Book 3: The Centre

by Rick Beck

Chapter 15

Love Me Do

I took care of the dishes so that Matilda could start with a clean kitchen the next morning. By the time I was wiping down the counters I had begun wondering where Carl had gone. I felt a bit neglected with his being so close and yet, not close enough. We'd already agreed to wait for the boys to go to bed before we settled into my bedroom.

I checked my bedroom but it was empty. I stuck my head in the library but found only Argyll pushed far back in his easy chair where he'd become immersed in one of his leather bound books. Next stop the television room, where I found my man as well as the rest of my missing men. They were all stationed in front of the television.

Carl sat in the middle of the couch, Denny leaning up against Carl's right side with a big arm wrapped around him as he sucked his thumb. On the other side was Danny, his head in Carl's lap, the other big arm protecting him. They were sleeping soundly when I arrived. Only Donnie was left. He sat with his elbows dug into his knees so his hands could support his chin. He leaned forward into the television screen as he watched Armageddon.

Donnie glanced up as I came in the door before going back to staring at the tube. Seeing Carl was surrounded, I sat beside Donnie. He moved over to create more space. There was plenty of room for both of us. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder, which caused him to look at me again with the same blank stare he used on the TV, but he immediately went back to the explosions and madness on the screen.

I didn't know what to do about Donnie. His brothers seemed fine with letting the life around them work itself out, but Donnie needed some assurance no one could give him. He displayed the same kind of vigilance he'd used since he became responsible for his brothers. I thought I understood, but it didn't make the distance any easier to close.

Donnie maintained that posture for some time. I kept my arm around him and tried not to scream over one of the worst movies ever made, but I was determined to be good. I knew kids liked stupid stuff and calling it stupid only assured they'd become even more devoted to whatever it was.

It had been a long day and watching television wasn't how I wanted to end it, but my eyes fluttered and end it did, at least for the moment. Armageddon was good for something.

"Hey! Hey! Time for a good night's sleep," Argyll said.

I tried to focus on him but was only half awake.

"What did you do to him? He's been totally antisocial since Carl showed up. I figured he was mad with you."

"Who?" I asked, still half swallowed by sleep.

"He's sound asleep," Argyll said with some amount of wonder. "You do have a way with men, Joe. He might make it yet."

Donnie had leaned back under my arm and was snuggled up against me sound asleep. I brushed his hair with my hand and didn't want to move. He was at peace and that was rarely something he achieved when he was awake. He carried the weight of the world on his small shoulders.

"I'll take care of the kids. I've already sent Carl to your bedroom. You might have to throw cold water on him, but I'm sure it would be worth the effort. I didn't want to like him, you know."

I eased Donnie to one side before standing. I hugged Argyll and kissed his cheek again. Feeling his body trembling, I stood back.

"Thanks," I said. "You are a prince."

"More like a lady in waiting," he said without humor.

Carl was face down on my bed when I got to my room. My heart fluttered and an overwhelming feeling of well-being came over me as I stood beside the bed looking at my love. There was no way I was going to leave him alone.

Stripping out of my clothes I wrapped my body on top of his, running my arms up under his shirt and I surrounded his body with a lusty hug as I chewed on one of his ears.

His ass lifted to rub against my swollen prick.

The denim scratched my tender flesh, which excited me even more.

I chewed his ear and fucked the back of his jeans as he started to squirm in a semiconscious motion, giving me a soft moan when I shoved my tongue deep into his ear and humped the hell out of his hidden ass.

I reached down under him to unfasten his jeans, fishing for the prize within that would fill my hand. I twisted a nipple, nibbled at an ear, on his neck, using my free hand to twist and torment his erect cock. He alternately humped my hand and added some pushback for my desiring prick, and a mystic delirium swept over me from so much stimulation.

"You better not be Captain Pierce," he growled into the bed as I rode him until the jeans were low on the back of his legs.

Pushing his T-shirt up his back, I wrapped myself around him from behind, humped the softer material of his boxers, pushing my prick into the crack, forcing the material deep down into that crevice with my lust. He lifted against my applying pressure and fucked my fist hard as he turned slightly to achieve some sensation he thought he might find in this movement. I pushed harder against his ass, tormenting his dick with much regard for the pain or pleasure I caused him. Feeling his damp dick tip meant I wasn't treading anywhere he wasn't willing to go, even if there was some question about his lucidity, but he should have stayed in Georgia if he didn't want me all over him.

When Carl rolled over, I lost my grip on reality, nearly bouncing onto the floor as he jerked off his shirt and kicked off his pants, leaving him naked, except for his socks. His cock punched a hole in the air as he breathed deep, blinking the sleep from his eyes. Grabbing me in the meantime and giving me the mother of all kisses, he pulled me on top where our cocks rubbed creating a delirium his kisses intensified, until we both moaned and groaned the kind of pleasure it takes effort to achieve.

I employed one hand to turn his nipples roughly, while going after his cock, to squeeze his balls, and finally to rub that thick raised portion between his legs, ending with my fingers poking his hole. He kissed me harder churning his torso to force our cocks to wrestle between us, as he helped get my fingers into his ass in a motion that would have made a contortionist proud.

His hot hard chest became slick with sweat, once we added the new wrinkle to our maneuvers. My hands were full of him but it didn't mean I could fuck his cock with mine. I used the sweat to excite myself more, almost suffocating from not coming up for air, but there are certain mundane habits you dismiss when in the midst of bliss. We kept exchanging the same air within our kisses, sharing everything it was possible to share, lost in one another in a way it's impossible to do with anyone but the man you love.

Carl took care to hold me in place, but our pleasure was interrupted by my rolling onto the floor. One arm anchored me to him, but his other arm took to offering me a hand, which he used to explore my ass in a no less vigorous way than I had done to him. With Carl everything came on a grander scale, so when he inserted the second finger into me, we were stretching things to the max, especially my imagination, which had been over-active in his absence, wanting to come up with a way to get Carl to fuck me. His reluctance to take me in the way I was so anxious to experience had more to do with his not wanting to hurt me than it had to do with his lack of desire to be the top dog in our love affair. My inability to stop myself created all the impetus I needed to go from one stimulating activity to another, but there was still one mountain to climb and we would climb it before Carl left San Francisco.

"Fuck me," Carl said, moving in a way that put me between his legs, which he moved into the air to allow me to position myself properly between them.

With one of Carl's muscular legs crossing each of his shoulders, I sunk into him with a torrent of lust. My cock took on the ability to expand the pleasure far beyond what we'd achieved before. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the prick thrust deeper into forbidden fruit. My mind became instantly plugged into the pulsing piston when Carl brought his mouth up to mine to further heat up the situation. Never intending to pound at a punishing pace, it still didn't take long for me to be dripping sweat and panting for air as my heart surged and my prick lengthened, thickening against his tight confining hole.

The texture of his insides was most certainly like floating on a cloud, even if I was hard at work, keeping the cloud afloat. It was here that my prick seemed to be the only part of my body I could feel. Its piston-poking momentum raised my temperature even higher as if our mouths were mere extensions of the connection between my prick and his asshole. We were reaching the boiling point.

I knew to start stroking him at the moment my climax could no longer be fought off, forestalled, or diverted by one of the hundred ploys I kept in mind, but mostly forgot once my prick went into high gear inside of Carl. When I began jerking him, he recoiled to the touch. The gristle in his dick became steel in my fingers, unyielding no matter the intensity of my stroking. As fast as I jerked him off was precisely how fast I fucked, losing all contact with time and space, only intent on blasting him full of cum. It was heaven. It was all there was in the entire world as our mouths franticly forecast the impeding explosion. Preceded by a primordial moan, Carl reached his peak and a blast of hot wet cum splashed over my chest. He bucked against me, my own launch overtaking me with a jet of cum shooting deep into his ass over and over again as my body left me.

I lost all control, moaning and groaning my lustful release, bucking against him as he bucked against me. I rammed and jammed against the hole, wanting to follow my prick inside as I flooded the inner walls with a joy juice that only Carl could encourage out of me.

Even when I was spent, too weak, too breathless to continue, my prick kept moving into and out of him. I could feel his cock wiggling between us as the kiss to end all kisses ended. The sweat and cum created a lubrication that made staying on top of him next to impossible. My prick finally fell free and I was beyond reaching to put it back where it seemed to belong.

I carefully planned my roll onto my back, keeping as much liquid off the bed as possible. I reached for the towel I'd placed on the chair beside the bed that evening, using it to wipe both of us dry. Carl watched me intently as his chest rose and fell and his breathing began to slow to an almost normal pace.

"Wasn't I sleeping?" he asked.

"You were?" I said with surprise. "Man, I can't imagine what you'd be like if you ever woke up."

"Very funny. I came here to take you back with me," he said with authority.

"I know," I said. "Do we have to do this? Let's just have sex, until you leave. You won't remember why you came, once I get done with you."

"Every time we do that, I know I'll never be able to live without you, but don't push me, Billie Joe. I won't put up with you going with anyone else. I love you. I want you to be happy. I'll let you finish what you've started, but this is it. You're going to be living with me when I get my discharge. We're going to have a life together, not a country between us. I can't stand being away from you again."

"Carl, I love only you. There is no one else. There isn't going to be anyone else. I've got to get this done, and then, before you're discharged, I promise I'll be there waiting to go where ever you say we are going."

He rolled over to kiss me. I'd given him enough to satisfy him and Carl wasn't a man that wanted to chew the fat once the meat was gone. I'd heard his mother say that about him. I don't know what kind of kisser she was, but Carl took my breath away.

"What are you going to do with those kids?" Carl asked, rolling back away from me.

"Everything I can. They aren't going back on the street."

"Argyll?" he asked.

"I think he intends to keep them. They are living a gentlemen's life. I don't know how long he can stick with it. He's such a sweet guy, but three kids are a handful. He was totally against it at first, but it all changed after he got to know them."

"Mama loves the boys. Most all her grandkids are girls. It's surprising how short she is with them and how pliable she is to the boys. I think she'd want them if there was a choice between the street and a place where they'd get love, discipline, as well as a happy home life."

"You're serious."

"As a stroke," he said, taking my hand and kissing my cheek.

"They certainly took to you. It's hard to believe they're street kids. Donnie doesn't think much of me. He's jealous, you know."

"He is not. He's a little boy. They are neat kids. I don't get around kids that much. I like them. They're like three peas in a pod.

"You'd take them?" I asked.

"I think so. If they came with you, I know so. I'm way younger than all my brothers. I always wanted younger brothers to play ball with, fish, show things to. Denny and Danny are cool. They don't seem none the worse for wear, but Donnie's wound way too tight. It'll take time to get him believing he's a little boy again. He could use a lot of attention."

"You know you're absolutely positively too good to be true, my love."

"Yeah, I am, aren't I?" he said, sounding taken with himself.

He laughed loudly.

We started to wrestle and giggle like we'd done those days in Seattle, after we first fell in love. We spent all our time together. I wanted to grab him, hold on and never let go. I wanted it to be like it was in Seattle.

I wanted to take all the doubts and worries away from him, but when you live life, there are complications. We had to work at it like we worked at going higher and further each time we had sex, which reminded me, we hadn't had sex in ten minutes. I rolled over and planted my lips on his, took his cock in my fist, wrapping my legs around his thick thigh, humping myself hard.

"I need a shower, Babe. I worked all day, flew out here, and nearly drowned myself in sweat and cum."

"You smell like a rose, my love," I said, lifting my head off his arm to look into his eyes.

"Yeah, and I feel like a dirt bag. I always shower after work."

"Oh, I see how it is. That was work to you, and I thought you were having fun."

"You're a piece of work, Billie Joe. Yes, you are," Carl said, planting a passionate lip-lock on me.

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