Once in a Lifetime

by About A Boy

Chapter 7

A cool morning breeze filtered gently in through the open bedroom window, and Eric stirred, waking from a wonderfully peaceful nights sleep. He opened his eyes and lay quietly for a moment, as memories of the previous nights activities flooded back into his thoughts.

He smiled softly, recalling the amazing feelings of his first ever sexual encounter with another boy. He thought immediately of Liam, the twelve-year-old boy with whom he'd shared that experience, and he turned his head to look at him.

Liam was standing there in front of the open window, leaning against the sill with his back to Eric. The boy was naked, and Eric smiled fondly as his eyes betook the image of the unclothed boy. There was a sleek leanness to the youngster's torso, and Eric smiled as he gazed at the smooth rounded moons of the boy's bare bottom; and the soft dimple in each cheek, separated by the crescent shaped crease that divided him.

"G-morning..." Eric offered softly. Liam turned at the window to face him.

"Morning." the boy returned, hopping eagerly onto the bed alongside him. Eric moved his hand, resting it softly on Liam's exposed bare thigh.

"That was so awesome last night." Eric tendered. "Thanks Liam, for taking me there."

"You were already there mate." Liam smiled, "You just didn't know it yet." The boys smiled at each other, and Eric reached up and took Liam by the arm, pulling the boy down on top of him.

He wrapped his arms around the younger boy and hugged him chest to chest for a moment. Liam scooted his lower body around, so that he was lying fully atop the older boy. Only the thin cotton sheet separated their privates, and Liam wiggled his hips suggestively, playfully trying to arouse Eric.

"Uh... Don't start something you can't finish." Eric cautioned with a boyish smile.

"I already started it." Liam replied, having already felt Eric becoming erect beneath the sheet. He reached down, taking a handful of linen, and the stiff rubbery lump that lay beneath it. "What's this bump then?" The young English boy teased, as he fondled it playfully.

Eric laughed, and twisted his body, sheet and all, rolling Liam onto his back with Eric now hovering over top of him, all but tangled in the linens.

"It's a good thing this sheet is between us..." Eric teased, humping his hips forward suggestively against the younger boy. "Other wise I might have to use that 'bump' on you..." he laughed, as did Liam.

The boys looked at each other amusedly for moment, and then Liam's expression became quite serious. The boy shifted then, raising his legs with his knees drawn up outside his chest, his bare bum elevating slightly off the bed.

"I really want you to... If you'd like..." He offered, quite seriously. Eric looked down at the boy's raised bottom, and the beautifully pink grommet that it harbored. His eyes widened perceptively.

"What?" Eric was surprised. "Wait, are you suggesting that I... That we, you know, like, have sex?" Liam smiled up at him and nodded with a crooked little grin.

"Course I am silly. I'm not just airin' out me bum..." the young Brit teased. Erik's eyes truly widened this time. The twelve-year-old was seriously offering to let Eric fuck him. He'd never really even thought about actually doing this before; in truth, he simply hadn't thought that far ahead.

Erik looked down again at the teasing pink pucker, which seemed to be staring erotically back up at him. "I... I don't know if I'm ready for this." Eric confessed to the younger boy. "I mean, have you, like, ever done it before with anyone?"

"Not really." Liam responded. "I mean, not for real anyway."

"What? What does that mean?" Eric queried, somewhat confused.

Liam blushed a little, and lowered his bare feet back to the bed. "Well... I mean, I've practiced a little, haven't I..." he offered.

"Practiced? How did you... You know, practice?" Eric wondered honestly.

"Well... I suppose I've messed about with a spring cucumber a time or two." The youngster explained. Eric's brows furrowed, not understanding at first. "Oh come on," Liam said, "Have you never slipped somethin' up yer bum?"

"Huh..?" Eric was surprised at the revelation, as he tried to envision Liam inserting a small spring cucumber up into his boyish hole... "Really? You've done that?" Eric questioned.

"I reckin' yer about the same size." Liam teased with a boylike grin, looking down between them both at Eric's fully erect boyhood. "Come on Eric... I want you to do it." Liam offered again. Eric smiled boyishly. He was seriously tempted to give it a go, but... This had all happened so suddenly. It was all quite new to him, and it seemed like a huge step. Besides, he thought to himself; what about Zach...

"Please..." the younger boy pleaded. "I've been waiting so long to try this..."

"I'm uhh... I'm just not sure I'm quite ready for this." Eric repeated honestly. Liam seemed to read his thoughts, and he smiled tenderly.

"Thinkin' about Zach are you; wanting him to be your first?" he wondered. Eric smiled at him awkwardly and nodded. "Alright, I get it..." Liam conceded, clearly disappointed. He looked down and saw the large sticky droplet leaking from Eric's bell end; and a sudden smile crossed his young face.

"You can use your finger then." Liam proffered, understanding Eric's hesitancy, and drawing his legs up in the air again. Eric looked again at the tender pink rose, almost blooming there between Liam's tanned upturned cheeks.

He smiled curiously, and willingly slid his right hand along the inside of Liam's boyishly smooth thigh. His forefinger wandered slowly over Liam's smooth rounded testicles, and across his perineum. With near shyness, Eric slid his finger softly over the younger boy's private opening.

The pink orifice bunched tightly beneath the soft touch. Eric smiled, and glanced up at Liam, who smiled willingly back at him. "Wet your finger then..." The English boy suggested. Eric sucked on his finger, leaving it wet with spit.

Slowly, Eric touched that wet finger to the boy's anal ring, and began rubbing it in small circles there to lube the erotic opening. Finally, with some anticipation he pressed his fingertip against the ginger ring. "Oh man..." Liam sighed receptively.

Eric was thoroughly engrossed in what he was doing. Half due to his sexual curiosity, and half due to the simple wonderment of boys; curious at how everything works. He inserted his fingertip shallowly into the yielding clutch of flesh; then withdrew it, with attentive interest.

He smiled up at Liam again, and then lowered his head, to gently sniff at the boy's pink ring, and then at his own fingertip. There was nothing offensive about it. Just that same clean, boyish musk, which to his surprise he found mildly appealing.

Eric lowered his head again, and closing his eyes, he gently nuzzled the area with his nose and lips; which was also incredibly erotic, to both he and Liam. The younger boy cooed contentedly as Eric brushed teasingly over his soft wrinkled bung.

Feeling oddly compelled now, and determined to explore his sexuality, Eric slipped out his tongue, and he trailed it timidly over Liam's youthful opening. Liam shivered, and sighed again, which only served to inspire the older boy. Eric lightly tongued the boy's opening now, tickling the entrance with the tip of his oral digit. Liam squirmed at the delightful sensations which were literally washing over, and teasing his aroused anus.

Eric opened his eyes, and smiled up the younger boy, then feeling inspired, he kissed and tenderly licked Liam's loose, hairless scrotum, tonguing and sucking at his testicles; which also proved to be tactilely satisfying for the both of them... "Oh man...." Liam murmured in return, as testament to how wonderful it felt. Eric sucked on his own finger again, coating it liberally, and then with deliberate intent, he pressed it against Liam's soft anus.

His digit disappeared with great alacrity into the tight warm opening. Eric's eyes were wide with wonder as he felt the warmth of Liam's rectum encompass, and virtually draw in his finger. The boy's anal ring clamped tightly around the presumptuous digit as if holding it there until its acceptance was approved.

Liam moaned again, with unexpected pleasure in his soft boylike tones, and his firmly clamped bunghole slowly relaxed, as if welcoming further intrusion. Slowly, Eric began to withdraw his finger; then he pushed it satisfyingly inward again, multiple times.

"Oh man... This is so awesome..." Eric breathed, mesmerized.

"Mmm, yeahhhhh......" Liam sighed, squirming as Eric's pumping became more spirited. But then, just as the excitement was building, Eric suddenly stopped... The pure eroticism of all of this, and Liam's quiet moans had stimulating him greatly; Eric was caught up in the irresistible draw of sexual excitement, feeling more than horny now, as he looked again at Liam's youthful nakedness.

"What's wrong? Why'd you stop?" Liam questioned, raising his head to look at Eric.

"I'm just so seriously worked up..." Eric confessed, as he urgently squeezed on his own rigid boy prong. Liam smiled knowingly.

"I told you, you could bugger me up the bum if you want..." Liam reminded, offering it willingly again. Eric looked into the younger boy's pale blue eyes, which stared almost pleadingly back at him.

He smiled down softly at the younger boy. He was so worked up, and he so wanted to explore his burgeoning sexuality with the young Brit. He'd dreamed and fantasized about having intercourse ever since the first time he'd masturbated... And thinking about it now, he realized that the chance to have sex with Zach might never even come; and in that moment his resistance surrendered; he was willing to try intercourse for the very first time, with young Liam.

"You really want to do this?" Eric asked. Liam's eyes lit up, as he realized that Eric was changing his mind. The boy looked down between them again and saw the large sticky droplet leaking from Eric's bell end; and a sudden exuberant smile crossed his young face.

"Yes please, I really, really want you to..." The young English boy raised his legs and bum again; his bare feet dangling in the air. "Go on then, please Eric, please..." he begged. Eric smiled excitedly, and eagerly raised up onto his knees.

He put his left hand on the underside of Liam's upraised thigh, to balance himself, and leaning forward he awkwardly attempted to line himself up, guiding his penis with his right hand, as he flexed his hips forward.

"Don't be shy..." Liam directed with eager anticipation. Eric bent forward, so that the tip of his penis was actually rubbing, and sliding back and forth across the younger boy's hot puckered hole.

"Ohhh shit..." Eric mumbled, engaged by the erotic feel of the warm wet nub rubbing against the very tip of his exposed purple knob... His own excited drippings were already lubing the area, and now he was almost trembling in a highly charged state of sexual arousal. Even Liam was starting to get off on the autoerotic sensations basting his pink ring.

Eric was youthfully inexperienced; naturally so, and it showed as he tried to find just the right angle, and then with slight pressure, his swollen, plum colored tip slipped snugly inside the bunched pucker of soft skin. "Mmmph..." Liam moaned as Eric penetrated his opening. Eric's eyes were intense with dazed pleasure as he felt his penis slip ever so slowly into the firm moist pressure of the younger boy's sponge-like rectum.

"Uhhhhooooo..." he all but gave in to the pleasurable feeling, arching his back and squeezing his eyes shut as his boyish tube settled into the warmth; his inner thighs finally coming up against Liam's warm bare bottom.

"Ohhh... Oh man..." Liam moaned, as his insides adjusted to the welcomed intrusion.

"Are you, are you alright?" Eric wheezed excitedly, looking down at Liam. The twelve-year-old licked his lips, and nodded; and both of them felt Eric's penis throb inside the younger boy. Eric shivered, and he struggled to control his breathing, if not an impending ejaculation... This was so amazingly different than what he'd imagined. It was so incredibly, wonderfully wild.

"Do it..." Liam begged, breathily. "Hump me..." His eyes all but glazed with his own excitement. Eric stared down at him stupidly, as if suddenly realizing there was more to do.

The older boy swallowed hard, then flexed his hips back and then forward again, drawing his stiff prong in and out; slowly at first, mindful of Liam's soft moans... He felt his penis spasm again; so charged was he by this defining event. "Ohhh, ohh fucking shiiiiittt Eric..." Liam moaned receptively...

Eric had never been more aroused, and he began a more steady pumping. He closed his eyes, arching his head back, and panting raggedly through his sagging mouth. With each inward thrust, he began to thump against the younger boy; rocking Liam's smaller frame.

"Mmm, mmh, mmh..." the twelve-year-old grunted with each fleshy impact of Eric's thighs against his buttocks. Inexperienced, his humping became erratic, and he accidently slipped out of the younger boy's hole; his glistening penis banged against Liam's soft perineum and testicles, before he was able to stop his thrusts and hurriedly guide himself back in.

Humping at a slightly different angle now, Liam moaned pleasurably as a new feeling washed over him. "Ohhooooo, Ohoooo..." he panted. Neither boy knew of it, but Eric's shift in position caused him to bang against Liam's prostate, stimulating the boy into aroused frenzy... Liam's young penis had been erect throughout, but now it seemed to swell, and pulse with pure pleasure. "Oaaaaahhhhh...."

Eric looked down in time to see the youngster's scrotum draw tight, and suddenly Liam's engorged pubescent boyhood was spitting clearish semen in generous spurts across his own belly. "Mmm, mmm, mmmhhh..." the boy moaned and sighed out...

It was all too much for Eric. In his excitement his speed had increased, his testicles bounced rhythmically against Liam's undercarriage. His body went taut, and with incomparable arousal he reached his own orgasm. "Unnnnnnchhhhh....." Hot boy spunk jetted from his swollen tube, filling Liam's sweltering bung hole. The contractions seemed relentless; releasing multiple pulses of the warm, wet boy spunk...

Eric's teenage body was seized for several long seconds in glorious discharge, until the last of the seemingly countless contractions finally released him. He literally slumped over Liam, exiting him, and leaving a wet mess dripping between the boy's legs.

Eric rolled to his side, collapsing breathlessly on the crumpled damp sheets, as the tingling sensations slowly dissipated. He shivered, and dropped his arm tiredly over Liam's sticky bare chest. "Oh man... Oh man... That was so... Fuck....." he mumbled, as he tried to catch his breath.

Liam lay thunderstruck at his side. His anus tingled, and his penis still throbbed, with a sticky string of his own ejaculate dangling from its tip. A tear rolled softly from the corner of his eye, dripping to the pillow beneath his head.

"Oh god... Are you alright?" Eric asked urgently, propping himself up as he noticed the tear. "Did I hurt you?" Liam slowly turned his head and looked at Eric. A tender, exhausted smile crossed his lips.

"I'm fine." he said softly. "More than fine, yeah... That was bloody Amazing."

"But... You're crying." Eric observed, quite concerned. There was a long moment of silence...

"It's just... I've been wanting this for so long..." the youngster stuttered. "I was starting to think it would never happen..."

"But why would you think that?" Eric asked tenderly. "Liam, you said you've known for a long time that you liked boys, right?"

"Yeah." the younger boy replied curiously.

"And you've messed around with Cory, right..."

"Yeah, but he's not into boys. That was just experimenting and stuff. You know, jerking each other off, and kissing a few times. And one time he even let me suck him off... But, that's all there was to it..." He replied, sounding rather disappointed.

"You've never messed around with any other boys?" Eric asked. Liam shook his head.

"It's kinda hard you know... I mean, I'm only twelve. It's scary, and hard hoping to find boys who like other boys. Cory and me are best mates, and since him and his family are naturists, well... It's only cause of being naked around each other so much that we just kind of fell into messing around with each other the way we did."

Eric looked tenderly at the younger boy, understanding his dilemma. He snuggled closer, holding Liam reassuringly. He reached down idly with his other hand, and slid his thumb over the tip of Liam's semi softening organ, wiping away the strand of semen that still dangled there. Liam shuddered, his penis was still amazingly sensitive.

Without thinking, Eric sucked Liam's nectar from his thumb. He smiled softly, and leaned down to kiss the young Brit. The two boys lay together for several long minutes, until something suddenly occurred to Eric.

"Oh shit... I hope my parents didn't hear what we were doing in here." Eric suddenly whispered. But, unbeknownst to him, and quite fortuitously, the adults hadn't returned to the Condo till after four AM. They'd been dancing, and drinking wine in the village most of the night, and were now more than soundly sleeping in the far bedroom of the Condo.

"Guess we better get cleaned up." Eric decided after a time, smiling at the sticky mess smeared across Liam's naked torso.

"Yeah." The younger boy agreed. "I think I may be dripping a bit as well..." He could feel the wetness between his butt cheeks. They climbed off the bed and made their way quietly into the bathroom.

Liam smiled sheepishly. "Think I may need the toilet first..." He sat himself down, and with little encouragement, he dribbled Eric's seed into the bowl.

"Hey..." Eric teased playfully, "I went to a lot of effort to get that up inside of you..." Both boys laughed; and then Eric stepped in and started the shower. Liam joined him after a moment, and the two boys carefully tended to each other with a soft, soap filled washcloth. As they finished bathing, they stood for a moment hugging their glistening naked bodies to one another. Eric whispered something into the younger boys ear; and with a warm smile, Liam raised up on his toes and kissed Eric fondly...

Across the breezeway, in the other condo things were a bit more subdued. Two other naked boys, Zach and Cory, were also taking a morning shower together, though there was little to no sexual drama surrounding them.

The night before, the two boys had crawled into bed together, and they had lain there talking for several hours. They'd talked about all sorts of things, each wanting to know more about life in the other's country. They discovered just how amazingly similar things were with boys, regardless of where they came from.

Of course the conversation had gotten around to Eric and Liam at one point. Zach talked about their friendship, and how things had developed between them. Feeling surprisingly comfortable with Cory, he talked about his own feelings, and his confusion now about their relationship, and his own sexuality.

Cory had listened with an understanding ear. He'd gone through the same confusing thoughts when Liam had come out to him. In the end, the twelve-year-old had decided it didn't matter if he personally liked boys or not. His best friend Liam did; and quite honestly, he loved his best friend, regardless of his sexuality.

Zach was impressed with the simple way Cory had explained it, and it gave him something to think about... Their talk had inspired a little arousal as well, and in the end, Zach and Cory had masturbated together; enjoying yet another commonality between all boys.

Now, this morning they stood together in a refreshing shower, and, as adolescent boys are easily inspired, they jerked off together once again. Ah, the purest joys of being a boy. How many pleasant memories have been carried off down the drain of a shower...

Half an hour later Zach and Cory strolled out into the courtyard, shorts and flip flops their only attire. They sat on the edge of the pool, dangling legs and feet into the water as they chatted quietly about school.

It wasn't ten minutes, before Eric and Liam appeared, coming from the other condo and joining them. The boys greeted one another quietly, as all four sat, lining the edge of the pool. Zach glanced curiously at Eric, then at Liam; wondering if the two of them had fooled around together. They probably had, he surmised; and now, quite oddly he felt a little twinge of jealousy.

"The parents came in really late." Eric remarked, out of the blue.

"I know. Heard them stumble in just after four... Crazy huh?" Zach replied.

"Yeah. Funny when you think about your parents, out having fun like that." he smirked, and the other boys nodded agreeably.

"They prob'ly won't be up for awhile. I suppose we could walk down to that little pastry shop and buy some croissants and stuff for breakfast." Zach suggested.

"Qua..." Cory corrected. "We're in France, you gotta' pronounce it Qua-ssants."

"Qua-fuck-ing-sants..." Zach laughed, "Doesn't matter how I say it, I'm Qua-fucking hungry." The boys laughed, and then agreed they needed some eats...

Zach went inside quickly and grabbed some Euros to buy the pastries, then the four boys headed down the hill into the village. Liam and Cory walked side by side, a bit ahead, and Liam seemed to whisper something quietly to his friend; which prompted Cory to glance back at Eric with a knowing smile on his face. Zach also glanced at Eric.

"So... What'd you guys do last night?" Zach pondered.

"What? Nuthin'." Eric replied; but he blushed slightly. "What did you guys do?"

Zach shrugged, rather noncommittally.

"Nothing. We just talked for a long time, mostly." he answered. "And then... Well, we kinda jerked off before going to sleep." Eric looked sharply at him; it was Eric who felt a little pang of jealously now.

"Oh... Yeah, well... I, I guess we might have messed around a little too." Eric confessed. Zach glanced at him again.

"I figured you might." Zach offered. "I mean, Liam's kinda' had a big crush on you right from the start." They looked at each other for a moment, till Eric looked away, embarrassed.

"I guess I'm still tryin' to figure all this out." he responded.

"I know." Zach said softly. "Me too..." They continued walking, but dropped the subject.

In the Village, the boys bought a dozen assorted pastries, enough for their parents as well, and several cartons of orange juice, which they carted back up the hill to the Villa where they sat outside in the courtyard and chatted while they ate.

It wasn't long before the adults all joined them outside, clearly still a bit tired from the night before. "Oh man..." Eric's dad moaned. "I'm too old to stay out dancing like that."

"It wasn't the dancing." Zach's dad pointed out with a grimace, "It was the wine... That damn extra bottle of wine." The adults laughed, albeit painfully.

"I think it may be a quiet 'beach day' today." Eric's mother suggested; which garnered quiet agreement from the other adults. The boys finished their breakfast, then sat out by the pool again, deciding that it would be far more fun if they ditched the parents and took off to do their own thing.

With some discussion, they worked it out with their parents, and then gathered their daypacks to set off on their own. The boys set out down the hill once again, heading off toward the trails that they had come to know so well. They walked to where the trail split off, stopping for a moment to fill their bottles at the water station, before continuing on upward toward the meadows.

The boys walked for awhile, and Cory was the first; stopping to peel off his tank top, and stuff it carelessly into his daypack. The others followed his lead, stripping to the waist before continuing on up the gentle grade. As they continued walking, Zach seemed deep in thought, and he began glancing at Eric, and then up ahead at Liam and Cory.

Walking side by side loosely behind the two English boys, Zach lightly touched Eric's arm, slowing him a little. The other boys continued on at pace, and soon there was space between them.

"What's up?" Eric asked finally. Zach sighed, perhaps a little embarrassed.

"Look... I'm just... Well, I was feeling a little, well, jealous I guess." Zach said.

"Huh..? Jealous of what?" Eric asked, genuinely perplexed.

"Of you... And Liam. I mean. Look, I know you guys messed around with each other, and, that's cool and all, but... I don't know. I guess I just wanted it to be... With me." Eric was surprised, and he stopped walking to look at Zach.

"Look..." Zach continued. "I know that I said I wasn't sure if I liked, boys or not... And I really wasn't sure, but. Well, you're my best friend, and..." Eric smiled at him softly, and leaning forward, he put his hands on Zach shoulders; kissing him warmly on the lips.

"You numbnuts..." Eric grinned as he pulled back. "It's always been you; you know that." They hugged and then smiled tenderly at one another.

"Oye... Get a room you two..." Liam called out. They looked up to see Liam and Cory standing twenty yards up the trail, grinning back at them. Zach started laughing and the rest of the boys quickly joined him.

After a long moment, they all began afresh up the footpath, the mood much lighter, as Zach threw his arm around Eric's shoulder, finally relieved of his burden. Conversation was light and cheerful; and at one point they all stopped again; Cory deciding it was time to strip off completely, and continue on quite free of their clothing.

The boys willingly did so, giving their naked bodies freely to the warm sunshine. The summer winds filtered through the trees above, leaving leaf shaped shadows playing on the ground at their feet as the boys continued to hike along toward the meadows above.

At length, as the boys walked along, Zach noticed a man well up ahead, hiking naked along the trail in their direction. The man carried a walking stick, and he was only wearing sandals and a cap, with a small daypack slung across one shoulder.

"Hey..." Zach observed. "Eric that's the same older naked guy we saw the very first time we hiked these trails, remember?"

"I think you're right." Eric replied. "He's the one that we were watching that day, and it kind of inspired you to get naked outdoors for the first time." This time however, the boys didn't bother to step off the trail to hide in the trees. The four naked boys continued onward, eventually meeting the man on the trail.

"Mornin' lads..." the man beamed with a somewhat Scottish brogue, as they drew close.

"Morning sir." the boys responded.

"Well, there's a healthy clutch a lads..." he smiled warmly looking them over. "A wee bi' nice eh; wanderin' about wi' yer man bits danglin in the breeze..." he chuckled softly, as the boys glanced at each other.

"Um, yeah, ok? Yeah I think we saw you hiking here last week." Eric offered.

"Ahh... American are ya... That's a wee bit surprisin' idn't?" the older man noted.

"Why's that? Zach asked curiously.

"Don' run inta' too many American lads on the naturist beaches here, do we. Seems like yer all far too prudent fer this kinda stoof..." Eric nearly laughed at the man's odd sounding pronunciation.

"Well," Zach answered, "You may be right about that. In fact, we only did it for the first time last week, after we saw you doing it..."

"Really?" the old Scotsman uttered. "Well then, we've had a righ' bitta international diplomacy here then 'avent we..." He smiled, and reached out to shake Zach's hand; which they did. With a cheerful nod, the man smiled and continued on his way.

The boys all glanced among themselves. "A bit quirky don't you think?" Liam noted, as they started on their way.

"I don't know. Each to his own I guess, right..." Zach replied with a dismissive shrug. The boys followed the trail down to the bowl which they had frequented, and they spread their beach towels in much the same spot, there in the partial shade.

"Sun screen anyone?" Zach asked, pulling the tube from his pack.

"You can rub some on me." Eric directed, willingly.

Liam smiled as he and Cory looked at one another, and with a little nod of the head, they decided to walk down to the stream, giving Zach and Eric a little private time to themselves.

Eric lay on his back, propped up on his elbows. "Come on..." he smiled. "Sunscreen me." Zach looked at Eric, then straddled his legs, kneeling down and facing him. He smiled at Eric as he looked over the sleek naked figure of his best friend.

Squirting some of the tropically scented gel onto his hand, Zach reached out and began rubbing in onto the other boy's tanned chest, as the boys looked fixedly at one another. Eric smiled, almost shyly; and Zach playfully squirted more gel onto his hand, and with a gentle smile of his own, he reached down and took Eric's soft boyhood into his fingers.

With tenderness, he began squeezing and rubbing Eric's soft appendage. The pretense of applying sunscreen gone, Eric's member quickly came alive in Zach's grip. "Mmm..." Eric mumbled, as Zach fondled him.

Zach's youthful tool began to swell as well, and Eric reached out help it along. Zach closed his eyes, enjoying Eric's soft meaningful manipulations; and in moments, both boy's were swollen, fully erect.

Eric swallowed, and licked his lips as Zach fondled his five inch tumescence. "Mmm." he uttered again; as he continued his own massage on Zach's rigid organ; peeling back the other boy's foreskin, and rubbing his thumb across the swollen knob.

"Ohh shit..." Zach sighed. "Eric, that feels so good..."

"Wanna' know what feels even better?" Eric teased. Zach looked at him curiously. With a smile, Eric half pushed Zach off of his legs, so that he was lying on his back across the beach towel.

Eric moved himself around, and with no other warning, he lowered his head and licked Zach's exposed purple knob. With an impish glance upward, he smiled at his friend, and dropped down to engulf his penis.

Zach's eyes were wide with surprise as Eric sucked him into his warm, wet mouth. For the next ten glorious minutes, Eric administered the best, most enjoyable blowjob that he possibly could. He licked, sucked, and playfully teethed on Zach's five inch rubbery peg, licking at his walnut sized testicles, and massaging his shaft with his tongue and lips; pumping him with purpose.

Zach writhed in joyful agony. He'd never know the robust pleasure of a blowjob before, and it exceeded anything he could have imagined. And just as he thought he'd peaked, Eric's finger slipped wetly across his anus; sending him to even more pleasurable heights.

His legs kicked out sporadically, his toes flexed as if reaching for release... And finally relief came. "Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh...." Zach moaned as everything seized. His back arched and liquid fire coursed through his loins. He felt the surge rush through his tubes and erupt in geyser-like spurts from his choked knob...

The next thing Zach remembered, was Eric lying alongside him, with his arm and leg draped loosely over him. "What the fuck..." Zach breathed, his heart still beating quickly in his young chest.

Eric grinned at him. "So, I'm guessing you may have liked it then?!" Zach looked at him, and a slow, exhausted smile spread his lips.

"Fuck Eric.... Fuck...." he breathed happily, his body feeling weak with expenditure. "That was amazing." He shivered delightedly. "I'm not sure I have it in me to return the favor right now."

"I don't want you to." Eric smiled. "That one was just for you. We'll have lots of time later, for you to 'pay me back'. For now though, let's walk down to the stream, and be with our friends."

Zach smiled softly, and he moved his head so that he could press his lips over Eric's. "I'm pretty sure I know who I am now." he smiled.

"I know." Eric replied. "Me too..."

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