Knots, Book 3

by Elias Scott

Chapter 27


Matt was a little concerned, but the idea of another five hundred bucks each in our pockets was enough to take care of any doubts he had.

We went out on a date at the Outback that Friday. We couldn't resist the opportunity to actually go out on a date and be able to afford the most expensive meal on the menu. We asked to be seated at a table in a quiet corner where we could have some privacy. The hostess seated us at a table with four chairs. Andy sat across from me. Derrick showed up almost as quickly as we were seated. The damn guy showed up with a big smirk on his face. "How you boys doing? Looks like you're on another date. I hope this goes better than last one."

"Fuck you," Matt said

Derrick leaned down. "No I'm going to fuck you. If you want to make a little extra money I have other clients who want to watch us fuck. What do ya think?"

Matt and I looked at each other and I whispered. "Matt and I will have to talk about it. After last week, we're a little concerned. Can you guarantee that same shit won't happen again?"

"Of course, as long as I'm around. But some of these guys want to go out on a date, take you to dinner, and fuck. You wouldn't be together and I wouldn't be there."

Matt shook his head. "Damn. I can't speak for Andy, but that kind of scares me. It would be okay only if Andy and I were together."

Derrick pulled his order pad out of his back pocket. "Let me get your order. We can talk about this later. I have a break in an hour."

I looked into those beautiful eyes of his. "Fine. Talk to you then."

We ordered steak and lobster.'

Matt had a worried look on his face while all I could see were dollar signs dancing in my head. "What do you think, Matt?"

"I'm not sure I like this. If Derrick's around and we're together then I'm cool with it. But the idea of going out on a date with some older guy scares the shit out of me."

My enthusiasm didn't wane. "We could ask for more money than we're getting now and make sure they pay up front. Hell, it might be worth eight hundred to a thousand. That's damn good money and the five thousand we were talking about making for the summer could be a lot more."

Matt rolled his eyes. "I know. I know. But shit, the whole idea scares me. There'll be no one there to protect us."

I nudged Matt under the table with my foot. "This whoring stuff is as new to me as you, but isn't it the pimp's responsibility to protect us?"

"I think so." You could hear the tentativeness in Matt' voice.

"Let's enjoy our dinner and we can discuss it further during Derrick's break."

You know the ironic thing was, Matt and I didn't know what to talk about after our dinners arrived. We sat there and looked at each other. We talked a little about football, Gina, Emily, Ollie, and Thomas, but it seemed all superficial when you considered what out plans were for the summer.

Finally Matt said, "What are we going to do about our friends?"

I laughed. "Maybe we could get Thomas and Ollie to do them for us. They'd like the extra money."

"That's a good idea, Andy. But think about it. We went from mowing lawns and going out to the pond in the summer to selling our bodies for money. What happened to our childhood and the innocence we once had? This all scares me. Who are we? What have we become?"

There wasn't any way I was going to let Matt get in a melancholy mood. "We are going to be rich, and with money comes a certain amount of power. We'll be the coolest guys on campus."

"That's horseshit, Andy. We can't go out and buy a nice car or expensive clothes. Our parents and a lot of other people will want to know where the money came from."

"We'll bank it, and it will be there when we're eighteen and adults. No one can give us shit then."

"Maybe so, unless someone still wants to know where we got that kind of money."

I kicked Matt under the table again. "Quit being so negative. We'll go away to school and no one will ever know. If we go to school together, we'll get a nice apartment and decorate it with original paintings and expensive furniture."

He kicked me back. "Damn, Andy. You're such a dreamer. How do we explain it all when our parents come to visit?"

I smiled. "That's easy. We just tell them it's a furnished apartment."

"You always have the quick and easy answers. But we'd still have to have some kind of job to even afford the apartment."

"I hadn't thought of that. We can always tell them we're eighteen and are prostitutes."

Matt gave me a loud laugh that got us a few stares. "I think we're getting ahead of ourselves anyway. Let's talk to Derrick."


All through dinner I kept thinking how our lives had changed. We tried talking about the old fun stuff that we did, but eighty percent of the meal was taken up talking about whoring around and what we were going to do or not do with the money. It became obvious to me at dinner that while we were only sixteen, our youth was gone much too soon. Alan, Ollie's, and Ernie's lives seemed so much simpler. Like I said in the last chapter, Thomas seemed lonely, but his life had been turned upside down by Dillon. Ollie seemed the happiest of the guys for some reason. Gina often grabbed my hand and held it at lunch. She seemed afraid for me even though she had no idea what was going on. And of course, Emily forged ahead like there wasn't a care in the world. I remember thinking, why can't my life be like that again? Is it possible to go back? I didn't think so. Some knots are with us forever. You know how they say you can't unring a bell? Well, once you've rung the bell, there's not a damn thing you can do to unring it. The only thing that kept going through my mind was that maybe I could untie some of the knots. That was my best bet.

We finished our dinner, sat at our table in silence, and waited for Derrick. We weren't even old enough to order a glass of wine or have a beer. And there we were waiting for Derrick to discuss our future as his paid whores.

He sat at our table with a big smile on his face as he glanced at each of us. "Just looking at you guys makes me horny."

Andy didn't miss a beat. "It's going to cost you."

Derrick smiled. "I'm your manager and free sex is one of my benefits."

"Pimp, is more like it," I said.

"What's in a name? I like to think of myself as your manager."

Andy raised his palms. "So let's talk. What do you have in mind and how much money are we talking about?"

"Is that all you think of is money?"

"Derrick, sex is good, but money is better. You're sure as hell not doing this for the fun of it."

The whole time they're going back and forth I'm asking myself Do you really want to do this?

Derrick took a drink out of my water glass. "Here's the deal. You guys are new and there's no hurry. I'm sure mowing lawns doesn't pay much." He grinned and held my glass up as if to make a toast. "The thing is, word's gotten out about you guys, and I have other guys who are interested. They're willing to pay good money. We could set things up for twice a week, say, Wednesday and Saturday. As your manager, I'll be there to make sure the crap that happened last Saturday doesn't happen again. It's summer so you have plenty of time. You need to take advantage of that. I know you both play football, so we'll have to figure out a new schedule when football and school starts."

"Sounds like you have everything figured out," I said with a bit of sarcasm.

Derrick ignored me. "You guys are going to be rich. Think of it. You'll each be making a $1000 a week. That's nine thousand dollars in nine weeks. Managers usually take a cut off the top, but I've worked it out so these guys pay me a separate fee. Where else are they going to find guys your age who are as hot as you? These guys come from money, have plenty of it, and are willing to pay."

"What about us going out on our own," I asked. "I don't like that idea."

"No hurry, Matt. We'll take it one step at a time."

Andy's eyes brightened. "How much will we make if we go out one-on-one?"

"Twelve hundred minimum. Plus you don't have to please a whole bunch of guys, only one. Remember, these guys have money. You're underage. They can't afford to fuck up. You'll get a chance to stay at the best hotels, eat gourmet meals, and have a lot of hot sex."

Andy frowned. "What if they're ugly as shit and fat as pigs?"

Derrick was suddenly at a loss for words. "Well, this is a business. There are no guarantees except from our end. We guarantee they will have sex with a hot male teenage escort. The best solution is to charge more for the ugly and fat ones. They'll expect to pay more."

"I don't like the idea," Andy said. "We need to screen our clients."

Derrick stood. "I have to get back to work. We can talk about that stuff later. For now, we have four guys tomorrow and then we'll go from there. We'll talk after the job is done." He smiled as he walked off.

I couldn't believe I'd sunk so low. The odd thing was, that while I began to not recognize the Matt I used to know, I wanted the money. I saw the new Matt with money in his pocket and someone who was cooler and more confident than the old one. It would be possible to dress better, and if I wanted to take Gina out to a fancy dinner I could. Besides I always had the option of getting out whenever I wanted. I figured I'd move on when football started. Even Derrick realized things were going to change. But hell, I was going to have a lot of money in my pocket by then. I remembered thinking, there wasn't any reason why we couldn't still work on Saturdays during football unless we had a game. The biggest problem we began to face was our parents. We'd been out the last two Saturdays and that coming Saturday would be our third. We began thinking about how we were going to explain where we were going. Andy and I decided that we'd go places together. They knew we were having sex so it wasn't likely they were going to interfere. I couldn't imagine what they'd have said or done if they found out we were whoring around (God, that sounds terrible). It sure didn't mean they were going to accept it Andy and I were having sex every Wednesday and Saturday, but it gave us more freedom to do what we wanted without them telling us no.

Derrick collected the money from our clients and put it in his safe before we even started the next day. I was worried we might never see any of it, but Andy just winked at me as if the money was already in the bank.

Alex, Jack, Chet, and Deshaun sat naked on the sofa after Andy and I finished putting on a show for them. It looked like it was taking everything in their power to behave themselves. But they did manage to all cum twice while Andy, Derrick, and I sucked and fucked. Damn, that normally didn't sound so bad when I said it, but now that we were doing it for money and I'm writing it here, it sounds somewhat vulgar.

Derrick, Andy, and I showered and came back into the room together. Andy and I laid on the bed naked with our cocks in the air. Derrick nodded at the four of them and they joined us on the bed with their cocks hardening and ready for some good sex. I have to admit, it seemed odd having Derrick sitting on the sofa watching. He didn't have a gun in his hand, but I'm sure he was prepared if the others got out of hand

Andy had already given some thought to what we were going to do. He sat up and leaned on his elbows. "Are you guys ready for the best sex of your lives?" he asked.

They were being cautious and didn't reply. Andy went on. "Well, I've planned some hot sex and when we're done, if you approve, feel free to leave us a tip."

Andy grabbed Jack and pulled him down on top of him and kissed him deeply. I pulled Chet down and did the same. Andy and I rolled over so our asses were in the air. "Our assholes are ready for some good licking," Andy said and soon Alex had his tongue worming its way around Andy's ass and Deshaun's tongue was on mine. Now this was fun. Andy and I licked our way down Jack and Chet until we got to their cocks. We took them in and serviced them like a popsicle. We licked around the head, licked up and down the shaft, and then took their cocks all the way down our throats. Jack and Chet were panting and moaning,

All Andy and I could hear were the moans of Jack and Chet, uttering God's name in one breath and expletives in the next.

Alex and Deshaun were still nibbling on our asses until Andy said, "We want some cock."

Alex and Deshaun dutifully slipped condoms on and slowly pushed their rods against our holes. They were gentle and kind this time, slipping them in slowly after lubing their cocks and our asses. Deshaun said, "Matt, you have a fine ass. It's so tight." He bent over and kissed my back and gently slapped my ass. "Fuck your ass is hot."

Alex almost sounded short of breath as his pace picked up. "I'm going to fuck you hard."

Andy replied. "I love it hard and fast."

Alex began ramming Andy, who started moaning, "Fuck me harder. Damn your cock is hot. Fuck my ass. Fuck me hard. Fuck. Fuck. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me."

I couldn't help but smile with Chet's cock in my mouth as Andy mimicked a train again. Our asses were being rammed and the pleasure was beyond what I'd expected as a working boy selling his ass to men.

Andy quit sucking. "Stop. Matt and I want Jack and Chet riding our cocks." Andy rolled onto his back and I did the same. We grabbed the lube and spread it generously on our cocks. Chet moved his ass over my stiff sixteen year old cock and slowly slid down on it. Jack did the same on Andy's. It was hot watching their, asses and hard cocks rise and fall as they went up and down on our hard members. Deshaun and Alex didn't need any coaching. The knelt down by our heads so that we had access to their asses, balls, and cocks. Andy and I went to work licking their balls, sucking them into our mouths and spitting them out, licking their asses and sucking their cocks while Jack and Chet were riding our hard cocks. Shit it was hot.

"Slow down," I said. "I'm getting close." Chet slowed and Andy says, "Time for a threesome fuck." Andy and I had talked about us being in the middle, but decided our goal was to give these guys the best sex and get a tip. Andy put Jack in the middle so he could fuck Andy while Alex was fucking Jack. This was the hottest for the guy in the middle because as he got rammed from behind, his cock was pushed into the guy in front of him and the motion of all three was just fucking awesome. I don't know how else to describe it. Chet, Deshaun and I did the same with Chet in back and Deshaun in the middle. Everyone was moaning and yelling expletives until Andy told us to switch and our two clients changed positions.

We're all going at it. Andy and I were jacking off and the other two were fucking away until I heard Chet squeal, "I'm going to come. I'm going to come." Soon everyone is moaning and the room was filled with the sound and smell of mind blowing culminating sex as we all began to climax within seconds of each other. It was awesome.

We all fell on the bed exhausted. I took a quick look and saw Derrick sitting on the sofa with a big smile on his face. After what happened the week before, that afternoon was amazing. At that moment I felt ready to do that forever. I remember wondering if it was possible to do this and not suffer any consequences.

Deshaun, Chet, Alex, and Jack got dressed without showering and then each pulled out a $100 bill and handed two to Andy and two to me. Broad smiles spread across our faces. "Thanks."

They hugged us and Jack said, "Same time next week."

We nodded as they headed out the door. Andy and I flopped down on the bed as soon as they left.

"Shit, can you believe it, Andy? We made an extra 200 bucks each."

"I told you we'd be so hot they'd tip us."

Derrick smiled and gave our cocks a quick squeeze. "Nice work. Go take a shower."

Andy and I gave each other a quick look, but headed to the shower. Andy kissed me deeply when we got in the shower and massaged my cock until it was hard. "Stop that shit." I've had enough for one day."

After our shower, we headed into the living room and found the bed made and Derrick sitting on the sofa. We sat on the sofa next to him and waited for him to get up and get our money. He didn't move.

Andy stood. "How 'bout our money? We gotta go."

Derrick grinned. "What's the hurry?"

"Our work's done for the day, and we're ready to go home."

Derrick got up and went to the refrigerator. "How 'bout a beer."

I spoke up. "We don't drink."

"Speak for yourself," Andy said.

Derrick handed him a beer. Derrick didn't even offer me water or a coke or anything so I sat there while the two of them finished their beers. "Want another?" Derrick asked.

Andy shook his head. "Nah, we're ready to go. How 'bout our money now?"

Derrick went to the safe and got our money. I kept trying to check the combination, but couldn't see it. He handed each of us $500. We both counted it just to be sure.

"Thanks, Derrick. You're cool," I said. "I wasn't sure we could trust you, but you're okay."

"I'm your manager, I need to take care of my meal tickets. This was a good afternoon. You even got tips. I may want some of that in the future. You know, my pay for keeping you guys safe."

To be honest, I thought it would be worth it. But at the time. we didn't care as long as he didn't take any that day. We left his place with $700 each in our pockets. What an afternoon!

Chapter Quotes

My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there. - Charles Kettering

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. - Alexander the Great

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship. - Louisa May Alcott

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