by David Lee

Chapter 59

Zeke awoke early as the boys both often did. He almost always felt great at that time of day. He was more of a morning person than Bryan. Bryan, who didn't always feel his best early in the day, had become at least pleasant in the morning since living with Zeke.

Today, Bryan was managing to sleep in a little later than usual. When he did awake, he found his lover smiling down on him.

"Do you want to go to a nude beach today?" Zeke asked.

"Sure, where is it?" Bryan said with no hesitation.

"According to the Internet, it is west of Madison on the river. It's called Mazo Beach. I guess it's not a cruising place because there are supposed to be signs posted saying: 'No Sexual Activity.' Anyway, I thought it might be fun to sun naked and scope out the other people."


After a good breakfast, the boys tidied up their campsite before getting on the road. Zeke studied the map while Bryan put their lunch things in the car. As they were about to leave, Skip came running up to the car.

"You can't leave! I wanted to do some things with you guys; that is, if you let me. You're the only young guys here this week. I like my grandparents, but…"

"We'll only be gone for the day," Zeke stated. "Maybe we can go hiking together tomorrow."

That seemed to placate the younger boy, though he still wore a look of disappointment.

With the top down, Zeke drove the Sebring toward the main road. As the guys got underway, they discussed Skip. Bryan wondered if it has been a good idea to say that they would do something with him on the following day.

"I'm afraid he's like a stray puppy. You know, if you feed and pay attention to it, you'll have it around all of the time. I'm beginning to feel like if I back up without looking, I'll step on him!

"Yeah, I suppose I was hasty," Zeke responded. "Sorry, I should have conferred with you before I made the invitation. I just felt bad for him. He isn't exactly cool and he doesn't have anyone to hang with."

"Oh, that's okay. I'm not mad at you. I guess I'm jealous. I want you all to myself all of the time." Bryan smiled.

The drive to the only nude beach in Wisconsin was a bit farther than Zeke had anticipated, but traffic was light and it didn't take forever to get there. At about the halfway point, they stopped to empty their bladders and remove their shirts.

After parking the car and putting the top up, the boys got out a blanket, sunscreen, and their cooler. They secured their valuables in the trunk and headed out. They had to carry their things about a mile before they came to the beach area. Sure enough, there were signs prohibiting littering and sexual activity. The neatness of the area suggested that people at least heeded one of those demands.

The place was not crowded at all when they first arrived. There was a family with two small boys, some middle-aged couples, and a number of lone males. Ages and body-types ran the gamut. Bryan and Zeke were the only teens at the moment, and were in the best shape. They got their share of attention when they arrived, but not many people stared openly as the boys shed their shorts and underwear.

They lay in the sun for an hour or so after applying liberal amounts of lotion to each other's body. For a while, they had lain on their stomachs because each had sprung a boner from getting lubed up. Despite their frequent intimacy (or maybe because of it), any loving touch was enough to stimulate both of them.

They quietly reminisced about the times they had been curious about female anatomy. Here, there were several women who were baring it all and neither guy was aroused over it. Nudity seemed very natural in this setting.

After eating lunch, Bryan suggested they explore the area a little. So, he put the car keys in a plastic bag and buried them in the sand under the blanket. It wasn't a very tricky move, but it made him feel better about leaving them. By this time, the beach's population had begun to grow.

As they walked farther to the left, they became aware that there were fewer women and finally no females at all. There were other male couples sharing towels or blankets. It was like this was another zone. Some of the other guys were openly drinking in the vision of the two young studs walking by.

Zeke led the way toward the wooded area bordering the beach. Once they were screened from the sun-worshippers, Zeke took Bryan into his arms and kissed him soundly. Their passion arose between them. Bryan ran his hands over Zeke's tight glutes. Zeke returned the favor. The array of naked male bodies had begun to have its effect on their desires.

The sounds of moaning coming from a few feet away, caused the guys to break off their making out. They thought they had been discovered. However, as they tiptoed toward the noise, they found a couple of guys in their 20's were sucking each other. The boys smiled as they made their way back to where they had been kissing.

They weren't even aware of the unevenness of the ground as they lay down to emulate the couple they had just observed. In no time, each was rewarded with a protein-rich dessert. When they finished, they saw two college-aged guys smiling down at them. The boys grinned back.

The college guys turned out to be the ones that Bryan and Zeke had seen doing the 69-thing a few minutes before. They had come back toward the beach just in time to witness the climax of the boys' lovemaking.

After first-name introductions, the four talked for a while. Mike and Pat were sophomores going to the university in Madison. They had met in their freshman year and were roommates this year. Being back on campus early was their way of escaping small towns where they knew they would have to hide their feelings for each other. Setting up housekeeping in a little apartment was like being newlyweds. They were living their lives more openly than they had ever been able to.

As the afternoon wore on, Zeke and Bryan got ready to make the long trip back to their campground. They exchanged email addresses with their new acquaintances knowing that they might not hear from them, but it felt good to have a larger network of gay acquaintances. Once again, it reminded them that they were not alone.

The next morning, Skip came to their camp as they were finishing breakfast. He was eager to spend the day with the boys.

After washing up the pans and dishes, Bryan and Zeke packed a lunch that would keep without refrigeration and got under way. Skip's grandmother had packed plenty of food for him.

He stood shifting his weight from one foot to the other while waiting for the boys to get ready. His behavior was kind of humorous; he wanted to act cool, but he was nearly bursting with excitement.

The trail that the boys chose was the most difficult to traverse and so was not busy. Most of the walkers stuck to the easier ones. Poor Skip wasn't in the best of condition. His butt was dragging, but he didn't want to admit that he was having trouble keeping up with his older companions.

Bryan sensed the boy's predicament, as did Zeke, they but didn't come to his rescue for a while. Pretty soon, however, Bryan called a halt in order to take a break. Skip was happy to find some shade and sit for a bit.

The warmth of mid-morning caused the three to strip off their shirts. Skip was going crazy trying not to be too obvious in his staring at the nicely muscled torsos that graced the scenery.

When Bryan and Zeke put their shirts on the ground and lay back with their eyes closed, Skip openly gazed at them. He slipped his right hand into the pocket of his baggy hiking shorts and began to finger his stiffening dick. It felt great to massage it while lusting for the partially nude studs lying before him.

Bryan was observing all of this through the slits in his nearly closed eyelids. Zeke, however, seemed to be unaware. In fact, his breathing patterns let Bryan know that he was taking a short nap. Bryan relaxed and joined him in a few minutes of sleep.

They were both awakened by the sounds of shouting. Some woman was yelling at Skip who was frantically trying to pull up his shorts. From what was being said, it was evident that Skip had been jacking off with his pants down, and had been caught.

The irate lady turned to the boys who were just coming to.

"You boys had better teach your little brother not to be a sex pervert. He could be arrested for this!"

"We'll tell mom when we get back to Chicago, Ma'am." Zeke said contritely. "She'll probably ground him for a month. He's not usually like this. I guess his hormones are getting the best of him. I hope he didn't offend you too much. If you have kids of your own, you know how growing boys are sometimes."

The woman calmed down as Zeke's words. Before he was through, he had her admitting that adolescent boys needed to experiment a bit and that no harm was done. Skip's tears went a long way in melting her heart.

When she was well out of earshot, Bryan laughed.

"Zeke, you are such a big liar! God will surely get you for that."

Zeke smiled.

"I couldn't leave our 'little brother' twisting in the wind. I had to do something. At least she won't tell on him now."

Skip was still sobbing. He was afraid he would go to jail and that his grandparents would disown him.

The boys tried to calm him down. Finally, Bryan said something that made Skip sit up and dry his eyes.

"Did your grandmother tell you how we met her on the trail?"

"No - just that you had met."

"Well, Zeke and I were sharing a kiss. Then we held hands as your grandparents came nearer. She smiled to let us know she was not offended. I don't think she would desert you for getting caught jacking off, but you probably should be more careful. Guys our age understand about another guy's sexual needs, but some people, especially women, don't."

Skip felt much better, but the adrenalin rush from being caught had left him shaky. So, the guys decided to find a place to eat lunch early. Skip needed to have his calories replenished.

Once his stomach was full and he was relaxing in the sun, the earlier fright was replaced by the desire to finish what he had been interrupted in doing. He steered the conversation toward sex.

"Do you guys, you know, like, suck each other every night?"

"What makes you think that we do that?" Zeke asked.

"Well, like the other night in your tent…"

Skip's face flushed and his heart gave a jump. He had just let them know that he was spying on them.

Bryan raised one eyebrow.

Skip thought he was really in trouble now.

"Skip, it's really not nice to perve on other people unless they let you." Zeke explained. "We don't do intimate things in front of people unless we know them pretty well; at least we don't intentionally do it. Once in a while we get caught," he added remembering yesterday at the beach.

"Don't be too hard on him," Bryan responded. "I seem to remember a guy about that age who watched a coach pump his load."

Zeke smiled. Yes, Skip wasn't the only adolescent who had been mesmerized by someone else's sexual activity. But, he hadn't intended to see Doug Newman jack off. Of course, he hadn't been able to tear his eyes away once he had figured out what the young coach was doing.

"Could I watch you guys?" Skip asked in a squeaky voice.

"I don't think it would be a good idea," Bryan said.

"Could we all get naked and I could see you hard?" Skip persisted. "Please!"

Skip's attempts to soften them up were serving to stiffen them up! There wasn't room to hold the expanding tools. Both older boys adjusted their underwear. Skip didn't miss the gesture and assumed he was winning.

Since their present location was well screened from the trail, Skip pulled down his shorts and boxers. He began to pet his hardening dick.

"You'd better put it away so you don't get caught again," Bryan told him.

Zeke turned to Bryan and smiled.

"I think you were right yesterday. We can't afford to have a puppy this year."

Skip looked at him like he was from another planet.

"What does a puppy have to do with anything?" he demanded.

"Oh, I guess your puppy-dog eyes made me think of something Bryan and I were discussing on our way to the beach," Zeke responded. "Bryan's right; you had better put that thing away before it gets you into trouble again!"

Skip looked morose as he pulled up his shorts once more. He was sure the other guys were saying something that he wasn't getting. If he pushed the issue, he was afraid they might laugh at him, or go off and leave him. They seemed nice enough, but he had been wrong about boys before. Sometimes other boys only acted that way to gain your confidence and then they found ways of hurting you if you opened up too much. Skip would keep his mouth shut.

That night, when the boys went for their shower at little later than usual, they were greeted by Skip again. He looked like he was about to turn into a raison. He must have been there a long time waiting to see them naked.

Bryan and Zeke hastily cleaned up. They were both concerned about springing boners from being scrutinized so closely. Skip asked about foreskin as he watched them skin back to clean their cock heads. He was getting bolder by the moment. As he reached out his hands to touch his companions, Zeke shook his head.

"Dude, we may be gay, and you may be gay, but we're a couple. If you want to find someone to feel up, you need to get your own boyfriend."

Skip felt like crying, but didn't let on. He faced away from them as they dried off.

Back at the tent, Bryan made sure that the window flaps were down and the light was off before he and Zeke began making out. He supposed that it didn't matter who spied on them, but he didn't want to encourage Skip. The boy was way too interested.

Skip wasn't happy that he couldn't peek inside the tent. However, the thin fabric walls could not block out sounds. He enjoyed the sounds of slurping and moaning. He could picture what was happening. His right hand found its way into his shorts, while he sucked on the middle finger of his left hand. If he couldn't participate, at least he could fantasize that he was.

The erratic whimper that was building up in Zeke's throat let Bryan (and Skip) know that he was close to unloading. Bryan sped up his efforts. Zeke's head bobbed faster on Bryan's juicy cock. Soon, both boys were moaning their way toward their goal.

Zeke made a noise reminiscent of a trapped animal. That set off his lover as well as the boy who was listening outside of the tent.

Skip nearly passed out as he experienced his first wet orgasm. It wasn't a huge load that now lay cooling in his left hand, but it made him very proud. He wished he had someone to show it to; to share it with. He tentatively touched it with his tongue. It didn't seem gross. He licked up the rest, savoring its taste and texture before allowing it to slip down his throat. He knew immediately it was not the last sperm he would ingest. He also suspected it wouldn't always be his own that he swallowed.

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