Inspired by a Picture - What?: Challenge Results

The results of the current "Inspired by a Picture" story challenge are here. We're displaying them all, so it's quite a large page. The stories are different and the styles are different. This page lets the authors see and understand how their story affected a readership where another author's story might not have. So this is a positive feedback they are all getting

Best of all, it acts as an encouragement to write more.

Individual story ratings

This is what we have always done. It lets the author see how well they met the brief, according to their readership. There can be very little vanity here! The answers are here, warts 'n all!

For your convenience the stories are linked from the head of each results poll

Full entrants

The full entrants were all submitted before the closing date of the challenge

  • At the Edge of Forever
  • The Challenge that is Tony - Not Carrot Cake

    The Eye of the Storm

    At the Edge of Forever


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