Tales of Abuse and Terror

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Name: Don Collins
E-mail address: elleryqueen2@att.net
Comments:Hi: I think that your site is wonderful. I feel more at home with you folks than anyone else. Love you all, Don
Wednesday, July 28th 2010 - 03:40:26 AM
Name: don collins
E-mail address: elleryqueen2@att.net
Comments:Thank you for a GREAT site. I was continuously raped for 7 years while I was in prison and I am still not able to talk about it. This site offers me some relief and I hope to find some good advice that will help me to find some peace. Thanks for caring. Don Collins
Friday, March 19th 2010 - 02:52:43 AM
Name: Rainer
E-mail address: rainerteichert@hotmail.com

Your story remind very much of my own story, I too went to boarding school myself.

Let me tell you a bit of myself.

I had been going to boarding school since the age of seven year old, my life was nomal at my junior school. I left to go to senior school, that when my life change. I was eleven year old. One day, a few months after being there a older boy got me to do something to him (I will not say what I did I will leave that up to own imagation) but it left in awe of it. After that I have more experience with other boys. One day I got to know a boy called Roy, we got to doing boyish things, over a period of time we got to know each other and I begin to like him a lot, at the time I not think of myself quote "gay", but realised as time went on, my feeling were going in that direction. I was very confused and scared, knowing it was considered wrong to feel things like that towards boys.

Moving on in years, I left that school, lost contact with my Roy, which up set me quite a bit. anyway life went on, looking for someone, but didn't find the right guy (must have not looked in right places). anyway I met this girl got to know her quite well. One she ask me to marry her, well I loved her in my own way. so we got married, life was comfortible. and we were quite happy, had two lovely kids and two grandchildren. But unfortunately something went wrong in our relationship and we got divorce. The kids stayed with me.

Now I am coming to the point of this boring tale. I regret to this day that I did not keep looking for the right guy. I feel bitter and sad that society in my time was not willing to accept that some people our different, now I am feeling the effects of it, I get so depress and even wanting to do harm to myself, I feel so trap, I cannot came out to even express myself, because of the fear of rejection of my family.it's the thought of my kids and grandkids has stop me harming myself, it's the thought of them being up set has stop me doing anything.

So may I give some advice to the gay teens and young gay guys, out there. if you sure that you are gay. "STAND STRAIGHT AND BE CONFIDENT WITH YOURSELF. YOU ARE PREFECTLY NORMAL NEVER LET ANYBODY TELL YOU DIFFERENTLY. I wish you young guys all the best of good fortune, and keep the faith.

Good bye my friends


Saturday, November 22nd 2003 - 12:19:36 PM
Name: Rainer
E-mail address: rainerteichert@hotmail.com
Comments:Keep the good work going
Friday, November 21st 2003 - 04:45:57 PM
Name: david
E-mail address: rober7uk@yahoo.com
Comments:A very touching story i had a simular thing done to me
with chemicals
Thursday, May 16th 2002 - 12:36:25 PM
Name: Wim Visser
E-mail address: wimvisser@wxs.nl
Comments:In the early seventies I watched a movie called: A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick. I was in my early twenties and part of the film frightened me. You can imagine wich part. Short time ago I bought the film on DVD. It didn't frighten me any more; it made me angry.
Wednesday, March 27th 2002 - 06:59:40 AM
Name: Robert
E-mail address: boyzeal@boyzeal.com
Homepage URL: http://www.boyzeal.com
Comments:Wow, your story is touching. I can only imagine what it
must have been like for you back then, and I think today’s
world is harsh. At least now they’re not physically harming
anyone who is different. Not that this world is perfect as
many places still do implement certain laws such as in the
US the death penalty was reinstated, and Texas still uses a
form of torture, the whip).
Saturday, October 14th 2000 - 09:01:50 PM
Name: JOsie
E-mail address: yellowfish_suck@hotmail.com
Comments:The worst of things happens to the best of people!

You are as good as gold Marc" hope to tell u that" outside
the computer as well one day.

Tuesday, October 10th 2000 - 03:34:14 AM
Name: chris
E-mail address: chriskerse@excite.com
Comments:Read your story; born some 6 years earlier, but been
through the same UK school-system ; and fucked
up by it.

My love was Adrian; but I could not say it then, and it's
far too late now
Sunday, August 13th 2000 - 04:21:47 PM
Name: Chuck
Comments:It is 1:41 A.M. here where I live in Alabama. I grew up in
Pennsylvania knowing as a child I was different. I don't
know if any one experience I had gave me a clue as to my
preference and orientation but it was and still is very
confusing. I had the preference of both sexes, freely
expressing my heterosexuality but always hiding my
homosexuality. Inwardly I always prefered my own sex but
could never openly or freely express it. It's been a seesaw
ever since which has caused me to become quite reclusive
not wanting to establish any relationships whatsoever.
After reading your story I feel great empathy and sympathy
for your pain. Unfortunately I don't beleive in my lifetime
there will ever stop being a prejudice by the majority of
people who will never understand unless they have been
there. I hate a society that is governed by people of
authority that have the right to make decisions that caused
you to go thru the pain that you did. Nothing was decided
by just one person in your case. Your parents, your
classmates and their parents and our legal system and the
so called caregivers were all responsible and there is
probably repeat performances of your situation that are
happening everyday in the same manner. I think everyone no
matter how good they profess themselves to be have some
latent tendencies that would or could be construed as
deviant behavior or abnormal from a so-called normal
society.Nobody should have to go thru what you had to go
thru but you and I both know it will continue to happen
forever as long as men and women and boys and girls have
sexual urges, feelings and thoughts. I've printed out your
story on my printer because I want to remember it and show
it to people with a heart. Thankyou for sharing it. Your
Friend, Chuck
Wednesday, July 26th 2000 - 04:19:20 AM
Name: Ken
E-mail address: electroken@hotmail.com
Comments:I e-mailed the story teller directly. My heart goes out to
him. Bless you for giving him the place to come and share
his story.
Thursday, June 29th 2000 - 09:41:49 PM
Name: John
Homepage URL: http://hometown.aol.com/jk4896907/myhomepage/index.html
Monday, June 26th 2000 - 07:13:56 PM
Name: John
E-mail address: jk4896907@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://hometown.aol.com/jk4896907/myhomepage/index.html
Comments:the homophobia pervasive in the US particularyly in the
militaryh has caused all of us to lie when we were sworn in
ot the service and recede into the closet. this had been
exacerbated by the 'dont ask dont tell' policy? currently
in place.
NO ownder we quesiton our values. Our elected officials
have demonstrated they have none.
Monday, June 26th 2000 - 07:12:41 PM
Name: Derek Bardwell
E-mail address: soaringtoad@hotmail.com

Perhaps you would like to check this out, when you are
feeling strong.

Friday, March 24th 2000 - 05:02:52 AM
Name: Tom
E-mail address: Glalwi@aol.com
Comments:And this stupdit shit still goes on today. When will
people wake up that a person is born either straight, gay
or bisexual. How can they think a person would choose to
be this way. Knowing what life would hold for them. The
so called straight people need to open their mines and look
at them selves before looking at the gay and bi person. So
many of them live in glass houses, and shouldn't throw
stones at some one else. I don't care what a person does
in private. I like a person for what he is as a human and
how he/she treats me. Their sexual relief is their busness
not mine. I could care less about that.
Monday, March 20th 2000 - 07:30:34 PM
Name: Marc
E-mail address: marcintime@hotmail.com
Comments:I pray to God that this never happens to any one again

Friday, March 10th 2000 - 02:58:33 PM
Name: It's Only Me from Across the Sea
E-mail address: its_onlyme@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://iomfats.org
Comments:This book has a hugely serious purpose. To document the
torture inflicted by caring doctors and parents on their
gay kids.

It isn't for cheerful greetings. I have another book for