Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 3

That night I woke briefly as my door opened and someone came into my room. Before I could properly wake up I just heard a "shhh it's just me" and realised it was Dinh. He climbed into bed and cuddled up to me with his face pushed up against my back as he held me close.

"Can I trust you?" He whispered, his face felt cold and wet like he'd been crying.

"Yes," I whispered back and I fell back asleep with his body pressed up against mine. The closeness was nice even though it made the room feel even hotter. In the morning when I woke he was gone. I wondered for a moment if it was just a dream. The old lady told me he had gone to school early so I walked alone for a change. It was only when I saw him in the second lesson that I was relieved that he hadn't just skipped school. I tried to ask where he'd been but he just put his hand up to stop me and just said "Later."

I wanted answers but I knew it would have to wait. Finally the end of the school day came around. As we walked back together on our regular journey home after school I asked what was going on.

"You can tell me anything, you know that," I said with a smile, thinking he was probably just bigging it all up.

He took a deep breath, stopped, then took another one and simply said. "Your Uncle is a bad man. You're in danger!" I stopped in shock, "Why would you say that?" I asked in confusion, my voice raising ever so slightly. I didn't spend too much time with my uncle but he'd looked after me. He had given me a chance to improve myself. He'd given me food and a bed, and a good school. My instinct was to defend him. After all, if he was a bad man, who did I have left? I didn't have the money to head back to my father and neither did I even know if he was still there. My uncle was really all I had. I needed to know more.

Dinh stopped and took my hand, dragging me down an alleyway where it was quiet.

"Do you trust me? Can I trust you?" He asked, possibly rhetorically. He looked around to see if anyone was watching. This seems crazy but I could see we were completely alone.

"Of course you can Dinh," I said leaning forward to kiss him softly.

"We don't have time for that now," he said looking disappointed. "It's not safe to tell you at home and we can't be late or they'll be suspicious. So I'll tell you what I can. They'll kill me if they find out.. Well he will if I tell you though so please don't betray me. Your Uncle is a criminal. He trades in misery. Drugs, people, children, and who knows what else, there's nothing he won't sell to make money, " he said before I interrupted . "But how does he get away with it? If you know, surely the authorities know?" I asked in confusion.

Ding shrugged "He bribes people. The police, politicians, anyone he thinks he needs to. He blackmails those that won't be bribed. That's sort of my role in this. My "errand" every day is to go to the home of the police chief and "entertain" his son. Which means I get bent over the bed and forcibly fucked by him, usually more than once. He's 18 and his dick is pretty big and it really fucking hurts when he shoves it up my bum. But I'm ordered to do it because as well as the cash he gives them it keeps the police chief turning a blind eye to what your uncle is doing. I'd like to believe he's not lining you up to be one of his child prostitutes or sold to a rich pervert with deep pockets and a penchant for young boys but my experience tells me that's not the case. Now we need to hurry home," He said leaving me shocked, surprised, scared and angry.

As we walked quickly I asked questions about Dinh and I didn't like the answers I got. It had been going on for many months. Dinh had no real family left to think of so no choice in the matter. My Uncle had taken him in like he had me and slowly groomed him to where he did what he was told. He was grateful to him and by the time he realised he was in too deep it was much too late. The old lady worked for my Uncle and knew what went on. Her role was to keep an eye on us and check Dinh kept doing what he was doing.

"One thing I have done though..I've nicked the odd dollar or ten thousand dong from the boy over the weeks. He just leaves money hanging around so I've got more than enough to get out of here. Come with me. Let's run away. We can go far from here, well as far as the money will take us!" He said, grabbing my hand and squeezing.

"I don't know Dinh. If I leave it's like I'm betraying my Dad who sent me here. Maybe I'm not being thought of in that way, although they did keep giving me doctors appointments. Oh shit...," I said as realisation hit me. I quickly explained what I'd overheard even if I couldn't quite remember it all. Suddenly it all made sense and I did not like it all.

"See this is what I was saying. You have to come. We can't stay here. If we run to the big city then we can disappear." He said urgently.

"I want to but...look if he's as dangerous and connected as you say then we need to split up. If we escape together they'll be looking for two boys, not one on his own. It's too risky for you. I'm touched you want to help me but it should not be at the expense of your chances. We can try and meet up later. You go to Ho Chi Minh. I'll go somewhere else in the delta. Ben Tre maybe, that's surely far enough from here? I'm so thankful that you're helping me. You didn't need to and I don't want you to suffer because of it," I said thinking fast.

We were almost home and we slowed our pace as much as we could. "I would like you to come with me but it makes sense. However we can still have another "homework" session when we get home where you can thank me properly!" Dinh said with a smile.

"Sounds good!" I said smiling back. It seemed crazy to take the risk of doing stuff together but at the same time it would help me take my mind off things. Then another thought popped into mind.

"Do you um....have to do your errand tonight?" I asked.

"Yes but hopefully for the last time. First thing tomorrow let's get out of here. Walk to school like normal but then we hit the bus station and get the first bus out of here. Now, act natural and happy like nothing has happened," He said as we approached our home. I thought this would be easier said than done but I tried to focus.

My heart fell when I saw my Uncle waiting but I played my role perfectly. I enthused about school and everything I was learning. I then said that we had homework to do so we should get on with it. He smiled and ruffled my hair affectionately, "That's my boy! You're both doing well. I've got to go now but I'll see you tomorrow. The doctor wants me to be there for your latest tests. Work hard!" He said as he walked out the building. This only increased the certainty that we had to get out of here tomorrow, but for now I had to thank Dinh for saving me.

We rushed upstairs and opened my door, locking it behind us. I wasn't sure if it was the emotion of the moment, the fear of what tomorrow would bring or something else. All I knew was that passionate out of control lust took over us. Our clothes were thrown off and we kissed properly for the first time before we fell on the bed, still kissing.

I smiled to myself, the "urges" the doctor asked about were flooding my brain. I no longer wanted just to hold Dinh's dick in my hand. I wanted more. I broke off the kiss and moved my head down to take his hard dick in my mouth. I sucked it enthusiastically as he moaned and groaned. I had no idea what I was doing but it seemed to work. It wasn't long before he cried out "Phuc!" softly and came in my mouth. His dick slipped out and he then shifted around so my hard dick was by his face. He took me in his mouth and started sucking, I was beginning to feel I was going to cum when to my surprise and disappointment he pulled off me.

"I want more. I want you in me. I want to feel what it's like with you. At least I can focus on that later when I get raped,"He said softly looking like the lost little boy he was. I was going to protest. Things had moved very quickly but I stopped myself. I could see in his eyes that he wanted this, maybe even needed this..

"Ok but what do I do? We didn't cover this at school!" I asked slightly embarrassed at my naivety but he smiled gently at me.

"It's pretty simple, your dick is wet. I'll rub a bit of this cream on my hole and then you push in. I'm probably fairly loose back there after the last few months," He said grimacing at the end of the sentence.

"Are you sure? I mean I only had my first orgasm yesterday. Only had my first kiss and now you're wanting me to lose my virginity?" I asked. Again I was struck by the thought that things had moved on really fucking fast and I was struggling a bit. However this was clearly what Dinh wanted and he reassured me by massaging my hard wet dick.

"I want to feel what this feels like by someone who cares for me. Someone who will be gentle. So even if I never have sex again with a boy I'll have this to remember rather than .....him," Dinh said and he pulled me down to the bed. He lay on his front as I mounted him from behind. My dick wasn't very long even when it was hard but his bum cheeks weren't very big either so it was easy to slide between them. I then gently pushed my dick up towards his hole and to my surprise it slipped in easily.

If yesterday had felt good then this was a massive step up in pleasure! His hole tightly clamped around my dick and we both gasped and moaned as I pushed all the way in. I may have never done it before unsurprisingly but my body took over. It knew what to do. As I thrust in and out of him we grunted and groaned. The sensations were amazing and as I had my orgasm with a final thrust I almost passed out with the feelings flooding over me. I thrust a few more times before I softened and pulled out.

Dinh rolled over and I kissed him and told him how amazing it was. He smiled back, "you're so much better than my usual fuck!" He said. His dick was hard from grinding against the bed so I took it in my hand and brought him off to his second orgasm.

"You might be inexperienced but you've got some moves Phuc!" He said as he cleaned himself up. He started to get dressed and said he had to wolf down some dinner before he left. I got dressed and we both went and had noodle soup in the kitchen before the old lady reminded him he had an "errand" to run. I tried not to let my feelings for her show. After all she was just a cog in a bigger criminal machine but in no way did it mean she didn't bear responsibility too,

I heard Dinh come home but I was already in bed. I hoped he might come into my bed but I heard his door shut and knew I was going to be alone. I was very nervous about tomorrow. I'd packed what little belongings I'd got and could fit into a school bag including a change of clothes. I had to leave a few things behind and Dinh had also said we had to make it look normal. If they checked our rooms when we were at school it must look like we'd be coming back. Luckily I didn't really have much I could take with me anyway.

I fell asleep worried that if things went wrong it would end badly for both of us.

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