Life in the Morning Wood Zone

by Biff Spork

Chapter 6

Nevada is so happy I'm finally becoming a vegan he soon has the kitchen counter covered with vegetables and sets to work teaching me how to make fresh salsa and guacamole. Who knew refried beans and vegan cheese could be so delicious? Vegan cheese! WTF! After we have stuffed ourselves full of tacos we are just about to get on the phone to organize a sleep-over when his parents get home. It's fine with them if we have a sleep-over there but they want to hear from my parents that it's okay with them. When I call my Mom she says it's okay but we have to have supper with them because she has spent her lunch hour shopping for vegan food and wants to try out her new vegan cookbook. We agree and decide to spend the afternoon at the beach.

I feel so good I enjoy helping Nevada make more tacos for his parents' lunch. Lunch seems to put them in a good mood too.

"So what have you guys been up to?" asks Nevada's mother.

"Oh, just hanging out," says Nevada.

"Whatever you're doing seems to be paying off," she says. "You both seem amazingly chipper."

"Yes, indeed," says Nevada's father, with a piercing glance at Nevada. Then he looks at me and smiles a friendly smile, like he knows something nice about me.

It's another perfect summer afternoon and the tide has just come in over the hot sand so the water along the shoreline is not so cold, just perfect for cooling off after baking in the sun. We don't talk much. I grouse a little about having to have supper at my house but Nevada says I shouldn't be so hard on my parents, that I underestimate them. Maybe he's right, but he doesn't have to live with them. We snooze and bask and splash and throw the Frisbee around until hunger pangs turn us towards home.

Supper is more pleasant than I expected. The Dickwad chortles only once, when he first sits down and soon Nevada has him engaged in a conversation about "the scientific method" and how to go about testing a hypothesis. There are times during this conversation when I come close to chortling myself – when Nevada shoots me a glance from under his brows while making some remark that clearly refers to our current scientific experiment. The food is good and I realize my Mom is a pretty good cook. Maybe I can survive as a vegan.

"Best vegan meal I've had in ages," says Nevada pushing his chair back from the table.

"Thank you, Nevada," says my Mom. "But don't go yet, there's more." She comes back from the kitchen with a cheesecake on a plate. "Tyler's dad did some shopping today too, at a health food store and brought this back."

The vegan cheesecake is unbelievable. It's even better than real cheesecake.

"Thanks, Mr. James," says Nevada. "Best cheesecake ever."

"Yeah," I say. "It was all really good. Thanks for supper, Mom." I stop, then just because I feel so good I say it, "Thanks for the cheesecake, Dad."

I begin to feel maybe he isn't so bad after all and then, just as we are riding away from the house he calls out, "Hey you guys, try to stay off the roof." What a dork!

Nevada's house is dark except for their living room where his parents are engrossed in an old black and white Japanese film. That's one of his mother's specialties – the history of Asian film. We exchange greetings and drift upstairs to Nevada's room.

"Now," says Nevada, "we can finally get to the next phase of our experiment."

"Maybe we should wait until your parents go to bed?"

"They never come up here," says Nevada, "At least, not ever when I am here. But if you're worried…." He steps over to the door and locks it. "...that should put your mind at rest."

He pulls me over beside his bed and reaches for the bottom of my t-shirt. "I think we should get comfortable while we discuss the next step I've been thinking about."

I raise my arms and our t-shirts and shorts are soon flying to the far corners of the room and we are seated naked on the bed removing each other's shoes and socks. Both of us are totally stiff. Mine sticks straight up while Nevada's pokes out from his body so when he lies back it aims straight up towards the ceiling. Mine points towards my chin.

"I wonder when we'll start to get hairy," I say.

"Soon probably," says Nevada. "Everything else seems to be happening at the right time." Our arms reach out and we pull ourselves into each other's embrace. WTF! This is so nice. I mean, it's just a hug but it's like I'm floating in warm cream.

Nevada pulls the sheet over us and we cuddle quietly for a minute.

"So far," he says, "it seems to me that what we're discovering is fantastic but I think there's still a whole aspect we are missing."

I'm enjoying how my chin fits so snugly into his armpit but I participate anyway. "Oh, yeah? What's missing?"

"What's missing, Grasshopper, is…" He pulls my head up and kisses my nose then continues, "what's missing is the inside of the other."

"The inside of the other?"

"Well, you know that when a man and a woman have sex, part of the man is actually inside the woman."

"I have heard that. Is it a finger then, that he puts in her ear?"

"Don't interrupt. Anyway, the big experience is being inside the other and, for the other, the experience of having someone inside you."

When I don't say anything he continues, "Kissing is a little bit inside, feeling each other's tongues and mouths, but I suspect the important sensations have to involve the genitals. I'll show you what I mean in a minute. Let's just kiss a little. Okay?"

We kiss mouth to mouth for a few minutes and then I begin to kiss his ears, really nice ears, and nuzzle that curly black hair around the back of his neck that smells like salty sandy beach. His hand is caressing my bum and we are pressed together. Nevada gets up on one elbow and runs his hand down my belly to my dick. He holds it for a minute then reverses his position so my dick is opposite his face.

"Now," he says, "this is what I was thinking of when I was talking about the 'inside of other'. You don't have to reciprocate if you don't want to…."

A moment later I feel his mouth slowly surrounding my dick. His tongue caresses the shaft and then wiggles inside the foreskin. The sensations are incredible. I see his dick directly in front of me, open my mouth and put it inside. Then I feel around with my tongue but his foreskin is too tight for me to get my tongue inside so I use my lips to push it down and lightly run my tongue around the head of his dick. I feel it swell and get even harder. I suck a little and pull more of his dick into my mouth. It fits perfectly, like i t's exactly what my mouth was designed for. It tastes the slightest bit salty. I move my head back and forth and rotate my tongue around the glans . I can now feel that Nevada has my entire prick in his mouth and then, I feel warmth surround my balls and his tongue touches them all over. I find I can put his balls in my mouth too, both of them, like acorns in a silky bag. The end of his dick leaks some syrupy bittersweet juice. Nevada tastes so good.

We lie like this, sucking and slurping. Sometimes he mimics my actions and sometimes I copy what he is doing to me. I could do this forever, holding Nevada's most tender part in my mouth and feeling myself in his. His dick seems to get harder and harder as I run my tongue up and down and around it.

A few minutes later I can feel I am going to cum soon. I take my mouth off his dick. "Nevada, I'm cumming in about 5 seconds."

"Mmmmhmmm," he says, "me too." Then I feel his mouth surround my dick again and, with his hands on my bum he pulls me into himself and drives me deep into his mouth. He wraps his warm thighs around my head. I do the same and as I feel his dick reach the back of my mouth it stiffens even more and begins to vibrate like a tuning fork. Now I cum and as my dick squirts I feel the pulsing of Nevada's dick in my mouth and taste the warm nectar shooting out of him.

When the last dribbles have been milked out and swallowed we lie in an immense delighted peace. I don't want to let his dick out of my mouth. I want to hold him there inside me. But he releases me and pulls me up so we are face to face. We kiss and I can taste my cum in his mouth.

"So," says Nevada between kisses, "you've been wanting to talk…."

I take a deep breath. I know I've got to say what I've got to say but I'm afraid. I feel like I'm walking off the edge of a cliff. "You might hate me when I finish talking, but I have to say this."

"Okay, but I could never hate you, Tyler."

"Just let me finish. Maybe for you this has been an experiment. And maybe at the beginning it was for me too. But it's not just an experiment for me. It's real, and it's made me realize something about myself and you. Yesterday and today have been wonderful, the best days in my life. But for me it's not an experience of just any 'other' person. It's you, Nevada. It's you. I'm not interested in doing any of this with any 'other' person. I only want to be with you and do this with you."

I bury my face in his chest for a few seconds. I can feel his heart beating. "I've wanted to be this close to you since the first time I ever saw you. I didn't want to admit it to myself or even think about it at all. But I can't ignore it any more. I love being like this with you. And if that makes me gay, well I'm gay for you Nevada. And I'll never be sorry about that. Being with you is the best thing ever."

I'm looking into his eyes when I finish and see two big tears spill out. He sniffs and says, "Oh Tyler, that makes me happier than I ever thought I could be. Me too, from that very first day we met in the schoolyard I knew you were special, that I never felt about anyone the way I felt about you. As for this 'experiment', I just proposed it like that because I was so afraid that you might not feel the same way about me so, if you didn't like it, we could still be friends. Tyler, you're so beautiful and you taste so good and smell so good and feel so good and I'm so lucky to be holding you like this…."

We fall to hugging and kissing here for quite a few minutes. Then I say, "Well, now that the experiment is over I guess we can take what we've learned and repeat it as often as we like?" I reach down and feel his dick grow in my hand.

"Mmmhmm. Yes. Ahem, before coming to any proper conclusion we should repeat the experiment often to make sure it is replicable. I suspect there's lots of stuff we have yet to discover, too. Shall we continue?"

"In the name of science, we must persevere," I reply. "Let's test that 'inside of other' thing again. It seemed to me that just before you squirted, your dick got super-hard, like really hard and man, I was picking up some really high frequency vibrations. I'd like to check that out again, if you don't mind."

"That's an interesting observation," says Nevada. "I noticed something similar myself." Then he pulls me tight against him and whispers in my ear, "Tyler James, I love you."

~The End~

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