Knots, Book 3

by Elias Scott

Chapter 26


What a day! Matt and I made $500 each. But hell, the day was only half over because we still had work ahead of us. Matt and I headed into the shower and came out naked. When we returned, Jack, Chet, Alex, and Deshaun were laying on the bed with their cocks in their hands. Jack took the lead. "Chet and I will take Andy. Alex and Deshaun, you have Matt." Damn, it was obvious the tables had turned. Matt and I were the menu items.

Jack grabbed my upper arm and brought me down on the bed for a deep tongue-lashing kiss. He reached down and grabbed my balls and then ran his hand up my cock, over my abs and chest and then put his hand around my throat. "I could kill you right now." Then he let go.

Deshaun stood and put his arms around Matt and pulled their bodies together so their cocks rubbed against each other. Watching them turned me on so I licked my way down Jack to his cock where I lifted it with my lips and then sucked it into my mouth. Chet pulled my ass cheeks apart and began rimming me. Everything was damn good except for the threat to kill me. Jack had a look on his face that kind of scared me.

Chet's tongue moving around my hole got me groaning while I sucked on Jack's nice, thin, long cock. I like them that way. The next thing I knew Chet had the tip of his cock slapping at my ass. He started to stick it in and I pulled away. "You don't have a condom. Put on a condom."

"It's not as much fun that way."

"I don't give a fuck. Put on a condom."

He gave my ass a hard slap. I hate to say it, but it turned me on, and I welcomed the next slap. "Get on a condom if you want to fuck me."

He groaned as he grabbed the lube and one of the condoms Derrick had strewn around the bed. He slid on the condom and then shoved it hard into my ass without any lube. I let out a yelp and then a "What the fuck?"

"Keep your mouth on Jack's cock and take it in the ass like a man."

I was beginning to wonder where all the fun was. This was becoming more like work. Chet rammed his cock hard in and out of my ass and kept slapping it. Jack started fucking my mouth by shoving his cock in and out so deep and hard as if it were my ass. I was having trouble breathing and struggling not to choke as his cock kept hitting the back of my throat. I pulled off, but he grabbed me by the ears and held on as he shoved his cock back in and fucked my mouth in a frenzy.

Matt was out of sight. Deshaun and Alex must have taken him to the sofa. I'm wondering if they dragged him there. The only thing I could hear were muffled sounds coming from him.

Derrick finished showering and entered the room. "What the fuck are you guys doing? These guy are sixteen for shit sakes, and this isn't about sadomasochism. Stop this shit or I'm going to cut you off. Got it?"

Jack jammed his cock deep into my mouth and I gagged as he yelled, "Fuck you, Derrick."

I heard a click and Jack and Chet stopped. Matt finally got his voice and yelled, "You guys are assholes. You didn't pay us to do this shit."

I jumped up off the bed and saw Derrick with a gun in his hand. Naked or not I wanted to get the fuck out of there. Matt glanced at me with a look that said, what the shit did we get ourselves into?

Derrick released the hammer with his thumb. "Okay. You paid to have some fun and these guys expected you to play fair. They look like they're ready to tell you guys to fuck off and leave. Do you want to make this a onetime thing? Turn your brains on and your cocks off. You have a chance to fuck these two sixteen-year-olds all summer unless you fuck it up. We're done for now."

I couldn't believe it. Derrick demanded their respect. He was evidently a tough dude because not one of those four older guys bothered to mess with him. My first thought was, do we get to keep the money?

Derrick turned to Matt and me. "Get dressed and get your asses out of here. I'll take care of these guys and I guarantee it will be different next week. You can keep the money."

Matt and I started to get dressed.

The four assholes started to protest and Derrick said, "Tell you what. We'll give a quarter of your money back but this will be the last time your cocks will have a chance to enter these fine teenage asses. What do you want to do?"

Matt and I finished getting dressed. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. But we weren't completely stupid. Well, at least we didn't think we were. Despite everything that happened all I could think of was Matt and I earning another $500 each the following Saturday. I was willing as long as Derrick kept those guys in line. I later found out Matt was thinking the same thing.

Derrick turned to us. "Get your asses out of here and keep the money." Smiles broke out across our faces while the four guys looked like they wanted to kill all three of us. I figured that unless they were serial killers that wasn't likely going to happen. After all, they were twenty-four and we were sixteen. They had plenty of money, they wanted our bodies, and I was ready to come back the following week.


I couldn't see what was going on with Andy, but Alex and Deshaun grabbed me and shoved me so hard so I was sitting on the sofa with my cock in the air. Alex grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me flatter on the sofa so he could get to my cock. Alex went down on me and I started moaning and humming, but I couldn't see what Deshaun was doing. The next thing I knew, Deshaun came up behind me and blindfolded me. Alex kept sucking my cock as he grabbed my hands so I couldn't fight Deshaun off. Deshaun must have straddled my chest because suddenly I felt a cock pushing at my mouth. "Take it, you teenage fucker."

He slapped me when I refused to open my mouth. "Open your mouth, asshole." I did as I was told and he rammed his cock in hard so it hit the back of my mouth and I gagged. I thought I'd heard Andy gag too.

My cock went soft and Alex squeezed my balls. "What the fuck?" he yelled.

What a dumb shit, I thought. They're treating me like a slave and Alex can't figure out why my cock isn't doing its job.

I gave Deshaun's cock a light bite with my teeth and he slapped me. "Careful there, buddy."

Guys who call you buddy instead of by your real name are usually assholes. I had no idea where this was going and figured it was only going to get worse. But just as that thought passed through my mind I heard Derrick who evidently decided he'd better protect his two horse stable of teenage studs. Yeah, he was our pimp even though we'd have liked to call him something else.

Deshaun and Alex got off me. I took off the blindfold and Derrick stood there with a gun in his hand. Shit, this was some serious stuff.

Derrick surprised me. He chewed the four older guys out and told us to get out and keep the money. I couldn't believe it. The only sticking point was that he expected us back the next Saturday and assured us things would be different.


Matt and I got out of the room as fast as we could and started laughing as we ran down the stairs. It surprised both of us. I patted Matt on the back. "Shit, can you believe it? We get to keep the money."

Matt and I jumped into the car. "Matt, grab the envelope from under the seat."

He reached under the seat, pulled out the envelope, opened it, and counted out five bills for himself and five for me.

I smiled as if none of that crazy shit had just happened. "We're rich. And they'll be more next week."

At first, doubt showed on Matt's face but it quickly left as he counted out the five crisp $100 bills. "Damn, these feel good. Do you think we should go back? Who knows what'll happen next week?"

I started the car. "Derrick has it covered. He had our asses today. I think we can count on him."

Matt held the bills up to the light from the windshield. "My dad always says, you never get something for nothing."

"That's true, Matt. We may have to give those guys a little sex. Get a dick in the ass and give a few blowjobs, but what the fuck, it'll be another $500 each next week. If we do this all summer, we'll be set for the whole school year."

Matt shook his head. "Knots, Andy. Knots."

"Fuck the knots." I paused. "Let me see, there's about ten weeks until football practice starts. Do you realize that's five thousand bucks each for putting out and having a whole hell of a lot of fun,"

A surprised look crossed Matt's face. "I can't believe it. Five thousand bucks for having fun." He hesitated. "Yeah, if you call what happened today fun."

"Damn, Matt. Derrick already has it covered. Could you believe it when you saw the gun?"

"No, I almost shit on the floor."

I laughed. "Did you see the looks on their faces?"

"What if the rest of them bring guns next time?"

"Rich guys don't do shit like that. Derrick is street smart. Those assholes are money smart and they're spreading the wealth."

Matt's phone rang. It was Derrick. Matt put it on speaker. "I'm sorry about what happened today. I promise it won't happen again. Are you up for this coming Saturday?"

I gave a quick "Yes" which kind of committed Matt too.

"That's both of you?" he asked.

Again, I said, "Yes."

"Matt, is Andy speaking for both of you?"

Matt hesitated. "Yeah, I guess so. But there can't be any shit like there was today."

"Don't worry. They want you guys, and if it takes them treating you with more respect, then they're ready. Where in the hell else are they going to find two hot sixteen-year-olds ready to suck and fuck?"

He had a point. It looked like we were in the driver's seat.

Matt warned him. "Derrick, they blindfolded me and held my arms down. If they pull any of that shit, we're going to scream rape, get dressed, and you'll never see us again."

"I understand. But hell, that's a lot of money. Sometimes you have to put up with a little shit."

I answered, "You know getting our asses slapped or our hair pulled while they're fucking us is one thing, but causing us to choke, blindfolding us, gagging us, or tying us up better not happen. I agree with Matt. If any of that shit happens you can find some other guys to pimp."

My words caught me by surprise. Pimp? Really. We were Derrick's whores. I began to think maybe Matt was right about the knots. But hell, you're only young once.


We were set to do the whole thing over again the following Saturday. We weren't getting a free dinner at the Outback this time. Andy and I spent the week walking to school and being followed by Jack and Alex this time in a gray BMW convertible. I nudged Andy. "Hey, look, it's Dillon."

He pushed me. "Fuck off."

I pushed him back and we both laughed.

He patted me on the back. "We got rid of that asshole."

Jack and Alex didn't bother to stop and talk. They just drove slowly, eyed us, gave us a thumbs up, and rode off. It was weird.

The GSA club met on Tuesday and we had quite a few more members. That made me feel better. We had one cheerleader, a couple of basketball players, a football player, and just some everyday guys and girls, many of them gay or curious. But it was a good sign and my confidence grew. The only problem was that it proved I was more of a follower than a leader. Andy was the leader. It was those qualities I think I always admired about him when we were younger. It made me think back to the time he came to my house with the huge rope over his shoulders. It wasn't me who got the rope to tie to the tree so we could swing into the pond. It was Andy. He was like the Starship Enterprise that went where no one else dared to go. He'd actually taken the idea of forming a GSA club that we talked about over dinner and got it done. Emily was a lot like Andy. Gina was a lot like me. I'm not sure it would have all come together if Emily hadn't given the club and Andy her support.


Demonstrators were still out in front of the school with their signs, but their numbers were growing smaller. I guess they began to accept the inevitable. I still can't believe that anyone would believe that God could hate anyone. What dumb shits.

I saw Ollie talking to some girl between classes. It looked like he was carrying her books. It was hard to believe he was the same guy who was getting the shit kicked out of him when he was all emo. Yeah, he's still thin, but he's nice looking and he would make some guy a great boyfriend, but it looks like he's going to give girls a try first. He's always mouthing off to Andy and me like he wants in on what we do, but we haven't encouraged him. That's something we figured he'd have to decide for himself.

Thomas was still eating with us, but he seemed a little lonely. I saw him talking to one of the guys in the GSA who I thought was gay. Thomas deserved somebody who could commit to him. Andy and I agreed to keep our extra-curricular activities a secret. We had no idea how everyone would react, but we didn't want to know. Actually, we did know how they would react, but we preferred to think otherwise.

On Wednesday, Randy came up to me before lunch and pulled me to the side. "What's this I hear about you and Andy whoring around?"

"What the hell you talking about?"

"Things get around, you know?"

I started to walk away and he grabbed my shoulder. "Hold on. I'm not going to say anything."

My heart was pounding as I was trying to think of something to say. "There's nothing to say. Whoever you gave you this information doesn't know what the hell they're talking about."

Randy smiled. "Maybe so. But I overheard some rich dudes talking about two sixteen-year-old guys they were hooking up with on weekends. Maybe it isn't you and Andy, but you were the first two I thought of. You guys are sixteen, aren't you?" "Yeah, but a lot of guys are sixteen, not just Andy and me. Most of the junior class is sixteen."

"But how many of them are gay?"

"Hell if I know. I think you have a better idea about that than Andy or I do. You're the one who's always fucking around."

"Maybe so, but I'm their whore and they're not older like the guys I overheard at the mall. Plus they look like they have bucks. Maybe I'd like to get in on a little of the action."

I shrugged. "There's no action to get in on."

"Well, if there is, let me know. I'm ready, willing, and very able." He patted me on the butt and walked off.

I tried to catch Andy before he got to our table for lunch, but he was already there. I stood at the door to the cafeteria and motioned for him to come over. He shook his head at first and then pursed his lips, then nodded and came over. "Don't you think this looks a little suspicious? Everyone at our table is going to wonder what's up."

"Follow me so they think we had to go do something."

Andy followed me toward the front door until I stopped because of all the demonstrators. I turned back and went to my locker. "Randy stopped me and he thinks we're whoring around. He overheard those asshole older guys talking at the mall."

"What bullshit. Are you trying to tell me he just happened to be standing near those guys and overheard them? Those guys have to be more discreet than that."

"You know, I really don't give a damn how he found out. But he knows something and said he wants in."

Andy's face turned serious. "Fuck him. He's not getting in on our goldmine."

"Is the money all you care about? What about our reputations? What about the police? We could be arrested."

"They don't put teenagers in jail for prostitution. We'd get a slap on the wrist."

I shoved him against the locker and a few people looked our way. "You are always so flip about everything. Do you ever take anything seriously?"

"Damn, Matt. You're always worried about your reputation and what everyone will think. Randy's throwing darts and hoping one will stick. To hell with him. He's as much of a whore as we are. The big difference is we're making a lot more money and he isn't."

That got a smile out of me. "You always have a way of putting things in perspective. We've already sold our bodies so it really doesn't make any difference now whether we did it once or ten times. Let's face it, we're teenage whores."

He laughed. "Speak for yourself. I'm an expensive male escort."

"You can call yourself whatever you want, but we're prostituting ourselves for money."

Andy patted me on the back. "Is there any other way to prostitute yourself?"

"Yeah, we could be like Randy and only get peanuts."

Andy headed to the cafeteria. "Matt, we're each going to have another five hundred bucks in our pockets this Saturday. What more could you ask for?"

I thought for a moment. "I don't know, but I wish I did."

Chapter Quotes

This week's quotes come from an article by a reporter who interviewed young male prostitutes. I took some poetic license to get them to be more readable.

The problem is that prostitution is addictive. Once you get used to having hundreds in your pocket at all times, and you set your standard of living to that, it's nearly impossible to live otherwise.

You're always hired. It's just a question whether or not Roy (my pimp) calls you back. You come in and fill out an application and wait for a call or page. If Roy likes you, if he thinks you're decent looking, he'll call. It helps to be good looking. You can't be old, either. Once you hit around 28, you can't do this. You have to work in McDonald's or something.

When people ask what I do for a living, what am I going to say? "I'm a whore. And you?" People always ask, too. They always wonder how someone my age can afford everything I have like designer outfits that cost well over a couple of hundred dollars. Or how I can afford a new $30,000 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The job causes emotional stress, that's the worst part.

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