Dinh's Journey

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 5

Two teenage boys stuck together in an enclosed space for an extended period of time. You'd think that in between all the misery there would at least be some sexual tomfoolery. However we were both so broken that so far nothing had happened between us even though we'd got closer since we'd told our stories.

I would attempt to wank off in the shower but I found it really hard. I'd been raped so often that I found it hard to think of a memory or fantasy that would get my dick hard and make me want to wank it. So I'd often go days without wanking off. The only nice memory I had was me and Phuc together so I would close my eyes and think back to how good it felt when he was sucking my dick and afterwards when his dick was inside me. Those few days together we had before we were split apart. It usually helped but it made me feel bad afterwards. Where was Phuc? Was he being mistreated like me? Did his uncle find him? I missed him a lot and just wished I could find out if he was happy

I wondered if Bao also had the same problem as I did and I knew it was a bit of an uncomfortable thing to talk about. However, one day I decided to ask him about it. We'd just finished working and had both just showered. I hadn't been able to wank off in the shower and as we sat there on the mattress in the heat of the room wearing just threadbare towels around us I asked my question,

"Um Bao? I don't know if it's the same for you but I really struggle to masturbate at times. I should be doing it a couple of times a day but it's once a week at most. I can't get all the bad things out of my head. Is it the same for you?"

Bao sighed letting me know all I needed to know at that moment. "Once a week? I haven't been able to do it for weeks. Do you know the worst thing about being raped or being a prostitute was aside from the pain? My body would respond to what was going and it made me feel humiliated. I didn't want to do any of these things but once men were inside me my dick would harden and sometimes I'd even cum. I hated it as I also craved the release. God I'm fucked up," Bao said sadly.

I wanted to help him and decided to tell him about Phuc and me.

"My first sexual experiences were like yours. I hated it. But then for one night I reclaimed my body. My friend Phuc sucked my dick and then I let him inside me. It felt amazing and so different to what I was used to. Those are the experiences I hold onto and help me when I need them. Maybe that's what you need?"

"I've had enough cock inside me to last a lifetime!" Bao replied with a laugh tinged with pain and bitterness.

I moved right next to him and let my hand rest on his towel covered thigh. "I'm not suggesting you let me fuck you! But you need release and I can help," I said softly as I moved my hand under his towel to feel his soft dick with my hand. He moaned despite himself and released his towel to show off a soft 4 inches surrounded by lots of hair. He closed his eyes as I began to work my hand along his hardening dick.

He moaned in obvious pleasure, I could only imagine what it felt like after weeks of nothing! I wondered if he'd shoot gallons of cum after being backed up for so long so as it seemed like he was getting closer with some difficulty given the lack of space I bobbed my head down and took him in my mouth.

His moans intensified as I sucked him, his hands clamping around my head as his breathing got ragged and his body started to fidget. Then his dick pulsed in my mouth and Bao shouted a scream of release as he came in my mouth. He shot loads unsurprisingly and that scream of release was like nothing I'd heard in my life. All those weeks and months of pain, suffering, coldness forgotten for one brief moment. He slowly got his breath back then opened his eyes to smile at me.

"Fucking hell. Thank you. I didn't realise I needed that so much!" He said. I grinned and said it was my pleasure.

"Actually you still need pleasure!" Bao replied, grinning back at me as he took my hard dick in his hand. It felt great to have a friend's hand doing the work that I struggled to do. He was very good at it and he wanked me off to a very satisfying conclusion! We both smiled at each other and giggled. Just two horny teenage boys helping each other out like so many across the world. For those few stolen moments we felt free. We'd shared something special together. So many times our bodies had been used by other people for their own satisfaction but this was us reclaiming them for ourselves. They still belonged to us and we could decide if we wanted to give them to someone else.

That experience together was incredibly special and lifted both of our spirits. I wouldn't say this opened the floodgates for us but we did start to suck each other a couple of times a week, sometimes a bit more. We were still broken and it would take more than a few blow jobs to fix it. However it did at least give us an outlet for release and add some much needed enjoyment to our lives. Enjoyment was in very short supply after all.

I'd lost count how long I'd been in the house but it must have been a few months when everything changed. Bao and I had just finished watering the plants when there was loud rhythmic banging at the front door. It broke open and policemen came rushing in. As Bao and I spoke decent English we could understand what they were saying but feigned ignorance. It had been made crystal clear to us that if we were ever discovered we should stay quiet. They quickly checked we were alone before handcuffing us and walking us outside.

I could see neighbours looking out their windows as we were bundled into the police van and taken away to the station. The drive there was nerve wracking. What would happen to us? Would we go to prison? I knew from back home that the police were corrupt and prisons were hellholes. Was it the same here? I wasn't naive as to what would happen to me and Bao in prison. Two broken attractive boys would be like lambs to a slaughter.

It was all so confusing and chaotic once we got to the police station. We were separated and put in holding cells to wait and see what happened next.

So that's my story of how I ended up sitting across from two detectives in a police station in some unknown town in the UK. Up to this point everything has been shit. But I remembered the promise I made to myself and Bao. I would make the people who did this pay. So I told the police everything. Well leaving out the night of passion with Phuc and what me and Bao did together. I told them everything that they needed to hear to try and do something about it. If nothing else it would show them that we were victims in all of this.

As I told my story I could see that it made a difference. Their body language changed and the questions they asked were sympathetic rather than aggressive. I could tell they now saw me and Bao as victims rather than criminals. Which is exactly what we were! It was still very hard telling the story and the whole experience left me drained.

As well as the humiliation of telling them exactly what I'd been through, I also had to go and have a medical examination and STD test which was embarrassing. I did understand why I had to go through it. After what I had told them after I had told them what had been done to me it clearly was necessary. I knew Bao would also be doing the same thing although we were still being kept apart.

Luckily I passed my test with flying colours as did Bao. We were both given clean bills of health apart from creams for the burns and scarring we had. Physically we were in decent shape although mentally was still a struggle. Then more people got involved from other government departments that I didn't really understand. The outcome of which was that Bao and I would be placed with a local foster family for a few days while a more permanent outcome was found.

I was relieved to see Bao after our time apart in the police station. As we were driven together to our home for the next few days he was surprisingly quiet. I thought he'd be excited to be free like I was but there was something else there. I knew he wouldn't tell me in the car but I resolved to find out what it was once I got the opportunity to. We were free! We could start new lives! Why wasn't he as excited as I was? Maybe it was just the shock and surprise of everything but I knew I needed to find out..

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