Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 9

At the end of dinner Dan said he was tired and we had a big day tomorrow as he wanted to go and interview some of the boys. He seemed to be taking the project very seriously which surprised me. If I was him I'd have just hung out at the pool all day relaxing but he clearly was interested in what he was doing. That made me feel good about everything. We didn't get much respect as street boys and it was nice that he was taking an interest in our story. I was particularly pleased to be off the street for a couple of nights as well. Just being away from the buzzing of mosquitos and the barking of dogs would be nice.

We said good night to his mother and went back to his room. He brushed his teeth and got me to do mine with a spare toothbrush he gave me. This was something I have to say I hadn't done much of since I'd run away. It felt really good to give my teeth a scrub and get them all clean. It really was one of the little things I missed that you take for granted when you don't live on the street. It just helped me feel normal again.

He also had a quick shower while I got myself ready for bed. The air con was on gently but it wasn't too cold. I thought I'd be ok with a t shirt and pants as Dan would say. I wasn't sure where to sleep so I put my towel on the floor well away from the air con. I didn't want it to chill me in the night as I didn't have a sheet. I lay down on the towel and rolled to my side to try and sleep. I rolled back onto my back. It wasn't very comfortable.

"What the fuck are you doing down there?!" Dan said coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around him.

"Going to bed!" I said confused.

"Not down there you aren't, you're my guest. Get into bed you fucking idiot. There's plenty of room for two. Fucks sake, you used to sleep in a bed didn't you? A few days of sleeping on the streets and you act like you don't know any better!" Dan said jokingly but it actually hurt me a bit. Maybe because he was right that I'd gone a bit feral but more because I didn't have a choice about being on the street,

I stood up and he saw that he'd upset me slightly. He came over, hugged me close and apologised. "Sorry Phuc. It was a joke," he said. I thought I could feel his dick through the towel. This set off something inside me that I didn't really want to handle right now. So I pulled off him and crawled into bed before my dick got hard.

I looked over to watch Dan get ready. I saw him drop his towel and pull some pants on. I guessed this was probably for my benefit although maybe that's what he usually slept in anyway. He walked over and he climbed into bed next to me. He was right that there was more than enough room for two. I felt a bit silly about the whole lying on the floor thing. I wasn't sure why I had assumed I'd have to sleep on the floor. It was forgotten now though and we talked softly for a while.

He said he was really pleased he met me and he was sorry if he'd upset or freaked me out getting naked. He spent a lot of time saying sorry but I realised as I got to know him and the family more that this was a very British thing! I also did feel sorry for him though. I hoped I hadn't made him feel bad as well. My last thought as I fell asleep was that I really liked him and I was going to make sure I kept him happy.

I woke up in the morning and Dan was still asleep. I'd had a pretty sexy dream I think given how hard my dick was. I'm sure it involved Dan but the tendrils of it began to fall away just leaving me there with a feeling of longing for affection and a need for release in my balls. I hadn't "wanked off" (as Dan would say) since I'd met Dan and I was regretting it. The urges the doctor asked about were really fucking strong and I didn't know if I could fight them. I shifted slightly and felt Dan mumble and moved closer to me. To my initial surprise, and faint horror I could feel his hard dick through his boxer shorts pushing into me. The horror was due to it intensifying my urges. The lust I'd had with Dinh was sweeping back over me and I felt like I was about to be out of control.

I pulled back the sheets and looked at Dan's pants. His dick was making an attractive tent in the material. Those urges, whether hormones, gratitude for Dan looking after me or just a need to be close to someone were taking over. I was mainlining a surprisingly large amount of lust, and I was going to act on it even if I'd regret it after.

Sex had scared me since I'd been with Dinh. What with all the threats and worries that I would be used by men and then the incident with Hung. Then I'd had to suck Hung even though I didn't want to because the alternative was going to be so much worse. But this time I knew what I wanted. I gently eased his underwear down, releasing his hard dick. It was a bit thicker and longer than mine hard but that was no surprise given his soft dick was bigger than mine as well.

I looked closely at it. It was a thing of beauty and I knew I wanted it. I had those urges really really bad! I wanted to take it in my mouth and suck it until he filled my mouth with his cum.

Dan stirred slightly then gently moaned as I peeled back his foreskin and flicked my tongue across his dick head. There was a slight salty taste which was far from unpleasant. I guess he was clean after having had a shower the night before and there was no stink of anything bad. I'd reached the point of no return and I was going to jump in feet first.

I then opened my mouth and bobbed down on his dick, taking as much of it as I could in my mouth. It felt strange in my mouth but also good. Different to Hung who was much bigger and had also had me down on my knees fucking my face.

Here I was able to control how much I took in and how quickly or not I sucked him. I started slowly, enjoying the feeling of it in my mouth. He moaned softly again as I started to speed up my work on his dick as I went up and down on it more quickly.. I liked the appreciative noises he was making as I did this. It made me feel good that I was making him feel good. I think he started to wake up as his moans intensified and he suddenly started mumbling, "shit...fuck...I'm gonna cum, pull off Jon....shit, not Jon, fuck, pull off Phuc. Pull....offffffffffffffff." He said as he shot his cum in my mouth. He tried to pull his dick out but I kept on sucking and swallowing until he'd softened.

"Phuc. Shit. Sorry," He said after I'd pulled off and lay next to him again. Then he woke up a bit more and he just said, "You shouldn't have done that."

I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't fight it and I guess I'd just pay the price now, whether that was being kicked out or whatever. Those bloody urges of me had got me into trouble.

"I'm sorry Dan, I just couldn't help myself. I woke up and your dick was poking into me. I just knew I wanted to suck it. You've been so good to me and I wanted to thank you properly."

"You don't need to thank me Phuc! I'm paying you to help me. I should be thanking you. I'm embarrassed that you think you need to suck my dick as some sort of additional payment or it's what I'm expecting for the money. That is definitely not the case and I hope you didn't think that it was. If so then I'm very sorry that I didn't make that clear. I'm sorry that you felt you needed to that," Dan said apologising profusely as he often seemed to do.

"No it's my fault Dan. I shouldn't have done it. I just wanted you to feel good as you've made me feel good by looking after me so well!" I was feeling a bit tearful as I said this and Dan grabbed my hand squeezing it gently.

"Phuc. Sex should be something you do because you WANT to, not because you're forced or because you think you owe someone or because you're worried about the consequences if you don't," Dan started to get noticeably agitated at this point, the words flowing out in a torrent and I realised I'd definitely fucked up.

"Dan. I did it because I wanted to, not just to thank you. I woke up with urges and I couldn't stop myself once your dick was pressing into me. I'm sorry that I couldn't control myself. Who's Jon by the way?" I asked trying to change the subject.

Dan blushed, "Just a friend at school, he's erm been known to wake me up like you just did occasionally when he' the mood. It's just a bit of fun between friends. And don't apologise. I said you shouldn't do it to thank me or because you felt you owed me. However if it was because you were horny like Jon then that's ok. Sex is fine when you're horny with a friend! Did you er get yourself off or you still horny?"

This thickened the plot slightly. So Dan had a friend who liked to suck his dick. Mind you it was a nice looking one so who could blame him. I guessed the word horny meant the uncontrollable urges I'd had and I couldn't lie. I definitely still had them. Ideally I'd have gone to the bathroom and taken care of them but I was a bit embarrassed about being hard in my pants and Dan seeing. Although I had just sucked his dick which for some reason I wasn't embarrassed about!

I shrugged, "No I didn't. Yes I am but that's ok, I'll erm sort it out in the bathroom later," I said blushing slightly.

He smiled at me, his eyes twinkling with...mischief? I wasn't sure but he had something on his mind.

"You don't need to do that," he said slipping his hand under the sheet to squeeze my hard dick through my pants. I moaned slightly as he moved in and kissed me softly on the lips before working my pants down to release my dick. He then played with my dick as he moved his head down to kiss the tip of it.

"It's beautiful Phuc," He said with a gentle smile at me before he took it in his mouth.

" don't need to do this Dan!"I said between gasps and moans as he gently sucked on my dick. He pulled off briefly to smile at me.

"I know I don't have to but I really want to," He said and with that that he went back to work on it. He clearly knew what he was doing and I loved every second of it. He grabbed my balls as he sucked my dick, using his tongue to flick across the head. If it was good what I'd done with Dinh, well this was even better for some reason. I knew I was close to having my orgasm so I warned Dan he might want to pull off but he kept going until I came in his mouth with a large cry of release. I really fucking needed that.

Dan let my dick pulse a few times before coming up to me smiling. His face was glowing with I guess enjoyment at what we'd done. "Open wide," He said. I did as he asked and then he kissed me properly, sticking his tongue into my mouth. This confused me slightly but I did the same and then I realised it felt amazing. I thought I could taste a bit of my cum in there but I didn't care. We kissed for a few minutes before Dan broke off.

"I'm sorry Phuc, I got carried away," He said, apologising again for something he didn't need to!

I smiled, "No need to say sorry, I loved it."

"Phew, I'd wanted to do that from that first morning when you showed me around," He said, smiling back in relief and looking a bit bashful.

"Me too," I said simply. He collapsed on the bed next to me and then put his arm around me to pull me close.

"I'm really glad I met you Phuc." He whispered. I whispered the same back and just luxuriated in the feeling of being held close by someone. It had been a long edgy time and I'd been starved of affection.

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