A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

Chapter 3


Every summer hols, me and my family spend at least three weeks in Barbados. We have a villa on the Platinum Coast, that hundreds of years ago used to be a sugar plantation. It's just tropical bush and palm trees now though, with our place off a trail from it, between the 'jungle' and the beach.

It's a magic tropical island, ace for pirate games, volleyball, soft-boarding and water-skiing, every fun thing you can think of. And for even more fun this year, I've wheedled my dad into letting me have a quad bike there, too. It's going to be my first time with Hayley though, and I wanted to keep it a surprise for him.

It was impossible. I tried, we all did, but as the buzz and excitement of school summer hols got nearer, he knew I was trying to keep something from him. In any case he kept on about what we were going to do, and whether I wanted to go to Corfu with his family. That clashed with our dates and anyway I kept making excuses about it. 'Villa' got mentioned a bit too often, though not where it was, but Alicia started texting a lot, then phoning me about this and that, to do with the hols. I really hadn't played it cool enough with Hayley.

Then my dad put his foot in it. We'd all gone out for dinner one Friday a few weeks ago, and dad, who'd had a few drinks was waiting for the bill when he got a text message. It was about my bike and he started mumbling to mum about a sports quad ATV having to be shipped out from Puerto Rico to Barbados cos they didn't have the one I wanted. Dad didn't look at me, but didn't mumble quietly enough either, and mum started shaking her head at him to be quiet, and that nearly made me giggle, too.

With that added clue, Hayley was just about fully clued up about some visit to Barbados that he was obviously going to be included in, despite my best tactics to keep it from him, a bit longer. All he had to have now were the details. On the way home, he had a very pleased looking face, which I pretended not to notice and the more I pretended, the more pleased he looked.

We don't really have a bedtime routine, but if my dad's around, I waft his newspaper away or whatever, and fall onto his lap for hugs and kisses. He makes me squeal laughing, then we have a little chat about my day. So obviously, he got tons more kisses and hugs for my new quad bike, when we got home. I told him I was in for it now, though, with Hayley, cos he, my dad, had been so uncool about not watching his tongue, and that my surprise was out of the bag now.

So I dawdled, chatting a bit longer, then got reminded that me and Hayley were enjoying a huge privilege, being allowed to live together in the first place, and that nice surprises for my boyfriend were cherries on the cake, which in future had better not involve the whole family, especially my dad. I rubbed my nose on his, kissed him, told him how much I loved him and apologized. He excused me, though, cos I'm 'a silly, happy young teen.'

Hayley was in the en suite when I crept into our room. And when he came out, I was on the bed, undressed, stroking my prick. He leapt on top of me pinning me to the bed with his knees and hands.

"Out with it, smart boy, all of it," he goes, grinning his head off. I pretended to ignore him, then I broke free and started the biggest pillow fight we've had so far, and woohoo did he have a blue mouth. I was in screaming giggles. I filled in the gaps for him though, but only hinted at what Dad had said. Then he whooped and went ballistic with me, happy as a clown and we chattered half the night about the fun we were going to have.


This year it turned out that we were going to be away a whole month, from July to August and there was going to be only six of us going, as Dad had business in Cape Town, though he planned to join us for the last two weeks. My sister is also going to be away, with her friends, so that left me and Hayley, my mum and Granny, plus Barry and Alicia, my cousins.

Barry's eighteen and starting a gap year before uni. His thing in Barbados is kiteboarding, which he's good at and he's also a very clever young guy. He's more friendly with adults than us, though, and likes to play 'big brother', and that actually spoils stuff he doesn't understand, which can be quite a drag.

Alicia's no problem, I usually just call her Lissy. I love her to bits and know she'll get on okay with Hayley. We've video chatted with her on Skype, since I got Hayley up to scratch with everything. She already knows I'm very gay and crazy about boys, but our hols gave me a good excuse to intro my boyfriend to her, and she says he's gorgeous. They chatted, and yo was it a sexy conversation, cos she's boy mad, too.

Mum sprung something on us a week before we set off. She asked if me and Hayley would like to do a young fashion shoot for Kidzerama while we're in Barbados. I'd already shown Hayley her sexy fashion book, so we were all grins and giggles about doing it, and this shoot was going to be for an overseas ad. So we've that to look forward to now, as well.

I remember last year, when I was 13, walking around Bridgetown in sexy mini shorts, causing lots of interest from boys, and girls as well. But Mum said why not wear sarongs, for us to look cool and tropical in, so we went off to Kidzerama for some last minute items.

In Tharlsmorton, which is our local town nearest to us for shopping, there's a kid's superstore called Kidzerama. It's huge, with heaps of stuff for boys and girls, everything you can think of for kids, all under one roof. There's trampolines, go-karts, ski wear, drones, toys, games, skate boards, bikes, musical and electronic stuff, Xbox, keyboards, phones, drums, and laptops. All that, plus they've got a hairdresser. But the best thing is their clothes.

We're both slender and leggy, so we got some of those narrow ones you see models wear, made of crepe silk, in island designs. We don't need undies on with them, so our bums look wicked sexy. I don't know if we dare walk around Bridgetown like that though, cos the silk tickles our pricks and brings them up to poke out through the curtains, and that could make them illegal for boys to wear!

As we began to browse about in the store, though, we nearly forgot about what we'd come for. Hayley heard his name being called and when we turned round, we saw three of our school friends with Jasper Sydenhay. I nearly passed out. Jasper's the most gorgeous sixteen year old hunky imaginable. He's 16½ actually and was just appointed school senior prefect before we broke up.

He was in short denim cut-offs and a wicked nice tee and his hair's really dark and looked like it had just been done – bushy and fluffy on top, with close sides and back. He's got these gorgeous dark eyes that look like smudges, really long lashed, with little pepper freckles across his nose and cheeks, the sexiest mouth ever, and a nice tan. I blushed my head off and nearly wet myself. Hayley squeezed me, grinning at me.

"Cor, Kitty... Jasper Sydenhay, what a sweet deal he'd be for you."

"Aww shush, please, Hayley," I groaned, as our friends came tripping over to us. Jasper sort of hung back, then slowly wandered over, eyeing me up like he was undressing me. I only had on a skimpy top and little silk mini shorts, with no panties, and I felt my prick come up in them bone rigid, advertising me like a slutty little tart. But gawd, he's to-die-for, and I stood there gawping at him, like I was asking for it.

I had absolutely no idea though, why he was with our friends, cos they're all 13 year olds like Hayley, but then, hmm, of course it was obvious. They surrounded us, squealing their heads off like exited young chicks, with Hayley getting just as giggly, jumping about with them. Then we all started chattering at once.

We exchanged Hi's with Jasper, and I noticed him stroking Shannon's bottom, who didn't seem to mind one bit. Jasper looks about five nine, cos he's inches taller than me, and Madison and the others are about five three, same as Hayley, but our long bare legs make us look taller.

"So what are you lot doing here?" I asked.

"We were on a sleepover with Jasper, and he promised to treat us at Kidzer," said Cassidy, smirking at my pronging shorts.

"Oh sorry, I didn't know you guys, um... knew Jasper," I said, shrugging and grinning, as I looked at Jasper, and gave him my best sexy 'come on' expression. For a fit 16 year old boy, like Jas, he wouldn't have to be 'gay' to enjoy our pretty friends, they're gorgeous well brought up boys, same as Hayley. I don't think there's a 15 or 16 year old boy at Kyneston, who isn't into the pretty 12 and 13 year olds.

"These two like my sleepovers," said Jasper, leering at Cassidy and Shannon, and kissed his mouth randomly, with Shannon taking it and wanting more. "I'm into their age, same like you, except I'm prob'ly letchier with them," he said grinning at me.

"Oh yes sure, of course," I said, sounding like an apologetic dork, but I wondered how he knew what I liked. I suppose he meant Hayley. The other boy with them, was Madison.

"Are you on their sleepover, too?" Hayley asked him.

"Nope, they picked me up on the way here, cos Cass asked if I wanted to come with them, but I'm in on the treat, as well."

Hayley and Madison like each other, a lot, and I watched them grinning, posing and swaying about as they eyed each other up. These boys are our friends we've picked up since we started dating, and they're all boy mad, especially for prefects. They haven't proper boyfriends, though, that's too tame, so they like to sleep around, but anyhow, they've obviously got good taste.

I kept saying the first thing that came into my head, trying to chat to dreamboy Jasper. I didn't know why he was bothering anyway, with three other pretty faces to choose from, all a year younger than me, and felt like a spare prick at an orgy. I saw Madison tug on Hayley and they moved away from us, chatting and posing about, excitedly. Then the next thing, they were necking their heads off, stroking each other's bottoms, like they were locked in bliss. From that, it looks like Hayley will want him in bed with us, very soon. And I wouldn't kick him out of bed either, he's not as cute as Hayley, but he's just as frikking sexy.

Then Jasper grabbed me from behind and squeezed my waist, with his mouth on my neck.

"They're a bit of a nuisance when I want to sleep, and I fancy you better anyway, if you don't mind."

I nodded like a dazed zombie, breathing in his sexy cologne, and nearly passed out again. Jasper's got strong hands with long fingers and they crept under my little tee top to play with my nipples, while he groped my crotch up, with his other hand and I pushed it at him, letting him completely have me.

We'd not come very far into the store, and it was quite open where he had me. There were other kids passing us, making all sorts of encouraging remarks, so I slapped his hand and pulled off him, then tugged him over to somewhere he could have me more privately.

I shuddered and groaned from his neck kisses as he worked my hard tit nipples. I felt like a helpless sexy young chick in his hands. Then like a gross little tart, I stretched out my waistband to invite his hand down into my shorts for his fingers on my bare rigid prick. He took it, and I moaned my freaking head off being frigged, feeling like being professionally wanked by an expert. His two fingers were held it under my bell, and he whipped my foreskin over it, with my mouth moaning and whining off like a slut. My arse was going like a rabbits and with my tongue out. I felt the burn of his hickey on my neck, then the bliss of my crotch gripping my hole and up through my spunking prick, creaming into fingers inside my shorts. He held me up, with me moaning on my wobbly legs

"What an impatient naughty boy, spunking in a shop," said Hayley, as they came up to us, grinning and squealing.

Then a 'ping' went off, from the ceiling above us.

"Oh oh, security," said Jasper.

Now we're in for it, I thought, but Jasper picked me up in his arms and carried me off into the Kisserama lounge, followed by Hayley and our friends. The 'ping' goes off to let you know a camera's watching you. But it is a kids store, so they've got a closed off lounge area called the Kisserama for you to 'relax' in with your boyfriend or girlfriend. I should have pulled Jas into here straight away, but he made me feel like a horny little slut in heaven, and I didn't want to interrupt him.

We all sat huddled together on a huge round comfy divan with me on Jasper's lap, mewling and giggling into his shoulder, as the others 'relaxed' into petting and kissing, and chatting with each other.

I've been in the Kisserama before and know a 'ping' goes off in here, as well, if you get too naughty, such as naked screwing, for instance. With it being school holidays, there were quite a lot of other children in, and there was a young girl of about 12, stripped naked, except for just one ankle sock hanging off her foot, so I suppose that means she's got something on. Her boyfriend, in just a tee top, was playing with her pointy titties, and wow did he have a nice stiff tall prick.

"Sorry I was gross, wanking you off like that, Kitty. I couldn't help it" said Jasper.

"No, I was the one being gross. I shouldn't have let you do it, but wow it was nice, thanks. You wanked my goolies off me. And thanks for carrying me about, it's bloody sexy. I love your hair, by the way, it's stunning."

I ran my hands through it and felt his hands sliding all over my body, making my prick lift up stiff and horny for him again.

"Thanks, I've just had it styled. You've got a lovely body, princess. Do you mind me calling you that?

"No, I'd want to be a princess with a boy like you, and you're making me feel like a gorgeous one, anyway." What was I saying... did I want to be fucked in a shop?

"Where'd you get a bottom like this?" he said, feeling it with his hands under me.

"I dunno," I said, grinning and sounding goofy as I kept running my hands through his hair, and kissing him.

"And no undies on?"

"Just habit... my prick's a show off in my shorts. Do you think it's rude?"

"Yeah... a nice and rude, sexy pansy?"

He forced a deep letchy kiss on me and felt me up as he ate my neck and made me start to leak. "Does mummy know you don't wear undies?"

"She knows I wear panties for school, but I wear as little as possible at home," I said, getting my breath back.


That got me telling him a bit more about myself and Hayley, then he chatted about his family.

"And do you know how gorgeous your long sexy legs are, princess?" he said, stroking them.

"I do track and gym," I said. Gosh, I felt so gorgeous like this, him telling me how delicious I am. I was pronged rigid and Jasper twanged it about like a toy.

As I looked about, the girl still had her sock on, but now her arms were around her teen boyfriend's neck, with her legs round his bum and they were bouncing. Their mouths were glued together, with his hands were under bottom, and wow, was he enjoying her.

"Do you want my shorts off me?" I asked Jasper. I didn't know if I was trying too hard to please, as I did my best to offer my pretty charms to him. He obviously liked me, though, so I hoped I could have him.

"That's rude. You come and sit on my lap, talking naughty to me, in hardly anything..."

For a second I thought he was being serious, cos he took his hands off me. But then he carried on about how rude I was while sliding his hands all over my body, then up my shorts... awh.

"Little sexy shorts with no panties on, and a skimpy tee top," he said, pushing it up with his nose, to be on my hard titty nipples again. "I thought you sounded like a nice, well brought up boy?"

"I am," I said, putting on whiny voice as I hung my hands around his neck, giggling in his face. "Pretty please, can I play with your cock?" I asked, kissing him.

"There you go again, that's not nice is it?"

"It will be for me," I said, laughing, and was down on the floor kneeling between his thighs, helping myself to his zip.

He slapped my hand away and I grinned, and let him open his shorts. He brought his briefs off his bottom and twanged them off his prick, then rested back to show it off to me.

"Aww Jasper!" I gasped, and I felt it up with both hands and handled his knackers. His prick grew up out of his pubes like a strong pole with a beautiful curve to it. It wasn't a monster though, just a bit thicker than mine, but was about an inch longer, so maybe six and a half. I carefully brought it into my mouth to try out and gave him a long suck, then let it come back out.

"Cor... you're beautiful. Do you want sucking off. I can deep throat you, if you lie down."

"Nah not here," he said, putting it away. "I'll want my tongue in your pussy with that, thanks."

"You can have my pussy, I want you in it." I said, as he pulled me back onto his lap again. I gave him my mouth and he took me into deep smoochy necking, then very sexily, hooked his arm under my knee. We snogged like that, with my leg dangling, nearly lifting me off his lap and I felt so sexy and submissive. I imagined being leisurely fucked like that, with my leg swinging about, while his pole creamed up my pussy. He was treating me like a slutty little boytoy, and I was in paradise from it. I gasped, getting my breath back from his kissing again, and flopped off his lap to sprawl out on the sofa, and looked over at Hayley.

Hayley's shorts were off and he was laid down, practically naked, cos his skimpy top was only round his neck. Madison was sucking him, holding his legs and Hayley kept humping up at him.

Hayley is popular at school in his age group cos he's not just very pretty, but funny as well, and good at maths and basic subjects. He's helpful and friendly too, and will share kisses with nice twelve and thirteen year olds inbetween helping them with algebra.

I watched his body jerking in happy spasms, as he moaned in sexual joy, cos I know how Hayley is sexually, obviously. He was ramping his bottom, excitedly humping, crying and gasping. Then he screeched out in his beautiful high alto, arching up his crotch, and emptied his thirteen year old goolies into Madison's mouth.

When he'd recovered enough, I petted air kisses at him, showing him I was happy seeing him being brought off by another boy. I got the kisses back, and looked at him, with his limp wet robin, giggly and happy, laid on his back next to Madison with their legs wide open, crossed over each other's, holding hands.

"I'd better move it now, Kitty. I'm on a promise," said Jasper.

"I know, and we've got shopping to get as well, but..."

"Can I date you?" he asked.

"Duh, of course," I said, giving him more kisses, "Where do you want me and when?" I could even sound like a little slut now, cos there was hope for me with him.

"What about towards next weekend?" he asked.

I'd been putting Barbados out of my mind, from the moment I breathed him in, but now what was I supposed to do, I couldn't mess this boy god about.

"Sorry Jas, but how about after then, cos um... we're off to Barbados on Friday for hols." It came out sounding like a whine, though.

"Really... just the two of you?"

"Well yes, but with my family."

"Cool... can I tag along?"

"What... you mean come with us?"

"Yes, can I? Sorry to seem cheeky, if you think I'm being a bit much."

"Flip, no of course not, you can come, no problem." I said, gulping at him. This was too good to be true. What to do now. A dozen things began to race around in my mind.

"Are you serious Jas? We'll be away a whole month."

"I have absolutely nothing planned, except for seeing friends. My family are going to Scotland for a couple of weeks to stay with relatives, but I absolutely refused point blank, cos my boy cousins are off to a summer camp and it'll be as boring as hell without them there. Do you have your flight number, handy?"

"Flip, no... mmm, but I can prob'ly get it from my mum. Do you want it now?"

"If you could, then I can handle the rest on my pad. I've access to everything, on it."

For a moment I was wowed out of my head. I stared at him, no, goggled, grinning open mouthed. Sixteen, sexy as fuck, and cool as ice. I got my phone out and it nearly flew out my fingers in excitement, then I phoned my mum. She was picking us after shopping here, so she thought it was about that. I gave her as little info as I could get away with, about why, and said I'd explain later. Eventually I got it, and gave it to Jasper.

"We're flying first, Jas, by the way," I said, pulling a nervous face, and as he went through all sorts of pages on his pad, I told him a bit about our villa and who else was going. Then I got off his lap and went over to my boyfriend, I had to let him know about this. Hayley was having more sex, so I politely eased away and eyed them.

He and Madison were sat up, face to face, both of them naked, except for their skimpy tops hanging round their necks. Their legs were wrapped round each other's bottoms, with their bodies locked together, and they were bonking and jerking with wet open mouths, whining, panting and moaning against each other.

I knew their wet stiff pricks would be rubbing them into sexual ecstasy, and they looked so right together, too. Two pretty blonde darlings, thirteen years old, horny as fuck for each other, squeaking and copulating their pricks into bliss. They came together, gasping and crying, trying to kiss, open mouthed.

I was really happy for them and sat daydreaming about boys and Barbados. I haven't been with a sixteen year old since I stopped dating, but I still know what they like. With Jasper everywhere over me like this, with his hands and mouth, he'll want to be in my hole on and off, all day.

I haven't been neglecting my shower dildo, but it will be perfect for practice now, cos it goes all the way up me. I hope I get time to have some use out of my quad bike though. And gosh, what about Hayley, and boy mad Alicia, cripes! Next thing, I had Hayley in my face, frowning and grinning at me.

"Were you watching us?" he asked, smirking.

"Yes, but I wasn't perving." I kissed him. "It's just you're so frikking beautiful together."

"I know. Maddy's wicked awesome, we're crushed out. Are you cool with Jasper?"

"Yes, more than, and he's coming to Barbados with us."

"Then I'm having Maddy," he said, straight off. Before I could get another word out, he was pulling on his wrist.



Jasper pulled on my wrist. "Kitty I've done it, it's all fixed up... I'm coming with... Woohoo!"

"On our flight, first class?" I asked.

"Yep, all the way." I got more kisses with that.

"Wow, you're just so cool. And Hayley wants Madison with us, now," I said.

"Cool... more fun in the sun."

"Okay lets move now, I've tons to sort out," I said, pulling on him.

I was quite zonked that Jas had pulled it off by himself. He told me, though, that at home he's allowed a lot of grown up stuff. He gets an allowance, but can have major money when he needs it. I asked how come, and he told me it's cos his dad isn't home much, cos of his job. I still couldn't work out why, though, but left it. I don't know anything about money yet, except what bank I'm with and my pin number, and haven't a clue about what major money is.

Me and Jas made for the wash room, but Madison was on his phone, walking about, backwards and forwards, with Hayley jumping about with excitement, and he waved at us to wait. Madison began to look very unhappy, though. He started waving his arm in the air and his voice got louder, then he stamped his foot down hard, and burst into tears, screaming into his phone.

He ended the call and collapsed on the floor, crying his heart out, and Hayley dropped beside him in wailing tears, wrapping him in his arms. I burst into tears myself, crying my eyes out, and collapsed on the floor next to them, putting my arm round them both. Madison cried even more, and I looked round at Jas, helplessly holding a hand out at him. I always get upset hearing other boys cry, especially when they're heartbroken. Jas froze for a moment, then came and bobbed down, and lifted Madison up off the floor in his arms, and walked off with him to sit with him on his lap.

As Jas stroked his hair and tried to sooth him, a big hefty, oldish looking lady with short grey curly hair came over to us, from out of somewhere, maybe an office, though I didn't notice. She looked like something between a nurse and a big granny and was wearing a sort of light grey uniform dress. 'Kidzerama' was stitched on it in red, and underneath, 'Nana'.

We made space for her, cos she wanted to sit down next to Jas and said for him to give Madison to her. She brought him onto her lap, wrapped him in her arms and began rocking him, kissing his head. Some of the other children in the Kisserama had gathered round us now and the lady asked for someone to bring her a glass of water and some tissues. One of the girls ran off to the wash rooms and brought them back.

"There, there my precious, tell Nana all about it. What's wrong, my darling, hmm?" she said, stroking his head while she rocked him. Her voice was so nice and motherly, gentle but strong too, like the best ever granny you'd see in a movie. We all stopped crying, cos even Jas was, too. Madison then began to quieten down, hitching and snivelling and jerking. The lady wiped his eyes and nose, and put the glass to his lips and he sipped some water.

"My mum won't let me go to Barbados," he said, starting to snivel again. We all started chattering at once, but the other children moved away and some were sniggering.

"Aww... t'aww, there, there, my angel... t'aww. Let Nana see what she can do to help, then, hmm, shall we?"

Madison nodded and stared at her, and we all wondered who she was. It was like she'd dropped from out the sky. She smiled back at us, soothing Madison and talked to him. The funny thing was how she didn't ask why he'd be going somewhere like that, in the first place.

"What did mummy say about why you can't go?"

"She said I couldn't go gallivanting about anywhere, while I've got catch-up homework to get through." Hayley nearly lost it then, but I shushed him. Nana encouraged Maddy to tell her more.

"I've got low marks in loads of stuff, so I've got catch-up work to get through, before we go back, and my dad's on my case about it, too."

Hayley started crying again and I hugged him in my arms. She asked me if they were best friends and I said, yes, they're more than. Then she spoke to Hayley.

"How are you with school work, darling? Could you help?"

Hayley shook me off him, looking very cross, and stood up in front of them, holding out his arms, like he was helpless.

"Why didn't you say something at school, Maddy?" he said, nearly breaking down again.

"Because I like you too much, that's why. I didn't want you to laugh at me, asking you about daft things you're brilliant at. I didn't want you to think I'm stupid." He started to cry again and Nana rocked and soothed him, again, while Hayley just sat down and dropped his head into his hands.

"Hayley's brilliant at school, ma'am." I said to her, quietly.

"Are you boys going to Barbados?"

"Yes ma'am, on Friday." I said, feeling guilty for some reason. Nana stroked Maddy's head and stared into space, biting her lip.

"Hayley, could you help Maddy get through some school work before you go, and do some in Barbados with him, or when you come back?"

"Yes, but..."

"Don't worry about anything else, then, my sweethearts. Now Maddy, can we go talk to mummy and daddy, and take Hayley with us, and your other boyfriends, if they want to come, too, and get this all sorted out, hmm?"

Maddy and the rest of us all nodded, but I wasn't the only one gulping at her with wide eyes. It was only three o'clock, though, so we asked Nana if we could do our shopping first. She agreed and said in any case, me and Hayley should find something, "less playful" to wear, as Hayley was just in skimpy things, like me. Then we agreed to meet her at the entrance, in one hour's time.

The four of us browsed our way along to the clothes department and met up with Cassidy and Shannon again, who'd drifted away when our budding romances had begun to get hectic. They were by the electronics stuff, browsing through the games library and had three or four games each, under their arms. I didn't know how much Jas was going to spend on treats, but he took the games off them and we moved on. Madison pulled us up at sports and dance wear, and cos he's a biker, picked out some new Lycra wear, which Jas okayed, too. Hayley bought himself some new dance shoes, cos he has a drama class at Kyneston, and is into tap.

Cassidy and Shannon were a bit miffed to hear we were leaving them behind for fun in the sun, but I said maybe next year they'd come. The three of us got the sarongs for our hols and I doubled up at the look on his face, when Jas tried one out on himself.

We got some other things for our hols too, and I wanted to get my hair streaked, but there wasn't time. Me and Hayley changed into some shorts and ordinary tees, that were 'less playful', then just as we were finished, Jas shooed us away cos he wanted to get me some other things he'd spotted, as a nice surprise. I tried to guess, but he wouldn't tell me.


The four of us went with Nana to Madison's house in Sidmouth, about twenty miles away. Madison text'd his mum to let her know he was on his way home, with some friends, and I phoned my mum to update her. On the way Nana told us who she was and what she did.

"My name is Missus Gascoigne, Beatrice Gascoigne, but at Kidzerama I am known as Nana. My job is to keep an eye on children in the store, especially you eleven to sixteen year olds boys. Boys get into bigger scrapes, than girls, you see. I am the first person who will come to find out about you, when you are either being very naughty, such as fighting, stealing, losing your tempers, and upsetting other children, or if you are sick, hurt or upset and crying.

"I'm usually able to sort you out by myself, and put you in the right direction again, so to speak, and I involve no one else, unless you are being really naughty. If you are, I call security over, and phone your mums or dads."

We all told Nana how nice she was and what we thought about her, and Madison asked what she'd say to his parents.

"You'll see," she said.

"Then will I be able to go to Barbados?"

"I can't promise, but this wink knows a lot of things, Madison." She winked at him, and he grinned at her, then turned to us, pulling a funny face and we all laughed and I must admit, it did all seem a bit like being in a fairy tale.


"Lady, Missus Gascoigne, I don't need a social worker, fairy godmother, store nanny, or whatever you are, telling me what's best for my son. He's behind in his school work and I want him up to scratch, or at least approaching it, when he goes back. His school's costing me thirty eight thousand pounds a year, Missus Gascoigne, and I want results," said Madison's dad.

The four of us sat on a sofa, with me and Hayley sort of nursing Madison, while we listened to the adults, batting to and fro like tennis, between Nana and Maddy's dad.

"Your son is not a 'result', Mister Forbes. He is a beautiful adolescent boy with his eyes on vistas and horizons that you had at his age and have forgotten. Some things get a little neglected and left behind occasionally at their age. But he's a conscientious boy and a credit to you, if you will open your eyes and see that.

"He's willing to get up to date with his school work, because he wants you to be proud of him. But he has a bubbling joy in his heart, too, that needs release. He wants to stand facing those vistas and horizons, and conquer them, knowing his family are behind him, confident, come what may. You do not own your son, Mister Forbes, you merely own the privilege of him touching your life.

"Madison is in a deep close relationship with this boy, Hayley, they are the same age." Nana touched Hayley. "Hayley is a brilliant scholar, whom your son, for fear of being scorned and losing Hayley's friendship, chose not to seek his help for, with school work issues. But your son is not stupid, Mister Forbes, he is merely distracted by the endless vistas of his life.

"Hayley is very concerned for his best friend's wellbeing, and is more than willing to give up his free time, during the holidays and after, to coach Madison through his catch-up work. Hayley tells me it is not so much that it will take up their whole holiday to get through, anyway. The boys are merely asking a small price in return, Mister Forbes – that your son be allowed a few weeks off, in Barbados with his friends, at no cost to yourself, to enjoy one of those beautiful vistas in his young life."

"What do you think, Marjory?" he said, to Maddy's Mum

"Why are you involving yourself in this, Missus Gascoigne?"

"I simply love children, Missus Forbes, for themselves, and for the vistas that only they can see, in the awfulness of this world, that we hand down to them."

Nana seemed to have finished, and a whispered 'wow' passed along all four of us.

"His passport is up date Marjory," muttered Mister Forbes, scratching his head.

"He's not going to be paid for, by the way, I don't know where that came from, and he'll have just as much money to spend as the other boys."

"Yesss..." said Maddy, outside, as we smacked fives with him. He got lots of hugs and kisses, with Hayley grabbing him, and we laughed at something Nana said, then Maddy threw himself at her.

"Thankyou for your wink, Nana."

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