Book 3: The Centre

by Rick Beck

Chapter 16

Whirling Dervish

While I made up a recipe for French toast, Donnie came into the kitchen and stood beside me at the stove, wrapping one arm around my waist and resting his head against my shoulder. When I could free a hand, I put it around him. Donnie had worked his way through his crisis, but he was taking no chances, seeking to keep me close for reassurance.

He didn't want to talk about it. Like most men, he held in his fears and apprehensions, not wanting to take the chance of letting another human know his weaknesses. I accepted his under arm and under foot presence without objection. Anything was better than when he kept his distance.

Denny and Danny were lacking in deep concern. They had a roof over their heads, they were getting fed, and the new kid was more fun than the latest version of Grand Theft Auto. They were all in perpetual motion, especially Carl. Just watching made me tired and I wondered how we'd settle them down after Carl's departure.

One of the boys was always off the ground, upside down, or maybe on Carl's back or across his shoulders. The other boy would spend his time trying to throw Carl off balance, instigating to be the next to be elevated to heights only Carl could manage to take them. The giggles and laughter were contagious. The quiet reserve of Argyll's home underwent an abrupt alteration.

Carl loved to play but he was in the army playing war games every day, which meant fighting, wrestling, and doing his best to out-maneuver his opponent. Denny and Danny were no match for him most of the day, but they didn't wear out or need breaks either and therein they found Carl's weakness. He only thought he was a little boy.

I slipped out after breakfast to visit The Castro and one of the shops that closed late and opened early to acquire implements necessary for my next quest. It wasn't anything new. It was something that had been on my mind since Seattle. Carl's unexpected arrival brought it back to the drawing board. I was back in the apartment before my absence was noticed. I was lucky to have returned when I did, because Argyll already had plans for the day.

We all piled into the car and headed north toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Carl said to stop the car near the entrance to the bridge and he got out with the boys to walk. We waited for a few minutes to give them time to make some progress before we merged into the traffic, passing them as they neared the halfway point. They failed to notice us as they took in the absolute splendor of the spot with its magnificent architectural wonder apparent to all who crossed. No other man-made object excited me the way that bridge excited me. The only thing that came close was the Washington Mall with the Capitol at one end, the Lincoln Memorial at the other, and Washington's Monument in between.

As they came running toward the car, Carl had one of the boys on his shoulder as the other two chased him the last fifty yards. I was surprised when he placed a giggling Donnie back on his feet next to the back door. It was another victory for the forces of good. Donnie came in out of the cold that day, although, surprisingly, he liked to sit and talk to Carl about the army, while his brothers did all they could to get Carl to play.

There was nothing more confusing than how we'd all come together in that place at the same time. Incongruity was the easiest explanation. I was on a mission. Argyll was an unwitting accomplice, who was only looking for love, and Carl was there to hold on to what was his. The boys had become the glue that held the three of us close, but none of us knew what tomorrow might bring.

I was the least successful in completing my quest. Argyll might have thought he was going to get lucky, when he took me home, but the love he was looking for and the love he found for three little towheaded boys bore no resemblance to expectation. Carl came to demand I return home with him, but he would return home alone, giving me his blessing to do whatever it took to see to it the boys were given everything they needed.

The boys chattered. Carl and Argyll yelled to hear each other above the chaos, and I absorbed it all, knowing how lucky I was to have found the three of them to rescue. I couldn't have imagined this scene in my wildest imagination and yet it seemed as natural to me as anything ever had. I'd never felt so much love for so many.

Sausalito was quaint and an easy drive from the City. After driving through the narrow streets in the center of town, we headed north on Highway 101, until we could turn west onto US Highway 1. It ran along the Pacific Ocean, darting inland when the coast was too rugged to support a road, and jogging back next to the rocky coast whenever possible. Our route had been chiseled directly out of Mother Nature's most incredible work. Being there was like being part of the Pacific and the jagged coastline that was like no other.

Even the boys grew silent as they marveled at the view. We came upon the tall trees with huge trunks. I remembered pictures of even larger trees with cars driving through the trunk on a paced road built through the center of the tree. Seeing a tree that large up close was quite an experience.

Argyll said the trees had been there a thousand years. I imagined that's how they got so high they kissed the sky. The site of the Redwoods was enough to quiet the boys even more. They seemed to sense their smallness among the tall trees. We all touched, smelled, and walked around the biggest tree trunks. I'd never seen a living thing that large before.

Stopping at a roadside restaurant, we got take out. We all sat in the back of the car to eat, which was the only time Argyll sat with us, but he was always close enough for conversation. It was a long day but one worth remembering.

All the boys were fast asleep as we traveled south toward town. I climbed over the front seat and sat beside Argyll, once everyone else was worn out.

"Thanks," I said. "It was worth the trip. I didn't know it was so beautiful."

"Lots of visitors come to the city and never realize how close they are to the wonders of the world. I rarely think about it unless company comes. I thought the boys would enjoy it."

"Wore them out, and that's not easy to do," I said, looking at Carl peacefully sleeping with the boys all around him. "I wish things were different, Argyll."

"I know. Me too," he said, not daring to look at me, swallowing hard.

Argyll let us off in front of the building. I carried Donnie and Carl carried Denny and Danny. Donnie's eyes opened and he looked up at my face as we walked the three flights upstairs.

"Don't drop me," he said softly, before leaning his face back against my neck.

"Don't give me any ideas," I said, which got a smile.

I set him down to unlock the door, but he insisted on being carried the rest of the way, just like his brothers, only Carl handled his brothers like a couple of sacks of potatoes. Donnie was all I could hoist.

Argyll plied the boys with sweets to distract them, while I dragged Carl away from them before they started playing again. I'd left my bag of goodies in the middle of the bed for him to find before he was too tired to get the idea.

"What's this?" he asked predictably amused.

"It's for you, my love."

"For me? You shouldn't be spending money on me."

Carl reached in the bag and pulled out a modest sized dildo, which brought laughter to the room.

"Billie Joe, if you haven't noticed, I come equipped with one of these, and it's real."

"Yes, I noticed that. There's more."

Carl pulled out another dildo, which puzzled him. This one was larger, thicker and longer. He held it in front of his pants.

"We're getting closer to the real deal," he said, smiling at his observation.

"There's more," I said as he reached in the bag totally bewildered by this time.

"Lubricant!" he said, examining the tube with all the virtues of that particular lube spelled out in large letters.

"One," I said, obscenely running my fingers down the length of the first dildo. "Two," I said, doing the same to the second larger dildo. "Three," I said, grabbing him through his pants.

He realized what I wanted.

"No way," he protested. "No, Billie Joe."

"Yes, Carl. It's what I want."

"I won't hurt you. It's not going to happen. Don't ask me to do that to you."

"You haven't given it some thought."

"Sure, back in that hotel room in Seattle. You're too small and I'm too big."

"We'll take our time. I've been waiting for over a year. I've let you off easy but now I want you inside me. It's a simple matter of physics and the proper preparation," I said with authority and gave him another squeeze for good measure.

"One wince or one flinch and I'm done. I won't hurt you, Billie Joe," he said, with his resolve dissolving like putty in my hands.

I squeezed and gave it a twist as he winced and giggled over my persistence. I could see he was starting to come around to my way of thinking.

"No, wincing, please," I ordered.

"You're going to make me make a mess in my pants, Billie Joe," Carl protested with a smile.

"I know who'll be happy to clean it up for you."

"You're terrible," Carl reminded me, holding my hand with his to the front of his pants.

"You bring out the worst in me, love. I want to get this done before you go back to the Army. It'll give you something to talk about to the boys."

"You're so bad, Billie Joe. You're so bad, you're good."

I stripped Carl out of his clothes to start the ball rolling, but his erection kept getting into the way. Once I'd gone to work on him for a few minutes, he was putty in my hands. I arranged the items on the bed and got him between my legs.

"Start with your finger," I said, holding his hand and sucking his big middle finger, saving the lube for a bigger prize.

Carl's interest in the operation was obvious as he stood up and took notice in the proper place. Before I was ready to give him instructions, he buried the finger in my butt. Once he'd sunk it all the way in, he waited, using the lube on a second finger before he added it to the mix. I did my best to show no discomfort or apprehension, but it was a delicate operation. We'd been this far before, but I knew there was more to it this time around.

Once I indicated I'd adjusted to the stretching his fingers were doing, he lubed the first dildo, placing it on the spot as quick as his fingers came out. I grabbed his cock and started to twist it as he pushed the dildo in an inch or two. It was the proper distraction and raised my lust level a few notches.

"That thing's going to go off if you keep that up," he said, putting his hand on my wrist as if to disengage it from the trigger, but never quite managing to break my hold on him.

His adjustment came faster than mine but he was easy once I got him aroused. Getting across the goal line on this visit wasn't my objective; my objective was to have him in a position where he no longer feared taking the lead and getting the kind of pleasure he gave me. I was sure, once he got the hang of it, it would be like rolling off a log.

He took care in easing the dildo halfway home. I took it like a man, rearranging myself as the intruder went beyond where Carl's finger could reach. He wiggled and repositioned himself, but he never moved out of range. We were content taking our time but I could feel the pulsing excitement running through him.

"How much left?" I asked.

"A couple of inches."

"Go ahead," I said bravely.

He took a few minutes to finish burying it and I accepted the opening stages in a mission I was determined to complete. Carl seemed fascinated by the mechanics of what I wanted to do. There was the sensation of having my ass full. I kept my mind on my business by using the tube of lube to massage a slick sheen onto Carl's cock.

As I twisted and massaged his stiff flesh, we worked our way down the home stretch. He wiggled and wriggled, pushing himself up through my eager hand. The further we went the hornier he became.

He withdrew the first dildo an inch at a time, until it popped free. Positioning the second well-lubricated version, we were getting closer to the size of Carl's cock. He inched the tip passed the ring before sliding it a millimeter at a time deeper inside of me. The width of this version would make it easier for me to adjust to Carl's similar size. We were both hot to trot by the time we finished with the second dildo.

Passionate kisses accompanied the dildo's withdrawal. It was the moment of truth.

"Go ahead," I implored him.

"Give me a minute," he said, still unconvinced.

"Carl, it's going to tighten up if you don't get in there."

"I'm not ready," he explained.

"You won't hurt me. You wouldn't hurt me, so let's get the show on the road. I've been waiting for this for over a year."

"Billie Joe!"


Carl took some time adding more lube to his already slick dick. Before I needed to encourage him any more he was behind me, pressing his stiff dick against me. With far less resistance than the big dildo received, his head slipped in past the only resistance between him and success.

"Oh, God, I'm in," he said to himself in disbelief. "Lord, don't let me cum."

I could hear him giving his best effort in maintaining control. Carl's calm controlled demeanor was gone. He moaned as passionate sensations surged through him. I could feel him tensing against me as he did all he could not to force the issue or lose control.

"How much?" I asked, feeling like I was being stretched open with a vice; my asshole felt like it was on fire.

"Just the head," he advised in a short raspy moan. "You're so fucking tight."

"Go ahead," I said, not absolutely sure I knew what I was saying, but understanding if I gave any indication of apprehension, game over.

"Okay, if you're sure."

He pushed forward ever so slightly as my hole continued to burn as it yielded to him. His breathing was strained, progress was slow, but there was an excitement that came with his forward movement.

"It's going in," he happily kept me appraised.

"I can feel it," I said, giving him pushback to show my enthusiasm once the burning ceased. My dick pulsed and throbbed, thickening with excitement, and it was all I could do to keep myself under control.

I swelled in a way that made me want him to go faster and harder, disregarding the physics involved. The hardest part was over, convincing Carl he could. Now it was time for me to show him the kind of pleasure he was more than willing to give me.

"Did I hurt you?" he said alarmed by a deep slow groan.

"You'd never hurt me, Carl," I said, hooking my arm around his neck forcing him to lean forward. "You're driving me crazy. I've been waiting for this for so long. You don't know how much I love you."

I had to stop talking when I put my mouth on his, dazzling him with passionate kisses to get his mind off the mechanics. We were soon wrapped in an awkward embrace with our bodies churning out a lusty dance of desire. It was difficult to keep track of who or where I was; I merged with Carl in an unexpected union of love. My body was on fire but it no longer burned, except for the way I burned with devotion for him.

He messaged my cock as he rocked his hips against my ass, pulling me up so that I could wiggle my way as far down on his shaft as I could go. It didn't take words to figure out how to work my body to get the most out of the situation.

"Fuck me," I growled, forcing my ass hard down on his cock while he held me against his body so we stayed glued together.

"Shit!" he said in a gasp. "Oh, fuck. I wanted it to last."

"Let it go," I whispered. "We'll cum together."

Just about that time, Carl's body convulsed with a major orgasm. He leaned forward, grunted before pushing himself deep inside me. I pushed back to make sure we were tightly joined together.

"Oh, fuck," he moaned.

Bringing his cock back out a few inches, he buried it a second, third, and fourth time. Spasms left him to shake me as he rode his climax to the end. His body twitched a few more times as he held me tightly before his muscles gave way to a less demanding posture.

I groaned and felt his hot liquid inside me. I'd flooded his hand and the bed once he'd began his serious fucking. It was like nothing I'd experienced before. Even when I was screwing Carl, the thrill of it wasn't anything like when he did it to me. This was far better than anything we'd done before.

"Oh, man. That was incredible. You don't know how incredible," Carl advised me.

"I bet you say that to all the boys," I joked.

"You're not funny. I wanted to make it last," he complained, panting as I watched his chest heave from the workout I'd given him.

"Believe me, it lasted," I said. "Let's give it a little bit of a rest before it stretches me out permanently back there, but there's plenty more where that came from. One time isn't going to get it, pony boy."

"I didn't hurt you? Once I got really turned on, I was afraid I'd hurt you" he said, starting to recover enough to talk.

"This puddle under me didn't just magically appear. No, you didn't hurt me. It was perfect, Carl. You're perfect. I love you so much."

"You don't know how much I love you, Billie Joe. I never imagined ever loving anyone the way I love you. I didn't know what love was until we met."

Carl leaned forward to kiss me some more, making no effort to separate from me. He was less formidable once he'd softened. Our position was awkward for making out, but I wasn't complaining, especially when he was beginning to fill my insides again. The break I'd anticipated after the first go-round got lost amongst the kisses. Once more our passion overrode the normal physical limitations I accepted.

Not being convinced I could take Carl, I developed the dildo theory to prove I could. He hadn't tried to screw me during our sexual activity in the van. It was then I understood his apprehension but my lust and ingenuity got me where I wanted to go. I figured Carl's natural inclination should lean toward being on top. While his enthusiasm for being on the bottom was remarkable, I figured we might find some new and exciting techniques if we tried reversing the roles. I turned out to be a lot smarter than I gave myself credit for.

Of course tops and bottoms were never a part of my vocabulary before my second mission to San Francisco. Like Sal, and then Argyll, things seemed to be positioned to meet my needs. Taking that back to the first time I was in The City, people magically appeared, whenever trouble confronted me. First it was Ty, then Gene, Jesus, Ty and Walt at the end of my stay.

I'd lived a charmed life when few around me escaped the savagery of the streets we haunted. It was all those times someone came to my rescue that had me reflecting on all the things that might have gone wrong, starting with the car with the dark tinted windows. I'd been lucky in each instance and now I was lucky again, each step in my journey complete with people who intended to help me, even if they didn't understand what drove me to want to help those no one else cared much for.

I owed a debt to the boys who helped me. They may have even saved my life. I couldn't get on with that life until I made good on the debt I owed. I needed to make one major effort at making it better for the homeless gay kids who would come to San Francisco, thinking they'd find a place where they'd be safe and accepted. That place didn't exist, yet.

"You okay?" Carl interrupted the formula being created in my mind. "You don't seem all that excited about the prospect."

"Give my dick a pull, big fella," I said, gathering in my wandering thoughts.

"That doesn't tell me anything. It's always hard, Billie Joe," he said, examining my happy erection

"Yeah, it's always hard when you're around, my love."

"That's a difficult thesis to prove," Carl analyzed.

"You'll have to take my word for it."

He squeezed and handled me with his dick twitching in response. We kissed and he chewed my neck, until the tip of my dick dripped. That's when he positioned himself to get some traction, easing his dick almost out of my ass before pushing forward in a slow resolute motion. There was no discomfort of any sort connected to his movement within me. He'd broken me in without any of my apprehensions about permanent disability coming to pass.

We used most of the bed, tried half-a-dozen positions, and spent a lot of time making out when we got to the one where I lie on my back with my knees hooked over his shoulders and him between my legs. I could see him working as we sweated and wrestled to a second climax that was worthy of our effort.

He waited until he'd become completely soft before coming up for air. When he jumped up to shower, he was like a kid who just got his first bike. I'd seen most of Carl's moods, but giddy wasn't one, until the day he screwed me the first time twice.

He was feeling himself as he turned into the bathroom door. That's how he judged the amount of time it might take to reload. The shower sounded scrumptious. I rolled off the bed, making a mental note to change the sheets and wash those before Matilda saw them. But for now, I wanted to find out how long it was going to take to get Carl up and running again.

I slipped in behind the shower curtain, wrapping my arms around his body. He immediately put his soapy hands around me as I stood behind him. He pulled me close to him. He pushed his ass back against me, until all my available skin was touching his.

He used his soapy skin to turn to kiss me. I collected soap he'd lathered on his chest to put it in gobs on his cock. There was moderate recoil as I felt the sensitive organ. I soaped gently at first, but collecting more suds gathering momentum, until it was standing up between us, an unflagging tribute to his love for me. It was the one thing Carl always forgot, when he came too soon. Ten minutes later, if conditions were right, he could be encouraged to go again. Like when I rode the roller coaster, too much of him was never enough for me. Once we hooked-up, there was no telling when we'd unhook. We spent too much time apart to waste any time when we were together.

Simply touching Carl excited me. It certainly excited him. When he turned to rinse some of the soap off, I took matters in hand, letting one and then the other slide down into his pubic hair. I went slowly at first, feeling the one big vein that ran almost the length of his cock. Once I got rolling, going slow wasn't easy. I had enough soap on my prick to allow it to slide easily up his crack. It was a glorious feeling indeed.

He leaned heavily on the tile once he started breathing fast and heavy. He reached around and positioned my well-hardened prick on his hole.

"You better get going, buddy. I'm well down the road," he sighed, his ass pressing back to accommodate the stiff offering that he so wanted to receive.

As soon as I got inside, he initiated enough pushback to take it all in one motion and it took my breath away. I leaned my face on his back, keeping my hands moving on his meat. I took to fucking with vigor. After no more than a minute or two, his hole tightened on me in a swift grab of lusty response; a soft moan escaped his lips.

His first discharge squirted up against the tile and started running down in front of us. A second discharge seemed minimal at best, but the third was biggest and best, causing a loud moan as his hole twitched and massaged me into submission, ending with my own orgasmic bliss.

We were both reaching the end of another long day, and our posture suffered. I leaned on him and he leaned against the tile, trying to catch his breath. My heart fluttered and my knees were weak, but Carl could hold both of us up in the worst of times, and it took no effort at all in the best of times.

We took to my bed again, once I'd changed the soiled sheets. I found myself wrapped up in his arms with him in mine. We kissed over and over. It wasn't the fertile hungry kissing that gave way to making love, but the passionate appreciative kissing that speaks of the loving without trying to recapture the lust. This was how we found our way to sleep that night. My last conscious awareness was of being in his arms, his lips caressing my skin.

Oh, happy sleep.

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