Knots, Book 4

by Elias Scott

Chapter 29


Colt walked away from Andy and me with his head down after I threw Andy a life preserver by chewing Colt's ass out. Colton became a better basketball player as the weeks went by and he even started the last two games before the season ended in February.

He came into his own over the course of the basketball season. When he first started dating Thomas, he was shy and kinda skinny. But he grew taller and filled out. He always had a beautiful frame, and once he put weight on it, he looked awesome. He even made my mouth water.

He stayed away from Andy's locker for the rest of the season and only talked to him in passing with a "Thanks, Andy. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be playing." The day Coach told him he was going to start, he ran up to Andy, who was naked, threw his arms around him, and gave him a quick kiss. "Thanks, Andy. I'm going to start this week."

Andy had to turn around as soon as Colt walked over to join Thomas and me because he started to get hard. Colt has his back to Andy as he walked over to us, so only Thomas and I noticed.

I'll have to admit that I thought Andy was going to give into temptation, but after I chewed Colt's ass out, Colt laid off and that helped. Andy often talked to me about how hot Colt was, but he managed to keep his lust in check.

The JV and varsity coaches took all of us out for pizza after our last home game. Both teams had winning seasons, but didn't make the playoffs. Colt and Thomas sat down with Andy and me. Things were casual and relaxed as we talked about the season and Colt's success. It was wonderful seeing his proud smile that just made you want to kiss him and then lick him all over. I figured if I was thinking that, Andy was too.

Thomas said, "Hold everything. I have something to give to Colt, and I want you all to see it." Thomas took a small package in wrapping paper that looked like he'd struggled all day to get the thing wrapped. There was scotch tape all over it to keep it from falling open. It did have a nice bow pasted on it. Colt looked surprised as he fought to get through all the tape. "It's not much," Thomas said. "But I wanted to get you something."

Colt finally got the package opened and it was a wristband that said "I'm a starter." Colt beamed as he slid it on his wrist. "Thanks, Tommy."

We all laughed. "Tommy?" Andy asked.

"That's what I just started calling him when we're alone."

"How cute," I said. "And so sweet."

"Knock it off, Matt." Thomas said.

"Okay, Tommy."

We had a good time that night, but troubled waters still lay ahead.


Colt finally left me alone, and I was proud of myself for having made it through basketball season without giving into temptation. But spring was here, and none of us were playing a sport. They say idleness is the devil's workshop, so I thanked God that Matt and I would soon start our lawn jobs as the weather warmed. We could go out to the pond again. Our rope was getting rather worn, and he and I decided that on the first warm day we'd bring out another rope and put it up.

Matt and I turned seventeen in March. Our birthdays were less than a week apart. Our parents threw a birthday party at Sam's Pizza for both of us the Saturday after we'd both turned seventeen. Our class had about a hundred and fifty students in it, and I think our parents invited all the juniors, and of course Thomas and Colt. Fortunately, the whole class didn't show up. But I bet we had at least fifty or more. Who'd have thought so many kids would come and support the gay boys. Randy hardly came to school anymore, but I think our parents sent him an invitation anyway. He may have gone back to prostitution after the porn thing ended. Every day I expected to hear that he'd been badly hurt or killed. But he'd managed to survive so far. I sure was happy that we were out of that shit, and I was able to see my seventeenth birthday.

We had a small get together at Matt's house after Sam's Pizza because his parents and my parents wanted to talk to us about our future. Matt and I did too.

We sat down around the dining room table, and Matt's dad started. "You can't imagine how happy and surprised we are that you two made it to seventeen after some of the things you did last year. But you're here. And we thank God every day for that." He looked at my parents and then at us. "We've decided that you two will be off restriction. You're almost adults. In many ways you are adults, and we're hoping you'll make good decisions and not do anything stupid again."

I didn't much like his reference to being stupid, even though he was right.

My dad looked sad. "I suppose we have to take some of the blame because we didn't supervise you well enough. But it's over now. We know you guys do things with each other besides mow lawns and swim out at the swimming hole, but you're almost adults, and after everything you've done, we don't think it's our right to tell you what to do or not do anymore."

Matt's mom continued. "Mr. Gibson has a point. We can't tell you what to do when you're together. We're beyond that point. But we still have rules. You have a curfew. Be home by midnight, or call if you're going to be late. Wake us when you come in, so we know you're home safe. Talk to us if there is a problem. We won't tolerate the use of drugs, or drinking, or any of the other things you know you're not supposed to do. Understand?"

Matt and I both nodded.

"You haven't used drugs have you?" she asked.

Matt gave her a guilty look. "Once. But I won't do it again. I promise."

She turned to me. "How about you, Andy?"

"Nope. Never."

I had Matt on that one. I'd done some crazy shit, but I'd never gotten drunk or used drugs. Sex was my drug of choice, and I had plenty of it, well at least until we were put on restriction.

A tear rolled down my mom's cheek as she began. "Andy, we came so close to losing you. Please don't ever do anything that could jeopardize your life. Can you promise me that?"

I nodded. "Yeah, Mom. I can. That doesn't mean I won't do some stupid things, and I wish I could promise you that I won't, but I'd be lying if I did. But I won't do anything to jeopardize my life. I promise."


I have to tell you, it was great finally having a life free of drama. Everything I did was so unlike me. I imagine anyone reading this is probably a little disappointed in me. I was disappointed in myself too. But once I had sex, I went a little wild. On TV, kids will have sex, and then they act like they can take it or leave it, as if that's the way it is in real life. Maybe it is for some people, but for me, I was filled with sexual lust and constantly thought about the next time Andy and I could fuck. The week he and I had off from school after the incident with Dillon, gave me an outlet for all that sexual lust because Andy and I did it as often as we could.

Andy had always been ahead of me when it came to sex. I can remember how upset I got when he suggested we have a foursome with Randy and Thomas. But it didn't take long for me to weaken and say yes. That's the way it is sometimes. You want something so badly, but the entire time you know it's wrong, so you try to use every bit of willpower to avoid it, and eventually, you just can't take it anymore and you give in. That's the way it was for me. I was afraid that it was going to be that way for Andy and Colt.

Think about it. I took Andy out on a date, we got into an argument, he left the restaurant, and that's how I met Derrick. One thing led to another. Even though Andy and I were having sex regularly, I lusted after Derrick and the money and the idea of having sex with a lot of hot older guys, and you know where that got me (I mean us). No sooner had Andy and I made up than we started talking about Derrick's proposal to be underage prostitutes. I suppose if either of us had given him a firm no, we wouldn't have done it. But instead, we toyed with the proposal in our heads until we convinced ourselves it was a great idea.

The point is, sex was all I could think about, and everything else was shoved to the side. Maybe that's why adults tell us to wait until we graduate from high school or turn eighteen before we have sex. Hell, you can't even vote until you're eighteen. Anyway, I love sex, and you have no idea how many times the thought of Andy and I having a foursome with Thomas and Colt passed through my mind. But I wasn't going to make the same mistake I'd made with Derrick. I didn't discuss it with Andy. I was afraid if I did, we'd do something we'd regret later. My hormones were still fully charged and ignorant as hell, so I had to be careful. Fortunately, Colt wasn't after me. Thomas and I had had some good sex quite a few times before Colt came along, but we both believed in commitment, and there wasn't any way I was going to interfere with him and Colt. Andy always wanted to do the right thing, but he was even worse than I was when it came to temptation. And of course Andy had to take some of the blame for Colt coming after him in the first place.

Thomas and Colt

After Matt threw Andy a life preserver by chewing Colt's ass out, Colt was humbled and decided he liked what he had with Thomas so he backed off. Despite that, he often found himself thinking about Andy at night when he beat off. He'd run possible sexual scenarios in his head and then would feel guilty mostly because Thomas had been patient, kind, and loving toward him. He had shown understanding through it all. Colt never told Thomas why he quit going after Andy. He realized that Thomas was the person he wanted a relationship with, and all he wanted from Andy was sex. Thomas figured everything was back to normal, so he relaxed.

Colt did well during basketball season. Thomas was already a starter and used his experience to coach and compliment Colt so he'd get a chance to be a starter. He looked forward to both of them being on the court at the same time. When it finally happened, they celebrated with the best sex they'd had in a long time.

Students at Edison High pretty much accepted the gay kids once all the gossip ended and some time elapsed. There were still the homophobes, the guys who has so little confidence in their masculinity and were afraid they might be gay, who harassed the gay kids, but the athletes they generally left alone. Of course, there were a few guys like Frank Kutcher and his friends, who were happy to harass the gay boys or the boys they thought might be gay. But even now, it didn't happen often because Coach Gilbert had pretty much put an end to it after his talk with the football and basketball teams.

Some of the freshman and sophomore girls in the stands often commented that it was too bad Colt and Thomas were gay because they'd sure like to have them for themselves. In fact, a couple of them decided that they were going to see what they could do about that. The girls were just as capable of lust as the guys were, and Thomas and Colt had no idea what kind of an onslaught was headed their way.


Matt and I took the first opportunity we could to have sex. We no longer had to keep our bedroom doors open, and our parents told us they wouldn't bother us when we were in the room together, but they asked us to at least lock the door in case they needed to come to our room for something. They didn't want to walk in on us fucking. Well, they didn't say it that way, but you get the idea. What a deal.

They also told us we had to keep our doors unlocked the rest of the time. That made no sense to either Matt or me, but we agreed. They sure couldn't be worried about us watching porn. We didn't need to since we had Matt and Andy Live. I once suggested that he and I record ourselves and put it online on one of those sites that are like YouTube. One site is called PornTube or something like that. He laughed and said we'd get arrested for underage porn. He had a point.

"How 'bout when we're eighteen?" I asked.

"No, never."

He's gone all straight arrow on me. He's like the old Matt, well, you know what I mean, the Matt from before he went from St. Matthew to Matt-the-Whore. Shit, that sounds bad. He hasn't gotten his wings like the angel in the Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Life. But he seems more settled and happier. Yeah, we have passionate sex, but unlike Colt, Thomas, or me, he's happy with just the ways things are. Maybe he's achieved Enlightenment.

I'll have to admit that having a friend with benefits wasn't quite as good as having a boyfriend, but hell, it sure beats jacking off.

He and I headed out to the pond on the first semi-warm Sunday toward the end of April. There's nothing better than outdoor sex, at least for me, and he and I wanted to feel the cool April air on our skin as we rubbed, licked, touched, and fucked. We figured no one would be there, and I remember how stupid I was for making the mistake of telling everyone about it when we were freshman. If I hadn't, we would have had it all to ourselves all the time.

Even though our parents knew we were having sex again, we told them we were going out to the pond to put up a new rope. This was true, but anytime Matt and I were going somewhere to be alone, we'd get that parental look that said, We know what you have planned. But they'd resigned themselves that our having sex was better than us being prostitutes or doing porn.

We may have been seventeen, but we were still riding our bikes like we did when we were fourteen. I got the rope, but I made Matt carry it this time. It was just like old times, except this time I had brought my athletic bag filled with lube, sex toys, and towels, just like Dillon used to do. If you go back and read our first journal (Knots), you can read about what we were like then. Those days seemed so far behind us. It had only been three years, but it seemed like a lifetime ago.

I made Matt climb the tree this time. He cut down the old rope and tied on the new one. I stripped and jumped into the cold water to make sure it was the right length, and then I tied the knot at the end of the rope.

Once I was done, I yelled up at Matt. "Get your ass down here. I want it."

He just looked down at me. "This brings back some great memories. Remember us swimming naked that first time? It felt so good, but I was embarrassed and afraid. I avoided you because I thought you were going to grab me, wrap your arms around me, and press our naked bodies together. Boy, things have changed since then."

"Yeah, but your cock is still smaller than mine."

He laughed. "True, but mine works just as well as yours."

My neck was getting sore from looking up so I yelled. "Quit talking and get your ass down here so I can see if you're telling the truth."

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, peeled it off, held the collar between his thumb and index finger, and dropped it to the ground. My cock began to slowly rise. He stood on the big branch, put one hand on the trunk to balance himself, unzipped his shorts, and let them drop to his feet to rest on the limb.

"Get your ass down here, or I'm going to cum before you finish getting naked."


He slipped his foot into the shorts and kicked them to the ground.

He hooked his finger in between the latex of his boxer briefs and his waist, then pulled them down far enough so they also fell to his feet. He kicked them to the ground like he did his shorts. His cock stuck straight out like Pinocchio's nose. He shook his hips so his dick swung down at me. "You want some of this?"

"No, I want all of it."

Chapter Quotes

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Gandhi

When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves. -- Viktor E. Frankl

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. -- John F. Kennedy

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. -- Frederick Douglass

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