by David Lee

Chapter 60

Their camping trip was over all too soon. As the boys packed everything and tidied up the place where they'd been staying, Skip came over to say goodbye to them. He gave them his email address and begged them to write. They said they couldn't promise, but they would try. Skip figured they wouldn't write to a kid like him, but he had to ask. He wished he could live near them so he could see them all the time. Bryan and Zeke were glad he didn't too live close. They would write to him occasionally, but having to correspond with him all the time might prove difficult. He was way too clingy. They really did feel he needed someone to confide in and to answer his questions. Bryan recalled that he had had his older brother to help steer him through those years. Zeke said he had been lucky to have had Bryan to help him.

Back in Cosgrove, everyone was preparing for the new school year. It would be different for Bryan and Zeke and the other seniors. Everything they did made them conscious this would be the last time they would do it in their present setting.

As they had promised, their parents allowed the boys to live together in Zeke's apartment fulltime. They would no longer alternate sleeping between Zeke's and Bryan's houses. However, the Stillwell's made it clear that they expected the boys to have dinner with them at least once a week, and more often if possible.

After a lot of protesting, Grace accepted some "rent" money from Bryan. But she only gave in after he said she should put it into an account to help pay for Zack's education and that of any siblings the boy might have in the future.

It was then that Grace announced there would probably be another baby in the house in about eight months. She had just tested herself and had called Craig a few minutes before she told them. Everyone was thrilled even though it meant Grace might not be able to finish out teaching the full year.

She had received a replacement contract for a position held by another lady who was going on maternity leave. It was ironic that she might be replaced by yet another person because of being pregnant.

During their last afternoon of freedom, the boys put on gym shorts with no underwear, got out the hose, and washed the car. Since it was a warm day, they horsed around and got about as much water on each other as they did the car. Their wet shorts turned translucent and didn't do much to hide the equipment packed inside. Luckily there were no parents around to be embarrassed by the show.

After cleaning the convertible thoroughly inside and out, they moved it into the shade to apply a new coat of wax being very careful not to get any on the fabric top. There was nothing like protecting one's investment. This car was their pride and joy.

At night after dinner, Zeke and Bryan laid out their clothes for the first day of school and retired early. They were excited about starting their senior year. For one thing, they were to have a role in the assembly that took place on the first day.-

The new vice-principal, Cathy Epworth, wanted the student council to be actively involved in school policies. She encouraged student input in how to stamp out bullying, drug use, and truancy. It was her feeling that if students felt they had "ownership" of the rules, they would be more likely to follow them.

After going over what they would say in the assembly, the boys turned their attention to more pressing matters. They'd been at half mast all through dinner because of horsing around commando all afternoon. Zeke began nibbling on Bryan's left ear and his actions were having the desired effect.

Bryan responded by pulling up Zeke's tank top and chewing on his right nipple. Then, not wanting to play favorites, he gave the same treatment to the left one. Zeke was beginning to squirm and breathe heavily. They were both pitching major tents in their shorts.

The next move was toward the shower. Once there, the guys wasted no time in stripping each other. Clothes were strewn in a path leading to the stall. There was no multitasking with hair-washing and cock-sucking. They spent their energy on carefully cleaning every square inch of the other's body. They had to use extreme care not to set one another off in the process.

When they had dried off, they kissed their way into the bedroom. Next came a round of tongue-bathing. The taste was great – all fresh boy flesh. The closer they got to each other's poles, the juicier those pieces became. By the time they simultaneously engulfed the dripping phalluses, they were nearing the point of no return.

Their head-bobbing didn't last long; at the moment, neither stud had the self-discipline to hold back. With gasps and shudders, the explosions began. Gobs of hot, sticky cum bathed their tonsils on the way to their stomachs.

The cuddling time which followed was nearly as satisfying as the orgasms. At last, they were in "their" apartment sharing their lives and their love. It was almost like being married.

Both guys woke up with smiles in the morning. They took a quick, no-nonsense shower to remove the aroma of last night's activities. They had slept soundly until the alarm had awakened them so there wasn't time for any fooling around. That was okay because with early dismissal, they could play after school.

On the way to classes, the guys passed Bryce who was riding his new bicycle. The mowing business had been especially good and he had money for some extras. He waved in response to the honk of their car's horn.

At school, everyone was greeting friends. The freshmen stood around looking awkward trying to look cool (and not show that they were scared), while the upper classmen high-fived each other and boasted of their summer activities.

It was great that Terry felt comfortable in performing those rituals with Zeke and Bryan. He had come out of his shell in a big way since last year. His experiences as a counselor at a summer camp had made him grow in confidence and poise. He was going to volunteer to be the student council rep from his homeroom this year. He had a new attitude and purpose in life since his brush with death.

Though he had been a part of the wrestling team and the choir, Terry's extreme shyness had kept him from making close friends within those groups. After being invited to eat lunch with the guys, Terry had begun to overcome his shyness. He was on his way to becoming a more recognized figure on campus. Several girls had suddenly noticed his existence, and that made him uncomfortable. He was still terrified of girls!

When the shortened class schedule was over, all of the students gathered in the gym for the assembly. Dr. Carlson introduced Cathy Epworth who took over the proceedings. She introduced the student counsel officers and talked to the kids about her desire for their input. Some students didn't believe their opinions would matter, but a number made up their minds they would attend the planning sessions with student council officers in the afternoon.

Bryan and Zeke would be forced to put their love-making plans on hold for a while because they were to conduct the meeting which was to take place right after lunch. This meant a shortened time of play-time in the Stillwell's pool and spa.

After a quick lunch at Mickey D's, the boys were back at school. A surprisingly large number of kids showed up to participate in the rules-making session. The meeting had to be moved to the little theater to accommodate the crowd.

Zeke, as student council president, was the moderator. The new associate principal was impressed with his ability to move the agenda along without cutting off anyone who wanted to have a say. By two o'clock, the meeting was adjourned. A lot of progress had been made. Those in attendance seemed to feel like they had some input on their destiny. Ms. Epworth was pleased.

Student council members spent another half hour with Cathy planning on how to implement the suggestions of the group. It was fruitful, but Bryan was becoming antsy in his desire to get at his boyfriend.

As soon as they hit the backyard of Bryan's house, they stripped and jumped into the hot tub. Their attention was more on each other than on the water which was swirling around them. Their kisses became deeper and more passionate. They climbed out and hurried to lie on one of the chaise lounges.

This time they practiced 69 with Bryan on his back and Zeke on top. Bryan thrust his hips upward as Zeke plunged his hard cock into Bryan's willing throat. Zeke did his best not to be rough, but he really wanted to thrust deeply into that warm, moist place.

Fortunately, both exploded before anyone's tonsils got injured! The sudden onset of the flood nearly choked them. Each swallowed rapidly in an attempt not to lose any of the warm, sticky offering.

When they came down from their high, they rinsed off quickly in the pool. The cool water woke them up so that they didn't take a post-coital nap. It was just as well. As they were getting out of the pool, they heard Mary's car enter the garage.

After dinner with Brad and Mary, Bryan and Zeke headed back to their apartment. They did a little reading to get a jump on assignments before turning in for the night. Cuddling naked in their bed, they soon fell asleep.

Across town, sleep wasn't coming as quickly for Aaron and Bryce. Bryce had been allowed to sleep over with Aaron that night. He was thrilled to be able to mess around on a school night. Gina and Sally had relaxed the rules because both boys were becoming more responsible and both seemed lost without each other.

The sex was great, but after the messing around was over, Aaron had become quiet and pensive. Bryce was concerned.

"What's wrong, lover? Didn't I make you feel good?"

"Babe, you were wonderful as always. I was just thinking about the things some of Will's old crowd said today. I think they might be a threat. I know we're older, but there are a couple of big kids in the group. I didn't like the way they were looking at us and I heard someone say 'fags' as we walked by."

Aaron didn't mention that he had also heard other slurs about Bryce's racial heritage.

"Talk is cheap. I don't think they'll dare to start anything," Bryce replied. "And, we're learning some good self-defense moves from Fr. Jerry."

Aaron was still uneasy about the new school year, but Bryce soon distracted him by nibbling his way under the sheet. He didn't stop until he had engulfed Aaron's cock and sucked it nearly into his throat. Suddenly Aaron's thoughts were concentrated only on the sensitive nerves in the head of his dick as he spewed for a second time.

As soon as he recovered, Aaron went to work making his lover feel the things he had just experienced. With their tubes completely drained for the time being, they went to sleep rapidly.

The next several days passed uneventfully. Sure there was homework, new classes to get used to, new friends, and a variety of activities; but nothing out of the ordinary.

On Wednesday of the second week, Aaron had to appear in a court hearing about child custody. His father insisted he had a right to see Aaron, though that hadn't been part of the divorce settlement. Just when Aaron had thought everything was done, his father had found a way to disrupt his life yet again.

Bryce felt kind of lost without his boyfriend. They'd become so close that the hours apart seemed like days. After school, Bryce took a shortcut to Aaron's house. He wanted to be there the minute his boyfriend got home. Bryce assumed Aaron would be upset and need to cuddle.

In an alley a few blocks from his destination, Bryce found himself face to face with two of Will Dye's old buddies. Sean Fowler was the bigger of the two, but Carson Hoyt was just as mean. Bryce turned his bike around to get away, but Sean was too quick for him. He threw a stick into the spokes of Bryce's front wheel causing the bike to come to a quick stop and throwing Bryce and his shiny bicycle crashing to the gravel surface.

Bryce's self-defense training was of little use in this situation of two against one because he had no space to operate in. As Sean held him from behind, Carson came up to the front with his fist cocked.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson, you little half-breed faggot. You don't have your cock-sucking boyfriend around to save you."

Bryce tightened his abs to prepare for the blow. No sense in not doing something to help lessen the injury. At the moment Carson's fist hit its target, Bryce pushed back into Sean. The blow hurt, but did not do as much damage as it might have. At least Bryce felt he was keeping his head despite the fear he felt.

About that time, Will came walking by on the street. Seeing the scuffle in the alley, he hurried to see what was going on.

"Hey, Will," Carson called. "You're just in time for the fun. We are gonna to beat some manners into this little colored shit. Since he's the one who got your brother killed, you can have the first turn."

Will stood torn for a moment. These were his old buds. They had been his friends for the past couple of years. Sean's parents were always at work or out. Sean had often treated his friends to a beer or a few tokes. Sean was a pretty cool guy.

On the other hand, Bryce had become his friend and was his neighbor now as well. Bryce might not look like most of the kids in his class, but he was an okay kid. Besides, he really wasn't responsible for what had happened to Ted.

A vision of Ted flashed in his mind. He could see the words on the letter Ted had written to him. In that split second, Will made a decision that was to determine how he lived the rest of his life.

Will approached the other three guys with his right hand balled up into a fist. Facing Bryce, he pulled back his arm. As he began to swing, he pivoted around and landed a hard blow on Carson's chin. The latter fell dazed to the ground.

Next, Will circled behind Sean. Sean dropped his hold on Bryce to defend himself from Will. He launched himself toward Will, but he hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Bryce's arms were locked around Sean's legs. Sean wasn't going anywhere for the moment.

Will took advantage of the situation. He got Sean into a firm headlock, putting him out of commission for the time being. Will was smaller, but stronger.

Carson roused himself and got back into the fight. This time, Bryce's few lessons in self-defense served him better. He landed a high kick to Carson's chest and then spun away before the bigger boy could punch him.

Carson grabbed a bottle from a trash barrel and hurled it at Bryce's head. Bryce moved quickly to avoid being hit. The bottle broke into several pieces. Carson picked up the neck of the now jagged bottle and held it like a knife. He lunged at Bryce who again eluded him. Unable to get at Bryce, Carson went after an easier target. Will couldn't move as quickly since he was holding onto Sean. Carson was about to cut his former buddy, when a shot rang out.

"Drop the bottle and get on the ground!" the old lady shouted.

"Yeah, and what are you gonna do about it?" Carson snarled.

In answer, the woman shoved the muzzle of her rifle into his ribs. Carson hit the dirt just as his bladder let loose.

The sound of a siren announced the arrival of Sgt. Danforth's squad car. He and his partner, Sharon Nolte took charge.

"Aunt Mary, are you okay?"

"'Course I'm okay," the old woman smiled. "But this young fellow is going to need a change of underwear," she said as she pointed the gun toward Carson.

Sergeant Danforth smiled in spite of himself. Mary Farnsworth had to be well into her 80's and she was still as feisty as ever. She wasn't any relation to the young cop, but everyone in town called her Aunt Mary. She was an institution.

"You know," he said. "I should probably file a complaint against you for discharging a firearm in the city limits," he said.

"But, you aren't going to are you, dear?" Aunt Mary smiled again. "You know I did it in order to spare this other boy serious harm."

"It's true." Will spoke up for the first time. "Carson was going to cut me with that broken bottle and would have if she hadn't come along. Thanks, Ma'am; I owe you!"

Sean and Carson hastily invented a story to shift the blame from themselves to make it look like they the victims. But it didn't fly. It might have ended up as a "he said vs. he said" situation, except for the word of Mary Farnsworth.

"I saw the whole thing. I called 911 right after these two attacked this dark-skinned kid. I was in my upstairs window with my binoculars trying to get a look at the strange bird that's been sitting in my apple tree. So, I didn't miss anything. It wasn't a fair fight. After this other kid (pointing to Will) came along, it looked like maybe I hadn't needed to call the police after all. But when this punk (gesturing to Carson with the rifle again) got the broken glass and tried to slash with it, I figured I couldn't wait on you guys."

Everyone had to go to the station to make formal statements. The two bullies went in the squad car while Will and Bryce rode with Mary. She was a surprisingly good driver for an octogenarian. The boys were impressed.

Bryce's crippled bike was securely locked in Mary's garage before they headed out. She didn't want to see it stolen. No sense in making the day worse than it was already.

Bryce rode shotgun while Will sat behind him in the back seat. Now that the adrenaline rush was subsiding, Bryce felt shaky. He wanted more than anything to be held in his boyfriend's arms.

Will sensed that Bryce was about to lose it. He reached forward and put his hands on Bryce's shoulders.

"You were really something out there. You're a kick-ass kid.

Oops, sorry, ma'am."

"I'm not familiar with the term," Mary said. "But if it means he could whip some butt, I guess it fits!"

Both boys giggled at her candor. Her remarks lightened the mood and helped Bryce hold himself together.

In the early evening, when things had quieted down, Aaron insisted that Bryce needed him. Bryce had called him to come over after dinner and Gina not only agreed to let him go, but drove him over to Bryce's house. When he got there, Will and his mother were present too. Everyone was eating ice cream. Sally thought nothing calmed the nerves like chocolate ice cream. She talked Gina into joining them.

Aaron came up to Will and hugged him.

"Thanks for helping Bryce, Dude."

Will smiled and hugged back. Then, trying to sound like a home boy, he responded.

"Well, he's part of the 'hood. And I couldn't let anything happen to your guy."

The room went silent momentarily.

"I'm sorry, I thought… Shit!"

"It's okay, you're right; he is my guy. Our parents know. It's okay."

Will's breathing slowed down to normal and he looked both boys in the eyes in turn.

"I'm not going to out you at school. I'm okay with you guys. You've been good to me. I feel like we're friends, okay?"

"We ARE friends," Bryce assured him. Then the three boys dapped fists and did some sort of hand ritual which the adults couldn't follow.

The buzz of conversation in the room resumed. After a while, Gina excused herself to go home to the other kids. Will and his mom also bade the rest a goodnight.

On the way to their house, Will's mother put her arm around his shoulders. She was surprised at how big and strong they were. He was growing up before her eyes. He was growing up okay. She was pleased and said so.

"You're a good kid, Will Dye! I'm very proud to call you my son."

Will smiled in the darkness. She couldn't see it, but she could feel it as he leaned into her embrace.

Back at Bryce's house, he finally got his wish. He was naked in bed securely wrapped in his lover's arms. It was then that he let out the feelings which had been bottled up since 3:00 o'clock. He was sure he would drown his boyfriend with salty tears before he was done.

Aaron just held him and kissed him until the storm of emotions had passed. Once Bryce could talk again, he poured out all of the details. It appeared that the bullies weren't very smart. Once they got to the police station, they stated blaming each other for planning the attack. They got mad at one point and referred to Bryce with the hated "N" word as well as calling him a "fag." That, of course, made the attack a hate crime. The broken glass qualified as a weapon. Those two were being held in juvenile detention until they appeared before a judge the next day. Their prospects of getting off with a slap on the wrist were diminishing by the moment – especially since both had evidently had prior run-ins with the law.

After Bryce said all that was on his mind, he remembered to ask about how things had gone for Aaron. He was delighted to hear that the judge allowed Aaron to decide when, and if, he would have contact with his father. In view of the verbal abuse he'd suffered, he was under no obligation to see his father again if he didn't want to.

Bryce felt better knowing that Aaron had won, but he was still restless even after he had quieted down. Aaron knew just how to solve his problem. He worked on Bryce's nipples for a few minutes before kissing a trail down to the target between Bryce's legs. Bryce wanted to reciprocate, but Aaron dissuaded him.

"Tonight is just about you, Babe. I am so thankful to have you safe and sound. I'm going to show you how much!"

"But I should be doing it to you so you'd relax after your day."

"This WILL relax me! Making you feel good will make me feel good too.

That ended the talking. Any further attempts for Aaron to talk would have been muffled by the sizeable sausage in his mouth. For Bryce's part, he could only moan his appreciation.

When it finally came, the surge of cum was plentiful. Aaron nearly choked on it initially. He wasn't expecting so much, but he loved it!

Within a matter of minutes, Bryce was sound asleep in Aaron's arms. Aaron lay awake for a while counting his blessings. Though he hadn't let Bryce touch him, he was horny to the max. He moved his hips gently, thrusting his dripping phallus against Bryce's firm butt.

In his half-asleep state, Bryce seemed to sense what was going on. He raised his left leg and pulled Aaron's cock snuggly between his legs causing Aaron to pump in earnest. His load splashed all over Bryce's ball sac. Spent and smiling, Aaron joined his lover in the arms of Morpheus.

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