My Best Friend

by Victor Thomas

Chapter 1

August-September 2001

I awoke at six a.m. on Monday morning, just like I did practically every morning. I enjoyed sleeping late occasionally, but I felt like I was wasting a good part of the day if I allowed myself to sleep late. Besides, although school wasn't currently in session, I didn't want to get into the habit, and make it more difficult when school did start back up in less than a month.

I sat up and stretched my arms above my head, then stood, allowing the sheets to fall from my naked body. My morning hard on swung between my legs as I walked into the bathroom to take a piss.

I then reached over, turned on the shower, waiting for the water to warm up, then stepped under the water and quickly took care of my boner. I returned to my room, dressed, then went down to the kitchen to make myself a bowl of cereal, before getting ready to head to the football field.

I rolled up to the locker room, where several other guys were waiting as well. My best friend Todd joined us about five minutes later. There were about ten of us waiting for Coach Benson to come and unlock the door.

Today were football tryouts, but I wasn't really worried. Unless someone was a total fuckup, we were all guaranteed to make the team. There weren't that many boys interested, so Chouteau High had a small team, usually less than fifteen members.

Brendan, the team quarterback, arrived a few minutes later, along with Robert. Finally, the coach arrived to open the locker room and everyone filed in and began changing into shorts and t-shirts. We would be given our uniforms later, after the coach had observed us on the field. Most of the players were returning from last year, but I noticed a couple of freshmen as well.

I caught sight of Todd in the locker room as he was undressing. He was one good looking boy. In fact, he was almost too good looking to be a guy, although I'd never tell him that. Hell, I'd never remark on his looks at all. I didn't fail to notice them, however. He had coal black hair, which he wore kind of long in the back. His eyes were brown, and that, combined with his finely arched eyebrows, made him look both cute and serious at the same time.

My eyes roved over his chest. He didn't have quite the build I did, but his torso looked like some artist had sculpted it to perfection. He pulled off his briefs as he was facing away from me. He had a real cute little butt. I tore my eyes away and focused on changing into my practice clothes. I felt guilty about looking at him the way I did sometimes. I wasn't even sure what it was all about. I just knew that I liked looking at him, just like I enjoyed being with him. Todd was a lot of fun and hilarious as hell, especially if he'd been drinking a little. I was always happy when I was with him.

I found my eyes drawn to him once more as we did calisthenics. He looked good in the green and white colors of our school. Hell, he looked good in anything. I couldn't help but watch as his biceps bulged while he did push-ups. We took turns holding each other's ankles while we did sit ups. His shirt was a little short and exposed his mid-rift. He had a hard, six pack stomach and a thin trail of dark hair just below his navel that dipped into his shorts. Looking up his shirt made me breathe a little funny. Sometimes I got a weird feeling when I looked at him; a feeling I didn't quite understand. I wasn't so sure I wanted to understand.

I knew I shouldn't be looking at him the way I did, but I couldn't help it. My eyes seemed drawn to him as if guided by some unknown power. Perhaps it was just our close friendship. Just looking at him made me remember all the laughs we'd had, all the crazy shit we'd pulled. Todd was a wild boy; well, so was I. We were forever doing something crazy, and quite often stupid. Any weekend might find us exploring an abandoned house, scaling a cliff, or climbing high enough in trees to break our necks if we ever fell. I could go on forever just listing the many ways we risked our lives. I loved it; it made me feel so alive and such a departure from the boring routine of school.

Still, there was something about him, something that drew me to him. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind, as I always did when I started to think too much about him. Sometimes too much thinking wasn't a good thing. Some thoughts were better left unthought.

I often thought of myself as a vampire. Like those mythical creatures of the night, I lived a secret life. I hid my true nature, protecting myself from those who could not or would not understand. I pretended to be just like my friends and classmates, but I was something vastly different from the boy they saw before them each day. I cloaked myself in secrecy. There was a part of me that I dared not let others see. No one must know that I was not the same as them.

I must admit that my secret added a touch of excitement to my life, a certain thrill that an ordinary boy could not possibly experience. I walked among those ordinary souls, undetected. I derived a certain pleasure and sense of superiority knowing that those around me hadn't a clue as to what I was. The girls that flirted with me, the boys that admired my prowess on the football field, not one of them suspected what was hidden behind the façade I created for them.

My secret made me feel both powerful and vulnerable. I had no doubt I was special, even superior in a way, but I knew that danger lurked around every corner. Every friend could fast become an enemy. Every situation carried with it the potential for disaster. Being unlike all the rest carried with it a great price. I couldn't take the slightest risk of exposure. Like the vampire, if I was discovered, I would be destroyed. There would be no stake driven into my heart, but my fate would be nearly as unpleasant.

Finally, practice was over and it was time to hit the showers. As we walked back to the locker room, I was lost in thought. I knew I shouldn't, but I always looked forward to the showers after a hard practice. That was where I could see… I tried to put such thoughts out of my mind, but it seemed more and more lately that was all I could think about. Seeing all those naked guys was, how shall I say it, very stimulating to say the least. Just the thought of Todd naked, water streaming over the curves of his body, was enough to make the blood rush to my cock. I tried not to look as he was undressing next to me, but I wasn't entirely successful. I watched him walking toward the shower and I could feel it in my nuts. Him, along with all the other guys was driving me insane with desire.

I quickly went about showering, trying to ignore my teammates all around me. I finally had to turn on the cold water before I revealed too much. I noticed both Brendan and Robert watching me, which made things even harder, so to speak. Talk about hot! Brendan Barrett was probably the hottest boy on the team, even hotter than Todd, and Robert was close behind him.

I finished up and returned to my locker, where I was joined by Todd about thirty seconds later.

"You all right?" he asked, pulling on his boxers and then a t-shirt. "You seem a little tense for some reason. Maybe you need to jack off or something."

I raised an eyebrow.

He leaned closer, put an open palm next to his mouth and stage whispered, "everybody does it!"

"Now I know why you take so long in the shower."

"Hey, I only do it in the safety of my bedroom. I even wait until my parents are asleep."

I smirked. "How very considerate of you."

"I think so." He pulled on a fresh pair of socks. "So, what's going on this weekend?"

There was no doubt we would spend it together. We had done so ever since we were kids. Only recently had things become more complicated. Now being with him was something I needed instead of wanted.

"It's family night," I said. "Tomorrow… I don't know. Just hang out, maybe make a night of it. Want to crash at my place?"

He nodded curtly. "Cool."

"Cool," I echoed, even though what I felt was closer to warmth. "Just promise me you won't 'relieve tension' once I've fallen asleep. If I roll over into a sticky puddle, you're sleeping on the floor from now on."

He laughed shamelessly and shook his head. If only he knew the truth; for the last moth I had lain in bed with open eyes, staring into the dark and waiting for him to fall asleep first. My intentions were more innocent, or so I tried to convince myself. I was horny and seeking release. Maybe my infatuation had started with such thoughts, but now what I wanted from him was more than just physical. Although some emotions were best expressed that way. I knew I was playing with fire. Getting caught could change everything. But if the stirring in my heart was anything to go by, tomorrow night I would risk it all again.

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