Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 10

I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I knew was that I woke up alone in bed. It was light inside in the room as Dan had obviously drawn the black out curtains so sunlight was streaming in. It looked like another glorious mekong delta sunny day outside!

The bathroom door opened and Dan came out naked aside from a towel drying his hair. Fuck he was beautiful. Aside from his cute face and his perfect dick he was athletic and lithe without an ounce of fat on him. I could have stayed there staring at his naked body all day long.

He saw me looking at him, "What is it?" He asked with a smile.

"Just admiring the view, has anyone told you how beautiful you are?" I replied. He blushed bright red and mumbled an inaudible reply.

"Come back to bed I want to suck that amazing dick of yours again!" I said firmly, taking control. I don't know what was happening to me but all worry and decorum was being thrown out the window. It felt like for the first time in my life I had an element of control of things and I wanted to use it. I wanted Dan and I was happy to tell him that.

He blushed again but came over to the bed and kissed me softly on the lips. "It's breakfast time and while I think we'd both rather fill up on cum my Mum will be expecting us. Plenty of time later and also........I think we need a proper talk. Are you coming or do you want to catch me up?" He asked. I said I was coming and swung my legs out of bed.

"Has anyone told YOU how beautiful you are, particularly naked ?!" Dan asked with a giggle as I threw some clothes on. This time I was the one blushing but also inside my heart was singing. I was falling for this boy hard and fast and it seemed it might be the same for him too.

We had breakfast with his Mum who was planning a quiet day by the pool. As we ate french bread and butter she asked what our plan was for the day. I knew what my plan was, or at least what I wanted it to be. However, Dan wanted to work a bit more on his schoolwork. He'd decided that it was a good chance to sketch out his article, but first he wanted to interview and ask some questions of Hung and the boys.

So we headed out of the hotel and walked towards where the boys hung out. There was a gentle breeze coming from the Mekong and it was a very pleasant morning. I was feeling very well rested after a night in a proper bed although I did feel guilty that the others were still stuck sleeping on the street. Not that there was anything I could about that but even so.

We found the main group of boys in the usual location. Dan asked questions and took notes and photos while I hung around chatting to Dao. Hung came over to me one point to check how things were going and I told him it was all good.

"You've done great bringing this money in but don't forget when this is all over I'll still want a piece of that bum of yours," he said with a smile. I nodded with a slight grimace. I wondered if Dan had much experience of that? Not him personally but it sounded like stuff went on in his school. I thought I'd ask him for advice when the time was right. I couldn't lie that I was very nervous about it all and didn't want to do it with Hung. I just couldn't see a way out of it and he'd made it clear I owed him that.

We headed back for lunch once Dan had decided he had all the stuff he needed for now. I was desperate to have some fun with Dan and just chat about stuff but he was very conscientious and focused on his work. I admired his work ethic and it reminded me of the important of working hard if you had the opportunity to. As I had nothing else to do I picked up one of his fiction books to read. I hadn't read anything English since school and nothing as in depth as this story so my brain was hurting by the time he called a halt to work for the day mid afternoon.

"Fuck I'm tired after that. That's enough for the day so let's go and have a swim," He said slightly to my disappointment. I loved the pool but I really wanted him to take me in his arms and kiss me before letting me feast on his dick. But he clearly had other ideas so I got changed, not bothering to hide my dick this time. After all, after last night there really was no point and I wanted him to be reminded of how beautiful he thought it was!

We splashed and swam for a while before lying on the sun loungers to dry off. "Mmm this is nice, shall we just lie in the sun for a while?" Dan asked me, the ghost of a smile playing on his lips.

"Actually...l was thinking we could go back to the bedroom," I said hopefully.

"But it's lovely and sunny out here, what would we do in the bedroom?" I could see he was trying not to smile but I answered anyway.

"What we did this morning," I replied with a wink.

He giggled, "I know, I'm only messing with you! I know you've been wanting to do that for hours, As have I! However sometimes anticipation and waiting makes it all the better. Let's go!" He jumped up from the lounger as he said this and we almost ran upstairs.

Once the door was open we pulled off our shorts and kissed passionately, our hands roaming everywhere and I mean everywhere! He dragged me to the bed and pushed me down, climbing on top to kiss me. We ground our dicks together, our stomachs getting slippy with them until he pulled away.

"Let's try something new," He said and he swung his legs round and made his way to my dick. I realised what he was up to when his dick appeared by my face. We both engulfed the other's dick with our mouths.. We sucked and moaned as we both used all our skills and passion to make the other boy feel as amazing as possible. Dan held my bum cheeks firmly before slipping a finger in between to tickle my hole which felt really good. I did the same to him and it seemed to set us both off. We pretty much came at the same time, our dicks shooting the contents of our balls into each other's mouths like our lives depended on it.

After we got our breath back we kissed again before smiling at each other. I was the happiest I'd ever been. It had been a tough time for a while and I finally felt things were turning a corner for me. Dan held me close in his arms and we just lay there in silence, enjoying each other's company.

"Do we need to talk?" I asked, after all he'd said that this morning.

"Yes but not now, let's just lie here a while," He told me with a smile.

We both must have dozed off as I woke to knocking and Dan's Mum saying to be downstairs for dinner in 5 minutes. In a rush we threw our clothes and raced downstairs. That talk would have to wait for another time.

As alway dinner was an enjoyable affair again. It wasn't something I was used to really. Sitting down with an adult and just talking about our day and other stuff. Dinner with my dad was a silent rushed affair. Dinner in Can Tho wasn't exactly scintillating conversation. I actively enjoyed this opportunity to practice my English and find out more about Dan and his Mum.

We were both tired mentally after our day so fell asleep almost as soon as we got back to the room. Whatever talk Dan wanted to have would have to wait. Sometimes tiredness trumps everything!

I woke up in the morning to sunlight streaming through a gap in the curtains. The shower was clearly on and the bed was empty. I felt like I could do with getting clean so I decided to join Dan in there. He didn't hear me until I got into the shower with him and wrapped my arms around kissing his neck.

"Mmm that's a nice way to have a shower," he said as I started to wash him with soapy hands. He then washed me at the same time and our soapy fingers went everywhere. Up and down our cracks. All over our dicks. Massaging all our muscles. Dan then washed us off before taking me by the hand and leading me to the bed.

"God I want you so much. You're like my kryptonite!" He said with a grin.

"Kryptonite? Is that something to do with the element Krypton?" I asked in confusion. I remembered it from my lessons learning the periodic table.

He laughed out loud, "No silly! It's from Superman. It's the only thing that controls him and can hurt him."

"Oh yes I vaguely remember," I said, having not exactly watched loads of movies over the years. "Hmm so you think I can hurt you?" I asked in surprise.

He stroked my cheek, "sometimes you're a bit too literal for your own good Phuc. It means you're in control of me, that I feel like there's no one else when I'm with you."

"Well if I'm in control I can do this!" I said with a grin and engulfed his hard dick. My mouth taking the head and shaft all the way in. I used my tongue like Dan had done and the appreciative moans suggested I was doing a very good job. I wanted his cum and it wasn't long before I was rewarded as he came in my mouth. I greedily swallowed it all and licked it clean before giving Dan a cum filled kiss.

He then went down on me and yet again showed he knew his way around a hard dick. I barely lasted anytime at all before I was blasting my cum down his throat. Then it was time for more sustenance in the form of breakfast. It was another lovely sunny day and we sat outside under an umbrella filling up on pastries.

Dan did a bit of work after breakfast but decided he needed to chat to the boys again for a bit more information. We headed off together towards town. After about fifteen minutes along the quiet road I saw Dao hurrying towards us.

"Go back to the hotel! Some men are looking for you Phuc!" He said urgently. He then explained that some men had come up to Hung and the group that morning. They had asked everyone if they'd seen this boy, showing a photo of me in my school uniform. I remember the photo being taken by my uncle. Little did I know at the time what it might be used for. They offered a lot of money for information but Hung had denied seeing me. Dao wasn't sure the men were convinced and they were probably hanging around somewhere still looking so we should get out of there.

We turned round and started hurrying back to the hotel. Dan said it would be fine and no one would mess with me if he was there. He got his phone out and started fiddling with it before putting it back in his bag rather than pocket and zipping it up. I heard a car behind us and breathed a sigh of relief when it drove on. We were almost back when a van came from in front of us, slowing then stopping. I realised that was them and I instantly tried to run. However Dan wasn't so quick and they grabbed him. I could have kept running and got away. I knew this place like the back of my hand and I could probably have made it to the hotel and asked for help. But that would mean leaving Dan alone and that was much too risky for me.

"Stop! Leave him alone! Let him go and I'll come with you," I shouted walking back towards them as Dan wriggled to get free.

They laughed as I approached and they bundled Dan into the van. "You're both coming with us! The boss will be extra impressed for us to have an extra boy for the market!" One of them said as he walked towards me. Again I could have run but there was no way I was leaving Dan to his fate. I walked up to the van and let them push me inside next to Dan, they shut the door and then that was it. We were captured and I wondered what nightmare I'd got Dan into.

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