Mekong Delta

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 2

And so started the next chapter of my life. Can Tho was now my home and I started going to school as expected. It was tough and I studied hard. I had a lot of catching up to do after missing so much school. I worked very hard with it often being late in the evening by the time I'd finished.

I'd hang out with Dinh when I got a chance but he had errands to run for his family a lot. Usually every evening, he wouldn't say what they were but it kept him busy. We'd walk to and from school every day. We had lessons together so we definitely started to bond and become really good friends. It had been a long time since I'd had a friend my own age and I really enjoyed it. It was nice we were also going through the same thing together. It began to feel like we were our own support network. Helping each other with schoolwork, hanging out together and just making sure the other one was alright.

My uncle would check on how I was doing and would nod approvingly as I gave him school reports. I still had the embarrassment of having to strip each week and be measured by the doctor. He would start to ask me more personal questions like did I get erections (Of course) and had I felt any urges. (No idea what he meant).

I knew from sports at school when we changed afterwards that some boys' dicks had started to grow and they started to get a bit of hair down there. A few weeks later I also learned about orgasms at school and a few boys talked afterwards about having them. It still didn't make the conversations I heard any clearer. I was still confused why it was relevant for me when I started them but I knew things would become clear in time.

I was walking back home after school with Dinh a couple of days after the lesson. He was pretty much the oldest in our year and I had recently noticed when changing next to him after football that he had started to grow a bit down there.

" had an orgasm yet?" he asked quizzically as we crossed the main road, taking care to avoid the speeding motorbikes zipping in and out of the traffic

"No to be honest I don't really know how you get one," I said honestly. We'd been told it happened during sex and that was how babies were made but it wasn't like I was about to do that with any girl. I wasn't even 13 yet although my birthday would be coming around soon.

"I have! it feels AMAZING!" He said proudly.'

"Oh ok. Wow. Erm, how did you get one?!" I asked in surprise.

"It's very simple, you need to play with your dick until it happens. Basically. when you get an erection you just put your hand around it and move it up and down really fast until your body goes crazy and you have one!" he said smiling at me as we turned down a small side road that cut through to near where we lived.

"Doesn't sound too complicated," I said with a smile.

"Simplest thing there about we do some "homework" together when we get home and I'll show you," he replied with a cheeky smile. I felt a sort of warm feeling come over me particularly down in my dick and balls and wondered if this was one of the "urges" I'd been asked about. I did know that I suddenly really wanted to see Dinh's dick and see him do it. Fuck this was confusing. I wished I had someone I could talk to about this.

We got home and had a drink before telling the old lady we had to do homework. She told him he still had to run his errand later which he winced at but she allowed us to go and do homework. I had slightly cheekily reminded her how much my uncle had emphasised the importance of schoolwork.

We went into my room which was slightly bigger than Dinh's. I locked the door and sat on my bed slightly nervously. I had a strange butterfly feeling in my stomach and my dick was twitching slightly.

"Right, let's get these clothes off!" Dinh said stripping down to his pants quickly, which he pulled down to show his soft dick. As I already knew it was a bit bigger than mine. Not by much but he'd clearly started to grow along with a wisp or two of hair. I stripped off to show my hairless dick and sat on the bed next to him.

He stood up in front of me, hisdick swinging ever so slightly. It didn;t look much different to mine. The head of his dick was ever so slightly bigger than mine. It poked out the end of his foreskin while mine was fully covered. It was very close to my face and I suddenly had a crazy urge to put it in my mouth. That was replaced by the focus on what was happening to my dick. It was definitely hardening and suddenly it felt rock hard. Definitely as hard as I had ever been in my life.

"Good start!" Dinh said grinning as he saw it. His dick then hardened up as well. He showed me what to do with my hand and he started doing right in front of me. I could see his dick glistening slightly as his hand moved up and down in a blur. He groaned and grunted, whimpering at times and he was clearly enjoying it. He looked down where I was copying him and he then sat down next to me.

"Hold on, let me try, not sure you've got it quite right," He said with a smile batting my hand away and taking my dick in his hand. He had a firmer grip than I did and I realised I hadn't been doing it quite right. It felt amazing as his hand moved up and down. His dick was hard and I noticed it was within my reach. Thinking what the hell I put my hand on his dick and starting doing it for him. I started to feel a strange sensation. It started in my extremities and grew like a small flame on a log. It started small before building to engulf the whole log. My hand fell off his dick as I got taken over by the fire and then with a sudden squeak of surprise I had what I guessed was an orgasm. All my muscles were on fire. I writhed in ecstasy as his hand kept going until I begged him to stop.

He took his hand off my sensitive dick and smiled at me, " you know what an orgasm feels like!"

I grinned back, "Yeah it was amazing!" I replied then totally surprised myself by leaning forward and gently kissing him on the lips. He kissed me back before pulling away and grinning at me.

"A day of firsts for you eh Phuc!" He said then stood up, his hard dick still straining. I realised he hadn't had his orgasm yet so I started to play with it until he moved my hand away. His hand was a blur as he moved it up and down his dick, still close to my fascinated face. Then with a grunt his dick pulsed and something shot out the end hitting my cheek much to my surprise.

He giggled once he got his breath back, with more dribbles of liquid running onto his hand. He licked a bit off and smiled at my surprise. "It's just my cum you'll start shooting it soon. It's what makes babies, comes from your balls," He said then bent down then gently licked the bit that he'd shot on my face. He stood back up and his dick started to soften. I lent forward to taste a bead of his cum dripping off the end of his dick. It didn't taste too bad.

He smiled at me, "There's plenty more where that came from. I better get off soon and run my errand," He said, turning round and bending over to pick up his underwear and shirt. I stifled a gasp, his bum hole looked really red and slightly swollen. I kept it to myself though. I didn't want to embarrass him. I was intrigued though about his "errand"

" Where do you have to go? Can't you stay and we can have more fun, we could practice kissing again?" I asked hopefully.

He turned to look at me as he pulled his clothes on.

"I Er can't tell you Phuc.. I want to but it's...risky. Look, let's maybe chat on the way home tomorrow, but you have to promise if I tell you what's going on you won't freak out or go crazy," He said which just made the whole thing sound even weirder. I must have looked confused as he came over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Don't worry, it's fine. I'm really glad we did this and maybe we can do it tomorrow,"He said smiling. With that he unlocked the door and left leaving me feeling confused. I'd kissed a boy, I'd had my hand on another boy's dick, had his hand on mine, I'd even tasted his cum. And do you know what? I liked it! Sex wasn't something I'd ever given much thought to but the thought of Dinh and his dick was something that I really liked.

My dick was hard again and so I used the technique Dinh had told me to have another mind blowing orgasm. My life was definitely looking up! Although at the back of my mind was that conversation I'd overheard when I arrived, something about me and orgasms. I decided my uncle and the doctor didn't need to know about my new discovery just yet.

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