Cow Pies and Country Cousins

by Charles Well and Sam The Ham

Chapter 6

Fun and Games

Just as Harry and Bill were about to run off, the boys heard a splash and a gasp for air. They shined their flashlights over to the stream and saw Jimmy swimming towards them. He was dressed only in white underwear and had a flashlight attached to his right arm with a black band.

"You're right Fred," Jimmy panted as he pulled himself out of the stream. "It's much harder getting back into the caves than getting out. So where have you guys been? It took you long enough to get here."

Jimmy stared at Fred innocently. He knew exactly what he had done and the minutes of panic he had caused them.

Damien started laughing and just couldn't stop. Eventually, he dropped the flashlight he was carrying and fell on the ground in fits of giggles.

"I don't understand. How did you know?" said Fred open-mouthed.

The twins looked equally astounded.

Jimmy explained. "Remember when Tom took Damien and me back into the main house to get more flashlights?"

None of the three Sullivan boys remembered that. They had been too busy plotting to have noticed.

"Tom! That asshole," Fred screamed when he realized the implication.

"Yeah, well. He told us what you would probably try to do. Apparently, you've done it to other guys."

"That's right," said Tom loudly as he emerged from the tunnel with Junior, Luke and Stevie in tow. "You see, you guys haven't spoken to Jimmy much at all. Not your fault really, as he hasn't exactly gone out of his way to be friendly. But he told me he feels real bad about getting you whopped by dad. He lied at first, but later he told me it was him that threw the first punch in that fight you had. He's agreed to clean out the cow pens by himself for the rest of the week as his punishment. But I knew you wouldn't be satisfied with that and you'd seek revenge some other way. So when the idea of coming to the caves was raised, I guessed what you'd try to do and I spoke to the cousins. The truth is Jimmy is a very strong swimmer. He's on the Junior Varsity swim team at his school, and he said he could easily hold his breath for over 5 minutes if he needed to."

"Tom gave me the waterproof flashlight," said Jimmy, holding it up for all to see.

"But why help them and not your own brother?" Fred complained.

"Well, it takes two to fight. You were both guilty of that. And you have both been punished. Jimmy's punishment is just drawn out more. But I wanted to stop a tit-for-tat feud breaking out between you two. The cousins are staying with us for now, and we all need to learn to get along."

A still very wet and now shivering Jimmy went over to Fred and held out his hand. "I know I've made a terrible impression on you so far. But I hope we can start over again. I know I can be a prick at times, but I'll do my best to change. Can we press the reset button?"

Fred looked around at all the other boys, and shook the offered hand. "But I'll still call you a prick if you act like one," he said. And everyone laughed.

It was raining by the time the boys left the caves. It wasn't heavy rain, but a typical afternoon thunderstorm so common in this part of the country in summer after days of hot and humid weather. Still, it was a solid steady rain that completely soaked everything within minutes. By the time the boys made it back to the farm, Jimmy's shirt was clinging tight to his chest and water was dripping in a steady stream down his back and into his underwear. These were already causing serious discomfort after his little swim in the caves, and the added water was making it worse. Besides, riding ATVs in the rain was never a great idea. Every boy, from 5-year-old Stevie to 15-year-old Tom, was completely caked in mud.

Jimmy could hear thunder in the distance as they parked the ATVs in the machine shed. Tom explained that they would all need to be washed later. But no one wanted to do that just now. They made their way back to the bunkhouse in a group and everyone started to undress right away. The casual nudity was something Jimmy was still struggling with. But as Tom said, he'd get used to it. He definitely wasn't going to wait around in his wet and muddy clothes while the others showered. It was time to bite the bullet and get it over with. He peeled off his clinging wet clothes in the main bunkhouse area and dumped them on the floor. He would need to collect them later and take them to the laundry at the back of the main house. "I'm not your maid," Aunt Kate was very fond of saying. At the Sullivan farm, chores were not limited to just farm work. Every boy was responsible for their own stuff and required to clean up any mess they made. Then there were the household duties around the bunkhouse. Sweeping, dusting, and worst of all bathroom duties such as scrubbing the shower area and the toilets. Even little Stevie was required to help and was theoretically responsible for taking his own clothes to be washed. But he got loads of reminders from Tom who quickly got on his case if the little guy got slack.

Now completely naked and carrying his towel, Jimmy made his way into the bathroom and headed to one of the shower heads closest to the wall. Just as he got the water to a decent temperature, everyone else came in to the bathroom. Tilting his head up towards the shower head, Jimmy let the warm water run across his face. He washed his hair as the others turned on the showers. He felt somebody brush against him.

"Jimmy, are you going to head into the house or stick with us for the party?" Fred asked.

Jimmy opened his eyes and tilted his head to look at Fred. "I'm still not sure what a party is. Nobody explained it to me."

Fred leaned over. "It'll be like going into the woods. I remember how you reacted to that, but like you said before, you have a chance for a fresh start."

Jimmy swallowed. "I don't know." He still found it a little hard to imagine that all the sex stuff was done so freely. There was no way all his cousins were gay, but maybe it wasn't that simple. It wasn't like they were kissing or anything like that. Did that make it better or worse?

Suddenly there was a shout. "Get him!" Fred yelled.

For a brief second, Jimmy thought they were referring to him. Fortunately, the commotion centered around the other shower tree. Through the growing steam he could see a naked 5-year-old Stevie at the far corner shower. Junior and the twins fanned out in front of the small boy and were ready to pounce. In a blur of flesh, Stevie darted forward and slipped right between his brother's legs. Junior tried to grab him, but only got a hold of an ankle. Stevie had already deliberately covered himself in soap, and quickly slipped through the grasping hands. Then, quick as a flash, the little boy was on his feet and managed to elude the others who tried to grab him. Unfortunately, this caused him to walk backwards, straight into Tom's outstretched hands.

"I've got you!" yelled the 15-year-old.

"No, my mud!" Stevie screamed as Tom turned him to face the shower head just has the twins descended upon him to help clean the squirming boy.

Fred chuckled. "Hey, Luke do you want to go for a round?"

"I'm too big to play that," Luke announced.

"Is your little brother like that?" Fred said turning back towards Jimmy as he started to wash off his shoulders.

"Like what?" Jimmy asked not sure of the question.

"Always trying to act older."

"I don't think so," he said, never having thought of his brother as mature. But Jimmy would have to admit his cousins had a very different relationship with each other than he had with his own brother. "Do they do that every time? I'm surprised nobody has cracked their head open."

"Not every day, but a lot. Luke used to like to do it too, but when Stevie moved in two months ago, he decided he was too big for it. But he likes the thrill of the chase."

Jimmy had no idea what to say to that. Another thought briefly occurred to him though. He had just been staring at several naked boys and hadn't even thought of it. Well, he wasn't gay. Just curious. He latched onto that thought as he finished rinsing the soap from his body.

Unsure of what to do, he grabbed his towel, dried himself quickly, and made his way back into the main bunkhouse area.

Damien and the twins were the next to emerge. They burst from the door in a mass of moving limbs and ducking pearly white bottoms. They were totally engaged in battle, busily flicking towels at each other's butts. Clearly, the little trick in the caves hadn't put a dent in their friendship at all.

None of the three kids even noticed him and Jimmy took the opportunity to look at his brother. Neither had seen each other naked for years, but here they both were in all their natural glory. However, there was something more than just that for Jimmy. He looked over at his brother and, for the first time, he felt uncertain. In truth, his emotions towards the kid were in turmoil. The only thing he could compare it to was from a story he read for a Social Studies project he did last year about the fall of the Berlin Wall. The book explained that there were some people in East Germany who had a strong unshakable faith in the Communist economic system their entire lives. But they woke up one day in November 1991 and discovered everything they believed was false. That was what Jimmy was starting to feel. He thought he understood Damien and the kid's place in the world, but now he wasn't sure. The whole situation was most unsettling.

The trick he and Damien played on Fred and the twins was really the first time they had ever really planned and executed something together. When Tom warned them what he thought might happen, Jimmy doubted whether Damien had the balls to convincingly pull off such a scheme. But he was wrong. It appeared his little brother had not only played his part as required, but had seriously convinced the Sullivan boys that Jimmy would get himself in trouble. As a result, the plan had been a major success. Not only that, it was clear that Damien had settled in to the situation the brothers were now in, far better than him. That hadn't seemed important at first. He wasn't a country boy and unlike John Denver, he would certainly never be thanking God he was one now. But here he was. Forced to live on a remote farm in the middle of nowhere, South Carolina and no expiration date in sight. What he did remember though, was the advice his father gave. "When life throws you a curve ball, you adapt quickly or you perished. That's why innovators lead and the rest follow." He had always taken that lesson to heart. That's why Jimmy was used to being the popular kid, and the top dog wherever he was. He adapted. But he hadn't done that here. Not yet anyway and he was ashamed to admit it.

From the very first day here, it was Damien who had made friends. The twins already treated him as part of the family, and he fell into line with the way they did things round here. Even the sex stuff, and Jimmy would never have guessed that in a million years. Damien had also befriended other kids at the swimming hole and seemed accepted and popular. And then there was Damien's relationship with the Sullivan dogs. That was almost inexplicable. No way was Jimmy a dog person in any sense of the word, but in less than a few days his little brother had won the devotion of the Maremma sheepdogs Peter, Paul, Mary, Wendy and the four little puppies. These were working dogs, not pets. But even Uncle Jack had commented at lunchtime that day how extraordinary it was for the animals to take to a total stranger so quickly.

Perhaps the twins, the dogs, and all the others had sensed Damien's natural serenity, his relaxed manner, his openness, and generosity of spirit. Jimmy had always considered these traits as weaknesses to be exploited. But he could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time. Like the people in East Germany, maybe he needed to revise his assessment of his kid-brother. After all, it was Damien who had adapted quickly and established popularity. Life is so confusing Jimmy concluded, but he would learn from his mistakes. That was another bit of advice his father gave.

The other boys came out slowly in ones and twos, finished drying themselves, and put on underwear. The last two were Tom and Stevie, the latter completely wrapped like some Egyptian mummy in several towels.

"All right, time for everyone who's not partying to go," Junior announced several minutes later.

"Can't I stay?" Luke asked.

"You're too little Luke, we barely let the twins stay," Tom said. "Come on, remember our deal Luke."

The young boy looked a little crestfallen, but finished getting dressed and headed to the front door without saying another word. He was quickly followed by his little brother who seemed to be a bit more cheerful about leaving. The two of them ran to the house with the rain coming down considerably harder now. There was a roll of thunder just as they reached the back door.

Junior went around the bunkhouse closing all the curtains and the others congregated on the lower bunk-beds in the central area.

"Jimmy, are you going to stick around or go?" Tom asked.

Jimmy smiled a little. "I'm still not sure what you guys are going to be doing. I'm open to it, but I kind of want to know, exactly." He looked over at Damien who was sitting in his underwear on the bed next to Harry. Apparently, his kid-brother had already made his decision. Yes, he had seriously underestimated Damien.

"Well we do different things, but today we're playing the card game," said Fred picking up a deck of cards.

"It's a bit like truth or dare, only better," said Bill smiling. "Basically, we all draw cards, and the lowest card loses and has to do a dare given by the guy with the highest card. The only other thing we change is the ace is now a 1, and all face cards become a 10."

"Doesn't that mean there's going to be a lot of ties?" Jimmy asked.

Harry answered. "That's the great part of the game. If two or more people draw the same card, they automatically lose. If somebody has a queen of diamonds and someone else pulls a jack of hearts, both lose. Same thing if there're two sixes or any other number."

Jimmy nodded. "I think I have it. But it doesn't really sound like the game's about winning."

"It's not," Tom supplied. "It's just the way of randomly doing things. Everyone gets an even chance of winning every round. Are you in, or do you want to go to the house?"

Jimmy considered the question. He could easily guess at the type of dares that would be demanded. His stomach was doing more than a few flip-flops at the prospect. Still, he had made some progress with his cousins after the cave incident and didn't want to jeopardize that.

"What if I don't want to do something? For whatever reason," he asked casually.

"Then you're out of the game," Fred said. "It's just fun."

"All right, I'll give it a try then."

The seven boys, clad only in their underwear, formed a circle on the floor. Jimmy found himself between Tom and Fred with Damien sitting between the two twins and Junior was leaning against his bunk. Tom started to deal out the cards, seven to each of them and put the three remaining ones aside.

Jimmy looked at each card as it was dealt, but couldn't figure out any strategy to put them in a logical order. He had a queen and a ten, and he knew, according to the rules of this game, such cards meant he was going to lose at least some of the time. He put them all in a pile, face down in front of him as the others did. Then each boy turned over their first card.

Jimmy's first card was a 5, which was low. But Fred and Harry both pulled 2s. Damien was the only one to draw a 10 and he erupted in giggles. There were a few snide comments as everyone realized Damien had won the first round.

"Um... I dare you to..." Damien trailed off before Bill leaned over and whispered something into his ear. "I dare you both to do a helicopter for 30 seconds," he said, almost like a question clearly not knowing what it was.

Fred and Harry stood up at the same time and both lowered their underwear to their ankles before stepping out of them. Tom looked up at the clock before saying, "Now."

Simultaneously Harry and Fred started to swing their hips in a circular motion. Jimmy looked on in amazement as their soft cocks started to spin around like the rotors of two helicopters ready to take off. As Bill had said, Harry had no hair, and Fred, only a little. The two boys continued to spin their hips for the full 30 seconds before Tom called time. Then both boys sat back down, not bothering to re-dress.

There were a few comments back and forth, all good-natured joking. Jimmy found his face feeling quite warm and avoided looking at the two naked boys.

"See, not so bad," Fred said.

"Yeah," Jimmy agreed. "I thought you got all your hair at the same time."

"What? Oh, you mean my armpits?" Fred said. "I shave those off. It keeps me from sweating so much."

Jimmy nodded, and when the next round started, he was momentarily happy pulling an ace. But then he remembered that aces were in fact counted as a 1 in this game. Bill had pulled a king, and even though he looked around, Jimmy didn't see any other tens.

Bill's smile stretched ear-to-ear as he took an exaggerated thinking pose. "Okay, Jimmy, since it's your first time I'll go easy on you. Come over here and drop your underwear. I want to play with you for a minute."

All eyes fell on Jimmy, and for a few seconds, he just sat there frozen. At least that's how it seemed to him. But he stood up slowly and made his way over to the other boy. He briefly glanced over at Damien who was sitting next to the winner of this round. He smiled, despite the flip-flopping of his stomach and said casually.

"Alright, just don't be frightened by the size." There were a few laughs as Jimmy pulled his underwear down to just above his knees.

Harry scooted back a little behind his brother to get a better view and Jimmy noticed Damien's eyes gawking, never having seen him like this before. 'Well, Jimmy thought to himself, the old saying, 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do,' applies equally to South Carolina.

He had never compared himself to others down there. His brief look at his brother with the twins at the swimming hole quickly faded from memory. And the image of Fred and Ricky was confused in his mind.

Bill sat back on his knees to get a better look at his prize. Jimmy was pleased there were no comments about him being small. He didn't honestly think he was. But it was not a topic he had ever really considered. However, here, in the situation he was now in, as six others sets of eyes meticulously examined his most private place, a guy's mind can't help but to contemplate the possibility. Whatever Bill's views were about the adequacy of Jimmy's equipment, they were never expressed. The country cousin was already taking things to the next level. Jimmy nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the twin's hand touch him. As his balls were tenderly caressed, it took considerable effort not to slap the hand away. But then Bill refocused yet again, and started running his fingers through Jimmy's pubic hair.

"Very thin," Bill commented.

Jimmy wondered if he was talking about his shaft, but then realized the kid was probably referring to his pubic hair that was only recently developing beyond a few stragglers. Bill played with some of the longer black curly hair between two of his fingers as if testing their length. Then the 11-year-old cousin began caressing the cock itself before starting to flick it back and forth. Jimmy stiffened in both senses of the words. He clenched his butt cheeks so tightly together he could have cracked a walnut between them. However, it was his dick that he was more concerned about. As Bill moved his fingers back and forth, he could do nothing to prevent it getting harder. It was embarrassing and doubly so, as Bill started to giggle.

"Time," Tom called out.

Bill's hands immediately dropped away, and for a brief second, Jimmy wanted them to come back. He quickly came to his senses though, and pulled up his underwear. He was hard as a rock as he moved back to his small stack of cards.

"You might as well leave them off," Fred suggested before Jimmy could sit back down.

But he ignored him, and flipped over the next card on top of the deck. It was a queen. A quick look around revealed a few other face cards.

"Lucky 7," Tom said before adding, "Bill, Jimmy, and Junior, why don't you all stand up and remove your underwear for the rest of the game. Then put your hands behind your heads and stand with your feet shoulder-length apart. Anyone who didn't lose can get a good two minutes of groping."

This was so gay Jimmy thought, but he couldn't say no. He didn't want to look like a coward and lose any respect he had gained. Still, in the back of his mind, there was a little voice that seemed to be thrilled at the prospect. Between the two voices in his head, he couldn't produce one of his own. Standing up, he did as instructed, letting his underwear drop down to his ankles before stepping out of them. Then he assumed the position Tom had directed.

He looked at his two companions. Bill was hairless and his dick was a little hard. He didn't have the excuse Jimmy had for that. Junior was the one that really caught his eye though. Now that Jimmy was looking at him naked without any concealing steam, he could see he was powerful. Those muscles just couldn't be from the farm. He wondered if Junior did any sports, but those thoughts were cut off as he felt Fred's hands pinch his butt.

"Hey!" Jimmy bitched.

"You're not supposed to move," Fred responded this time just letting the palm of his hand slide over his cousin's butt.

Jimmy worried that Fred might be tempted to get a little revenge for the spanking and give him a few whacks. But in the end, he didn't complain as the other boy didn't do anything but caress his butt. Weird, but he could live with it. Instead, he tried to concentrate on what was happening in front of him. Surprisingly, Harry and Damien hadn't gone to Bill. Instead, they had chosen to focus on Junior. Tom had gone over to Bill and had managed to produce a laugh from the younger boy. Jimmy wasn't sure how. But he was sure this was the longest two minutes of his life.

Tom finally called it, and Jimmy sat down, his erection now poking out in front. There was no point in concealing it. Everyone else seemed to have evidence of a boner themselves. He felt his face flush as his erection brushed up against his calf muscles in front of his crossed legs.

The next card Jimmy flipped over was a 9, and he smiled confidently. He would finally win, but then he heard some chuckles.

"Jimmy you're not having much luck today," Harry said pointing at Damien's card, which was also a nine.

Junior called out, "All right losers, on your feet. I want you to pair off. I think it's past time your balls get some attention. You're each going to take a turn to do some licking and sucking of your partner's balls. And I best not see your lips away from them for more than a second. If I do, then your ass is going to get a good smack."

Jimmy flinched, not wanting to do that with his brother, but Damien quickly paired off with Bill who had pulled an 8.

Fortunately, Tom had also drawn an 8, and thus became the fourth loser in this round. The older boy walked over to Jimmy giving him a friendly smile.

"You want to back out?"

He shook his head without thinking. His heart was pounding, his palms felt sweaty, and his feet were literally starting to grow cold, but he didn't want to stop. Then he realized Tom was going to have pubic hair. Now that he looked closely, there was a lot of it. He felt a little sick at that.

"You're holding things up," Junior called out, looking at his New York cousin.

Before Tom could say anything, Jimmy dropped to his knees just wanting to get this part over with. He tried not to think about what he was doing, but didn't realize, by kneeling, he had placed himself at perfect eye level for viewing Tom's crotch. The oldest boy was between that stage of soft and hard. His cock looked plump, but still hung downwards. However, Jimmy only had a few seconds to appreciate the sight before Junior called,


Pushing his head forward Jimmy got a whiff of the musty smell from the freshly washed pubic hair. It felt kind of coarse against his face, but not as rough as he would have thought. His tongued lightly across the right ball and although Jimmy wanted to pull away, he remembered Junior's threat of a spanking and kept his face there. He slowly moved his mouth down until he found an almost bare spot where he could more easily lick. His nose was still firmly in the hair, and the smell really wasn't that bad. Tom had just showered with the rest of them a few minutes before. However, when Junior call time, Jimmy pulled away quickly and realized there was something else that wasn't too appealing about what he had been doing. He made an exaggerated face as he felt a pubic hair attached to his lip. Removing it, he must have looked thoroughly disgusted because both Junior and Fred laughed outrageously.

Unattended, Jimmy's own penis was still hard as ever. He stood up and swapped places with Tom, allowing the older boy to take up his former position. Jimmy wasn't sure what to expect, and when Junior yelled, "Go," he braced himself.

Tom's tongue was big and wet. He could feel it sliding along his balls, but in contrast, the older boy's lips were soft as they slowly opened and closed almost kissing his testicles. He let out a little moan, not caring if his brother was giving or receiving now. There was no way any of this would ever come back to the city with them. He could feel his balls start to retract becoming tighter, or maybe it was just Tom's mouth pushing them around. Whatever it was, it ended too soon, and Jimmy sat down in a dizzy haze.

The next card Jimmy had was a 4. He felt slightly disappointed, not low enough to lose or high enough to win. If he was honest with himself, he wasn't exactly sure which one he wanted now.

Bill and Fred both had 6's and Tom was the winner. The two boys had to rub their butts together until Bill had to stand up saying he had a cramp. It was kind of funny to watch him dance around rubbing his butt, dick flopping around. He eventually stopped in front of Harry and stuck his butt in his twin's face telling him to kiss it to make it better. For a second Jimmy thought the other twin was going to do it, but instead, he slapped Bill's bare butt cheeks hard. That caused everyone to erupt in laughter again.

But Bill had the last laugh as he won the next round with a measly 6. Harry had a queen and Junior a king. With the rules of this game the way they were, Jimmy's 10 added him to the loser group.

Bill smiled. "Oh, what a hat-trick I have here. Let's see what should I do, what should I do?"

"Bill," Tom said with a warning tone.

"Relax, I'm not going to do anything too bad," Bill said waving a hand dismissively. "All right, since there are three of you, you're each going to get a turn with my cock," he said, gesturing at his crotch. "One of you can use his hands for one minute another can use his mouth for a minute, and the third can use his feet for one minute. Well, unless you can make me cum. I don't care about the order."

"Aren't you still firing blanks?" Junior asked as he stepped forward. Jimmy was still trying to figure out how the hell you could use your feet when the older boy grabbed Bill and pulled his brother's dick forward with enough force to drag the boy along with it.

"Bad touch! Bad touch!" Bill screamed in a false pleading tone as Junior quickly sat down and finished his minute of time with a more gentle jerking motion.

"What does he mean by feet? How on earth can you use your feet?" Jimmy asked, directing the question at Tom, but Harry answered.

"I'll show you. Do it like this," the second twin said. Before Jimmy even realized what was happening, Harry was on his back and had his feet up in the air.

"Hold on!" Bill ordered before grabbing his brother's ankles and dragging him along the floor until they reached one of the bunkbeds, and he sat down. Then Jimmy watched as the toes went to work. Using both feet, the younger twin used his big toes to rub the other boy's shaft. He did this for a little while, before separating his big toe from the others and using the gap between them to capture the other boy's pole and slowly start to jerk it up and down.

Jimmy watched on in amazement until "time" was called. He wanted to ask a million questions, but he noticed everyone was staring at him. He realized it was now his turn. Bill had demanded hand, foot and mouth action. And only one was left. He had been played. Just as he had played Fred back in the caves. Junior and Harry had done the easy things. Even without looking up, he was sure Junior was smiling. Well, Jimmy had gone too far today to back out now. He wasn't going to give the others the satisfaction.

Without saying a word, he walked over to Bill, pushed the younger boy's legs apart, and knelt down. A million thoughts raced through his brain. One voice inside his head screamed, "No, run for the door now." But another demon inside there urged "Yes!" And he remembered watching Fred doing something similar in the forest and Fred wasn't gay. He was too good a fighter for that. And Ricky gave the best blowjobs according to Fred. Wouldn't you return the favor for a friend the kid had asked. Such thoughts and rationalizations thundered back and forth through his mind like wild horses running free. Jimmy opened his mouth and descended on Bill's cock. In the end it was the notion that he wasn't going to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing him chickening out now that forced him into action.

He didn't need to open his lips very wide. Just enough to slip the penis into his mouth. It was a stiff little thing, and it pushed his lips back over his teeth as he went down the shaft. He tried not to think about Harry's dirty feet that had just been there. Once he had the thing in his mouth, he wasn't entirely sure what to do. He tried to pull his head back up like in the videos he had seen, but his teeth briefly brushed up against Bill's cock. The younger boy jumped a little, and Jimmy realized his mistake. Quickly bringing his lips back up to cover his teeth, he used the tip of his tongue to probe the head.

It was strange, soft and hard at the same time. Jimmy could push it down with his tongue, but there seem to be a layer of resistance deeper down that allowed him to go no further. When he released the pressure, Bill moaned. Jimmy began probing and soon found a spot the other boy seemed to like. His tongue flicked across the organ, faster and faster, and just as his tongue was about to give out, Bill thrust forward, spasming almost uncontrollably. As no one had called "time," Jimmy stayed where he was until the penis in his mouth slowly started to go soft.

After what must have been closer to five minutes, not one, Jimmy sat back upright. His own dick was still as hard as ever, he noticed. It was almost painfully hard now. He looked over at Bill whose face was almost as red as a tomato. Then there was a spattering of applause and Jimmy turned his head to see everyone else watching him intently. He guessed he shouldn't have been surprised by that, but there was no mockery in the applause or in their faces. He gave them all a shy smile.

"Is he any good Bill?" Fred asked.

The eleven-year-old thought for a second before giving a little nod. "I've had better, but I've had worse. I think I was on a hair trigger, but you did push me over the edge Jimmy."

Strangely, he felt proud of that and he wasn't sure what to say.

"You going to play in the next round or are you out?" Junior asked wanting to get back to the game.

"Yeah there's only one round left." Bill replied walking back to the single card he had left on the floor. Jimmy did likewise and the small circle of boys was reformed. The New York City boy looked around at the faces of the others. This had to be the weirdest game he'd ever played, but he was glad he'd stayed.

Jimmy flipped over his last card - it was a 4. He looked around to see where he might have landed. Then he did a double take, not believing what he saw. Bill, Tom, Harry, and Fred had all pulled the equivalent of a 10 and Junior had another 4. That left Damien the winner, as he held up a 5 for everyone to see. He started laughing uncontrollably.

"I have no idea what to do. Like seriously, all of you lost?" said the boy after he had control of his mirth.

"Okay, here's what will happen," said Tom looking around the group. "I don't think any of us want to go another round. How about Damien gets to pick who's going to get off with who?"

Damien waited almost like he was expecting an objection, but then nodded. "Okay, well let's see. Bill is not hard, so I guess I'll take him and Harry. And I think Fred should go with Junior and Jimmy you can go with Tom."

For a brief second, Jimmy was disappointed that they weren't going to deal the cards again, but on the other hand, he really did want to get off. He had to resist the urge to stroke his dick. He didn't want to do that in front of the others. Not that such concerns had worried his cousins. He had seen every one of them jerking away at times. But Jimmy hadn't needed to do that to keep himself hard. It was just staying that way by itself. He looked over at Tom and swallowed.

"That seems fair enough," Harry responded. "Let's try that sword fighting thing Damien."

Jimmy's mind was still analyzing. He figured Damien had probably paired them off as best as he could.

The boys paired off. Harry and Damien took control of one of the beds and Bill announced he was going to be the referee. Fred and Junior didn't say anything. Junior just laid down where he was, and Fred got on top of him, facing the opposite direction, so they both had access to the other's erections and started doing a 69. Jimmy had heard the term used by kids at school, and now he understood the meaning.

He watched as Tom came over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"You want to get off with me?" the 15-year-old asked.

Jimmy cast his eyes around the room again before laughing nervously. "I don't know what to do."

"Well if you're up for it, I could show you how to do a hot dog," Tom suggested.

The name told Jimmy everything he needed to know. "I take it my cheeks are the buns?"

"You are a clever boy. Can I go first? You know, just to make sure you understand."

Jimmy smiled and let Tom take him by the arm and lead him over to one of the empty bunk beds the Sullivans reserved for when friends slept-over. Part of this just didn't feel real to Jimmy. He had done so many things in such a short time that he had never imagined before. It was like his brain was in overload.

"Lie face down on the bed," Tom ordered.

Jimmy did as he was told. He felt Tom slowly lay down, resting most of his weight onto Jimmy's butt. Then he felt the other boy's dick slip between his cheeks. He could feel Tom's pubic hair as he slowly started to move back and forth going up and down Jimmy's crack. It was something he had never imagined or even seen online.

The boy from New York was not a complete innocent, and he understood why it might feel good for Tom, and he enjoyed it too. It was something he couldn't explain. When Tom started to move, Jimmy couldn't help but push back a little raising his butt up, spreading his cheeks a little more, and feeling greater pressure on his anus. He wondered whether the older boy would try to push his cock inside, but he didn't. As Tom started to move faster, Jimmy felt himself grunting. He was starting to get that tingling in his crotch, like when he masturbated. The feeling started to creep up his erection.

Tom was moving very fast now, and Jimmy wasn't sure if he felt sweat on his lower back or whether it was something else. The feeling was not repulsive. Slowly he moved one of his hands down sliding it under his stomach, letting his hand sink downwards until he felt his hard dick, and he squeezed.

He had just wanted to tease himself. But he must have been about to climax because he felt his warm seed shoot as an orgasm suddenly overwhelmed him. Unconsciously he bucked his hips up a little, clenching his butt cheeks. That little extra friction was enough to push Tom over the edge, and Jimmy felt something warm land on his lower back. Then Tom slid backwards and shot another load onto one of his butt cheeks.

Surprised by his orgasm, Jimmy was unsure what to do. He brought his hand out to look at the little mess he had made. His stuff still didn't look like the sperm he had seen in the sex videos. Curiosity got the better of him and he reached around to his back and scooped up some of the liquid Tom had deposited. It was rapidly spreading there. He brought his hand back around and examined the white sticky goo he held between his thumb and forefinger. Yes, this was definitely like the stuff in the porn he had watched all those times. Then the oddness of the situation struck him. This was another boy's cum on his fingers. Maybe it was because he had just had his own orgasm, but right now, he wasn't at all repulsed by the idea.

Note: Sam the Ham, who wrote the card game section of this chapter, wanted readers to know that he actually played the game out. (all alone he claims!). He dealt out seven cards and randomly assigned them to characters. He explains,

"Damian really was that lucky. In fact, the initial time I did it, he won the first five hands. So I shuffled the cards again and dealt them out one more time. The results are in the story."

That same day – Somewhere in New York

"That son of a bitch!" screamed Michael Giordano. "What records will he have?"

"The setup of our newest laundry operation," answered Anthony Salvatore. "I'm pretty sure he won't have access to individual transactions or businesses, but he has the big picture. If the Feds get their hands on that stuff, they'll have a watertight IRS and money laundering case against you."

"That son of a bitch!" Giordano repeated, more softly this time. "How long since they disappeared?"

"We're not sure. But less than a day we think."

"That chicken-shit son of a prick. Why didn't he call me?"

"He's probably more afraid of you than of the Colombians," Salvatore suggested.

"Yeah well, let's prove him right to be scared. Find the son of a bitch. And find his family."

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