Cow Pies and Country Cousins

by Charles Well and Sam The Ham

Chapter 7

Actions Speak Louder than Words

If the storm did nothing else, it reduced the heat. As bed-time rolled around, Jimmy had no problem drifting off to sleep that night. With chores and games, wholesome food and clean country air, sleep came fast. Unfortunately, it didn't last a full night.

City folk are under the mistaken impression that rural life is quiet and relaxed, but Jimmy quickly learned the fallacy of that assumption. If anything, the ambient noise on a farm, especially during the dark hours, could often be far worse than anything New York had to offer.

First, there were the insects. South Carolina had three basic categories of very loud summer bugs – cicadas, crickets and katydids. The cicadas are famous for their buzzing that rises and falls in pitch and volume all day and night. The crickets and katydids make a chirping sound by running the top of one wing along another. And besides these, there were other insects like Bess beetles and worst of all mosquitoes, that not only buzzed in your ear as you tried to sleep, but found New York boy flesh much to their taste.

Adding to the nighttime cacophony were the animals. The crowing roosters were impossible to ignore. Jimmy remembered reading somewhere that they were supposed to start at dawn, and ring in the new day. But the roosters around the Sullivan farm didn't keep civilized business hours and simply enjoyed crowing any time - day and night. One of the house roosters would start, he would be answered by a friend, and then the birds in the animal tractors would join in. Then there were the cows mooing and farting in the fields. They could be heard miles away. Low deep base notes that shook the bunkhouse sometimes. According to Stevie they mooed to find their friends. Jimmy wished they didn't have to do so at night though. But even worse were the alpacas. He would soon learn that these were herd animals, and they made near-constant noise to communicate their emotions, including happiness, discomfort, or even panic to other members of the group. Their most constant sound was a sort of closed-mouth drone hum. That could range in tone and urgency, and seemed to convey all kinds of different feelings. Then there was a friendly or submissive clucking or clicking noise at they often did at feeding time. But they also had an alarm call. This was a sort of donkey-like "hee-haw," but higher pitched and less rusty-sounding than a donkey's. It was always loud and obvious. It meant one of the alpacas had seen or heard or smelled something scary: a coyote, a shadow, or anything else that it thought might pose a threat. Related to the alarm call was the scream. It wasn't designed to alert the herd to a potential threat, but a noise made when one of the alpacas was terrified. It was a warbling, high-pitched shriek, much like the noise every mammal makes when scared. And finally there was the orgle which was usually the loudest of all. Male alpacas made that noise while fucking. It was a truly bizarre sound, like a rusty trumpeter attempting to play a solo into a swimming pool of water. Both Jimmy and Damien had been fascinated watching the alpacas going at it when they first arrived at the farm. But the novelty quickly wore off. Now it was just annoying when one of the male alpacas was getting his rocks off at 2:00 AM in the morning.

And the noise from the alpacas wasn't even the half of it. There were owls at night - dozens of them, and crows during the day – big mothers going caw, caw, caw all the time. There were even the high-pitched barks and yelps of coyotes in the nearby hills over where the caves and swimming hole were located, which were always answered by the howls and barks of the Sullivan's 4 Maremma sheepdogs, warning them to stay away. And that was often picked up by animals on neighboring farms, as the cacophony echoed around the valley. On top of all that, maybe once a night, there were the frantic death yelps and screams of some poor critter like a feral dog or cat, a weasel, fox, skunk, or raccoon as it was ripped apart by Peter, Paul, Mary and Wendy doing their duty protecting the birds in the chicken tractors. They were big powerful dogs, about 100 lbs. (45 kg) and about 28 inches (70 cm) tall. They could easily knock over a man at a charge and they hunted potential predators in a pack. Apparently, it was perfectly normal for the twins to find the carcasses of dead varmints most mornings when they went to feed the dogs. And finally, there were a hundred other strange animal and insect sounds he hadn't even identified yet.

But living creatures were not the only things that made noise on a farm. There was the steady whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of the two windmills the Sullivan family used for electricity generation. The property had actually been on the mainline grid system since the late 1930s. But Uncle Jack happily referred to himself as "a small E environmentalist." The Sullivan farm had two large wind turbines on the hill about half-a-mile beyond the bunkhouse, and the main homestead had solar panels on the back roof. The Sullivans were in fact net contributors to the electricity supply of the state of South Carolina and for that they received a small check each month.

However, it wasn't any of these noises that woke Jimmy at around 4:00 AM that night. What disturbed his sleep was the sound of the screen door to the bunkhouse as it banged shut.

Rolling over, he forced his eyes open briefly hoping it might have been his mom, but nobody was there. However, the door was ajar. He looked around the room, and it seemed everyone was there. Maybe his aunt had just come to check on her boys? But that hardly seemed likely, as she had never done so before. He couldn't see well from his lying position, and he sat up and looked around. Luke's bed was empty. Maybe the kid had a nightmare or something and wanted to be with his mother. Jimmy went to the window to check. He wanted to make sure that the little boy got to the main house safely. But Luke was standing midway between the two buildings, staring up at the sky. Jimmy watched for a moment, before cursing under his breath, and making his way outside

There was not a single light on anywhere, but he had no trouble seeing. Between the moon and the starlight, it was surprisingly bright. He stepped out from under the porch, and his eyes widened as he saw the heavens full of stars. Jimmy stared up at the sky for several seconds. He had never seen so many stars before. They were like a million points of light shining through the thin vale of night.


Hearing his name called out, he looked back down at the younger boy standing several steps away. His little cousin hadn't turned around. "Hey, Luke. Just wanted to make sure you were doing okay."

Luke continued to look over his shoulder. "I'm fine. It stopped raining, and the stars are out. I just wanted to see."

Jimmy took a few more steps out, his bare feet slipping on the wet grass. He grimaced from the cold ground.

"Yeah, I don't think I've seen that many stars before. It's impressive."

"You can't see the stars in New York?" Luke asked looking up again.

"Not like this. Light pollution, I think that's what it's called. Everyone has lights on, street lights, signs and well just the people in buildings," he answered.

Now that he thought about it, even when they went on vacation, it was usually to the more built-up areas with high-end resorts.

"I like the stars. Some of them are planets you know?"

"Oh, do you know which ones?" Jimmy said trying to humor the younger boy.

"Mars, Jupiter, Venus I think we can see Saturn too," Luke said trying to remember.

Jimmy smiled and was amused with the little misunderstanding. He didn't expect a seven-year-old would be able to pick out the planets in the sea of stars. It's not like he could do it.


He didn't mean to sound condescending, but Luke must have interpreted it that way because he quickly added, "Yeah and if you look at the moon right now when it's full, you can imagine it's an old-fashioned clock. Around 2, you can see the Sea of Crises."

Jimmy looked up at the moon. There was indeed something at the 2 o'clock position, a darker spot at least.

"Now where did you learn that?" Jimmy asked. He could understand that they covered the basic solar system at that age in school, but features on the moon? He had never learned about that.

"It was in one of the stories Bill read to us. He doesn't always let us choose," Luke said.

Jimmy nodded. It had been strange watching the way the brothers interacted. Not just because of the party, but afterwards too. Seeing Tom, Junior, Fred, and Harry sit down to play a game of Clue with their youngest brothers had been kind of weird to watch. In the end, everyone had played a few games of Clue and Uno. Then Bill had read to the younger boys from a book they had obviously been reading for some time.

Would he and Damien have been closer if they were further apart in age? Jimmy wondered. There was barely nine months between them and perhaps that made things more difficult. They saw each other as peers and hence rivals for attention from their parents.

"Well, it's impressive you can remember that," said the older boy as he came up to stand next to Luke. He noticed the kid turn away a little.

"I've got a really good memory," the 7-year-old said proudly.

Jimmy took a little step forward so he would be able to see Luke's front. The younger boy turned again. "What are you hiding?"

"Nothing," Luke said in a tone that hinted he was.

The older cousin placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and slowly turned him around. It wasn't until he had managed to get Luke to fully rotate that he saw the problem. "Did you wet your bed?"

Luke shrugged, finding something off to the side that was very interesting to look at.

It wasn't difficult to figure out what was going on. The boy woke up and found he had wet the bed. It probably wasn't the first time. Had it happened a few nights before, the heat during the night might have been sufficient to dry out the kid's pajama bottoms. But after the storm, that wasn't going to happen. It was quite chilly now.

"Are you going to tell everyone?"

Jimmy wondered if his reputation was that bad or if it was just Luke worrying. "I don't see why I would. I'm guessing you came out here to dry off?"

The 7-year-old nodded.

"I don't think it's hot enough tonight. Listen, this happens to a lot of guys when they're young. Maybe even me. So let's go fix it."

Offering Luke his hand, the two boys walked back to the bunkhouse and into the bathroom.

"You got another pair of pajamas in the cupboard?"

Luke nodded. "Okay, well take those wet things off and I'll rinse them out so they don't smell. You go and put on a clean set. But quietly, so we don't wake the others."

The boy did as he was told. He stripped out of his wet pajamas and, naked, made his way to the spare clothes in his cupboard in the main bunkhouse area. He returned a few minutes later to find Jimmy washing the wet things in one of the sinks.

"Okay. We hang these out on the line, as far away from the window as we can. They probably won't be dry when we wake up, but I don't reckon anyone will notice. You know what everyone is like at 5:30 AM. Most of them wouldn't notice even if their hair was on fire."

Luke laughed and received a smile back.

"Next job is the sheets. You wait here," Jimmy said.

He used to switch his sheets when he had this problem years ago. At 7, he thought he was being smart. Of course, he had been too young to realize that going to bed sleeping on dinosaur sheets only to wake up on Captain America ones was something that would be noticed by his mom. At least they didn't have that problem here. All the Sullivan sheets were white and there were still three available beds that had sheets for the plundering. Jimmy removed the covers from a donor bed and put them on Luke's bunk. Little Stevie, who occupied the upper bed, slept on totally oblivious to what was happening below.

Jimmy tried to be as quiet as possible, but the floor boards weren't cooperating. As he finished tucking-in the top sheet, he turned around to see Tom watching him. The New York boy froze for a second, but then raised a finger to his lips. The 15-year-old stared briefly before rolling over. He waited until Tom had settled back into bed before heading to the bathroom.

"I switched your sheets out with ones from an unused bed," Jimmy confided. "I'll wash these while you get back to sleep."

Luke smiled and hugged the older boy. He wasn't used to being embraced and wasn't exactly sure what he should do. He put his hands out and simply patted the small boy on the head.

"Thanks a million," Luke added genuinely.

As he rinsed out the two sheets in the shower area, Jimmy spent the next few minutes trying to figure out why he had done it. Yes, he had wet his bed back at that age, but he could have just let it be. It wasn't like Luke was anything to him. A second cousin was hardly a big deal. Besides the kid was already dealing with the situation, just as Jimmy had done when he was 7. He just wasn't doing it effectively, but he guessed kids of that age never did.

The trouble with thinking about yourself is sometimes you come to a conclusion you don't like. Damien probably hadn't helped him with the cave thing because he wanted to assist his older brother. No doubt he had done it because he thought it would be fun to pull a prank on the twins. And Jimmy could hardly blame him. He had never really come to Damien's rescue, as he had just done with Luke. It was not as if there hadn't been loads of opportunities. He could think of half a dozen times he could have easily stepped in to help him. But each time he had hung his brother out to dry and just walked away. Rather depressing thoughts to contemplate as he made his way back to bed.

Any good-will Jimmy had built up with Luke did not prevent the younger boy from participating in the "wake-up Jimmy firing squad" the next morning. Getting up, Jimmy counterattacked with his pillow before surrendering to the inevitable. It was the official beginning of another day in exile. He didn't participate in the morning meeting, but he did pay more attention this time. Damien wanted to see how the milking machines worked and therefore he'd be working with the twins this morning in the big barn. Not the most appealing thought.

Of course, a delightful chore was waiting for him. Tom was overseeing it today, and just like they had agreed, Jimmy would be doing all the cow pie collecting himself. None of the others would lift a finger to help, except perhaps point out a spot he missed. Well, that was what was supposed to happen. But around 12:05 PM a squelch and burst of static blasted from Tom's walkie-talkie. All the boys carried one where ever they went on the farm. The Sullivan property was a cellular telephone dead zone and thus short-wave radios were the only way for Uncle Jack and Aunt Kate to keep in touch with the children. Of course, it also enabled the kids to speak to each other. This time it was Harry calling from the main house. He complained that Jimmy was holding up lunch because he was so slow at his chores. The call was sufficient incentive for Tom to pitch in at the last minute and help him finish the dirty job.

Jimmy found himself looking forward to swimming that afternoon. The heat was coming back as the day went on. He took his time eating and was the last to finish. Afterwards, he helped Fred with the cooler, though he wondered what his aunt would think about giving them a blanket if she knew what happened on it. Despite Fred's boast from the day before, he still couldn't imagine the parents just shrugging off the sexual activities of their sons.

Of course, that thought reminded him of the "card game" they played yesterday. Looking back on it now, it seemed like a dream. It was amusing really. He now knew what each of his older cousins' looked like down there. Junior and Tom were pretty much the same size when erect. Something over 5, but less than 6 inches, he guessed. Fred had a cock that was probably thicker than his, but not by much, and around the same length at 4-and–a-half inches. The same small crop of pubic hair as well. And the twins, well they were identical, dry shooters, and no pubes either. Just like Damien. It was certainly weird knowing all these facts about kids he hung with. He had known his best friend in New York, Mickey Bailey, his entire life, but couldn't even swear whether the kid had a cock or not. He had certainly never seen it. Life was certainly different here in South Carolina.

Jimmy rode with Fred to the swimming hole that afternoon on one of the ATVs. After the spanking, cave and card game incidents their relationship was still in a state of flux. But the New Yorker had decided to try and do all he could to improve things. It would be worth the effort to establish a decent rapport with his cousin. Fred was strong willed and stubborn, but honest and reliable at the same time. He was someone worth having in your corner if push came to shove.

The swimming hole was more crowded than the last time. A couple of kids were sunning themselves on the rocks, though most were in the water.

Ricky was there, easy to pick out with his blond hair. Fred reminded Jimmy that he needed to apologize for his poor word choice the previous day. Then he waved his friend over. Jimmy swallowed. Apologizing was something he never had a great deal of experience doing.

Ricky was wet from the waist down, his tight swimming trunks clinging to him in a very sexy way. Jimmy noticed the kid's chest was still dry, and as he got closer the reason became clear.

"How did that happen?" Fred demanded sounding very agitated.

Ricky raised a hand to his head and tried to brush some of his hair forward to cover a cut on the side of his face. There was no hiding the black eye though.

"My brother threw a book at me. I know what you're thinking, I have no idea where the book came from either. It's not as if the asshole can read."

"Bastard." Fred spewed out the word with enough venom in his voice that even Jimmy did a double-take at his cousin. "I suppose your dad didn't say anything?"

Jimmy tried to figure out how a book could both do that cut and leave a black eye, but his junior forensics couldn't quite make sense of it.

"I'm sure he will if he ever notices," Ricky said dismissively, his eyes shifting over to Jimmy.

Wanting to get the apology over and move away from the awkward moment Jimmy spoke up. "I hope your eye doesn't hurt. Ricky, I want to apologize for using the word "queer" last time. I was upset, but that's no excuse. I should never have said it, and I wish I hadn't. I know I made a bad impression, but I hope we can be friends." Jimmy looked over at Fred hoping to get a little assistance.

"He's trying to be less of an ass," Fred supplied. "I think he means it."

Jimmy had hoped for a little more support than that, but he could tell Fred was angry. At least it wasn't directed at him this time. Ricky considered the apology.

"Fred, if you don't mind, before I forgive your cousin could I talk to him in private?"

Fred grunted. "Fine."

"Thank you. Jimmy let's go for a walk. We've got stuff to jaw over. You and me," Ricky said as he stepped away and headed for the woods.

Jimmy didn't really want to follow the other boy, but he wasn't sure being around Fred was a good idea either. He followed the blond kid, falling into step next to him. The other boy didn't speak until they made it into the woods and putting some of the noise of the swimming hole behind them.

"I love Fred, but he'll be going bananas about this for a while. He hates my brother as it is, and I don't need to hear him saying how much he would pound the shit out of him for me." Ricky said rather flippantly.

"Could he?" Jimmy asked not sure what else to say.

"Probably not. My brother's almost 16. I don't doubt that Fred would try though. Fortunately, my brother isn't exactly welcome around here. He's pissed-off a lot of the local kids."

Jimmy tried to remember something one of the twins had said. Something about Ricky's brother being on a first-name basis with the sheriff. "He doesn't sound like a nice guy."

"He's not. Of course, if I wanted to talk about it, I wouldn't have left Fred behind. That cousin of yours can be like a knight in shining armor sometimes, but getting him wound up doesn't do any good. You know I saw you spying on us the other day." Ricky said switching the subject.

"I'm sorry about that too," Jimmy said. "I shouldn't have done that either."

"Yeah, I heard you were from New York City. Have to say I was surprised that you would say queer. I thought all you city folk were all accepting like." The sarcasm in Ricky's tone of voice was obvious.

"I'm genuinely sorry. The last couple of days have been very confusing. I just haven't been handling things well. I've been a jerk," Jimmy offered.

"Mmm, well I guess we all go through bad times. You know I'm gay. The way you said it, I won't lie, it did hurt a little. If you weren't Fred's cousin, I would have been busy trying to make your life as miserable as I could, especially 'round here at the swimming hole." Ricky paused for a second, letting the words sink in. "But maybe not! Us queers have to stick together."

Jimmy felt his stomach plunge to his feet and then break through the Earth's crust to head towards the core. "I'm not gay," he protested loudly

"Bisexual then or whatever. Just don't tell me you're straight. I saw you were hard. Not that I blame you; those twins are cuties."

Jimmy started to feel himself sweat and it wasn't because of the heat. "That was just because I've never seen anything like that. That's all it was."

Ricky stared at Jimmy who found it hard to meet the other boy's eyes. An uncomfortable silence fell between them.

After what seemed an age, Ricky said, "In the first grade, I gathered up a massive bouquet of dandelions. I gave them to Fred because that's what you do when you have a crush on someone in the first grade. Real corny, ah? Fred is unfortunately very straight, but he's not going to pass up some fun, and he is a good friend. For me, I knew I was gay before I knew what it meant."

Jimmy nodded, unsure of what he was supposed to say.

"All right, well maybe you are straight," Ricky allowed. "Of course, that just kind of pisses me off more. It would be one thing if you said it in a moment of confusion. However, since you aren't one of us." Ricky smiled as if offering Jimmy one last chance. "I'll accept your apology if you agree to apologize to every gay or bisexual person at the swimming hole and suck us off."

Jimmy laughed. "So, if I said I was bisexual, you would forgive me, but if I tell you I'm straight I need to do something for your forgiveness?"

Ricky gave a little nod. "Well, there's the whole spying on me thing too. You could have just asked to join in."

Jimmy wondered how many of the local kids identified as gay or bisexual. This was South Carolina after all. There couldn't be that many. But then he remembered that, according to Fred, Ricky was supposed to have a temper. He could imagine him getting everyone at the swimming hole to line up. However, that was only a fleeting thought. He was pretty sure Fred wouldn't be friends with somebody who would do that.

"All right, you have a deal. I'll do it, if you promise you'll give me a clean slate after this."

"Agreed! We have a deal. Wait here." Ricky announced before disappearing into the trees and heading back to the swimming hole.

Jimmy shook his head, not believing he was doing this. But as he waited, he realized it wasn't that different than what he had done to others. There had been boys in this group that managed to get on his bad side. He had forgiven them, but he had made them crawl for it. Like Jared Mateson. The kid didn't have a mean bone in his body, and they were only friends because the kid was a scion of an old New England money and political family. One time, Jimmy made him push Damien into the girl's bathroom and hold the door shut. He had hoped Damien would stand up for himself against someone like Jared Mateson. The experiment was a failure and Jared got a detention when a teacher came along. However, he also got Jimmy's forgiveness as well.

He was starting to think that maybe he had been abandoned in the woods when he saw a Ricky coming back accompanied by two boys. One was older than them, and the other was maybe around their age.

"Jimmy, I understand you haven't met your cousin yet. This is Dustin." He said gesturing to the older boy. Dustin was probably as big as Junior, but his face looked more accustomed to smiling. His shoulders were narrow too. He wondered if the boy was adopted or if it was just a mixed marriage. His skin was a nice brown color, but not from a tan.

"Hey yah, I guess it's a good thing we're kissing cousins."

"I have no idea what that means. I'm beginning to think I'll need to make a family tree to figure out my relationship with the people around here," Jimmy said.

"Oh, you can copy mine," Dustin answered smiling.

Jimmy looked over at the other boy. He was currently wet with his dark hair plastered to his head and only wearing a pair of swimming trunks and flip-flops. He was stocky, but not fat. He also had a cell phone in his hand which was making Jimmy a little nervous.

"And the other member of our little group here is Alex," Ricky said gesturing towards the other boy.

The kid raised the phone so that Jimmy could see.

"Hello, I'm Alex. Nice to meet you. I can't talk, but I can hear," said the message on the screen.

"Nice to meet you, Alex," Jimmy said reading the message. He was still nervous about some possible pictures, but felt too awkward to bring up that concern now. "So, it's just the three of you?"

"There's a fourth, but he doesn't want anyone to know yet," Ricky said with a shrug. "Before you ask, they're both bisexual. Just to a different degree."

"I would much prefer a girl, but if the right guy comes along, I'm not going to complain," Dustin said with a grin.

Alex typed something on the phone and this time a somewhat natural-sounding, but electric child's voice read the message, "I would prefer a boy, but girls aren't icky."

"So, you keep saying," Ricky said making a face.

Jimmy chuckled not expecting things to go this way. "All right, so Ricky says I have to suck all three of you?"

"Well, that is what he told us, but you know three guys that's a bit much. Now we may be cousins, but I don't exactly like what you said either. I'm willing to forgive. How about I give you a facial?" Dustin suggested.

Jimmy felt like he was going to regret asking. "What's a facial?" He knew what a facial was of course. His mom went to the beauty salon and got them all the time. But what it meant here, he had no idea.

"It's where I would shoot my load on your face. I make a lot. You can suck on the tip; that's my favorite part," Dustin said with a smile.

Jimmy couldn't even begin to figure out what to say to that. He shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever. I'm just going to try to get this over with."

Alex's phone spoke again. "Are you sure? I don't want to make you."

Jimmy looked at the other boy who seemed a little nervous. He guessed if he told Alex he didn't want to do it but just wanted to be forgiven, the boy would probably back out. However, that would be cowardly. "No, I just want to get on with it. Come on everyone drop your swimming trunks," he said, clapping his hands and rubbing them together like he was eager to get started.

"You might want to do the same, or at least take your shirt off. I would hate to stain it," Dustin said as he started to pull down his swimming trunks.

Taking the suggestion, Jimmy took off his shirt. Briefly, he thought about laying on the ground. However, one look down showed him how messy that would be, and he decided against it. So he knelt instead, and placed his neatly folded shirt on the back of his legs. But he kept his swimming trunks on. The vague thought of what was about to happen sent a little thrill through his system.

The other three boys were only wearing swim trunks, and they all stripped off together. Clearly public nudity was no big deal around here.

Jimmy was at perfect eye level to compare all of them. Alex didn't have any hair, and his thing looked a little small. Jimmy was far from being an expert, but it seemed that way. Like it was a size too small for the boy's body. However, Ricky and Dustin didn't fall into that category. Dustin's dick looked big, and being cut, it made his cockhead look massive. It reminded Jimmy of the clapper on a bell. Ricky was well different. The blond boy was playing with himself. Jimmy watched his dick getting bigger and bigger. He probably challenged Fred, even though he didn't have any pubic hair. The way the two had been talking he had assumed Ricky had some.

"I guess we'll go from right to the left," Jimmy said finding it hard to pull his eyes away from the three crotches.

Alex stepped forward even though he was on the opposite side. "Sure, we'll just use my right."

Since he was going to have to do all three, Jimmy didn't voice any objection. Alex was already hard and as Jimmy's mouth closed around it, it felt a lot like Bill's dick from yesterday. The only difference was the size. Jimmy moved his lips, so they were at the base of the other boy's cock. He was just about to start exploring with his tongue when he felt a pair of hands land on the back of his head. Without saying anything, Alex began to move his hips back and forth taking over the work. Not knowing what to do, Jimmy just concentrated on keeping his teeth behind his lips.

Every time Alex thrust forward, the boy from New York could feel the erection sliding against his tongue and then dragging backward between his lips. He found he had to apply a little pressure when Alex withdrew to keep his lips in place. The kid was getting excited, and Jimmy's nose was being pushed in with every thrust. It was merely annoying at first, but when Alex's hands began to tighten and pull his hair, Jimmy wanted to protest. However, he had no option but to continue, being held as he was. The kid was speeding up with each thrust and within minutes, the body in his face stopped moving. Then Alex exhaled loudly. He might not be able to speak, but he could certainly let you know he had reach orgasm.

Jimmy pulled his head back as Alex's hands let go of his hair. The boy was smiling and held out his hand for Ricky to give him his phone back. He took a moment to type something.

"Thank you, can I do you when you're done, to return the favor?"

Jimmy considered the offer for just a second. By the time he was done, he would have sucked three boys off. That wasn't a good ratio for him.

"Why not," Jimmy said, showing the message to the other boys. "Are you two going to owe me favors as well?" he asked looking at Ricky and Dustin. He remembered Fred mentioning favors from Ricky, but he had a feeling that wasn't exactly a tit-for-tat relationship.

The two boys shared a look, and Ricky shrugged. "I say no, because I'm forgiving you for being an ass."

Dustin chuckled and reached down to fondle himself. "For the sake of family togetherness, I'll say yes."

Satisfied with that Jimmy made a hurry-up motion. "All right, come on let's keep this moving. Next!" Faking enthusiasm made him feel like he had a bit more power in what was happening to him.

Ricky took Alex's position, but instead of reaching for Jimmy, he just crossed his arms and looked down. "Let's see what you can do."

Jimmy was tempted to get it over with, but there was a challenge in Ricky's voice and he decided a little surprise was in order. Ricky was uncircumcised, already hard, and the engorged head of his cock was peeled back. Jimmy decided not to go straight for that though and instead grabbed it with his left hand. He pulled back the foreskin revealing the head in its entirety before pushing it up against the boy's belly. Opening his mouth, he went for the smooth ball sack.

Jimmy remembered how nice it felt when Tom had licked him, and he did his best to follow his cousin's example. It wasn't too bad. The balls were still wet from swimming, even if they had been air drying now for a while. With no hair to get in the way, he even experimented a little sucking on one of the testicles and sliding it into his mouth. Judging by the sounds Ricky was making, it seemed to be going well. At least that was until Jimmy felt his own erection start to grow. With that happening, he let the ball drop from his mouth and pulled the hardon down, wrapping his fingers around the shaft. Ricky was leaking some pre-cum which made the tip glisten. Jimmy took it into his mouth without any more preamble. He raised himself up a little on his knees and slid down the shaft. But this cock was much bigger than those belonging to either Bill or Alex. He could feel it touch the back of his throat making him gag. He wanted to spit it out there and then, but he just pulled back a little.

It was much more of a mouthful. The other boys he had sucked so far had been able to slide in and out without any problem, but Ricky's member was pushing down like a tongue depressor. He moved it to one side and felt it pressing against his cheek. Not sure what to do he raised his chin up and pushed the cock against the roof of his mouth. Then he slowly let it slide out until just the very tip was inside. There was a little foreskin folding back over the head. He went down on it again allowing the erection to rub against the roof of his mouth and pushed downwards. This didn't generate any complaints, so Jimmy decided this was how he was going to do it.

Jimmy tried sucking faster like they did in the porn videos he watched, but they must have had some other techniques he thought. Maybe they even sped up the film. There was no way the New Yorker could do that without hurting his neck. Besides, it just wasn't comfortable. He tried a few more things like pressing on the cock at different spots. The place where the tip met the shaft seemed to be particularly sensitive it seemed.

"Jimmy I'm going to cum soon," Ricky said, his voice sounding a little strained.

Jimmy nodded and picked up the pace as best he could. He could feel his own erection pushing against his swim trunks and he was looking forward to having Alex's mouth around his own cock. But while he thought this, he kept going up and down letting Ricky's dick slide in as deep as it could go until just before the gag reflex was triggered. Then he sucked hard as it pulled out. With the kid as deep in his mouth as it would go, Ricky let out a yelp and released his load. The stuff that shot out tasted thick, sticky and strangest of all, salty. Jimmy wanted to throw up when he felt the cum gushing into his mouth, but Ricky had grabbed his head and held him in place. After a minute or so, the cock lost its erection and slipped out.

Jimmy was about to say something, but he could feel the stuff deep in his throat. He turned his head to spit a few times. But he couldn't get all the foul-tasting stuff out and he finally just swallowed the remainder.

"You can cum?" Jimmy accused.

"Yeah, almost a year now," Ricky said with a concerned look on his face. "I told you it was going to happen."

Jimmy gestured towards the other boy's crotch. "I thought you were dry because you don't have pubes."

Ricky reached down and jiggled his ball sack. "No, I just cut the hair. I'm trying to start a trend. Getting pubic hair in your teeth isn't fun."

"Yeah, but I didn't like when you shot in my mouth," Jimmy complained. "I didn't know it'd be like that."

Then he looked over at Dustin. "I don't want you doing that. Okay?"

"I promise not to shoot in your mouth," Dustin said slowly, as he wiggled his erection between two fingers making it look even more like a bell. "You up for this?"

"I guess! As long as I don't have to drink your cum. That was awful," Jimmy answered.

"All right, well just suck on the tip," Dustin chuckled, but didn't explain why. "I won't shoot in your mouth. I'm just going to hold and stroke it myself. You just play with the tip and stay there till I shoot. Okay?"

Jimmy wasn't sure what would be so appealing about this, but after Ricky, he was fine with keeping the stuff out of his mouth.

When Dustin was ready, the boy from New York leaned forward and stuck out his tongue, first licking the big head and then sliding forward a little more and taking just the tip into his mouth. The skin felt super smooth, and after the initial few seconds of just getting used to it, Jimmy started to let his tongue explore. He let it slide down one side of the head and under before going up the other side and then around. In what Jimmy thought was a rather daring moment, he let the tip of his tongue slide down the little slit where pee and cum came out.

The whole time Dustin was rubbing his shaft with his right hand like he was jerking off. Jimmy could sense and feel the pre-cum. It didn't have a taste, but it was oozy and slippery. He began sliding the tip of the cock around a little harder. He started with a small clock-wise motion. After working on this third boy, Jimmy was beginning to feel uncomfortable. His knees were hurting, and his tongue was tired. But within minutes, Dustin pulled back and the boy's large cock-head pulled out of Jimmy's mouth with a popping sound.

"Tilt your head back, and close your eyes," the bigger boy demanded urgently.

Jimmy did as he was told. He squinted his eyes shut as tightly as he could and seconds later, felt something land on his cheek. It was thick, and the twelve-year-old could feel some of it start to run down his face towards his jawline. A second and third shot came out just as quickly, one landed right over his eyes, while the third landed next to his nose. After that, there were a few more drips that landed on his lips. Jimmy tilted his head forward a little when he felt some of it heading towards his nose.

Then Dustin stepped back, and Jimmy wasted no time wiping away the mess, as best he could, with his forearm. He could feel the sticky substance on his arm and across his face. He didn't want to open his eyes until he brushed the area with his fingertips.

Worse still was the rage that was building inside. Jimmy knew he had a temper and it had got him into trouble before. His recent fight with Fred was a prime example. But this time he knew his rage was justified. These country assholes were abusing him because he was attempting to apologize for a bad word. He was sorry he called Ricky a "queer," but what they made him do as punishment was way out of proportion with that. He now understood what a facial was, and he never would have agreed to do it if he'd known. He was right the first time. These country bumkins were all sick queers and he was far better off having nothing to do with them.

"You're a prick Dustin," yelled Jimmy. "That was even worse than what Ricky did. And I never did anything to you."

Dustin chuckled, but it was forced. "I'm sorry, I always wanted to do that. But Ricky always told me no."

"Ricky said no, but you thought you could do your sick sexual fantasy on some stranger in town. Someone trying to apologize for calling a spade a spade. Yes, Ricky you are a fucking queer. I was right the first time. And Dustin you're worse. A real sick freak. Calling you an asshole queer would be too kind. Maybe the adults in this part of the country are so inbred that doing this stuff with boys is normal around here. But it's not normal where I come from."

Jimmy wiped his face again, stood up and raced away from the three boys and back to the swimming hole. He dived in and swam under the water from one side of the pond to the other washing his face as best he could as he went. When he got out at the other side he saw Tom, Junior and a bunch of their friends playing on the rope swings. They all stopped and stared at him. It was obvious to even the most obtuse boy there was something wrong with the city kid. But Jimmy didn't see the sympathy and concern in the eyes of some of the boys. He just saw two guys laughing at some private joke, and assumed they were laughing at him.

"All you guys around here are assholes and queers," he yelled at them. Then he ran down the hill to the "carpark" jumped on one of the Sullivan family ATVs and drove himself back towards the farm. If this contraption could have made it all the way to New York, he would have gone there. He wasn't experienced enough to drive like Fred, so he took it slowly. Besides, he was too upset to care about showing off.

"Jimmy, stop!" Tom ordered, but the city boy ignored him. Jimmy Bukland had had enough of kids from South Carolina for one day – in his view – enough for the rest of his life.

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