Jay & Miles

by ColumbusGuy

Chapter 43


POV: Benny, Mikey

I got home about 11:15pm from spending a couple hours with Callie after studying at Jay's house on Monday, only to find Finn hanging around in the kitchen. Mom and Dad were watching the news on Channel 10, so I'd just waved and said a quick hello before going in search of something to drink. I grabbed a glass from the drainer and filled it with Kool-Aid before turning around to eye my little brother warily. His eyes had tracked me all around the room as I'd gotten my drink, and his little smirk was unmistakable. "What?" I demanded, though I kept my voice low to avoid being overheard by our parents.

"Have fun studying?" he asked with a questioning smirk. He smiled even wider at my puzzled expression…he'd seen me take Linda home, and I'd told him the group met at Jay's house, so I had no clue what he was referring to. "I don't think that safety pin holding your zipper closed was there this morning, and you're wearing two different colored socks. Another accident in gym—or is Calvin into rough stuff?"

"Keep it down, dumb-ass," I hissed. A teenager, especially one with information to be kept secret, didn't dare underestimate a parent's keen hearing. I already felt guilty for not bringing Callie home to meet them, and I sure as hell didn't want them to know we'd had sex on our first night together. They'd accepted the news I liked boys last semester, but I didn't want to rub their noses in it. I hadn't even told Finn what we'd done, but he'd seen the hickey on my neck and knew there was more happening than I let on. "Upstairs…not here."

I poked my head around the corner to say goodnight, with Finn right behind me. They asked how the studying went, and I said it was great—we did history tonight, and would do the other subjects over the rest of the week. "I think it will help with my grades. The guys are really sharp. We went over the review questions in the book, and then talked about them; it was a blast to hear their viewpoints. Thanks for letting me join the group—I only wish I'd known about it earlier."

When we were in the upstairs hall, out of earshot, Finn slapped my ass and headed into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I followed him, taking a leak, and then brushed my own teeth as he peed. "You better use a washcloth on that nose of yours because it's all brown now." I growled, and followed him into his room, which we'd shared until last year. The space looked a lot larger with my bed and dresser up in my attic hideaway. I noticed he'd left my posters up, but had filled the extra space with a Marantz stereo receiver and a turntable. His collection of lps was on two shelves below the stereo. Wires ran to the two speakers in the far corners of the room. His bed was neatly made and his dirty laundry was in his laundry basket rather than scattered all over the floor.

He sat down on his bed after pulling off his shirt, and I watched him flex his muscles—not as big as mine, but nicely balanced. His pants followed the shirt into his basket, leaving him in just his briefs. I moved toward his desk chair, but he scooted over and patted the mattress next to him. When I'd settled Indian-style next to him, he let out his first question. "Aren't things moving a little fast, Benj?"

My hand went automatically to the hickey Cal had renewed only an hour ago, and I felt my face heat as it turned red in embarrassed happiness. "I'd have to say 'yeah' if we just met, but we've known each other since wrestling tryouts last September. We had a lot in common, and only lost touch because I was too dumb to realize he quit wrestling for a reason other than me trying too hard to be his friend. There was something going on at home, but I don't know any more than that, so he's living with his grandmother now. Greg has been trying for months to get us together, but I was too stubborn or plain dumb to do it until Linda gave me an ultimatum."

Finn bit his lip for a second, but I gave him a nod to get it all out in the open. He sighed and went on in a quieter voice than before. "So, I guess Calvin gave you another hickey…it looks worse than it did yesterday…." He got his answer when my face turned crimson, and chuckled in evil understanding. "So just how far have you and Calvin gone—have you fucked yet, or is it just jerking and sucking?"

I was feeling pretty uncomfortable as I stared at my younger brother, and I wondered why he was so interested. He'd asked the same question when I'd dated Linda Beckel…so I guess it wasn't entirely unexpected. I was getting hard again thinking about what Cal and I had done an hour ago, after we went back to his house…we'd said 'hi' to Lisbet before going upstairs to his room. The door had barely closed when we began tearing our clothes off, and he soon pulled the two singlets out of a box from under his bed. They smelled of sweat and dried cum from our romp a few days ago, and the crotches were crusty with dried jizz, but that didn't matter. I thought it was a bit sexy, and Callie must have too, because we rushed to put them on. In no time, we were down on the floor rolling around in a tangle of arms and legs, hands and lips frantic to touch everywhere at once.

There was no 'three out of five' this time; it was all about enjoying ourselves as much as we could before I had to go home. We didn't quite lose control like we had when he'd made love to me, but it was a close-run thing. Sweat and precum didn't provide enough lube, as I'd found out the hard way, so he pulled his bottle of baby oil out of his nightstand before we started our game. I made sure to put some on my dick and on my fingers as I pushed them into his hole. The other consideration I gave to our lovemaking was to have him lying on his back, with me between his legs rather than him being on his stomach. I wouldn't be able to get as deep inside him this way, but it allowed me to see his face and green eyes as we screwed. I'd eased myself into him, not too fast, or too slow, and I paused whenever it looked like he was in any pain…then I'd go in a little farther. When I was in as far as I could be, I built up my speed, leaning down to kiss his lips, and rub and lick his hard nipples…and once or twice, I'd buried my face in his covered crotch, biting his hardness through the nylon of his body-hugging outfit. I'd also bitten his nips a time or two, making him groan and draw in his breath, but his hands had pulled my head harder against his sweaty chest, so I knew he'd liked it. All too soon, I was thrusting into him for all I was worth, and clamping my mouth over his as we both let out muffled cries—I was blowing my second shot into him when his dick pulsed and his singlet became an even darker blue where he shot a big load of cream to blend with the one from the other day.

I fell on top of him, chest to sweat-and-saliva-soaked chest, and lay my head next to his on the rug, feeling his load wick its way into my own singlet. After about ten minutes, I went into his bathroom, running water into his old tub and adding bubbles as he'd done for me, then I picked him up to sit on the edge of the white enameled rim so I could pull off his socks and reeking blue sports uniform. I eased him into the water before climbing in behind him, again as he'd done for me last week, wrapping him in my arms to hug him tight. My hands ran all over his torso as I washed him, and gently reached between us to clean his tender butt. The water was cooling off before a glance at the small clock told me it was almost eleven. I had to be home before 11:30 on a school night, so I wrapped him in a towel, using it to dry us both, before doing a mad dash for my clothes. I guess I grabbed one of Cal's socks instead of mine, and Finn caught me out.

Finn giggled a little as I reached down to adjust my dick in my jeans, and that drew my attention back to the here-and-now. My brother's dick was as hard as mine, and one of his hands was idly stroking it through his pale blue briefs as he stared raptly at me, hoping for an answer to his question. I still didn't know why he wanted the details, other than hormone-driven curiosity, but we'd always been honest with each other, so I took a second to organize my reply. I decided he didn't need the details, but like I had with Linda, I told him we had made love, rather than fucking. He tried to pretend he didn't understand, but I knew he was brighter than that. "You know the difference as well as I do, dick-wad…it's like the club meetings...you get off and don't have to worry about wondering if it means you're in a relationship. It's just fun, but when you have feelings for the other person, it's more than just getting your jollies."

"Does it…hurt…I mean, a guy's tool is bigger than taking a shit, right?" I don't think Finn realized it, but he was still rubbing his cock with his left hand. His ears were a little pink around the edges, and his eyes flicked from side to side rather than meeting mine as they normally would have. Something was definitely up with him, and I thought it must be serious if he was being this evasive.

I reached across and laid my hand on his thigh, giving it a little squeeze, nothing we hadn't casually done a thousand times while talking to each other, but this time, I could feel a little shiver run through him and he let out a soft sigh. "Finn, we've never had secrets between us…and we don't tell others anything we share unless we get permission—so tell me—what's bothering you?"

My brother gripped my hand on his thigh and held it for a few minutes, rubbing his thumb across the back of it, but not removing it from his leg. His face was a little pinker than before, enough that I could barely see the scattered freckles there. Now that his other hand wasn't playing with his dick, I could see that he was still hard—maybe even more than when he'd been working it. His voice, when he began talking again, was soft and hesitant, but gained in strength in a second or two. "Mom and Dad accepted you when you came out to them…do you think they'll be mad if I'm gay too?"

Okay, no way in hell had I expected that! Finn had gone out a couple times with girls from his 9th Grade class, but not more than twice with each of them…I thought he was just trying to find the right one. When I'd taken him to his first Club meeting last year—when he turned fourteen—he'd been a little shy, but took to it pretty quick; he was still going, and I thought it was just to have fun and get off...had he done anything more since I'd stopped attending? I needed to know more before I could give him the advice he was seeking.

"Man, now who's jumping the gun? You were dating girls last semester, and now you think you're gay?" His expression showed I'd hurt him with my teasing tone, and I immediately leaned over to pull him into my arms. "I'm sorry, Finn…." I ran my fingers through his black hair, giving it a brush back off his forehead. "Remember how I thought I was bi when I dated Linda? Turns out I wasn't, but it could be you're that way…you might like boys and girls equally."

I watched as my brother, two years younger than me at fifteen, chewed his lower lip. He was finishing up his first year of high school, and probably being hit with all sorts of new experiences, so I didn't doubt he'd be confused about stuff. I'd known what I wanted as soon as I hit puberty, if not before, with only the little foray into straightness with Jay's sister to clinch the deal. My brother's next words answered my questions before I could ask them.

"Benj, this isn't something I just came up with—you know me better than that—I think about things a lot before talking about them." I nodded at his words, Finn had never made snap decisions. "I never really thought much about sex until I joined the Club…I just enjoyed how jacking felt. All the other guys seemed to love seeing the pictures of women in the magazines, but it didn't do much for me…and the guys in those books didn't either…" he licked his lips before adding, "…but I could feel myself getting hard watching the other guys."

Much as I wanted to laugh and calm him down with a joke, I knew this wasn't the time for that. "Finn, I feel sorta bad that I never talked with you about the Club before I quit…maybe you wouldn't be confused now." I put an arm around his shoulders, and pulled him to my side so we could lean against his headboard. "I know it sounds like a joke, but it's true—your dick doesn't need any reason to get stiff…hormones are going crazy inside us, and guys our age are harder more of the time than they're soft. Is that why you dated those girls last semester, to find out what you liked?"

Finn nodded his head, looking a little guilty, but his voice only showed faint amusement. "Look, I know all that junk, okay? I'm talking about the feelings behind getting boners, not how they work. Thinking about a girl—even one I thought was cute—didn't do anything for me, so the girls I went out with were ones I liked, but that didn't work either. The pictures in my head when I was jerking off started turning into guys a few months ago…"

I sat holding Finn close, thinking about what he was saying, and feeling bad that he'd been going through this alone; if I'd still shared a room with him, I'd have picked up on it a lot sooner. He wasn't as worried about what our parents would think about him being gay or bi, but about what he thought about it himself. "So, I guess something happened recently that made this all come off the back burner?"

"Yeah…" Finn was blushing deeply now. "A new guy came to the meeting Friday afternoon. Here's the part I don't get—I knew who he was even though we hang around different people, and he's finishing 8th Grade now. Until Friday, I never thought about him at all…now I can't get him out of my head."

I had to think about that one for a minute or two. "Maybe seeing him there finally hit you with the idea that he has a lot more in common with you than just going to the same school? Knowing he jerks off too could make you want to be a better friend? He could be your first crush—whether they admit it or not, a lot of boys get similar feelings, but they wear off over time…it can feel real intense if the guy's a fox. Does this stud have a name?"

I had to revise my comment when Finn told me the guy had glasses and strawberry-blond hair. He didn't sound like an athlete at all, more like a bookworm, but it took all kinds. His voice got a little husky and his eyes more wistful as he went on—the kid was six months younger than him, and just missed being a freshman too. I got a strange feeling in my gut as he gushed out more details, and I interrupted him to ask for his new friend's name. I sucked in a deep breath when he blurted it out—I hadn't seen much of him in the last year, but I remembered thinking he'd be a pretty hot guy one day…now it seemed he'd snared my brother as a first crush.

Holy shit—Greg's little brother Lee ? What was the weird fascination that family had for us Rosses?

"Is that it, Jay?" What a stupid question. I chided myself for being so dumb; I'd been right beside my elskede when he carried the brown-wrapped package upstairs to his room, and we'd not come back up since the other guys arrived to study—so unless somebody had delivered another one, this had to be the same one. I licked my dry lips as my Dane looked at me with a sheepish smile. My stomach was quivering like it had an entire flock of butterflies in it, and the way his ears reddened told me he was nervous too. Before I could say anything even stupider, Jay leaned in and kissed me, slipping an arm around my waist.

It looked so innocent sitting in the middle of his desk, covered in colorful little squares with a cancellation postmark for Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We had a vague idea of what it contained, and had been waiting for over a week for it to get here, but neither of us was eager to rush forward and rip into the paper-and-string wrappings. It wasn't like I'd thought—like a Christmas present—it felt more like some sort of bomb just biding its time, waiting to go off. What that parcel contained would change the whole direction of our lives, not just our relationship.

Uncle Mikkel's package contained all the secrets of being a happy gay couple.

And yet, seconds dragged on, turning into minutes as we looked at the object on Jay's paper-littered desk. We exchanged glances for what felt like the hundredth time, and I let out a sigh. All the things we hadn't really discussed were going to become more immediate when that box was opened. Despite our bond of love, and declaration of commitment, I was worried that this last step of making love might be something which would try us emotionally and physically. The fact remained I was longer and thicker than Jay, and it could hurt him when we made love in this new way…and I wouldn't want to do that under any circumstances—even if it meant we'd have to skip him taking me inside him. Jay, by his very nature, would do anything he thought beneficial to my becoming whole again, not giving a thought to the pain it might cause him. That was one of the many reasons why I loved him, but I'd never let him hurt himself even if he was willing to suffer it for my sake.

Make no mistake, I wanted to do this with Jay, as Friday night at Dave and Treb's dorm room had shown. We'd both become hard as steel listening to them make love in their bedroom, and from the noises we heard, it sounded like a lot of fun…but from seeing them in next to nothing, they were pretty close in size…not like me and Jay. Logically, I knew not all guys in a relationship were equally matched; some just had to be larger…but this was all new to us, and we had no references to draw on other than those pictures in Jerry's old magazine. A couple of the guys in it had been even bigger than me, and their partners seemed to enjoy it. Porn isn't real life. And seeing them give it to the women there wasn't a help either—women's parts were designed to take a guy's dick, but an ass wasn't. Sure, we'd experimented with inserting a fingertip or even part of a finger in each other when we sixty-nined, but still….

I hadn't realized my hand was squeezing Jay's so tightly until he shook it slightly between us. "I'm gonna need that hand for doing stuff, Mikey—unless you're volunteering to do my homework in addition to jerking me off." I let go of his hand right away once I'd raised it to my lips for a kiss. "I know you'll get me off any time, but I bet even you'd draw the line at doing my Algebra homework."

He laughed at my exaggerated shudder. "That's really testing our relationship, Jeepers. I guess you could get one of the other guys to do that—but nobody else touches your stuff unless it's a doctor performing a physical." He'd done it again, my tension was mostly gone, and I wasn't chasing myself in circles in my head over what-ifs.

"Let's open that sucker and see what's in it," I said, patting him on the butt as he took the few steps to his desk. I sat on the edge of his bed, leaving space for him next to me. I watched him tear open the paper at the ends and run his pocket knife along the seam underneath so it could be removed. A second layer of paper came off in similar fashion, then he brought the box to rest between us as he faced me with a nervous grin. The box was of heavy cardboard, similar to a shoe-box, so I pulled off the lid, exposing a sea of Styrofoam pellets. A folded sheet of paper lay on top, and Jay took it before we went any further. "Read it, Jay."

Dear Jay and Miles—Enclosed you will find instructions and devices which will aid you in the final consummation of your union. You will find two tubes of K-Y Jelly which will ease the taking of the other two devices inside you. They are called 'dildoes'—each is shaped similarly to a man's penis, and I've tried to find ones as close to the sizes of your own members. You must thoroughly wash them after each use, as the directions on their boxes indicate. I cannot stress that too much….

"Did you say your uncle was an English teacher, or a History teacher?" I snickered. "He sounds awfully formal…is he always like that?"

Jay laughed, and his hand shook a bit holding the letter. "Mikkel always writes that way, but he's nearly as bad when he talks to you in person…it's Sam who's the regular guy in that pair, always telling jokes and ribbing Mikkel about being too stodgy. I have never doubted their love for one another, and they give off that same vibe to everybody they know." I let him get on with the note.

…Proper care must be taken before any anal intercourse to make it a pleasurable experience for both partners. Patience in this area is essential—more so when the size of the genitalia are very different. Cleaning the rectum is also important for maximum pleasure….

Jay and I both let out a giggled 'eewww' at that point, but I was glad his uncle was leaving no stone unturned…or no depths unplumbed. Jay punched me on the arm when I told him about that thought, and I rubbed my arm in mock agony. I wanted to root around in the box now to see the fake dicks, but my boyfriend wanted to keep reading his uncle's instructions. I let him win after he pointed out we'd already seen and played with the real things, so they wouldn't be much different. I felt myself getting a little hard thinking of his tool, and my left hand went down to rub my crotch for a second before Jay's laugh stopped me. He blushed when I moved my hand over to his, finding him in the same state I was. He harrumphed and went on.

For both of you, the first step is to loosen the ring of muscle which is the opening to your rectum—the K-Y is to be used for this step, and for the time when you are ready to mount your partner. Apply a small amount to your index finger, then rub it around the anal opening, gradually using more pressure and 'lube' as you go on. When you feel the muscles relax a bit, you may try inserting a tip of the finger, going very slow and adding more lubricant as needed. Consult your partner before deeper entry so he will enjoy this process and welcome you into him. As you continue, you may try rotating the finger or moving it inside. All this will make the act both easier and more comfortable for your partner. Moving the finger in and out also assists in the process. When he is ready, you may try inserting two fingers, with more lubricant and care…in the case of Miles' larger penis, a third finger would be advisable, Jay, for you to be fully prepared. Miles may require only two, but that decision remains yours.

Despite the dryness of the letter's tone, I was managing to get harder, visualizing myself at the mercy of Jay's fingers. Mine were long but not quite as slender as his, so I was tempted to worry about using three on him, but Mikkel's words said it would be okay if we took our time and used the included tubes of lubricant. I knew I'd have no trouble taking Jay's fingers, as I'd used two of my own a couple times in the shower…it hadn't been bad, but the soap stung a bit, so I hoped this K-Y stuff was better. I'd tried spit, but it dried too fast, and I wasn't going to put my fingers near my face once they'd been inside my butt. I wasn't sure I could do that even after Mikkel's advised cleaning was done. Even the couple of times with Jay, I'd thoroughly washed my hands afterward before putting them anywhere near my face. "How much more is there," I asked, eyeing the typed sheet with a raised eyebrow. He pointed to a spot close to the end, then began reading again.

With your partner fully relaxed and receptive—the time this takes depends on your levels of tension and experience—you may try inserting your penis. It should be fully engorged for best results, either by oral or manual stimulation. Once more apply lubricant to the anal ring, and thoroughly to both the head and shaft of your member. There are myriad positions for intercourse, each having its own advantages, but for this first time, it may be best to let your partner control things at his own pace. The most common is for your partner to lie on his back, with you between his legs to insert yourself into his anus. Another is for you to lie on your back while your partner straddles your groin and lowers himself slowly onto your penis, though this requires a fair amount of stamina for the recipient. Whatever position you employ, it is vital that sufficient lubrication and time be taken during this insertion. If rushed, you will cause discomfort to your partner. The natural urge is to enter as quickly as possible in the need to ejaculate, but the patience and care taken now will ensure a supremely pleasurable experience for you both. Inserting the glans—or head—of your penis will be the difficult part, so it is advised that you go slow, and the recipient relaxes completely, or even assists by trying to simulate the act of defecation as this widens the opening slightly. A pause here to allow for your partner to adjust to the experience is recommended, then he may continue deeper penetration. The pace of this is set by your partner. After you are fully inserted, you may begin withdrawing and entering by thrusting your hips, gradually increasing the speed as you deem fit. In future you may shorten the time of preparation or amount of lubricant…but don't eliminate them altogether. You show your love in not only the act of love, but in how you perform it. Your partner's rectal muscles will feel rather tight around you, this is normal. With time and experience, you will also find that stimulating the prostate either with your fingers or your penis will enhance your partner's pleasure…sometimes to the point where he will ejaculate spontaneously unaided. It may also happen that your ejaculations occur at the same time—this is considered an ultimate in sexual pleasure….

"Wow, Uncle Mikkel can even make sex sound boring!" Jay exclaimed with a laugh. I had to agree with him, and pointed to something at the very bottom of the page…it looked like a 'smiley' face and a scrawl in blue ink, rather than neat typescript. "That's from Uncle Sam…it says, 'Guys, it comes down to this: be kind, be loving, be patient and use lots of lube—you'll be fucking like bunnies in no time!'"

I flopped back on the bed, laughing my head off until tears started coursing down my cheeks. Sam Blythe had put in one short sentence what Jay's uncle Mikkel had taken a full page to impart to us. Jay fell back by my side, and wiped the tears from my cheeks and chuckling in his own relaxed enjoyment. Our arms wrapped around each other and we revelled in the warmth of our shared happiness, and then he rolled a little into my side, moving his left leg over to rest between mine. I heard a slight 'thump' and then a whisper of things sliding off the bed. I looked down the length of our bodies and saw no sign of the box. I struggled to sit up, and when my socks hit the floor, I felt tons of little foam pieces squish beneath my feet.

With most of the pellets scattered everywhere, I picked up the box and brought it back to rest between us on the bed. There were two smaller boxes labelled 'K-Y Jelly', and two much larger ones emblazoned with pictures showing almost life-like penises. Both of these said they were washable, and made of a material which was guaranteed to feel like the real thing, both in texture and hardness, but still flexible and yielding to the touch.

Do I need to say which boxes we examined first? They seemed to be the same size, but one proclaimed it contained a 7-inch penis, while the other assured us it held a fully-detailed 8.5-inch male organ. If the pictures could be believed, each had correspondingly-sized balls attached…but when we opened them with shaky hands, we found that the balls were only half-there, ending up as hemispheres on a level with the flat base of the dildo rather than fully-realized testicles.

"Well, I've heard of not having enough balls, but this takes the cake," Jay said with a snicker. I giggled too, but was distracted by what happened next—we took the things out of their boxes and, I don't know, but I was disappointed that while they might look real, they sure didn't feel like our dicks did…they were cold and didn't have the same 'give' which our tools had, and there was no skin to slide even slightly through your fingers when you stroked them. We both could smell the odor of rubber they gave off, and the color was sort of beige rather than flesh-toned.

Jay was grinning mischievously and raised an eyebrow when he saw me stick my tongue out to lick the head of the rubbery thing in my hand. I only gave it a small swipe since the smell was nothing like a real one, and it tasted even worse than I thought it would. I made a face and turned to see Jay was now frowning. His fingers had told him much the same thing mine did on these fake cocks, but I let him experience the taste for himself, since I couldn't describe it accurately. When his own tongue snaked out, he made a raspberry of disgust and reached for the glass of tea we'd brought up with us. He took a big swallow, and I followed suit.

"I'd much rather suck yours," I said, giving him a tea-sweetened kiss. "But your uncle's letter did say these were for getting us ready for our first time making love, not for practicing blow jobs…." His alarm clock said it was after 10P.M., and he'd have to get me home in an hour, so I put the dick back in its box, and he did the same. I watched him put both dildoes and the lube into his nightstand drawer.

Just before he shut the drawer, he looked at me over his shoulder. "Do you want to take one home, you know, to practice?" I thought about that for a second, then shook my head 'no'. My parents didn't snoop around in my room, but my mom had gone through my homework a couple times, so I didn't want to have it in my book bag when they were going to be home before me. It was safer if Jay kept it, since we'd be using them at his house a lot more than at mine.

I pulled Jay back down on the bed alongside me, and moved one hand under his shirt, and the other opened his belt and tugged on his zipper. "The only thing I want to practice right now, is giving you the best bj I can…we've got less than an hour before I have to be home." Jay sank down, then turned himself so we were nose-to-crotch for a mutual exchange of oral pleasure.

"I think I need to practice too…" Our hands got busy opening trousers and pulling down briefs, before we gave in to the sensations of warm lips on warmer organs, and fingers squeezing balls or going up to fondle nipples. It was rushed, but still sent us over the brink into mind-shattering bliss and sticky pubes. We cleaned up using our tongues and soft kisses.

I was fifteen minutes late walking into my house, but five minutes of that had been spent kissing on the seat of Jay's truck. As usual, the only light on was the one over the kitchen sink, and I saw a note lying on the butcher-block counter next to it.

Mikey, My insurance will cover Jay driving your car while his truck is being worked on. Try to have him pick it up soon—I know he has a deadline to get the worst holes fixed at school. I'll try to arrange a time to talk with his father about working on the wooden bed. Dad.

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