Pastoral care

Something is missing. Many gay people feel abandoned by religion, yet have a profound faith, just like most other members of society.

I don't want to turn this into a crusade to convert the "ungodly" to a deity, nor to a faith. All I'm doing is assembling a collection of pastors of varying faiths and sects who will offer spiritual and pastoral guidance to people whose sexuality is not what society feels is traditional. This is for the whole spectrum of the GLBT world. No-one is left out.

We're starting small! Everyone has to start somewhere. Chosen medium is email, at least to start with. We may change that later. In due time each faith will have a page for itself. We may even maintain the list as a database. For now the page is small. The start is small. And positive

Please be clear: No-one offering pastoral care here should seek a face to face meeting with you, nor should they request your real identity, location or other personal data. If you are wise you will also not seek a meeting with them until you are as sure as you can be that they are a person you truly wish to meet. Please do not volunteer personal data. It is not required. Often the anonymity of the internet is an excellent tool for you to use to gain the help you need without ever meeting any of this informal team. While one might feel that one can "always trust a pastor' one only has to look at the huge and industrial grade and scale abuses conducted by Roman Catholic clergy to realise that trust must be earned.

So, to our pastoral team:

Rev. Dr. Dusty Pruitt
Dr. Pruitt was a plaintiff in a gays in the military lawsuit which garnered her a part in a TIME Magazine story. She has appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael show and Good Morning America.
Email Dusty here
Keshet Rabbis
The site used to be at, but seems to have been incorporated into nowadays. For some history see Wikipedia
Keshet in Hebrew means 'rainbow'. On this site you used to be able to find a list of gay-friendly rabbis who are available to help you, advise you or just lend a sympathetic ear. All the rabbis on this site belong to the Conservative (Masorti) denomination in Judaism, which means that they are both traditional and forward-looking at the same time.
Investigate the site. You will find it LGBT friendly