"I used my key."

"YOUR KEY!" Lulu, Lisa, and Jake all shouted at once.

"How did you get a fucking key?" asked Lulu, this time in a quieter voice. She sure loved saying fuck. No wonder Lisa said it all the time.

He seemed to mull over what he was going to say, rubbing his forehead while trying to think. The living room went silent as we waited for his answer. Apparently, he was hiding something. What a dork. This scene was starting to look like an awful 50's gangster movie.

"I don't have a key. I picked the lock," Ace finally said quietly under his breath.

Just then, my dad walked through the door, followed by Jordan and Sloan. "What's all this commotion about?" he yelled out.

Sloan moved over to the side of the multicolored velvet couch next to Ace and let out a big "WOOF!" in Ace's direction. She never does that! She must have sensed that this guy was a real turd muffin. Everybody started talking at the same time, and by the time my dad had it all figured out, Ace was beginning to inch towards the door, trying to make a run for it.


"Hold it right there, buddy. I'm going to make you an offer, and you better take it. Get your ass out of here right now and never come back, or stick around and wait for the Pasadena Police to show up and haul your sorry ass to jail."

"Who the hell are you, Lulu's boyfriend?" Ace asked with a leer.

"No, he's not. And if you know what's good for you, you'll leave right now. I just got off the phone with the police department, and they should be here any second," my mom said, walking in the open front door and taking up sentry next to my dad, crossing her arms and giving Ace a glare. You don't get to see your parents being bad-asses very often. It was boss!

"Fine. I'm out of here. Get your Goddamn dog out of my way. I don't care if I ever see any of you again. So much for caring about my loving family," Ace shot out, as he headed for the door. Just before he reached the opening, he looked over his shoulder one last time to look at Jake.

"Jake," he said so softly that we could barely hear him.

Everybody started yelling again, mostly telling Ace to beat it and to get the hell out. Even Jordan was screaming and ran over to protect Lisa, while Sloan let out another bark or two as I held on tightly to her braided collar. I imagine she was itching to take a good-sized bite out of his ass.

We followed Ace out the door to his car, which Jake told me later was a Citroen of some sort, something you don't see around here every day. Ace climbed in, started it up and then shot down the street and around the corner, leaving long skid marks and smoke all the way down the road. Wow, he really was a curly, stinking butt hair!

We could barely begin to make out the shrill sound of the sirens coming up the hill, but Dad heard it first and turned around to tell us four kids to take Sloan and hurry to our house so we wouldn't have to get involved with the fuzz. They had enough problems on their hands and didn't need us to be involved.

"C'mon guys, let's go to the pool house. Jordy, take Sloan and hurry up," I said. "Jake, Lisa, get a move on!"

We hustled over to our house, slamming the front door to my house shut just in time as a black and white squad car pulled into Jake and Lisa's driveway and parked next to the microbus. Shit! I don't ever remember anything happening like this on our street before. I bet all of the neighbors were looking out their windows, like the lady across the street we called Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched.

"Let's get something to snack on out of the kitchen, and then go out to the pool house and catch our breath. What are you guys hungry for?" I asked.

"Just something to drink, I'm too nervous to eat anything," Lisa said.

"A Coke for me is fine, Ryan," Jake said with a sigh. "Thanks for being there with us, man. You too, Jordy. I'm sorry you had to see what a shithead my dad is, but it was good you guys had our backs. That scene could have gotten nastier, and I'm glad we got there in time before Mom hurt that motherfucking asshole. If she did that, I bet she'd be the one in a shit-heap of trouble, and she might have been hauled off to jail."

"Yeah, I agree. Thanks, boys. I really appreciate you standing up for us. Usually, it's only Jake and me, but it made me feel better that you boys were there," Lisa said, walking over to Jordan and putting her arm around the little guy. Turning to Jake, she asked him, "Do you think he's going to come back?"

"I sure hope not. But I don't know. Ace went to a lot of trouble to find us. That explains the remark that dopey moving guy said. And I'm sure he's pissed at Mom for throwing that bottle of scotch at him. He's probably going to be mad at Wiley for kicking him out, too. You know, he barely even looked at us. Maybe he just wanted to know where we moved, and now he'll leave us alone."

"I hope you guys are right. Grab one of these Coke's and let's book. Jordan, get Sloan out of the trash can, will you?" I said.

"Okay, Ry. C'mon Sloan. Let's go," Jordan told Sloan as he grabbed her by the collar. "Hey guys, wait for me!"

The four of us and a trash eating mutt wandered quietly out of the kitchen and around the pool, making our way towards the pool house, drinks in hand. As everybody filed through the sliding glass doors, I pulled Jake by the arm and motioned to the treehouse.

"Let's go have a little smoke to relax before we have to listen to your sister's and Jordy's funky music. Besides, we need to lighten the mood," I said.

"Great idea," Jake whispered to me. "Hey, Lisa. We're going to run up to the treehouse for a second. Try and pick out some halfway decent music this time, pu-leese?"

"Bastards. You're not going to do that again, are you? Oh, wait. Sorry, I know what you're going to do. Hey! What about me?"

After thinking for a second, I looked at my watch and whispered to Lisa, "Wait five minutes and meet us at the bottom of the treehouse. Tell Jordy that you're going to go get us and have him find some records or a game or something to keep him busy while you're gone. I'll have a little something waiting for you, okay?"

"All right, thanks. I think I can keep the little man occupied for a few minutes," Lisa said.

"Okay, cool. See you in a few." As Jake and I headed out of the pool house, I shut the sliding glass doors behind me so that Sloan wouldn't come running after us. We walked silently around the hedges and the back of the garage. Apparently, Jake wasn't afraid to climb up to the treehouse any more because he was halfway up the trunk before I even got close. All I could do was stand at the base of the tree and look at his excellent bubble butt in his too-tight shorts as he climbed up like a monkey in a grove of banana trees.

I hurried and followed him up into the treehouse, then started to rummage around for my stash box. While I loaded the pipe, I leaned over to Jake and said quietly, "After all of the shit that just happened, don't think that I've forgotten that your ass and my tongue are going to meet for the first time tonight, just like Coach was talking about. I plan on sucking your hot cock like we just did in the dugout, and then suck on your juicy balls, and then lick your parallelism, and then stick my tongue between your ass cheeks and slobber all over your butthole. What do you think of that?"

"Oh, man. That sounds so freaky cool. I can hardly wait," Jake said. "I was so horned up from thinking about all that sex stuff Coach Brian was telling us about earlier, and what we just did on the baseball field, but once we got home I sorta forgot about it because of all that shit that was going on with my dad. But now you're making me bone up again, man. When do you think we can fool around?"

"We'll have to wait for the cops to leave. I don't want them or anybody else to catch us. Maybe after dinner."


We each took a couple of quick hits and then headed back down the tree to meet up with Lisa. Just as we reached the bottom of the tree, Lisa came walking up the slope.

"Hey, guys. We'll have to do this quick. Jordan is really scared, and he wouldn't leave my side. I had to convince him that I'd be right back."

"Yeah, I know. This whole thing with your dad is kind of freaky," I said, handing Lisa the pipe.

"Don't worry Ryan. We're done with him. I don't think he'll be back," Jake said.

"I hope so. I feel sorry for you guys. You guys can share my dad with me if you want," I said with a grin.

"That's a great idea," Lisa said, blowing out a puff of smoke. "I like your dad a lot. C'mon, let's go listen to some music and have some fun. I'm so tired of that asshole ruining our life. Thanks, Ryan, for the smoke, and well, everything else I guess. We haven't known each other very long, but you seem like another brother to me. And I'm glad that you and Jake have become such good friends. We didn't have too many close friends where we lived before. I'm glad we all met." She reached over and put her arm around my waist and pulled me tight to her. "Thanks."

"No problem. And I'm glad you guys moved in next door, too," I said, putting my arm around her small waist squeezing her tight. "I think we're all going to be good friends."

"Geez. Stop getting all damn mushy. Let's get back before the little man starts freaking out," Jake said.

We marched back down the slope to the pool house just as Jordy was walking out the door and starting to look for us.

"Where were you guys? I was starting to get scared that something happened to you."

"It's all right Jordy. We just had something that we had to do. Did you find a good record to play?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I did." He went behind me and up to Jake, then started pulling his hand. "C'mon Jake, we're going to wait for the radio to play Sugar, Sugar, and then I'm gonna make you learn ALL of the words!"

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