Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 6

Our temporary foster parents, Pete and Jane were very nice people. I could tell that straight away. They had warm smiles and knew the right words to use. They were clearly used to looking after waifs and strays in their home and they instantly made us feel at home. Not that I'd ever really had a home but I instantly craved the safety and security they were offering. It wasn't until I was inside the house that I realised how incredibly stressed I'd been the whole time in the cannabis farms. The constant worry that the plants would die, or I'd injure myself and die. I knew which of the two options the men in charge were more concerned about and it wasn't the plants.

As we sat on sofas in the lounge Pete and Jane welcomed us both and said even if our stay was short they were here for us. They told us about their lives and how many children they'd supported over the years. They also said they respected our privacy not to talk about what happened to us.

"All we know is that you have both been through a tough time. You don't have to tell us anything you don't want to. Now, let me show you your rooms," Jane said. We followed her upstairs where she showed us Bao's room which was huge and had a double bed. She started to leave to show me mine when Bao spoke up.

"Um can Dinh sleep with me tonight? We're used to being together and after everything that has happened we might need a day or to adjust."

Jane smiled and nodded at us both, "Of course dear, whatever you like. Now why don't you get refreshed and have a shower and then we can have some dinner in a bit."

It sounded good so we both showered separately, got dressed in some new clothes the lady from the government had given us and went down for dinner. It was a slightly uncomfortable affair. Neither of us were used to eating with adults or indeed eating proper food. It had been crap food for so long that it was hard not to scoff it all down in one go. However we both restrained ourselves and tried to make polite conversation. We always had the option of saying we didn't understand if we were asked something we didn't want to but that didn't come up.

We were both exhausted after the past 24 hours so once dinner was over we helped clear up, made our apologies and went to bed early.

"So what did you tell the police?" Bao asked me as he closed the bedroom door behind him. We both started to undress as we talked.

"Everything. I left nothing out. I want them to catch the fuckers who did this to us. You?"

"The same," Bao said as I stripped to my pants and started to head towards the bed.

He stopped me with his hand on my shoulder and then put the other hand on my pants, "Take these off, you don't need them tonight," he said with a smile.

I smiled back and said that was fine with me. I stood there as he stripped naked before to my utter surprise he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I kissed him back before I broke the kiss.

"Wow, I didn't expect that!" I said with a grin.

He grinned back, "I want to do a lot that you aren't expecting tonight!" He said before his face fell and he looked very sad and broken again. "Dinh, this is our last night together."

"What do you mean? That after tonight I'll sleep in the other room? That's fine!" I was confused by his words and he looked at the floor as I waited for a reply.

"No. I have to go Dinh. I can't stay here. I've done what I can by telling the police the truth but in the morning I'll be gone. I still owe a debt to those fuckers. If I don't repay it then they'll only go and find my family and make them pay. They gave me a number to call if I ever got taken. I have to phone it tomorrow and tell them to pick me up. Don't worry, I won't tell them where you are. I'll say we got separated. They hopefully won't come and look for you."

"But why?! Why go back?!" I asked in shock and upset.

"I'm sorry Dinh. I told you. My family. What happens if they go and take my brother and use him to pay off my debt? What happens if he has to go through what I've been through? How could I live with myself knowing my idiocy in signing up to this caused him pain?"

I wanted to scream in frustration at what he was saying, at the futility of it. Because I knew in my heart Bao was right. He had to do this. He had to protect his brother and family. He was the one willing to take the pain to ensure they didn't. I knew what that was like. We did what we had to do to survive and to help the ones we love survive.

"I understand Bao. I hate it with every fibre of my being. But I understand you have to go," I said as tears streamed down my face.

"Thank you my friend for understanding and not making this any harder than it needs to be," Bao said, looking sadly at me with tears also falling gently. It was faintly ridiculous that we were having this conversation while standing there naked in front of each other.

That was clearly not lost on Bao who then smiled at me, "this however, does need to be harder than it is!". Bao reached across to my soft dick as he said this. I guess the talking was done. We'd said what needed to be said. He leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back and at that moment decided if it was to be our last night together I was going to try and enjoy every minute of it.

Bao led me gently to the bed by tugging on my hardening dick. Once we were there he pushed me down so I was on my back. At this point he got on top of me and leaned down to kiss me. This time I opened my mouth and our tongues intertwined. As he pulled back from me to smile as he sat on me I asked a question on my mind.

"We've never talked about this but given what we're doing I wanted to ask. Are you gay?"

Bao sighed as if he didn't want to answer it. It probably wasn't the best timing on my part and I hope I hadn't killed the mood.

"I don't know what I am Dinh. I've never been able to do anything sexual with anyone when it wasn't because I had to apart from what I've done with you. I haven't been able to choose who I do things with, it's just something I've had to do. When I wasn't in that position I was locked in a small house on my own and then with you. I haven't even seen a girl for ages. At this point it doesn't matter what I am because I don't know what I am. All that matters for now is us and this last night together. Now pass me that cream there. I want you inside me."

I guess this answered my question and I knew how he felt. I was attracted to boys but how much of that was because of circumstance? He was right, it didn't matter for now. I had time to work things out for myself. I passed him the cream that he asked for. It was for our burns but it was slippery so hopefully would do the trick. Bao used some on his hole and some on my hard dick. He then stayed on top of me and gently lowered himself onto my dick. I slipped in easily as Bao had clearly had many bigger dicks up in him in his time.

In all my time being penetrated I'd never had any reciprocity. I was always receiving never giving, no surprise given the nature of the abuse I got. So as my dick went fully inside Bao I realised that this was my first time. I was losing my virginity under circumstances which I hadn't expected. It felt so tight and warm inside Bao that I realised what I'd been missing. As Bao started to rock up and down moving me inside him we both started to make appreciative noises. We had to be careful to keep the noise down but at this point I wasn't overly bothered. I was too lost in the moment as was Bao.

Two boys who'd suffered terribly finding comfort and enjoyment in each other's arms even if for only one night. As I climaxed inside Bao with a soft cry of pleasure I started to cry again.

"Please don't go," I begged softly even though I knew he had to. He smiled sadly and leaned down to kiss my tears.

"I'll never forget you. You've given me something to remember you by," he whispered into my ear.

He pulled off me and cleaned us up. I then pulled him back down to the bed. "Well let me give you something else to remember me by. It's your turn to fuck me."

"Are you sure? I'm bigger than you," Bao said looking uncertain although his hard dick belied his desire.

"Unfortunately I've had bigger but let's not talk about that. Phuc made love to me and that is a memento of him. I want you to do the same."

Bao nodded in understanding. We'd both been through experiences that had brought us close together and we understand each other, I helped Bao prepare with the cream before I lay on my front and let him enter me from behind. I moaned as his hard dick pushed inside me. He was gentle but there was a bit of pain. I didn't mind though. We both needed this. Maybe I needed it more than he did? I knew that I loved the feeling of him inside me helping me reclaim my body for myself. He was gentle as he slowly thrust in out and me before with a final sigh he came inside me.

We kissed before falling asleep in each other's arms. When I woke Bao was gone. He'd left a note explaining everything which saved me having to have that conversation with everyone. I cried gently in bed at the knowledge he was gone. I knew I wouldn't see him again. I just hoped that whatever happened to him at some point he managed to escape it. Would he ever be able to pay off his debt and go home to his family? Maybe he'd be picked up in a raid again and this time feel confident to stay and live his life. I felt a great deal of sadness at our separation but also admiration for his bravery however misplaced I felt it was. To put yourself back in the pain and suffering in order to protect your family? Well that was impressive.

I had no family to protect but I think I would have done the same for Phuc. That thought made me even sadder. Where was he? Was he still in Vietnam or maybe he'd ended up in this place as well, slaving away for the profit of unscrupulous bastards. Like with Bao I knew it was almost certain I would never find out what happened to him but I lived in hope. As I said before, sometimes hope is all you have left.

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