Brave Lake Manor

by AB

Chapter 5: Early Blossoms

School started, with anticipation of new friends for some, irritation of summer's end for others.

"What is your problem? Why do you react like this every time I ask if you want to have a class together?" Ryan nearly yelled at Enora.

"Because…" She hesitated for a moment, "because I feel like you're choking me with all this." She said irritated.

"You are my girlfriend aren't you? Why would you not want to spend time with me?" Ryan asked back in the same tone of voice.

"Yeah…but you want to be together all the bloody time Ry!! We're only fucking thirteen not thirty and married!"

"I just want us to be together in some classes, that is all…so I get to see you a bit more during school…"

"A bit more? A few classes? You want to be together in every class!! Look I don't want to talk about it okay!?" she said and before Ryan could answer she hang up the phone.

This was not their first fight over this subject.

Ryan gave a groan of frustration and turned round to see if Sebastian had finished talking with Timmy.

"Hey, ready to go mate?" Sebastian asked him. Ryan nodded, his face showing his foul mood.

"Fought with Enora again?" Sebastian asked him

"Yeah…" Ryan mumbled.

"Well…you know, all couples fight…" Sebastian tried to say in a serious tone like an adult would, but he failed and burst out laughing.

"Fuck you!" Ryan said, but he did smile.

"Why thank you! I intend to again later on tonight!" Sebastian said, bursting into further giggles and laughter. Ryan followed him, almost chocking on his own saliva.

"Timmy's soooo handsome, isn't he?! And gentle and caring…and oh fuck I'm talking like a little girl in love…" Sebastian blushed a deep crimson.

It was Ryan's turn to bust a gut, "Aawww, you've fallen for him!!"

"Yeah…pretty much…but he is…such a good kisser…even though he's my first…" He was interrupted.

"First? Bloody well, I was!" Ryan said blushing back.

"Right…you know…I meant…not fooling around...but more…serious like…I really like him you know?! I like how he holds my hand, how he kisses me…fuck…yeah it's official I do sound like a little girl…"

"So you two are boyfriends then?"

"Yeah…I think so…" Sebastian mumbled suddenly embarrassed.

Ryan smiled and hugged him round his shoulder. "Good, I am happy you found someone!" he said as they walked in Sebastian's house.

For the next few hours they studied together until it was time for Ryan to leave, as it was getting dark.

The temperature had fallen dramatically from the searing hot July and August temperatures and even though it was only early September, Ryan could tell that they would have a very cold winter.

"Good thing we have both air-conditioning and fireplaces in the rooms at the Manor!" he thought as he biked back home.

Malthe was sitting on the couch by the living room fireplace, his legs tucked under him, using his knees for writing support as he scribbled his little "secrets" in his textpad.

Ryan sat next to him and cuddled him up, giving him a kiss on his cheek. Malthe turned his head and smiled at him then he brought his face closer and whispered in his ear, words for only him to hear.

Ryan looked at him with a surprised look in his eyes, "I do not understand what you mean, bro!" he told Malthe, furrowing his eyebrows and trying to comprehend what the little boy had told him.

"You will…," Malthe replied. "…or you will lose her," he thought to himself but didn't tell Ryan.

Malthe returned to his textpad leaving Ryan looking at him as if he had said that the Sun set in the east.

Ryan left for his room after giving his little brother one more hug, pondering over what Malthe may have meant.

Malthe walked into his classroom the following day and scanned what he was looking for, or rather who he was looking for.

"Hmmm, sad again he is, his parents were in the welcome party, he must be the one…a psychological lever against *him*…for when the time comes…and one pebble to stir the next…and the next, an avalanche to bring forth and the web to vibrate until the variables have been met and the numbers fulfilled," Malthe thought as he saw a boy sitting alone in a desk in class. He walked and sat next to him but they didn't speak at all to each other throughout the whole class.

"M…my name's Bryan…," said the boy to him when the bell to class's end rang. He was looking just as gloomy and sad as all the previous days Malthe had seen him sitting alone. Christian got up from his desk and walked to his brother's desk.

Malthe smiled warmly to him, "My name's Malthe, this is Christian, my twin brother."

"Hiya!! Pleased to meet you!" Christian said, giving Bryan a hug. Bryan flinched as if he had been poked by a scorching hot iron rod.

Malthe pulled his brother back gently and walked to him quietly. "That which causes you pleasure has caused him hurt and suffering, contain yourself to Adam." Christian smiled and nodded to Bryan.

"Did you understand him? He has whispered and spoken to me a couple of times, but I have never understood him, and the weirdest thing is he never waited round for me to introduce myself so far," Bryan said astonished at the fact that someone seemed able to understand Malthe.

Christian giggled and hugged a hand round Malthe's shoulders, "Yes, silly he is my identical twin brother!" Bryan tried to smile back, Christian's giggles being infectious.

A few hours later, they walked towards the school's entrance, school having finished for the day.

Terry stood in their way looking absolutely enraged.

"Don't ever come near him again! You and your brothers are always messing with things that are none of your business!" he said, shaking from his anger and pointing at Bryan.

"No," Malthe stated simply, looking straight at Terry's eyes, standing in front of Bryan and Christian standing next to him looking ready to protect his brother.

Terry stepped closer to Malthe, looking malicious.

Ryan had spent most of the day thinking what Malthe had whispered to him. Four days later and he was no closer to really understanding what the little boy really meant.

He was walking with Jason and Enora thinking at himself while the other two talked amongst themselves. Then Ryan raised his chin from looking at the floor and saw Terry inching closer to Malthe and Christian.

His face distorted in anger and disgust and walked between Terry and his brothers.

He pushed Terry back, clenching his fists at the older teen. "Don't you dare touch my brothers!"

Terry responded by swinging his clenched fist at Ryan. Ryan side stepped and aimed his fist at Terry's chin. Terry saw it coming but not in time to avoid it completely and Ryan's closed hand impacted Terry's eye sending him up into the air and down to the floor but not before Terry managed to grasp at his t-shirt collar bringing him down with him.

Soon they were rolling on the floor punching or trying to punch each other. Martial arts almost completely forgotten.

Two teachers were soon upon them breaking them up. The walk to the principal's office was a short one. They waited outside on a bench while the secretary phoned their legal guardians.

Half an hour later a woman came with Jack. Ryan instantly knew that she was Terry's mother. Jack looked at him with an expression of hatred and something else etched on his features.

Soon after, Peter walked in the room with Maria.

Terry, his mother and Jack walked in the principal's office, Jack sniggering under his breath.

"I better wait out here," Maria told Peter, squeezing his hand in hers. He smiled at her and followed Ryan in the office.

The principal waited until they were all seated before he spoke.

"Thank you for coming so fast, both of you," He said to Peter and Terry's mother, "I am afraid that your son and your brother have engaged in a…fight and this sort of activity…well we have a zero tolerance policy for such behaviour in our school, we adhere to the highest standards you see…so I am afraid that both boys will have to be exp…"

Peter had a leg crossed over the other, his fingers entwined on top of his knees listening to the principal quite seriously. He held up a hand interrupting the principal who looked quite disturbed by this development thinking himself the highest authority in the school and office and beyond such reproach.

"Ryan, please tell us what happened," Peter said without removing his now stern gaze from the principal's eyes.

"Yes, Peter. Well I saw Terry threatening my…our brothers, walking towards them with his hand extended as if to either hit or grasp them and I entered between them and him to protect my younger, seven year old brothers from him, a sixteen year old teenager. He tried to punch me without warning or provocation. I avoided him and punched him back to defend myself," Ryan said as solemnly as he could.

"And why would he ever want to commit such violence against two children?" The principal asked him as if he was asking a lichen to understand human language or logic.

Ryan looked at him with equal distain in his eyes. "I don't know, sir, because he is an insecure bully who can only feel good about himself by threatening or hitting younger children? I really do not know sir, you will have to ask him, it is none of my concern or indeed problem."

Peter tried his best not to burst out laughing and retain his stern composition. Time spent with Malthe had obviously rubbed off on his younger brother. He felt strangely…proud of him, like a father would of his son. A smirk was made visible on his lips for a mere second or two and then vanished.

Peter shifted his weight on the chair to look at Terry's mother, completely ignoring Jack as if he wasn't even present.

"Ma'am, if your son ever comes close to ANY of my brothers again I shall have to place the entirety of the Estate's resources into suing you and your son for psychological damage inflicted to my brothers, character defamation and well anything else my lawyer can think of." He made a small pause looking straight at Jack's eyes. "That includes you as well." He acknowledged Jack's presence for the first time.

He turned to the principal again.

"Ma'am, you will not expel my brother, even if his method was…violent he was only protecting himself and his younger brothers from an…obviously unhinged and problematic teenage bully, so if you do in fact expel him I will be left with no option but to sue the school and you personally for wrongful expulsion and behaviour towards my brother and my family, psychological pain from the whole ordeal as well as excessive use of power towards my family, and I honestly do not wish for that to happen. It will be such an…ordeal for us all.

"But you will however expel Terry from the school as both I and many other parents are very disturbed and annoyed by Terry's constant bullying and harassment as well as the school's inability to protect our children that we place in your care daily. They're supposed to come here to learn, not to return home with nightmares.

"As you may know, I recently had a welcome party in my…house and that is what I ascertained from many if not all of the parents that were present. There is in fact an increasing opinion from many of the said parents to force action upon the school if Terry is not removed from the premises… effective immediately and permanently. Now as for Ryan he will get detention for…two weeks and that is all."

Peter finished speaking, got up, motioned for Ryan to follow him and exited the office.

Jack was no longer sniggering or feeling full of himself. Everyone else had a stunned look upon their faces.

The next week, Ryan saw a huge increase in his popularity in school as it was abuzz from how he had fought with Terry and actually managed, well Peter had, and he by association, to get him expelled from school.

What was more astonishing was the fact that Jack and his gang of students –lackeys- seemed to have ceased the majority of their harassing behaviour towards everyone they thought weak, and then some of Jack's students had "defected" to Peter's newly opened dojo and had changed their behaviour entirely, be it towards their families and friends or the rest of the townsfolk. That increased the loyalty and friendliness of the townsfolk towards the Jarrow family as a whole.

Friday afternoon came fast, the days were becoming shorter, and the weather worse, in stark contrast of only a few weeks past, school routine had fallen upon the children and teenagers of the Manor and the Village.

Peter picked up the boys from school and then Maria from the diner as she had half-day. The car was packed, with the Jarrow brothers, Bryan, Adam, Sebastian, Timmy and Jason in the back seats crammed almost one on top of the other while Maria sat in front.

"I should have brought Mr. Cox with the other car," Peter stated, smiling at all the giggling and noisy boys behind him.

They lazed about with Maria, mostly sitting on the couch talking or reading a book. Maria was tired from a hectic morning in the diner and the owner having been especially angry for whatever reason and Peter had spent his day hiring the last of the employees and started planting the seeds.

The chemical company that would make Malthe's solution to the absence of the sun would be ready in a month.

Sebastian and Timmy were sitting next to each other on the floor by Ryan's bed their hands brushing between their thighs, watching Jason and Ryan kill each other in a video game, yell and laugh like any other teenager, but unlike other teenagers, the loser of each game had to give the winner a blowjob.

Jason had already lost twice and Ryan had a goofy grin on his face and wasn't paying much attention to the game which caused him to lose that game.

Jason shot his hands in the air and turned to face his best friend unzipping his pants.

Ryan bent over and took Jason's drum stick in his mouth. He started sucking it slowly, fondling Jason's nut sack. He bobbled his head up and down faster and faster. His hands reached round and separated Jason's buttocks. Jason knew what was coming and shifted his weight to give Ryan more access.

Ryan's fingers found their mark and pushed in the velvety, tight, glove like chute. Jason moaned and thrust his hips at Ryan's sucking mouth.

It didn't take long before Jason was shooting his thin boy butter down Ryan's mouth and throat.

Ryan straightened up to see Jason's face decorated by the very familiar post-orgasmic silly grin. He giggled when he turned his body round to see Timmy and Sebastian going at it, their lips locked in mortal combat, their hands roaming each other's bodies in hungry search of secret crevices and undiscovered treasures.

"Get a room!" he quipped at them making them break the kiss and giggle blushing.

Night came fast, faster at least than any of the boys would have liked.

The fireplaces burned brightly and warmly as darkness descended.

Peter lay on the bed, Maria on top of him, her head on his chest listening to his thundering heart beat life into his body, his hand on her shoulders, enjoying each other's body warmth.

"I…like you…a lot. I think I've fallen for you head over heels," he told her smiling, loving the smooth texture of her skin against his fingertips, and body.

She looked at him smiling and bit her lower lip.

"This was amazing! I like you a great deal as well!" she told him and got up sitting on the edge of the bed.

Peter understood that something was bothering her.

"What's up l…baby?" he asked her caressing her hair and shoulders.

She sighed, "A…are we just having fun…or is this something…serious?" she asked him looking concerned.

Peter looked in her eyes, "I…think that it is too early to say for sure…but I don't just intend to have my way with you and dump you…I really do like you a great deal. but it is early and my life's too hectic at the moment to allow myself to think of anything else right now."

She smiled and, taking his hand in hers, she brought it to her lips and kissed it.

"If you're taking care of everyone else…who's taking care of you?"

"I've had to raise my brother, or at least help my dad raise him since my mother died in birth and dad had to work longer hours since he didn't want to touch the Estate money…now I also have to raise the twins…I've been helping others all my life…I don't think I know how not to…or how to ask for help…"

It was one of those moments when one is relaxed and allows thoughts to be spoken that would not have been spoken otherwise unless in the presence of one who has had placed upon them a great deal of trust and so Peter completed his spoken thoughts not as he would have intended otherwise, "…love."

Maria smiled broadly and, giggling, she spoke to him, "Well then, I'll have to teach you how from now on…love!" she said, as she trailed kisses from his lips to his neck, to his torso and then lower.

Meanwhile, Malthe and Bryan were on his bed, wearing their pajamas with Bryan crying softly as Malthe was hugging him close, whispering to him.

"It is not true, Bry! You are a good person, you did not want this!" he told his new friend.

"H…how –hic- can you possibly know?" Bryan asked him with tears streaking down his cheek, his chest wreched with spasms from the crying.

"The moment you said *no* to anything he wanted to do to you, that singular moment in space and time defined the limits of what you wanted to do with him…that moment that he proceeded to do to you that which you had said no to turned willing participation to rape," Malthe whispered to him, hugging him close.

"Bu…but…he tells me that I do want it…otherwise I would not go back to him time after time…" Bryan whispered back in defense of his rapist, trapped in a foul circle of thought imposed upon his young mind.

"Yes, he would say that, his greatest fear is you…if he doesn't destroy your mind, your will…your soul, if he doesn't turn you into him then you might speak of it and end his life, sending him to rot in prison for raping a seven year old boy…he will intimidate you, he will blackmail you, he will psychologically assault you and with his older mind and increased logic he will try to convert you into the monster that he has become himself."

Bryan stayed silent for a moment processing what Malthe had told him.

"But…a…part of me…sort of…you know…likes…what he's doing…so it's my fault…isn't it?" Bryan sobbed.

"Have you seen Christian and Adam…play doctor together?" Malthe asked him.

Bryan nodded and giggled, "Yeah…they're cute and looked so…happy…"

"Have you seen Ryan with Enora, talking, playing or…well kissing?" Malthe asked him and caressed his back.

Bryan nodded again, "I haven't seen them kiss except on the cheek…but they too look cute and happy together you know?" Bryan giggled.

"Have you seen Christian hit Adam, Adam hit Christian? Ryan hit Enora?" Malthe continued his questions.

"No…never!" Bryan said enthusiastically nodding his head negatively.

"Have you seen either of them hurt their friends, or those they say they love?"

"No…I guess not…"

"Then why would you like being hit when you tell him no? And if you like what he's doing to you why are you so sad? Why has your behaviour changed so much from how happy you were before, sitting all alone at school, talking to no one, afraid that someone will realise what is happening to you?"

Bryan didn't answer. He just turned round and drifted off to sleep.

Adam was lying on Christian's bed on his back, Christian on top of him. Both were giggling as they groped each other, kissing and tickling. It had become a routine between them when they were alone. They would touch each other's tender, soft bodies, kiss each other's supple lips, and then suck each other's as of yet dry boy-guns to mutual bliss. Just like Christian loved doing with his twin brother when they were alone.

Sebastian got up and, offering his hand to Timmy, he got him up from the floor as they walked out of Ryan's room holding hands.

Sebastian led them to another room where he closed the door and locked it.

They lay on the bed kissing when Timmy positioned Sebastian's legs on his shoulders after removing his pants and lowering his underwear to his knees.

"When do I get to fuck you?" Sebastian asked him and tried to sit upright, but Timmy threw his weight on him to keep him down.

"I…dunno…I like fucking…don't know if I'll like getting fucked," Timmy told him.

"Yeah…tough, we're boyfriends aren't we? It's supposed to be mutual. I don't want you fucking me without reciprocating!" Sebastian replied, anger rising.

"B…but it hurts doesn't it? I don't like pain!" Timmy told him.

"It hurts the first time…then it feels better each time…do you think I'd let you or anyone else do anything to me that only hurts?!"

Timmy tried to move his pelvis closer, jam his dick between his boyfriend's butt-cheeks but Sebastian pushed him back.

"Fine! You can fuck me after! Now let me fuck you please!!! I need to bust a nut!" Timmy exasperated and tried to mount him.

"I can suck you or if you continue to behave like this you can use your fucking hand!" Sebastian told him, his brows furrowed and angry.

"I told you, you can fuc…" Timmy was interrupted.

"I don't want you to let me fuck you just because you want to bust a nut inside me! I want you to do this because you like me as much as I do and it is something you want to do with your fucking boyfriend, not your fuck-buddy you fucking twat!!"

Timmy sighed and caressed Sebastian's cheek kissing him, he pulled back and smiled. "You're right, I'm sorry, you can fuck me first if you want…yes it should be about both of us, not just me," He told him not very convincingly.

Sebastian smiled and brought his legs up close to his head, holding them with his hands behind his knees.

Timmy grinned and taking hold of his four inch boycock he lined it up with Sebastian's boyhole and bending over to French kiss him he started pushing forward.

Sebastian groaned as Timmy entered him and started pushing forward without pause. They kissed as Timmy picked up the pace. Timmy never jerked him off while fucking him, these few times he had fucked him so far. It irked Sebastian to no end but Timmy pummeling in and out of him made him feel so good he would always just prefer to wank himself off rather than cause another fight with Timmy that could result in ending the fuck prematurely.

Soon moaning sounds and sounds of skin making contact against skin filled the room.

Timmy picked up the pace, impaling his four inch missile in and out of Sebastian's tight hole. His head tilted back, his chest heaving fast from the exercise, sweat beads streaking down from his temples to his cheeks and to his neck.

Sebastian let go of one leg and pulled Timmy to him sharing a passionate, lustful, tongue-full kiss as Timmy pounded him.

Sebastian felt it like a shock of electricity shooting from his joy-button that travelled to his mind creating a mist of bliss when Timmy changed his angle and hit his prostate making him arch his back and moan louder. His hands gripping at Timmy's shoulders for dear life.

Timmy knew he wouldn't last for much longer, Sebastian's tight rectum felt so warm and so incredibly tight, like a velvet vice gripping his boy dagger as if it wanted to chock it.

Timmy felt it coming, his toes curling, then his pelvis contracting, making involuntary fucking motions and finally his testicles pulling in as far as they could go as his cum rose to the surface.

"S…Sebastiiiaaannn…I…I am cuummminnnggggg!!!" Timmy groaned and moaned as he slammed his meat sword deep inside Sebastian's love-chute and expelled his seed.

Sebastian hadn't even cummed yet but he knew he soon would as he got up, placed Timmy on all fours and got up behind him holding his waist in his hands.

"You look good from over here baby!" Sebastian told him and stuck his boydick between Timmy's buttocks.

Timmy giggled but Sebastian could tell he was nervous of what was about to happen.

Sebastian bent over and kissed his neck while at the same time he rubbed Timmy's anal hole with two fingers and then penetrated it. Timmy groaned but didn't move.

"It will be okay baby. I've been fingering you for how many weeks now. This doesn't hurt does it?"" Sebastian asked him nibbling on his ear lobe.

"Y…yeah…but…but your dick is…larger….thicker!" Timmy said moaning.

"We are of the same age…you are loose enough…I am not that big…come on now, relax…" he told him and removed his fingers, placing his dickhead back on Timmy's rear entrance.

Timmy said nothing but he nodded his approval. Sebastian pushed until he felt his glans engulfed by Timmy's sphincter.

He tilted his head backwards, lost in the feelings he was getting from his purple-coloured helmeted soldier as Timmy's inner walls pressed in all around it, overwhelming his brain with electrical signals of pure pleasure.

He resisted the urge to just shove it all inside Timmy, and waited until he had gotten used to his girth. Then inch by inch, with Timmy groaning, he pushed in until he felt his ball sack touch Timmy's stretched buttocks and knew he was up inside him to the hilt.

"O…okay…it doesn't hurt anymore…." Timmy said after a few minutes. Sebastian pulled his boytoy from inside him and then plunged it in again. They both moaned, Timmy turned his head to kiss Sebastian and they moaned in each other's mouths as Sebastian built up a fucking rhythm.

In and out he went in what he could only describe as the best experience of his life so far.

He could feel Timmy's lovehole pressing in him like a thousand tongues and it was so hot and wet. He picked up the pace and could hear his crotch smacking against Timmy's butt-cheeks again and again every time he thrust inside him. He pressed his hand round his boyfriend's waist and found his proud, hardened soldier, closed his hand round it and began to stroke it fast. Just then he heard the door close and turning round to see what was going on made him change his fucking angle.

His purple glans found Timmy's love spot which made him almost scream in pleasure as his boydick erupted in a second orgasm. That in return caused his anus to contrast violently round Sebastian's boy-stick which resulted in Sebastian forgetting the closed door entirely as he arched his back and slammed his crotch in Timmy's buttocks cumming inside him in a silent scream as his lungs heaved for air.

He collapsed on top of him and they both fell on the bed. Within seconds they were asleep.

When Timmy and Sebastian left, Ryan looked at Jason and they both giggled and continued playing the game for a bit longer, now without the extra…bonus as their private toys felt super sensitive.

When they got ready for sleep and were lying in bed, under the duvet cover, the fireplace in embers of the now fading fire, warmth still emanating from it, he picked up his mobile phone and texted Enora.

"Can we talk Monday after my aikido practice?"

"Y. wot bout?"

"Nothing bad…understood smthing…it's ok if we don't have every class same :)"

":) gn baby!"

":3 gn baby!"

Next day, first Ryan and then Peter were awakened by an uncommonly excited Christian.

Peter oomphed as Christian jumped on him. Maria smiled and turned round from her spooning position.

"Good morning my little angel muffin! Happy birthday," Peter told him and hugged the little boy giving him a kiss on his cheek.

"Come on! Come on!! I want my party!!" Christian said, releasing himself from Peter's embrace and jumping up and down on his knees where he sat.

"Easy there, tiger! It's…" Peter chuckled and checked the clock on the bedside table, "…only seven o'clock! Go have your dinner and let us rest some more, you energizer bunny!"

Christian giggled, "But there's so much to do!!! People will start coming! And my friends! And the house needs to be decorated!!"

Maria laughed and tickled the young boy, Peter joined in and soon Christian was writhing and rolling on the bed trying to escape the tickle torment laughing and yelling.

"Now leave us in peace!" Peter told him, settling back on the bed, a hand round Maria's neck and shoulders.

Christian laughed and with a final jump he got off the bed and headed down to his room. He woke up Adam and they headed down to the dining room in their pajamas.

"Good morning, Mr. Christian! Mr. Adam," Mr. Giles told them.

Christian giggled as he sat in one of the chairs.

Malthe came down soon after, holding an envelope which he handed to Mr. Giles.

"What is that Mr. Malthe?" the old man asked him.

"From the sire of my brother's father, addressed to you Mr. Giles," Malthe replied and took a seat. Mr. Giles looked at the envelope, on the back there was in calligraphy letters a note from Peter's grandfather.

"To Daren Giles, one whom I think of as one of my own."

Mr. Giles pocketed it. Professionalism would not allow him to open it now, but he would later at night when the family had retreated to their rooms and he to his before he slept.

Bryan was still asleep. Malthe took a plate with a variety of things and went up to his room. He knew how to best wake his friend up. A mischievous smile forming on his lips as he short jumped each step up the stairs.

Ryan, Jason, Sebastian and Timmy came down about two hours later along with Peter and Maria. Jason smiled when he saw them coming down together hand in hand. He was happy that his sister was finally happy and Peter, he thought, was a great man and a very good person, gentle, caring and protective of those he loves. Ryan, he thought, shared many of the same traits.

They sat round the table and ate their breakfast talking and laughing. Then it was preparation time for the twins' party. As they hurried about Ryan thought that the two cousins were very much alike, they both sank inside their minds when something troubled them.

It was a few hours later during the twins' birthday party when he found out what was making Jason thoughtful.

He was talking to Sebastian, kids from the twins' class were running around the Manor, laughing, screaming and being kids, parents were talking to each other when Jason who up until that point had been sitting pretty much alone came up to him and smiled.

"Uhmmm….can…ehh…can we talk…alone for a moment?" he asked him.

"Sure…lead the way," Ryan replied, smiling nervously and unsure of what Jason had in mind.

Jason led them to his room and locked the door.

Ryan sat on his bed.

Jason sat next to him looking down, playing with his fingers.

Jason would look up, his mouth would open and close but no sound would come out of it.

Ryan waited for a while, but then got impatient.

"Out with it or we're going to miss the whole party downstairs," he said chuckling and slugged his friend's shoulder.

"Iwantyoutofuckme!" Jason said in one word and with almost one breath.

If Ryan had been eating or drinking anything at that moment when he deciphered what Jason had asked of him, it would have come flying out at super-sonic speed.

"What? I mean…how..? I mean…eehh…how…" Ryan was stuttering in complete surprise.

"I…ehhh…been talking with Sebastian…sort of…and he seems to be liking it…a lot…so….you see my logic…I was thinking that if I'm to have a girlfriend soon…hopefully…I want to… know how it would feel like to ehhmmm…you know…" Jason was speaking as quietly as he could, stammering anxious and nervous.

"Take it up the arse?!" Ryan said and immediately fell into a hysteric fit of giggles. Jason slugged his shoulder. What surprised Ryan was how much his reflexes seemed to have evolved since after only one month or so of training.

"You little fuck!! Well….yes…and I can't very well ask since Sebastian he's my cousin and all…and Timmy is his boyfriend…." Jason said removing his t-shirt.

"Wait…so I'm your last option?!" Ryan asked in mocked hurt.

"No! You're messing with me aren't you!?" Jason answered removing his pants.

"Yes, of course I'm mess…wait! What, you mean like you want me to do so now!?

"Well…yes!" Jason stated simply.

Ryan was not about to pass up an opportunity for sex so he started removing his clothes.

Once they were both naked there was a moment of awkwardness until Ryan caressed Jason's chest and pushed him back on the mattress. Jason let out a sigh and giggled.

He wrapped his hand round the back of Ryan's neck and pulled him into a deep tongue-filled kiss.

Ryan pressed a hand against the middle of his torso and one near his outer thigh, giggling as they kissed.

He broke the kiss and licked and kissed his way lower to Jason's neck giving it a nibble and then lower to his nipples circling his tongue round each of them, biting them gently making Jason squeal and moan at the sensations.

Ryan closed his fist round Jason's proud soldier and started stroking it slowly.

Jason let out a soft moan and melted on the bed.

Ryan smiled and continued bathing his friend's nipples with his tongue, flicking it round the sensitive, pointy boy nipples making Jason moan and open his legs more at the sensations he was receiving from Ryan stroking him.

"Oh fuck! Come on already!" Jason whined when Ryan kissed his way down to his flesh flute and blew his breath on the purple glans but didn't wrap his lips round his very erect and rock hard boytool.

Ryan giggled, gave the silk-smooth another blow of air and then before Jason could even open his mouth to complain he swallowed his penis whole in one go.

Jason arched his back and gripped the duvet tightly with clenched fists as a hushed breath escaped his parted lips and his eyes shot wide open before closing slowly as his brain took in the signals of pleasure sent from his boyhood.

After some bobbling of the head and suckling on Jason's dick, Ryan probed a finger against his puckered, virgin boyhole and pushed until it opened up and swallowed his finger to the second knuckle.

Jason moaned and spread his legs further giving him greater access.

Ryan fingered him for some time while he sucked on his balls.

"Fuck! That feels…brilliant!" Jason let out in a hoarse, lustful voice.

Ryan felt his joystick grow even more and knew that Jason was about to blow his load so he slowed down his fingering and stopped sucking him.

Jason was in a mist of blissful feelings and before he could react or say anything he felt his legs rise and placed on Ryan's shoulders. Then he felt Ryan press his weight in on him and press something up against his love-chute. Then he felt pressure and uncomfortableness against his hole and finally pain shot through his anus as if a hot knife had cut him in half.

His eyes shot open and he let out a groan of pain pushing against Ryan's chest.

"Oh fuck!! Fuck! Fuck!! That hurts! Pull it out!!"

Ryan stopped moving but didn't pull out, his dickhead was already inside his best friend's no-longer-virgin bumhole.

When he felt Jason relax a few moments later he pressed his weight in on him and lowered his head. He shared a sloppy French kiss with Jason as he slowly penetrated him further. He wasn't all that big anyways and so before long he was buried to the hilt inside him.

"Oohhh! Ahhh!! Shit!" Jason hissed but after a few seconds Ryan felt him relax.

Jason nodded to him that he was ready. "The pain has gone away…it actually…feels sort of….ooohhh ffuuucckckkk!!!" he had started to say when Ryan removed most of his boydick from inside him leaving only the now angry-purple-looking head inside him and then slammed it back inside.

"Oh shit! You're so fucking tight!!" Ryan exclaimed in turn at the unbelievable feelings he was receiving from Jason's hole, from the friction between their legs as he moved in and out of his best friend. He knew he wouldn't last long and so he brought a hand between their bodies and started stroking Jason's pecker to full mast, as it had gone flaccid from the pain of the initial penetration.

Jason hugged him round his neck and brought him close to a passionate kiss. Their tongues intermingled, sharing their saliva as Ryan pumped in and out of Jason, his nut-sack and crotch making slapping noises against Jason's stretched buttocks.

Jason moaned and groaned and started by instinct to try and move back up against Ryan's invading tool, trying to match his thrusts.

Ryan sped up his stroking and his thrusts, his eyes having rolled to the back of his head from the intense electrical pleasure he was receiving from both his dick fucking Jason's ass and his mouth tonguing Jason's mouth for all their worth.

Then Ryan moved differently, changing his angle and in the next thrust in Jason's tight, warm rectum he found that sweet, electric joy-button and rubbed up against it.

Jason felt as if someone had electrocuted him from the inside out and he let out a muffled scream along with something that resembled "Uuugghhh!!! IIIII'mmmm ccuuuummmiiiinnnggg!!" inside Ryan's mouth as he spilled his boy butter between their bodies making a gooey, sticky mess.

Jason's orgasm caused his sphincter to contrast violently against the impaling digit almost as if trying to chock it. That brought Ryan to newfound levels of pleasure as he tilted his head backwards and groaning like a dog in heat he slammed his developing hotdog inside Jason and cummed and cummed until he was spent.

His hands no longer supporting him he collapsed on top of Jason and then rolled to the side still hugging him close.

"That! Was! Amazing!! Let's do it again!" Jason said.

Ryan giggled and got up heading for the bathroom, "Oh god! I've created a monster!"

"Nah! I still prefer jerking off to pussy!" Jason said blushing and jettisoned a pillow at Ryan.

"Told you before mate, that's your boypussy! You would still jack off to pussy!" Ryan just grabbed the pillow and threw it back before entering the bathroom.

"Fuck you! I mean I still jack off and prefer girl pussy thank you very much!!" Jason quipped back and got up heading to the bathroom as well.

"If you say so!" Ryan yelled from inside the bathroom, the shower covering his voice up.

They washed up and got out of the room. They were about to descend the stairs when they heard muffled voices and giggles from the rooms of the twins. They knew very well what they would encounter if they peeked through and even though they were not as horny as before having just sucked and fucked, curiosity took the better of them and, grinning mischievously, they tip toed to the door of Malthe's room.

"You don't have to do this you know…" Malthe's hushed voice said.

"I know…but I want to…I want to experience this in my own free will and not forced…just lower them already!" Bryan's voice said in a mixture between sadness and happiness but then giggled at the end.

Both boys were still clothed but Malthe was sitting on his bed and Bryan had kneeled in front of him trying to unbutton his friend's jeans.

"Okay…I guess…but…"

"No buts! I want to do this! Now lemme remove those jeans already Malthee!" Bryan said pronouncing the e longer creating a cute-ish diminutive like the twins and a few others called Ryan "Ry".

Malthe raised his thin hips and Bryan unbuttoned and lowered his jeans. Next he lowered Malthe's planets and stars coloured underwear to his knees and after a moment's hesitation he closed his small thin fist round Malthe's family jewel and specifically his thin, wiry scepter and giggled.

Malthe moaned leaning back on the bed on his hands, his breathing becoming faster, small beads of sweat rolling down his temples.

Bryan placed the other hand on Malthe's thigh and caressed it up and down feeling the smooth skin, exploring his friend's body. He stroked faster and his other hand trailed to his navel then lower to his crotch and beneath his flesh tube to his not-yet-dropped-ball-sack giving it a squeeze and giggling at Malthe's barely audible moans.

Jason giggled and gave Ryan a prod. They started descending the stairs. The moans from Christian's room left no room for misinterpretation on what he and Adam were doing.

"Damn these two are having more sex than me!" Jason said giggling.

Ryan slapped his ass playfully but with some force, "You're complaining?! You just got fucked!" He said in an astonished voice.

"Yeah…well...I…uhm…whatever!" he said after stammering before slugging his friend's shoulder.

They mingled with the rest of the guests, playing "hide and seek" as well as "tag you're it" with the twins' classmates.

At some point Malthe came down with Bryan following him, both grinning goofily.

Amanda ran towards him and started talking to him. Malthe looked at her and smiled but seldom spoke. "Nothing new there," Sebastian thought.

A few hours later the birthday party was over and the guests started departing.

"I want you to come and play with me tomorrow!" Amanda told Malthe as she was leaving, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Malthe blushed and rubbed his cheek were Amanda had kissed him. "I can't tomorrow," he said simply.

"But I want you to come!" she said in a high pitched voice.

Malthe shrugged his shoulders. "On Sunday maybe," he said quietly and left. Amanda pouted her lips and eye brows, turned and followed her parents looking angry but then after a few minutes she turned round again.

"Okay, Sunday!" she said definitively and left.

Peter was doing his best not to burst out laughing at the whole scene. Ryan and Jason were failing miserably at it and were nearly rolling on the floor.

Maria rolled her eyes and hugged Peter's arm round his elbow. Peter chuckled and Malthe walked away, turning red behind the ears.

Ryan and Jason played some video games.

"I think you should talk to the twins…you know about stuff…" Jason said at some point looking at Ryan.

"Huh? About what stuff…? Oh…I don't know if that's a good idea…" Ryan answered setting the game controller on the floor.

"I'm not saying that you should explain everything to them…I mean they are only eight…but…they should know not to do this without being sure that no one's watching…I mean they're only messing around but still some people won't be as understanding…"

Ryan thought for a second, his head hanging lower, his eyes on the floor.

"Yeah I guess you're right…I'll talk to them later then. Now let's get back to me defeating your ass!" Ryan said grinning.

"Yeah right! You're a sore loser!" Jason poked his tongue out.

"I haven't lost yet, I just haven't won yet!" Ryan quipped back at him picking up the controller again.

"Oh yeah!? How about this then smartarse? Loser gets his ass fucked!" Jason grinned.

"OH MY GOD!! You are turning into Sebastian!" Ryan exclaimed laughing.

Jason blushed but didn't lose his nerve. "I was actually thinking of fucking your butt! Somebody has to take that virginity of yours!" He blushed an even deeper shade of crimson.

"Ha! Not likely, not sure I want to! But come on, you know you'll lose!" Ryan boasted back at him.

In the end no one would admit loss and under Maria's urging they left a few hours later.

Next day after school Ryan taught the children's class in the dojo. Enora entered the dojo and sat in one of the chairs next to Peter who looked like a million dollars, full of pride and joy.

"Arch your back Bennie, yeah like that, and watch your elbows, place them on the edge of the ball, good Bennie, Kate, turn your head more when you do the front fall, so that you turn your torso as well and don't end up hurting your shoulders and back, Mathew what is the front fall called?"

Ryan was going from child to child helping them, issuing orders and question. The children's class was more play than actual teaching of techniques. At least for children until the age of twelve. Until then it was all about teaching them the basics, the stances, and teaching their bodies the agility and endurance it would later need. In Bennie's case for example there was a large ball that the child embraced from the front or lay on it and fell forward or backward to learn to roll and flex before moving on to learning to fall back or forth on his/her own. It was play but it was educational.

Mathew, a short ginger haired boy grinned at him and answered spinning his head to look at him, "Mai ukemi Ryan sensei." Ryan blushed each time he heard his name before the word sensei, meaning teacher in Japanese and used in most if not all Japanese martial arts. But Ryan thought he was only thirteen years old and naught but a teenager himself. Peter was of a different mind. He wanted protocol followed religiously and since Ryan taught the children's class almost exclusively he wanted the pupils, some of them his age, most were younger than him. He also knew that once Ryan got used to it, it would increase further his confidence and self-esteem as well as give him a different perspective on aikido and life.

"Very good Mathew and how is the backward fall called…Victoria?"

"Uhmm…ehhh…OH! Ushiro ukemi sir!" she said with a final exclamatory yell feeling good about herself as if she had done well in a school test.

The class finished and after the traditional bow to O Sensei and then between them they all headed towards their respective locker rooms to change. Ryan stayed until every other boy had left to make sure that there were no Ill-mannered teasing or behaviour, even if the boys still wore their underwear and didn't go fully naked unless any of them wanted to have a shower, which Ryan did.

He got out and smiled at Enora. She got up and walked to him. She hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek making blush since most of the kids with their parents were still there talking with Peter about their kids' progress.

He smiled at her trying to cover his blush from the giggling children and the chuckling parents.

Then Mathew came out of the locker room and run to Ryan hugging him round his thighs.

"Ouow there Mat, you'll throw me down! You're no little boy. You're a big boy now!" he said to the seven year old boy currently hanging from his pants.

"I like you Ryan sensei! You're sooo much better than that poopy Jack!! And Peter is great too but…he is like my parents! I like you!" Mathew said making Ryan blush crimson and some of the parents laugh at the boy's spontaneousness and childish description of his feelings.

"Thank you Mathew, but let's keep the sensei part in the tatami okay?"

"Yes Ryan se…oopps! Ryan!" Mathew chirped happily and left with his parents.

"Wanna go to the smoothie place? Talk some?" Enora asked him somewhat reluctant, maybe afraid.

"Yeah, sure, told you I wanted to talk last night," he replied holding her hand in his.

"We're going to the smoothie place, see you later," he said to Peter as they left the dojo.

"S…so what did you want to talk about?" Enora asked Ryan as they walked to the smoothie place. She was looking at him awkwardly as if dreading for something.

"I've been thinking…I think you are…partially correct…about not wanting to spend every class together and in the same desk…"

Enora's mood changed in a blink, she giggled. "Partially correct? I am very much correct!" she teased him. "But you were great in there with the kids! And they were sooo cute!" She changed the subject quickly and in her opinion masterfully.

"No, you were partially correct, we can't spend every waking hour together, or every hour in school, but in both we are…I am you boyfriend am I not? And you are my girlfriend are you not? So I want us to spend time together." He told her ignoring her attempt to change the subject. Enora would have to learn that Ryan like his brother and father did not stop an argument or a conversation until he thought it finished.

She was taken aback from it but she rebounded with a giggle and holding his hand he passed it across her waist trying a new tactic into changing the subject.

Ryan was unphazed by her girlish manipulations, he was young himself but some things are just there from father to son.

"Are you going to answer me or should I just go home and start re-thinking our relationship," he told her quite seriously. He had no intention on breaking up with Enora whatsoever but he would not be the only one making concessions in any relationship of any kind be it brotherly, friendship or romantic one. A doormat for his mate he would not be.

She looked at his eyes almost stunned and after blinking and closing and opening her mouth a few times she spoke back to him.

"Yes, you're right, I just…I guess…I also need some…my space."

Ryan smiled and hugged her closer to him from her waist.

"I can agree with that, as I said I understand that…need of yours but I want you understanding my needs," he told her in a speech that reminded her of her father, not a thirteen year old boy. She bit her lip and giggled nodding her head in the affirmative.

"I so want to see the "How to train your dragon movie! Wanna go on Sunday?" she asked him.

"Man united plays on early afternoon, we can go afterwards if you want?" he replied. He had arranged with Jason, Sebastian and Timmy to see the game in Timmy's house which wasn't all that far from Enora's house.

"Sure, I think it has an eight o'clock viewing. How can you watch that violent game I don't know?!" Enora said rolling her eyes as if to say "boys!"

"How can you possibly watch that terribly boring ice skating I really can't understand," he said rolling his eyes as if to say "girls!"

"Hey! I like watching them ice-skate and do all those nice tricks!" she said prodding his ribs.

"Well I like watching my team score and win, I like the thrill, I like the excitement and I like the violence, yes, live with it," he said chuckling.

She didn't answer right away, Ryan could see the surprise in her eyes, she hadn't expected a boy to talk to her like that, it surprised her to no end but it also made her see him in a different way.

They continued talking as they walked to Joey's smoothie shop.

"Wanna do something tomorrow after school? It's Friday so I could come and we could do the homework together…" They were near the smoothie place, when Ryan was interrupted as Terry got in his way looking deranged.

"YOU…YOU AND YOUR BROTHERS HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!!! YOU ARE TAKING EVERYTHING FROM ME!!! YOU GOT ME THROWN OUT OF SCHOOL, NOW I HAVE TO TRAVEL AN HOUR AND A HALF FOR SCHOOL! MY MOTHER HAS GROUNDED ME FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR! JACK IS MAKING MY LIFE HELL AT THE DOJO AND DOESN'T…TREAT ME LIKE HE USED TO AND….AND…KEEP AWAY FROM…" he bellowed at Ryan like a banshee pointing at him with his index finger, his other hand clenched in a fist by his side. He was shaking from head to toe with rage and emotion.

Ryan interrupted him waving his hand dismissively.

"You did all that on your own, Terry. I am not going to apologise to anyone for protecting my brothers from you or anyone else, now piss off and don't ever come near me and my brothers again or I'm telling Peter, and before you can blink there'll be a restraining order against you that will make you and your mother move to another part of the country. Get it? Now fuck off!" Ryan told him as calmly as he could but still stood protectively in front of Enora.

Terry breathed hard for a second or two then looked Ryan square in the eyes as he growled. "You'll pay for this, you hear me! I'll make you pay!" he said turned round and left walking heavily.

Ryan watched him leave before turning to Enora. He smiled at her, holding her hand in his again. He tried to start walking but she tugged his hand back.

She looked terrified. "You have to tell Peter!" she told him, her eyes darting back and forth to him and Terry leaving.

"Nah…he's a bully, a dog that barks will never bite…look if he comes near you, me or the twins again I will tell Peter, okay?"

"Okay…" She nodded her head. They drank their smoothies at her father's shop and stayed until closing hour, helped her father tidy up and close shop and then walked to her house. Her father walked in and left them outside the front door.

He smiled at her and pulled her in a kiss, starting from a soft brushing of the lips, their slow breaths mingling, she smelled like cotton candy and tasted like liquid strawberry. He smelled like lemon grass and tasted like spearmint.

It excited them to no end, so they deepened the kiss pressing in with their lips, soon opening up to invite each other's tongue inside their moist, warm mouths. Speeding up the kiss, their hearts thundering louder in their chests, their throats dry from the tension, hormones and feelings running rampant. Ryan's proud young soldier now standing on full attention.

Then their blissful isolation was broken by a sound. At first unrecognisable then obvious as to its nature and source.

Enora's father had cleared his throat, intentionally coughing just inside the door as not to embarrass them by actually intruding upon them.

They broke the kiss blushing furiously. Enora giggled and walked in her house. She looked back at Ryan one more time before closing the door.

Riding back to the Manor on his bike, all Ryan could think was how good and right it felt having Enora in his arms, kissing her. Her smell, her taste, how everything about her was perfect and right to him.

A few days later, Ryan was returning home from school when he saw Peter driving to the agricultural lands part of the Estate. The workers had started planting the seeds that would become the grape vines and Peter was coming and going, supervising and taking care of everything else in the Manor as well. Well anything that Mr. Giles could not, which was not a lot.

He saw Peter in the SUV driving towards the road to the Agricultural lands and waved at him. Peter saw him and slowed down.

"Hey, can I come with you?" he asked him and Peter nodded for him to put his bike on the back and hop in. Ryan smiled and got off the saddle.

He stored the bike on the trunk and got in the front seat.

"What will we grow? In the agricultural lands I mean? All this time and I haven't asked you," Ryan asked Peter, looking around as the forest setting gave way to open fields of fertile ground.

"Well, with Malthe's fertiliser, which the chemical company should have ready in a few weeks, and a naturally made fertiliser with organic nitrates and sulfate concentrations we can make wine and vinegar. The lands will be divided into five different cultivations. One for white wine, one for red wine, one for port, one for cider and one for vinegar. With the springs and streams coming from the mountain and filtered through the forest as well with water from the lake and the rain we won't need any additional irrigation and the forest filtration will give the wine a unique taste and smell."

"Brilliant, how much wine can we produce?" Ryan asked him excitedly. This was going to be their very own family business, something that he, his brothers and maybe some of their children would run and continue down the lineage.

"Well I have ordered a starting batch of one hundred barrels made from local wood, from the forest from a barrel making family owned business in one of the neighboring villages. The owner will come tomorrow to collect samples and select the best wood available from the forest. I've been running to get all the bureaucracy out of the way for the barrel maker to be able to cut down a few trees," Peter replied, his eyes going from the road to him and back to the road.

"How many bottles will one barrel make?"

Peter thought for a minute, making calculations in his mind.

"One barrel can make up to 300 bottles, but it will be more bottles for vinegar and cider since they're smaller bottles. So we will have 16 barrels per cultivation for start, plus twenty reserves if something should go wrong. We'll start as a small boutique wine-making chateau and build up from there."

"How many bottles have you ordered?"

"I've made a starting order of 50.000 bottles for the first year and will increase according to demand."

They surveyed the lands, stopped and talked to the workers, Peter introducing Ryan to anyone he didn't know. Peter explained to him how "territoire" the territory, the ground works in improving wine quality.

"So what kind of wine will we be making?" Ryan asked his brother.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Ehh…I mean like sauvignon blanc or like that."

"Ohhh...I will not follow that tactic, the tactic of the new world distilleries that put that information on the label of their wine. In the old world, France, Italy, Spain that doesn't matter because it's all about the territory. In the Bourgogne region, they make Pinot noir mostly, in the Bordeaux region they mostly make merlot and sauvignon varieties and so on, different areas of the country make different varieties and since they are known about it they don't have to clarify what type of grape variety the wine is. That tactic brings them prestige as well as other benefits and it will be the tactic I will follow. Our white wine will be sauvignon blank and our red will be pinot noir but I will build on the name of our brand as well as our region, territory and not say on the label what the wine is. It will take some time but eventually we will become known for it," Peter told him as he kneeled down and took some of the ground in his hand. He ground it between his fingers until it had all fallen down then he got up again.

"The ground has nice composition and wetness, sufficient worms for the ground to breathe, nice amount of other elements and minerals. This is going to be great!" Peter said excitedly, looking straight ahead and then up to Ryan who smiled back.

Ryan had some more questions on the ride back to the Manor about winemaking, the cultivation of the grapes, the care they need, what comes after they are cut from the vines all the way up to the final bottling and shipping. It all fascinated him far more than he had originally thought it would.

When they returned home Ryan searched and found Malthe in the library.

"Hello bro."

Malthe looked up from his book and smiled. "Hello Ry, you're late from school, went out with Jason?"

"Nah found Peter midway and went with him to survey the work in the agricultural lands. Do you know any chemistry and math…oh right…silly question about the math."

Malthe giggled and nodded his head. "Yes, I can help you with both those subjects."

"How…? Never mind, good because I know what I want to do and it requires both of those…and I'm good with neither."

"Yes, I know, but I am," Malthe stated and got up.

He exited the library with Ryan following him as he headed to ask Mr. Giles if there was anything to snack on.

"Peter, I want to start swimming lessons like I did in the city," Malthe told his older brother.

Peter sat in his armchair in the living room in front of the fireplace going over some papers that had to do with the running of the Estate and the Manor. He looked up at the boy and smiled.

"I don't have a problem with that, Malthe, but Brave Lake Village doesn't have a pool, we'll have to find another one nearby you can go to," Peter told him.

"Braybrooke has one and that they have both morning and afternoon swimming classes," Malthe replied quietly.

Peter chuckled and shook his head in disbelief.

"Okay, Malthe we can go later today and get you registered, then either Mr. Cox or I can drive you there when you have lessons," Peter told him. Malthe smiled and left.

Few days later as September was coming to an end and the days were getting colder and foggier Ryan was having a shower at school after P.E. when someone groped his dick from behind, he knew almost instantly that it was Sebastian from his smell. He moaned and his hand darted to Sebastian's boydick but Sebastian gently slapped his hand away and shoved his dick between Ryan's milky white, silky globes moaning on his neck.

"Wha…what are you doing?" Ryan asked moaning in lust as his boy-butter launcher was expertly stroked slowly.

Sebastian dry humped him, without actually penetrating him, holding him from his neck and hip until he cummed between his butt-cheeks then he turned him round and got on his knees in front of his best friend. He smiled at Ryan and then took his whole girth in his mouth and started sucking it like there was no tomorrow. Having been stroked only moments before, it didn't take Ryan long before he grabbed Sebastian's head with both hands and started cumming in his mouth.

They sat on the shower floor and Ryan giggled. "Where did that come from?"

Sebastian giggled back. "What? Timmy is hesitant about letting me fuck him too often, although I let him fuck me as regularly as he wants," Sebastian said while trying to keep a straight face.

Ryan's eyes shot out and almost screamed, "Whaaat?" a small grin on his lips.

Sebastian blushed a deep crimson. "Yeah…I guess…I'm no longer a virgin…"

"Cool! Welcome to the club!" Ryan said grinning and groped Sebastian's butt-cheek.

"I could…like…fuck you if you want?!" Ryan said, giggling and grinning widely with a hopeful look in his eyes.

Sebastian looked at him with what seemed like longing and pain for a second before speaking.

"I…no…I am with Timmy now…we can fool around but some…stuff I can only do with him," he said not entirely convincingly.

Ryan shrugged his shoulders and got up with a smile. He got dressed and left for his next class whereas Sebastian wore his P.E. kit and headed towards the gym.

It was later during the day, Sebastian had finished his homework and was heading to the Manor to spend the day with Ryan. He had just passed the Estate outer gates when he heard giggles. Being the curious boy that he was he searched around until he saw two small figures behind a rather tall bush. He tip toed closer and saw that it was Christian and Adam.

They were French-kissing. Christian had his hands on Adam's neck and chest. Adam was caressing Christian's cheeks with his. They were giggling in between kisses like only boys their age can and know how.

Sebastian thought it was sexy as hell and it made his pecker grow and harden. He re-arranged his package and headed for the Manor, not wanting to ruin the boys' moment.

He knocked on Ryan's door and opened it to find his friend playing a video game by the fireplace.

They played some together until Sebastian paused the game and looked at Ryan his mouth opening and closing in indecisiveness.

"Come on, mate, I know you by now…what is it?" Ryan asked him setting down the game remote.

"I…ehhh…saw Christian and Adam kissing just inside the Estate gates behind a tall bush…I…you should talk to Christian and Malthe…someone might see them…other than me and Jason…not everyone's as understanding…" Sebastian said hesitantly.

"Yeah you're right…Jason told me the same some time ago, but why the hesitation?" Ryan asked him looking inquisitively at him, his eye brows furrowed in, his lips puckered up as if in a perpetual question.

Sebastian's pupils dilated in fear and he bit his lower lip. "I…I…ehehhhh…..uuuhhmmm…" Sebastian couldn't bring himself to tell Ryan what was in his mind, they were the best of friends but somehow that felt like a betrayal to him. Christian was his younger brother after all. He looked away in shame.

Ryan burst out laughing and hugged him. Sebastian was dumbfounded, he pushed back Ryan gently breaking the hug.


"You think it was sexy, don't you? Seeing Christian kissing Adam?"

"What? How…I mean no…I mean yes…don't hate me…"

"What the fuck are you talking about? Why would I hate you? It is sexy to watch that, just as it is sexy it!" Ryan told him rubbing his back.

"Yeah…it is bloody amazing doing all that, isn't it?! But how did you know?"

"Oh come on, mate, you're gay, Christian and Adam are sexy little eight year olds, you like fooling around as much as they do…hell, Christian could easily be in one of those renaissance paintings that have cherubs, and I don't care if a guy is straight or not, you can't possibly look at those paintings and not want to do something with those little cherubs!" Ryan laughed.

"Y…yeah you're right…" Sebastian said unconvincingly trying to bury what he was really feeling, not only so that his friend didn't understand, but also because he didn't want to truly believe and accept it.

"Don't worry about it ey?! I'll talk to the twins and tell them to contain themselves in closed rooms from now on."

"I think…I should be getting back home…I'll see you tomorrow at school?"

"Yeah, of course!" Just then Ryan's PC started ringing in the all too known Skype calling tune.

They both got up from the floor. "I'll be seeing ya tomorrow then!" Sebastian said, they bumped knuckles and he left.

"Hey, baby, how are you?" Ryan answered the Skype call.

"Hey!" Enora's face lit up when his webcam turned on.

"Finished homework? That essay on English class was a killer…" Ryan started saying but Enora's mischievous smile stopped him.

"What is it?" he asked her, unable to stop grinning even though he didn't know why.

"My dad has to go shopping in the mall in thirty minutes, but I'm staying behind…how long before you can be here?" she asked him, her eyes glittering with anticipation.

"Yesterday!" He answered her and turned off Skype, jumping off of his chair.

He biked faster than he had before in his life and arrived at her house just as her father's car was pulling away.

She opened the door to him and taking him by his hand she took him up to her room. He sat at her bed and fiddled with his fingers nervously. She sat on his lap and squirmed round making Ryan whimper and moan.

She brought her face closer and closer, bringing his hands on her thighs. Ryan gulped and fought the almost irresistible urge to start a fucking motion with his pelvis as she ground into him. They started kissing, their breaths on their cheeks, their tongues touching at the tip before entwining together. Her developing-just-entering-puberty breasts touching his torso sending signals to his hormones-filled thirteen year old brain.

A few minutes later it was all too much as they kissed and she caressed his cheeks and shoulders. His hands travelled upwards ever so slowly from her thighs to her buttocks pressing her inwards to him while at the same time as if by aeons long instinct, his hips pushed upwards. Their breathing ragged and fast.

Enora moaned and giggled pushing her upper body closer to him. He squeezed her panties and skirt covered buns, his mouth trailing to her flower-smelling neck kissing it, eliciting soft moans from her.

He gave her another bite, this time with a bit more of a force behind it.

She moaned a bit louder and pushed him back on the bed grinning and biting her lower lip at the same time, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

His back touched her bed. She bent over him kissing him again before she hooked her slim fingers under his t-shirt and started pulling it upwards.

He raised his back and torso and she removed it. Her lips left his and traversed to his neck giving it a light bite before she kissed it gently as if to apologise. After a few minutes of this, she trailed lower to his broadening, developing chest kissing her way to his standing nipples. She took them one by one in her satin lips kissing them, biting them gently between her teeth, bathing them with her tongue. She had never done this before, but she loved to experiment with new ideas and instincts surfacing the more she went at it with Ryan.

She looked up at his face, seeing him all flustered and trying to control his breathing and giggled. She kissed lower to his abs, caressing them and playing with them with her tongue, kissing lower and lower.

Ryan felt her breathing on his foreskin-covered glans and gasped just as he felt her moist, succulent lips on his boy-rod.

She toyed round the purple mushroom-shaped helmet with her pink tongue, creating suction with her lips and cheeks.

Ryan whimpered and moaned. Stars and galaxies exploding in his mind, his eyes closed and his mouth partly open, saliva drooling past the edge of his lips.

She started moving her head back and forth, sucking on his now hard-as-steel rod-of-flesh, one hand squeezing his ballsack, making it contract and release, her other caressing his developing six pack.

Ryan was unable to control himself anymore, now fucking her face with quick jabs of his hips, his hands on her head, firmly guiding her up and down. He knew he would not last for much longer. He had never before in his life felt this good and horny. Jason, Sebastian, neither of them could hope to match the pleasure she was sending to his hormones-hazed brain. Her touch on his skin, her lips and tongue on his flesh, her breath on his crotch, her moist, hot cave going up and down on his tool. Again and again.

He felt it coming, felt his toes curl painfully inwards, his spine arching like an arch in the Sagrada Familia, his hips shot upwards one last time and his hands pressed downwards as his whole world erupted inside her mouth. His breathing temporarily stopping for a second or two as his chest heaved under the weight of his best yet orgasm. Rope after rope of hot, thickening cum shot out of his boycock and in her mouth. She swallowed it all like a person in thirst having not drunk any water for days.

He collapsed on the bed exhausted trying to catch his breath. She released his now spent toy with a pop of her lips giggling contently.

She crawled up and hugged him close sharing a kiss with him and the remnants of his seed. He kissed her back, his hand snaking down to her thighs, under her skirt. Hesitating for a second, waiting for her reaction. She moaned and opened her legs, an invitation and better access to his hand. He played with the treasure under her pink-blue panties for a few moments then hooking his fingers under her panties he inched closer and closer until his hand, his fingers were touching her most intimate of places. They both moaned as he played and worked her pussy-lips and her clitoris, exchanging between them, then pushing a finger or two inside the virgin hole.

She was moaning loud in his mouth, moving her hips aroused by his ministrations. Ryan was no master of sex either, being a thirteen year old boy and he had only touched and fucked one pussy before, that of Johanna's. She could not even begin to hope to be in the same level as Enora in his mind though as he sped up his fingering of her pussy now two fingers going in and out of her hole, another one rubbing under the cunt-lips, his thumb rubbing rather forcefully on her clitoris. He broke their French kiss and started kissing and nibbling on her breasts through her blouse.

Not long after something he did or everything he did pushed her over the edge sending her into her first orgasm caused by another in her life.

They heard a car pull up in the driveway and scrambled still half-high in their post orgasmic state. Her father had come back. They dressed in seconds. He gave her one last kiss and got out the window.

As he was pulling away from her house, his phone rang.

"Ryan, are you in the town?" Peter's voice asked him.

"Y…yeah…why? I am coming home now actually," he said trying to steady his voice.

"Can you pick up Christian from Adam's place?"


"Okays bro, see you when you come back." Peter terminated the call.

On the short drive to Adam's house he couldn't stop thinking what had just happened, how incredibly nice Enora's lips on his dick had felt, how smooth, soft and silk-like her pussy had been against his lips. He had just cummed and he was getting hard again on the thought of when and how he would get to fuck Enora for the first time.

He picked up a very unwilling-to-leave Christian and left for the Manor.

As they were nearing the Estate's outer gates he heard car tires screeching from behind him. The sound accelerating.

He looked back to see an SUV without license plates coming right at them with no sign of reducing speed or changing direction to avoid them, the windows were tinted so he could not see who was inside the car.

He pushed Christian violently on the right and dived for the left.

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