Brave Lake Manor

by AB

Chapter 6: Of Taking and Giving

A very cold and wet October had entered damping everyone's moods after the glorious, hot summer.

For the Jarrow family that incident towards the end of September had not helped either.

The early morning peacefulness was broken when an angry Ryan came bursting out of the dining room almost screaming.

"This is not fair!! It was almost two weeks ago, and no one was hurt!"

Peter came out of the dining room after him.

"I don't care Ryan. You and Christian, two of the people I care and love most in the world, were almost killed. Christian had that ugly bruise for a week! You almost had your leg broken and your bike was completely ruined as it was run over by that car. So until the police have something concrete on who was in that car or they arrest someone, Mr. Cox or I will drive you back and forth to anywhere you want to go. And that's the end of it," he said with finality in his voice, but Ryan was like a bulldozer.

"No! I can't have a life like that! What about my friends…what about my gi….Enora…?"

"What about them? You want to go to the village to see them, Mr. Cox will drive you and if they want to come here they are welcome as always."

"But…for how long Peter? Come on, it was probably a drunk driver or something!"

"Maybe or maybe not. If it was a drunk driver, there would not be acceleration car tire marks on the street. There will be no more discussion on this matter."

"Oh come on!! Neither me nor Christian were hit or hurt!"

"Christian was scared shitless! Poor Sebastian almost grew roots in the Manor! Look, I am not debating this any further. Go get ready for school," Peter said and started ascending the stairs.

Ryan held his hands in fists by his sides and made a loud growl knowing perfectly well that Peter would not change his mind on this.

Mr. Cox took them to school and Peter went about his day arranging and planning and managing the Estate and the now seeded agricultural lands.

It took him most of the day and he was still working bent over documents on his desk when Maria called him.

He picked up the phone and answered.

"Hello, love, how was your day?" he asked her, smiling instinctively even if she couldn't see him.

"Tiring. Bleeding boss is giving me the silent treatment since he can't bark at me any longer…I'm getting tired of him…bah! What about you…love?"

Peter chuckled before answering. He loved hearing her voice. "You know, work in the Manor and the fields. Now that the seeds have been planted the fun begins. I was thinking…do you want to spend the night over?"

She giggled, that was always a good sign. "I'd like that. I can be there in….2 hours. How does that sound?"

"Sounds perfect! I'll see you then," Peter said and they hang up.

The two hours passed by in a whirl as both of them worked. Peter heard the bell ring and raised his eyes from his papers. Placing his hands on the handles of the chair, he got up and walked to the front door.

Mr. Giles was already opening the door.

"Mrs. Cooper, how lovely to see you!" he told Maria as he let her in closing the door behind her.

"Mr. Giles I swear to you, you look younger every time I see you! Keep going like that and you'll capture my heart," she told him, making the old man blush.

"And here I thought I had your heart!" Peter joked as he hugged her, sharing a kiss with her.

Mr. Giles couldn't help but roll his eyes as he returned to his duties.

"My heart is yours, Peter," she said sincerely.

Peter had some more work to do so she saw something on the television to relax after work. After Peter finished his work they talked and watched a movie together, they read some newspapers and a book with each other's company until the boys were ready for bed after having finished their homework.

Exhausted, they, too, were soon under the covers exploring each other in their youthful love.

The dawn's first rays of sunshine and the birds' songs awakened him.

He lay behind Maria's back, his hand around her waist and belly as she was spooned up against him. Her warmth and steady breathing made him smile and purr like a kitten.

He used his other hand to prop up to his elbow and look at her beautiful face.

There was nothing he wouldn't do or give to see and make her happy.

She stirred under his touch on her belly and turned round and smiled at him.

"Good morning sunshine, sleep okay?" he asked her, planting a kiss on her cheek.

She grinned broadly. "Yeah, perfect. Nice warmth from the fireplace and your body and a nice solid mattress. What's not to like sleeping here? How did you sleep?" she asked him.

Peter hesitated for a moment. "Not as good as I would have liked…" he replied, his voice trailing off.

"You're still having that nightmare?" she asked him caressing his cheek.

"Yes, that same nightmare over and over for the last month or so," he sighed and stretched his spine and hands resting them on her shoulders. "I am always attacked by a lion after it has stalked and looked at me as if waiting for something. It always pounces on me and I always attack back at it and waking up in cold sweat just before it sinks its teeth in my child's neck. I am always a child in this nightmare and for the love of me I can't remember, but I feel as if it should be important to me, as if it's not a dream but it has actually happened."

Maria propped up on her elbow and smiled at him, her eyes glistening with love and joy.

"What are you afraid of?" she asked him.

He looked back at her smiling as well and thought for a minute or two before replying.

"I…think…I have lost so much already…that I am afraid of losing it all, that I'll lose you and my brothers and the house of my forefathers and…"

He was interrupted as she planted a kiss on his lips. He kissed her back before she broke the kiss.

"You won't lose it all. It will be alright. I am here and I….love you!" she said grinning.

With one swift move, he turned them over so he was on top of her and kissed her while chuckling to her scream and giggles.

"I love you, too," he told her simply and resumed kissing her.

The school day could not end fast enough for Ryan as Enora would be coming with him.

Mr. Cox picked them up from school and drove them to the Manor.

They climbed to Ryan's room and sat on the floor with their backs on the bed and their legs sprawled forwards to the TV set.

Ryan didn't lose any time as he leaned in for a kiss while smiling and feeling Goosebumps like he always did around Enora.

She closed her eyes and brought her head slowly closer to his face until their lips met, starting with a gentle and sweet brush of lip against lip, then with more pressure it turned into a proper kiss with a small dosage of saliva and it continued as their hands cupped cheeks and shoulders, increasing the intimacy and tension between them.

Moaning and opening her lips, her hands traversed his firm body to find his round buttocks and, squeezing them, she brought him closer.

His hands on her developing breasts, he opened his mouth as well allowing her tongue to come into his mouth and tangle up with his tongue in a sloppy dance.

Their breathing came faster with their tongues battling happily in their mouths. Ryan's hands on her breasts squeezed them like rubber toys while his boyhood strained to be released from the confines of his levy's.

She pushed him back and broke the kiss. He groaned in frustration, but smiled at her.

"Someone may come in…," she said with her voice trailing and lacking confidence.

"Ghmmg…I can lock the door…." He tried his chances.

"No…I don't think it's a good idea. Peter will come to check in on us. He always does much like my father," she said sounding more confident now, but equally frustrated.

"Okay…what do you want to do then?" Ryan asked slightly irritated.

"We could watch a movie…," she said before wiping her mouth from the saliva and re-arranging her clothes.

"We could play a video game. How about horse racing pro 3?"

"I would like to see a movie," she said more as a command than a plea.

"Yeah, but we watched a movie the other day and it was boring as hell as well!" he rebutted with his temper rising.

"Oh yeah? Because if a movie doesn't have explosions and deaths it's boring? It was a nice movie okay!?"

"I'm a thirteen year old boy. What do you expect?! That I'll like that sort of movies?! I watch them because you like them. Otherwise, if it doesn't have visual effects, explosions and action with babes, it's boring as hell and not worth my time! And today, now we're playing a video game."

Ryan almost yelled at her. The finality in his voice took her by surprise and she just looked ahead as she crossed her hands in front of her chest. She said nothing though.

Ryan got up, powered up the console and loaded the game. He sat back down and gave her one of the console controllers. She took it and they started playing.

Sometime later after playing some, kissing some more and feeling contented, Enora got up to leave but Ryan stopped her by holding her wrist and sat her on his lap.

She looked at him with lust as she bit her lower lip and giggled.

"Do you have any cute girlfriends?"

"Why? Thinking of finding one to like your silly action movies?" she asked him, intentionally throwing nastiness at his choice of movie interest.

He ignored her royally, "No, but I'd like to get Jason a girlfriend." He told her catching her off-guard again.


He chuckled, "Why not?"

He saw her looking at him all inquisitively and almost ready to scold him. He chuckled and hugged her tightly for a second before answering.

"I...we…Jason…well I just want him to have a girlfriend okay?!" he told her, not wanting to go into it any further.

If she understood more than what Ryan told her, she said nothing. Instead she giggled.

"I'll think of something. There are a couple friends of mine who…we'll see…," she said cryptically and got up.

She left his room and just as she was ready to descend the stairs, Malthe came out of his room and held her wrist.

She kneeled in front of him and smiled. "What is it Malthe?" she asked him and tickled his ribs playfully.

He giggled and brought his head closer to hers until his lips were near her ear.

Whatever he whispered to her in his soft voice, only she heard.

She pulled back with her eyes dilating in surprise as she looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I do not understand. What do you mean?" she asked him, but if she actually expected a surprise it was not to come.

Malthe shrugged his shoulders and went back in his room after giving her a hug and leaving her completely dumbfounded.

For a few seconds she remained rooted there while processing what had just happened before she turned round and left.

A few days later, Ryan met Jason outside the school and after the fists bump, started walking towards the classroom. Talking and walking as they were they didn't see Aaron, one of Jack's pupils and close friend of Terry's, come up to them like a bull in a glass shop with his face all skewed up in anger.

He pushed Jason violently against the wall before Ryan could react.

His face changed from anger to a sadistic smile. "You faggot piece of shit! You and your faggot boyfriend over here got my friend expelled you filth! And all because he told you the fucking truth! That it was you! Your fault that your mother committed sui…"

His phrase was cut before he was able to finish it as Jason, much to everyone's surprise, including Ryan's, grabbed Aaron's hand, held him against the wall and twisted it counter to the wrist's proper turning angle with one hand, before bouncing off the wall and punching Aaron straight in his lower jaw. His face was one of cold rage.

Aaron staggered back and doubled over as he held his face, but before he could react, Jason's knee impacted his thorax just below the lungs and above the stomach, making him gush out the air from his lungs.

He grabbed hold of his t-shirt collar and straightened him up with his eyes shooting daggers and thunder.

"You will never again bring my mother to your lips or talk bad about her! Do you understand me, Terry's lackey?!" he asked Aaron as he squeezed his hand around his neck in cold fury.

Aaron coughed, tried to regain his breath and nodded his head up and down a few times.

"Good," Jason said and pushed Aaron back, releasing the hold on the teenager's neck. Aaron fell on the floor clutching his chest and jaw.

Jason looked at Ryan and his friend's facial expression almost made him bust a nut laughing, but he just shrugged and headed off to the classroom with Ryan catching up to him.

He was almost deathly quiet the rest of the school day and during the ride back to the Manor with Ryan.

"Peter, can you leave us here?" Ryan asked his brother when they passed the Estate gates.

"Sure you don't want a ride back to the Manor? It's really cold out there."

"Yeah…I'm sure...," Ryan replied vaguely, opening the door.

Jason got off as well and started walking with Ryan. Ryan knew he wanted to tell him what was bothering him and he knew what that was, up to a point so a walk to the lake through the forest, he thought, would let Jason gather his thoughts on it.

It took them thirty silent minutes to reach the lake's shores.

Jason sat down on the large, smoothed by the water and wind, gray and red pebbles and started throwing them one by one into the lake for a few minutes while staring out toward the horizon and looking at nothing in particular.

Ryan sat next to him. At some point he crossed his arm around his friend's shoulders and brought him close into a hug.

Jason hugged him back and it was as if he had never cried before in his life as he released a torrent of tears and sobs. Ryan rubbed his back and waited for him to calm down.

When Jason finally calmed down, he pulled back from Ryan's hug and cleaned his cheeks with the back of his hand.

"I…I…," he sighed. "A couple of years ago, my mother was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. She tried to fight it. She did all the therapy and chemo and everything else but…it didn't have any affect and…and…I guess she decided to…end it rather than…you know…die little by little every day. So one day, while I was at school and Maria was away and dad was…at work, she took morphine…all of what the nurses had left in the house for her to take at the prescribed intervals…but…."

He paused for a moment.

"…but I lost more than my mother that day. No. That day, I lost my father as well, as he seemed to collapse after her death…as if Maria and I didn't exist or that he should pull his shit together for us. His whole world was our mother and with her death, he descended into one whiskey bottle after another until a year ago…he…he was a complete alcoholic drunk. Maria confronted him about it and about wasting most, if not all, of the money into alcohol…and…and he just fucking left…fucking loser…."

He fell silent.

"I'm sorry…for everything. I know…I know what it feels like losing a parent…and your father…he should have been there for the both of you," Ryan said quietly.

Jason smiled and pushed his shoulder gently.

"Whatever for? Not like you had anything to do with it…and…and you've been like a brother to me. You befriended me when no one else would, stood up for me more times than I can count. Peter, well, I feel him like almost a father figure…or at least how my father should have been after. He is there for you guys, steady, unrelenting, calm, kind and compassionate, funny. He must hurt a world on the inside…losing both parents like that…and yet…he never takes it out on any of you. I am really glad my sister is…that they are a couple. I hope they marry. He will make an excellent father to their children and husband to my sister," Jason said. He blushed at having been so direct and impulsive with his feelings even if to Ryan, his best friend and almost-brother, as it was not usually in his character.

Ryan smiled and hugged him close and tight for a moment or two.

He released him and got up offering his hand to his friend.

They made their way back to the Manor.

"Looks like aikido is working out nicely…. Not like you to react like that, way cool though! I guess Peter's rubbing off on ya!" Ryan stated while looking at Jason with a huge grin on his face.

Jason giggled and shrugged his shoulders. Ryan tried to slug his shoulder, but he sprinted towards the Manor by the pebbled road.

Things seemed to change after that day for Jason even more than already after being befriended by Ryan and his brothers.

People whispered alright, but no more of his dead mother and god knows what else of Terry's bullshit, but of his triumph over Aaron. A story that was being overblown with each and every time someone repeated it. Girls now giggled when they eyed him and people that he didn't even know before now seemed to want to bump fists with him or hang out with him, Ryan and Sebastian.

"Ryan! Ryan! Wait!!!" Enora called out to him as he was about to enter the classroom a few days later. Her very voice caused him calmness and excitement in equal measure.

Jason and Ryan turned around to face her. She hugged them both and Ryan passed a hand round her waist to bring her closer to him. It made him blush and feel butterflies in his stomach having her close to him, smelling her sweet scent, causing him Goosebumps and making him uneasy on his legs.

She paused for a moment to catch her breath and brushed her hair from her eyes.

"I found a friend of mine who's interested in…you know…going out with Jason…," she said, causing both her and Jason to blush.

"Who…who is she?" Jason asked fiddling with his fingers nervously.

"Oh…ehh…Victoria…" Enora replied biting her lower lip and trying not to giggle.

"Uhh…she's…gorgeous. Why would she want to go out with me? She can have any boy in our class…or any one older that she wants?" Jason asked in disbelief.

"Uhh…well she heard and actually saw your scuffle with Aaron the other day and she has the idea that you're a bad boy now," Enora said and, unable to resist any more, held on to Ryan giggling and laughing.

"Me? A bad boy? Ahh…okay I guess…," he said shrugging his shoulders and blushing some more.

"I'll see you inside," Ryan told Jason as he headed into the classroom with a silly grin on his lips looking rather smug.

"So why her? Truth!" Ryan told her while looking at her smiling, but with a no-nonsense look on his face.

She giggled some and bit her lip.

"Well…I didn't lie!" she tried to avoid the subject.

"No, but it wasn't the whole truth, was it?"

"N…no…well if you must know…Victoria has been bragging for a couple of years now that she'll suck any boy at school if he's cute enough and that she has been doing it since we were like ten. I just want to call out her bluff," Enora said.

Ryan looked at her, his jaw gaping open.

"What?! No bloody way?! For real!?"

Enora just nodded yes and giggled.

"Wow! You're evil!" he told her. She shrugged her shoulders and left giggling, for her class.

It was a day and a night later that Jason and Ryan met Enora and Victoria outside the Mall's gates. Ryan was relaxed. It wasn't by far his first date after all. Jason, though, would have burned holes on the pavement pacing up and down from his nervousness until the girls arrived.

Enora's father dropped them off and told them he'd be back to get them at eleven sharp. They waved him off.

Jason looked over Enora's girl-friend gulping hard. She was about his height, maybe a few centimeters shorter with puberty starting to change her body as curves and female features were becoming more toned. Her wrists were slim, her waist was slender and her buttocks reminded him of perfectly formed tears. Her breasts were developing as they were stood upwards inside her blouse. His eyes travelled to her sweet face. Pear shaped with a small nose, blood red and full lips, puffy cheeks and a set of deep amber eyes to get lost inside after passing through her elongated eyelashes, guardian immortals of her soul. Her hair was black and straight and full of volume as it fell over her shoulders and covered her pointy ears before reaching her breasts.

"H…hi…you must be Victoria…," Jason asked waving at her nervously.

She giggled and waved off her hair with a shake of her head.

"Yes, I'm Victoria Wilson. You must be Jason. You were soooo brave against Aaron…he's soooo huge!"

"Uhmm…you know…it's 'bout knowing how to handle them," he said as if it was all very easy and shrugged his shoulders.

She giggled and took his hand when he offered it.

They spent some time walking around doing nothing, giving them a chance to talk and frolic about.

While Ryan played some arcades with Enora, Jason took the time to get to know Victoria better.

"So you guys wanna see a movie? Jupiter ascending is on in like….twenty minutes!" Victoria said. Enora looked at her with a raised brow but said nothing.

"Sure…haven't seen it yet. It's meant to be bleeding brilliant!!" Jason said enthusiastically.

They bought tickets for them and the girls, ever the proper gentlemen, bought some soft drinks and popcorn and made their way to the theatre. They sat in their seats and waited for the movie to start.

"I knew I shouldn't have drunk that second smoothie earlier!" Jason thought as nature called in the middle of the movie. Jason made his way to the little boy's room.

Just as he was about to zip up his trousers having pissed away and feeling very blissfully content, he felt a hand turn him around. Before he could speak lips were planted on his. Moist and succulent lips touched his own and before long in experienced kissing parted and he felt a tongue rub against his teeth until he opened to welcome it in. Hands had somehow found themselves onto his crotch and were rubbing him ever so slowly and tentatively.

It was all happening so fast, Jason barely had any time to process it but what he did process made him moan from the pleasure he was receiving.

Then the kiss was broken and his eyes focused on Victoria's grinning face.

"You're cute!" she told him and kissed him again.

His hands cupped her cheeks trying to suck her face in his. For all the fooling around, the kissing he had done with his best friend the summer past, this was incredibly better to him. He hugged her around her waist and brought her tightly against him. He wanted to go lower with his hands but didn't dare. It was the first date of his life after all, and even though Victoria seemed to be taking things a whole lot faster than he would have ever thought, still he didn't know or think she'd like him groping her buns on the first date.

She broke the kiss again eliciting a moan of frustration from him. She giggled and kneeled before him with his rock hard boy dagger in hand.

She grinned and before he could utter a word, his joy-stick was enveloped in a world of blissful, wet and quite warm pleasure. His legs and spine tensed, his head tilted backwards as a barely audible moan escaped his lips.

She started sucking on his boy-stick in a fast, blurry frenzy. His hands, by instinct alone if not experience from Ryan's blowjobs, shot straight for her bobbling head. Her tongue darted all round his rod of flesh with her hands on his thighs as she suckled on it, toyed with his dickhead with her tongue sending electrical signals of pure pleasure up his cock and spine to his already overwhelmed brain.

She squeezed his boy ballsack and it sent him over the edge. With a loud moan he made a shoving, fucking motion and held her head in place as he cummed his spoonful of boy-butter in her mouth.

He stumbled and sat on the toilet seat as his post-orgasmic bliss came over him like a high.

Victoria sat on his lap and started kissing him in an assault of his senses that would not end. Her hand again rubbing his proudly standing and now quite sensitive weapon.

"Ghmmgh!!!" he moaned as she took his hand and pressed it against her silky thighs.

He tensed momentarily before giving in to the wonderful sensations of her lips and tongue against his. The taste of his cum in her mouth and those thighs under her skirt.

He got bolder and moved his hand higher to warmer places until he felt it, that undeniable wet extra smooth opening between her legs.

His eyes actually shot open for a second at the realization he was touching his first pussy and then closed as he fondled around with it kissing its owner to kingdom come.

Victoria moaned along with him and pushed him back gently.

She smiled and retrieved her girl purse. Jason still had his hand up between her legs and the other one on her buttocks, a silly grin on his face and a very erect member between his legs.

She retrieved something from her purse and, taking Jason's hand from her buttocks, she placed it on his palm.

He saw what he was holding and his jaw fell open looking between it and her in disbelief.

She giggled and nodded her head.

With shaking hands, he tore open the condom wrapping and wore it on his boy stick.

She passed her hands around her neck and slowly, tantalizingly sat on his boydick after lowering her panties to her ankles.

He mewed like a little kitten being rubbed and scratched as he felt her cunt surround his tool. His hands by instinct took hold of her waist and pressed down as his hips shoved upwards at the same time burying himself in her.

His brain was being overwhelmed by emotions and feelings of unimaginable pleasure as he started to move inside her and she started to bounce off of him.

They were panting and he knew he wouldn't last long but he wanted to feel his first girl tits as well so, in a rush as he could feel his cum rise again from his baby-makers, he moved his hands from her buttocks under her blouse and gave the soft, pillowy extrusions a squeeze and played with her nipples as he had seen countless times in internet porn.

He kept thrusting in and out of her. His hands seemingly unable to decide if they wanted to be on her breasts or buttocks, hers on his neck supporting her weight and almost expertly moving her body to match his thrusts.

With a final thrust and a lot of moaning and groaning and stuttered words, he exploded his meager offering inside the rubber condom.

A moment or two passed for them to catch their panting, ragged breaths and then they looked at each other with Jason wearing his post-orgasmic bliss goofy smile and Victoria grinning mischievously.

"That. Was. Fucking. AMAZING!!!" Jason almost yelled, the goofy grin widening in his face.

"Yeah, that was cool. Let's go back, though." she said and got off of him. She pulled her panties back up and straightened her skirt and blouse. She took a gulp of water to remove the smell and taste of Jason's cum and opened the stall's door.

Jason pulled up his pants and followed her, still smiling a million dollars.

Ryan and Enora had not paid much attention to either their friends or the movie as they had been snogging from the moment the lights went off to the moment they turned back on again.

"We should get back out…it's almost eleven and my brother will come and pick me up," Ryan said getting off his seat.

"Yeah my dad should be here soon as well. What's wrong with you?" Enora asked Jason as he was still smiling on and off.

Jason stopped smiling and Ryan who understood perfectly well what must have happened, seeing that goofy grin he was accustomed to as well, stifled a giggle and, entwining his fingers with Enora's, he looked meaningfully to Jason.

"Nothing, we just liked the movie," he said.

"Yeah…that's exactly…it!" he said trying not to bust out laughing in the middle of the cinema room.

They went out where Peter and Joey were already waiting for them. Joey took the girls and left, after saying goodbye, and Peter took the boys, since Jason would be sleeping in the Manor for the night.

"Sooo?!" Ryan whispered to Jason as they sat on the back seat of the car.

"So what?" Jason tried to sound innocent.

"What happened with you and Victoria? How far did you two go?!"

"Shush, I don't want to start any rumours!" Jason continued to tease Ryan.

"Rumours? Me? Wouldn't dream of it, mate!! Come on already tell me!!" Ryan slugged his shoulder playfully.

Jason giggled. "Well let's just say…I am no longer a virgin!"

"What? No way! That is sooo fucking amazing!!" Ryan whispered excitedly.

They continued to whisper and giggle until they arrived at the Manor.

"What are you two whispering about back there?" Peter asked them chuckling as he parked the car.

"Uhmmm…nothing!!" Ryan replied giggling some more unable to help himself.

Peter rolled his eyes and walked inside the Manor.

It was almost two weeks later. Malthe was getting dressed after swimming practice when a boy came up to him. Most of the children in the swimming lesson were friendly to him, even though some in their childish direct way had told him that he was "weird" but this boy seemed like he wanted to talk to him.

Malthe knew him to be almost a year older than him. He was at Malthe's height even If older, had a bright pale face with sparkling grey eyes, straight bleached blond short hair with little volume on it, making it fall straight down on different angles, a petite cute nose that was joined with smiling rosy cheeks and a set of pink thin lips.

He was only wearing his undies so Malthe could see most of him, his thin, athletic thighs, his small for his age toes and fingers that did not look ugly on him but rather made him look even cuter. He had broad shoulders and chest from the swimming, even if he was eight. There was only the faintest of baby fat on him, the swimming and youthful energy burning it away. His boxers did hide what he had between his legs though.

"Hello, my name's Samuel. Samuel Walker," said the boy while flashing a huge grin and extending his closed fist.

Malthe giggled and bumped fists with him. "I'm Malthe Jarrow."

"You're weird. I like you. Wanna be friends?" Samuel asked him.

"Yes…I'd like that," Malthe replied.

"Cool! You're new, right? I haven't seen you much before. Which village do you live in?" Samuel asked him excitedly.

Before Malthe could answer, he turned round and ran over to his things, grabbed them and moved next to Malthe.


Malthe giggled feeling giddy and silly.

"Uhmmm…yeah I'm new here…I…we moved. My brothers and I live near Brave Lake village," he said looking at Samuel's bright eyes.

They finished putting on their clothes and walked outside to the parking lot where Samuel's father and Mr. Cox were waiting for them.

"Daddy!" Samuel yelled and ran to the man's open arms.

The man hugged him and then set him down.

Malthe looked at them. He remembered Peter and Ryan's father and how he had been a father to him and Christian. His mother had never told them why their father left when they were two years old. But he knew, he knew that she had caught him trying to do nasty things to them and that he was now in prison. He remembered Ryan's father feeling sad that the only person that had been a father to them was now dead.

"Daddy can I go play with Malthe? He's my new friend! He's my best friend!" Samuel grinned wide as he looked at his father and Malthe.

"I don't have a problem if Malthe's parents don't," Samuel's father said.

"My…parents are…dead. My older brother's name is Peter. I hope he won't mind…," Malthe said tilting his head forward a bit sad.

Samuel walked to him and hugged him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know, Malthe, my condolences." the man said.

Malthe shrugged his shoulders after Samuel released him.

"Okay, so call your brother young man and see if he agrees for Samuel to come over."

Malthe took out his phone and dialed Peter's number.

"Hey, Peter…yeah lesson's finished. How else would I be talking to you?"

Malthe's response to his brother's question if he had finished his swimming lesson made Samuel giggle and the two adults to chuckle.

"I have made a new friend. Can he come over and play today?" Malthe asked wrinkling his little nose at the three people in front of him as if asking them what they found so funny.

"Yes, here he is," Malthe said giving the phone to Samuel's father.

"So…what games do you like playing?" Samuel asked him while his father talked to Peter.

"Math," Malthe spoke quietly.

"No, silly I don't mean for school. I mean what games do you like playing? Like hide and seek, video games?" Samuel said giggling.

"I like Maths, all else are based on them, understanding of the universal language gives understanding and increases chances of victory," Malthe said making Samuel look at him funny.

"You really are weird. Oh well, no matter. We are friends now and there's no way you can win in FIFA!" he said matter-of-factly. A small smirk crept on Malthe's lips for a moment. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay, I'll come and pick him up at three hours then….I insist Peter…okay, see you then," Samuel's father said and gave the phone to Malthe who terminated the call and shoved the phone in his backpack.

"So where do you live?" Samuel asked him.

"Brave Lake Manor," Malthe replied.

"What? Wow, no way! That's like super cool!" Samuel said excited, his eyes bulging out.

Samuel's father shook hands with Mr. Cox and they left.

Ryan and Sebastian were biking back to the Manor, the first day that Ryan had been allowed to do so again since the police investigation had come to a halt since no more evidence could be found and the car could not be linked to anyone as of yet and since there had been no more nastiness from anyone directed at his family, he had told Ryan that he could bike home from now on again.

"Where does my cousin disappear off to every day after school these past few days?" Sebastian asked him almost looking worried.

Ryan almost busted out laughing.

"He has gone and gotten himself a girlfriend…well, actually Enora found him one, anyways!" he said grinning.

"NO WAY!!! Who?!" Sebastian asked giggling.

"Victoria Wilson."

Sebastian did bust a gut at that piece of information.

"She's a slut even if she's thirteen. She was the first girl to give me head before…I knew I really liked boys about a year ago or so! She must have quite literally gone out with and done god knows what with half the school!"

"No way!!" Ryan said his eyes bulging out like saucers.

Sebastian only nodded his head grinning.

Meanwhile back in the Manor, Peter happened to be passing by the door when the doorbell rang.

Mr. Giles stepped to open the door but Peter motioned that he'd open it. Mr. Giles went back to his duties.

Peter opened the door to see Jason standing there idling with his fingers.

"Brother and sister are so much alike in some aspects," Peter thought as he motioned for the boy to enter the building.

"Ryan's not here, Jason, I thought you'd be together."

"We…uhmm…they're probably walking back with Sebastian…I…uhmmm actually wanted to talk to you…," Jason said, his voice breaking. "If you're not busy…I can come another time," he added in haste looking embarrassed.

"Sure, Jason. Let's go to the library where we can sit comfortably and chat in private."

He opened his hand in the direction of the library.

They sat on the plush leather covered sofa and Peter waited for Jason to speak.

Jason fiddled with his fingers and looked away for a few seconds as he kept thinking of what and how to say it.

He made eye contact with Peter.

"I...uhhmm. As you know…my father…I don't have…anymore…and I have questions…well question…," he stuttered and broke eye contact.

Peter opened and closed his mouth a few times before he actually talked.

"Uhh…you don't mean…the "talk" do you? I don't have a problem to talk about that. It's just that I haven't had that talk with anyone other than with my dad when I was a bit younger than you and Ryan….and Ryan had it with dad about a year ago and a few months…," Peter started saying but Jason's eyes bulged out and he waved his hands in a "stop" motion.

"No!! Not that kind of question…I know all about that…and I actually…well I know about that. I just wanted to ask you…. How do you know when you've found the 'one'?" he asked, blushing and realising he had almost said more than he had intended.

"Oh…," Peter chuckled. "Well…I don't know exactly, but I think you just know…the moment you see her…or him?" Peter asked to wage Jason's reaction.

Jason just nodded and was now blushing even more.

"So the moment you see her, you'll know. Her smile, her…being…you'll want to see her not just because of the sex. Even thinking about her will make you smile. You'll want to spend time with her even if it's doing nothing. Her very essence will get you excited in a way that transcends basic human desires and makes you want to be a better person. As I said, the moment you see her, her first smile and you'll know."

"Okay…I guess…I don't really feel like that yet…," Jason said sounding disappointed. It made Peter chuckle.

"You are only thirteen, Jason. You are far too young to have found anyone like that. You are at an age of exploration and hormonal growth. Love at your age will change with the seasons…if not faster. When you get older you may find that one, but even then it…there is no Hollywood love. Even if you find the one, it takes hard work, constant compromising on both parties and equal share of the responsibilities to make it work. You'll have fights, small ones, large ones, but that is how a successful marriage works out so when you two reach the age of seventy or eighty you can still be together."

"I…think I understand…thanks for listening to me…I don't really have anyone to talk to about this…can't talk to Maria and Ryan and Sebastian are at the same age as me…."

"You're welcome Jason. You are family now, so you can come to me with anything. You know that, right?" Peter asked him smiling warmly and giving him a squeeze on the shoulder.

Jason nodded smiling back.

Just then Malthe walked in with Samuel following him looking awed by what his eyes were seeing.

Malthe sneezed as he sat on Peter's lap. Peter placed a hand on the boy's shoulder before rubbing it gently and brought him close to a hug.

"I do not feel so good," he said wiping his nose. Jason could not help but smile at the cuteness of the scene before him.

"You don't have a fever…that's good," Peter said touching his forehead and then kissing his cheek.

"Okay so how about you two finish your homework and you can play to your hearts' content afterwards?" Peter asked them after releasing Malthe from his embrace.

Malthe shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure Mr. J!" Samuel said. Peter chuckled as the two boys left the library.

They sat by his desk and Samuel got out his homework. Malthe got books out and Samuel noticed almost instantly that everything in them had been completed.

"But…you have finished everything?!" Samuel exclaimed looking astonished.

"Can I write from your books then?" Samuel asked grinning mischievously.

"No, learn," Malthe said and placed his books elsewhere.

Malthe just smiled and shrugged his shoulders retrieving his textbook from his backpack.

Samuel tried to peek over Malthe's textbook but all he saw were numbers. They made no sense to him, so he returned to his homework.

After Samuel finished his homework they started playing FIFA the way only eight and nine year olds know, meaning that the whole house heard their every goal scored or conceded. Every victory and defeat.

The door opened and Christian came bursting in with Adam.

"Hi! Who are you?" Christian asked Samuel giggling.

Samuel opened his mouth to talk but Malthe got there first.

"He's my new friend, Samuel."

Christian giggled.

"Well this is my friend Adam."

The boys couldn't stop from checking each other out overtly or covertly. Young years or not, natural curiosity had the better of them in seconds.

"So what are you playing?" Adam asked blushing slightly.

"Which school do you go to?" Samuel asked them.

"Brave Lake village elementary. All of us. You?" Christian asked him, his eyes still going over the boy like scanners.

"Cool. I go to Braybrooke elementary. I met Malthe at the swimming pool," Samuel responded also checking out Christian and Adam.

"Oh, I love swimming!" Christian said.

"Why don't you come then?" Samuel asked.

"Yuck! Not lessons, swimming without an adult to tell me what to do!" Christian said making a grimace with his face as if he had smelled something bad.

"How will you learn, then?" Samuel continued.

Christian shrugged his shoulders giggling.

"So what do you guys wanna play? All together?" Christian asked.

"Do you guys wanna play a game my older bro taught me? It's a grown up boys game though! Not for babies!" Samuel said, his eyes glittering with anticipation and playfulness.

"Sure…" Adam said hesitantly wondering internally if it was the same game he and Christian played when they were alone.

"Yeps!" Christian answered. Malthe shrugged his shoulders.

"Cool, the game is played naked though…so we all have to strip down."

There was a momentary silence before Christian giggled, stood up on the bed and just lowered his pants as if nothing was the matter.

With that the rest of them lost any thought of hesitation and soon the floor was scattered with clothes as the boys stood butt, stark naked staring at each other.

Christian's eyes wandered immediately to Samuel's package eyeing his almost two inch boy stick and tight ball sack.

"Sooo…now we each hold the wiener on our right and stroke it!" Samuel said not even trying not to giggle.

Christian did a somersault like move and found himself next to Samuel making Malthe shake his head as he took hold of Adam's dicklet.

Adam took hold of Christian's noodle and Christian stared playing with Samuel's joy stick. Samuel happily started jerking Malthe's candle stick.

Within moments, the room was filled with the boys' giggles and moans.

Then Christian surprised Samuel as he bent over and took his boyhood in his mouth making the blond boy squeak in blissful happiness.

Malthe giggled and followed suit on Adam's dicky with Adam going straight for Christian's one eyed snake suckling it like it was his mother's breast and his life depended on it. Samuel got over his initial surprise and after some giggles he went for Malthe's boy cannon.

Four boys sprawled over the bed, lying and sucking each other's dickies, moaning and making sounds only boys their age can possibly make while exploring and experiencing what their bodies can actually do and feel like.

Then only a few minutes later, the room filled with loud groans before it went silent. The boys, having had their dry orgasms were now dosing off, goofy smiles on their sleepy faces.

Two days later, Malthe woke up sick with the flu and descended the stairs to have breakfast.

Maria and Peter came in moments after him. Malthe sat on a chair as one of the servants started serving them breakfast.

Maria smiled and, placing a blue blanket around his shoulders, she kissed his forehead and then cheek.

"Feeling any better, bro?" Peter asked him caressing his cheek.

Malthe tried to smile but his hand darted for the tissues box, retrieving one, and blew his nose as he sneezed.

"I guess not then…" Peter chuckled.

Maria tried to straighten up, but Malthe took hold of her wrist and stopped her before whispering something in her ear.

She stood there for a moment before she looked at the boy's eyes and spoke solemnly.

"He has only but to ask me," she said before she took her seat next to Peter giving him a rub on the shoulder and a kiss on the lips.

Peter raised his head from the newspaper and cocked an eyebrow but said nothing. Malthe shrugged his shoulders and Maria giggled before starting to eat her breakfast.

"Come on, I'll drive you to work love," Peter said after they finished eating.

Just then Christian came down with Ryan. They had a quick breakfast and Ryan went ahead.

"Did you whisper to Maria?" his twin asked him after giving him a hug.

"Yes," Malthe said in his usual Laconian style.

"Why do you whisper to them? What do you want?" Christian asked him.

"Possibility and action, only time will tell," Was the boy's enigmatic answer.

"What if something bad happens Malthee?" Christian asked him sounding worried.

"Nothing wrong will happen."

"Okay…I guess," Christian said and gave Malthe a peck on the lips. Christian left and Malthe walked to his room wrapped in his blanket.

An hour later, he was mumbling things only he could understand, writing in his textbook when he heard noises by his window. He got up and looked outside the window. Bryan was standing below looking gloomy.

Malthe motioned him to come over the front of the house, and got down to open the door before it rang.

They went up to his room and sat on the floor.

Bryan's face was a contortion of pain, suffering and decidedness.

"How…how do you know…?" Bryan started speaking but paused, his eyes filling to the brim with tears. "How do you know it is not my fault? You are…as young as me!" he said but before Malthe could speak, Bryan who was now crying and sobbing carried on talking. "How can you know that I am not the worthless piece of shit he tells me I am? How…I…if I talk to my parents…they'll hate me…I know they will!! Don't try to convince me otherwise!"

Malthe tilted his head down for a second. Reading those sites on how to deal with rape victims was about to pay off.

"I know. I know because you are my best friend and because if he loved you he wouldn't be making you feel like this. Yes, I am as young as you, but I…think…differently than you or most people my age…or even older. Your parents will not hate you. They love you and if you didn't want me to convince you otherwise…you would not have come here today. You came because you want only one thing, don't you?" Malthe knew what it was even before Bryan nodded his head yes.

"Then I will come with you to talk to your parents about all of this. You are my best friend and I will help you," he said as Bryan launched at him and hugged him as if everything depended on hugging Malthe.

Malthe hugged him back knowing what Bryan talking to his parents would bring about. The last pebble had been thrown. Now it was time for the avalanche to descend.

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