Knots, Book 4

by Elias Scott

Chapter 28


Colt laid in bed on his side with his erection leaking precum through his briefs. My cock was hard as I just sat and didn't move.

He repeated, "Come on, Andy. It'll be fun."

I knew it would be fun, and I also knew it would be stupid. But I'd been known to do stupid things. I thought of Matt laying on my bed fully clothed and how we snuggled into one another, as he kissed me on the back of my neck, and whispered, "I love you, Andy." I knew Colt didn't love me. Yeah, he wanted me, but he didn't love me. But he was so hot and tempting just lying there waiting for me.

Then I heard myself say, "I don't think it's a good idea." Shit, I wondered if I'd really said that. But I had, and I repeated it just in case. "I don't think it's a good idea."

"Why? You've had sex with all kinds of guys. I'm just one more, and I want to see what it's like to have sex with someone besides Thomas."

"What's wrong with Thomas?"

"Nothing. I'm just curious."

I stood. "Aren't you worried about his feelings? He's your boyfriend. How would he feel if we had sex and he found out?"

He rolled onto his back and started to pull his briefs off. His beautiful uncut cock stood straight and erect. He said nothing, but he just as well have said, "Wouldn't you like to have this in your mouth?"

Fuck! I thought. I wanted my mouth on that beauty and then in my ass. I wanted to run my hands up and down his whole body and kiss and lick every inch. I didn't know which direction to run. I could run out the door or to his bed and put my mouth over that cock that was longing to have the warmth of my mouth, tongue, and saliva covering it. But I stood there stuck.

He gave me an inviting smile with his beautiful, straight, white teeth.

Then I heard myself say, "I'd better go." But of course, I didn't move. That was a big mistake. He pulled his briefs off completely, got out of bed, wrapped his arms around me, and invaded my mouth with his tongue. I kissed him back and ran my hands up and down his naked back. I squeezed his beautiful ass and pushed my hard-on into him.

Then out of nowhere I said, "I've got to go." I knew that if I didn't leave then, it was going to be the end of me. I'd surely drown and Matt wasn't going to throw me a life preserver. The storm was swirling around me, but my boat was still intact. All I had to do was maneuver my way out of the rough waters. I pushed him gently away from me and stole a quick glance at what I was running away from. "Sorry, Colt. I gotta go, but thanks anyway. See you at school."

He followed me down the hall to the front door. "Don't go."

"I have to. This isn't right."

He pissed me off with what he said next. "It's not like you haven't done this before."

"I have, and everything always turns to shit. Matt may not want to be my boyfriend, but he loves me. He loves me unconditionally, and you just want sex. I do too. But this isn't right. Too many people could get hurt."

"They'd get over it." I turned to him. "Maybe so. But how about us? I've tied too many knots in my life already. I don't need to tie another. Neither do you. You have Thomas. He's a great guy. Don't take a chance on losing him."

His naked body stared back at me and I longed to grab him and take him down on the floor right there next to the front door. I turned away and turned the knob. "I've got to go."

Colt stepped behind the door so no one could see he was naked. He closed the door just enough so he could stick his head out. "Andy, I'll be here if you want me."

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

His final words, "I'll be here if you want me", haunted me the whole next week. Every day at basketball practice I thought of him lying naked on the bed with his cock waiting for my hungry mouth, and then his naked body pressed against mine as I stood in his bedroom. He continued to come to my locker and remind me that his offer was still good.

Thomas must have gotten fed up, because he finally came over to my locker pissed. He tapped Colt on the shoulder. "Don't you think it's time you knock this shit off? Andy's not interested."

Colt was casual. "I know. We're just talking."

Thomas grabbed Colt by the arm and pulled him away. "We need to talk."

Thomas and Colt

"Colt, I'm getting tired of your shit. We're boyfriends, and you're always over there talking to Andy while he's getting dressed when you should be with me. What are you up to?"

Colt rolled his eyes and spread his arms with his palms up. "Nothing. We're just talking."

"Well, knock it off. I don't give a shit if you think I'm telling you who you can hang around with or not. I sure as hell don't care if you talk to Andy now and then, but he's become an obsession with you. From where I stand it looks like you're coming onto him. And I know Andy. I can see the way he looks at you."

Colt shrugged. "You're making a big thing out of nothing. Andy and I are just friends."

"Look, you need to decide what you're going to do. Are you going to respect my wishes or not?"

"I told you not to tell me what to do."

Thomas put his hand on Colt's naked shoulder. "Look, I deserve respect, and what you're doing is not respecting me or our relationship. You're my boyfriend, and there are responsibilities that come with that. Commitment is part of it. You don't see me flirting with Matt or any of the other gay guys on campus. That's because I respect you and our relationship. I'm beginning to think you don't."

Colt paused. He didn't want to lose Thomas, but he wanted Andy. "Okay. I won't go to his locker anymore. Is that all?"

"Stay away from him. He doesn't need you following him around like a puppy."

"I don't." Colt paused again. "I can still talk to him now then then, right?"

"We all eat lunch together. Talk to him then."

"Okay. I understand why you're angry. I should respect you and our relationship. I'll knock it off."

Thomas kissed him and gave him a hug. "Good. I'm glad that's settled." He paused in thought then added, "This is the afternoon your parents aren't home, right? Why don't we get together after practice?"

"I'm game. Let's walk to my place together after practice."

Thomas and Colt lay naked in bed. Thomas rolled on top of Colt and plunged his tongue into his mouth and Colt responded, but it was Andy he was thinking about and not Thomas. He thought of Andy standing in this same room trying to decide whether to join him in bed or not. Thomas' tongue explored his mouth, and Colt imagined it was Andy's. Thomas licked and kissed his way down Colt's chest and abs until his hard cock was in his mouth. Thomas glanced up, looked Colt in the eyes, and saw his pleasure as well as a look he'd never seen before. Thomas pulled off. "A penny for your thoughts."

"I was thinking how much I love you and love that mouth of yours."

"I've never seen that look before."

"I've never felt like this before."

Thomas squinted as he held Colt's cock in his hand. "Like how?"

"I don't know. I was thinking maybe we could get Andy and Matt to join us some time."

Thomas gave Colt's dick a slap and it quickly went down. "What the fuck you talking about? I don't do that shit anymore. I'm committed to you."

"I know. I know. But you're my first, and you're so much more experienced than me. I'd like to be more experienced too."

Thomas moved up and laid his body over Colt's so that their warm flesh touched the full length of their bodies. Thomas wrapped his legs around Colt's. Colt's cock stiffened up again. "Colt, if it was so great, I'd still be doing it. What we have is better."

Colt rolled over so he was on top of Thomas. "You can say that because you've already been with other guys, but I haven't."

Thomas gave Colt a soft kiss on the lips. "I know, and I understand. But I was seduced by Dillon Burke when I was only thirteen. He betrayed Randy, Andy, and me. And he tried to rape Matt. Our sex lives were exposed to the world, well at least our world. Is that what you want?"

"No one has to know."

"We didn't think anyone would ever find out either. We were having fun and enjoying ourselves. We thought there weren't any consequences. And besides, isn't our relationship based on more than just sex?"

Colt kissed his way down Thomas' body, licked around the head of Thomas' cock and said, "Yeah, but you have to admit, this helps a lot."

"It does, but if we had sex with other guys, the sex we have together wouldn't be special anymore."

Colt moved up so he was lying beside Thomas, and they were facing each other. "Of course it would. I love you. The other would only be sex."

Thomas went limp. "Look, Colt. If you need to experiment and find out about this shit, then do it. But you'll have to do it without me. What's more important, our relationship or sex?"

"Our relationship."

"Good, then let it go and let's fuck."

Of course, it was one thing to say "our relationship" and another to mean it. Colt felt he owed Thomas for being so slow and gentle as he took his virginity. The problem was that time and experience created a yearning for more than what they had. At the same time, his insides were tied in knots from the guilt he felt because he desired Andy. Andy flattered him, got him to go out for basketball, made him feel desired, and now he couldn't shake the guilt or the desire.

All of this was part of the reason Colt talked to Thomas about the two of them hooking up with Matt and Andy. He hoped it would keep him from cheating, but Thomas ended up sounding like an adult giving advice to some kid.

Their sex that afternoon lacked passion. Thomas felt it and Colt tried to hide it. They laughed and joked and moaned and yelled expletives, but the old passion was missing. It was like two porn stars having sex in front of the camera. They did everything to make it look like love, but it was just sex. Colt was in many ways out in the same small boat in the same storm as Andy. The question was, were they going to drown together or apart?


Thomas finally got fed up with Colt and told him to knock his shit off. But that didn't keep me from thinking about Colt's words: "I'll be here if you want me." Shit, I wanted him badly, and no matter how hard I tried to put it out of my mind, the picture of him standing in his room naked haunted me. I'm only human after all.

Things slowed for a week or so after Thomas confronted Colt. Then one day the varsity basketball team scrimmaged the JV team and who should be guarding me, but Colt. The JV's were skins and the varsity were shirts. Colt kept putting his hand on my ass as he followed me all over the court. Normally, I wouldn't have given it a thought if it was anyone else, but every time he touched me, I'd see him naked on the bed or I'd think of how good his ass cheeks felt in my hands when we stood together in his room.

Matt sensed what was going on in my mind, and when he had a chance said, "Knots, Andy. Knots."

I flipped him off. Then he came up to me and said, "Remember, I'm not throwing you a life preserver."

I flipped him off again. "I'm fine. Leave me alone."

Colt pinched my ass and I pushed his hand away. "Knock it off." He grinned.

The stars were lined up against me, because Matt passed me the ball, and as I was dribbling toward the basket, Colt stole it from me. I chased him down, he tripped, and I fell right on top of him. I put my hand on his bare back to push off so I could get up. My cock stirred, and I wondered if there was ever going to be an end to this shit.

Colt got up from the floor and caught me doing a full body scan. He smiled at me with a look that said, I can tell you like what you see, and it can be all yours. Well, maybe that wasn't exactly what the look said, but that's the thought that went through my mind.

Thomas came over to Colt. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, it was nothing. Andy was just pissed because I stole the ball from him."

Then Colt turned so Thomas couldn't see and winked at me. What a shit.

Colt stopped coming by my locker for a couple of weeks until one day when he managed to catch up with Matt and me on our way home. "Where's Thomas?" was the first thing I thought to ask.

"He had things to do, so I thought I'd walk with you guys." He turned to Matt. "Thomas thinks Andy and I need a chaperone."

Matt shot him a glare. He stabbed his index finger into Colton's chest. "Listen here, asshole. I'm tired of your shit. Leave us alone. Firstly, Andy doesn't need some sophomore following him around. Secondly, Thomas is our friend, and if you keep this shit up, I, for one, will cross you off my friends list and put you on my shit list. Got it?"

Colt stepped back and held his palms in the air. "Easy, man. Cool your jets. I was only joking."

There was no way Matt was going to let it go. "You know what. You're a pussy. Just a newbie. You have no idea what Thomas, Randy, Andy, and I have been through. To you this is all just a game, but it isn't a game. This is serious." He looked at me with sad eyes, and he put his hand on my shoulder. "This guy is my best friend. I love him. Really love him. But it's not my job to baby him or protect him. The best I can do is to be there for him and let you know what I think about all this crap. Leave Andy alone. Leave us all alone. If you want to break up with Thomas and find some other sex partner, fine. That's your mistake. But leave us alone. I say us, because we're like a team. Andy and I have done some pretty stupid things, and neither he, nor I want to do another stupid thing. So run on home and beat off or something. Just leave us alone."

I couldn't believe it. Matt went off on him. It was the last thing I expected. But while he was in Colt's face, I was thinking, God he's hot. Unfortunately, I was thinking of Colt and not Matt (although he's hot too). But at that moment Matt was like lukewarm milk.

I stepped between them. "Cool it." I turned to Colt. "I think you should leave. Your house isn't in our direction, and my chaperone and I can manage fine without you."

Colt tried to look repentant. "Sorry, I just thought it would be nice to walk with you guys. I wasn't expecting all this shit."

Matt didn't back down. "Bullshit. I know you're after Andy, Thomas knows you're after Andy, and Andy knows you're after Andy. You're not fooling anyone. So get lost."

Colt looked at me with hope on his face.

I managed to say, "I think you should go."

He dropped his head, turned around, and walked off.

Chapter Quotes

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be. ― Albert Schweitzer


I may not agree with you, but I'll defend to the death, your right to make an ass of yourself. ― Oscar Wilde

Infatuation: A foolish, unreasoning or extravagant passion or attraction. (Sometimes considered synonymous with love.)

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