A Boys Cameo

by Dominick St James

Chapter 2

We Followed it Here

Hayley lives near Axminster, on the edge of the Blackdowns, which is only eight miles from us, but in hilly country, so at first, I dated him there, a couple of times a week. My mum dropped me and his mum dropped me back home. We saw a few movies, but mainly we visited a kids club, for tweens and young teens that Hayley new in Axminster. There's pool and video games, etcetera, plus eats and drinks, but the main activity is snogging and groping, boys and girls of course, mostly. We easily fitted in with that though, then afterwards went back to Hayley's house. We were soon only dating in bed, though. Then his mum let him stay weekends with me.

But we soon couldn't leave each other alone, so Hayley came back to Whinscombe with me every day after school, as well. We had prep to do, but it was difficult for us to fit it in and get it out of the way before tea. Prep's useless after tea, cos you're not fresh from school and only want to chill out anyway. In our case it really came a poor second cos we wanted to fuck and snog in bed, before Hayley's Mum picked him up, which was straight after tea, at 5.30pm.

That just started to stress us out, and we were breaking down as well, setting each other off sobbing and crying by the car. Our crying stressed our parents out as well, so to save tears, their answer was for Hayley to not go home, except for a few hours on Sunday afternoons, if possible. We bike it together at the moment, cos it's not far, or if we're too tired for that, Mum drops us. Now prep does get done before tea and everybody's happy, especially us. Mum and Dad love my boyfriend to bits, and Mum says she's glad she can look at him to chat to in real life, as she didn't want me to have a boyfriend at a boarding school that she might never meet.

I'm really happy now, and thrilled to bits with our parents letting us stay together all the time. It's mainly my mum who has to put up with us of course, and fuss about supervising us, with this and that, for two boys instead of just me. She gives Hayley hugs and cuddles, same as I get, and likes to know he's happy, but never chats to him alone, like a mum, and vicky verka for me with his Mum. In any case, it's mostly each other we talk about. I can chat with my dad about sex and my body when I want to, but it's mainly my performance at Kyneston he's interested in.

I haven't much on my pubes yet, and I shave it nice and smooth, cos it feels hornier when I fuck and makes my prick look longer. Hayley's is about four and a half now, but he's still got bare pubes at thirteen, which is nice and sexy for sucking.


Me and Hayley found a website thingy on line called 'Young, Queer and Cute'. It's a chat and dating site for eleven to fourteen year old boys, and I saw loads of pretty sweethearts on it, that I'd like to kiss and fuck. But you can't actually join it if you aren't young and pretty, cos you've got to give good i.d. with pics. We easily got on it and showed off our pricks and pretty faces, cos that's what they were doing. But then we went to a blog link from it about how to care for yourself and how your body works when you fuck, and all the different fuck positions that boys can have. Both our pricks go rigid when they come up really bone stiff, and they look okay to me, but I don't know if they're supposed to be like that. We cry and moan like babies when we fuck, but we know most pansy homo boys do, when the prick and hole are in ecstasy. We learnt a lot from it, and also read about health clinics that you can have check ups at.

I told my dad we wanted to go to one, so my mum made an appointment for us and says we'll be getting jabs too, as well as being checked over and we'll be able to talk about young sex and get advice. She took us to a sexual clinic in Weymouth and we had a day off school for it, but had to get down for breakfast before seven, so we couldn't lie in.

On the way there, me and Hayley chit-chatted about the things we'd ask and talk about with the medic, that we'd already talked about between ourselves. We've got each other and we'll both never break up, but sometimes we'd like to date other boys as well, and share ourselves. We're both of us not interested in girls and Hayley says he'll never want to go with one. I like their pointy titties when they're about eleven and twelve, and some of them do behave like boys at that age, but I like boys more.

Hayley wants to be involved with other nice 12 and 13 year olds, but I want a nice fit 16 year old boy in my bottom now, or maybe a bit older. Mum and dad say it will be healthier too, to spread ourselves around. Of course, we don't have to see a medic for that, except I do want to have a bigger teen cock in my hole, than I've had before.

The sex clinic has a special section for boys health care, and Mum didn't come into the room with us, cos it's private boys stuff. So we we're shown in together to see the medic guy, and it went like this:

"Good morning boys, please come in. My name is Martin."

We were stunned at Martin, cos he wasn't at all like what we'd expected. He looked like a teen himself and was hunky and fair, but sounded older with a deep foreign sounding voice. Me and Hayley looked at each other and goggled him, smiling with our mouths open, cos he's handsome and sexy looking. He's wearing a white jacket and one of those head binocular thingies and has a nice friendly smile. He held out his hand for intros, and we gave him our names.

"I'm Kitt and this is my boyfriend, Hayley." I said squeezing him to me.

"Beautiful... you both look very adorable. Let us sit down zen and have a little chat shall we, to see what to do."

So as we took seats, Hayley asked him, "Are you a German boy?"

"Ja, German, but not boy," he says, laughing. "I am nineteen and complete my first medic year, now. How long have you boys been dating?"

"Um... about three months," I say.

"Beautiful, zat is lovely. You have a very pretty boyfriend, Kitt." Hayley is blushing now, but smiling at Martin and leans his head on my shoulder. I nuzzle into his hair, and hug him and tell Martin I know I have.

"Okay, now, I'm going to examine you both and give you some jabs. Zay will sting a little bit, but not hurt too much. One is to prevent you getting sexual infections from somesing called 'human papilloma-virus', which can get inside your young bottoms, okay, and mouths and your young penises. And zen one more for zer herpes and zer fever you can get from kissing and semen... spunk, ja, okay?" We nod, smiling. "Do you both make semen?" Martin asked, and Hayley answered that for us.

"Yes, but Kitty's is more than mine.

"And swallow it, ja?" We look at each other and snigger.

"Kitt easily swallows all mine and I can deep suck and milk him like a cow, but it still comes out my mouth."

"Zat is very informative," says Martin, with a big smile and we giggle. "So boys, can you go please undress behind zer screen, and take off your flip-flops, so I check feet too, zen come lie down on zees two tables for me, okay?"

He gives us an awesome smile and my prick was already stiff, cos I wouldn't mind him dating me, even if he is nineteen. We go behind a screen, flip off our flops and strip, giggling and chittering about him. We cover our pricks and trip over to the two padded trolley thingies. I wiggle and flirt my naked body at Martin, showing I'm offering, but he only looks down and smiles. I lie down, and am facing Hayley, cos our trolleys are end to end, side by side. Martin puts on medic gloves, then looks at Hayley first, but talks to us both.

"So... Hayley, will you turn over please and bring your beautiful bottom up for me, sweetie, so your jabs can go in your bum, ja. Zat's it."

"Are you at school together?" he says, giving Hayley his first jab.

"Yes, at Kyneston," I say, and Martin gives out a long whistle.

"Zat is very posh, no?"

"Ja ja, posh posh," says Hayley.

"So what other languages do you speak, Hayley?" he says, grinning, and we laugh.

"Nous apprenons le français et le latin."

Martin gives me a comical wary look, eyeing Hayley, and I laugh. "Okay, we will stay wiz zer English, I do not know French or Latin." Then Martin gives him his second jab.

"So what is it like to have a beautiful boyfriend, Hayley?" Martin's got his scope thingy down over his eyes now, and is handling Hayley's bum, looking closely between his cheeks.

"I've had better," says Hayley, trying not to smirk his head off.

"You lying little twat," I go, laughing at him. Martin eyes me and starts tittering.

"Ignore him, Martin, he's such a horrid monster."

"Ja, beauty and zer pretty horrid monster," says Martin, laughing. "Turn over now, please, monster and I look at your penis. Zat's it. Has he got a name?"

"Yes, he's Robin." That makes me want to have my face in his naked crotch and eat it. I stroke my prick and give Martin a pained look. He smiles knowingly and starts to inspect Hayley's stiff robin, pulling its foreskin down and looking closely at it.

"So what is it like having zis cute pretty boyfriend?" Martin says to me.

"Off the wall, awesome, Martin." I say, with a big grin.

"Zer you go, Hayley, I sink Kitt fancy your body." Hayley is blushing and grinning, and pets a kiss at me.

"Good boy, nice and clean. All you must do, is use a sponge round it, underneath, when you shower, okay."

"I've got something better," says Hayley, smirking again. Martin rolls his eyes and laughs.

"Ja, of course, zer mouth of zer boyfriend is useful." We giggle again at the funny way Martin says things. "Okay, I have a look at your toes now. Does your boyfriend have all zer pretty names for you, Hayley, when you are kissing, I hope so?" he says, smiling at me.

"Yes, I get everything... like I'm a chick, instead of a boy."

"You don't like?"

"No I love everything he tells me, and being his chick. He makes me so horny." We exchange looks and I waggle my tongue at him. Martin seems good with feet, cos Hayley doesn't flinch.

"Zat is nice, clean and pretty. Always dry between your toes."

"He puts them in his mouth, Martin, that's not healthy is it?" he says back, to tease me, as he grins."

"Ja, your feet and toes are very healthy for your boyfriend."

"He likes them pongy."

"No I do not!"

"He does, Martin, cos he takes my shoes and socks off to have them, and likes me to stroke his prick with them, as well." Hayley's trying not to giggle too much, looking at me, but I'm sticking my tongue out at him. Martin's face is a big wide smile and he's shaking quietly with laughing.

"I do, but they're not pongy, Martin."

"Ja, but zer pongy is also sexy when everysing about him is as well."

"His underarms are, Martin," says Hayley.

"Ja, bad... adolescent boys have strong odours."

"No, I mean he smells so dead sexy when his spray's worn off."

"See who's the pervy one now, Martin?" I say and that makes us all laugh, and I waggle my tongue out at him and he pokes his out at me.

"And how is Hayley's scent for you, Kitt?"

"Wow, don't ask. I can't describe it... it's as sexy as he looks, though."

"But ask him where he likes his nose, Martin."

"I know where zer scents from zer flower of youth are," says Martin, laughing.

Martin comes over to look at me now, and puts on new gloves.

"You boys have beautiful bottoms." he says, as I feel my bum being pricked now.

"Thanks, you can stroke it if you want to, Martin."

"No, I sink I pass on zat, thankyou, my mouth would be jealous." says Martin, laughing a lot, and we join in, mainly at the bubbly way Martin laughs. "So boys, do you use gel for sex?"

"No, we don't like it."

"Alright, over for me now. Zat's it. So just wet tongues and wet mouths, zen, hmm?"

"Yes, shouldn't we?" I ask.

"No, zat is good too, but gel wiz it, is better. Are you cool wiz zat, Hayley?"

"Yes, we have used gel, but it gets on your tongue when we want to suck and screw more."

"Zen you use wet wipes, no?"

"I know, but that's like wiping the table before you've finished eating."

I stare at him then crease up, and smack my hands. Martin's laughing, too, and wet mouths win, over gel.

"Okay, sucking and kissing for two, wiz zer gel off zer menu," he says, laughing.

Then Martin goes to my feet, and I know my nails need clipping. We'd hardly finished laughing from Hayley, when he comes out with another original.

"Can you perv, in your binocular thingy, Martin?" he says, wickedly, and I nearly roll off the trolley again.

"Perv? What is zat?" he says, frowning at me.

"Can you letch at boys through it?" he says.

"Aha no! It is not for zat, and it is not binocular thingy. It is magnifier and I not perv wiz it. I sink you are boy mischief, wiz your nonsense, ja?" And we're laughing our heads off again.

"You sink I wear it around town, maybe, looking at bums, no?" Hayley's nearly in tears, laughing, and I'm rolling about, trying to control myself.

"I do not wear zis in zer street, like a Doctor Letch," says Martin, flipping it down over his eyes, demo-ing himself, and laughing with us, making us screech. We got ourselves back together, but every time he looked at Hayley, he giggled.

"Boys, do keep your nails short. Check each other's when you shower, and you're finger nails, so zat you not scratch each other, okay?" Martin is now clipping them for me, and I thank him.

"Have you both got bidets at home wiz a jet?"

"Um... yes, but we sort of live together, Martin, so I share everything with Hayley."

"Oh, zat sounds very nice. So Hayley sleep wiz you, ja?"

I nod, grinning at him. Then Hayley pipe's up with something else.

"Do you like boys, um... that way, Martin?"

"Ja, okay I do for zer way you mean, but I not perv."

"Sorry Martin, I only ask in a nice way, cos you're very nice with us, isn't he Kitty?"

"Yes, awesome cool."

"Ja, and thankyou, and you are very beautiful boys. Ja and so I do have boyfriend, before you ask zat." says Martin.

"I'll bet he's very special, then," says Hayley. Martin nodded and showed us a pic of him on his laptop.

"Wow, he's cute, Martin, but how old is he?"

"He is eleven."

"Eleven!" I go, as me and Kitty gawp at each other with open mouthed grins of amazement. "Awh... Martin, you naughty letch. Eleven... and you're nineteen?"

"Eleven and a half actually... zer, is zat not so naughty, ja."

We stare at the boy's pic, again, and see that he's a real cute fairy. His long blonde hair down to his shoulders is gorgeous. One of his hands is preening it. He has pretty blue eyes, too. His features are a bit plain to me though, and he's not really stunning, like Hayley is. I wouldn't kick him out of bed though, and Hayley says he'd like to snog with him.

"He's very nice looking, Martin."

"Please tell us about him, then," says Hayley.

"Ja, well okay. I have boyfriend before, but we say goodbye and zen I meet Jocelyn, zat is his name. He was wiz friends in town here, and I look and I like, so I go to him and make zer small talk chat and zen see he is interested in me, so zen he separate from his friends. Zen I say I like him and want him for boyfriend."

Me and Hayley are now sat together on one trolley, grinning, not really believing what he's telling us.

"You got fresh with an eleven year old, to be your boyfriend, Martin, just like that?"

"Ja, and he make shy pretty ways of blushing and acting like girl. Zen he ask if I am serious, and I say zat of course I am. So zen we go for ice cream and Coke, and he sit on my lap and say he wouldn't mind being boyfriend, but we have to ask his mother. So zen I take him home and meet her and she like me too, and want me for her boyfriend."

Me and Hayley completely crease up at that and high five each other, then let him continue.

"So I explain zat will not work, zen Jocelyn hang onto me and pursued his mother zat he want to give me a try. So I take him, and zat is zat."

"Wow, Martin, you cool dude. So does Jocelyn live with you now, and is he nice in bed?"

"He is at school of course, while I am working, zen comes to me, after tea, when I get home. And ja, he is proper boyfriend, so naked all zer time at my apartment. He learn cocksucking, but I not want to be in his bottom. He is coming and coming all zer time in orgasm, from everysing else I do wiz him, though."

"Does he kiss nice?" I ask.

"Ja, he is very good wiz sexy kissing and humping, and is noisy happy boy from his hard young cock."

"Wow, Martin, that must be delicious for you," I say.

"You're wicked cool Martin, picking a boy up in the street and making him your boyfriend, just like that. How long did that take?" asks Hayley.

"From I first see him, to having him wiz naked kissing, it was about two hours, I sink."

We fall about in giggle fits at him, and I really would definitely not mind Martin dating me in bed.

"He have his friends over, now he like being my boyfriend and zat is nice to see, how zay are wiz him, too. But so, okay, zat is enough for my life story. Now we chat about yours."

We are still naked, cos he hasn't told us to get dressed yet, but it's cool with us, so we follow him over to some comfy chairs for a talk. Martin sits with a clip board and is busy writing stuff. Hayley shares my chair and sits between my legs with his thighs slung over mine. I watch Hayley's hand playing with his robin, as I kiss his neck and play with his nipples. It is a sex clinic, after all, and we're both very happy and comfortable with Martin.

"Zis is a report I make for your parents about your health checks, so zay not fret about you. You are fucking all day, ja?" says Martin, grinning at us.

"No Martin, of course not. We have school prep work and projects to get through at home during the week, and we play tennis and do other things in our free time."

"Like fucking," says Hayley, so for that I get him in shrieking giggles with my fingers and Martin covers his face with both hands and shakes his head.

"What am I going to do wiz zer two of you, huh?" he says, laughing. "Zat bit is not for report, but ja, I sink if I have Hayley Montgomery boyfriend, I stay in bed and forget about school. Zer would not be time for zat as well."

We all laugh at that, and really it's so true for me, but I think it's even better than that, cos we can enjoy everything else, including school, and fucking.

"Ja, zer deep intense happy fucking when you are between twelve and fourteen, zat can blow your brains and testicles to bits, is what zer world is jealous for I sink. So, do you want to ask anything else, zat I can advise you wiz?" Martin says, and we look at each other and nod.

"We want to share ourselves with other boys. Do you think that would work out with us, Martin?"

"Ja of course it would work out. You will have fun and enjoy yourselves, why not."

"So should we have separate dates, cos I'd like to have a nice sixteen year old boy, and Hayley wants to play around with other boys his age and twelve year olds?"

"Ah ja, I see, so what you want is, not to make sex orgy wiz everyone together, ja?"

"Sort of, but what do you think would happen?"

"Well now, zat depend on zer other boys of course. But zen you have to ask yourselves zis: Do you want sex wiz other cute pretty boys as well as Hayley and would Hayley also like it wiz zer sixteen year old one?"

We shake our heads at that with a 'nope'.

"Ja okay, so I sink if it was me, I would want all of us to be friends together first, zer younger and older, and to date like zat and share sleeping. And zat depend how big your bed is, no? You want to have nice cock in your bottom, at zer same time you are inside Hayley's bottom, ja?"

Now I'm blushing my head off, cos that had more than crossed my mind. Hayley has a big smirk on his face, staring very closely into my eyes. I push his face away and break out laughing.

"We've talked about being with other boys in different ways and we'd like to try all sorts of things. I'd even go with a lad older than 16, if he was hunky and good looking and I wanted him."

"Zay not necessarily have nice cock though. You want to look at zer cock before zer face, ja?" Martin has us falling about again and I shake my head at him.

"What do you say about zis, Hayley?"

"Well I don't want another older boy, I'm Kitt's, end of story. I like being a submissive sissy with him, and I know how to really satisfy his prick, as much as it does in me. But Kitty should have a nice older boy as well, cos he's aching to be fucked, and he never lets me feel like that. I'd like to play around with other boys my age, too, cos that's what I miss."

"So Kitt, what do you think about zat?"

"This is what I think...," I said, as I stood up and pulled Hayley into a deep snog, and he wrapped his arms round my neck and cooed into my mouth like a happy baby with our pricks rubbing, just showing off to Martin, really.

"We'll play it by ear, Martin. We're completely each others, but want to share ourselves and have fun sex with other boys, too. We'll treat them real nicely of course, so they're nice with us, and we'll learn stuff too, that way, won't we?"

Martin nods, smiling at us and there isn't anything else on our minds now, so we quickly go get dressed. We thank him for everything, and get huge hugs and kisses back. Then he gives each of us his professional card, and we promise to keep in touch, wishing him everything good with his new boyfriend. We follow him out, back to my mum and he asks to have a little chat with her.

We've taken a bench seat and sit and wait. Hayley sits astride my lap, with his legs through the gap behind. With his arms slung round my neck, we go into deep slow kissing. My hands pass under Hayley's bottom through his silky shorts with no undies on. I feel him nip my ear lobe, lusting after me, and he moans baby talk into my ear, impatient for us to be home now.

We haven't spoken the words to each other yet, cos it's scary and I don't want 'love' to be in big letters for us yet. If we lose it, I'll sob my heart out, and everything I've ever wanted will go back to being only a dream. We followed it here and we're living in it, so that should be enough for now, shouldn't it?

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