As They Say

by D K Daniels

Entry Ten: Little Adventures

This story takes place in Ireland, my homeland. Some words and uses of words may be unfamiliar. I'll list them below and explain them as best as I can.

Killarney - is a medium sized town in the centre of Kerry in southern Ireland.

20th May 1991

How do I say this? It's a little weird indeed. I was kind of hoping the sleepover was going to take place today. But Ross oddly did not want to stay with my friends and me. I have no idea what got into him; he entirely shot down the idea when I mentioned it this morning. I spent all of my time at lunch looking at a fresh site out the back garden, where we could have set up the tents to sleep for the night.

It's a pity really, why does he feel so uncomfortable about spending a night in a tent with a couple of lads or even being around us for the evening. Evidently, if he really wanted he could have swapped places with Carl and stead with me. Carl sure as well wouldn't mind giving up the spot beside me for the evening. He is that kind of person; he's free-spirited. Yeah, he may be a tad bit butthurt except if there is one thing I've come to know about him is that he forgives quickly and moves on without making the whole thing a huge deal; Which is possibly one of the best features about him. I think that's how the both of us naturally stuck when we were younger. If there was a problem, a couple of punches thrown in his direction would result in us on talking terms again the next day. Though of course, Ross is not Carl. I can't give him a couple of swings of my right hook, not that I'd wish to either. I don't like fighting when it does happen. Though I think I would be able to stomach hurting Ross, the thought is even sickening even to contemplate.

Anyway, instead of hanging out with Ross, I decided to leave him be and avoided him for the sake of it. I felt a little weird afterwards; I don't think I could have hung with the odd feeling present after I mentioned it. I thought he said to me that he was okay with it, maybe he didn't. Perhaps I'm merely paraphrasing; Maybe I understand it all wrong and what he actually wants. Instead, I decided to go into town by myself. I thought the best thing to do was just take some time out for me. I just sat and listened to some music on my Walkman in the gardens overlooking the church. Other than that, nothing else happened today. Oh, but we did have such a beautiful sunset. God, it was something else.

Anyway Night - Adam.

21st May 1991

Best Friday ever! Okay, so I have some news. My mam roused early this morning, and she also woke me up which, to be frank, I was a little bit grumpy because she woke me up. I have no intention of getting up early to meet anyone, or I have no plans as such, so I decided I'd have a lion for the first time in the best part of a week. So, my mam came in and woke me up, and she said, "how'd you like to go out today." Of course, I was like, "to where." She was a little bit secretive she wouldn't tell me exactly where she was thinking of bringing me, but I kept prodding to get information out of her. Though mam never seemed to resist because she kept it tiptop secret until we got there. She held the cat in the bag more or less. That's not the best thing right. I'll get to where she brought me in a minute but first let me take a moment to wallow in this awesome feeling. Directly after she asked me if I wanted to go and I said where she asked you can bring your friend Ross with you. And I was like what really oh my God are you serious. For some reason, she didn't mention Carl's name; she didn't say any of the other boy's names I hang out with. The first name that came to her head was Ross. Funny right.

I hope I did not look goofy or retarded this morning. Because I'm pretty sure I got a little too excited when mam said that I could bring Ross. I mean like nearly fangirling it sort of shit. So, I nodded my head in agreement, and while I was showering, I was contemplating and secretly hoping that whatever Ross had to do today or was going to do today could be put on the back burner and have spent the day with me. Whatever it was going to be, I've never put so much deodorant on my body; I stank out the room. Afterwards, I picked out a couple of cute treads from the wardrobe and plucked them on before going next door to knock for prince charming. I didn't exactly know how I was supposed to react about what was going on back home, but I was so little taken back when Ross open the door personally himself. He opened the door, and he only had his tracksuit bottoms on he was shirtless sent the site was just hot. I can't quite explain it but the smoothness of his torso, it's unblemished appearance and softness which presumably resembled babies smooth skin made me shudder on the spot. He is perfect in every little way. I never imagined I would see him face-to-face shirtless.

I know when he first arrived, I got a chance to see him topless, I thought it was enough. Though standing right next to him felt I don't know weird. I felt conscious, and I didn't want to look at his chest, I couldn't exactly figure out where to look other than his eyes, and his eyes are so beautiful; moreover, I found myself starting to get completely mushy inside, and my heart rate began to accelerate.

I told him that my mam had arranged to bring me somewhere and she said that I could bring you and the first words out of his mouth was, "really, I love to go." He seemed bashful for some weird reason I can't explain it, but he appeared extra radiant after I asked. He invited me in, but I chose to stand on the doorstep. I don't know why I could've been upstairs perving on him watching him change, but he went upstairs and got dressed and came back down on the T-shirt and a pair of shorts, but those little ankle socks and pair of Nike shoes make his appearance inconceivable. Something about the way he dressed put me on edge I was like oh god he's adorable.

No, I didn't want to betray his trust. Eventually, we asked his grandmother, and she agreed to it as long as that the two folks were coming along for the drive. His grandmother seemed happy enough when I said that my mam and dad are supposedly going, she did not hesitate; she said yes "sure you can take my grandson."

Funny; I wouldn't mind taking Ross away to like a secret Island with just the two of us, to live there for the rest of our lives.

I wonder what it would be like to live on a remote island with Ross. He'd be my king or something then I'd be his king or something. And while we're away from civilisation we could, I don't know experiment, I guess. Because it would only be the two of us on the island and we'd need to keep each other entertained if you get my drift. The vivid expression of the image seems almost intoxicating. I can spear for fish in fresh reserves of salty water, and he can crack open coconuts and cook the stuff I hunt, it almost sounds too good to be real. Yeah, that'll never come true, I do have a tendency to let my mind wander. I should stop setting myself up for some disappointments because if I'm always going to be dreaming, I'll never get my head out of the clouds. No, I don't think Ross is doing it deliberately he seems to be just going about his own life without actually knowing he's making some sort of weird advances to me in some way; maybe I don't know.

For example, I can't explain the underwear. True he could've put them down after he got changed, and he forgot to like take them back up but not asking for them by now it's a whole different story. Secondly, it is kind of weird that he doesn't want to be around any of my friends he just wants to be around me. I guess it's okay considering he's cute in all, and I'd love to do naughty things to him, although as much as that sounds tempting, I'll have to kind of refrain. Yeah, I know my friends are a bit unusual, yeah usually weird. Even if they are weirdos, I still like hanging around with them, anybody who has ever joined our group would understand that we give everyone the same chance, unless your Johnathan King. Though it's like Ross just wants me all to himself which is cool, I guess. But I want to try have time for my friends.

Anyway, when we got in the car mam kept it all hush-hush we sat in the back of the vehicle utterly clueless as to where we were going. As I watched dad drive out of town and passed the town limits, I started to get a little apprehensive as to where we were going. We were after all leaving town, and we didn't exactly do this on a daily basis. Instead, we headed into Killarney which is not far from where we live it's about a twenty-minute drive to the south. The last time I was there was like I don't know; six months ago, if that means anything. Though during the summer, the place does be swarming with tourists. I think most of them are from Europe. Though you'd probably run into an American now and then. I guess over the years, I have grown a little accustomed to tourists being so close to home. They are of course here for the infamous Killarney National Park which oddly that's where we went.

I haven't been there since I was a little kid. It was good just walking around in the park again. Something so simple turned out to be a good day out in town. I missed the small things that I didn't exactly know I needed. We Just walked around and talked in a relaxed manner under the afternoon sun. All the trees were in fresh bloom, and the grass was excellently kept, there were so many tourists though. We stopped by Ross castle, which I found a little bit funny when you think about it considering earlier- I was contemplating about Ross, an uncharted island, and him being king. All kings need a castle, and well Ross likes the castle at the lake, and his name is Ross… okay, you get the picture.

We decided to take a little break beside the castle, and we sat out on the pier I guess you could call it. Dad went to get some ice cream, and when we had the ice cream, we decided to sit there and look off into the lake to enjoy it. It was cool just the four of us sitting there on the seawall. Dangling our legs over the wall, directly below was the water which wasn't far of a drop. The funny part was that me and Ross started playfully shoving each other somewhere along the way. I've no idea exactly why but we were talking about how Ross would climb up the side of the tower like King Kong, and when he got to the top, he would pound his chest. I mentioned that he probably wouldn't make it to the top and that's how we started shoving each other.

Eventually, the playful shoving and pushing took on a competitive role and out of nowhere while I had my ice cream held out in front of me to avoid it melting and the ice-cream landing on me. Ross hunched over and took the whole top off my ice cream. He kind of done it a little seductively, he wrapped his mouth around my ice cream sucked in his jaws and took half of my ice cream off the cone. Of course, I threw a bit of a wobble because after all he ate my ice cream and you don't fuck with another man's ice cream. Okay, that looks a little weird now that I wrote it maybe I'll rub it out. No, I can't be bothered to do that so just leave it. Anyway, when we came back there was this new surge of energy, and when I asked him did he want to have a sleepover with my friends tomorrow, he said "yes."

Let's just hope that when he wakes up in the morning, he doesn't bail out again. Anyway, I think I should go to bed I'm getting a little tired, and I want to be well rested if we're going to have a sleepover tomorrow night because I'm going to have a lot of running around to do to round up the boys. Plus, I have a nightly deed to perform because the way Ross sucked the ice cream off the top of my cone… that was well hot.

Night- Adam

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