Once in a Lifetime

by About A Boy

Chapter 6

When Eric woke early the next morning, his iPhone indicated it to be only five thirty am. He turned his head to the left to glance at Zach; but much to his surprise, the space in the bed alongside him was empty. He sat up quickly, supporting himself with his hands, as he glanced curiously around the empty room. He could feel a slight dampness on the sheets near him, but thought little of it.

There was no light on in the adjoining bathroom, and Eric's brow furrowed in wonder.

"Zach..." he called out anyway. Nothing but silence returned to him. Swinging his bare legs off the bed, Eric stood up and padded softly into the bathroom, just to see for himself; but Zach was not there in any event.

Eric walked back near the bed and retrieving his board shorts from the floor, he slipped into them, and then stepped quietly into his flip-flops. Opening the bedroom door, he walked through the condo, glancing briefly into the empty kitchen; but, no Zach.

It seemed a bit odd, and feeling slightly confused, if not a little concerned, Eric opened the front door and stepped out into the breezeway between the two condos. Glancing out at the courtyard he spotted his friend sitting at the edge of the pool, dangling his legs into the water.

With a curious sigh, Eric walked across the courtyard, and sat cross legged on the pool deck near his friend. "Are you alright?" he asked in a quiet, early morning tone. Zach glanced at him, with an unreadable expression on his young face.

"I'm okay." Zach responded softly. "I just couldn't sleep is all." he looked at Eric for a long moment in the eyes. "Eric, I'm sorry..." he finally breathed. "I know you've been trying to tell me something and... And I haven't been very helpful. But I think I kinda know what's been bothering you and, well..." he trailed off.

"Come on." Eric replied, standing up from the pool deck, and glancing around. He reached out a hand and helped Zach to his feet as well. "Let's go for a walk, someplace a little more private..." the boy said softly.

The two boys walked slowly side by side, each clad only in board shorts and flip-flops. The early morning air was still quite comfortable, as they headed down the hill, covering the short distance into the village, and eventually the stretch of beach which lay just beyond that.

Once in the sand, both boys stepped out of their flip-flops, and carried them along as the padded barefoot across the cool dry sand of the deserted morning beach. In no particular hurry they strolled down a ways, still not speaking, but listening to the tranquil sounds of the sea.

At length, the boys finally sat, side by side in the sand just ahead of the water's edge. Quietly, the two boys watched the sea's gentle movements for a brief time; idle toes fiddling with the sand. Finally Eric took a deep breath and turned to Zach. "Zach..." Eric began. "Yeah, I have been wanting to talk to you about something. And, I've just been afraid to bring it up. You're my best friend in the whole world, and, and I didn't want to mess things up between us."

Zach glanced directly at him now; eventually giving him a soft welcoming smile, urging him to continue. Eric looked toward the water, his heart thrumming with nervousness in his young chest.

"I'm just going to say it... And I hope this doesn't change everything, but..." Eric took in a long slow breath and peered at his friend. "Zach, I... I'm pretty sure that I'm gay." Eric threw it out there boldly, his body tense, and waiting for the thundering, lightning clap of a reaction. He seemed almost surprised when none came.

Managing to look over at Zach again, Eric momentarily wondered if perhaps; somehow he hadn't heard what he'd just said; as his friend sat looking back at him stoically, with a gentle, yet non judgmental expression on his face.

"Say something..." Eric breathed, his eyes beginning to brim with tears. Zach slowly reached out and lay his hand on top of Eric's in the sand, cupping his fingers within his own.

"Remember when we were seven?" Zach asked softly; looking out at the water. "And our mom's would walk us down the block to that little park. And they made us hold hands when we crossed the street... But, even after we'd crossed, we still held hands all the way to the park." Eric smiled softly in recollection, as one small tear wetted his cheek.

"I liked that..." Eric whispered, remembering.

"I kinda liked that too." Zach continued thoughtfully. "I mean, you were my best friend even then; and holding hands like that felt, safe." he gave Eric's hand a gentle squeeze, and he smiled as he recalled that childhood feeling.

"Maybe it was a sign..." Eric chuckled quietly, glancing tenuously at Zach.

"Maybe." Zach mused.

"So... Where doe's that leave us?" Eric wondered, feeling very vulnerable. "I mean, I never wanted to tell you; to risk our friendship. But... With all this nudist stuff we've been doing. And touching you that day we did the body painting. And, well, when we jerked off together and stuff, well... It just made me realize what I've been feeling for some time now..." he paused. "So, are you mad at me, are we still... Friends?"

"I'm still holding your hand, aren't I?" Zach replied softly. The boys glanced at each other thoughtfully.

"Zach I... I'm attracted to you; you do get that don't you?" Eric tendered.

"Yeah numbnuts... I get it." Zach teased back.

"Look I, I know you don't feel the same way about me, but... But I still need you as my best friend!" Eric confided. "Now probably more than ever." Zach looked steadfastly into Eric's eyes, smiling softly, reassuringly.

"I'd never abandon you Eric. Of course I'm still your best friend." He announced firmly. "When it comes to this 'feelings' stuff... Well... I'm the one who's a little confused. Eric, that's the reason I couldn't sleep last night. I always thought I liked, you know, girls and stuff... But..." Zach drew his knees up near his chest, and wrapped his arms around his legs.

"But, like you said; with all the things we've been doing... It's really confusing to me as well." He glanced at Eric. "I kinda' liked it when you touched me. And, then seeing you naked, and putting sun screen on me like that; and why do you think I got a hard-on like we did in the shower..." There was a long, thoughtful pause.

"Eric, I wanted to think it was all just this puberty shit... Just raging adolescent hormones, and all that other crap we learned way back in health class... But last night when you slept over... When I knew you were struggling to tell me something, I tried to make you feel better by, by scooting up next to you and holding you... It felt so good just to hold you like that, and... And next thing I know, I've got a major erection."

"And then when I woke up early this morning, I still had my arm around you, and I was hard as a rock... I couldn't help it Eric, it just felt so good that I began to rock myself up against you, and I... I ended up blowing my load into my underwear." Zach looked away, turning red with embarrassment.

"Oh, guess that explains why the sheet was damp." Eric thought aloud. He looked over at his friend. "Zach, that probably doesn't mean anything anyway. I think all this stuff is because of puberty. I mean, everything we do just feels so good... But for me, well... I guess I've known for at least a year that I felt, different somehow."

Zach looked at him thoughtfully. "Well, I don't know what I'm feeling Eric." he pondered. "My dick keeps pointing me in different directions. I don't know where I'm headed anymore." Eric giggled slightly, as he visualized what Zach had just said.

"Look..." Eric offered, reaching out and covering Zach's hand with his this time. "You already made me feel better, by saying you'd never abandon me; that we're still best friends. That goes both ways you know?!" They looked seriously at each other with understanding smiles. "You'll figure it out. It's like little Liam told me, 'you are what you are'..." Both boys nodded, and agreed with that simple wisdom.

"We'd better get back." Zach said momentarily. "The folks are probably wondering where we are. Besides, Cory and Liam are waiting for us to call them, to see when they can come over." He clambered to his feet, pulling Eric up by the hand.

The two fourteen-year-olds brushed the sand off the bottoms of their shorts, and started back up the beach the way they had come. While they were walking, Zach casually put his arm around Eric's shoulders, in a simple gesture of their friendship.

Eric smiled to himself, relieved that their conversation had gone so well. He was surprised when Zach suddenly leaned toward him, and kissed him gently on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Eric wondered, looking sideways at his friend.

"Because you're queer..." Zach teased playfully.

"You are..!" Eric poked back with a smile.

"Maybe. But you were first." Zach laughed...

When the boys got back to the Villa, both sets of parents were sitting and relaxing in the courtyard having their morning juice and coffee. Zach and Eric strolled in quite casually, as if nothing unusual had just happened.

"Ah, we wondered where you two had got off to." Eric's dad remarked as the boys walked up. The teens just shrugged, as teens seem to do.

"Just wanted to walk down by the beach." Eric answered as he reached the table. He took a glass of juice. "Want one Zach?" he questioned, handing it to his friend. After a few minutes Zach's mom brought out some wonderful French pastries that she had heated in the kitchen, and everyone sat for a relaxed breakfast in the courtyard.

Zach stepped away, and used his cell phone to call Cory shortly after that; confirming that the two English boys, Cory and Liam, were going to come over for the afternoon, and then spend the night here with Zach and Eric.

The caveat here, was that Cory's parents would be coming over for the afternoon as well to hang out with their parents. It seemed almost impossible that the 'nudism' subject wouldn't come up somehow, and the boy's previous exploits would suddenly come to light, and become the main topic of discussion.

"Maybe we should nip this in the bud." Zach suggested privately to Eric. "I mean, if we mention it now somehow, then at least we won't be embarrassed if front of our friends, and their parents when it comes up."

"Yeah, prob'ly right about that." Eric agreed. "How we gonna do this?"

"Just be casual about it I guess, like it's no big deal." Zach decided, so the boys sauntered over to join their parents in the courtyard.

"So when are your friends and their folks coming over?" Zach's mom asked of her son.

"Around one I guess." Zach responded, glancing at Eric.

"Oh that will be nice." Eric's mother remarked. "We can all have a light lunch in the village, then go down to the beach." Eric glanced at Zach, sensing an opening.

"Maybe they'll want to go further down to the nudist beach." Eric slipped in, as casually as he could, causing his mother to look at him.

"What's that?" Zach's dad asked with a smile. "Where's a nudist beach, I'll go right now..." he joked, causing Eric's dad to laugh as well.

"Um... Well, there's a nudist beach less than a mile down from this one." Zach supplied nonchalantly, as if everyone knew that.

"And just how do you know about that?" his mother queried suspiciously.

"Well... We sort of, stumbled onto it while we were hiking." Zach told her, casting a sideways look at Eric, looking for help.

"Yeah. It was no big deal really." Eric defended.

"You stumbled onto it?" Zach's dad grinned knowingly. "Like, you saw it from a distance, or did you actually stumble onto it..." he teased playfully.

"Umm... We sorta' saw the sign..." Zach offered.

"Yeah. And then the people. It's a funny story..." Eric added, in an attempt at humor.

"Wait." Eric's mom chimed in. "Did you boys actually, go onto the nudist beach?"

"Sort of." Eric grinned sheepishly. "That's kind of where we met Cory and Liam, and his parents..." The adults all exchanged looks, of surprise, and Eric's parents looked at their son.

"Wait... Are you telling us that YOU were naked! On the beach with everyone else?" Eric's father questioned in the most curious of tones. Eric and Zach looked at each other as if the shit were about to hit the fan.

"Well, yeah..." Eric stumbled.

"My son? The one who's so totally shy that we haven't seen in our own house without his clothes on since he was around ten years old... That son..?" Eric's mother cited incredulously. Eric nodded, slightly embarrassed now. This was it. The boys essentially braced for impact...

What met them however, was not a tirade of reprisal, but rather incredulous snickers, and all out mirth from Eric's father.

"I just don't believe it." Eric's mother stated, trying to stifle her own laugh. Zach and Eric looked at each other, more than surprised, and a little confused by the reaction from their parents.

"Hold on a second." Zach almost complained. "You mean you guys are okay with it? You're not going to yell at us or anything?" His dad looked at him with a quiet smirk.

"Zach, there's really nothing to be mad about?" his father offered. "I mean, I'm totally surprised that you boys had the nerve to even try such a thing, but... A nudist beach is a nudist beach, and if you happened to 'stumble' onto it, well... When in Rome, as the saying goes. Besides, your mother and I may have tried it a time or two back in the old days..."

"Wait, what's that?" Zach demanded. His parents looked at each other and chuckled.

"It was a long time ago." his mom excused.

"There was a place called Black's Beach, back home in California. Your mother and I might have attended a few nude beach bar-b-cues back in the day..." Zach's dad looked thoughtful for a moment, thinking back some twenty years past.

"Ewe..." Zach muttered, crinkling his nose like he'd bit into a lemon. "My parents naked, how gross is that..." All the adults started laughing; and even Eric and Zach started to chuckle after a moment.

The tension and worry now gone, the boys explained a little more about how all this had come to pass. In the end, with a few cautious words about safety and such, the parents were all surprisingly okay with Zach and Eric's escapades on the beach. The parents even suggested jokingly that they might want to try it with them.

This was met with total negativity from the boys however. Neither Zach nor Eric had any desire whatsoever to see their parents in the 'all together', let alone to be seen by them. That was, as Zach had so eloquently stated, 'just gross'. And after all, this was the boys' thing that they'd discovered here in France, and it was best to just leave it at that.

Shortly after twelve thirty, the cream colored Range Rover pulled up in the parking area, as Cory and Liam, and Cory's parents had arrived to spend the day. The group of them chatted for awhile, and then dropped down into town for a late lunch.

After the meal, the adults who were enjoying the conversation, decided just to sit and order a bottle or two of wine; while the boys excused themselves and headed out to engage in other, more exciting activities. They walked back up to the condo, where they grabbed up their day packs and towels and such, then headed off toward the now familiar trails and the beaches beyond.

The boys chatted easily amongst themselves as they walked up through the meadow, and the lot of them had doffed their tee shirts or tank tops, tucking them into loose shorts as they meandered along.

Finding a nice flat spot, which was rife with shady trees, the boys settled; spreading their beach towels along the shaded edge. Here, they could enjoy the warmth of the sun as it filtered through leafy branches, swaying lethargically in the summer breeze.

In moments the boys had all stripped off, laying their naked youthful bodies across brightly colored beach towels. It would have made for a fine nostalgic oil painting really. Naked boys, sprawling casually in the French countryside on a pleasant summer day.

The warm filtered sun felt wonderful, as it bathed their bare bronzed skins; and the boys all laughed as Eric recounted the earlier conversation they had had with their parents about their recent naturist exploits.

After taking some refreshments, Zach pulled his small Nerf football from his daypack, asking if they wanted to play a little. Cory dug into his own pack, pulling out a stitched leather soccer ball, about the size of a large grapefruit.

"Wanna play some real futball..?" he questioned with a cheeky grin, as he popped to his feet. Liam quickly hopped up as well.

"Come on then..." he prompted. Zach and Eric were game, and soon the four naked youngsters were spread out and booting the soft soccer ball back and forth between them. Being English lads, and pretty much raised on this kind of 'futball', Cory and Liam were both quite good.

Liam in fact was amazing, and he juggled the ball, keeping it aloft easily between his feet, knees and head. Eric enjoyed watching him. Partially because of his juggling skills, and partly just watching his boy bits flop around playfully as he did so.

After a time the boys split into teams, and using their discarded tee shirts as goal markers, they all played a fun game of two on two for the better part of an hour. Liam and Eric had teamed up of course, and after almost every goal they made, Liam would leap up onto Eric's naked body with his fist raised triumphantly; which in truth, Eric didn't mind at all.

When they'd finished playing, the four sweaty boys walked to the bottom of the meadow, to the same spot where they'd found the small stream on their previous visit. They found the deepest spots, and lay casually, floating in the refreshingly cool water. Eric and Liam began moving stones, soon joined by the other two boys, they began laying the smooth stones atop one another like a wall, until the water deepened, pooling behind it. This made for a nice little spot for them to lay mostly submerged and float comfortably in the running water.

Feeling refreshed, and finished bathing, Zach and Cory got out, deciding to walk back to their towels and grab some refreshments to drink. Liam and Eric lingered behind for a minute, still laughing and splashing each other playfully in the stream.

"So..." Liam prompted finally, when the others had gone. "Did you talk to Zach yet?" Eric smiled, and nodded in answer.

"Yeah. We talked this morning." Eric informed him.

"And..? Obviously he must have been okay with it."

"Yeah. I was pretty surprised with how well it went." Eric replied thoughtfully.

"I told you it would all work out... Did you tell him that you fancied him as well?" Liam wondered. Eric nodded sheepishly at that question, then he looked up at Liam.

"Yeah. I told him. He wasn't like, shocked or anything. Truth is, Zach's a little confused about his own sexuality, I think."

"So then... You two aren't, like, with each other yet?" Liam wondered cautiously. Eric shook his head.

"No." he replied, almost embarrassed at hearing it expressed in that way for the first time. "Zach needs to sort out whatever he's feeling first; so we'll see, I guess. But, we'll always be best friends, no matter what." Eric declared, as Liam smiled at him.

With that said, the boys stood and started stepping carefully out of the stream. Liam glanced at Eric, his eyes wandering curiously over the older boy's naked body as Eric stood there, shaking the water from his hair. Liam's gaze shifted to Eric's young boy parts, and he swallowed excitedly as he looked at Eric's youthfully small crop of pubic hair.

"Maybe tonight..." The twelve-year-old suggested softly, "You know if you wanted to, you and I could mess about, maybe..." He paused, glancing up hopefully at Eric. Eric smiled timidly back at him, knowing exactly what the younger boy wanted. In fact, Eric was more than a little curious to explore his newly admitted sexuality as well.

"Maybe..." Eric replied to the suggestion. "We'll see. And thanks... You know, for convincing me to be honest with Zach." They smiled shyly at one another, and Eric stepped forward wanting to give Liam a friendly hug.

Their naked bodies pressed together as Eric wrapped his arms snugly around the younger boy. They both closed their eyes, and they stood for a long moment, simply enjoying the meaningful embrace, and the soft touch of naked skin.

The boys pulled apart slightly, and Liam quickly raised up on his toes and kissed Eric gently on the corner of his mouth. He smiled timidly, and turned to walk out into the clearing heading up towards the other boys.

Catching up with Zach and Cory, the boys all flopped onto their towels, letting their skin dry in the gentle breeze of warm air. Zach rummaged in his day pack, pulling out several bottles of Powerade, much like Gatorade, to pass around among the boys. He also brought out the tube of sun screen, and offered it around.

Cory used some, but both Liam and Eric declined for the moment. Leaving Zach to apply some of it onto himself as well. Then, almost surprisingly he looked directly at Eric. "Would you do my back?" he requested with a sly smile.

Eric nodded curiously, then leaned over and took the bottle of gel with an impish smile on his face. Zach rolled over to lay on his stomach, and Eric happily squirted some of the gel onto his friend's shoulder blades.

"Make sure you get 'everywhere'..." Zach directed, looking back over his shoulder at him. Eric got to his knees with a smile, and began rubbing the lotion over Zach's back with great relish, making sure to thoroughly rub some onto Zach's wonderfully rounded bottom, even shallowly into the crescent shaped recess of his crack...

When he'd finished, the boys lounged about for a long while, simply enjoying the sunshine and the cooling Mediterranean breezes. At length, one of them suggested that they should head down to the beach, and they could follow that back home after they'd finished swimming and playing in the sea.

Agreeable to all, they packed up their towels, gathered their gear, and still quite naked they headed for the trail that wound down to the sandy shoreline. Along the footpath they passed a few other people; several were like minded naturists, and a group of three who were not; these being the same mother and two teenage girls that Zach and Eric had seen on the trail once before, when they were all clothed.

The teen girls smiled, and gawked at the four naked boys, embarrassed, but making no effort not to get an eyeful as they passed by. Zach glanced back to see that the girls were still looking back at them, and giggling girlishly to themselves.

They continued on, and after gaining the beach, the youngsters had a blast running and leaping into the water, reveling in their own nudity as they covered one another in piles of sand, only to spring up and fly into the sea; rinsing away the many grains of beach which had snuck into every crease and crevice of their naked flesh.

"Make sure to get all your goodies..." Liam remarked, retracting his own foreskin, "It's a bitch if any sand gets trapped up in there."

"Yeah no doubt." Zach agreed, as he unsheathed his adolescent knob and rinsed it clean. They continued to play in the water for a long while, and finally, with the afternoon gone, and they'd finished playing on the shore; the boys gathered their belongings and reluctantly headed back down the beach.

When they came to the end of the designated 'Naturiste' section, the boys all rinsed off one last time, then reluctantly stepped back into their various shorts; or in Liam's case, back into his very European, skimpy white Speedo. They continued down the long stretch of sand, finally arriving g back near the village.

At the access area to the beach, a vendor's cart was selling flavored Italian Ice, quite similar to sno-cones, and Zach pulled some euro's from his daypack, buying one for himself and each of his friends.

With cones in hand, the boys slipped back into their flip-flops, and together they headed up the hill, happily enjoying their icy cold, flavored treats. They quickly reached the rented Villa, and they all sat outside in the courtyard near the pool as they finished up.

"Your tongue is like, bright blue." Eric observed of Cory.

"Yours is cherry red." Cory laughed, and the boys all playfully stuck out their tongues, which matched in color with whichever flavored Italian Ice they had ordered.

"Is mine orange?" Liam asked, wiggling his tongue at the other boys.

"Yep... And Zach's is blue like Cory's." Eric noted. When they'd finished, the boys headed inside one of the Condos where they found a note from their parents on the door. The adults were all 'beaching' it, and then would go to dinner at six. The boys could come down and join them, or they could order pizza, which could be delivered right there to the Villa.

"Pizza..." Cory and Liam replied together.

"I'm in." Eric echoed as he looked at Zach; who quickly agreed. They called the number for the Pizza place, whish was written on the note, and ordered several large pies, along with some side salads.

"Delivery in half an hour." Zach informed the others as he hung up the phone. "Maybe we should get cleaned up before it gets here."

Cory and Liam grabbed up their bags, looking at the two older boys regarding the arrangements. "Well," Eric started, "as far as sleeping over tonight, the bedroom's not really big enough for all four of us, and we don't have any sleeping bags... So, one of you can stay here I guess, with Zach. And the other can stay with me in the other condo. Is that okay?"

The boys all agreed that would be easiest. "As for getting cleaned up..." Eric said, "Follow me." He led them not to the smaller bathroom, which adjoined Zach's bedroom; but to the main bathroom in the master suite.

The shower stall was a very spacious walk in, tiled with smart looking travertine squares, and a glass block wall at one end. It was also equipped with three separate shower heads, one on each of the other walls. Very spacious for two, and comfortably cozy for the four boys.

"Whoa, nice." Cory offered, already untying the string on his swim suit. The boys glanced at one another, and fearlessly shed their shorts, with Liam shinnying out of his tiny white Speedo.

In moments, the four boys had all three shower heads pulsing away, and what had started as an individual 'let's get cleaned up' session, quickly blossomed into a 'let me help you with that', group session. The four boys comfortably lathered, scrubbed, and washed each other with no reservation or shyness what so ever.

No stone was left unturned, as Liam said, when he surprised Eric, by playfully helping wash his genitals. It was a pleasant surprise for Eric, though of no surprise when he quickly gained an erection.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed at first, he was amicably joined by the others; with all four boys quickly sporting a stiff rudder. There really wasn't much of anything sexual going on between any of them; rather, it was the comfort of familiarity with one another, and the aroused, excitable throes of puberty which led the way.

Caught up in the fun of it, and losing track of the time, they were surprised by a loud knocking on the front door of the condo. "Oh shit..." Zach muttered, as the boys all fell silent. "The pizza's here." Quickly he scrambled out of the shower, grabbing up a towel and hurriedly trying to dry himself.

With another knock at the door, and not having much choice, Zach simply wrapped the bath towel around his waist and padded wetly into the front room to answer it.

"Bonjure, pizza delivery." The surprised delivery man said, when he saw Zach's dripping frame, wrapped in a towel.

"Uh, hi... Yeah, sorry, I just popped out of the shower." Zach confessed. He grabbed some bills off of the table, handing them to the delivery person. The pizza guy handed Zach the large pies and salads, shook his head with an amused smile, and then turned to leave.

The delivery man never saw what happened next, but just after he had turned away; the other boys had creped up behind Zach, grabbing his towel and playfully tugging it away; leaving him standing there in the doorway, naked with an armful of Pizza's...

Zach immediately spun away, as the delivery man looked back to the sound of three boys laughing hysterically and the sight of the door slamming shut. "Oh you dickheads." Zach chided, as the other boys continued to laugh. "I'll get even." he promised, with a nod and a determined grin.

He set the food down on the table and retrieved his towel from the floor, then wrapped it securely around his waist again. The other boys were also wrapped only in towels, fresh out of the shower they hadn't wasting any time looking for their shorts. Zach picked up the food again. "Come on, you guys, let's go eat out by the pool." he suggested.

The other's shrugged at one another, and then headed out into the courtyard to sit at the table on the pool deck. Eric had gone back into the kitchen and grabbed several bottles of orange soda for the boys to share, then joined them outside.

The four of them talked and laughed, as they consumed the better part of both pizzas and their salads, enjoyed spending time together. With stomachs finally full, the boys lounged back on the deck chairs to relax a bit, and Zach went inside for a moment to retrieve his cell phone, least the parents called, wondering after them.

Of course it didn't take long for someone to suggest they go for a swim in the pool. Liam wasted neither time, nor consideration; he stood from his chair and stripped off his towel, wiggling his bare bum at the others before leaping into the pool, and surfacing with a reckless grin.

"Come on then..." he prompted the others. And, recalling the age old proverb of 'boys will be boys', the pool was quickly alive with four naked adolescents cavorting around in the water, as carefree as you please.

A rousing round of Marco Polo took place, and once again fueled by comfortable familiarity with each other, there was a fair amount of grab ass, and other playful grabbing of appendages that went on as well. The boys were having a load of fun. And certainly for Zach and Eric, this was one of the most unique adventures either had ever experienced.

At one point, wanting to capture the memory, Zach asked the others if he could take a picture of the four of them as a group. Eric hesitated for a moment when Zach clarified that he wanted all of them to remain naked for the picture.

"You only get a chance like this once in a lifetime." Zach reminded him. Eric considered this for a moment, as the other boys encouraged him to join in.

"Alright." he finally conceded. "But no one else gets to see it except us four, right?"

"Just the four of us Eric." Zach agreed. He set the timer, propped his cell phone up using one of the towels, and then the four naked youths stood together with their arms around each other's shoulders. And just like that, the memory and the boys' friendship was recorded for posterity.

They all continued to swim as dusk settled in, and eventually they heard the cars pull up into the parking area. The parents had all returned home. Fortunately, for the boys, the car park was not in sight of the pool, and the boys had time to scramble and grab their towels and secure them once again around their waists.

"Hi boys." The parents all greeted them, as they walked in through the breezeway together. The boys were all sitting casually on the lounge chairs by the pool, acting as nonchalantly as they possibly could; yet snickering in the memory of their naughty little fun time in the pool.

"Have a nice evening?" Zach asked.

"Oh course honey." his mother replied. Apparently the adults had all enjoyed the evening in town, dining, wining, and dancing, but had come back to check on the boys before Cory's parents headed home. They all stood chatting for a few minutes, and then Cory's parents thanked them all for the wonderful day out. They said goodbye to Cory and Liam, since the boys were spending the night; and with little fanfare they got back into the Range Rover and headed off toward their own accommodations.

"So," Eric's mother wondered, "Have you boys worked out sleeping arrangements?

"Yeah mom... There's not enough space for the four of us in one room, so we'll just split it up, two of us in our place, and two at Zach's."

"That'll work." Zach's father nodded. "Well, we're going back into town to dance the night away, so once you figure out who's with who, you youngsters may want to call it a day. It's up to you, but it is eleven thirty after all."

"No problem dad, G-night." Zach answered.

"Night boys." he responded back. The boys decided that Liam would stay at Eric's, and Zach and Cory would bunk together at his place. Without protracting things any longer, the boys did decide to turn in, and they bid each other good-nights, and headed for the Condos.

Liam took a moment to retrieve his bag from Zach's place, and then he and Eric headed back to the other condo, and Eric's bedroom. "This is nice." he commented, noting that there was a bathroom connected to it. He tossed his bag onto one of the chairs and rummaged for his toothbrush and toiletries, then joined Eric who was already in the bathroom.

Liam pulled the towel from around his waist, and stood naked in front of the toilet for a quick pee. With a few final shakes, the twelve-year-old then stood alongside Eric in front of the sink as they brushed their teeth. He glanced at Eric in the mirror, and then with a little grin he reached over and tugged Eric's towel from around his waist.

"Oh yeah." Eric remarked through a mouthful of toothpaste. "Guess I don't need that anymore." He smiled at Liam in the mirror and both boys finished up. They headed back into the bedroom, where Liam hopped up on top of the bed, sitting cross-legged in the middle as he watched Eric secure the bedroom door, and turn off the main light. They switched on a small lamp near the bed, and Eric tossed himself onto the queen size bed, lying on his back along side of Liam.

Liam smiled soflty, clearly excited about the prospect of spending the night with Eric, as he lay himself down right alongside the older boy and they laid quietly for several minutes, until finally, Liam turned his head to look at wistfully at Eric.

Eric glanced back at him, curiously eyeing the younger boy's lean, naked physic. Both boys were pretty much considering the same things. Even at twelve, Liam had already confirmed his sexual orientation. He was attracted to boys, and there was no two ways about it. And, he'd known it for sure, for quite some time.

Eric on the other hand, had just come to realize that, in fact, this is where his preferences seemed to lay as well. Liam smiled timidly, and with youthful wonder he reached out innocently and fingered Eric's small, adolescent patch of pubes. "So soft..." he noted in hushed tones as his fingertips gliding through it in gentle circles.

Eric lips curled into a small smile, and curiously he reached out in kind, fingering Liam's sparse offering of a dozen boyishly curly little wisps. He pinched at them, examining them ever so lightly between his forefinger and thumb.

"I remember when I first started getting pubes." Eric laughed quietly. "I used to count them every couple of days to see if any new ones had snuck in." Liam looked up at him and snickered.

"I do that too... No new ones as of yesterday." The youngster reported with another little laugh. First one, then the other boy rolled slightly onto their sides, facing one another. Eric's eyes, as well as his finger, wandered upward slowly, exploring with great interest the younger boy's smooth lean torso.

His finger traced the indent of Liam's navel, then traveled softly upward onto the youngster's chest, until the tip of his middle finger rubbed over, and examined the little brown nub of his nipple, causing Liam to shiver.

The young Brit had closed his eyes while he enjoyed Eric's curious examination, but he opened them again now, to watch Eric. The fourteen-year-old smiled at him. "It's funny," he said, "I've never really paid any attention to how sensual our bodies are, till now."

Eric shifted his attention then, gazing down at Liam's flaccid, three inch boyhood. He smiled again, and seeking no approval, his hand drifted down, gently encompassing the soft, rubbery appendage.

Liam sighed and closed his eyes again, enjoying the erotic touch of his older friend. Enjoying it so much, that his youthful spike started to inflate in Eric's fingers as he manipulated the soft warm flesh. "Fuck that feels so good Eric." he whispered aloud.

Eric smiled, and feeling encouraged; he scooted down so that he could more closely fulfill his own curiosity. His gentle breaths washed warmly over Liam's genitals, eliciting a contented sigh from the younger boy... Eric glanced up at Liam's face and saw the blissful expression which had taken residence there.

He turned back, mesmerized by the transition of Liam's boyhood from soft boyish organ, to turgid spike. Eric shivered with delight... His eyes examined the thin sheath of foreskin that molded tightly around Liam's cherry shaped knob; and the thin webbing of veins that forked there like a tiny web of bluish lightning.

Eric was so close now that he could smell the gentle boylike musk that clung to Liam's genitals like an inviting shroud. He breathed in deeply, closing his eyes to fix the erotic fragrance in his memory. It was doubtful at this point if Eric even realized that his own teenage boyhood had already swollen rigid to its five inch capacity.

He lowered his face even closer, as if drawn in by the alluring boy-scent. He breathed in again, as his nose softly grazed the rounded pliant pouch of Liam's loose scrotum. Again he shivered, lost in the intoxication of the moment. His fourteen-year-old resistance was fading into the mist. Any uncertainty that lingered in his mind about his own sexuality was surrendering now into total acceptance.

Eric nuzzled the youngster's genitals, parting his lips to kiss softly against them. He tasted the firm round orbs of Liam's testicles with his lips, as he continued his erotic journey. Liam sighed contentedly, squirming and welcoming the warm, moist incursion which was playing over his young boy parts.

Drawn by curiosity, Eric's tongue joined the quest, and he licked sensuously at Liam's smooth skinned boy pouch. Upward now; his wet tongue traced upward along the rigid warm pole that was Liam's erect penis. The English boy continued to squirm enjoyably beneath Eric's thorough oral examination. Slowly now, Eric encompassed Liam's penis, rolling his mouth over the fleshy moist tip.

"Ohhhhhh.... Oh fuck Eric that feels soooo good..." Liam sighed euphorically, as Eric slid wetly, deliberately down his young tumescent shaft. "Ohhh, ohhhhhhh..." he moaned deeply at the erotic stimulation as Eric continued to suckle his boyhood.

As for Eric, he was joyfully lost in this newly realized passion. Only in his deepest fantasies had he ever done anything like this. This forbidden exploration of another boy's flesh. With deliberate slowness his head dipped, and pulled away repeatedly; with Liam's stiff wet boy tool still encased in his mouth.

He pulled off then, glancing only briefly up at Liam, who's eyes were still closed, but his mouth sagged slightly open as he wallowed in the pure pleasure he was receiving. Eric smiled slightly, then returned his attention to the beautifully stiff tube in front of him.

He held the firm rubber peg between his fingers, gently peeling down the sheath of wet foreskin. His eyes widened as he exposed the shiny purple, cherry-like knob of Liam's glans. It was Eric who sighed this time, as the erotic phallus glistened in front of his eyes. He shivered deeply, feeling so excited that he could feel his own penis pulse amidst the overload of stimulation.

Had he looked, Eric would have noticed a generous drop of precum rolling from the tip of his own turgid tool, but the fact escaped him. His tongue reached out, and bathed the purple bulb of his young friend; swirling around the inflamed ridge, and probing at its opening. He tasted the sticky trace of boy honey. Precum; just there, lingering teasingly at the twelve-year-olds moist pee slit. "Mmm...." Eric sighed, lusting for more. He quickly stroked Liam's slender tube, then milked it from the base.

Another sweet droplet of sticky gel emerged. Eric's tongue played over it hungrily. "Mmm..." he throated deeply again... At the same time, Liam was ensconced in his own pleasure. Even though he'd previously messed about a little with his friend Cory, there hadn't been anything near this intense between them.

Liam's fingers entangled in Eric's soft brown hair, arching his back as the older boy continued to suckle on his upraised root. "Uhhhh..." Liam moaned, and he opened his eyes suddenly; surprised by a wonderful new sensation. Eric had slipped a finger across his nether regions. He could feel Eric's wet fingertip gently rubbing against his sweat moistened boyhole, and it felt awesome.

"Ohhhhh fuck Eric...." he muttered, arching his back uncontrollably against the siege of pleasure that was rolling through his young body. Erik tilted his head, lowering it and licking Liam's smooth scrotum, nuzzling and licking his boy scented perineum. It was wildly erotic; compelling. Eric could smell the odd, delightfully boyish scent of Liam's pink grommet. A clean musky fragrance that was all boy...

He felt his own penis lurch again, as he was highly aroused by this onslaught of stimulation. Eric twisted his body around, kissing now, slowly inching his way up Liam's receptively naked body. Instinct was steering him now as he licked and kissed Liam's taut sweaty skin, from his bare pubic mound, up his lean torso to the soft skin of Liam's corded neck.

Eric raised his head, pausing in his task to look at the younger boy. Liam smiled, and raised up his own head to meet Eric. They kissed each other, lips parted. Perhaps it was remembered images from television and movies; perhaps it was just blind instinct, but the boys passionately smothered one another's open, wet lips.

Having never even tried this before, Eric slipped his tongue out instinctively to taste the soft wetness on Liam's reddish lips. Liam's tongue met him there, and the boys kissed wetly, deeply with probing tongues. "Mmmfff..." One, or both of them moaned excitedly into the other.

Eric playfully nipped Liam's lip, tugging it gently with his teeth. "Mmm, yesss...." Boyish moans swirled around them both. Eric's young body squirmed against the soft flesh beneath him. He could feel his erection grind against Liam's stiff boyhood, and he felt it twitch again, undoubtedly leaking another droplet of sticky precum.

The boys rolled with each other, Liam's wiry frame twisting around and settling on top of the older boy. Liam sat upward and looked down affectionately at Eric; then, with a playful gleam in his eye, Liam humped his groin repeatedly into Eric, causing him to wince in pleasure as his penis lurched excitedly once again.

Liam smiled wickedly, then slid himself downward till his face was poised, hovering over Eric's erect prong. "My turn now..." he breathed excitedly. The twelve-year-old lowered his head and licked along the length of Eric's already dripping boy stem. He took hold of it in his fingers, peeling back Eric's foreskin, and rubbing the translucent nectar over his lips. Eric winced, fighting off the temptation to cum.

The younger boy shifted on him again, licking playfully on Eric's small tuft of pubes, which seemed to intrigue him. "Mmm..." he slurped at them, pulling away with some of those pubes still pinned loosely between his ruby lips. The young Brit encompassed Eric's rigid teen pole again; sliding his mouth down its length to the hilt.

He bobbed up and down there for several minutes, causing Eric to grab fistfuls of bedcover, straining to stave off ejaculation. "Ohhhh... Oh god, uhhhhhhh..." He grunted, then had to pull the younger boy off of his throbbing teen pole. Liam pulled his head up, his eyes afire with excitement, and a thin thread of Eric's sticky precum dangling off his lip.

"Please Eric, let me finish you..." he pleaded, looking imploringly at Eric. This was the most wildly erotic rush either boy had experienced, and Liam was quite simply unable to restrain himself.

"You sure about this? I can barely hold it back…" Eric panted hoarsely, his body still highly charged. Liam nodded wildly, and grabbed Eric's penis again. He stroked on it with his fist, pumping it furiously. "Mmm... Mmmmmm...." Eric grunted, as Liam tongued his glistening knob, slathering it wetly as he continued to masturbate him.

Eric's legs twitched, his toes curled and flexed uncontrolled. "Uhhhhh, uhh....." he groaned as Liam covered Eric's purple mushroom with his warm, wet lips. The boy sucked wetly, and Eric could take no more. "Ohhh fuck.... Ohh....." He called out, just as Liam felt Eric's knob swell in his mouth...

The older boy arched his back, his hips jerked, and a hot liquid load of ejaculate expelled into Liam's mouth. It was repeated several times, and the younger boy eagerly swallowed it down. He pulled off to watch the final dribbling pulses ooze from Eric's inflamed glans, and roll over his fingers.

Liam's eyes were wide with excitement, and he scooted forward, until he could rub Eric's sloppy glans against his own. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back as he began jerking off his own damp, four inch prong; while still rubbing it tip to tip on Eric's sticky bulb.

"Uhhh, uhh, uhhhhh." he groaned in his very boyish voice. Eric eagerly opened his eyes to watch; and then he cupped his hands on Liam's buttocks, rocking him gently.

"Uhhhh.... I'm cu...." The boy started, but was too late to finish his sentance. Eric's eyes widened as he watched three distinct pulses of clear immature boy spunk spurt from Liam's sausage; one of them spattering warmly onto Eric's cheek.

"Oh yeah..." Eric hooted, eyes still wide as he looked up at Liam, who seemed to sway there drunkenly; his eyes still shut and his mouth agape as if frozen with pleasure. Eric still had his hands on Liam's naked bum, and he pulled his hips forward, raising his head so that he could take the youngsters dripping prong into his mouth, and taste last remnants of boy seed.

Liam sighed contentedly, as Eric finished, and then he lay weakly across Eric's chest; sealing their sweat dampened skins together. Eric wrapped his arms around the younger boy, hugging Liam to him, and holding him there as both boys slowly came down from their sexual inebriation.

As Eric lay there, he began to consider what had just happened. Sexual contact with another boy... There was nothing odd about it. In fact it felt quite natural to him; normal. He thought about Zach, and wondered if he would ever have this same wonderful experience with his best friend. "I hope..." he whispered. "I hope."

After a time the two boys, Eric and Liam, stood together in a lukewarm shower. The water rained over them as they stood in the middle of the stall, wrapped in each other's arms in a friendly, almost loving embrace; with Liam's head resting softly on Eric's shoulder.

For fifteen minutes, the boys stood wordlessly, swaying gently against one another, each enjoying the feel of another's nakedness against his own. They kissed a time or two. It just seemed like the thing to do; to exchange the gift of intimacy...

At length the boys stepped out of the tiled stall, and grabbing up a soft towel, they carefully dried one another. Liam smiled softly as Eric took him by the hand and led him back into the bedroom.

Pulling off the crumpled bed cover, they crawled under the soft clean sheet, and as Eric shut off the bedside lamp, the boys cuddled together in the darkness; quickly finding a contented sleep...

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