Jay & Miles

by ColumbusGuy

Chapter 44

Repairing Years of Damage

POV: Jay, Greg

"Now what do we do?" I asked Mikey, showing my frustration…I'd been trying for five minutes without success, and I was no closer to my goal than I'd been before we started.

"Put some WD-40 on it to lube it up?" I was sweaty from all the exertion, and the incipient mugginess of an April shower wasn't helping matters at all. Not to mention the wool of the blanket under me, and the heat from the silver-caged trouble light Mikey was holding just made my tee-shirt cling even more wetly to my panting chest. Lying next to me on the scratchy grey blanket, he ran a finger across my semi-transparent shirt and tweaked my nipple with a giggle. "Of course, if you sweat like this now, we can use that to loosen it…you're using the right tool, aren't you?"

I glared at my kæreste in exasperation. "Of course—it fits just fine. You saw that for yourself!" I banged the crescent wrench on the rusted bolt again, and cursed when more brownish flakes of rust fluttered down on to my face. Mikey's hand brushed the iron debris from my lips and he moved in to kiss me. In the course of the last two days, he'd figured out that was the best way to calm me down so I could focus on the task at hand, whether it be studying, or as now, trying to remove the running boards from my truck. It was already Wednesday, our third day of studying, and I hadn't had much time to work on getting this done so the shop-class could work on it a week from now. We usually started as soon as we got to my house, and then broke for dinner before putting in two or three more hours. That meant it was dark by the time I could think of doing stuff on my wheels.

Mikey was very patient with me, even helping like he was now by holding the light for me. Without it, I couldn't see what I was doing under the truck's frame in the central bay of our barn. The right side running board had been fairly easy to remove, but the left one was a bitch. One of the bolts had come out easily because the hole it was in crumbled when I turned it, but this was one of the last three, and it was resisting my efforts. "Fuck, I give up—where's that damn can?"

I felt my boyfriend's body stretch next to mine as he groped around to his left before putting the can in my hand. I aimed the nozzle at the bolt, and then pushed it down to coat the thing with the smelly aerosol. Of course, some of it dripped down on my shirt, where Mikey's fingers proceeded to rub it into the fabric. Mixing with my sweat, he had great fun since it got my nipples hard right away. "Pretty stinky stuff, and the can said it should be allowed to work for a long time, so why don't we spray all of them, then go have some fun before I have to go home?"

I was more than happy enough to follow his suggestion, and handed him the blue and yellow can to spray the one on his far side which I couldn't reach. I put my wrench on the blanket along with the other one I'd been using, and wriggled out into the cooler air of the barn. The glow of the bright light from under the truck made weird shadows of Mikey's legs, so I crouched down to pull on the loafers he was wearing, then began tugging at the bottoms of his jeans. Mikey yelped, and then I felt the jeans come off when he lifted his butt from the floor. The angle of the light silhouetted the big lump in his orange briefs, making my mouth water. I tugged on the blanket next, and with some effort, the rest of him appeared from under the truck.

"You're over-dressed, Jay." What could I say? I kicked off my shoes and made a show of opening my own jeans, letting them slide slowly down so I could step out of them…then I peeled off my sweat-soaked tee-shirt. I was now wearing only red briefs and grey socks. I knelt down to straddle Mikey's hips and lifted off his own shirt. His left hand pulled me down on top of him, and we kissed for what seemed like hours. Soon he began to writhe beneath me, thrusting our hard cocks together through our underwear. We both wanted this to last, not liking to rush our encounters, but it wasn't possible tonight….I worked a hand between us to pull the fronts of our briefs down, and it took only a few more minutes of feverish thrusting and passionate kisses before we blew our creamy loads between our heaving chests. I was in no rush to get up, letting my head rest in the crook of Mikey's shoulder, but a whicker from the direction of Gulliver's stall and an almost-human raspberry sound made us laugh.

I got up, pulling my boyfriend to his feet, and then led him over to the small corner sink we'd used to clean up after our sessions up in the hay mow. The Lava soap was a bit harsh on our privates, but the soft rubbing of the wash cloth helped soothe us. We also did a quick wiping of our chests and backs to make sure any rust from the truck was gone. I pulled up Mikey's briefs as he did mine. We shared another kiss or three before we went back to the truck to get dressed. Since my shirt was so sweaty, I left it on the blanket, and Mikey did the same. I put my arm around his shoulders as we walked toward the back porch, and I felt a little shiver under his skin.

"Just running Mikey home…had to spray penetrating oil on the last bolts, so we can hopefully get them off tomorrow." Far nodded, not even raising an eyebrow at our lack of shirts…we'd already been in once to get a cold drink, and they had been sweat-streaked and dirty then, so would be even worse now. I grabbed the keys to Mikey's huge turquoise and white Pontiac from a hook by the back door; we'd gone over yesterday to fetch it, with Denny's help, before we started in on our English Literature studies. I'd been the only one of us to see it, and when we pulled up to the barn, everybody gathered around it with lots of 'oohs' and 'ahhs'. Mikey's face reddened when I pointed out the areas he'd fixed on the body—all of them now seamlessly perfect under the polished paint. "Those are the original colors," I crowed, causing him to blush even more. "The shop that did it are going to do my truck when we're done."

Of course, everybody had to try sitting on the light-grey seats, and even bounced up and down, marveling at how comfortable they were. The metal dash was dark grey, with a lot of chrome, and an 8-track AM-FM radio was the only non-original feature on the whole car...Mikey had even bought wide-white-walled tires for it. Far had looked under the hood at the original V-8 engine, and Mikey said she could probably move pretty fast on the open road. It felt really strange driving it over to my house since it was an automatic, but Mikey's hand in mine the whole way home made me see the benefits of it.

Mikey leaned into me all the way over to his house, alternately rubbing and kissing my right nipple, knowing I couldn't do anything about it. I wasn't comfortable enough driving his car yet to do it one-handed—the twenty-year old car was heavier and a little bigger than my truck, and it had a more powerful engine, so I wasn't taking any chances with her. We were almost there when the threatened rainstorm broke, and I switched on the wipers once Mikey pointed out where the control was. I slowed a bit as the rain got worse, and the wipers seemed to crawl across the curved glass, barely keeping the view clear.

"Yeah, that's the only thing that sucks about this car—the wipers are vacuum-powered rather than electric; if you go too fast or the rain's too heavy, then you can hardly see at all." When I asked, he didn't know if it could be fixed—he didn't have a repair manual, so wasn't sure if it needed new lines or if it could be upgraded to electric motors.

Reaching his house at last, we sat in the car hoping the rain would slacken, and I took advantage of the opportunity to toy with his own nipples just as he'd done to mine. By the time I was done, they were hard and a bit tender from my tweaking and nibbling. The car windows fogged up, and we realized the rain wasn't going to stop any time soon, so Mikey showed me how to work the defroster. He flicked a chrome switch between two levers, moved the left one to 'defrost' and then set the second one to 'medium'. The blower came on, and I could feel a current of warm air wash over the dash and hit the inside of the windshield. He pointed to the rectangular vent window and added, "Flip the little catch up and you can open that to help clear the inside faster…just make sure you shut it if rain starts coming in."

"Yes, mor," I said with a snicker. I pulled him into me for a quick kiss before he bolted out the door for the shelter of his garage, getting soaked almost immediately. Seeing him standing in the glow of the headlights, his torso slick and shiny with rain, and his jeans clinging obscenely to his legs, I was regretting my need to go home. But, I hadn't yet spent the night at his house, and was very reluctant to ask his parents if I could—it would be torture being in the same house as him, and not be able to touch him or even say the words I'd want to. I pulled the car slightly around their curved drive and stuck my head out the window, getting drenched in the process, but I had to wave and mouth the words 'I love you' one last time.

The drive back to my house was longer due to the rain and his crappy wipers, but I made it, and got my own soaking as I ran inside. I stripped down to my briefs and socks on the back porch, and put my wet jeans in the washer as I headed upstairs for bed. The rain had done a good job on me, so I figured I'd skip the shower tonight, doing it in the morning after my chores. I did towel-dry my hair before slipping under the covers though. Seven hours before I'd see Mikey again…it was an eternity, but all I could do was sleep and make it seem shorter.

Six miles away, Mikey was using a towel to dry his own hair in his utility room, before tossing the terry-cloth rectangle in the washer, along with his sodden jeans. He walked through the kitchen and across the living room in his orange briefs and socks, smiling idiotically as he thought of Jay's lips on his. The soft light from the kitchen showed him the way enough to reach his room at the end of the long hall, but he hadn't noticed the form sitting in the green vinyl recliner until the squeak of the material reached his ears. He froze, the hand which had been on its way to adjusting himself in his briefs stopped in mid-air.


This week of intense studying was playing havoc with my social life; it was almost down to nothing, except the riding time with Denny over to Jay's house, followed by a brief session of kissing before I had to be home. He'd come in to say 'hi' to my parents, and sit with me as mom and dad went over my homework, but I was too nervous to do more than hold his hand in front of them… even though they knew I was gay, and seemed to be okay with Denny as my new 'friend.' The only friend I'd ever brought home after school more than a handful of times was Benny, and never any girls. When Jeff had begun talking about girls he'd met in school, I'd just nod, but not broach that subject at all.

I'd never had to actually tell them about my preferences…I think mom had the first clues several years ago, and when I got the sex talk, Dad kept the pronouns down to third person neutral ones, rather than stressing 'him' or 'her'. Jeff told me that his had been a lot more direct, stressing the dangers of unprotected sex and the risks of getting a girl pregnant. When we'd compared notes, he gave me a wicked grin and said "At least you won't be getting any boys knocked up." I had blushed at the time because Benny and I had been doing everything but that, and couldn't wait to do it with the right guy. I'd poked him in the ribs and asked if he wanted to switch sides, so he could have a worry-free sex life too. That led to a wrestling match where we ended up in a heap of limbs weak from helpless laughter because of a lot of tickling.

From our Club meetings, I had never doubted my brother was straight, just as he'd clued in pretty fast that I wasn't. Once Dad had 'talked' with Lee, we both tried to get him to tell us about it, but he'd kept quiet, saying only that it had helped him get a better understanding of what his body was going through—not even a hint as to whether he was interested in either boys or girls. It wasn't until he'd watched me and Denny sleeping in my room last week that the shoe dropped…and over Easter weekend, I'd seen he was a bit more outgoing. He still didn't say much, except it had been a fun afternoon at the Club, and he'd been surprised at the boys he'd met there. Jeff told me that our youngest brother was spending even more time in the bathroom, so I figured he had gotten some good fantasy material out of his first circle-jerk.

The English Lit studying at Jay's on Tuesday had been helpful even though I was reading a different book than the other guys. They all had Mrs. Wilson, and were doing 1984 by George Orwell, while I was stuck in Lord of The Flies by William Golding. I'd read their book in first semester, and mine was the first one they'd done for second semester. I could see the themes of both books were about how humans related to one another and the concept of government, but had a stronger connection to Ingsoc and Newspeak than the barbaric degeneration of the boys on that desert island. For me at least, it boiled down to control, and I'd pointed this out when we talked about both books on Tuesday. "It's a choice of who does the controlling—us or a third party like the government. Both ways can lead to corruption and disaster if we aren't careful.

"It's also about how much control is used: a strong government can gain control of its citizens through surveillance and media control, while a weak personal control can lead to cruelty and hedonism... and all the bad elements in our natures come out into the open. Freedom is a fine thing, but it can so easily be lost under too loose, or too strict regimes…." I'd been a little surprised when they all just stared at me. Denny's response was to lean in and give me a long kiss.

Wolf whistles had greeted his actions, and I blushed even more when he put his arm around me and pulled me against his body. "Didn't I tell you my Reb was more than a pretty face? Brains and good looks—can't beat that!"

Wednesday and Thursday were spent on Chemistry and Algebra. Mikey had been occupied up in Jay's room with his poetry notes, and then in the kitchen helping Mrs. Beckel whip up some cookies for us. He'd poked his head through the sliding doors after dinner to see if the coast was clear before coming back with a batch of peanut-butter cookies. By then, we were just finishing up with the math, so he sat down next to Jay and sighed. "Missed you, kæreste. You're not taking any math next year are you?"

We'd laughed at that, but it was plain to see that Mikey had missed Jay in the few hours they'd been separated…and I could easily sympathize with that feeling since I shared it when I couldn't be with my Yank. Sure, we saw each other every day at lunch, but all I could think about was the fun Denny and I had when I slept over at his house. Over my novel game of strip poker and not-so-subtle making out, we'd achieved a new level of closeness. He was getting over the bad experiences his old roommate had put him through at his private school in Maine, and I couldn't help but dream of what we'd do once he was fully comfortable with the idea of making love with me. I was seriously considering sleeping naked since I'd woken up with cum in my briefs the past two nights, despite jacking off before falling asleep. It wasn't only the sex though—I just felt happier when I could be with Denny.

Another aspect of our studies this week was that the group got to know Cal and Benny a lot better; unlike the rest of us, they had a safe place to be themselves and get it on—Cal's grandmother's house. It had shocked all of us when Lisbet Schuyler came to dinner on Tuesday—she brought applesauce cake—and a bit of teasing about her grandson's and Ben's adventures. Cal was beet red when she told how he'd panicked the first time Ben came to dinner, and begged her to help him pick out some better clothes when my big neighbor had shown up in a really nice outfit. It was Ben's turn to be embarrassed when she told us about Cal's fashion show—Ben had been on the edge of his seat, with his eyes locked on Cal's every move. She said he looked like one of those cartoon figures where their jaw was on the floor and their eyes bugged out of their heads. She was a lot of fun for a lady her age. Jay's parents loved her stories about the old days, and Mrs. Beckel shared recipes with her on the nights she came over with Calvin.

Every day we showed up, there was a little more progress on Jay's truck. By Friday, both running boards were off, and all the surfaces which had been rusty were now gleaming silver from being stripped with a wire brush attachment for Mr. Beckel's drill. Jay said it had done a better and faster job than using sandpaper, and even helped in breaking out some of the metal which was too far gone to repair. With the spare tire removed from the driver's side of the cab, they'd found more holes in the top of the running board where it sat in a small well. They had prepped that section too, just in case Mr. Duncan and his students could fix it at the same time.

Friday's session was different from the others, as we used this day for those subjects we didn't all share. Denny and Calvin did their Psychology review, Ben and Mikey worked on their Home Ec unit about families, and I worked on Trigonometry and Agriculture with Jay. After dinner, Ben worked on his Physics notes and Calvin his Biology, and the rest of us—me, Denny, Jay and Mikey—spent a little quiet time in the hay mow. I don't know exactly what our two friends were doing, but I could hear some moans that seemed to indicate they were enjoying themselves. I know I was more than happy jacking and sucking Denny's dick, and he helped me get off twice by humping our cocks together, and then by a great hand job. I didn't miss the fact he was a lot less self-conscious and hesitant when it came time to undress me, and I him. After we did a quick clean up in the barn's small bath, we went in to see Ben and Calvin finishing off the last of Mrs. Schuyler's applesauce cake from Tuesday.

"You bastards," Jay said, "I was gonna finish that with Mikey!" I couldn't help bursting into laughter at the look on our two friends' faces—I'd never seen a more insincere apologetic grin in my life. We watched with envy as the two licked the very last crumbs from their forks, relishing the sweet brown glaze the layer cake had been topped with…a thickened version of the applesauce which had gone into the cake itself.

"You snooze, you lose," Ben said with a grin as he took Cal's saucer and put it in the sink. "We only got cake, but I'd bet my ass you all got your cookies, so that makes us even." Cal walked over to wrap Ben in a hug and leaned next to him on the kitchen counter. Jay poured out glasses of milk for all of us, and Mikey opened the big cookie jar which held the last of the treats he'd made yesterday. With something to restore our energy, we began to talk about plans for tomorrow, now that the studying was over with.

"We're not going to Pizza Hut again, Mikey…" Jay said right off the bat. That set off a round of snickers from us, and turned into laughter when Mikey began to pout…but the twinkle in his eye gave him away, especially when Jay pulled him in for a kiss.

"Speaking of which, has anyone heard from the guy we met there—Bill, wasn't it?" I nodded at Calvin's inquiry, and told them he was busy with studying just as we were, but was on his own. I'd offered to let him join us, but the books his school used were different from ours, so that wasn't a good idea. Denny asked if he was free tomorrow, but I shook my head. "He has to work during the afternoon, and study again on Sunday."

"If I study any more, my head will explode," Calvin said, poking Ben in the ribs with his elbow. The big wrestler pulled Cal into his body so the blond's back was against his chest, and we watched him give Cal a few quick thrusts. He whispered something into Cal's ear which made him snort out a laugh as he pulled Ben's hands around his waist to rest on his crotch. It was pretty clear to the rest of us Ben was slowly kneading and rubbing the contents of his boyfriend's jeans. Cal had wriggled his butt a little then settled back with a sigh into Ben's body. It was something that told us the two were far ahead of us in their physical relationship, and teased us with a hint of the joys we could expect with our own boyfriends when the time was right. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't…and neither could our other three friends.

I looked over to my Yank, and Denny cleared his throat to get our attention. "So what do we do…eat somewhere and then do something else, or eat at home and then join up to do something later?" We decided eating out was too expensive, so Mikey suggested a barbecue—he had a grill in his backyard, and his parents would both be at work. We all decided to do that, each of us bringing something like buns, burgers or dogs, and chips…then we'd figure out what else to do later on.

One of Ben's hands had wormed its way into Cal's shirt and was rubbing his abs. "So what about after, and how do we get to Mikey's?" For the moment, Ben's lips were busy on Cal's neck, so he was the one who'd asked the question. Four pairs of eyes were locked on the groping going on with the two jocks. It took a minute for Calvin's words to sink in, and another for one of us to think of an answer.

"I think it'll be easiest if we meet here, and then go over to Mikey's," Jay said. "It beats all of us driving there and wasting gas—especially if we only need one or two cars to go somewhere else after we eat."

My Yank was the only one who'd been to Mikey's besides Jay, so his suggestion got quick approval, but that still left what to do after. Various things were put out for discussion; roller skating at the rink in Reynoldsburg got shot down because Mikey couldn't do it, and we laughed at his story of falling on his ass repeatedly at his grandmother's while trying it when he was a kid…horseback riding was shot down because it cost a lot to rent horses, and only my Yank and Jay had any real experience with it. Bowling was an option, since there was Fiesta Lanes on the east side of Columbus, and Jay said there was a Putt-Putt mini-golf course in Heath. That was Mikey's idea since he'd seen the course when Jay took him to the county seat for their 'anniversary' celebration at the Pizza Hut.

The big clincher for us was when Jay said it was fun, the games cost only a dollar each, and the balls and putters were free…no special shoe rentals or lane fees like in bowling. That got my vote since I'd gone through most of my allowance for the week, and I'd also done it once or twice when my parents took us out—it was a cheap but fun way to spend time with five kids, and kept my little sisters' attention since each hole was different. Mikey told us to show up at his house at noon, then we'd all eat, and head off to the mini-golf course around 3:30p.m. On Sunday, we'd all do individual review just to make sure we would pass our tests next week.

I think Ben and Cal's little public adventure was making Jay horny, because he told us all to 'get the hell out' so he could have some time with Mikey. A round of laughter greeted his demand as we got our stuff and headed out onto the back porch where a huge pile of shoes waited for us to sort through. Cal and Benny drove off first in Cal's old blue Buick—they alternated cars most nights now, so the gas costs wouldn't be quite so high…I mean, how long could you afford to keep filling up when it cost 55 cents a gallon? That was also why I'd turned down Denny's offer to take me to school—it was out of his way except when we came to Jay's to study—and I did love the little bits of time we could spend parked at our little 'woods' making out before I got driven home.

Denny followed me into my house just before the eleven o'clock news, and my parents quickly went over my home-work. They were satisfied we were actually devoting our time with my friends to study rather than goof off. "Your marks on the six-weeks report card will be the final proof you're all benefitting from this—not that we don't doubt it," my dad said with a mock-solemn expression. "I remember it helped me a lot in college—but I also seem to recall that our books weren't always the main focus for us."

"James," my mom said, "Leave the boys alone." She turned to look at Denny, who was sitting next to me on the couch. "We enjoyed having you over the other night—when do you think your parents could join us for dinner?"

I winced because I hadn't asked him if he wanted to introduce me to his parents—they were rarely home thanks to their work and charity obligations. In addition to that, I wasn't even sure if his parents knew he was gay. From the pressure of his grip on my hand, that doubt became a certainty. Before my Yank could say anything, I cleared my throat.

"Jeez, Mom, don't ya think it's too soon to do the whole 'meet the parents' thing?" I tried to keep my face from turning as red as my hair, but I wouldn't bet on how much success I had with that. "I mean, we haven't even dated yet—and studying at Jay's doesn't count."

My mom started to apologize to Denny, but he just gave a shrug. "Mrs. Newton, I don't think they'd come to dinner no matter how long Greg and I were dating; they are just too wrapped up in their own affairs to pay attention to anything I do."

I kept a grip on Denny's hand while he said that, and I could tell from the tone it wasn't the first time he'd had to say those words. I felt sad the guy I liked so much seemed to have so little love in his life. I couldn't understand how parents could almost ignore their child—but then, my family was a lot closer to each other than some of my other friends' families. It was then I realized I had more to do than help my Yank recover from his treatment up in Maine…I also had to make him the focus of all the love I could bring to bear. I was more than happy to do that for him since he was the boy I'd been waiting for since last year.

"That doesn't surprise me," my dad said quietly. "When I would spend time with Rhys at his house, Owain was always off in his own little world. I never thought he'd get married, let alone have any children."

Dad gathered up my papers and handed them to me, then gave each of us a hug before heading upstairs for the night. Mom was right behind him, turning out the light as she left the room, leaving just the one at the foot of the stairs. "Dennis, you're welcome here any time—with, or without your parents. Don't stay up too late. Maybe we'll see you at breakfast…."

Breakfast?! It was like all the little wheels in my head jammed up all at once—nothing moved up there, and nothing in the way of rational thoughts registered. Were they telling me my boyfriend could spend the night? I hadn't had anybody over since a little camping-out in the backyard when I was eleven, nearly six years ago. Even though Jeff talked to several girls at school, he hadn't brought one home yet, so I wasn't sure just how to interpret my mom's words. They laid down a few rules when we were kids, and trusted us to use our brains and not get into trouble, so we'd had a fair amount of freedom. Some of our friends had curfews and had to call home for permission to do anything out of their normal routines, but not us…we just had to call if we were going to eat at a friend's house or if we'd be home after dark.

I jumped when I felt soft lips on my cheek, and turned my head to stare into Den's silvery eyes. He had a grin on his face, and leaned in again to kiss my lips this time. "You know…I hate watching the news—nothing but crap covering the primaries. I could use a little sleep after all the studying we did this week…."

Denny's hand was warm in mine as I led him up the stairs, trying to avoid the spots where I knew creaky boards waited to signal our movements. When I opened the door to my attic room, there was just enough moonlight to let us go up the stairs and for me to turn on the light on my nightstand. We kicked off our sneakers, and I pointed to the door to my tiny bathroom. "Pit stop?"

We each took turns using the john and washing our hands. We were soon sitting on the edge of my double bed. My hands reached up to unbutton his shirt, and I let him take mine off too. "We'll only do what you want—but I'll warn you—I'm gonna kiss the shit out of you."

Denny laughed, then leaned back on my bed, giving me access to undo his belt and take off his jeans. When all he had on were his blue briefs, he sat up and slowly undid my own pants—willing but still a little hesitant—until my own were all I had on. We lay side by side on top of my blankets, and our hands were caressing and exploring every bit of our chests. In the half-shadows, he half covered my body with his, and his right knee wedged between my legs, his right arm went across my chest and I felt him pulling me into his muscled body. His head came to rest next to mine and his breath was warm on my cheek, tickling my ear.

"I never thought I'd find a guy like you," he said in a whisper. "You're beautiful, kind and a smart ass…just what I've always wanted." He shifted around until he was on top of me chest to chest, our dicks next to each other separated only by our underwear.

"At least you appreciate some of my better qualities…." I licked the end of his nose and we kissed for a long time, our bodies moving slowly in an effort to weld themselves together as much as they could. Just at that moment, everything felt right, and I was in tune with Denny, my body, and all the other creatures who could share love with another of their kind. I relaxed and let myself drift off to sleep, still wrapped in my Yank's arms. The last thing I remembered was hearing a sigh and a sensation of warm wetness at my groin. When we woke up hours later, I had another revelation: I wasn't the only one to have a wet dream.

Saturday was gonna be a blast!

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