Everything Will Turn Out Alright

by Cy-kun

Chapter 2

I knew something was up after about 2 minutes of driving.

My mom is usually on autopilot when she picks me up from school. She drives right from work to school, drops me off at home then goes back to work for two hours. The rides home are always the same. She asks me how my day was, I tell her it was fine, she tells me about whatever she's doing at work, asks me if I want to stop some place for a snack, I say no, we drive home, she kisses me goodbye and leaves. This has been the routine for as long as she's been picking me up after school and it had never once changed. Even on the days when we pick up Jason she does the exact same thing. So after 2 minutes of complete silence where I would catch my mom looking at us sitting in the backseat in the rear view mirror about every other second I knew there was something wrong. I just couldn't figure out what. I figured it had something to do with Vicky because every time my mom looked back at us she'd get this weird little smile on her face for about half a second. It was really driving me nuts. I decided to be proactive for once and try to find out what the problem was through subtle probing.

"Mom, what's wrong? You're acting all weird." Ok so that just kinda came out. I really was going to try and be subtle, I swear!

That weird smile again. "Nothing's wrong Nathan. By the way, when you were going to tell me where your friend lives so we can drop him off."

Ok, just for the record my mom is the only one who gets to call me Nathan. I've even started a so-far-unsuccessful crusade to get Mrs Philips to call me Nate. And also for the record I had absolutely no idea where Vicky lived. I was hoping that my unusually good luck would hold out and he would turn out to live really close to me.

"Oh, I live at 8456 Howe Avenue Mrs. Ellis" Vicky said. Damn, that was almost clear across town. All fantasies of sneaking through his window in the middle of the night and having my way with him vanished like a pinch of sand in a swift breeze.

"Thank you, Vicky was it?" my mother asked. Uh oh. I knew that tone. It was her "I know there's something going on here and you might as well just tell me because there is no way you're fooling me" tone. I hated that tone. It was deceptively playful and lulled you into a false sense of security while she ripped your inner most secrets out through your throat.

"Yes Mrs. Ellis, well, my name's actually Victor but everyone calls me Vicky." He smiled. Was he even capable of introducing himself without smiling? I hoped not.

"Please, call me Julia. Mrs. Ellis sounds like an English housekeeper or something like that." She laughed at her own joke.

Oh this was bad. She never, ever, tells people she just meets to call her by her first name right away like that. She didn't even tell Jason to call her Julia until the 5th time he came over and she had been so excited that I "made my first new friend". She must think he's a drug dealer or something horrible. There could be no other explanation why she's being so uncharacteristically nice. Not that she isn't a nice person it's just that she has a hard time trusting people. Being cheated on by your high school sweetheart who you've been married to for 15 years and have a son with will do that to you I guess. She never warms up to people this quickly unless she's trying to put them at ease. And she only tries to put people at ease because she wants them to let something slip.

"So how did you two boys meet?" mom asked. Before I could say anything or do anything, like kick open the door, drag Vicky out of the moving car and get him into witness protection, he answered her.

"We met at the community pool over the summer and then it turned out that we're in most of the same classes in school." Vicky answered.

"Ahhhh", my mom said. I knew that tone as well. It meant she figured out what she was trying to figure out. I felt myself relax a little, there was nothing terrible in anything he said so she probably didn't think he was a terrorist or anything. Still, I was very curious as to what she noticed. That would have to wait though because my mom and Vicky were still talking and I thought it would probably be a good idea to pay attention.

"...moved here at the beginning of summer.' Vicky was saying. "My parents got divorced and since my dad grew up here he thought it would be a better place to raise a kid by himself than New York. Plus he works all the time so it's a lot safer for me to be alone here than in a city. At least that's what he says."

"How do you like it here so far?" mom asked.

"I like it a lot." He replied and smiled. Did he glance at me when he said that?

"I'm glad to hear it. Nathan could always use more friends." she said and smiled in the mirror at me.

"MOM!" I yelled, thoroughly embarrassed. I really didn't have a reason to be, Vicky already knew that Jason was my only real friend but still no one wants their mom to start talking about them to the boy they're in love with.

"No need to get all defensive. I wasn't going to tell your little friend anything embarrassing." she laughed.

"Mom, he's not my 'little friend' I'm not 10 anymore, ok?" I implored.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that you were all grown up Mr Ellis. I guess since your such an adult you should start looking for a job. We have an entry level opening down at the office if you're interested."

"Mom! Please! Do you have to be so.....you?" I was starting to get just a bit pissed. It seemed like she was trying to make me look stupid in front of Vicky, who by the way I just noticed was laughing his ass off at this exchange.

"Traitor", I mumbled under my breath.

Vicky just grinned at me and started laughing again. I felt an unwilling smile creep it's way over my face. Damn, I couldn't even PRETEND to be angry at him!

Vicky's house was closer to the school than mine so we got there pretty quickly. It was a pretty nice house. Big, but not extravagant and it even had a basketball hoop in the driveway. Not one of those sand-filled portable ones either but a real hoop cemented into the ground. Not that I was a big basketball guy or anything but I was a big watching boys playing basketball in shorts and revealing tank tops while getting all sweaty guy. I tried very hard not to think of Vicky all sweaty and topless because I really didn't need my way too observant mother to notice the inevitable hardon that would accompany that image.

"Well it looks like we're here", said my mom. "Have a nice day Vicky I'm sure I'll be seeing you again."

"Goodbye Julia." he said as he got out of the car. He leaned back in. "Goodbye Nate." He smiled at me before walking up to his front door.

"Bye!" I yelled after him. We waited in the driveway until he unlocked his door, waved at us again and closed the door behind him. My mom backed out of the driveway and started driving home. We didn't even make it 10 feet away from his house before she started.

"So, he's very cute." she said

"Mom!" I yelled. Ok this was not a conversation I wanted to have right now. Or, you know, ever. She ignored me of course.

"Now I see why you were so depressed over the summer." What? "I was afraid something happened to you but I'm happy that it wasn't anything that bad." She must have mistook my look of confusion for something else. "What? If I was your age I'd have fallen for him too, like I said he's very cute." She smiled at me.

"Wha....wait....how....what?" Just because I have a large vocabulary doesn't mean I can always use it properly.

"What? It's not like you were trying to hide your feelings. Or if you were you were doing a terrible job."

Ok, this was getting a bit weird. I really had no idea what I could have possibly done that would have even given a hint that I was in love with Vicky. I didn't gaze longingly at him or rub up against him or drool or anything. I could understand Jason noticing something because I kinda was flirting with him in class but I wasn't doing anything like that in the car, was I? If I was unconsciously acting like I was in love with Vicky how many other people noticed? Was I going to go through the next 5 years known as the school fag? I had to know what I did.

"How did you know?" I asked sheepishly.

"Easy", she said. "You got in the backseat. I haven't been able to get you back there for years, you wouldn't even sit back there when your grandmother came to visit last year but you went right back there today just so you could be closer to that boy."


Yeah I kinda was in the backseat wasn't I? Well at least it wasn't anything that most people would pick up on but still the fact that I unconsciously sat in the back to be closer to Vicky and didn't even realize it until just now made me nervous. I would have to be more careful how I acted around him in the future. At least in public.

I thought about asking why she got that "Ah ha!" look when Vicky said we met at the pool but considering she was apparently a lot more perceptive than I had thought I didn't want to know. The last thing I needed was to hear that my mom knew I only went to the pool to stare at boys.

"So is he your boyfriend yet?" mom asked.

"Mom! No! I mean I don't even know if he's gay or interested in me or anything like that. We really just met!" Getting embarrassed again.

My mom sighed and shook her head, "I guess even gay boys are still boys."

Now what the hell did she mean by that?

I never found out. We drove the rest of the way home mostly in silence. Not an angry or awkward silence but the silence of two people who have nothing interesting to say to each other. We got home after about 20 minutes or so of driving in light traffic. I said goodbye to mom, went inside and made myself a snack and by "made myself a snack" I meant I opened up a box of Oreo's and ate half of it. What? I have a high metabolism so it's not like I'm gonna get fat or anything. Besides they're tasty, you can't just eat one!

I watched some TV in the living room for a while, went up to my room, played some Halo: Reach (Halo is so much better than Call of Duty don't you think?) and then started my homework. Yeah, they gave us homework on the first day. I'm pretty sure that falls under "cruel and unusual punishment" and if it doesn't there has to be a paragraph in the Geneva Conventions about it.

At some point while I was doing my homework my mom came home, yelled something up the stairs about me eating myself sick one of these days then made me dinner. I ate in my room and finished up my homework. About 5 minutes after I finished my phone rang. When I turned 13 my mom decided I was old enough for my own phone line and the only person besides her who had the number was Jason. I didn't even remember to give it to Vicky. Shit! I didn't even get his email or IM name or anything like that. God I could be such an idiot sometimes. I answered the phone.

"Hey, Jason what's up?"

"Not much, your boyfriend with you?" he asked.

I groaned. "Not you too. Look, he's not my boyfriend ok?"

"Yeah but you want him to be right?"

"Well, yeah, but, look, I don't even know if he's interested in me, or even if he's gay!" I was starting to get tired of saying this.

Jason sighed in almost the exact same way my mother did in the car earlier. "You know, you're supposed to be all smart and everything but Jesus Christ you can be stupid sometimes."

I wasn't about to dispute this but I still didn't know what he was getting at. "What do you mean?"

"Dude, you guys were staring at each other the exact same way all day. I was in almost every single one of your classes and you didn't even look my way once. At lunch I thought you two were gonna jump across the table and maul each other. In gym class all you guys did was talk and smile at each other." He was in my gym class? "You guys are the most sickly sweet couple I've ever seen in my life and you aren't even a couple yet! Only a complete idiot could think he wasn't interested in you!" He laughed. "Which is why you need it explained to you by someone smart and worldly like me."

I didn't say anything at first. Could he really be right? My heart soared at the thought of it, it was the one thing I wanted more than anything else but I needed to be sure. I needed to know. I didn't think Jason was lying to me but how could I be sure he was reading the signs right. What he could be seeing as love could just be Vicky's natural friendliness couldn't it? I thought so but was I just so scared to get my hopes up that I was looking for reasons to be pessimistic? I had no idea and why was Jason staring at us in the first place. He was completely straight so he couldn't have been jealous.....could he? Was he secretly pining for me all these years? That was something I don't think I could have dealt with right then so I had to ask.

"Um, Jason, why were you staring at us all day?" I asked

"Nate, you're my best friend, you have been since you moved here and you barely even said three words to me all day. It kinda hurt you know?"

Wow. I felt like a completely self centered asshole, and not just because I thought that the only reason he could have been staring at me was because he was secretly in love with me. Jason was right. I had been completely ignoring him all day, even when we were all together at lunch I barely spoke to him. Yeah him and Vicky were talking a bit so it wasn't like he was completely shut out but I was his friend and I just sat there and ignored him.

"Jason I'm sorry, I really am. I didn't even think about that. I came into school depressed because I thought I was never gonna see Vicky again and then when I found out that he was in my school I couldn't even focus on anything else. That's not really an excuse though, I should have talked to you more. You've been my only friend since forever and the last thing I wanted to do was make you feel like I was tossing you to the side. I'm sorry."

I was almost in tears now. Jason could be a jackass sometimes but I've never had a better friend in my life. I could talk to him about anything. Even back before I told him I was gay I knew he'd be ok with it because that's just the kind of person he was. He never judged anybody unfairly and he always knew the right thing to say to make me feel better. I really should have called him over the summer and told him about Vicky instead of sitting at the pool day after day getting more and more depressed.

"It's alright." he said. "I don't want you to beat yourself up over it. I forgive you. And you know I'm glad that you're in love. It's about damn time you found somebody. Now you don't have to hang around the pool all summer leering at all the little boys." He laughed. I did too and instantly felt better.

"Hey I don't leer. I ogle. There's a difference." I said

"Yeah, Mr Dictionary, what difference?" he asked

"Well, ogling is more dignified. I'm like a connoisseur of fine art." I said smugly.

"Oh my God you are so full of shit." He said and we both laughed.

"So, do you really think he likes me?" I asked after the laughter died down.

"Yes! In fact I will bet you an entire year of an Xbox Live Gold subscription that he feels the exact same way as you."

"Where are you gonna get 50 dollars?" I asked incredulously.

"I don't need 50 dollars because I'm not going to lose."

"Alright then where am I going to get 50 dollars?"

"Sell your body?"

"Can't do that if I'm in a committed relationship now can I?"

"Sell his body?"

"Don't talk about Vicky that way!" I yelled. I realized my anger was irrational but that didn't stop me from being angry.

"Calm down! I was just kidding, I didn't mean anything by it."

"Just don't talk about him that way ok? He's not one of those boys at the pool, he's more than just a body."

My anger disappeared as fast as it flared up. You may be familiar with my love for Vicky but remember that Jason wasn't privy to all my internal melodrama. He still knew me as mostly a pervert who was only interested in attractive bodies. It's not an entirely unfair assessment based on three years worth of lewd comments and summers ogling (ok, fine, leering) at boys at the pool. But as much as I wanted to have sex with Vicky I wanted to be loved by him more and hearing him talked about to me in the same way I used to go on about those nameless summer boys made me angry. At myself as much as Jason.

"Wow, you really have it bad for this kid huh?" he asked.

"You have no idea." I replied.

"Well, good luck dude."

"Thanks." I said and smiled to myself.

We talked for another half hour after that, not about anything important or really all that interesting. Just catching up on what we did over the summer and what we thought about our teachers so far. We both agreed that day one homework must have been some cruel kind of torture left over from the Spanish Inquisition (insert Monty Python joke here) but that otherwise it seemed like we got halfway decent teachers. After that we said our goodbyes and hung up. I looked at the clock and noticed it was a little bit after 9:30 at night. I decided to take a shower. Now, normally I wouldn't go into detail about this but I do feel a bit bad that this story hasn't had any sex whatsoever yet so I'm going to attempt a little fan service here.

After making sure my mom knew that I was going to get a shower, she has this habit of deciding to do dishes, flushing the toilet or taking a shower herself when I'm in there, I got my pajamas and walked into the bathroom. I put my PJ's next to the sink, turned on the shower and waited for it to warm up. I took off my T-Shirt and pants, threw them in the corner and looked at myself in the mirror. I was as slender as always, Oreo's notwithstanding, and I admired the way the bright lights of the bathroom made my pale skin look almost ethereal. I wasn't toned like Vicky was but you could see slight rises where I might someday have visible arm and stomach muscles. I turned sideways to the mirror and smiled at the sexy way my boxer-briefs hugged my tight ass. I always liked my ass. It was very much a boys ass but at the same time there was enough plumpness to suggest that it was an ass made for sin. I often jerked off while thinking about dropping my pants in public and letting the first person to be lured in by my ass have their way with me. Of course in my fantasies everyone who walked by happened to be one of more of the boys I saw at the pool. Now all my fantasies were filled with nobody but Vicky. I decided to free my erection and slowly pulled down my boxer-briefs. My cock sprung from it's confines and I kicked my underwear into the corner as well. I studied my cock. It was about 6 inches long, a two finger lengths wide and circumcised. I learned online that it was a bit above average for a boy my age so I was hopeful that by the time I fully matured I would have a nice sized piece of meat hanging between my legs. Not that I was in any hurry to mature.

I stroked myself slowly as I looked at my reflection. I wasn't a narcissist or anything but I did find myself pretty sexy. I even had a few naked pictures of myself on my computer once that I took with a now broken digital camera that I used to jerk off to but I got too paranoid about someone finding them and ended up deleting them. I picked up the pace of my strokes and slowly ran my left hand up and down the front of my body. My skin was as hairless as Vicky's but for some reason his felt smoother, as if just being a part of him made it somehow better. I jerked myself off faster at the thought of Vicky. I pretended that it was him running his hand up and down my body, admiring me as I stood naked before him. I was almost at the brink of orgasm when I suddenly realized that if I kept going I was going to have a pretty big mess to clean up. By this time the water was hot enough to I got into the shower.

The steaming water hit my head and flowed down my body. My soaked hair stuck to the front of my face so I leaned my head up into the shower blast and brushed it back with my fingers. Now that my hair was safely contained I decided to finish what I started. I grabbed my cock and started jerking it slowly, increasing the tempo with every stroke. I ran my left hand over my ass and followed the water down my crack to my sensitive hole. I teased it with my finger as I jerked myself off. I imagined Vicky behind me rubbing his cock slowly over my hole, tantalizing me. I imagined his putting his arm around me and softly kissing my neck. My fantasy Vicky whispered in my ear that he loved me and that he wanted nothing more than to take me right there. I pushed my finger inside my ass as I pictured him thrusting into me. I let out a moan as I felt my finger move deeper. I stroked faster. I moved my finger in and out of my hole as fantasy Vicky fucked my ass. That was too much for me. I groaned in pleasure as my cum shot out of my dick and his the shower wall. My cock pumped once, twice, three, no four times as I emptied my balls in the shower. I grabbed it hard at the base and forced out any cum that hadn't been shot out by my orgasm. My finger slid out of my ass and I stood there catching my breath. That was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. I noticed that there was some cum on my hand and I licked it off. I love the taste of semen, every time I jerk off I try to eat as much of it as I can. I wasn't about to lick the shower though so this time most of it ended up going down the drain.

After that I washed up, jerked off two more times and got out of the shower. Three intense orgasms in the span of 20 minutes took a lot out of even a horny 13 year old so it was all I could do to stay awake while I dried myself off and brushed my hair. I put my pajamas on (I call them pajamas but really all they are are a pair of flannel pants that you tie off with a string and an old 88.9 Rockin' Radio T-Shirt from back in Alaska that was about three sizes too big for me) walked into my bedroom, turned off the lights and fell into a deep sleep.

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