by Victor Thomas

Chapter 13

Nothing much happened for the next couple of weeks. Carson and I continued to be hostile toward each other at school, professional at work, and friendly in front of my mom. Paxton had learned his lesson and openly deferred to me. I heard plenty of our classmates talking in hushed voices about how he was now my bitch. They didn't know the true extent of it, of course, nor the real reason I controlled him, but no one dared fuck with me. If I could take down Paxton Ward, I could take down anyone. I don't know if he overheard any of the talk about him being my bitch. I'm sure no one had the balls to say it to his face. He bowed down to me, but to on one else. I pitied the fools who taunted him about it. They'd get the crap beat out of them for sure.

I did it with a girl now and then to preserve my reputation, but I didn't need them for sex anymore. I got plenty from Paxton. He had no idea how badly I wanted to go down on him, or just how much I wanted to run my hands and tongue all over his smooth, firm body. I wasn't about to let him know I was attracted to him. Thing's change, and I wasn't taking any chances. If my control over him slipped, I wanted him to think that I'd used him, but not that I was actually attracted to him.

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but I was beginning to get just a bit bored with him. I don't mean I didn't enjoy my nights with him. What's not to enjoy about sex? I just mean that I began to yearn for something a bit different. My thoughts turned to Wyatt. He wasn't as built as Paxton, but he had some obvious assets, not the least of which was between his legs.

I gave Paxton the night off and told Wyatt to meet me at The Ab Crunch just before closing. He had been keeping his distance from me ever since the night I'd captured him with Paxton on video tape. I'd left him alone since the incident with Shayne, and he'd had plenty of time to recuperate. I'd known I couldn't push him too far with nothing more than steroid use to hold over his head. He had no plans for a football scholarship or the NFL, after all. The video tape put him firmly under my thumb, however. There was no need to crush him as I'd done Paxton, but he still had his uses, and I intended to begin using them.

He nervously complied when I told him to strip. He reluctantly got on his knees when told to do so. He tried to plead his way out of giving me head, but in the end, he submitted, just as I knew he would. He was lousy. I don't know if it was because he was doing it wrong on purpose or just because he didn't know what he was doing. My guess was the latter. Regardless, he left me unsatisfied, so I decided to move right on to the next step.

He balked. No matter how much I threatened him, he wouldn't submit his anal virginity to me. It created a dilemma for me I hadn't anticipated. I had no reservations about showing the tape as far as he was concerned, but I wasn't anywhere near ready to give up my hold over Paxton. Releasing the tape would destroy them both, but it would also open me up to retaliation. I wasn't nearly as worried about that as I was the other possibility. What if Paxton somehow managed to beat me out for quarterback next season? True, his popularity would plummet, but quarterback wasn't an elected position. It was all up to Coach Benson. I doubted he would want a faggot quarterback, but who knew. I could lose what I wanted most of all.

I thought I might be able to edit the tape carefully enough to expose Wyatt and not Paxton, but I wasn't sure. Questions were sure to be raised about the other guy in the tape, of course, and I was afraid Paxton might be recognized just from his build. Abs like his were so rare I feared a lot of guys might know who it was without seeing anything more.

The solution to my dilemma quickly presented itself. I was considerably stronger than him. There were more ways to get what I wanted from him than blackmail. I grabbed him and wrestled him down to the floor. He fought like mad, but it didn't take me long to get him trapped beneath me. I forced his legs apart, then I took him.

I thought I'd experienced the ultimate power rush in forcing Paxton to submit, but it was nothing compared to taking Wyatt by physical force. It was such an intense experience that it took me no time at all to finish, which was unfortunate because I enjoyed it more than I'd ever enjoyed anything.

When he stood, he was infuriated and frightened. He looked as if he wanted nothing more than to attack me but was far to afraid to do so. He knew he couldn't take me.

"Next time don't fight so hard," I said. "It'll hurt less if you just submit."

He glared at me with true hatred. I was glad I had the video tape to hold over his head. The threat of showing it hadn't been enough to make him submit, but it would be enough to keep him from trying to retaliate for what I'd done to him. We dressed and I let him out, then walked home.

A part of me realized I should have felt guilty for what I'd just done to him. There seemed little difference between extortion and the act I'd just committed, but I had crossed over the line to rape. I hadn't thought of it in those terms while I was actually doing it, but as I walked home it hit me; I'd raped Wyatt.

Maybe I wouldn't have done it if I'd thought about it in advance, but I hadn't expected him to refuse me. After all, having that video tape show up was about the worst fate I could imagine for him. In any case, what was done was done, and I was reasonably sure he'd submit more willingly the next time. Part of me almost wished he'd fight it again, but surely, he wouldn't. He knew the conclusion was inevitable. If I wanted him, I'd have him. Resistance was futile.

Wyatt was nowhere to be found the next day, which upset my plans for him that night. I wondered if he was truly sick or merely hiding from me. He couldn't stay home forever, though. He was only postponing the inevitable. I could wait. Besides, I still had Paxton, and he'd stand in nicely until I got another crack at Wyatt.

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