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Let's face it, nobody's perfect. We all need a bit of help with proofreading, if nothing else. Sometimes people say to me, "I'd like to help an author by editing stories." That's something for you to take advantage of. And, come to that, if you want to volunteer, just let me know. Simply click an editor's name to open an email directly to them Just click the name of the editor you would like to approach and your email client will open with a preloaded email.

Alphabetical List of Editors
Editor and Email Description of services
Billy Butch I've been a writer all my professional life, but it has always been commercial, never fiction. I'm also a good editor. I have a BA in English and love reading the stories here. Most of the stories on IOMfAtS are fairly well edited, but not always. I know the difference between 'your', 'you're', and 'ewer', and can make subject and verbs agree in number (I did that on purpose) and time. I can even see lacunae every now and then. If you're a writer who wants to submit a story, but would like a second pair of eyes to look it over first, please get in touch.
N Fourbois Specialises in UK English
Henry Higgins

This is an offer to do a limited amount of volunteer editing for authors. I hate it when I'm reading a good story that is well-told, but is full of there/their errors, along with it's/its, showing plurals with an apostrophe-s rather than an s.

I have done this kind of editing before with gay authors. I can proof read for the kitchy errors, or if the author wants, I can also comment on how he puts the story together and fills in his characters.

masuk39 I've been teaching English overseas for the past decade, after early retirement and a return to University. Unlike my professor who told us to "use UK English, or none at all!" I can but agree with Churchill and the 'two languages' bit... sigh! I am a bit pedantic and if you confuse 'they're' with 'there', or don't know the difference between 'then' and 'than', I'll let you know.
Lloyd Peters I worked for a few years as a technical writer and editor, but writing has been an important part of my entire life. A native speaker of American English, I have an excellent command of English grammar. I also read for content and will let you know if something seems inconsistent or unclear. I am an avid Wikipedian: you can see my work by going to Wikipedia and clicking the "diff" links. My creative-writing skills are, alas, mediocre, and I am in awe of the great stories (even those with imperfect spelling and grammar) that I see on IOMFATS. I see editing as a small way that I can contribute to the wonderful gift that the authors bestow on their appreciative readers.
TomB96 Tom hails from Canada, and offers his services as an editor
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