A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 5

After my experiences with Nick it was back to the usual fallow time sex wise of being at home. School life went on as usual, I had no more incidents with Peter Phazey although I'd sometimes catch him looking at me in class.

Whether it was in a "I want to kick the shit out of you" way or a "I want to wank you off again" type way I had no idea. I tried not to think about it and just got on with things. I was still going out with Andrea, my girlfriend. Although aside from kissing at the odd school disco we didn't really do much. I was pretty clear I'd be waiting quite a few years until I got any further, Andrea was a studious middle class girl who was a rule follower and so we'd have to wait until she was 16 to do anything more I suspected.

I had a couple of sleepovers with Rob, he was still my best friend even though we both now had different friends. We were just so comfortable hanging out together after years of being best mates. One thing I did notice was that Rob hadn't grown at all yet, and he still looked baby faced and young boyish. I made the odd wanking joke with him but I could tell he had no idea what I was talking about and clearly was a late developer. I wouldn't want to make him uncomfortable though so we just went back to chatting about football.

He was taking his swimming very seriously though, his Mum coached the local swim team so he was out swimming every weekend and often in evenings so it did sort of cut down our chances to catch up. After swimming at school one day he stood there butt naked combing his hair in the mirror, he was so lithe and toned he looked amazing. His arse was so pert that it was the first time I'd thought about doing stuff with bums and it seemed tempting!

He was still hairless with a small dick but seemingly not remotely bothered about that. I felt sorry for him in one respect, he was missing out on the fun of puberty (but also the bad stuff I guess) but he'd start eventually and catch us up I suppose.

After Christmas I counted down to Easter, apart from Nick and the family visiting one weekend it was a boring term but once the holidays came I was very excited. I'd finally got an opportunity to work on my tan and get some sunshine! One positive in a world of negatives of my Mum meeting pervy Clive was that we had a bit more money so could go on foreign holidays. Well one foreign holiday anyway, my first one! It was the Easter holidays and we were going for just over a week.

We'd booked to go and stay in Limassol in Cyprus. It was a deal through one of Clive's friends so apparently we could afford it . It was a nice enough small hotel with a pool, just off the main strip, although we had the cheapest room which was a twin room for Mum and Clive (much to their dissatisfaction) and a sofa for me to sleep on.

If they were dissatisfied with their bed set up then I was gutted with the sofa. No privacy, no lie in, Clive would take great pleasure in waking me up early. I'm sure he was trying to catch me wanking as well, there was still a big hint of perv about him.

Still, the sunshine was welcome and I hung out at the pool , sunbathing and swimming. It was nice being able to relax and just read my Sci Fi and fantasy books. Mum and Clive hired a car and went on day trips but I mostly stayed behind, enjoying time on my own.

There weren't any other kids at first but a couple of days in a family from Sheffield turned up and they had a dark haired boy my age. Apparently they'd been coming here for years so knew all the staff and owners. Their son was called Jimmy and he said his older sister had previously had a fling with one of the waiters but was now too embarrassed to come back so it was just him and his parents.

Jimmy was funny, very northern with his broad Yorkshire accent, dark hair and I guessed around the same sort of development as me puberty wise.

Didn't stop his boasting though, Jimmy was always making jokes.

"They call me the horse at school as my dick is so big, all the girls want to suck it and all the boys wish theirs was so big, even the sixth formers!" He'd say.

I'd giggle and call him a bullshitter.

"You're just jealous Tom!" He'd say and wiggle his hips at me.

He was no looker but his enthusiasm and humour were infectious and I found myself liking him. I'd had no action since the last visit a few weeks previously of Nick and I did start to wonder if he was game for some fun. This was a change for me, previously I'd been the junior partner with the other boy making a move on me. This time around I was the one daydreaming and plotting to get some action.

Jimmy talked about sex and wanking constantly which I thought was a possible lead on. Although which teenage boy doesn't talk about that?

As luck would have it an opportunity presented itself towards the end of the week. There was a cancellation and a private double room had become available. Jimmy's parents were now friends with my parents now and they suggested they had a room for two nights and me and Jimmy could sleepover in our original apartment of one twin room. My mum wasn't sure but Jimmy's parents got them a good deal with the hotel so that was all sorted. Me and Jimmy would share the twin room for the last two nights of my holiday. If ever there was an opportunity for fun then this was it!

We were both excited about it and I thought I'd wait and see if an opportunity for fun presented itself. We were hanging out in the pool on the day of the sleepover and Jimmy was joking around as normal.

"See those two woman over there?" He asked me pointing at two girls in their early 20s I guessed.

"Yeah I see them, big tits!" I said enthusiastically. They were virtually bursting out of their tops and looked amazing!

"If no one else was around I'd go over, drop my shorts and they'd be sucking me off before they knew it." Jimmy said.

I giggled, "you're such a bullshitter, you'd get arrested!." I told him.

"Shame there aren't any other girls, every girl I meet wants to suck my dick. Every boy wishes they had one my size" he said for the thousandth time!

" You keep saying that!" I said slightly exasperatedly.

"It's true! If you were a girl you'd want to suck it" he insisted. This was my chance and I made my move.

I grabbed his dick gently through his shorts under the water. "Hmmm more of a hamster's dick than a horse but if you wash it clean then I'll suck it tonight" I said smiling at him, thinking I'd read the situation correctly.

How wrong I was, it turned out I'd massively misread it!

Jimmy looked at me in horror. "That's disgusting! And gay. Boys don't suck dicks, girls do" he said and stormed off out the pool.

I looked around and luckily no one had noticed. I cursed me and my big mouth. Now I was going to have to spend an awkward couple of nights with Jimmy, if he'd even stay with me. I then felt even more concerned, fuck, what happens if he told his parents what I'd done and said? And they told my mum and Clive? I wasn't even gay, well not fully anyway. I wasn't really sure what I was, I liked girls, but I also liked messing around with boys.

I got out of the pool and tried to read my book on a sun lounger, my heart beating a thousand times a minute and a sick feeling in my stomach. I waited and then with some relief Jimmy came back half an hour later and sat on the end of the sun lounger looking at me intently.

"I'm really sorry Jimmy, I dunno know what came over me, let's just forget I said anything" I told him hoping that would smooth things over.

He grinned, "Hey it's ok, hormones are a bitch, it's all forgotten" he said, I breathed a sigh of relief and things went back to normal. He suggested we go back in the pool and we hung out messing around for the rest of the day, my faux pas clearly forgotten.

That evening both families had dinner together before me and Jimmy were sent to our room with strict instructions not to come out until morning. We locked the door, went off separately to have showers and got ready for bed.

I was already in bed with boxers shorts and t shirt when Jimmy came in after his shower wearing a t shirt and briefs, I tried not to check out his bulge, well what there was of it which wasn't that much, not really hung like a horse like he boasted!.

Even though he'd just had a shower and had just put his clothes on he started to take his t shirt off, fairly theatrically.

He saw me looking at him quizzically and smiled as he put his hands in the waistband of his pants, turned round so his bum was facing me and started to edge them down very slowly. He kicked them in the air and caught them before turning round slowly to show off his naked form, his dick was actually a bit bigger than mine but then again he was a few months older and it wasn't bigger by much. It was quite a nice looking one, sitting on top of his balls surrounded by about the same number of black pubes as me.

He giggled as he saw my shocked expression.

"Well you can't suck my dick if I have clothes on can you!" He said with a wink and came over to my bed, climbing in next to me.

"Er...I thought you were angry at me about all that"

"Well I was at first, I stormed off, I don't do gay stuff. But then again I thought about it and well you know there are no girls here, you're nice and I'd love to have my dick sucked if you want to, doesn't bother me you're gay"

"Cool I'm not gay though, I've got a girlfriend. I just like messing around with boys too. So bullshit aside, have you had your dick sucked before?" I asked.

"Well.........no" he said slightly bashfully.

"Lucky you, you're going to love this then" I said, positioning myself so I could take his soft dick in my mouth, which rapidly hardened and I was rewarded with a cry of "oh my fucking god" as I started to suck him properly.

As we had the privacy of the room to ourselves he made no attempt to keep the noise down, groaning and calling out loudly things like, "fuckkkk"...."oooooooh"...."amazing". He was clearly enjoying it, holding my head tightly with his hands as I bobbed up and down on his hard dick. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed having a hard dick in my mouth and it always made it all the better to hear appreciative noises!

I sort of thought the done thing is to let the person sucking your dick know when you're going to cum just so they know to pull off if they want to, well for the first time anyway. Not so with Jimmy, I guess he was so into it he didn't care. The first I knew was when he suddenly buckled, almost screamed "fuuuuccckkkkkkkk!" and cum blasted the back of my throat, his dick pulsed a few more times before he begged me to pull off, "it's too sensitive!" He said wriggling around.

I pulled off and smiled at him, "how was it?" I asked.

"It was ok, it would have been better if you'd been a girl though" he replied. I was slightly disappointed in his feedback and I guess it showed because he giggled. "Only taking the piss, it was amazing! You happy to do it again?"" he asked, his dick already hardening again. Blimey, he was keen!

I sucked him again and a few times over the next couple of days. He didn't show any desire to reciprocate but I didn't mind, I was enjoying making him feel good and enjoying the feeling of a hard dick in my mouth.

That last night after I'd sucked him again he lay next to me looking at the ceiling.

"You're a strange fish Tom, you say you aren't gay but you seem to love sucking my dick" Jimmy said to me, obviously confused about the whole thing.

I shrugged, "It's fun, you should try it. Just because I like sucking your dick doesn't make me gay, I like girls too. But there is no way my girlfriend will be doing anything sex wise until we're 16 and that's a long way off for a horny boy!"

Jimmy looked thoughtful, "hmm well you might be right but that's well outside my comfort zone. I'll wank you off though, just as thanks for sucking my dick!" he said. He took my dick in his hand, doing an expert job of giving me an amazing hand job, boys always know their way around a dick!

We'd had a great time together, and before I left the next day we exchanged addresses and promised we'd write to each other. I headed home to the UK with some really good memories in my wank bank!

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