So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 4

After dinner, Jake, Jordy, Lisa and I cleaned up the dirty dishes and put the leftovers into color-coded Tupperware containers in the refrigerator per my mom's instructions. Earlier, we had decided to head out to the pool house to get away from our half-drunk and goofy parents. Sloan, taking a couple of looks back and forth, decided to come trotting out after us, I'm sure happy to get out of there too.

Our pool house was like our rec-room. It was decked out with two old couches that pulled out to make double beds, big puffy pillows to lounge on, and an old black and white TV on legs. There was even a massive stereophonic system that my mom had inherited from one of my uncles who had been killed by the Vietcong a couple years ago.

The pool house had a little kitchenette stocked with drinks, and a full-sized bathroom. I'd had many great sleepovers with my friends out here over the years, and next to my treehouse, this was one of my favorite places to hang out. After flipping on the lights, Lisa and Jordy made a beeline straight for the stereo. They started playing those candy-ass songs they loved so much. I looked over at Jake as he sat down on the orange plaid couch. He had a strange scowl on his face.

"Lisa," he called out, "Can't you play something that we all like? How about Psychotic Reaction by Count V, or something by the Doors? Even the Beatles would be better than this shit."

"You like the Doors?" Jordy asked, turning to Jake. This was the first time Jordy had said anything to Jake. "I love Touch Me, but Mom won't let me play it. She says I'm too young, and I won't understand it. But I do. It makes me feel all tingly inside." And to prove his point, he started jiggling around and moving his arms around his little body, singing "Touch me, baby."

"Right on, little man. You rock on," Jake deadpanned.

All of us started snickering, and Jordy cracked a big smile.

"Jordy is really an old soul. He may be young and little, but he's totally with-it," I said.

"You got that right," Lisa said. "Come here little Morrison, and let's get down." She put the Doors on and cranked up the sound. In a second, Lisa had Jordy dancing. It was hilarious! Lisa was getting all sexy too, her big boobies bouncing up and down, while Jordy was totally getting his groove on. He was rubbing his hands all over his body and swinging back and forth. Sloan didn't know what to make of all this crazy maneuvering, so she started to howl and chase her tail, running crazy-eights between Jordy and Lisa. What a sight!

Surprisingly, even Jake and I got into it. Every time Jim Morrison sang the words "Touch me, baby," either Jake or I would look over and poke each other in the ribs, or pinch each other's tits. Then we would burst out laughing like wild Hyenas.

We fooled around all evening, listening to 45's and LP's and generally goofing around until it started to get dark. Jordy and Lisa decided to head inside to get a snack, tired from dancing and singing. And since it was still hot outside, I asked Jake if he wanted to go for a swim.

"Yeah, that sounds good. Can we go skinny dipping?" he asked shyly.

"Sure, I don't see why not. Everybody will be in the house, and besides, we never wear anything when we go swimming around here anyhow."

"Let's do it, then," he said. "That'll be boss."

"Okay. Let's take off our clothes in here, and I'll grab a couple of towels we can wrap ourselves in."

I grabbed some clean pool towels out of the bathroom, then Jake and I started to get undressed. In no time, we had skinned off our clothes and dropped them in a messy pile on the floor. I took a second to check his body out again, and damn, he looked dynamite. Pearly white ass cheeks and thick, muscular legs, topped off by a broad, strong back. He really turned me on.

"Man. I don't think I have had this much naked-action, ever," he said, interrupting my lecherous stare. "I bet by the end of the summer we'll be tan all over and neither one of us will have a tan line."

"I bet you're right about that. C'mon. The pool's waiting. Let's go."

Jake surprised me by grabbing my dick, pulling me towards the door out of the pool house.

"Hey, easy with the sausage! You don't want to hurt it, do you?" I asked Jake, chasing him out of the pool house.

Dropping our towels by the edge of the pool, we dove headfirst into the deep end. I was a good swimmer, and it looked like Jake was too. The cool water felt refreshing on my hot skin. And like always, the minute I started to glide through the water clothes-free, I got a boner. It made me feel like I was one of those Navy subs with a wayward rudder. We swam around for a little while, swimming between each other's legs and dunking each other, just goofing off. We even took turns diving off the diving board, trying to outdo each other. I was a better swimmer, but he was much better at diving. He seemed fearless when he'd do a backflip.

I had always skinny-dipped with my brother and my friends, but I don't ever remember being as excited and turned-on as I was at the sight of Jake's teenage body. He looked so hot, standing on the edge of the diving board getting ready to do a backward flip. His body was tight and smooth, the globes of his big round butt cheeks sticking out and glistening in the late evening light. His long, light brown hair was dripping with pool water and forming little curls around his face. He looked so hot that I was starting to get all horned up again.

Of course, it was right about then my dad came strolling out of the house and caused me to get back to reality.

"Hey, guys. It's starting to get late. Your mom wants me to tell you to get out of the pool and go in the pool house and take your showers before you head up to the treehouse for the night. I'll grab a couple of sleeping bags out of the garage for you guys. Are you sure you want Sloan out here with you?"

"Yeah, Dad," I said swimming up to the edge of the pool so he couldn't see my boner. "She'll keep us company and warn us if any bears are around," I said to scare Jake.

"Bears! You told me there weren't any bears being around here," Jake practically screamed.

"Relax, son. Ryan is just yanking your chain," my dad said laughing. "C'mon guys, out of the pool." We never had to be modest around my folks.

"Okay, Dad. Let's go, Jake. You can shower first. You smell pretty bad."

"Shut the f… I mean, okay, Ryan. Let's go." He smiled, looking at my dad, trying not to blush while he paddled up next to me.

My old man stared at us for a minute, shook his head and said, "I'll leave the backdoor to the house unlocked in case you guys get cold and want to come inside. G'nite boys."

"Good night, Dad."

"Good night, Wiley," Jake said. The second my dad headed towards the garage, Jake popped me good upside the head.

"Hey! Why did you hit me?"

"Because you're being a dumbass!" Jake started laughing. "How come you didn't tell me about the bears?"

"I told you there aren't any bears. I was joking. Forget about it."

"Okay. But you're still a dickweed."

"Shut-up." We climbed out of the pool and walked into the pool house, playfully jabbing at each other. I told Jake to go first, and I'd take a shower after him. Then, after my dad pitched the sleeping bags through the sliding-glass door into the pool house and said good-night again, I snuck into the bathroom and jumped in the shower behind Jake.

"Holy fuck! You scared the crap out of me. What are you doing?"

"I'm here to wash your sorry ass to make sure it doesn't stink and attract bears or other wild animals," continuing with my joke.

"Oh, you're soooo funny. You're the one with the funky ass. I could smell you all the way from my old apartment. In fact, it stinks so much – that's why we got such a good deal on the Bailey House."

"Shut-up, you tampon. Move over so I can wash your back," I said.

I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up a good amount of soapy bubbles in my hands. I turned Jake around and began to wash his thick neck, broad shoulders and back. He had a nice tan, and a few large freckles were scattered around the top of his shoulders, like a small constellation. He was pretty muscular for a young guy. Not much body fat on him. I reached down and started to knead the excellent pearly-white globes of his teen boy butt that I was starting to like so much.

"Shit, that feels really, really good," he cooed. "Keep doing that."

I rubbed his butt cheeks for a while, slowly moving closer and closer to his crack. Finally, taking a chance, I started to rub around, focusing on the tight crack of his ass. I had never done this before, except to myself and then only once or twice. This was really virgin territory to me, and I wasn't sure Jake would dig it. So I slowly ran the edge of my pointy finger up and down Jake's asscrack, making sure to casually rub up and down and around his boy bung-hole. Man, for about the millionth time today, my cock was rock hard.

"Oh man, Ryan. No one has ever touched me back there before like that. It feels so bitchin! Don't stop doing that," Jake whimpered as he raised his hands on the side of the shower, split his legs wide open for me to explore.

"You like that, huh? See what you think of this," I said, going for broke as I leaned down and reached up under his butt to grab his low hanging fruit, swinging between his legs. I started to massage his balls with one hand and glided my fingers with my other hand back to his bunghole. Rubbing gently around his pucker, I continued doing this for a few minutes, every once in a while, slipping my finger in just a teeny-tiny bit to see what his reaction would be.

It was so tight and warm in there. But I was scared. I thought I might hurt him, or he'd freak out if I went further, so I slowed down and asked, "You like that?"

"Oh, yeah. That feels unbelievable. Don't stop."

"Shit, man, I'm all over it. This is so groovy."

I let go of his dangling ball sack so I could concentrate on rubbing his asshole. I'd run my soapy hand up and down his ass crack and slowly stuck my finger up his tight hole to my second knuckle. Apparently, he liked it, because he started to push his butt out to meet my intruding slippery finger, croaking out a soft moan.

He surprised me when he said, "Hold on! Turn around and let me wash you, Ryan. I'm about to blow, and besides, the water is starting to get cold."

"Okay, but be gentle. I'm not used to being touched down there."

Now it was my turn to get a massage. Jake did the same thing to me that I'd done to him. He started up at my neck and quickly worked his way down my shoulders to my lower back. Since I was a little bit taller than he was, he had an easier time when it came to rubbing my butt cheeks. That really felt good, really, really good, and I let out a long sigh.

"Let me grab some more soap. And move your legs apart a little more," Jake whispered. "I want to rub your hole, too. That felt scathingly wicked."

All of a sudden, I felt Jake's fingers on my butthole, ghosting at first, then a bit harder as I pressed my ass out towards him. He rubbed up and down over my hole for a few minutes, pushing his soapy finger inside slightly to feel around. Then, getting more adventurous, he slipped his finger in all the way.

"Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God," I cried out, not believing that my butthole could cause such pleasure. "I'm going to shoot if you don't stop that." I wrapped my palm around my rock-hard wet shaft, stroking it up and down, and sticking my butt out even more so his finger could go in a little bit deeper. "Keep doing that. That feels so goooood!" I was in rapture as Jake kept fingering my backdoor.

I hardly had those words out of my mouth when I shot out my third wad of cum of the day. I guess Jake was on the brink too because the next thing I knew, he pulled his finger out of my butt, dropped his other hand from my crack, wrapped an arm around my stomach for support and whacked off a hot volley of boy-icing all over my tingling ass cheeks.

"Ooooh, yeah," he said and collapsed against me, his head resting heavily on my back, both our hearts beating fast.

After we had regained our composure, we rinsed off and got out of the shower. By that time the water was almost freezing. Sloan was lying on the shaggy bath rug on the floor next to the shower. As we got out, she raised her head and twisted it in that weird way dogs sometimes do, as if they're trying to figure something out, or want to say something, if they could.

"I think your pooch is wondering what the hell happened in there," Jake said smiling at me.

"Yeah, well, she can watch, but she better not say anything," I said, giving her a little rub between the ears. "I don't know about you, but that little exercise we just had has tired me out. How about we head out to the treehouse and crash. I don't think I'm up for a nude moonlight hike."

"Yeah, I agree. That sounds like a good idea. Maybe we can go in the morning."

We didn't bother to get dressed after we toweled off, and instead grabbed our clothes, sleeping bags and a couple of Cokes and headed out to the treehouse with Sloan hot on our feet. I told Jake to climb up while I loaded the litter with our sleeping bags. Once he got them inside and ran the pulley back down, I pointed at the litter to Sloan, and she happily jumped aboard. She loved to hang out in the treehouse. Once she was safely inside, I climbed up the tree, through the opening in the bottom and shut and locked the trap door.

"How about I unroll one of the sleeping bags and put it here on the floor," I said gesturing to a wide enough area. "Then we can use the other one as a blanket. I'm getting too big for this bag anyway. Besides, Sloan will probably sleep on the end and keep our feet warm."

"That sounds groovy to me."

Jake helped me arrange the sleeping bags, and as soon as we were covered up, he rolled over on his side and wrapped his tan arm around my stomach, spooning me, his soft meaty cock clamped tight between my butt cheeks. "Okay if I do this? It feels nice."

"Um, yeah. I like it too." And exactly as I had figured, Sloan spun around a few times and then settled down on the end of the sleeping bags, at our feet, one ear up listening for interlopers. The three of us were dead to the world within minutes.

The night went fast, and it was barely starting to turn into daybreak, from the dark black to the deep blue and then to a light gray. Sounds great, but we were startled awake by the irritating sound of freakin' squawking wild green parrots.

"What the hell is that damn noise?" asked Jake, blinking the sleep out of his eyes while his piss hard-on was poking me in the butt, his arm still wrapped tight around my waist.

"Uh," I said, untangling myself from Jake and sitting up against the side of the treehouse, trying to get my mind going. "Those are fucking parrots that live in the trees sometimes around here. They escaped from a pet store or breeder that caught on fire a couple of years ago. Some guy raced in and opened up all of the cages to set them free so they wouldn't get burned up. I think it was down in Arcadia or Temple City or someplace like that. I don't really remember the whole story, except that he should have let them roast and become Parrot Fricassee. All I know is that every once in a while, those noisy fuckers perch up here in the tallest trees and wake up at sunrise, fly off back down the valley looking for food in fruit trees, and then come back here at sunset to roost. Mr. Bailey said parrots can live for seventy or eighty years, and mate for life, the two of them having baby birds every year. I wish they weren't around here – they're too damn loud. I remember one time when some old woman down in the next block used her husband's shotgun on them, trying to scare them away."

"What happened to her? Obviously, it didn't work."

"No, unfortunately, it didn't. After the third time the old bag shot off the gun, somebody called the fuzz on her, and she got arrested for shooting a gun in the city limits. I think she should have received a medal from the Mayor, and maybe keys to the city too."

"Roger that, Bucky! That sound that they make is like playing an Elvis record backward full blast. Before I was so rudely woken up by those crazy motherfucking critters, I was having a great dream with you and me running naked in the surf down an empty beach on a hot, sunny summer day. It was wickedly groovy!"

"That sounds bitchin. Have you ever been to a nude beach?"

"Yeah, this one time when I was a little guy, maybe like Jordan's age, or a little bit older. I know that I hadn't grown any hair on my balls yet. I think the beach we went to was in Topanga. Or maybe up by Rincon where those guys surf. Anyway, my dad was on a business trip back East in New York for a couple of weeks during that summer, so my mom packed us up a big picnic lunch with tons of food and drinks and snacks and stuff, and took Lisa and me up to the nude beach for the day. My mom liked sunning naked, but Ace was really uptight and never wanted to do that. We did that a few times that summer, but then Ace got pissed at us, and we never went naked again. Anyhow, I think that was the first time I noticed Lisa had such big boobs. They were totally bigger than my moms are, or anybody else that I knew.

"But, what I really remember," Jake continued, sitting up and making a tent pole with his hard-on under the sleeping bag, "was this funky couple strolling down the beach. Mom and Lisa were up on the sand, kinda out of sight and snoozing below the bluff, lying in the warm sun. Lisa had her transistor radio turned on to KHJ like she always did, blasting out that week's top forty. I

was down by the water, sitting in the sand right where the waves stopped, making a sand castle and a moat all by myself. There weren't very many people around that day, and one time when I looked up, I was surprised to see this long-haired hippie couple, a guy, and girl, walking along the surf towards me. She had some feathers in her hair, and he had a few strings of love beads around his neck, but other than that they were both buck-ass naked. She was sort of pulling him along the beach by his big boner. He had his arm around her back, and she was stroking his hard dick as they walked along towards me. Since no one was around, they sort of stopped and gave me a sex show."

"That's wild. What did you do?" I asked grinning.

"What could I do? I sat there in the sand and stared straight ahead at his fat hairy dick while she stroked him. It was so big, and his balls were so hairy. I had never seen a grown man's hard dong before, and I was amazed at how big it was. Well, it probably wasn't all that big, but to a little guy, it looked huge. Anyway, I think they both got off on me watching them. I remember my little boy dick was rock hard, sticking straight up, but I wasn't really embarrassed by it, and I didn't care if they saw it. Then she whispered in his ear, and he started to finger her hairy

snatch. That sort of grossed me out, because I really didn't know what a snatch was all about yet. After that, they continued walking down the beach. My eyes followed them down, and the next thing that I saw was a naked older guy sitting on a towel on the sand rubbing his hard cock up and down as this couple slowly walked by, doing the same thing that they had did in front of me. Even though I didn't know about it at the time, he must have shot off his wad because afterward, they walked past him and he ran into the surf to rinse off."

"Wow, that's a freaky story," I said. "That shit never happened to me."

"I know. Lisa and my mom never saw what happened. Hey, I've got to take a leak or my bladder is going to pop."

"Me too. Since it's so early, let's take that naked walk up the trail like I was telling you about yesterday. I'm sure Sloan's up for it too."

"Okay. I'll climb down, and then you can lower Sloan. Are you sure no one will see us?" Jake asked.

"Nah, no one can get to the trail but us, and I bet everyone in the house is still sound asleep. Just wear your shoes. When we come back, we'll get dressed and then head inside for some breakfast."

Both Jake and I were still rock hard with morning boners, bouncing around as we got Sloan lowered to the ground and then made our way down the tree. Hitting the ground running, Sloan immediately emptied her bladder, followed by Jake and me. We both laughed as we stood there trying to get our pee to flow. I scooted up next to Jake and slung my arm around his back, just above his meaty buns, handlessly poking my dick out in front of me and finally letting loose with a hot, hard stream of piss. Jake did the same after a second, and after a little bit of swordplay, we finished up, and I told him to follow me.

"C'mon, Sloan, this way," I said over to my dog who was mindlessly sniffing around.

For as early as it was it really wasn't too chilly. We made our way through the trees to the back of our property and along the narrow, sandy trail next to the ravine that led back to my secret place. It was fun hiking naked through the old oak trees, our dicks and balls slapping to-and-fro as we hiked along. Soon enough, we were both warmed up, and our dicks had boned up again like fifteen-year-old boy dicks will do.

The sun was starting to peek out over the hill and light up the area above the trees. The pesky parrots had finally taken off, and it was nice and quiet now. The only noise that we could hear was the sound of the breeze filtering lazily through the hillside shrub. Sloan was in the lead, I was in the middle and Jake brought up the rear. When I turned around to look at him to make sure he was doing alright, I had to suppress a smile. He looked so groovy in the morning light, the sun lighting up his golden-brown hair and his hard dick pointing the way up the trail. Just as nature had intended. About ten minutes later we got to my secret little clearing in the woods.

"Climb up on top of that rock. If you look that way you can sorta make out the rooftops of our houses through there," I said pointing south and down the hill.

"Wow! Not only can you see our houses, but you can see all the way to Catalina Island from here. It looks so small. We could see the top of the island from our balcony at our old apartment, and it looked so much bigger. What a view."

After looking around for a while and pointing out some of the typical Southern California landmarks, I walked up behind Jake and wrapped my arms around his flat stomach and gently laid my chin on the top of his shoulder. When I did that, he pushed his ass back against my cock. I pulled him in tight, and my cock slipped right into place down along his butt crack. We both let out a moan of peacefulness as we stood for a few minutes not saying anything, just enjoying the warm Southern California sunshine and the connection of our hot skin. This was paradise, I thought to myself.

"Yeah, this is a great view and all, but let me get a better view of this," I said breaking our embrace, turning around and kneeling down in front of his juicy milk-bone. His cock was half hard already, so it didn't take me long to get it pumped up to full size. I wrapped my fore-finger and thumb around the base of his cock and opened my mouth wide so I could take the head and part of the shaft inside. This time I was able to get a little bit more of Jake's cock in my mouth than I had before. I swirled my tongue around and around the head of his hot rod tip, gently squeezing his shaft with my fingers. With my other hand, I rolled his golden-brown haired balls around, like they were a sack of marbles, gently squeezing and pulling them down. After a few minutes of this, I jumped down on the ground next to the large rock we were on and told Jake to move over and sit on the edge.

"Sloan, get over here," I said because she was rooting around in the bushes, looking for who-knows-what. She immediately ran over and plopped down by my side, being the well-minded dog that she was.

"Lean back and part your legs, okay? Put your legs over the edge and spread them open," I told Jake, parting his knees wide, so his dick was sticking straight out, right at my mouth level. Then I tucked in like it was a plate of deep-fried taquitos from Tijuana. I slurped up his shaft in my lips, and then sucked up and down, up and down. Every so often I would glance up at his face to see the blissful look that he had. What a turn on to make someone so freakin' happy!

After a few minutes of this I slapped the palm of my hand in the middle of his chest and slowly pushed him back, and he complied by resting on his elbows with his knees open even wider, his heels on the edge of the rock. This gave me an unobstructed entrance to all of his teen-boy parts

between his legs. I dove back in, this time sucking one ball and then his other ball from his lightly haired ball sack. It was salty and tasted kind of rubbery, but not too bad. And I loved the taste of it! His balls were all wet with my slobber, which was drooling down towards his brown boy hole. I wasn't sure if I wanted to lick any farther south, so I ran my thumb back and forth from the base of his ball sack to the top of his clenched-tight wrinkly butthole. As I did that, I jumped back on his hard shaft and tried to suck out all of his pre-come juices that I could get. Yum! Jake was going wild, rocking his head back and forth, his eyes closed.

The next thing that I knew, I was standing there with his rock-hard dick in my mouth as it shot spasm after spasm of thick, creamy boy juice streaming onto my tongue. Truly, the breakfast of champions! Wheaties should have a picture of us on the front of their cereal box, I thought to myself.

"Oh, man, Ryan, that's the best one yet," Jake said after his hard dick started to go limp.

I was so turned on by sucking Jake off that my own boy cock was rock hard and pre-cum was pooling around under my foreskin. "My turn," I said without hesitation, jumping up on the rock next to Jake.

"Horny, are we?" Jake giggled, sounding like one of the Beatles. Apparently, he had seen plenty of English movies, like I had.

"Yes sir, please suck it," I asked pretending to be a poor, shy boy.

"All righty then, mate, 'ere we go," he said as he spread my legs and dug in. "Jolly good, this."

He did pretty much the same thing that I had done to him, only he would pull my foreskin back and lick around my cock-head, sucking up all my dick juices. He would suck on the skin to cover up my cock head, release it from his mouth and then slap my cock against his face. Changing it up, he would fist my cock and pull the 'skin back down, allowing him to slurp around my head, then suck the 'skin back up one more time and nibble and chew on it. Wow, that felt freakin' outrageous.

Every once in a while, he would open up his mouth wide and suck up and down on my shaft like he was bobbing for apples at a Halloween party. When he did this, it sent shivers up my spine and made my balls pull up and my asshole clamp tight. I was so horned up from being bare-assed out in the open and from sucking him off that in no time I was ready to blow. I was feeling so great, and I wanted the good sensations to last, but I couldn't keep my cum load inside my balls a minute longer. I didn't even have time to warn Jake about what was coming, it happened so fast.

"Ugh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh," I mumbled. Then, after catching my breath, "Oh wow. That's so cool! I wish we could do that all day long."

"Me, too. But in case you forgot, we've got a busy day ahead of us. You promised to help me unload my shit from the moving truck when it gets here. We had better save some of our energy for that. Besides, as much as I like eating and slurping up your jizz, I'm getting hungry for some real food. And look at Sloan. Your poor old dog is laying there in the dirt chewing on a stick, she's so darn hungry!"

"All right, all right," I said standing up. "Let's go. It won't take us long to get back since it's faster going downhill. We have to get our clothes out of the treehouse and then run in the pool house to get cleaned up."

"Okay. Race ya!" Jake said, turning around and pinching my left nipple.

"I would, but you probably run like a girl, and I'd be standing down there for hours waiting for you to show up," I teased, pushing his hand off me.

"See, ya, wouldn't want to be ya," he said, and he was off.

He was a good runner, I'll give him that, but I'll also have to admit that I was really enjoying watching his naked ass as he ran down the trail in front of me. I was so intrigued by those bouncing white globes that I almost tripped a couple of times. We reached the bottom of the trail, got our clothes out and got dressed, then headed to the pool house to make ourselves presentable. With that mission accomplished, we headed out towards the kitchen of my house. We barely got to the back door when we stopped dead in our tracks to inhale that glorious aroma of frying bacon. Jake and I both looked at each other grinning like dorks and said at the same time "Yum!"

Laughing, we tumbled through the door and into the kitchen. Luckily, we were right on time as everybody was there but Lulu, and about to dig into big platters of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, and cups of orange juice and coffee. I squeezed in between my dad and Lisa, and Jake plopped down next to Jordy, rubbing the top of the little man's head. He seemed to be taking a liking to the little guy.

"Morning little man. Good morning everybody. This sure smells great!" Jake said.

"Morning, boys. Did you and Jake sleep well?" my mom asked as she pecked me on the cheek.

"Yeah, we did. We both knocked out. Even Sloan was exhausted," I said as I looked over at Sloan who was sitting next to Jordy, waiting for him to drop something on the floor. "Where's Lulu?" I asked as I started to shovel food onto my plate.

"She'll be here in a minute. She's on the phone, trying to find out when the moving van will be here. Remember, we promised to help our new friends unpack today," my mom said looking at me, then to Jordy and finally over to my dad. "You will need your energy this morning, so eat up everybody."

Jordy didn't say anything, being preoccupied with his bacon, and my dad gave his usual early morning "Uh-huh," his head lost in the morning sports section, probably reading about Manny Mota joining the Dodgers this season.

"I told Jake that I'd help him unload his shi... stuff, and help him put it away. Do you think it's gonna take all day?"

"I don't really know, dear. Let's ask Lulu when she comes downstairs," my mom said, giving me the evil eye. My dad didn't care if I swore, but my mom sure as hell didn't fucking like it.

"It shouldn't take that long. The movers are supposed to take care of the heavy stuff, and we don't have to unpack all of the boxes right away," Lisa said. "Except for Lulu's massive quantities of clothes, hats, and shoes, that is."

That got a giggle out of everybody. By now, we all sort of figured out that Lulu was some kind of clothes-horse hippie, and that her big, silky flower dress and a colorful floppy hat was just one of the many outfits that she had collected.

"Well, I'll do what I can to help you guys, but I draw the line at lady's unmentionables," Jordy said, swinging his legs under his chair and taking everybody by surprise with a ten-dollar word.

"Even mine?" Lisa asked out of the corner of her mouth.

"Maybe," he said, smiling shyly.

"We can help out however you need us, but I was hoping that later on, I could show Jake around the neighborhood," I said between big gulps of orange juice.

Just then, Lulu came sweeping down the back stairs and into the kitchen, a different flowing dress and floppy hat firmly in place. "Good morning, everyone. Breakfast smells divine. Can I help with anything?"

Perfect timing! My mom had put down a fresh pile of scrambled eggs on the table and was about to sit down to breakfast herself. "There you are, Lulu. Can I get you some coffee?"

"That would be delightful," Lulu said, stringing out the words.

"How do you take it?"

"Black," she said, but then after a minute added, "With four sugars."

Everyone started to snicker again.

My mom was pouring her coffee as Lulu reached under the neckline of her puffy dress and pulled out a pack of Newport's and a book of matches from some mystery place deep inside her top. What else did she have packed away in there between her titties, I wondered?

Jake said to his mom, "We were talking about the movers. How long do you think this is gonna take? Ryan said he'd show me around the neighborhood today, and I really want to go and check it out."

"Slow down, punkin'. I just got off the phone with the moving company, and they said they would be here no later than eight-thirty with our stuff. There will be two or three men to unload the moving van and bring everything inside. I expect that if we direct them to put the furniture and boxes in the correct rooms, it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. If you strong young men want to help them, I'm sure it will go a lot faster," she said, batting her long fake eyelashes at Jake and me.

Turning to my dad, Lulu continued, "Wiley, do you think I could rope you into assembling some of the bedroom furniture? I don't have the tools or the know-how for that sort of burly stuff, and I really don't want the movers to do that. You know, my brother made some of those pieces and I wouldn't want them to get broken."

"Sure, Lulu, I think I can do that. Maybe Jordan can be my assistant. What do you say, champ?"

Jordy wasn't paying any attention to what was being said around the table because his eyes were locked firmly on Lisa's big boobs, all the time sucking on a strip of crispy bacon. This kid was whipped!

"Jordan, did you hear your father?" my mom said, raising her voice as she set down Lulu's steaming coffee cup in front of her.

"Huh?" he said turning back and forth to look at my parents at each end of the table.

Smiling and very quietly, but still raising her voice, Mom asked him, "Do you want to help your father put together Lisa's bed?"

"Um, Ye-yeah!" Everybody in the room erupted in laughter, although Jordy had no idea what he had said.

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