A Time of Change

by Andrew Passey

Chapter 4

My Dad had remarried after he walked out on us, he'd been having an affair with a woman from work who became my step mum. My Mum shielded me from as much as possible at the time and I was only 8 when he left but it certainly complicated my life with having to spend weekends with them. It forever left my relationship with my Dad damaged, I was no longer his top priority and not seeing him every day during my formative years left us fairly distant.

My stepmum was ok and I didn't blame her for what happened, but I did feel that she wasn't particularly pleased to have me around. It was a strange dynamic though and I would be lying if I said I enjoyed my trips over to stay with them.

Much to my Mum"s annoyance at the time, and my confusion, my Dad and Stepmum had also bizarrely taken me on honeymoon with them to the Costa Del Sol when they got married. What sort of weirdo takes their child on honeymoon with their new wife?! Particularly as I was fairly sure I wasn't welcome. I'm not sure if they were making a statement or it was a way of hurting my mum but in retrospect it was really fucking weird.

Still, despite all that the holiday was good fun though, I was sent off to kids club every day where I befriended other kids. My Dad and step mum also befriended a couple whose kids were with them so I was taken out of kids club and allowed to hang out with them most of the time.

They were a nice family, the parents were really nice and the dad really funny. The boys were called Tom and Nick. Tom was the oldest, 4 years older than me, Nick was 1 and a half years older. Nick would call us Big Tom and little Tom which he found hilarious.

Over the next few years, we'd go up and visit for the weekend and they'd come down and visit us. When we first used to go they lived in Liverpool then they moved to Chester where they lived in a pretty big house. They had lots of money, both boys went to an all boys private school which seemed weird to me. Why would you pay for a school when you could go for free?!

One time we were up visiting when I had just started my first year of secondary school, Nick was doing his big Tom, little Tom routine. His brother saw I didn't like it and decided to bring Nick down a peg or two..he smirked at Nick.

"Don't pretend you don't like me being big Tom, you seemed to last night anyway!" He said with a laugh.

Nick went bright red, told him to fuck off and changed the subject. I had no idea what was going on but in time all became clear.

Soon after the Peter Phazey incident, we went to stay with them in early December, snow was in the fields in the drive up and I was very excited. I loved spending time with them, even if Tom now did his own thing most of the time. He was 17 and could drive and had a girlfriend so it tended to be me and Nick hanging out. Nick wasn't yet 15 so the age gap didn't feel anywhere near as noticeable as between me and Tom and even him and Tom.

That Friday evening we all had dinner together before playing a board game, then Nick and I were encouraged to go and play in his room, he had an Amiga so that was always fun. I loved computer games and dreamed of being able to afford my own at home, a distant dream though.

I was going to be sleeping in his room on a camp bed, it wasn't uncomfortable but I looked longingly at his big double bed! We did our good nights and were told we could stay up till 10.30 if we were quiet. Although in reality I knew it would be later, the wine and brandy was out and the cards were, the adults would be playing cards and drinking until very very late. Tom has gone to his girlfriends so it was just me and Nick.

We got to his room, he shut the door and locked it, then produced a couple of cans of cider.

"Dad said we can have these if we don't tell your Dad" he said with a grin. I'd never really drunk before so I was intrigued and excited to do another first!

He poured us both a glass out the first can then suggested a game. "Why don't we play truth or dare?" He asked.

I shrugged, I wasn't sure. I'd played it with friends but they were my own age, also Nick was very mischievous and so who knows what dares he'd come up with!

Nick noticed my reticence, "Hey don't worry Tom, why don't we have a drink first, in fact let's play another game. It's called "I Never". One of us says something, if you have never done it you don't drink, if you have then you drink one fingers worth of cider. The winner is the person who finishes their drink last!"

I liked games and was fairly competitive so I smiled and said it sounded fun.

Nick started to get the game rolling, "I've never.......kissed a girl" he said. I blushed slightly as I took a drink and then was shocked when he didn't.

"Bloody hell Romeo!" He said with a grin. "Still, I'm winning already! Oh forgot to say, all the things we say have to be slightly related to sex or girls or stuff like that, no boring things like "I've never bought a car" etc" he continued on winking at me.

I blushed slightly at the turn the game was taking, and I didn't really know what to say, in the end I went with a fairly lame "I've never...put another boy's pants on".

Neither of us drunk and Nick giggled, "that was a weird one, Ok my turn, "I've never.....had a wank" he said, we both drank and he smiled at me. "You're definitely growing up Tom!"

I blushed despite myself and decided to take things up a notch, trying to embarrass him maybe.

"I've never....touched another boy's balls" I said and then giggled and felt a bit shocked when Nick drunk a finger. I was initially going to say dick but then remembered I had so didn't want to reveal that.

He smiled at me, "I've never....been wanked off by another boy". He said, then smirked and winked at me as we both drunk from our drinks, my face glowing bright red. I could have lied but it was a game after all, and we were friends, honesty seemed the best policy.

"Ok well I think we can share stories after the game, you're definitely not the innocent boy I thought you might be" he said with a smile.

I went with "I've never sucked a dick" which was true and to be honest I didn't really know exactly what the mechanics were.

Nick did though as he drunk and then went with "I've never had my dick sucked" which again he drunk at. His drink was almost empty by now!

"I've never felt a girl's tit" I said and neither of us drunk.

"I've never had sex with a girl" he said and neither of us drunk.

"I've never had sex with a boy" I said slightly jokingly, after all how would you have sex with a boy?!, After a bit of a delay to my shock, surprise and curiosity, Nick drained his glass.

"You win Tom" he said as I looked at him, still in shock.

"Er, how do you have sex with a boy?!" I asked in surprise.

"You shove your dick up their arse" he said with a shrug. "Anyway, little Tom seems to have had a bit of experience so tell me about it all!"

My tongue was loose from the cider, he poured me a bit more and I told him about the wizard and James and finally Peter.

"Wow, that's fucked up. I guess he's confused whether he's gay or not, he doesn't know if he wants to fight you or fuck you!" He said with a giggle. I told him it was time to tell me and he looked serious and swore me to secrecy.

"I've done everything really, been wanked off, wanked off, sucked and been sucked, fucked and been fucked although only a couple of times of that. Tom introduced me to most of it, he used to have me wank him off and then when I was old enough he'd do the same. We moved on to sucking, and also doing 69s" he said and saw my confusion.

"It's when you suck each other at the same time" he said.

"Ahh, Ok" I replied, wow, Nick was experienced.

"We never had anal sex, but I did with a boy on holiday in the summer. We did each other a couple of times. It was weird and I sort of enjoyed it but sort of not. It was a bit painful and I felt a bit coerced. I'm not sure I'm ready to do that again just yet. So for now why don't I introduce you into the world of dick sucking" he said then laughed at my shocked face.

He smiled at me, "Don't worry Tom, I'm not being totally serious, but if you want to then I'm happy to show you, it's amazing!" He said.

I wasn't sure to be honest, but then again I sort of had a crush on Nick, well more of looking up to him and wishing he was my older brother. If not with Nick then who I guess?

"Erm.....Ok I guess, although won't our dicks stink of piss when we do it ?" I asked as it was one of the first things to cross my mind.

Nick giggled, "well yeah but say you piss on your hand by accident, how do you get rid of the smell?"

"Well you wash it" I replied.

"So what do we do to stop our dicks smelling of piss?" He asked with a slight smirk.

I felt stupid but he smiled indulgently at me, "it's ok Tom, it's good to ask these questions, it's how you learn. So we need to wash them in the sink but first let's strip down and see what we've both got down there" he said.

I was a bit embarrassed but got over it and slowly stripped off to my pants. We both stood there in our pants, me in my bog standard boxer shorts, Nick in fancy looking silk ones. With a shrug he pulled his down to show his dick, given he was a year and a half older it wasn't actually THAT much bigger than mine, it was longer and thicker but no bigger than some of the more developed boys in my year at school.

He did have quite a lot more dirty blonde pubes than the light spattering of black ones I had though.

"Not so little Tom anymore" Nick said checking me out with a smile. I smiled goofily feeling a bit embarrassed, Nick had a sink in his room so we washed them clean in it, Nick taking great pains to make sure I peeled my foreskin back all the way and washed under the glans.

"I keep it clean pretty much all the time, you never know when a boy or girl might want to suck it" he said with a wink. Although given that he hasn't even kissed a girl I suspected it was more of the boy variety who had sucked it rather than girls!

We went and sat on his bed, I was feeling nervous and awkward all of a sudden.

"So er......what now?" I asked slightly stupidly, I mean it was fairly obvious what we were going to do next.

He smiled at me though, sympathetic to my nerves.

"Don't be nervous Tom, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. But I think the best plan is for you to suck me first, then I'll suck you, and we can also do 69s where we suck each other at the same time. But for your first blow giving and receiving you should enjoy doing without that distraction. The reason for you to suck me first is that it can take a bit of getting used to to handle to post orgasmic guilt and the hormone comedown. You can think you want to suck a dick more than anything else in the world, then once you've cum you can't think of anything worse. You get used to it though, just takes a bit of getting used to sometimes"

I nodded, Nick was experienced so it made sense for him to take charge. After checking I was still ok to go ahead with it and telling me what to do and what not to do (no one is a fan of being scraped by teeth), he sat on the edge of the bed and I got on my knees.

I edged my head down until his now hard dick was right in front of me. It was now or never, I opened my mouth and let his dick slide inside. I was careful to avoid my teeth so it took a bit of getting used to, but soon I was into it. It was like sucking a meat lollipop, it didn't taste of much, there was a hint of soap and as I started to suck him a small bit of liquid came out.

I pulled off and he told me it was the precum, "don't worry Tom, you'll know when I cum properly! I'll warn you in case you want to pull off although it's not really the done thing" he said. I kept slurping away on his dick, doing the best job I could with my very limited experience. It seemed to be working though as Nick was certainly making appreciative noises. My dick was rock hard and I realised I must be enjoying it, and also the knowledge it would be me next!

"Ooh....fuck....almost....there....pulll off...if you.....ooohh....want to....." Nick said as his breathing got ragged, his whimpering and groans intensified. I stayed on it, if I didn't like the taste I would pull off next time. Then with a big groan Nick went stiff, his dick swelled and went hot as he suddenly pulsed a load of cum into my mouth. I spluttered slightly but got it all down.

I pulled off and he smiled at me and ruffled my hair, "pretty good for a first time mate! Now get up here and I'll show you what you've been missing." He said. I sat on the bed and he got between my legs and proceeded to give me the best few minutes of my life so far. The feeling of his hot wet mouth going up and down my hard dick, sucking gently as he did, flicking his tongue across my dick head. The feelings were incredibly intense and this was certainly a step up from being wanked off!

I was in the way to the most toe curlingly intense orgasm I'd had, it started in my extremities and spread, bit by bit until with a shout of release I shot in Nick's mouth. He kept sucking me dry until it got too much for me and he pulled off.

"So....how was it?" He asked with a grin.

"Fucking amazing, when can we do it again?" I replied grinning back.

"Give it a few minutes to recover and we can have a bedtime 69, want to sleep with me in my bed tonight?"

I definitely did so I nodded vigorously and said, "fuck yeah".

We got into bed and he positioned us so we could suck each other at the same time, it was amazing and I fucking loved it. I was hooked and we did it numerous times over the weekend. I was pretty upset as always when we headed home but it would hopefully not be too long before they visited and I could have a repeat performance.

I moped around when I got home and my Mum lost her temper, "I won't let you got and see them with your Dad if you always come back in such a foul mood" she said. I stomped off to my room and slammed my door, Throwing myself on to the bed to my surprise crying tears into my pillow. Why I was so affected I wasn't sure. I definitely had an older brother issue, I looked up to older boys and liked to please them. I enjoyed them treating me like a younger brother. Was it because of my fucked up relationship with my Dad? Who knows, I guess a psychologist would have a field day with me and my unresolved issues!

I went downstairs after a bit to say sorry to my Mum who hugged me and just said it was "teenage hormones". She was probably right, it was tough though, I didn't like the feeling of being out of control. Still, all part of growing up I guess, I did miss Nick the next few days but gradually got back to normal

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